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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm sam brock. we are going to get to purple rain in a second but first the actual rain making its way across the bay area. we see several boxes depicting san francisco, san jose. soon enough most of us are going to be hit with showers this morning. >> kari hall tracking the radar for us. how long can we expect this rain to stick around? >> it will be off and on all throughout the morning and early this afternoon. now we are seeing that rain moving through the north bay as it is making things wet on the roadways. also moving into san francisco and just now approaching the east bay. a closer look at the north bay. we can see that the rain has been scattered, and not everyone has seen it so far. as you head down 101 from novato, the roads may be slick. also through san francisco and approaching san mateo, starting to move into the east bay.ç a look at the microclimates. we do have cloudy skies.
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temperatures don't move much today. only staying in the low 60s for the north bay and san francisco. upper 60s for the tri-valley. i'll detail the rain and what else to expect. the wind kicking up across the bridges. >> you can't see that on the radar. you are watching those numbers. right here we watch our camera. the clouds, mist and drizzle. that is the san francisco side of the bridge. you see the light traffic. there is the bay bridge and wet roads throughout the north bay moving in towards the city. the game tonight, giants play 7:15. b.a.r.t. is reporting up to 20 minute delays heading from the peninsula over to the pittsburgh bay point.
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earlier equipment problems. they sound like they've been resolved. >> talking about how the weather will impact commuting. it could also impact construction crews working on the sinkhole in the pacific ice area in san francisco. it appears to have been caused by a sewer main break. 17 by 22 foot sinkhole at sacramento street between lyon and baker street. it could take up to three days to patch that up. muni service is not affected by the sinkhole. repairs will begin this morning. ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain >> probably going to hear that a lot today. emotions very raw across the bay area and the world as everyone stops to honor music icon prince. here at home oracle arena shines brightly in purple to remember
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the singing legend. >> kris sanchez has been monitoring reaction about what we know about the musician's death. >> good morning. there is an autopsy scheduled for today. in these cases it takes time before the true cause of death is determined, if it ever is. fans seem to be focusing lesson how prince died ander who about what he added to the soundtrack of their lives. you showed us live pictures. the tributes to the one of a kind musician continue in san francisco city hall bathed in purple lights and at oracle arena where prince was courtside at a warriors game last month. that night was as exciting as what happened on the court. oakland fans gathered at the paramount theater "our hearts are broken, prince rest in peace." >> my heart is broken. he's been the soundtrack to my
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life since i was a child. >> he was a genius at what he did. you don't use that word too much. >> i understood this gentleman did it for the cold, cold raw. >> dwayne higgins who once shared a stage with prince. prince was a grammy and oscar and emmy award winner and inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame on the very first try. he was admired by fellow musicians and beloved by fans. in his 1985 acceptance speech at the american music awards, prince said for all of us, life is death without adventure, and adventure only comes to those of us who are willing to be daring and take chances." the artist was fiercely private and announced last year he was penning a memoir. the publication date was for next year. hopefully that will bring fans comfort and insight into what
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his life was like. kris sanchez for "today in the bay." >> a live look at minneapolis where thousands of fans gathered to honor the music legend. we'll have more on the outpouring of tributes for prince in our next half hour. jay gray will be live in minneapolis with reaction. from the tributes to the songs, our coverage continues online at click on the button prince highlights to see photos of prince's last performance here in the bay area. local news. a twist in the search for a missing san francisco toddler. no sign of arianna fin but detectives are focusing on an apartment. this building at castro, fbi agents and police have been out there a few times. officials are talking to a couple believed to have been caring for the 2-year-old. it's been two weeks since her mother's body was found in a park in san francisco.
