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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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it blows my mind. >> that's all for now. i am lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now. a developing story in the south bay. police investigating a double homicide after two people were found i right now at 11:00, a developing story in the south bay. police investigating a double homicide after two people were found dead inside a home. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. a neighborhood in shock after the discovery. we were first to break the story on our twitter account and 5:00 newscast. it was in the evergreen neighborhood. and marianne favro joins us with the latest. >> reporter: police are still out here processing the crime scene. you can see, this is the home where the man and woman were
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found, directly behind this crime scene van you see here. and tonight police are trying to determine who killed them. this quiet cul-de-sac in san jose's evergreen neighborhood is now the focus of a double homicide investigation. police say a man and a woman were found dead in this home on lucas court around 2:00 this afternoon. family members tell us the victims are a husband and wife. this man says his younger sister was the woman killed. his nephew found his sister dead near the laundry room of her home. police are not revealing their names or how they died. today family members and friends of the victims gathered on the street as neighbors waited to be allowed back into their homes. they say the killings have left them on edge. >> i was shocked. this is a quiet neighborhood. been here is 16-17 years. it's really shocking. >> we have two small children in our home. and just to know that sk like
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that is so close to home is really nerve-wracking. >> reporter: police spent the afternoon interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence. they say they haven't identified a suspect or made any arrests. investigators are expected to be out here for several more hours tonight. and so far they have no motive for the killing. we did just see the coroner's van go inside toward the home. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. also new at 11:00, grief counselor will be at an east bay school after a student died this morning. the superintendent confirmed that andre parrilla has passed away. this is a photo of parrilla from his twitter account. the contra costa fire department responded to reports of an unresponsive male. it is unclear how parrilla died. there's been an outpouring of support for the family on social
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media. pictures posted online show that he played foot ball at alhambra high school. a dust storm caused quite a bit of problem. you can see the strong winds blowing sand across the highway. so much sand that it had to be closed about 6:00 around lincoln way. the wind caused damage at this san francisco home. the gusts toppled a fence right there, and we've been tracking this wind all night long. we check with meteorologist rob m mayeda. how long will the winds abobe w us? >> watch by 2:00, 3:00, 5:00 into the evening, nobody on that beach. nobody wants to be sandblasted. sfo, up to 58-mile-per-hour
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gusts. you can see the wind speeds still breezy in san francisco but starting to come down a bit. gusts at 28 in oakland and san jose seeing winds at about 16 miles per hour. we expect the wind advisory until about midnight tonight. we'll see wind speeds dropping off. heading into tomorrow morning, a chilly start to your morning forecast and then our attention turns to chances of rain on the increase and how much we expect in a few minutes. that wind also causing problems in the south bay. this tree limb came crashing down on north first street in san jose. talk about bringing it close to home, one of many limbs to fall around the bay area because of the high winds. another playoff win for the warriors this afternoon, but at what cost? steph curry slipped and fell pretty hard on the court before halftime, injuring his knee. he never returned to the game. we saw him limping off the court earlier. we have more on steph's injury,
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this is tough to see. >> definitely tough to ziasee , a nightmare for the warriors steph curry goes down again this time with a left knee sprain. how long will he be out? we do not know. curry will have an mri tomorrow to find out the extent of the injury. this was the scene earlier this evening at warriors head for the team bus. steph curry walking with a noticeable limp as he visited with friends and family, even sharing a prayer. for more, here's head coach steve kerr. >> you saw, he was very upset. and i just feel awful for him. now hopefully, he's going to be okay before too long. we don't know. but i just feel so bad for him, i mean, he's been healthy all yearlong, and all of a sudden
