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tv   Today  NBC  April 23, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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new video emerges of prince's final concert. the singer saying he was sorry for previous health care. >> i apologize i have to. we're live outside paisley park. massive manhunt, authorities looking for the shooters in ohio. who gunned down the same families in a home execution style. >> there is the person or
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persons out that are armed, are very dangerous. >> why officials are telling other members of that family to watch out this morning. countdown to victory, donald trump and hillary clinton campaigning hard with primaries in five states just three days away. both hoping to pull off clean swee sweeps. is it the beginning of the end for the rivals >> the prince and his pjs. britain's future king stealing the spotlight once again, this time staying up past his bead time to meet the president. just another sign that prince george can't help being royally adorable, today, saturday, april 23rd2016. i've from studio 1a in rockefelle welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. this saturday morning. >> good morning to you guys.
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>> good to see you. >> you guys have kids. is it a bad idea to dress kids in all white? >> unless you're the prince, i suppose. >> it is so adorable. it's funny you mentioned that. you get those gifts when your kids are babies and get the robes kids never wear. this little guy, i think of the song from "lion king," "i just can't wait to be king". >> he steals the show wherever he goes. we'll get to more on prince george in a bit. the investigation into prince's untimely death. an autopsy was performed friday, but this morning investigators are not saying a whole lot about what was found. we have the latest from outside prince's recording studio where his body was discovered. ron, good morning. >> hey, craig, good morning you. anyone expecting to get some dlu on what led to this tragedy is disappointed on the word pending being used with respect to yesterday's autopsy. all that means is more waiting.
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the morning funeral plans for prince remain undisclosed. his body taking custody of his body transported by this van. but the lead investigator appeared to one area of speculation to rest. >> there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body at all. we have no reason to believe it's a suicide. >> that investigation is expected to proceed for several more weeks, authorities say, before a final report on what happened is released. in the meantime, rumors fill the void, after tmz posted an unverified report that the singer overdosed on a private jet last week, publishing a man outside a drugstore purportedly one of multiple visits he made before the days he died. ♪ >> reporter: at his final public performance april 14th in atlanta, prince apologized for postponing those two shows. >> once again, i have to apoll vise for the cancellation.
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i was a little bit under the weather. >> reporter: sheila e., a one time band mate, fiance of the late entertainer saying there's joy and pain in her heart. >> i'm grateful to have been a part of his life and him a part of mine. >> reporter: she added, nothing in recent memory suggested to her trouble may be on the horizon, a point l.a. reed echoed friday on "today". >> the prince i know was like super healthy, vegen, wasn't an abuser of drugs, wasn't an abuser of alcohol. >> reporter: for now, however he died seems inconsequential to his legend of fans. a steady seem to flow outside his paisley park estate. saddened but grateful for the life he lived. now, starting today through next thursday, amc theaters is releasing "purple rain" on more than 80 screens across the country as a chance to relive prince all again. guys, back to you. >> ron, i was there with you yesterday. looks as if that makeshift
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memorial behind you continues to grow outside paisley park. >> very beautiful. >> thank you. we have a forensic pathology who looked into some of the nation's highest cases from president kennedy's assassination to oj simpson. good morning. thank you for talking with us. >> good morning. >> let's get right to it. based on all the evidence we know this morning, what do you think happened? what do you think killed prince? >> as a frensologyist for 55 years and long-term coroner, i would give overwhelming odds that tragically this is a drug death. when you rule out foul play, when there is no history of any kind of significant disease, heart and lung, when you rule out any kind of intervention, foul play, anything of an environmental nature, you come down to an autopsy which is essentially negative and that probably means drugs.
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there is a rumor, call it what you will, that he was taking percocet. percocet contains oxycodone, combination. oxycodone is one of the most frequently involved drugs in this drug abuse epidemic that is sweeping the country. oxycodone is a powerful semisynthetic narcotic, depresses the brain and then of course leads to depression of the heart and lungs. it is just as potent as morphine when taken subcutaneously almost as potent when taken orally. and acidametafin, an anti-also stronger than aspirin, but that adds to it. not very much, but that is part of the picture. so, i think that this almost certainly is going to prove to be a drug death. >> a week ago dr. wect, we know
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there was this plane coming from atlanta to minneapolis. nbc news has confirmed at about 300 miles from his destination the plane begins to descend and descended at a rate that would be indicative there was some sort of medical emergency on board. we know there was someone who was not responsive on board. his reps say he was treated and released for flu-like symptoms. does that add to up you? what does that tell you? >> that's part of the clinical, medical history. part of the overall scenario. obviously if this was such a precipitous medical problem that required that kind of emergency landing, et cetera, it could not have been a cardiac condition, right, or a cerebral problem and he was discharged, i understand, they couldn't get a private room and so they did not want to stay. so the fact that you had that kind of emergency situation, the treatment evidently a response because i think then he went on to give another concert or whatever.
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so, again, that fits into the drug picture. i cannot think of any medical pathological condition that would give you that kind of a scenario with those kinds of incredible ups and downs in such a short period of time, other than drugs. he had an acute drug episode. they probably treated him with narcan. an opioid. he got better, as you always do and took the drugs again. most, most regrettably. >> bottom line, it was all so sudden we're all trying to process it. >> we'll get a lot more answers when the toxicology report comes out in a couple weeks. >> thank you. >> thank you. to ohio now where a massive man hunt is under way for the shooter or shooters responsible for the horrific killing of eight people from the same family. the only three spared, schirn. police now say they think that the family was targeted. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the new developments this morning. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. overnight investigators here
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worked four crime scenes and they worked here throughout the night. they now believe one family was clearly targeted and they've interviewed more than 30 people so far, but no arrests. this morning the search for a killer or killers is intensifying across rural pike county, ohio. >> we do not know whether we're talking about one individual or two or three or more. we simply do not know that at this point. >> sheriff's deputies got the first 911 call just before 8:00 a.m. friday morning. they soon found 7 adults and 1 16-year-old boy shot dead in four homes. survivors, three children ranging in age from four days old to three years. >> it's heart breaking. i mean, the one mom apparently was killed in her bed with the 4 day old right there. >> reporter: authorities say none of the dead committed suicide, leading the sheriff to warn residents that at least one
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killer is on the loose. >> that there is a person or persons out that are armed, are very dangerous. >> reporter: so far no suspects and no motive, but investigators say it appears the family was targeted. >> we're praying for the family. we're trying to lift up the family. we're do anything that we can to reach out, comfort them. >> reporter: ohio governor and presidential candidate john kasich is calling the killings tragic beyond comprehension. >> well, there's eight people dead, execution style. what can you say? >> reporter: and they may never have seen it coming. some of the victims were in bed, investigators say, suggesting they were shot in their head while they were sleeping. >> never lost so many people to a murder or murderers in this county. never eight people at one time. >> reporter: while authorities say the killer or killers can be armed and dangerous, they do not believe there is a larger threat to this community. instead, they are offering protection to members of the
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family who, again, they believe to be the intended targets. craig? >> just awful story. gabe gutierrez for us. thank you. two politics now where both donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to land knockout blows on their opponents on tuesday. five states will vote and both front-runners are hoping for clean sweeps. we're following both sides this morning. let's begin with hali jackson covering the republicans. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and this morning already a handful of donald trump fans are lining up to see him speak here in bridgeport, trump ahead of tuesday's northeastern primaries looking for a knockout. now calling on his rivals to drop out. in front of a fired up crowd, donald trump caught up and tripped up. >> we want south carolina -- and we won new hampshire and connecticut -- >> reporter: not connecticut, not yet at least. that state and the four others on tuesday look like trump