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the body was buried in a shallow grave covered with a plywood board. >> hopefully it generates leads. hopefully someone recognizes symbols on the board. >> arianna's mother worked at a best buy in san francisco. police are hoping her blue work shirt jogs someone's memory. she wore it the night she disappeared april 1st. a missing person's case turned into a homicide investigation in the east bay. the hunt is on for this man. andre villedronin. his victim was last seen march 28th. the body was found tuesday in a shallow grave at a home. deputies made one arrest. the man accused of killing a hayward police officer expected in court today. mark estrada could enter a plea. the 21-year-old was accused of shooting and killing stgt scott lunger during a traffic stop
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last july. uc berkeley facing scrutiny over sexual misconduct allegations. it centers on how a coach may have responded to claims made by a student athlete. the case involves the legendary rowing coach. cal has hired an outside investigator to look into allegations he filed a report of a claim about a female rower who said a teammate sexually assaulted her and he did nothing. he tells the "east bay times" the allegations are false. a turn abouts of sorts today where gloria allred is going to address students. allred is speaking at the same school where former san francisco 49er ray mcdonald gave a motivational address in february. mcdonald still facing sexual assault charges and his appearance sparked backlash. allred represents the woman who says she was assaulted by mcdonald. she will appear at an assembly
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this afternoon. the warriors nearly pulling off a major comeback without steph curry in houston last night. in the end, it was the rocket whose came out on top. >> that's hard to say, right? curry sat out last night nursing that sore ankle. he wanted to play but front office overruled him. fast forward to the final seconds. the rockets answer back. on the very last possession, a chance to win but the 96-95, so close. >> make sure you get your star healthy and ready to go. >> how you feeling this morning, good? got to keep the star in the game. >> there is no confusion who the star is here. >> kari. here she is. >> good morning. >> i guess because it's i
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raining and we'll have active weather as we go through the day. here is a look at the radar now as showers continue to move closer to the bay area. moving from the north bay into san francisco now. you see that there is still quite a bit of rain for most of us. that will move in later on this afternoon with a break in between. soggy conditions before you walk out the door. grab the umbrella moving across the peninsula now. it will be approaching the south bay and east bay here within the next hour. a look at the timeline we see the spotty rain through 8:00. it may be light with easy winds. the rest of the day, the rain gets heavier. the possibility of downpours early afternoon and rain wrapping up later on this evening. i'll detail all of that in the microclimate forecast. mike has a look at the golden gate bridge. >> live picture shows what you're talking about. mist, drizzle and rain. that will have water kicking up
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behind it. lower the speeds for safety's sake. look at the map. our road weather index shows the green highlighted here. southbound 101 p.m. there is a disabled vehicle or perhaps a crash. chp getting out to determine exactly what it is. no lanes blocking the tunnel. slick conditions continue to build. back to you. coming up, concern over a cross on santa clara city park. the reason one man is taking the city to court over it. >> madison is back in the news. is a 14-foot cross at a city
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park in santa clara unconstitutional? =vo= it's a 14 foot cross at a city park in santa clara inconstitutional? the city is being sued by a resident and freedom from religion foundation. that is located at memorial cross park near the san jose airport. the lawsuit claims having a cross and maintaining the park at the same time violates the separation of church and state. the cross was donated in the 1950s to mark the second site of mission santa clara. >> people are just finding ways to be offended.
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i think we've got other issues to worry about, this isn't one of them. this is a waste of time. >> constitutional law professors say the lawsuit has a valid claim. at 5:14, one of the most pressing controversies in san francisco high-tech over this morning. >> uber drivers will stay contractors. the debate over whether the drivers should be considered employees dodged uber for years. drivers will get money now. >> drivers in california and massachusetts will share $100 million as uber settles lawsuits in those two states. back in the envelope, based on how many people were in that class action is about $290. what is critical for uber is those drivers remain contract workers, freelancers, not employees. uber drivers will be allowed to organize to drivers groups to better represent themselves. uber admits it's not paid as much attention to drivers as it should have. that's how the lawsuit ends, not