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the playoffs start and a couple of fluke things, and feel bad for steph. but we got to move on. >> tough to swallow for sure. now warriors sideline reporter spoke to curry, and he admitted he is in a lot of pain. so right now it doesn't look good. we'll have more of her conversation with curroccucurry up in sports. >> warriors fans are excited about the win but concerned about curry's status. the mood changed after scurkur curry slipped. >> get some mris, see what happened. i think they shouldn't play him on wednesday when we come home. i think we got this game on hand. >> it's too bad that steph got hurt, but the rest of the team
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seemed to pick it up, especially klay and draymond, but my concern is for the future for the next series if steph is hurt. >> of course everybody wants to see the mvp back in action. but they are also concerned that he heals up and gets a bit of rest. they're hoping to see him back out on the court when they return home for game five wednesday night. tip-off at oracle arena is at 7:30. a major announcement from the campaign trail tonight. republican presidential candidates ted cruz and john kasich are hoping two are better than one in the fight against donald trump. tonight both candidate thes agr to partner up in a new strategy to deny trump the delegates he needs to become the nominee for the gop. cruz will focus on indiana, while kasich will focus on new mexico and oregon. the goal is to prevent trump from winning the nomination
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outright and forcing an open convention. trump said liein' ted and kasich are mathematically dead and totally desperate. trump was in maryland, one of the five states holding primaries on tuesday. for the democrats, hillary clinton was in connecticut while bernie sanders was in rhode island. the vermont senator is blaming some of his losses on economics, saying, quote, poor people don't vote. so sanders claims he's the only democrat who with beat trump in november, despite being down in the delegate count, he says he is taking his campaign all the way through the california primary on june 7. the long-awaited sierra lamar murder trial is expected to be delayed once again. the trial was originally scheduled to begin tomorrow, but now defense attorneys are once again asking for more time. that's despite a pretty surprising move by garcia torres in court on friday. he told the judge he's no longer
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interested in waiving his right to a speedy trial. sierra lamar's body has never been found, but dna evidence links torres to the murder. a woman is killed by a hit-and-run driver. tonight fremont police are asking for the help to find that driver. it happened near the intersection of fremont boulevard and thorn avenue. the woman was walking on the street in fremont blfltd when she was struck. police arrived to find people performing cpr on the woman. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. the car involved is a light-colored jeep wrangler. video from the firefighter's helmet cam shows what firefighters confronted in benniesha today. they figured out the fire was burning inside the walls, making
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the attack very difficult. several fire departments responded to that fire. no injuries reported. three people were hurt after a collision sent a car crashing into a san francisco restaurant. it happened about 2:00 this afternoon at the center pub and restaurant at the corner of sutter and taylor streets in downtown san francisco. at least two cars were involved in the crash. one person reportedly suffered serious injuries. two others have minor injuries. no word yet of the cause of that crash. more headaches around a san francisco sinkhole. crews have to reclose this area around the sinkhole but only temporarily. workers say they just have to finish off paving a section on sacramento street. the sinkhole opened up on thursday night after a sewer pipe broke underground. sacramento street was finally reopened yesterday, but it will temporarily close at 7:00 tomorrow morning so that this last bit of work can be completed. the passing of prince has
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revealed more about what mattered to the music legend, including causes he supported and helped establish here in the bay area. i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up. then the government shaming people on twitter. the unique social media push to help stop a dangerous trend. also the solar plane on a mission to break a world record, taking a lengthy break here in the south bay. we'll show you last night's big landing and the jurn tee's on to next. and plan on a chilly start to tomorrow morning. we'll see temperatures in the low 40s in the wind-sheltered valleys as our attention shifts away from the wind to increasing chances of rain over the next couple of days. i'll look at those chances in the forecast when we come right back. about prince's famously private
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life, after his death. that includes charity work right here in the bay area. well, tonight, we are learning more about prince's famously private life after his sudden death. that includes the charity work that he did right here in the bay area. many people didn't know about it. he wanted it that way. christie smith joins us live from san francisco on prince's impact here in the bay area. some of it, christie, we never knew he was behind. >> reporter: yeah, that's right.