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territory. if he wins the majority of delegates there, his math gets easier. he'll need to win just over half of the remaining delegates in coming contests to lock up the nomination. >> there's no path to victory for cruz so he should get out. they should both get out. they should. >> reporter: trump, trying to look more presidential plans to focus on foreign policy at a speech next week. and while he tells fortune magazine he's not going to rebrand, his top adviser acknowledges to party insiders he can take on a different persona privately than he does publicly. >> they said this is all a show. he is telling us he is lying to us. >> reporter: ted cruz taking aim in pennsylvania where he is hoping to pick off delegates from trump, john kasich focussing more on rhode island and connecticut. both getting backup from the stop trump movement. on defense now after sitting out new york. >> as we move west, we move into areas which are stronger for the
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stop trump movement. that does not mean we'll ignore the northeastern. >> reporter: they plan to spend more in california and indiana where a new poll shows cruz within striking of trump. they expect to pick up at least 40 delegates in indiana. the next big battleground state for the gop. but the republican national committee through all of this, staying on the sidelines now. the head of the party, reince priebus telling members at a meeting in florida, politics is a team sport, adding the gop needs to rally around the eventual nominee. >> thank you. turn to the democrats now, where bernie sanders long shot bids to become his party's nominee may become more difficult after this tuesday's primaries. kelly o'donnell is following the democrats. kelly, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. in this final turn toward tuesday's five-state primary, there is a lot of ground to cover. hillary clinton makes stops in connecticut and here at central
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falls high school in rhode island today. while bernie sanders holds rallies in maryland and delaware. sanders, who is behind in delegates, says the race is not over yet, while clinton is showing signs she's looking toward november. ♪ >> reporter: in scranton, hillary clinton added an up beat prince classic to her campaign play list. and she played up some pennsylvania nostalgia. >> so this place has a lot of not just memories but special meaning to me. >> reporter: polls show clinton goes into tuesday with a double-digit lead in pennsylvania. >> i will work my heart out for the people here in northeastern pennsylvania. >> reporter: while she took her usual jabs at bernie sanders, clinton hit billionaire gop front-runner donald trump as out of touch. >> we out to get out of those towers and actually come down and talk to people and listen to them. >> reporter: tuesday has some built-in advantages for clinton. these five states hold
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primaries, not caucuses, where sanders has often won. four of the five allow only democrats to participate. sanders draws big support from independents. >> let's make sure that pennsylvania has the largest voter turnout in the history of the democratic primary. >> reporter: also in pennsylvania, joe biden's birthplace, sanders hit clinton by reading from the vice president's interview with the new york times. >> he'll take mr. sanders's aspirational approach over mrs. clinton's caution any day. >> reporter: pressed by andrea mitchell, sanders qualified his willingness to campaign for clinton if she wins the nomination. >> got to find out what her platform is, what the views are that she is going to bringing forth, to what degree she will adopt many of the ideas that are extremely popular and i think very sensible. >> reporter: and as the voting comes to states where joe biden has roots, he makes clear he is
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staying neutral but was commenting on sanders's style. sanders acknowledges it could be a tough road to catch clinton in the delegate race, but he vows to fight on. craig? >> kelly o'donnell for us this morning. thank you. president obama held a town hall in great britain this morning, saying he is proud of his health department insuranceover haul and turning the u.s. economy around. despite his achievements, he doesn't think he'll have a full understanding of his legacy for another decade. a very controversial move, virginia governor lifted voting rights on convicted felons who served their sentences. allow excons to vote in november if they finished their parole or probation. it's a political move. prosecutors in arizona are dropping criminal charges for now against a man they claimed was last year's phoenix highway shooter. lessly merit was released this week under electronic monitoring after being held on charges
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including drive-by shooting and aggravating assaults. the attacks in august and september caused panic on the highways as 11 cars were hit. while merit claims he is innocent, prosecutors say the move is designed to allow more investigation that could lead them to file charges again. it was a night of amazing plays in major league baseball. check this out for the chicago white sox, line drive, bases loads sets up this wild triple play against the texas rangers. adam eaton made the throw to first for the tag. that's when the run-downs got crazy with throws to home, second, second baseman chasing the runner. to the flip, to the catcher then the third baseman who finally makes the tag for the third out. and for the yankees, a rare event, else bury pulled off a straight steal of home against the rays to tie the game at three runs a piece. as a catcher, there is nothing more embarrassing than having someone steal home plate.
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>> that's a runner stuck in a run-down, never goes to the runner. it's very rare. >> very rarely. >> practiced over and over. >> over and over. let's talk about our forecast for a moment. here on the east coast, kind of cloudy? >> it will clear up. it will be a gorgeous day in the northeast. but out in the rockies, we've got some mountain snow. in the highest elevations, still falling. we have some potty showers around idaho through salt lake city. those will basically turn into the next storm system that's going to move east ward and cause some -- a potential for severe weather as we go into tomorrow. today, though, we could see stronger storms especially across the high plains. then as we go into tomorrow, this cold front moves east ward. triggering more storms through iowa and back into parts of nebraska. tomorrow especially during the afternoon and overnight hours. today in this dark area of green here, we have a chance of isolated strong storms. not really all that widespread. few damaging wind gusts and small hail possible. tomorrow, that's where we have this slight risk including iowa
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through kansas city, stretching down all the way down into north central oklahoma. we could see large hail, damaging wind gusts and can't rule out isolated tornadoes. >> we're still seeing a few isolated showers around fremont but most of the moisture now is moving on and we'll see a day today with some partly cloudy skies and temperatures which are kind of chilly right now. 40s to 50s outside. 43 around napa, climbing to the upper 60s near 70, north bay could see a stray shower north of santa rosa, petaluma the weather looks great for the parade, temperatures in the 60s are there. giants came tonight, cool and breezy with low clouds, temperatures near 60. nd that's your latest forecast. thank you. this will also certainly be our most adorable story of the day. there's just no way you can look at these photos really and not smile. prince george staying up past his bedtime last night. i love that, to meet president
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obama. the young royal stealing the show once again. nbc's kelly cove ya is in london this morning with more. kelly, good morning. >> good morning. yeah, a historic moment and complete surprise. cameras allowed into will and kate's private london home for the first time and the leader of the free world meeting a future king of england in his pajamas. a royal handshake from little prince george, up past his bedtime to meet the president. the toddler in a spa robe, matching pajamas and slippers took his rocking horse for a ride. a gift from the first family when george was born. the president and first lady arriving for a dinner party at kensington palace friday night and all of it shard on the young royals twitter feed. that robe, omg, so sweet. and the most adorable display of a power dynamic ever. prince george always seems to steal the spotlight. he did it on his first royal tour in australia and new
5:21 am
zealand. and again the day his sister princess charlotte was christened. and even this week when the world celebrated his great grandmother queen elizabeth on her 90th birthday with a snap and a stamp featuring the little prince. >> the duke and duchess of cambridge remain the star couple. having said that, because he is so cute and generally has an ayr of mischief about him, i think prince george has won hearts across the world. >> reporter: prince george spent a whole 15 minutes on his first presidential visit staying up late. his first taste of international diplomacy just in time for bed. and by the way, this was the first time any of the young royals have entertained a head of state privately, so big moment for will, kate and harry. and prince george's sister, princess charlotte, guys, she slept through every minute. >> she could care less. >> she'll have her moment.
5:22 am
no worries. still to come a look back at some of the stories you might have missed. this moment, a team mascot had an unfortunate landing during a game. also, back to the beach for one former bay watch star. we'll tell you who is expected to join the cast of the new movie, but first this is "today" on nbc. he beach for one bay watch movie.