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with a bang, but a settlement, which is disappointing to many. it doesn't decide the issue once and for all and people who work at jobs, people like uber drivers have been wondering, am i an employee or contract worker? there are dozens of countries in san francisco, they park your car for you, they have no employees. these people here are contract workers. they were watching this case to see what might be in their future. their future is not any more clear this morning. the parent company of google says it made slightly less money than analysts expected. not a huge issue. other bits of data was more interesting. google jumped from 55,000 employees to 64,000. its cookie projects cost $802 million or about $9 million a day. google has $72 billion in cash,
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which is more than the gdp of guatemala. let's check the rest of the news before the bell with landon dowdy. good friday morning. markets will try to reverse thursday's losses. snapping three-day winning streaks. tell con and utility sector saw the biggest decline down more than 2%. disappointing earnings hit the tape and stocks closed near session lows. thursday dow down 113 points to 17-932. plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the cheating website ashley madison have to use their real names in court. plaintiffs are angry at the site after its poor security allowed hackers to gain access to people's personal information last july. they took the site to court where a judge says they cannot
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be known as john doe. this decision was made earlier this month but brought to light. you can see the conflict here. you have your personal, embarrassing information getting public then i've got to use your real name in court. >> i'm suing you but i don't want you to know where i am. >> you shouldn't have been on the site in the first place. that is a whole different issue. it's a problem. >> it's like in those dateline interviews where they have to silhouette you and change your voice. you can't do that in court. >> can't do that in court. no. >> everyone knows who you are. >> thank you very much. no smoking and no drones. revised rules for the largest urbans park district in the country. unanimously approving that ban yesterday. save the bay argued the ban would prevent cigarette butts from piling up and keep the area
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clean for park visitors. as for the drones, the park added the word drone to an existing law that bans motorized model airplanes. many will use today and the weekend to give something back to planet earth for earth day. >> earth day began on this day in 1970. there are lots of earth day related offers and events. santa clara will provide free light rail and bus rides. golden gate national park is holding a full moon earth day walk tonight. many bay and coastal cleanup events will take place tomorrow. >> you want to give back by getting out, that will be a nice option this weekend. firstç we've got to get there. >> check with meteorologist kari hall. i noticed rain on the roadways. >> yes, it is. we start out with rain for the
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weekend. earth day giving us a treat across the bay area. we see showers moving in. also more widespread rain for the rest of this late morning/early afternoon hours. we see the rain approaching the north bay moving through san francisco and the peninsula. we'll be moving closer to the south bay here soon. looking at spotty light rain for the north bay. moving closer to napa. we have a cluster of showers moving through novato and san francisco. covered with rain also moving into parts of oakland and down to daly city and the peninsula. also getting wet on 101 and 280. spotty rain throughout the morning commute. then we'll have a break, even a little bit of sunshine coming out by late morning. the next round of rain moves in early afternoon that may give us heavy downpours and the possibility of a couple of rumbles of thunder. maybe lightning and storms moving through parts of the bay area today. then gusty this afternoon.
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the possibility of giving us about 1/4 inch of rain and maybe closer to 1/2 inch in fremont as well as half moon bay up towards santa rosa. showers will continue with cooler temperatures today. we'll see that across all our microclimates. a high of 67 in antioch. if you are planning to go to sierra, higher chains may be needed. we'll have snow falling throughout the day. up to eight inches in kirk wood. looking good there. there may be more snow early next week. it all clears out for this weekend. we'll have beautiful weather. nice and comfortable. reaching into the mid 60s for the peninsula as well as south bay. a high of 70 on sunday in the south bay. 71 in the north bay. our temperatures will be also nice and comfortable into the start of next week. some of those showers may enter the forecast for the end of the forecast by next wednesday.
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we'll watch another system moving in. let's head over to mike for a look at the roadways. >> we don't see the road weather index indicating wet roads but moving over to the peninsula we'll continue to track that. we move north, you see what i'm talking about you. you see that green highlighted area. i do want to show you a live shot that will show the rain falling on the lens. we don't have that right now. or we'll stay here. let's look at what we've got. we have a smooth flow of traffic. the issues with the microphone cleared up. this is not clear. this is a wet road. coming over from the peninsula side. we'll end with one more shot of dublin coming through the area. a light flow of traffic. we'll have wet roads later on.
