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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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curry slipped on the floor. he immediately grabbed his right knee. curry limped in to the locker room and tried to return before the start of the second half. during warmup he knew he couldn't go and spent the rest of the game in the warrior's locker room. for more here's steve kerr. >> you know you saw, i'm sure, he was very upset and i feel awful for him. hopefully, he will be okay before too long. we don't know. i feel so bad for him. he's been healthy all year long and all of a sudden the playoffs start and a couple of fluke things. feel bad for steph but we have to move on. >> there's a silver lining. when curry went down, the they scored 31 points and cruised to a victory over the rockets. so they are one win away from advancing to the western conference semi finals. game five on wednesday.
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we will have updates on on steph curry on csn bay area. >> thank you very much. >> christie smith is joining us from san leandro. what are fans saying now that we have seen the video? >> reporter: no one wanted to see that steph curry suffered an injury. that's what folks were talking about here. there was a different tone in the room when steph curry took a spill and sprained his right knee. >> we are concerned but like i said we are deep.
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we have a deep -- he needs to rest. >> rest of the team seemed to pick it up, especially clay and draymond, but my concern is for the future, for the next series if steph is hurt. fans are pulling for him and excited to have him return to the game. most are saying he should sit it out if he needs it and they are confident the rest of the team can step up if that is the case. >> thank you so much, christie. we are debating that as we speak. fans know they can do it. they hope to clinch the series for game five wednesday night. there's the home court advantage. tipoff at 7:30 at orble. >> wind advisory took effect for the bay area. look at at&t right now. san francisco and the flags are blowing. the winds gusting. rob is here with the latest on
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the conditions. >> wind speeds still increasing around the bay area. 63 san jose. wind speed up to 21 miles an hour. in oakland the camera bouncing around a bit. looking at 64. and wi . at sfo sustained winds 39 miles an hour. gusts up to 54. clearly good enough for a wind advisory and clearly no one at ocean beach. no one wants to be sandblasted by the winds that are 30 to 40 miles an hour. 62 at the coast. the wind advisory will continue through midnight tonight. that's one component of the weather we are watching. the other, for some of the interior mountains around the north bay, coastal range, some thunderstorms east of lake county and a few more here. san jose clouds over the hill tops. most of the action should be to the east and over the sierra we
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will see snow above 6,000 feet and thunderstorms, too. in the high country, the wind accelerating as long as it is here. tomorrow, windy for 24 hours. as the system moves out our best chance of seeing widespread rain returns with a second system for the middle of the week. coming up, we will let you know how much to expect from the system and how much snow from the sierra and how much of a warm up we will see next weekend. we could see summer-like temperatures in the seven-day forecast. a look at that coming your way in 12 minutes. >> whenever whiplash. thank you so much. >> if you were with us last night at 11:00, you saw it live. this historic flight landing in the bay area. the solar impulse 2 arrived just after 11:30 p.m. two and a half days after leaving hawaii on thursday. this is the first fixed wing solar plane to fly over the pacific ocean. when it touched down a crowd of 300 people waiting for it
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cheered the milestone. the solar impulse made a quiet, graceful landing. pilot piccard journeyed from hawaii. he emerged all smiles and full of energy. he said this is just the beginning of a much-needed shift to clean technology. >> clean technology and renewable energy you can live better with no fossil fuel, less pollution, less waste of natural resources and the clean technology that allows this, allowing us to choo produce clean energy and be energy efficient. >> reporter: the solar impulse is in a inflatable hanger. it weighs less than a full-size pickup truck and powered by 17,000 solar cells. it will head to phoenix, arizona, the ultimate goal to new york and eventually abu dhabi which will complete the around the world journey. look at this beautiful
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picture of the solar impulse two over san francisco last night. we have extensive coverage on our website. you can find more there at nbc bay police are asking for the public's help to find the driver of a hit and run crash that left a pedestrian dead. it happened last night at fremont boulevard and thornton avenue. police say they arrived to find people performing cpr on the female victim. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. witnesses said the woman was walking in a lane on fremont boulevard when she was struck. police say the car is a light colored two-door jeep wrangler with a black top and large tires. a sptd drunk driver under arrest after a hit and run crash in san carlos that left a pedestrian dead. it happened last night on san carlos avenue. sheriffs deputies say a 53-year-old man was walking on the shoulder of the road when a
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car drifted off the roadway and hit him. the driver fled the scene. deputies say they later they found the 51-year-old driver six miles away in a safeway parking lot in belmont. snoonchts new at 5:00, a warning for people who go to a popular park in the east bay. police say they are on the lookout for a suspect who fired a gun on black avenue near amador valley high school. on friday they received reports of a man who brandished a gun at the park an fired a single round. the officers searched the area an found a single shot shell casing but no gun. listening-awatd sierra lamar murder trial is expected to be delayed. prosecutors say torres killed sierra lamar in 2012. defense attorneys are asking for
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more time. in a surprising move, garcia torres is objecting and told the judge he is no longer waiving his right to a speedy trial. the trial is not expected to start tomorrow. >> it is significant even if there is a short delay in the trial the case is getting ready for trial. that justice is starting to move forward for sierra's family and mr. garcia torres. >> reporter: the district attorney says dna evidence links torres to the murder. sierra's body has never been found. coming up at 5:00, a major announcement by president obama. his new plan for u.s. troops in syria in the continuing fight against isis. important primaries this week for the presidential candidates. why two of the republican candidates are facing tough criticism from a major contributor. windy finish to the weekend. 21 mile winds in san jose.