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. putting your money where your mouth is, is time to buy your home and should you be investing more in the stockmarket? we'll get some answers. >> plus, why is victoria secret getting rid of his bathing line? a move that has a lot of women and men up in arms. four years after celebrating his death, we are celebrating with a shakespeare quote or taylor swift lyrics? >> oh, no. >> so excited. "today" is right back after
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this. .
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 5:26 on your saturday morning. we're taking a live look at the shark tank ins case you missed it they beat the l.a. kings in l.a. last night, and they'll move on to round two in the stanley cup playoffs. that's excite pg. good morning. i'm kyra clapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is a look at our micro climate forecast. i would say thank you for waking up early with us but you were probably awake into whether it's on camera or not, but right now we have interesting conditions outside. cool in the north bay. 43 in napa and stray showers around the south bay, south of freemont the last remnant of the rain yesterday. most of that has moved off towards the east. for your afternoon plans today for the bay area we're looking at partly cloudy skies but in
5:27 am
the north bay, slight chance of an isolated shower for the afternoon. temperatures close to 70 in san jose, low 60s around san francisco and the north bay temperatures in the 60s to near 70 and around petaluma, the butter and egg day festival, partly cloudy skies, check out the parade there at noon and later on this evening in san francisco, for the giants game, looks cool and breezy, temperatures close to 60. our next best chance of rain towards the middle part of the week on wednesday. a closer look at that coming up today at 7:00. >> hard to keep up with the forecast lately. >> been all over the place. >> rob, thanks. we have new details this morning, there may be a break in the case of a string of freeway shootings that have been happening in the east bay. this comes after months of gunfire that have caused accidents even deaths. the california highway patrol tells us multiple arrests are expected soon. ever since january, the chp has recorded 18 shootings on bay area highways and the majority in the east bay along interstate 80. the most recent happened erlt
5:28 am
yer this week on highway 4 near pittsburg. the shootings have left many on edge. >> after you've lived in this area for 50 years, this is nothing abnormal. >> there's nothing you can do to keep yourself safe. you hope it doesn't happen to you. >> officers and investigators traced bullets from different shootings to the same weapon. they believe 99% of the shootings involved gangs from vallejo to oakland. a massive sinkhole continues to plague one of san francisco's nicest neighborhoods. it's about 22 feet across and ten feet deep. the sinkhole at sacramento street between lion and baker street between pacific heights. a sewer pipe broke thursday evening, swallowing the street. the cause of it is still under investigation, but that pipe did pass inspection last year. >> we don't know the cause, but we do know that this particular pipe is actually quite older, 100 years old.
5:29 am
>> the plan is is to install the permanent line and have the street reopen by tonight. a minister is behind bars this morning, 32-year-old fernando maldonado is accused of sexually assaulting a child under 14 years old. police say the attacks continued more than three years when maldanado with a minister for more sell lo baptist church before he moved to grace baptist church in pleasant hill. police are working to find out if there are any other victims. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" at 7:00, bay area olympian ready for rio. we will tell you what a --
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>> we are back on this saturday morning, april 23rd, 2016, with a little beyonce to get you started. the superstar is doing a special tonight. in the pentime, let's take a look outside our studio here at rockefeller plaza. we have a great cloud. we have a pleasant morning. we will go out and say hello in a little bit. >> here's a quick look at what's making headlines the final alms results on prince's body are not expected for several days as the investigation into the singer's death continues t. lead investigator on friday saying
5:31 am
there are no signs of trauma and they do not believe prince committed suicide. all of this as tributes still pour in this morning. take a look at this video after a tanker truck is swallowed up by a sink hole in huvenl this is on top of a parking gravenlg arage. it got flooded this week. a fisherman caught this 47 pound mus ki in iowa. this is not the record for the biggest musky caught. can you guess what that record is? >> 50 pound. >> you looked ahead. that fish was released back into the lake you saw there. >> can you eat that? >> you probably wouldn't want to. >> everybody here, ah. now to download some of the biggest headlines as well as some stories you might not have been able to see. >> the world mourns prince's passing. hillary clinton and donald trump claims victory in new york and houston still trying to recover
5:32 am
from this week's massive floods. those are a few of the stories that had us talking. a shocking tragedy for music fans. this is an nbc news special report. >> prince the innovative one-of-a-kind artist that has given us so much music over the decades is found dead. his full name is prince rogers nelson, he was 57. >> two-way car for a medical patient, not breathing. >> medical personnel performed cpr but were unable revive him. >> you can listen to that music all day long. >> i think a lot of people will be doing just that. >> reporter: while in the race for the president, a big week for front runners, one big new york night for hillary clinton and donald trump. trump trounceing his rivals, his first win with a majority of the vote. hillary clinton we are newed confident. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight.
5:33 am
>> reporter: here on "today" it was melania trump that stole the home show in the plaza. >> everyone wants to answer this question. what's the one hat you'd wish he'd give up? >> the tweeting. >> mother nature we'll be right backing havoc in houston, texas. >> in every direction, water and the people whose lives are uprooted. >> what will happen to your home life? >> honestly, i don't know. >> reporter: the pitcher for the red sox found himself standing on a mound of conversation. they fired the analyst wednesday after he reposted this image, showing a man dressed as a woman, seemingly aimed at the controversial north carolina bathroom law. >> my comment was as innocuous and as non-aggressive as anything anybody could say. i'm still kind of trying to figure out how this all happened. andrew jackson, replaced by abolitionist icon harriet tubman
5:34 am
on the face of the 20. women who led the suffer raj fight will appear on the back of the ten and on the back of the 5 civil rights leaders at the lincoln memorial. across the pond, all hail the queen. the queen turning 90 serenaded this week, her official birthday portrait published. posing with princess charlotte, prince george and some of her other children and grandchildren t. photographer, american annie lebovitz. exciting, nasa releasing video of the foreign lights, dramatic and beautiful video of the aurora borealis. finally a cringe worthy moment, harry the hawk, celebrating in a recent game, took a jump across the aisle and landed in a very sensitive place. this might be tough for the trainer. >> how did that happen? >> i don't know. >> let's go back to prince.
5:35 am
because i was there yesterday and i never had been inside, it was my first time there. you have been inside. >> i was inside paisley park at a national journalism park last summer and we were invited in and i have to tell you, i regret the fact that we were so excited and we were so busy just being in the main. he has an area where you can have parties and concerts. he got the area for to us tour some of the rooms and touch like that. would you believes i didn't go. i didn't want to lose my spot. i could, i was in the front row. i thought he could come out at any moment. he wouldn't let us take cell phones, i had to take it in with my eyes him people were going in the rooms. he had a purple rain move, motorcycles. i didn't see any of it. >> it turns out, he apologized, his band was on vacation. he let us party there. it's a very cool place. >> on this show, prince, my
5:36 am
favorite living artist, best live show ever seen hand down. i doubt i will see a show that rivals it. 2004. he performed in the round. it's a tremendous loss. a tremendous loss. >> seven days ago, literally at this time of the morning you said that you said that prince was your -- >> let us take a turn here and look at the forecast. thank goodness, spring has finally decided to show up. >> in the country, too. in new york city, too the showers, those will exit, by noontime the rain is long gone. we will tap into sunshine, all of this sunshine will continue to move eastward. here's the rain moving in. by noontime, it's all gone, temperatures will respond. more so back in louisville, 73 today, birmingham, alabama, raleigh 78. we should get back up to 70. which is about 10 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. as we go into sunday, cooler still in the northeast in the 60s. louisville 81. kansas city up to 80 him denver
5:37 am
should make it up to 69 today after seeing possibly a flurry or two today. then on monday, we're still looking at the heat to take hold, all across the eastern half of the country. it's possible, we could see record high temperatures, too, stretching down to the south. highs in the mid- to upper-'80s, feeling more like summertime than spring time, little rock, 84 degrees. marquette about 36 degrees. so there is a touch of cold. it's all isolated to the extreme northern tier of the united states. we also have the area of low pressure, spotty showers in the northwest today. that will turn into and right now still seeing a stray shower or two with our south of freemont this morning. you can see how the weather from yesterday that brought all the rain is moving off towards the east towards the rockies. north bay locations, hilltop could have an afternoon shower with temperatures today mostly in the 60s. showers best chance of that will be north of santa rosa today in petaluma, we'll have temperatures in the mid to upper 60s for the butter and egg day
5:38 am
festival parade coming up at noon and in san francisco the giants game later this evening, cool and breezy, temperatures near 60 at first pitch. and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. the record high on the dow. should you get in or stay on the side lines we will talk about that after this. reach their potential. stay safe. fall in love. but tonight johnson's can help with a bedtime routine clinically proven to help them fall asleep faster. and stay asleep longer. there will be things to keep us up. but tonight, we sleep. general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal. again!