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now back to you. >> it's 5:21. an explosion rocking mexico. killing more than a dozen people. an investigation to find out what went wrong at a chemical plant. a live look back at san francisco city hall, lit up in purple to honor this morning prince of "purple rain" fame. there were people all over the bay area coming out to sing and dance and pay contribute to -- >> go crazy. >> party like it's 1999. song references left and right today. much more celebrating prince's life. 13-people killed -- more than a
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hundred more injured after an explosn 13 people killed, moyer than 100 more injured after an explosion in veracruz, mexico. officials say a leak at a petro chemical plant caused that blast. the ceo of the mexican oil company said it's not clear what caused the leak. since 2012, at least 63 people have died in fires and explosions at that company's plant. 5:25. hillary clinton is back in pennsylvania. donald trump stirring up controversy over north carolina's new bathroom law. >> the underdogs on both sides are pushing back at suggestions
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it's time for them to drop out of the race. >> for the latest let's turn to tracie potts live in washington. >> good morning. let's start with donald trump's convention manager telling republicans that the private donald trump is very different from what you typically see on tv. they'll roll out the new and improved donald trump presidential next week, trying to make him sound and appear more presidential. right now, he's urging his rivals to get out of the race. >> cruz and kasich have no path to victory. it's over. it's over. >> ted cruz and john kasich say they are going nowhere. >> everybody ought to focus on their own campaign. >> cruz is pushing back at donald trump on north carolina's bathroom law. trump says it's okay for transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. >> that is correct. >> grown, adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls.
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>> cruz in indiana overnight. >> we are going to spend a lot of time here in indiana working to earn your vote. >> reporter: hoping to pick up support. their pramry is may 3rd. hillary clinton heads back to pennsylvania after another gun safety forum. >> we just have too many guns in this country in the wrong hands. >> in many cases, the attack by the clinton people very unfailing. >> reporter: he won't back off clinton and thinks he is the democrat's best shot of winning in november. that's the ace in the hole for sanders using those poll numbers to convince superdelegates to come his way. >> so much concern in the democratic party. if hillary wins this nomination, they are not able to attack each other and sanders comes onboard. a welcome sight and live look at san francisco as rain moves in and fog, too. how long it will last.
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>> many rain impacts the work here at the large sinkhole. spotty showers making its way
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across the bay area this morning. a live look at the golden gate brdg spotty showers making their way across the bay area this morning a live look at golden gate bridge and san francisco, what you can make of it through all that fog. there is much more rain from what we've seen already. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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kari, i was really glad i didn't wash my car. >> we'll have scattered showers moving in from the north bay. not washing your car a good thing. we've been talking about rain on friday all week long. after today wash it and we'll have a few more dry days. you will have a wet commute this morning. rain moving from santa rosa down into the peninsula. now approaching san jose. we'll start to see that rain covering most of the bay area. i'll have detail of what else to expect coming up. let's head over to mike. >> a wet view. i held off washing that car because of your forecast. slick roadways here and throughout the north bay. let me show you one more live shot. the rain on the lens right now actively raining in emeryville
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in berkeley. we are looking at the map. green highlights where you'll have wetter roadways. san mateo and redwood city at times moving down to other portions of your east bay. >> to stay up-to-date on the weather, download our free nbc bay area app. crews are racing to repair this sinkhole. look at the size in san francisco. it opened up on sacramento street between lyon and baker street. >> bob redell joining us with progress being made. they hope to get this done in a few days. >> that's the plan. good morning. right now they are hoping the san francisco public utilities commission hoping to have the workers out here within the next hour or two to begin repairs on this.