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and those who met prince said he had long been involved in humanitarian issues, but it wasn't well-known, because that's not how he wanted it. but we're learning about how much more he gave and helped create here in the bay area. >> one of the special things about prince is that he always did it quietly. he didn't want the fanfare. >> reporter: matt haney is director of policy for dream corps. >> van jones had a relationship with prince because of their work on some of these issues. >> reporter: haney says it was a conversation between the two following the killing of trayvon martin that led to the initiative #yes we code. >> we need more mark zuckerbergs, and they started a conversation about how to create a pipeline so kids of color could have access to the technology sector. >> reporter: he anonymously paid for things like solar panels in
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oakland and would quietly check up on the projects he supported when he came to town. #yes we code marks the passing of the donor. >> he was kind and listened, and asked questions. and when he was here in oakland, he'd take his time out to come and meet with us. >> reporter: something haney won't forget. and they remember all he did. >> we feel like this is a loss for us as an organization, for the movement, around technology, but also the broader movement for justice. >> reporter: haney is also president of the board of education here in san francisco and says the hope is by people hearing all that prince did, they might be more inspired to get involved themselves and help. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. one government agency is now using twitter to shame people, tweeting about texting and driving. the national highway traffic safety administration is replying to drivers, bragging
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about using their phones behind the wheel and making sure all its followers can see it. messages include, not worth it, stay off your phone and just drive. and to someone who said they text and drive too much, the nhtsa wrote back, please realize, you're putting yourself and others in danger, and a sill eye text isn't worth it. also as part of the campaign, the nhtsa is sending out messages warning other people to stay off dating apps while behind the wheel. >> that sounds like a good idea. a new law would authorize judges in some counties to fine jurors for social media and internet violations. that means jurors who have researched the cases that they're serving on or who post about those cases online. they have caused mistrials and overturned convictions across the country. think about all that wasted taxpayer cash. with increasing smartphone use,
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violations are a growing concern. fines could cost jurors as much as $1500. california! >> history in the making in the south bay. a solar plane on a historic mission touched down in front of a crowd of about 300 cheering people at moffitt field last night. the "solar impulse" two made a very quiet graceful landing last night two and a half days after leaving hawaii. it's the first solar fixed-wing plane to fly across the pacific ocean. despite sending 62 hours in the plane's tiny cockpit, he says this is just the beginning of a much needed shift to clean technologies. >> you can live even better with no fossil fuels with less pollution, with less waste of natural resources. under clean technologies that allow this, it's allowing us to produce clean energy, but also to be energy-efficient.
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>> the "solar impulse" remains at moffitt field inside a giant hangar. it takes off for phoenix and the goal is to make it to new york city, not stopping there, and then abu dhabi which would complete the around the world journey. >> how about that. if that plane were coming in tonight, probably a few bumps. >> that would be a rough flight. >> rob mayeda is here with the micro climate forecast. better they landed last night. >> i think they were looking at the long-range forecast. we had 58 miles per hour at sfo, not good for the solar flight. but we're seeing the wind speeds slowly starting to taper off. wind advisory still technically active until midnight. the strongest winds out of this wind episode in terms of the highest wind gusts, i think we've already passed that, and by tomorrow morning we'll see wind speeds dropping off in the interior valleys, around san
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jose, but the clearing skies and chilly air settling into the area, that will set us up for chilly mornings. lots of 40s. as you wake up, you'll want a jacket for the morning, and through the afternoon, temperatures climbing through the 60s. high temperatures similar to today. san francisco, cool, upper 50s to low 60s, peninsula temperatures in the mid-60s for tomorrow and mid-60s across the north bay and no more chances of showers. those are off towards the sierra during the day tomorrow and upper 60s around the tri valley. snow in the sierra, two tun opportunities for snowshowers tomorrow. so we could be adding late-season snow to the high country. you could see winter-like driving conditions with another couple inches coming down between now and wednesday. so the next system coming in as the winds back off, this is late tuesday into wednesday. and this wednesday system right now will pack a decent punch for
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the bay area, probably the best chance of widespread rain for the next seven days is coming in during the day on wednesday, pretty rapidly clearing out as we get into wednesday night and thursday. so the latest model run showing you rainfall projections that have come up a little for wednesday. maybe up to about a third of an inch of rain in some spots. that is the latest estimate for wednesday. once we get past that storm, watch what happens as we get to next weekend. a strong ridge of high pressure building in. you've got winter-like conditions in the sierra through the middle part of the week. and summer-like temperatures by next weekend. the high temperatures vaulting into the 70s by friday. mid-80s possible for next weekend starting saturday into sunday, that warming trend will continue through the end of that seven-day forecast straight on through next weekend. back to you. >> that's one wild forecast. >> that's right. thanks, rob. still to come tonight, a since hole opens up right in the middle of the road in china. the whole thing caught on camera as it continues to grow.