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we are exploring money matters. the dow is fear record highs. the housing market is looking strong as well. the big question this morning, should you act now or is it too late? tim maurer is the author of the book "simple money golf good morning to you. >> it can be, channel. >> the big question t. market is hot. is it time to buy stocks? >> i don't want you to buy stocks because you feel the market is hot. ly say this, however, if you are investing in a long term in a diversified portfolio, it's just about always time. >> for the most part you should wait for a better opportunity? >> look for rebalancing in your portfolio. >> a lot of people think about buying a home. is now the time? >> i'm a little biassed. i sold one last week, i am buying one this week. it's a good time, interest rooits rates are at historic lows him we are buying a house at lower interest rate than the
5:42 am
one we sold. >> you don't want to move. you think about obviously shaking things up a bit? >> yes, if you can save as much as a.on your interest rate the one thing you have to be careful is not to extend the loan too far, otherwise, you will be paying more overtime. >> what about people watching thinking of selling their home. >> it's fought exactly a buyer or a seller. it could be both. we are heading into spring. if you plan to sell your house, now could be the time to spruce the home up and do it. >> let's talk about interest rates in just a moment. what about if you want to make renovations in your home? >> i have no problem investing your home, especially if you increase the value, i'd much prefer you do it with cash as opposed to debt. >> it could be a lot of cash. that's how people get into trouble is running up the amount of debt through their home equity. >> debt is debt, no matter what. the bottom line things you can do. >> personal finance is more personal tan finance. look at the personal indicators
5:43 am
more than the national economic indicators. pay off high credit cards. >> i feel this one affects everybody. some people aren't jumping, but some are. >> we have been there. >> that is a way to inskres, build up your rainy day fund. that's how you stay out of debt in the first place. you could be rebalancing your portfolio if you have a good strategy. >> that assumes you have a strategy. >> should you pay the debt and credit cards at the same time? i always wonder, how much are you putting on the credit card versus knocking down the debt? >> the credit cards are revol revolving debt. interest rate is higher. i believe it's enemy number one. >> look at the best thing for the long term. you have been talking about this whew, this is like school. >> it is a little like school. i apology eyes for the pie chart. >> i know. i know. >> here we gop. >> in this case, you can't
5:44 am
rebalance your strategy if you don't have one. u.s. large companies, small companies, international companies, balancing it with constefbtive bond. we buy stocks to make money. we buy bonds to keep us into the system when stocks are volatile. >> so we need some help. obviously, we can't do this on our own. you recommend we feed to for our personal finance tools? >> the number one indicator is your cash flow mechanism. mint and ynab i beaver are the two best systems to aid people in spending less than they make. >> can you get us started? is that the last one? oh. i'm like swiping. teach me, teach me. teach me. thank you so much. so these two will get us on the right track. >> min to the start w.ynab is for serious budgeters who want to make a difference. >> will you move in with me? my husband won't mind. it will be fun. up next, shakespeare, 400 years to the day after his death. will you know the difference between a shakespeare line and a
5:45 am
taylor swift lyrics? our producers are putting us to the tests right after these messages.
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> hear ye, hear ye, 400 years
5:48 am
ago, william shakespeare passed away, leaving phrases around the world. people are celebrating this iconic word smith. our producers found out his word bear a striking resemblance. we will play a little game here. shakespeare or taylor swift lyrics. first one up, here it is. romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone. who said it that is tay, tay. who is it? yeah. >> i know we'll have that. >> all right. here's the next one. don't waste your love on somebody who doesn't value it. >> i go jones. >> shakespeare. >> it may work. next up. you with your word like knives and swords and weapons you use against it. >> that's taylor. >> i feel i have herd that. >> look everyone. >> there is taylor.
5:49 am
>> they are hard. they are hard. >> here is another one. you have one more, go ahead. >> this is love all trust of you. >> shakespeare. >> i think there is another part that lies. >> you know what it is, it's the phraseing of it. if it's not whiney and songy. did i say that? i didn't mean whiney. >> you know the taylor swift fans. >> or the final word you can rhyme. >> thank you, lyrically. >> you called her winy. >> i didn't call her whiney faithful friends are hard to fi find. >> okay. oh my, what a marvelous tune. >> shacks spear. >> oh my. >> oh my sounds shakespearian.
5:50 am
>> it rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone. >> that's from t swift right there. >> taylor swift. >> just to be different. >> yeah. here's the last one. the course of true love never did run smooth. >> t swift. >> no. >> oh now you know. >> that was difficult i wonder how shakespeare would do. >> it's so, so relevant. >> still ahead here, one man's life changing transformation after losing hundreds of pounds, how he is inspiring others to lose weight as well, first, hear ye, hear ye, this is "today" on nbc.
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> the latest on the investigation into prince's death, how people around the world are celebrating him this
5:53 am
weekend. also ahead, a high school senior competing on a college swim team t. emotional and touching story about how she was able to make that move after these messages. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food. my family gets the food we need. i'm so glad we could help. i'm so glad someone helped. hunger lives closer than you think.