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it is estimated to be 17 by 22 feet. it formed yesterday around 5:00. crew was out here to repair what at the time-0- [ no audio ] >> the puc blames a broken sewer line for the collapse. >> they'll be able to better understand what happened, but in the meantime the hole is pretty secure because the sinkhole occurred at the side of the break. we don't expect it to expand from here. >> in spite of the sinkhole, water and sewer service is up and running for people who live here. it will take two or three days
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to repair. don't expect the rain to have a major impact. they are expected to stop work in the next hour or two. as much fun as it is standing out here in the rain, they will still get it fiked. >> traffic stop turned into a bomb scare not far from santa clara university. officers pulled over a driver and arrested him on drug charges yesterday. when they took him into the police station, they found a pipe bomb inside his backpack. they took the device outside and the bomb squad blew it up. >> jackie spear launching a new push to prosecute pipeline safety violations. spear will appear in san bruno where you'll remember eight people died in a pipeline explosion in 2010. spier plans to introduce the
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pipeline explosions or pipe act. her legislation would make it easier to criminally prosecute reckless conduct even when investigators can't prove willful disregard for public safety. gun safety advocates are going to gather in san francisco with bill ping the author of a bill to stem gun violence in school and work places. it would expand the order for those with restraining orders. remembering the life of prince this morning. the music icon was found dead inside an elevator in his home in minneapolis yesterday. emotions still very raw across the globe as the news is setting in. in his home town, thousands of fans gather to celebrate his
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life last night. >> not far away from there, a crowd at paisley park, that complex there, despite the gloomy skies, a beautiful rainbow appeared almost like in honor of prince. jay gray joining us liveç from minneapolis with much more on how the world is remembering a pop legend this morning. good morning. >> good morning sam and laura. when news of his death spread, fans just were drawn here to paisley park, gathering with flowers and cards and balloons. you can see the growing memorial behind me. that procession continued through the night and through this morning we see fans come buying on a regular basis here, drawn here for some kind of comfort. that while authorities continue to try and piece together how and why the pop icon died.
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>> he can't die. >> i just started crying, screaming in the car going, no, it's not true. >> right now i'm just kind of numb. >> the news of his death, much like his music, left the world stunned, almost speechless. >> totally incomprehensible. i still can't really figure it out. >> sheriff's deputies and paramedics were called to prince's estate thursday morning and found the 7:00-year-old musician lifeless inside an elevator. authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. the medical examiner is expected to perform an autopsy later today. just a week ago after what would be his final public performance in atlanta, the pop icon's private jet made an emergency landing in illinois where he was rushed to a hospital with flu-like symptoms. by saturday he was home and hosting a dance party.
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>> he looked fantastic. >> fans say he was engaging and made a passing comment about his recent scare. >> he said, don't waste your prayers on me. wait a few days. ♪ purple rain >> but a few days later, fans would learn the man whose musical genius, style and creativity helped define a generation, was gone. elton john posting social media this morning he was the best performer he had ever seen, a true musical genius. still no word of any formal memorial or funeral plans for prince. that's the latest live here outside paisley park. jay gray. back to you. >> hey praise from rock royalty. >> from elton john, can you
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imagine? thanks, jay. >> here at home, a purple glow across the bay area. san francisco city hall and oracle arena lit up to honor prince and the impact that he had on millions of fans. prince was at oracle arena within the last month or so. the bay area was one of the very last locations where prince performed. he played here less than two months ago and triggered a buzz when he took in a warriors game. >> for a lot of tie-hard prince fans, his death hitting hard. the marquee above paramount theater says it all, "our hearts are broken, prince, rest in peace." prince played that paramount in just february. one fan who saw the show says she is crushed by the death of her favorite artist. >> my heart is broken. this has been the soundtrack to my life since i was a child. >> prince performed in his last
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concert about one week ago. from the tributes to the songs, our coverage continues online at click on the button to see photos of prince's last performance happening here in the bay area. quite the talent. >> very mixed emotions this morning. the death was shocking. everyone was trying to celebrate and listen to as much prince as they can. >> how can you not when "let's go crazy" comes on. >> let's party like it's 1999. we are going to party like it's 2016. >> we will see some of those showers moving through. we do have rain across the bay area this morning. we also really needed that as we see the much-needed showers move from the north bay in san francisco into the peninsula. approaching the south bay now. a soggy friday morning as we will see a couple of rounds of this rain moving through. get a closer look at the north bay. once again tapering off there
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moving into napa. it's also moving out of san francisco now into oakland. then down the peninsula to redwood city. we'll see once again more showers moving through. temperatures today reaching into the upper 60s. i'll detail as we look ahead to the weekend. let's check in mike for a look at the commute. >> looking toward a big view of the bay. you'll see the green on my map shows where the rain has fallen. that is creeping over towards redwood city and san francisco. moving to the east bay. nothing south of that san mateo bridge. the commute is light because it's friday. a later start for many folks. metering lights on the bay brinl. over north of the coliseum we did have wet roads. here at our coliseum camera, traffic moving smoothly on drier road. a new weapon in the fight against the zika virus.
