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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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sources tell nbc bay area news san jose police are investigating a double homicide. breaking news in the south bay. sources tell nbc bay area news, san jose police are investigating a double homicide. >> the investigation is happening right now in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. this is a story we first broke on our twitter feed about 5:00 tonight. originally we told there was one person dead in this incident, but in the last 30 minutes, sources say there is a second victim. marianne favro is at the scene. what do we know now? >> reporter: i'm here on lucas court in the evergreen area. sources tell us that the victims
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were a man and woman. police were called out to this neighborhood shortly before 2:00 this afternoon. right now you can see that there are still neighbors here waiting to get back into their home and also waiting to find out whether their loved ones are okay. in addition, police are currently conducting interviews right now, with witnesses. and collecting evidence. more detectives have just arrived on scene here. now i spoke with a man who said his nephew returned home to find the man's sister, who is in her mid-50s dead in front of the laundry room. another man's body was also in the home. we don't know yet if it was her husband. police are not saying how the two died or the motive. again, they are still interviewing witnesses, including the person that discovered the two body the inside that home on lucas court. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> for the latest, and of course you can stay in touch with the
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latest details on these cases with our twitter feed or our digital platforms. now to our other top story, another playoff win for the warriors this afternoon, but the cost might be steep. steph curry slipped and fell on the court right before halftime and never came back into the game. down he goes. we have team coverage with christie smith standing by, but first fallon smith has more. >> reporter: this is just a nightmare for the warriors. after missing two games with an ankle injury, steph curry goes down again, this time with a right knee sprain. so how long will curry be out? we do not know. curry will get an mri on monday to see the severity of the injury. now let's just show you exactly how it happened. final seconds of the first half. curry slipped and fell on a wet spot on the floor. his legs were extended, and he immediately grabbed that rate
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knee. curry then limped into the locker room and tried to return before the start of the second half, but during warmups, he knew he couldn't go and spent the rest of the game in the warriors' locker room. for more, here's head coach steve kerr. >> you saw, i'm sure, he was very upset. and i just feel awful for him. now hopefully he's going to be okay before too long. but we don't know. i just feel so bad for him. i mean, he's been healthy all yearlong, and all of a sudden the playoffs start and a couple of fluke things. feel bad for steph, but we've got to move on. >> reporter: now warriors sideline reporter spoke to curry and the mvp admitted he is in a lot of pain. so right now it doesn't look good, but we'll have more on the conversation with curry coming up a bit later in sport the. excited about today's win but s
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concerned about curry's status and how soon he'll be able to return to the court. christie smith continues our coverage. what are you hearing from fans? >> reporter: well, i can tell you, as she said. fans very thrilled with the win but also very concerned about steph curry. they went into this excited about seeing him back after he was out two games, but now this has happened. those fans arrived very early in san leandro at ricky's sports grill. but fans told us they really felt for curry who was out two games in the series due to an ankle sprain. they're hoping for the best, but one fan told us, he thinks whatever, curry should just blitz the next game. >> they said it was a sprain, i mine, honestly, i think they
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shouldn't play him. >> it's too bad that steph got hurt, but the rest of the team seemed to pick it up, especially klay and dre maund. >> reporter: the others were hoping it wasn't that serious. they would love to see the mvp back in action. of course the warriors came way out on top, 129-94, the team doing so well what they do. the next game is on wednesday. christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> wednesday is the night they are hoping that the warriors will sew it up. this is game five on wednesday night. tip-off is at 7:30 at oracle arena. fremont police are asking for the public's help to find the driver behind the wheel that left a pedestrian dead. the crash happened last night about 11:00 near thornton
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avenue. police arrived to find people performing cpr on the female victim. she was pronounced dead at a hospital. the woman was walking in the street on fremont boulevard when she was struck. the car is a light-colored, two-door jeep wrangler with black top and large tires and there's also damage to the passenger side fender. a person under arrest after a hit-and-run crash that left one pedestrian dead. it happened on san carlos avenue. deputies say a 53-year-old man was walking on the shoulder of a road when a car drifted off the roadway and hit the man. the driver then fled the scene. it is a windy day across the bay area. take a live look at our camera at the golden gate bridge. if you look carefully, not only can you see the flag flying on the right side, but whitecaps.
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there's lots of them on san francisco bay. a wind advisory in effect. rob mayeda tracking the conditions. and that's really blowing. >> downtown san jose, you're seeing winds of 18-23 miles per ho hour. but the top number comes from sfo, south of san francisco right now, 43-mile-per-hour sustained winds and gusts still near 51 miles per hour. so the wind advisory up between now and midnight tonight for the coast and inner bay, that is one aspect we're watching. the other, showers and thunderstorms to our east and sierra snow with a gusty start to the workweek, courtesy of the area of low pressure to the east of the sierra. then the winds will start to back off as we see a better chance of rain approaching midweek. we'll tell you how much rain and sierra snow in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> and you can track the weather in real time on your smartphone.