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you're watching "today in the bay." it is 5:56 on saturday morning. we're taking a live look at at&t park. looks like clearkies there. really pretty after the giants won and playing again tonight, 6:05 against the marlins. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is here to join us for our microclimate forecast. good to see you. >> likewise. we will be seeing clear skies for most of the day around san francisco. there's another view of clear skies. pretty nice. 51 degrees in san francisco, but chilly in the north bay, 43. a little patchy fog up towards santa rosa this morning. speaking of the north bay, there's still a slight chance during the afternoon you may see a pop-up hilltop shower. for the rest of the bay area partly cloudy skies and temperatures mostly in the 60s, close to 70 for areas south of
5:57 am
san jose this afternoon and for petaluma, mid 60s in the forecast, perfect for the butter and egg day festival parade coming up at noon. just saw at&t park, close to 60 later on this evening. first pitch at 6:05. use caution on the coast. beach hazards alert up through 8:00 due to rip currents and waves possible today. rough surf on the coast. >> a lot going on. we'll have to stay tuned at 7:00 to get the full forecast. rob, thanks. we have new details this morning that there may be a break in the case of a string f of -- that comes after months of gunfire that have caused accidents and deaths. the california highway patrol tells us multiple arrests are expected soon. since january the chp has recorded 18 shootings on bay area highways, the majority in the east bay along interstate 8. the most recently on highway 4 near pittsburgh. the shootings have left many people on edge. >> after you've lived in this area for 50 years, this is
5:58 am
nothing abnormal. >> there's nothing you can do to keep yourself safe. you hope it doesn't happen to you. >> in a meeting yesterday, officers announced that they traced bullets from different shootings to the same weapon. they believe 99% of the shootings involved gangs from vallejo to oakland. a massive sinkhole continues to plague one of san francisco's nicest neighborhoods. take a look at this, about 22 feet across and 10 feet deep. the sinkhole is at sacramento street between lion and baker street between pac heights. a sewer pipe broke swallowing the street. the cause is under investigation. we don't know the cause but we do know that this particular pipe is actually quite older, 100 years old. >> that 100-year-old pipe did pass inspection last year. the plan is to install a new permanent line and then reopen the street by tonight. it is 5:58 right now. coming up on "today in the bay,"
5:59 am
next stop, silicon valley for a solar powered plane on an around the world journey. how it works and the message the pilots want to spread. that and your top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. right now we will send you back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. mysterious and life and death. just one day after his autopsy, police revealing very few details about what killed prince. the lead investigator saying only that there's no obvious sign of trauma to the pop icon. this morning our first look at new video from prince's final concert as tributes from around the world continue to pour in. massive manhunt. all-out search this morning for whoever is responsible for killing eight members of the same family. the murders happening in several different homes. a mysterious that's baffling police this morning. and a swim to remember. high school senior participating in her first ever college swim meet before she's actually enrolled in the school. the team and community coming
6:01 am
together to give this mother a memory she'll never forget. today saturday, april 23th, 2016. ♪ let's go crazy >> hi, everyone, in boston. >> 16 and sweeter with the "today" show! >> two grandmas from ohio. >> and grandpa. >> our family loves the toy"tod show. >> and so do we! >> hi, daddy. we love you! >> soft spot for kids this morning. always do. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. >> talk about a fantastic crowd this morning. all those kids and all those birthdays and by the way, a happy passover to those who celebrated last night. the first night of passover. >> we begin this half hour with the latest on the investigation
6:02 am
into prince's death. autopsy results not expected back for about a week. during a news conference on friday, investigators saying very little about what has been found so far. nbc's ron mott is at paisley park this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. folks who were hoping to get concrete answers into what caused prince's death on thursday from yesterday's autopsy are probably disappointed to hear the word pending. officials say they are waiting on toxicology results. that could be a few more weeks and gathering some other information. now, in the meantime that means a lot of speculation out there on the internet. tmz published an unverified report that the reason prince's private jet made an unscheduled emergency landing late last week in illinois is because the singer overdosed and had to be saved. there's a mystery between what happened then and when his body was found on thursday. there are some reports that he made trips to a drugstore here, multiple trips to a drugstore.
6:03 am
unverified. one of his long time collaborators saw nothing in weeks and months leading to his death that would give her concern that trouble was on the horizon. this memorial outside paisley park has grown. especially overnight. tonight for the third night in a row they're going to hold another prince themed all-night dance party. they go into the wee-wee hours in downtown minneapolis. well attended. they'll do that again tonight as folks continue to remember this giant icon in this community and around the world. in ohio, a massive manhunt is under way this morning for the person or people who targeted and killed eight members of the same family. police say they were all shot execution style at several different homes. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in ohio. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. investigators are still processing four separate crime scenes and so far they've interviewed more than 30 people and they now believe that one family was the clear target but
6:04 am
so far no arrests. sheriff's deputies got the initial 911 call early friday morning just before 8:00 a.m. in rural pike county, ohio. they soon found seven adults and a 16-year-old boy shot dead in four separate homes. the survivors, young children ranging in age from 4 days old to 3 years old. among the more chilling details in this story, authorities say that some of the victims were found in bed suggesting that they may have been shot in the head while they were sleeping. authorities say none of the dead committed suicide and that's leading the local sheriff to warn local residents that at least one killer could be on the loose. so far no suspects and no motive. again, authorities do believe that one family was targeted. while authorities say the killer or killers could still be on the loose and armed and extremely dangerous, they don't believe that there's a larger threat to this community.
6:05 am
instead, they're offering protection to that very large family who they believe were the intended targets. this morning here in ohio, the investigation and the manhunt are well under way. >> gabe gutierrez for us in ohio. thanks. another sad story out of hollywood this morning. michelle mcnamara died at the age of 46. she died in her sleep and that her passing came as a complete surprise to the family. the army is investigating a crash of some of their humvees but it's not the type of crash you might expect. check this out. this involves humvees raining from the sky in an air drop over germany. several of the vehicles actually crashed to the ground. video of the 173rd airborne brigade floating humvees have gone viral. more than 1.5 million views.
6:06 am
>> let's get a quick check of the forecast. >> the rain is coming down. i'm trying to tell everybody it's going to stop soon. we've got a birthday here. you were just surprised by a trip to new york. >> yes. >> and you're 64 and just got to new york for the first time. >> i love it. >> nice to have you here. we all have different chills. it's getting windy and rainy but it's going to improve. temperatures will get up to the 60s and 70s all across the northeast. we're looking at summerlike warmth to start building into the southeast as we head into the early part of the week. we also have isolated storms that will develop through the plains and then tomorrow we're looking at a better chance of stronger storms through iowa stretching down into . right now looking at clear skies around san francisco. about 51 degrees, but chilly in the north bay, low 40s, patchy fog towards santa rosa this morning and speaking of the north bay, mid afternoon may see a stray shower while the rest of the bay area looks at partly
6:07 am
cloudy skies and temperatures mostly in the upper 60s from the trivalley closer to san jose and near 70 around santa rosa for the afternoon. highs again around the bay area today running a little cooler than what we've seen over the past few days. temperatures running in the low 70s into the north bay and trivalley for the afternoon. >>. >> and that's your latest forecast. now to an amazing story of a high school athlete two competed last night in a college swim meet. it's virtually unheard of. the reason behind it is of love and kindness. >> that's right, craig. good morning to you. this story i love. madison winstead always dreamed of being aen a college swim team. that came true amid one of her worst nightmares. thank to a friendly coach and amazing team, she was able to honor her mother's dying wish also while making a splash. nervous, but ready.
6:08 am
madison, her parents for her first ever college swim meet. but in the stands, an onlooker, perhaps more nervous than she is. while madison fights her way to the finish line. her mom is fighting for her life. >> i was originally diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. we continued to get bad news, that it was progressing despite what we were doing. >> five months later, it spread to her lung. the 18-year-old high school senior secretly reached out to the university of kentucky where she is set to enroll in the fall and ask if she can compete early so her mom can see her dream come true. >> there is no way i'm going to college and she can't see it. >> it's pretty unprecedented a high school student can come in and participate as a college athlete. >> reporter: months later, madison's new team banded together to welcome an incoming
6:09 am
freshman and to celebrate a mom spending the most of her days. >> there is some time. we don't know how long that is. we just continue to embrace it and do the best we can with the time we have. >> reporter: and this is just the kind of family she wants to leave her daughter with. >> i picked uk for a reason. >> that reason is they're the family that i'm going to be able to depend on when and if i have to go through this major change. >> i'm so proud of you. >> the ncaa told nbc news this is the first time a student has ever competed before being enrolled. madison is one of the best swimmers in the entire country and her coaches say, she'll be the one to watch in the 2020 olympics. how is that for heart warming, guys? >> i can't believe that. what a good story on a saturday morning. >> dylan is here with an incredible story of the depths of the ocean. >> this is interesting. it's alarming scientists t. beautiful coral reefs are being destroyed.
6:10 am
all signs are pointing to the effects of a strong el nino. according to one report, a third of the coral reefs are threatened. many will be gone for good. dolphins toledo way on a visit to the kiritimi islands. the research team. but the beauty at the surface can't think of the horror underneath. the world's coral reeves are if mortal danger. according to dr. cobb, 80% of the corals are dead and her research site t. reason? hot ocean waters caused by the strongest el nino conditions ever recorded. >> it's very hard to witness what i saw last month on our expedition. personally, a proceed that took me multiple hours of seeing things with my own eyes, to even believe, it was like watching one of your children suffer. >> the planet has seen el knownios before.