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>> this small group of dreamers, castaways and radicals. >> the health of the bay and our oceans have been important. computer repair scams are a big
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problem in santa cruz county. sam/vo the county's d-a says losses are in the thousands of dolla 5:44. computer repair scams are a problem in the county. >> losses are in the thousands of dollars. the scam starts with a pop window on people's computers warning them of a virus infection. if useres a grow to the $300 offer, it gives hackers complete access to their computers and possibly their financial data. 5:44.
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engineering and biology students tackling the zika virus from the sky. they are creating a drone to kill the zika-carrying mosquitos. >> fly abandoned pools that can be huge zika grounds. >> the idea is more dream than reality. you shouldn't expect to walk out your door and see drones at work any time soon. 5:45. high-tech ceo accused of hurting two women will be back in san francisco court today. >> prosecutors hoping to put him in jail. >> they want this guy. they thought they had him once. he was prosecuted one time for attacking his then girlfriend in his apartment.
5:46 am
hitting her more than 100 times. was caught on surveillance. the woman didn't cooperate with prosecutors. there was that tape, but it was inadmissible. he pled guilty to a lesser charge and was put on probation. today prosecutors want that probation revoked as they accuse him of striking a different woman. he made his first million in high school and his first $100 million at the age of 25. the director of fbi said something interesting thursday. he said the fbi spent more money cracking open that iphone used by the san bernardino shooter than he'll make in the rest of his term as fbi director. he makes about $180,000 a year. he has seven years left so the fbi spent at least $1.3 million. the big deal on the stock markets today is a company called secure work. they'll open the nasdaq in about 45 minutes. they are out of atlanta. there is a first ipo of the year. last night when they priced,
5:47 am
they priced below what they were asking for. the first ipo starts badly, we'll see what happens on the markets today. and this is such an important follow-up. you remember that shocking and scary story last week where a british airways flight struck a drone landing at heathrow? thank goodness everybody is okay. the uk transport minister this morning tells the telegraph newspaper the drone may have been a plastic bag and reports of the denton the airplane turned out to be wrong. so never mind. >> might be or wasn't? >> might be. they are almost certain it's not a drone. they are not sure what it was. >> a bird? >> police tweeted out it was a drone and the media ran with it. the transport minister said nope, not a drone. >> which is not to diminish the seriousness. >> be careful when flying your plastic bag.
5:48 am
>> never mind. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> many will stop what they are doing today to give something back to planet earth. that is because today is officially earth day. >> more on how the vta is helping people go green. >> the vta says rides are free in celebration of earth day. vta is free today. so if you can leave your car at home and hop on a vta light rail, train or bus. the vta is hoping to attract first time riders today that not only do you help the environment, you can also save about $6,000 a year and enjoy the health benefits walking a
5:49 am
bit more every day. you might run into some travel ambassadors who will be at some centers handing out free gifts there. they would like you to post photos on social media using the hashtag try vta and you might win a $50 gift card. visit vta website. if you have a prepaid card, you are not going to get a visa but get the benefit of knowing you are helping mother earth today. >> there are things you can do around your house. my kids are turning off all the lights, which i love. >> conservationists. you taught them well. >> their teachers are helping out, too.
5:50 am
>> we have sunshine. looks like more rain than anything else. good morning, kari. >> we will continue to see the showers moving through. keep in mind we have a whole section on nba bay area about earth day. things you can do to help mother earth. we will continue to see the showers moving through. very scattered and continues to move just east of santa rosa. also into napa and approaching fairfield. also in oakland now, the rain is coming down after it cleared san francisco. then it is moving into the south bay. that will be the trend through the next couple of hours. hit or miss rain, breezy winds and the heavier rain moves in early afternoon. there may be a couple of storms as it moves through by 2:00. as that system clears, we'll have gusty winds later on this evening. partly cloudy. cooler, too. rainfall totals may reach 0.3
5:51 am
inch in the bay. quite a bit of a soaking. we'll see cooler temperatures as we look at all our microclimates. the seven-day forecast shows our temperatures will slowly warm up over the next few days. rain will clear in time for the giants game tonight. first pitch will be 60. 59 by the end of the game. also this weekend, petaluma butter and egg days, the parade on saturday will be 68. on sunday, a few more clouds and a high of 70. i'll have a look at the rest of the microclimate coming up. >> for those wondering, that giant giant's head that was a poster. it wasn't some weird perspective thing going on. this is a weird thing on our lens. rain hitting the lens. this is our view from our emeryville camera.