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[ applause ] california. >> happy to be on the ground, too. >> sounds that way. >> history in the south bay after a solar plane touched down in front of a crowd of about 300 cheering people. the "solar impulse" two made a very quiet landing. it is impressive to see, this is after leaving hawaii two and a half days earlier. this is the first fixed-wing solar plane to fly over the pacific. the pilot emerged all smiles, despite spending 62 hours in the plane's teen eye doiey tiny coc. >> you can live better with no fossil fuels, with less pollution, with less waste of natural resources under clean technologies that allow this. it's allowing us to produce
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clean energy but also to be energy-efficient. >> amazing. really interesting. the "solar impulse" remains at moffitt field, it's an inflatable hangar. on tuesday, the plane will head out to phoenix. the ultimate goal is to make it to new york city then abu dhabi, which would complete an around the world journey. three people are hurt after a collision sends a car crashing into a business. it happened about 2:00 this afternoon in downtown san francisco at sutter and taylor. at least two cars were involved in that crash. one person reportedly suffered serious injuries. two others have minor injuries. no word yet on the cause. and it appears a hunger strike in san francisco is still going strong. a handful of people are still out in front of the mission district police station calling for mayor ed lee to either step down or for police chief greg sur to strike starting thursday. they are upset over recent
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police shootings. they say they are going to stay there until they get recognition. they have been consuming water, ginger tea and vitamins. coming up next, the private life of prince, good deeds he did. and this dramatic scene captured off the monterey coast. >> and the valleys feeling a bit like winter tomorrow morning. numbers in the low 40s as we track a chance of sierra snowshowers. a look at the forecast when we come back. continuing coverage tonight on
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the death of prince. we're learning more about his famously private life, including his philanthropic efforts that reached e continuing coverage tonight on the death of prince. we're learning more about his famously private life, including thinks philanthropic efforts. he brought solar panels to a community in oakland and helping african-american students learn how to code. many concerts in oakland were really just a cover so prince could check in on his charities. his coding initiative called #yes we code was to help kids learn for jobs in technology. he died at hit minnesota estate on thursday. and the raiders in las vegas. the team owner is expected to be there tomorrow to talk about the possibility. las vegas wants to build a $1.3
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billion stadium in the city. our sister station says that davis is scheduled to attend the meeting. he is considering having the team play in the new stadium if it gets built. students at this university in stockton are helping to prepare for a highly-anticipated u.s. senate debate. it will air tomorrow. students helped put the finishing touches on the site. it's leading to the main event where five candidates will vie to fill the seat of outgoing senator barbara boxer. they say it's tough to argue on behalf of a political party that's outside of their own personal beliefs. >> the most challenging part is that i'm not a republican. so it's taking on a whole new role and trying to understand things from a different perspective. >> the mock debate will run for a half hour before the
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candidates face off, starting at 6:00 here on nbc bay area. in monterey harbor, a rare look at killer whales in the wild. take a look at seven whales attacking two gray whales, a mother and her calf. it lasted about two hours and covered several miles. this was shot by the monterey bay whale watch. the mother whale put up a fierce fight but was not able to save her calf. footage of killer whales in action is unusual this close to people. >> it's tough to watch. >> but it's nature doing its thing. right now we're seeing breezy conditions, temperatures in the low 60s and wind speeds not in the 60s but getting close, close to 50 miles per hour at sfo. and over at oakland, west winds
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at 26. and at sfo, 43 miles per hour, gusts to 51. with numbers like that you can see clearly why we've got our wind advisory up from now to midnight tonight. especially the coast, right across the peninsula into the inner bay, could see wind gusts still exceeding 45 miles per hour into tonight. the forecast will keep things blustery until early tomorrow morning. check out napa and san jose. as the wind speeds back off and that cool dry air moves in, we will see a chilly start to tomorrow morning where low 40s could be possible in the wind-sheltered valleys, and the numbers start to come back up around lunch time. it's going to feel pretty blustery with the winds staying up. and temperatures in the same range as today, mostly mid-60s. but upper 50s to near 60 in san francisco and ocean beach. a windy day on monday in the tri valley. highs at least for now in the
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60s, but if you fast forward and look at this seven-day forecast, big changes as we approach next wiexd. right now you have wind around the bay area and thunderstorms to the west and east. this is where a lot of the moisture is anchored into the sierra. area of low pressure bringing winter-like conditions for monday and wednesday. we could see snowshowers that may drop another 5-6 inches of snow or more than that south of highway 50 between now and wednesday morning. so treat your sierra travel as if we're back in january. some cold air powering up sno h snowshowers. it tracks off opening the door for the second system with the best chance of rain for the bay area. the totals look like they're starting to come down. plan on some rain at times for wednesday. skies clear rapidly as we move into thursday. but for the wednesday morning