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what one officer did right before that likely saved lives. and a hefty price tag for an overdue book. the fine some library customers are facing in the south bay, fines that reach into the thousands of dollars.
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line.
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these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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you tonight, from eastern china. a sinkhole opening up in the middle of a busy street, was we have incredible video to show you tonight from eastern china of the check this out. a sinkhole opening up in the middle of a busy street. you see it happening right there. it's caught on camera, and you can see a police officer spot the depression in the road, then scramble to block it off. look at that. >> hmm. >> it's a good thing he blocked it off. because within a short time, the asphalt started to collapse. in the end, a gaping hole was
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left in the middle of the road. during busy traffic you don't want to think about what might have happened if he hadn't stopped the traffic. in monterey, a look at killer whales. this video shows two killer whales chasing a gray mother whale. the mother whale put up a fierce fight but was not able to fend them off to save her calf. killer whales this close to people in action is pretty unusual. also unusual, tire fighters don't just take time out to rescue cats from trees, how about pigeons from train platforms. this little pigeon is tired out and tangled in the wires. the fire department tweeted out the video of the rescue.
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the firefighter untangles the pigeon and heads on his way. some library patrons are facing very stiff fines. some owe more than $10,000 for overdue books. >> it's a slow read. >> the city will not release the names of those responsible, there are outstanding penalties as well. seven people have wracked up fines totaling more than $5,000. 130 people face fines of at least $1,000. some libraries allow you to check out 100 items at a time. overall, there are more than $6 million in fines for overdue books. officers are not turning on their body cameras when they should. in an exclusive, how oakland's police chief is responding to the claims. >> also keeping his objections
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open, mark davis, what he is expected to do this week that could change the team's future.
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oakland's police chief speaks to us about criticism that some of his officers are turning off their bod and now to a nbc bay area exclusive. oakland's police chief speaks out about criticism that some of his officers are turning off their body cameras when they should be rolling. >> vickie nguyen joins us now. >> the chief went on the record with us after our first report in february, looking at how often police body cameras actually record during use of force incidents. oakland police didn't provide data for that report, but after our story aired, the agency did. and the chief agreed to talk about his policies and how he disciplines officers who don't record when they should. >> slide on. and slide off. >> reporter: the size of a credit cashed. this camera is now worn by
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oakland's 661 police officers. the department has the highest number of cameras on the streets in the bay area. and those cameras made national headlines last september after the department released edited videos of two encounters that resulted in citizen deaths. in one case, officers shot and killed an alleged carjacker. in the other, a rooftop foot chase ended when a man got stuck in between two buildings and died. oakland police chief says since the cameras officially went on line in 2011, opd has seen a 66% reduction in force. records show in 2011 officers used force in nearly 1500 incidents. last year it was 504. complaints are also down about 30%. >> virtually every complaint we get now, the incident is captured on video. and we've seen overwhelmingly the video supports the police officers. not always, but in the vast
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majority of cases. >> reporter: do you track when officers are recording during a use of force incident? >> one of the steps is that the supervisor has to watch the videos from every use of force that happens. not just the involved member, but the other officers that were there as well. >> reporter: data shows in the 504 use of force intecidents la year, 24 were not captured on camera. four cases went further to the internal affairs division for discipline. >> they activate them as required by the policy. >> reporter: and what happens if they don't? >> if the officer has no prior history of it, in most cases it will be dealt with informally, and if it's repeat, it becomes a disciplinary matter. >> reporter: but in our first body camera report, seth morris
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says he's seen more open officers actively turning off their cameras. >> we have video footage of one officer pointing to another officer, pointing to their chest and saying let's have this conversation in a moment. >> reporter: is that code for turn off your body camera? >> it is. >> reporter: he says it's code for turning it off. >> i can see how it would be suspicious. but the reality is officers have to have conversations that shouldn't be recorded. >> reporter: officers are allowed to stop recording when they're talking about tactics or strategy. >> a supervisor may take somebody off to the side and say i think you could have handled this better. and there's no reason to make that part of the case. >> reporter: why isn't it reasonable for an officer to have a conversation with his or her supervisor without the body camera on.