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tracking a chance of scattered showers and sierra snow heading back to the workweek. details when we come back. get high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. ♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. south east san jose where police are on the scene of a homicide. it's happening in the city's evergreen neighborhood. following breaking news in southeast san jose. police are on the scene of a homicide. it is happening in the evergreen neighborhood. a crew on the scene is gathering details and we will update you as we get more information. nbc news learned the
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president plans to send more troops in to syria to aid in the fight against isis. up to 250 more u.s. military personnel will be sent to syria under the plan. the troops will operate on the ground alongside 50 american special forces soldiers already engaged in conflict there. the formal announcement is planned for tomorrow. president obama is also using his visit to germany to promote a u.s.-europe trade deal. the president attended an trade fair with german chancellor angela merkel. this is the world's largest trade fair. the president hopes to make the case and is a tough sell to make. particularly in germany where people are protesting the deal. they say the deal would allow for corporations to cut labor. supporters say it could boost business and benefit the economy. the presidential candidates are campaigning from connecticut to indiana ahead of another big
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tuesday. the biggest prize is pennsylvania where donald trump is polling far ahead of ted cruz. but those two are facing stinging criticism from a major gop contributor. >> hello, everybody. >> a big crowd of support for donald trump in m more, one of five states holding primaries on tuesday, and trump had some stingers for ted cruz. >> we put the bible way up high. you put it down and then you lie. >> reporter: cruz took shots at trump, too, for his support of transgender people. >> if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still can't go to the girl's bathroom. >> reporter: voters in connecticut, rhode island and delaware also go to the polls on tuesday. the biggest prize is in pennsylvania where a new nbc "wall street journal" maris poll shows trump ahead of cruz. but the squabbles have turned
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off the contributor charles koch. >> you are terrible role models. i don't know how to support them. >> could hillary clinton be a better alternative? >> it is possible. >> clinton was in connecticut on sunday. >> we will go forward with a political revolution. >> bernie sanders was in rhode island. the vermont senator is blaming some of his losses on economics. >> poor people don't vote. that's just the fact. that's the sad reality of american society. that's what we have to transform. >> reporter: still, sanders claims he's the only democrat that could beat trump in november. despite down in the delegate count, sanders said he is taking his campaign to the big california primary, that's on june 7th. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. coming up, we are continuing to follow breaking news in san jose where police are on the scene of ahood. a live report up next. police are on the scene of a
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homicide. ==boxes== nbc bay area's m ne favro is the first reporter on the breaking news in san jose where police on the scene of a homicide. maryann favro is joining us with the latest. >> reporter: well, we just arrived here on lucas court in the evergreen area of san jose. police are out here. there are eight patrol cars here. officers have been investigating for the past a hour. however, they will not confirm that this is a homicide. i just talked to one man who says his nephew returned home on lucas court to find the man's
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younger sister dead near the laundry room insided 0 of their home. the nephew told him there was also another man injured in the home. the woman, the victim, is in her mid-50s. again, police are not confirming this is a homicide. they are not giving us details right now. the man says he has confirmed that one of the people that died was in fact his younger sister. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> we will check with back with you later on tonight to get details as well. violating rules as a juror could get more than a dismissal. a new law that would authorize judges in some counties to fine jurors for social media and internet violation. some have caused mistrials and overturned convictions across the country. that's a lot of aes wasted tax
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pay aer cash. fines could be as much as $1500. check in with 0 our meteorologist right now. one of the big stories was the wind. >> the wind speeds reaching their peak right now. in the bay area the numbers are up for san jose, west northwest at 21 miles an hour. west at 29 at oakland airport. the top number of the day is near san francisco international. wind gusts 54 miles an hour. sustained at 39. blustery in downtown sdpraens right now. the wind advisory that fwhent to effect will carry through midnight tonight. strongest gusts along the coast and inner bay. even though tomorrow's wind speeds are not expected to be as strong. a blustery day around the bay area. between now and tomorrow morning,ing some of the interior valleys may catch a break. you can see napa, livermore and san jose wind speeds dropping off. as the sun rises, and we will see them mixing down.