6:11 am
>> the el ninoesque, which raised waters. >> the record breaking el nino, experts say, is but a glimpse of the extreme weather to come. >> the problem is with this event being so long, you are seeing bleeping repeatedly in many locations. that's the far worse than just having single bleaching events. >> coral bleaching occurs when overly watch watts interferes with the algae that helps support life. if bleaching goes too far the coral dies. it can have a rip himesque. because coral reefs are the life blood of all the fish and sea creatures that depend on them for nutrients and protection. half a billion of people rely on marine life for food. >> it can be mentally an emotionalally draining. you go under a reef that should be beautiful and multicolor. everything is white and bar ren t. fish are not behaving the way they would. >> reporter: it will take decades to recover, if at all. >> the big question is, will it
6:12 am
have decades to recover? when will the next el 19ia event that will push this reef again past the breaking point and lead to a massive mortality event. >> reporter: but despite it all, she says she still has hope. >> we can't help but notice there are survivors, very, very few, emotionally, you are drawn to them and scientifically i am drawn to them. there is a story of hope if there. >> just yesterday, a new study showed there was at least a 93% of the great barrier reef, a statistic that they say is troublesome. it's interesting, you talk about el nino all the time it creates flooding in texas as we've seen, strong storms in florida t. mountain snow out west. you never think of what happens under the water. it's the water that we're talking about when it comes to emknown el nino. >> still to come the three-year-old winning hearts
6:13 am
online with her sweet gift. what exactly does beyonce have up her sleeve? whispers about her special airing tonight. we will get into that right after these messages.
6:14 am
6:15 am
>> we are back on a st. morning and it's time to trend. first up the news that has ladies everywhere gasping yesterday. it appears victoria secret is getting out of the swimsuit business. earlier this month the company announced plans to restructure and eliminate certain categories. swim wear argument buzz feed is in those categories. victoria secret stop selling bathing suits? what kind of joke is this? you, okay, victoria's secret won't sell swim wear, it's over. >> they will expand the active wear line, growing. we reached out to victoria secret for comment. no response smr i like them, i
6:16 am
order online, try them on at home. nobody, not wearing that one. i think i will get a lot more use out of the active wear. >> this atmosphere leisure. >> it's sweat pant material. >> i was going to ask you about that. >> atmosphere leisure. >> i turned atmosphere leisure into work wear st. >> right. >> they're like sweat pants. >> you can't stel tell, it's stretchy. >> that's the best. >> secrets. >> this one might sing a little t. scripps national spelling bee about to get h-a-r-d-e-r. harder, longer rounds, more difficult words, but with higher stakes come higher rewards, 1st place cash prize going up from $30,000 to $40,000. 2nd police $30,000, 3rd $20,000. these changes come after two years of the competition ending in ties. the final rounds could add up to
6:17 am
75 words, an increase from 25. but were aren't the ones they had aren't those hard enough? >> look at this. >> scherenschnitte. >> it's german. i made that up. >> feuilleton. >> how would you notice how to spell those? >> next month. finally, here's a story that's sure as to make you smile. meet this little girl. she is three-years-old, brooklyn, she has the best job ever. every thursday she waits for her favorite sanitation worker and the truck to stop by in front of her house. if he honks his horn. it makes brooklyn's day, for her 3rd birthday, all she wanted to do is meet the man she calls her hero. she met him and shared one of her first cupcakes of him. >> my boy does the same thing, when a recycling truck comes the
6:18 am
guy waves. it makes his day. >> it's a big deal. >> i remember on the playgrounds in elementary school, we would wait for the buss to drive by and honk. >> when you go like this, it's a big truck. >> beyonce has a mystery brewing. and the beauty is making a big comeback. here's dylan with the pop stars. >> first stop, let's talk about prince for a little bit longer. since the news broke, he has been celebrating his musical life and legacy, his festive album is on the way to the number one spot. fans brought to itunes currently eight of the top ten best selling albums are from the singer. news overnight, amc announced it will play purple rain across the u.s. at 87 screens this weekend t. cannes kim festival will pay homage to prince. now to an artist who has been
6:19 am
influenced by prince. beyonce. i will so sound uncool reading this. developing her next big thing on fans, it's called lemon ade. it day because tonight. other than the name, no other details have been provided. leaving room for lots of speculation. she announced it was a scripted video giving the bee hive some time to speculate. let's listen. what am i doing my love? pour me, pour me, pull me, pull me in. >> fans are thinking this could be a feature length video and a dramatic film or a behind the scenes documentary. we have as to wait to find out about. that finally, guess who is joining the bye watch movies reboot? the original c.j. parker. that's right, it's back to the beach for pamela anderson,
6:20 am
dwayne "the rock" says she introduced the world to cj parker. for the most successful tv show of all times, a pleasure to welcome, as gorgeous as ever to our bay watch cast. another picture, chanel jones amongst the cast. >> are you joining the cast as well? are you the smallest one in that camera. >> >> can i tell you something. >> shoot, your hand out, guy, guys. >> you know why, because i wanted to do the slow motion run. they taught my how to do it. stay tuned for that. >> i think it's not so much you running, it's the cameras. moving on, still one man's dramatic weight loss. how he did it and how he is teaching others to do the same thing. first this is "today" on
6:21 am
6:22 am
still ahead here, george to
6:23 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." it is 6:26 on saturday morning. a beautiful look as the sun is about to rise over the golden gate bridge. see the gold hues. a beautiful saturday morning in some parts of the bay area i should say. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with a look at our microclimate forecast. >> nice san francisco 51 degrees, but pretty chilly in the north bay, 43 to start so you're going to want to dress in layers. in the north bay, clouds coming in, partly cloudy skies across the bay area, but there is that slight chance of a stray isolated hilltop shower for the north bay. the temperatures today mostly in the missed to upper 60s around the bay area including petaluma, the butter and egg day festival parade at noon. 66 degrees. giants came coming up at 6:05,
6:27 am
cool, to partly cloudy skies, breezy conditions, temperatures near 60 but use caution going to head to the coast, you have the beach hazard alert due to strong rip currents and the potential for sneaker waves. another thing we're watching the sierra could finish the weekend with snow showers. >> wow. >> more about that in the forecast coming up at 7:00. >> a lot to stay tuned for. thanks. we have new details this morning, there may be a break in the case of a string of freeway shootings in the east bay after months of gunfire that have caused accidents and deaths. the california highway patrol tells us multiple arrests are expected soon. since january the chp has recorded 18 shootings on bay area highways in three months. the majority of them in the east bay along interstate 80. the most recent happened just earlier this week on highway 4 near pittsburg. >> after you've lived in this area for 50 years, this is nothing abnormal. >> there's nothing you can do to keep yourself safe. you hope it doesn't happen to you.
6:28 am
>> in the meeting yesterday investigators announced they have traced bullets from different shootings to the same weapon. they believe 99% of the shootings involve ganks from vallejo to oakland. a massive sinkhole continues to plague one of san francisco's nicest neighborhoods. take a look at this 22 feet across and 10 feet deep. the sinkhole is on sacramento street between lion and baker streets, between pacific heights and per sid yo heights. a sewer pipe broke thursday swallowing the street. the cause is still under investigation. >> we don't know the cause, but we do know that this particular pipe is actually quite older, 100 years old. >> well that 100-year-old pipe did pass inspection last year. the plan now is to install the new permanent lines and reopen the street by tonight. it is 6:28 right now. coming up on "today in the bay" serving those. serving those who serve our country. what a veteran is doing to help
6:29 am
make a difference for her fellow marines and it will make you bay area proud. that plus all your top stories and a roller coaster of a forecast coming up at 7:00. hope you stay with us. we'll send you back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
>> we are back on a saturday morning, april 23rd, 2016. fans of the late singer prince leaving items at that growing memorial this morning outside in the recording studio in minnesota. i was there yesterday and the memorial, it is literally four times larger than it was yesterday. thousands of people showing umm, embracing crime. it's quite the sight. >> everyone is kind of shocked, right? still to come in this half hour on "today" one man's unbelievable weight loss. the steps he takes on a daily basis helps others to lose weight. >> naturally, george to the rescue is going to show us what to the the get your house ready.