5:52 am
traffic in both directions, active rain and metering lights active at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have the green highlighted around the east bay and richmond having slowing down toward golden gate field. the wed roadways contribute to where you need to slow down through san francisco moving over toward the peninsula. we'll give you a live look at palo alto. redwood city might get a patch or two. back to you. >> thank you, mike. more than 6,000 women and some men in there gathered in san jose yesterday for the second annual water mark conference for women in silicon valley. >> opening remarks come courtesy of -- that is laura. the conference brings together women executives from throughout the san francisco bay area. the mission is to get more women into executive position. actress and producer mindy
5:53 am
kaling was there as one of the keynote speakers. >> i had so much heartbreak and so much doors slamming in my face to get to where i am now. >> she went on to talk about her struggle being an asian american woman chasing her hollywood dreams. had some great speakers yesterday. >> those messages reached a lot of people. over 6,000 people at that conference. >> and they were up very early. i went to the conference right after the show ended yesterday. it was nice. it was fun to be a part of. >> pulled that energy level up. >> i don't know about that. it was fun. it's 5:53. oakland's top cop responding to criticisms his officers don't record on their body cameras when they should be. >>. >> happening right now we are staying on top of our big story of the morning. the death of music legend prince. we compiled a list of stories with local connections to
5:54 am
prince. >> plus live on facebook. come join us. enter the chat. our facebook page is active as we take you live behind the scenes of "today in the bay" what really happens between our commercials. that is quite a tease. back in two minutes.ç today on earth day -- many as
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170 countries are expected to sign the paris agreement on climate change.
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==vo== secre o 5:56. today on earth day, more than 170 countries are expected to sign the paris agreement on climate change. secretary of state kerry will join world leaders for a record-setting day on diplomatic diplomacy. the targets of reducing emission are not binding but countries must give an update every five years. he is oakland's top cop sitting down for an exclusive one-on-one. >> chief sean wynn talks about the body camera program. >> good morning. this is the first time the chief is responding to criticism some officers are turning off their cameras when they should be rolling. in our first report in february, we looked how often police body cameras actually record during use of force incidents in the bay area. steph morris says he is noticing a trend of some oakland officers saying let's have an
5:58 am
administrative conversation. he called it code for turning off the cameras. he said they are allowed to turn off cameras to talk about strategy or tactical decisions. he says some officers have been disciplined for not recording when they should. he provided data showing since body cameras went online, use of force incidents went down 66%. citizen complaints are down about 30%. last year out of 504 incidents involving force, 95% were captured on camera. so what happened when they weren't? hear from oakland police chief. our interview is online. click on the investigations tab. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. or send an e-mail at nabs bay a group of people calling for the resignation of san francisco police chief are saying their fight to the next level going on a hunger strike.
5:59 am
activists are holding their protest in front of the mission district police station. they want sir out after police deadly shootings. the pressure is also on the mayor to take action. >> we want the mayor to fire him. if the mayor cannot step up and do the right thing at the will of the people, the mayor can go take the police reform seriously and so does the chief. this is why we subjected ourselves to the department of justice. >> he received a review on the police department. he did not say whether he is considering action against the chief. it's 6:00. a city covered in purple remembering the artist of purple rain. let's bring on the real rain and plenty of it. the bay area is waking up to wet weather and slick roadways. we'll check in with terte kari
6:00 am
mike. ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain >> big tributes and small ones in honor of prince. details on the autopsy that could determine how he died and more on all the reasons that fans are grateful he lived. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> it is a bittersweet morning. a lot of emotion, a lot of celebrating the life of prince. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> imagine being able to leave that legacy behind. i'm laura garcia-cannon. rain across the bay area. good morning. >> some showers moving through the bay area now. we will see this off and on through not only the morning but early afternoon. a look at the radar. we can see we do see showers moving through.


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