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25 to 35 miles an hour. breezy with an area of low pressure just to the east of the sierra through tomorrow afternoon. morning temperatures quite chilly. you want a jacket. as we approach noon, sunny and not feeling warm outside. temperatures in the low 60s around lunchtime and highs tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s around the south bay and upper 50s to low 60s closer to san francisco. the seven-day forecast hints this will be one of the cooler days we see the next several days. the satellite and radar view. we have had thunderstorms moving from lake county. you have been seeing the clouds building. most of the showers have been forming on the inland side are moving away from the bay area and moving to the east, sierra sees thunderstorms and snow showers carrying through the monday forecast. be prepared for winter-like
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driving if you are heading to the high country. and on wednesday late-season snow toward the high country. look at those totals. perhaps seven new inches around kirk wood between now and the middle of the week. the cold system one of the reasons why it is so windy here as a it moves east on tuesday. we will see increasing clouds which will bring us a best chance of widespread showers. the models are backing off on the rain totals. moving through by wednesday evening. most locations looks lake a quarter inch or less. maybe higher totals toward the north bay. a fast-moving system. doesn't have a lot of moisture to work. we will move on and once it i does it will open the door for high pressure to build in. and the high could take us to summer-like numbers nex weekend. we have cool blustery conditions. and watch what happens on
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friday. mid to upper 70s on friday and next and sunday, 70s to mid-80ss at the time we head to next weekend. back to you. still ahead, sacrificing sleep for a good cause. >> 24-hour, hack-a-thon for students one rule they had to follow.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too. tech indusyry. ==terry 2 shot== you might heave heard of those marathon, caffeine -fueled coding sessions. long hours are part of the tech industry. >> you may have heard of those marathon caffeine fuelled coding sessions. at one university they dreamed up a coding marathon with a twist. garvin thomas has a story in tonight's bay area proud. >> the college all nighter, just
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ain't what it used to be. at least it wasn't at santa clara university this past weekend. you will still find plenty of caffeine in an attempt, sometimes unsuccessfully, to fight off sleep. but, instead of good grades, these 100 or so students were shooting for a good deed. >> maybe this could take off and make a difference the end. >> welcome to the third annual bronco hack. a 24-hour competition where teams compete from scratch the computer program 0 or application they can. unlike some hack-a-thons this one in keeping with the university's social justice leanings had a twist. the finished product had to address a social need. >> all we need to do is swap out this file. >> reporter: this junior and his team were working on a way for
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low-income people who can't afford data plans on their phones to use cheaper text messages to get information or directions sent to them. >> we had to set up a web server to do this and i had never done that before. >> reporter: this man and his teammate were working on a way one could send a message for help to nearby friends in case of an emergency. >> i don't know if we can get it done by the time or not. >> reporter: just down the hall, another group wants to streamline how sick people in the third world can get medical information. by 9:00 p.m., they were already hours in to the process, prepared to go hours more. many of the students admit the experience they get doing a hack-a-thon like this will help their careers down the road. they are just happy, though, that in this process, at least, they can help someone else along the way. to be honest, this wasn't all 100% altruistic. there was prize money involved an the judges awarded justin's
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team and their text messaging service first place and $1250. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone doing something nice for others garvin would like to hear from you. go to our website and search bay area proud. when we come back, we will check in with marianne favro on the possible homicide.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. breaking news happening in the evergreen area of san jose where police have confirmed this is, in fact, in a a homicide. sources say it maybe a double homicide. maryann favro is at the scene talking to police and confirming from a man it was his sister who
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was found dead in a laundry area of the home. she's in her 50s. we have no information on the cause of death but police are saying a homicide. sources say possible double homicide. we will have more at 6:00. we want to check one last time with rob before we let you go. >> gust we winds, speeds 21 miles an hour in san jose. almost 30 oakland. but the top speed, sfo 54 mile an hour gust sustained at 39. between now and midnight, gusts 45 miles an hour possible and once the winds back off it will be a chilly start. low 40s possible for the morning. through the afternoon, we will see breezy conditions. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s an the week will get interesting. some showers for wednesday and next weekend looks like 70s and 80s in the forecast. spring winter in the sierra. >> autumn coming in to town at some point. >> thank you for joining us
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tonight. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next.


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