6:31 am
the smell of good cooking is in the air. we can malle smell it downstairs, he is making a great chicken dish. channel will help him out there that's right. i will chop it up and share it all. i don't cook, i'll chop it. i don't know what i'm talking about. >> yes, i'm going to take my sweat pants and walk an over to the weather monitor. >> i love it. >> we are starting off today with rain, up and down the east coast. i promise you, it will turn into a much better afternoon. we will see increasing sunshine, upper 70s, down across the southeast. through the middle of the country. back into the mid-west, a fine day today, as we go into sunday, we are going to see a chance of stronger storms, especially in this yellow area right here from iowa through eastern kansas, into oklahoma, that's why we have our best chance of seeing isolated large hail, damaging
6:32 am
wind gusts. it's unsettled, highs in the 50s, warm in southwest, warm in the southeast. monday, we can cool start to the morning with partly cloudy skies and just a slight chance of some hilltop showers around sew nomo county. petaluma looking good, 60s for the butter and egg day parade festival. close to 60 for the start of the giants game taking on the marlins. watch out if you're going to head to the coast, rip currents and sneaker waves. beach hazard alerts through 8:00 tonight. coming up at 7:00, two storms, one with a good chance of rain, the other could produce snow in the sierra by the end of the weekend. coming up at 7:00. >> and that's your latest recast. >> dylan, thank you. now to a murder investigation that's about to enter a second week. there are still no signs of who killed a fitness instructor in texas. her funeral is set to get under
6:33 am
way this morning. bc sarah donell is if texas with more. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. an emotional service is expected here today, compounded be i the fact that there have been no arrests. family and authorities are waiting for answers to choose the question, who and why? a new look this morning at the person suspected of killing missy bevers, dressed in head-to-toe in tactical gear him they first appear at 3:50 a.m. they record a distinctive walk as he or she opposite doors and swings it through. at 4:16, bevers' pittsburghup truck pulse into the parking lot to arrive to teach an early morning boot camp. she's inside the church. at 5:00 a.m., a search warrant reveals bevers died from a blow to the head. >> we will continue to be
6:34 am
permitted to tracking down every lead. >> police haven't determined if the suspect is a man or a woman or whether bevers was targeted. her husband brandon says he was in mississippi on a fishing trip at the time and continues to cooperate with the police investigation. he worried about his wife working eratic hours. >> i know a lot of people suspect the husband so many times, but this is not the case. >> reporter: there has been an outpouring of support in the community and online memorial page. i lit up our lives with your friendship, writes one person. love your free spirit, hosts another. the family says today's funeral will be difficult given lack of any arrests. >> it would mean so much closure, relief. >> reporter: and a reality of what family and friends have lost setting in. >> i want to see my nieces see their mother laying there in a casket. it's really going to be hard.
6:35 am
>> and the funeral is set to begin if just a few hours. a lot of people, including bevers family, will be watching those in attendance for that captured on under surveillance camera. >> thank you. up next, run into a new life. how this man is hoping to inspire others with this message him first, these messages. brandon thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from places like... pleasantville, iowa!
6:36 am
and farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. we're talkin' real ingredients. for three generations. mm. heaven. real ingredients. from a real place. that's how we're working to bring out the best. and now, try new best foods organic for an irresistibly creamy taste.
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>> back on a saturday morning, any 81 that exercises nows it can be quite tough. when you watch this next story, you may very well find yourself inspired. >> can you imagine losing hundreds of pounds, keeping it off for eight years, that's what he did, in the process, he found the way to help others do the same. his solution is as simple as a new app. for 28-year-old aria farsand the wait a over. here in the gym, it's hard to believe he once looked like this. >> i was depressed. i didn't want to leave the house because i had got son big. so i would stay in my apartment in college and order food and not leave. >> weighing down, tipping the scale at nearly 400 pounds in there the tip him point i got a xx sweatshirt, it wasn't close to fitting. it hit rock bottom. >> reporter: his first step, a struggle. but with the help of family, aria lost 80 pounds in the first
6:39 am
four months. when we first met him on "today" in 2008, he shed more than half his weight. he is still working out. now a personal trainer, aria is on track to keep the weighing off. eight years running, thanks to a hobby that's become a passion. >> when i'm out there running in the cold, running in the rain, you just get in that zone. but it's difficult. so you are out there struggling and it's very easy to get unmotivated. that's where heat running comes into play. >> heat running. run wild. >> an app aria helped create, allowing people on pace to lace up and race in a virtual heat. >> oh, no. >> it's hard to have a running buddy because people's schedules, especially nowadays do not match up at all. it solves you by allowing you to run anytime anywhere with ten people. he likened its to the videogame mario cart where a race is always at the ready. >> you open the app.
6:40 am
pick a distance, 5 miles, a half marathon. >> and runners are lapping it up. >> when it says unlock your animal, they start toing poo it. >> racing towards a virtual finish line. >> the ultimate goal is to help as >> and a lasting achievement. m >> i did something i believed my entire life was impossible. anything that you believe is impossible, you can do that, too. >> aria is hoping to take this even further and that eventually runners paired up on the app will be able to meet up in real life. >> that's a fantastic idea. >> it's a good idea. >> i love the idea. we can all relate to the fact, if you're a runner, it's good to have a buddy. everybody is so busy. >> everybody has a different schedule. nobody wants to run at 3:00 a.m. >> get the app. let's go do it. >> why can't we think of the app. >> that's why we sit here every weekend. just ahead, sprucing up your home for spring, george to the rescue. gorge is here. first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:41 am
6:42 am
6:43 am
this morning on "today" home, getting your house spring ready. george has easy and affordable tips to get us started. always nice to see you. let's talk lawns and apartments as well. >> now is the perfect time to get everything cleaned up. you don't want to plant flowers. rule of thumb is mother's day. a great way to add color and curb appeal is with a window box. whether you have an apartment, a house, whatever it is, it just really dresses up your window. dresses up the front of your house. back of your house, wherever. people don't just have to put flowers in your window boxes. it's a great way to grow herbs and especially if you have a kitchen window box, it's really cool. we have rosemary and basil and mint. shallow root plants and herbs is what you want to put in your window boxes.
6:44 am
>> a lot of folks want to entertain in the backyard. you have a deck. >> you have a deck. who knows what mother nature did to it over the course of the winter. a lot of times your deck gets beaten down hard. you want to get out there and power wash it. get off the grime and dirt from winter and fall and check for nails that may have popped. i honestly think that all decks should be screwed down but old school -- >> why? >> because of threads. it really sucks the decking into the framing. but if you have an old school deck and it was done with nails, what you want to do is if you see nails like this, you can hammer them down. eventually they're going to pop back up again. or you can go in and just pop it out like that and then you want to replace it with a screw. you want to make sure the screw is longer than the nail because it's going to have to go into the same hole and thicker than the nail so it has some meat and something to bite into. >> okay. that's if you have a deck. >> if your deck is in worse
6:45 am
shape than this, let's say you have boards that really need to be replaced, bring in a contractor. somebody to do the heavy lifting. >> that's when you call george. >> exactly. >> this is a trouble spot for a lot of folks. myself included. the garage. >> right. it's a dumping ground. and especially in the fall and winter. you have been doing all this work. throwing everything in the garage. we'll deal with that in the spring. here it is. it's spring. time to deal with the garage. rule of thumb is you want to have three different piles. this is stuff you need you'll use all the time. this is seasonal. you don't need immediately and then there's as lot of stuff that you just throw away, donate, sell. separate those into three piles and then when you do store them and you organize them, you want to use clear plastic bins. right now i don't have to open up every box to see what's in here. i know these are my tools. i know this is sport equipment. i know where everything is. and then stuff i'll use every day i have easy to get to and stuff like christmas decorations or whatever else.