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>> it may be reasonable, but the question is what do we demand of officers when they're on duty. but it leaves space for interpretation. >> reporter: they record and upload 12 terabytes each month. information now being use the at stanford, university. it looks at officer behavior, analyzing tone of voice, pace, and the overall interaction. data that can be used to improve how officers are trained. >> get your hands up! >> reporter: not just here but in police agencies nationwide. >> we are capturing far more information between police officers and the citizens we contact than we've ever captured or provided to the district attorney's office at any time in our history. so it's difficult for me to believe that we're not being that transparent. >> reporter: this is opd's use of force form. they don't require officers to check a box on the form indicating whether their body
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camera was rolling when they used force. the chief says it is now something he will consider adding to make it easier to track that data, guys? >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or end us an e-mail to the unit. a suspected drunk driver under arrest after a hit-and-run crash in san carlos that left a pedestrian dead. this happened last night around 11:00. san mateo deputies say a 53-year-old man was walking on the shoulder of the road when a car drifted onto the shoulder and hit him. the car fled the scene and deputies arrested a driver who was pulled over and parked at a safe way in belmont, that's where he was arrested. the hunger strike in san francisco is still going strong. a handful of people still out in front of the mission police station. they want ed lee to step down or
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fire greg sur. they say they will stay out there until they get recognition. they say they've been consuming water, ginger tea and vitamins. mark davis is expected to be in las vegas to talk about the possibility of a $1.3 billion stadium in the city. a source tell the our sister station in nevada that mark davis is scheduled to attend that meeting. he is considering having the team play in the new stadium if it actually gets built. fallon smith joining us, and i think i know what the big story of the day is, fallon? >> yeah, the big news of the day of course, the status of steph curry. we'll hear from our reporter who spoke to the mvp himself. but the good news for the dubs, after curry went down, they blasted the rockets. we'll have highlights coming up next in sports. so don't go anywhere. one of the keys to winning
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championships .. is having a healhty squad. right now that's not the case for the warriors. after missing two games with an ankle injury, steph curry is one of the keys to winning championships is having a healthy squad. right now that's not the case for the warriors. after missing two games with an ankle injury, steph curry is out again, this time with a right it knee sprain. the silver lining, though, the dubs are one win away from the western conference semi-finals. warriors/rockets, game four. steph curry back in the lineup for the first time since game one, but it wouldn't last for long. final seconds of the first half, curry slips and falls on a wet spot. his leg extends, and he immediately grabs his right knee. curry diagnosed with a right knee sprain and did not return.
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the warriors exploded, though, in the third quarter without the mvp. klay thompson finds draymond green for three. and also hot, the kick out to thompson for three, you betcha oh, yeah, he's money, back to back triples. warriors pull away and win big, 121-94. >> reporter: i spoke with steph curry, the knee injury had nothing to do with his ankle. it was planting his foot on a spot on the court that was slippery and he slipped on his knee. and he's frustrated. he got really emotional about it and told me because he really cares about this. this really means a lot to him. and this is not at all how he saw playoffs playing out for him. in fact, coach kerr at halftime said can you go?
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are you rieally okay? and steph curry couldn't tell him yes. at halftime, it was livingston, green and iguodala who had uplifting words to the extent of, we've got your back. he was able to watch the first four minutes of the third quarter and saw that his teammates elevated their game and showed with their action how they had steph's back and then he had to get treatment. he is having pain in his knee and he'll wait for the mri results on monday. >> thanks, ros. game tied at 4 until this. josh osich, adios. solo shot to first, his first of the year. the marlins retake the lead, 5-4. oh, no, a one-two-three double
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play, and they lose 5-4. as, 4-1 toronto, it gets worse for oakland. jose batista, see you later. blue jays win 6-3. as have now lost two straight. the lakers have fired head coach byron scott. so the search for a new head coach is under way. possible replacements include the warriors assistant coach. ivan rabb has decided to stay in school. coach said he is a talented basketball player with a very bright future. and we are excited to have ivan continue as a member of our program. now ivan was a projected top-ten pick in this year's nba draft.