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commute and wednesday afternoon, plan on some rain at times. strong high pressure expected to start up starting friday and taking us into the weekend. right now we're talking morning lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s. as high pressure builds in, mid to upper 70s for the bay area, and mid-80s possible next saturday and sunday. take your pick as we go through the week. a little mid-week rain and summer-like temperatures coming our way in the next seven days. >> i'm going to pay attention when rob says remember driving up the sierra. i got stuck last time. >> you learned your lesson. >> it was like a 11-how much blizzard. jurors costing taxpayers a lot of money by breaking one simple rule. don't look up anything about the trial. >> the stiff punishment jurors could face if some california lawmakers get their way. crews will have to re-close the
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area around a massive sinkhole in san francisco tomorrow morning. well, back out to that sinkhole now. crews having to close the area around the massive sinkhole tomorrow morning, but only temporarily. workers say they need to finish up a section of the sacramento street and pave over it. this is in the pacific heights neighborhood. it opened up thursday night after a sewer pipe broke undergrout. sacramento street was finally opened yesterday but will be closed again at 7:00 in the morning so the last little bit of work can be done. also violating rules as a juror could gelt you more than just a dismissal. a new law would authorize judges in some areas to fine jurors. that means those that have
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tweeted and posted on social media have caused mistrials. with increasing smartphone use, violations are a growing concern. fines for jurors could be as much as $1500. from solar planes to electric bikes. an electric bike expo touring the country right now, hoping to get people out of cars and onto two wheels. the expo made a stop in palo alto, showing newer models with smaller battery packs. there were 18 brands of electric bikes and well over 100 models for people to test drive. >> you've got anywhere from the commuter to the folding electric bike to the cargo bike that can take the kids to school, to the mountain bikes, you know, a whole, wide range of bikes. >> and the expo was free to the public. always the best price. >> hmm. pretty cool. right now, fallon smith joining us with comcast sports net. we were so excited to see steph
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back on the court, but then to see his injury today, a lot of people waiting for wednesday. >> yeah, that is the big news of the day, of course steph curry's status. we have know clue how long he will be out, but we will hear from our reporter who spoke to the mvp himselves. they blasted the rockets. highlights coming up next in sports. don't go any where. ♪ ♪
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healthy squad. right now that's not the case for the warriors. after missing two games with an ankle injury, steph curry is out once again, this time with a right knee sprain. the silver lining, though, the dubs are one win away from the western conference semi-finals. warriors/rockets game four. steph curry back in the lineup for the first time since game one. wouldn't last for long, though. final seconds of the first half, curry slips and falls on a wet spot. his leg extends and immediately grabs his right knee. he is diagnosed with a right knee sprain. the warriors exploded without the mvp. klay thompson to draymond green. the kickout to thompson for three, money. next possession, thompson again. you bet you. back to back triples. warriors pull away and win big,
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121-94. here's roz gold with more. >> reporter: i spoke with stefen are your curry, the knee injury had nothing to do with his ankle. it was a spot on the court that was slippery and turned into a right knee. he was frustrated. at halftime when he came out and tried to play he got emotional, and it's because he really cares about this, this means a lot to him. and this is not at all how he saw playoffs playing out for him. coach kerr said can you go, are you okay? and steph curry couldn't tell him yes. so he knew he had to wrap it up and go inside. at halftime, it was three teammates, greewho said they has back. the teammates elevated their game and showed with their
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actions how they had steph's back. but steph curry is remaining positive. he admitted having pain in his my. sa said i he is in pain. giants trying to bust out against the marlins. game tied at 4 until this, josh yoe sich, marlins retake the lead, 5-4. bottom eight, bases loaded with no outs for angel pagan. the giants would leave them stranded and they lose 5-4. the big news of the day, steph curry's knee injury, and how long will he have to miss? again, he'll get an mri tomorrow. >> we're hoping for the best. knee injuries, you never know. >> angle now to the my. we'll be back after this. le now.
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we'll be back after this. kle no. we'll be back after this. it certainly wasn't your typical
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rescue. ==vo== take a look at this video. firefighters in the east bay came to the aid today of a pigeon... tad certainly wasn't your typical rescue. take a look at this video. firefighters in the east bay came to the aid today of a pigeon, a pigeon tangled up in some wires. the fire department tweeted this photo. it was at the bart fruitvale station. do people really do such things? >> yes. >> they do. and they did. >> any animal in distress.
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that's good that they help them out. good job, firefighters. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> goodnight. hello, i'm doug mcconnell,
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and we've got some great discoveries for you along the open road. i'll share some of my favorite places in the golden gate national recreation area, and show you fun ways you can help care for our backyard national park. we'll get up in the sky to hike new sections of the bay area ridge trail, and meet up with photographers who share their love of nature and their secrets for making great pictures. [music] [music]


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