6:46 am
i can put somewhere else and get when i need them. >> what about those lawn tools. everybody has a bunch of lawn tools on the floor of their garage leaning up against the wall in the garage. >> really you want the floor of your garage to be totally clear because otherwise it becomes a mess and it's a good place for pests. you don't want that in your garage. utilize your wall space. i love these. these are great. whether or not you -- you don't want to put nails in. you can use command strips. they go really anywhere. hold anywhere from 5 to 25 pounds depending on -- just look at the packaging. utilize your wall space. hang rakes and shovels. one of these. use your cords if you have extension cords and bigger ones for hoses. anything you can get off the ground is going to make a huge difference. >> now we move inside. we're talking home decor here. you're transitioning from winter to spring. what are we looking at here? >> this is a really easy one. in the winter it's nice to have a darker curtain. it's going to keep your house warmer. it's going to -- it's what you
6:47 am
want in winter. in spring, you want to bring in the light. real easy. take off the top and then bring in a lighter curtain. you'll get the sun coming through. it's going to lighten up the space and make it feel more spring and summer. it's officially spring. we just went from winter to spring. it's literally as easy as putting up a new curtain. not expensive. >> same with pillows. >> get fresh, new pillows. don't have to spend a lot of money. brightens up the space and welcomes in the new season. >> always good to see you. for more on spring tips, visit we have a full house today. we have sullivans. we're kind of related by marriage, right? >> that's right. your my mother-in-law's cousins. we're figuring that one out. you guys are getting married in 41 days. countdown is on. very excited for you guys.
6:48 am
still to come on "today," date night just got yummier. we have goods on garlic chicken dinner for two. but first, these messages. first, these messages. cathy's gotten used to the smell of lingering garbage in her kitchen yup, she's gone noseblind. she thinks it smells fine, but her guests smell this... sfx: ding, flies, meow (after cat lands) music starts febreze air effects heavy duty has up to... ...two times the odor-eliminating power to remove odors you've done noseblind to [inhales] mmm. use febreze air effects, till it's fresh and try febreze small spaces... continuously eliminate up to two times the odors for 30 days. febreze small spaces and air effects, two more ways [inhale + exhale mnemonic] to breathe happy.
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♪ dad told me there are two billion moms on earth. i got the best one. at jared, we only sell one piece of jewelry... ...the unique pandora bracelet for the best mom in the whole wide world. and only jared has these exclusive pandora best mother and intricate heart lock charms.
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that's because jared is the store for pandora, with all the latest styles. a mother's day gift like no other. that's why he went to jared. hey there, hi. why do people have eyebrows? why do people put milk on cereal? oh, are you reading why people put milk on cereal? why does your tummy go "grumbily, grumbily, grumbily"? why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think... try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. good, right? mmm, yeah. i got your back. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. >> this morning on "today" a dinner that tastes like it comes straight from a fancy restaurant. because it did. andrew charmellifi is the chef.
6:51 am
. he is sharing one of his most popular dishes. good morning to you. he is so particular. dylan moved the snap pea. he moved it back. >> don't get near him. >> let's start with what goes in this dish. >> they got the chicken, garlic chicken. it starts with brining the chicken. it makes it really soft. >> these are things we have. >> these are super easy. a couple things to look at is the coalrian oregano. it smells amazing. >> delightful. >> this is pepperacini. >> a little chicken. talk to me about the brining process. >> the brining is just water and sugar and salt. we do that before we do it in the marinade, it helps soften the chicken.
6:52 am
even if you overcook it, it's still real soft. >> is that something you do overnight? >> a whole chicken took an hour. the half chickens a half an hour, 45 machines. >> brine to the chicken. >> the marinade overnight. >> can you tell me how to do that? i heard people talk about it. i hear it's simple. >> you wipe the top of the garlic off. put it in foil, put olive oil, salt, pepper, squeeze it inside there, you get this pulp. it's easy, super garlicky, sweet. >> yum. >> rice wine vinegar, salt, sugar. we take that, all done, put it in the bag overnight. >> i can see how that makes a difference. >> seal that up. in the oven on the rack, afterwards. the move time you put it on the rack. can you do it on the grill t. grill makes it really good. on the rack and the oven, you
6:53 am
get all these juices. >> sometimes it gets dry. >> with brining. it's super, super moist. you get the flavor inside the chicken. we'll be right back it up a little bit. >> you know what i noticed, you took the pan and poured it on top of the chicken should we do that? >> it's an italian dripping, awe get from the marinade, squeeze the lemon in there like. that look at that. >> and then take some of that juice put it of the top. otherwise, it will be rich. >> that's what i was surprised about. you put the lemon in there. i learned something this morning. >> all things the white wine vig vinegar. a little more lemon. right over the top. >> look at the side. these vegetables look awful fancy. i don't know if i can do this at home. >> the sal, lemon, pepper. olive oil. >> can you see this.
6:54 am
>> it's like roasted in the oven. salt, pepper. >> you got asparagus, peppers. little zucchinis. >> what do you got? >> you show it out. >> thank you for coming in. by the way, you can find this on our website tied dock slash food. will you come back? >> that's it for us on a saturday morning remember toempblgs one on one with ice cube. they talk ab everything from his early days from the rap grouping to how he turned his career into a fantastic actor and producer. a quick congratulation to our producer. they welcomed this beautiful baby boy macklin. everyone is doing great. have a great day, everyone. a klapper..
6:55 am
6:56 am
coming up next, on today in the bay .... vo sierra. good morning. i'm kira klapper. coming up next on "today in the bay" -- the bay area continues to celebrate the life of prince. we'll tell you where you can see "purple rain" this weekend. donald trump's message to californians, the phone call you might get this weekend from the republican presidential frontrunner. and a clear and cool start to the morning. a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. meteorologist rob mayeda says we could see a windy finish to the weekend and snow in the sierra.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." it is 6:59 on your saturday morning. as the sun shines over the newark nature reserve. that's a beautiful way to start the day. we appreciate your joining us. good morning. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us on this saturday morning. >> good to see you. >> you have a look at our microclimate forecast. i have to say, i thank you for being here this early but with your twins you were probably awake anyway. >> they have a way of waking me up well before sunrise.
7:00 am
52 in san francisco, clear skies, another beautiful view from belvedere looking south, 45, patchy fog for the north bay this morning, 40s and 50s outside. speaking of the north bay for the hilltop slight chance of an isolated shower today, nothing widespread like yesterday, however, with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. warmest spots close to 70 in santa rosa and areas south of san jose. speaking of heading up to the bay, petaluma 66 around parade time at noon, butter and egg day festival looking nice. san francisco this evening for the giants game, temperatures near 60. head to the coach watch for the beach hazard statement for potential rip currents and sneaker waves. the final thing we're watching the storm that will drop down on the east side of the sierra, that will bring a chance of snow and more rain. not quite done with the rainy season yet. you will see two storms tracking in the next seven days. a look at that and the timing of both in a few minutes. >> a wild week. really warm weather. we had


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