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so i know cal is excited to have him back. now the big news of the day, of course, steph curry's knee injury. he will have an mri tomorrow. we'll keep you up to date as soon as we get more information. coming up, long-time senator barbara boxer's seat up for grabs. five different people hoping to take that seat. the important role students are playing alived the debate tomorrow. pacific in stockton are helping
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prepare for a highly
11:44 pm
students at the university of the pacific in stockton are helping to prepare for a highly-anticipated senate debate that will air tomorrow. >> five candidates are vying to replace barbara boxer. mark luery from our sister station in sacramento tells us how they're getting ready. >> well, i am a big proponent of elementary education. >> reporter: these students are prepping for tomorrow's big debate. each of the contestants is taking on the role of a real candidate for u.s. senate. dallas phelps is playing attorney general kamala harris. >> i think it will be watching kamala harris speak. >> reporter: the mock debate includes students from surrounding colleges. >> i've been watching a lot of her on-camera interviews and seeing her personality and
11:45 pm
realizing how down to earth she is and wanting to channel that type of person while i am debating in the mock debate. >> reporter: the role playing involves more than researching the candidates but sometimes arguing on behalf of a political party outside your own personal beliefs. megan is channeling this candidate. >> i'm not a republican. so it's taking on a whole new role and trying to understand things from a different perspective. >> reporter: the mock debate will run for 90 minutes on monday just before the five candidate the face-off at 6:00 p.m. on tv. >> it's about viewing it from a personal perspective and actual candidates who are trying to sell these ideas to citizens as a whole. >> reporter: it's the first and likely the only time that all five candidates for u.s. senate will be in the same room at the same time before the june prime a ary. >> they can come out and voice
11:46 pm
their opinions and hopefully they'll hear the younger generations. >> you can watch it at 6:00 right here on nbc bay area. we've talked about solar planes, let's talk about electric bikes. the electric bike expo hoping to get people out of their cars and onto two wheels. these new models have smaller battery packs, lower prices and better technology. there were 18 brands, well over 100 models for people to test drive. >> you've got anywhere from the commuter to the folding electric bike to the cargo bike that can take the kids to school, to the mountain bikes, you know, whole, wide range of bikes. >> it was free and very quiet with those electric bikes cruising by. >> i would have loved to have gone to that. i'm going to have to check out -- >> are you going to get one?
11:47 pm
>> yes, i think they're cool. >> with a helmet and kids on the back? rob mayeda has the micro climate forecast. is that not safe, rob? >> you might have needed that electric boost to stay on the bike. wind speeds starting to comei] down a bit. 16-mile-per-hour winds. the flags are still moving around at&t park. wind speeds of 25 miles per hour, but that's 15-20 miles per hour less than we saw about three hours ago. the trend as we head towards the morning is staying gust eon ty morning is staying gust eon t o coastline. but the winds have transported in some cooler, drier air setting things up for a chilly start tomorrow. wind-sheltered valleys could wake up close to 40 degrees, so you'll want the jacket for the morning, and as we head towards noon, you might be able to lose the jacket. but still gusty at times
11:48 pm
especially at the coast as we see the coolest days of the week monday through wednesday. highs tomorrow, mid-60s around the south bay. and to the north bay, tri valley and east bay, highs in the mid-60s for your monday. and if you're heading to the e sierr sierras, snowshowers at times. the active weather will be in the sierras. snow at times across the higher elevations. the low is actinchored there. then the next system drops in tuesday night into wednesday. this is the best chance for rain over the next five to seven days around the bay area. plan on that rain for wednesday. clearing out as we get to wednesday night and rain totals, we think, could get chose to maybe a quarter inch to maybe a third of an inch of rain. what's been nice about the latest model run is boosting some of the rain totals for that wednesday system. as you can see in the seven-day
11:49 pm
forecast at the bottom of the screen, once we get past wednesday, that's going to be about it. because equally impressive will be the size of this ridge of high pressure will weaken the warmup that gets started a little early, making it a high-pressure three day weekend with temperatures starting to climb on friday to the mid to upper 70s. saturday, upper 70s to mid-80s. so as you review the weather, if you like rain, middle part of the week looks good. if you like sierra snow, you've got a little of that on monday. and summer-like heat returning to the bay area. winter like conditions with snow, little bit of rain, little bit of summer, all of that head the our way. >> isn't that amazing? >> something for everyone. i think he's running for senate. he's trying to be, everybody gets something from me. >> that's right. there's no complaining around here. you don't like it, wait ten minutes. coming up, we've heard the
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warnings about detergent pods and the dangers to children. >> but it's only getting worse. we'll show you which pods leading to the most injuries. demand justice on a somber
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11:52 pm
anniversay. ==vo== today marks the 101-st thousands of people took to the streets of los angeles to demand justice on a somber anniversary. today marks the 101st anniversary of the armenian genocide. 1.5 million armenians were killed and countless more forced to flee from their home. california attorney general kamala harris issued a statement saying today and every day, the armenian genocide and those who were lost must be solemnly remembered. in 2012, harris issued a brief in the court of appeals in the right of armenian americans to seek justice with unpaid genocide era insurance policies. most of us have heard about the dangers of detergent pods
11:53 pm
and what can happen to children if they eat them by mistake. researchers say kids are increasingly gaining access to these pods. we show you which type of pods are proving to be the most dangerous. >> reporter: many parents use these as a convenient way to do laundry. but young kids often see detergent pods as bright and colorful toys in sizes that fit perfectly in their small hands. >> they put them in their mouth. and as soon as they pop that container, it squirts into the back of their throat and the game is over. >> reporter: it can cause severe burns and lung damage and that's not all. >> coma, seizures, two deaths due to exposure to the pacts. >> reporter: they say poison control centers answered more than 62,000 calls about kids eating detergent pods between 2013 and 2014 alone. it's not just laundry detergents
11:54 pm
that are a concern. more and more children are getting their hands on dishwasher packets. manufacturers are strongly urging parents to keep these products out of the reach of children. >> they're under the sink. and we have the child protectors. so he can't open the cabinets. >> reporter: liquid laundry packets were associated with the most severe injuries. some have added voluntary safety measures, and changing to opaque packaging. art for animals up for auction.
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we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. painted by your favorite zoo animal. ==vo== these are all paintings by animals at the san francisco zoo, including a g you can now own a work of art painted by your favorite zoo
11:57 pm
animal. take a look at these paintings by animals at the san francisco zoo. they're from a grizzly bear, a tiger and a wolverine. they're up for auction on ebay for a few hundred bucks. >> some animals actually used a paintbrush. not all of them. i think that one did or he's got a really weird foot. others stepped in water-based paint and stepped onto a canvas. it is called zoo fest, and it is next saturday. all proceeds go to the zoo. i don't think you're going to be able to get in there and meet any of the artists. they'll be safely in their cages, but you can get your artwork interpreted. >> they can be a little gruff. art is in the eye of the beholder. i'm sure they'll go for thousands and thousands. this is crazy stuff. >> a little bit of a rollercoaster ahead. still breezy for tomorrow's forecast. highs in the 60s, but after that we'll make our next u-turn in
11:58 pm
the weather. that will be wednesday, chances for rain, and watch as we head to thursday and friday, temperatures start to go up as we give you the ten-day outlook for san jose. that is next weekend in san jose, going from the rain on wednesday, 20 degrees warmer on sunday. mid-80s, and in the sierra, by the way, chances of snowshowers, look at the highs tomorrow, 40s. another chance of snow wednesday, but by next weekend, close to 70 in the sierra. >> that is amazing. it really is a rollercoaster. that is a great way to put it. >> thanks for joining us, have a great night and a great week. >> goodnight, everyone.
11:59 pm
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♪ spewing today's guests was the most popular player ever to play for the new york mets. he is best known for hitting the bottle that when that game six of the 1986 world series leading to the mets last championship, but as he said in his candid new book, and i mean candidate, there was so much more to his career than the public knew. including the fact that he was not always a happy camper. it's my pleasure


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