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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a big rig catches fire shutting down parts of interstate 280. the investigation about this babysitter. we'll have the latest from kris sanchez researching a story on a babysitter who was caught on camera possibly abusing a child. enforce the law or face a hefty fi. airbnb. what's next for steph curry after the mvp hurts his knee? how badly? you'll find out. today in the bay" starts now. a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we'll get to breaking news to start off this morning. traffic-related on the peninsula. several lanes on 280 shut down. how long will it be that way? >> we are looking at another hour with this fire and cleanup. now they added one lane open. you see a car going by.
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fire crews moved the big rig out of the way which is detached from the trailer. that's where the fire was above the axle. i'm going to guess perhaps overheated brakes. right now crews are trying to make all this smoldering doesn't start up again. vegetation on the side of 280 does not catch on fire. we'll show you where that is on the map. we are looking at another hour to get the appropriate rig out there. that is one issue traveling north. the other issue is on highway 1. there is a closure there and investigation. i'll talk about that in a bit. at devil's slide, we sometimes see fog but not this morning. the crash is there. >> we are seeing mostly clear skies across the bay area, chilly temperatures and breezy
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winds. temperatures now in the 40s. east bay at 53. we'll see temperatures climbing into the upper 60s to low 70s today. 72 in the north bay. another beautiful day, not as windy as yesterday. a look at the rest of the forecast including rain tomorrow. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> 5:02. accused of a heinous crime. a babysitter hit and shoved a 10-month-old baby. >> kris sanchez joining us with the very latest. when she say caught in the act on a nanny cam. >> right. if you were a parent, sometimes all you have to go on is your gut. police say a gut feeling about this babysitter led the parents to install a nanny cam then call police. the police responded to this home around 2:30 friday afternoon after the parents allegedly watched 23-year-old michaela strike and shake that
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10-month-old baby she had been babysitting for the last few months. police arrested her on charges of child abuse. she was transported to the martinez jail. the baby was taken to san ramon general hospital as a precaution. other parents are shocked. >> that's scary. leaving a child with somebody hoping they are trustworthy. >> thank god they took the measures and had a nanny cam in place. and they were able to find out what was happening because of that. >> a 23-year-old is due in court to face a judge today. we don't know if the family hired her through but i found her there in a user. she describes herself as a business student with an online university with nine years of experience working with children ranging in age from 3 months to 13 years of age. police have that video captured by the parents on the nanny cam. they won't release it publically
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at this point. i can tell you again from that website, she just checked in there today. chris kaufrnkris sanchez. a gruesome discovery of a woman's body in a colorado storage unit. investigators say james wu of san francisco killed the woman from colorado. he left her body in her car at the storage unit. he was arrested in seattle friday, trying to fly out of the country. >> said he was an hour from departing the states for hong kong. we were able to get homeland security, provide them with the information and they made the apprehension on the aircraft. colorado investigators are asking people in san francisco who know the suspect to contact them. a developing story. the search is on for this man. 19-year-old christian cruz tied to a deadly shooting in south san francisco. police call him a person of
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interest. officers say a fight broke out at orange memorial park yesterday afternoon. two men were shot, one died at the hospital, the other recovering. >> christian cruz is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call 911. >> another fire at an already-deteriorating san francisco building. this fire breaking out last night shortly before 9:00. if it looks familiar, that's because it's the third fire at the building on mission and 22nd street. waits nearly destroyed almost a year ago when a fire did kill someone. a second fire broke out back in march. now investigators are looking to the cause of last night's blaze. >> today in front of the burned-out building, a couple of san francisco leaders are calling for better protection for tenants hit hard by these fifrmts this afternoon they'll introduce new fire safety legislation that will include fire prevention and tenant protection measure.
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several groups are backing that measure. >> airbnb is in the hot seat. two san francisco leaders will present a plan that they an force the law or face a hefty fine. the legislation requires sites to verify property owners registered with the city. that's already the rule but now owners that fail to register, they could face fines of $1,000 a day per violation. >> people should comply with laws, but it's another matter to be asking other companies to disclose public health and help the city to be law enforcement agent. >> the company responded with a statement saying while the legal enforceability of the proposal is questionable, airbnb will continue working to simplify the process and getting folks registered. new details on double d's. went up in glimpse yesterday morning.
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investigators say cleaning supplies, paper towels and electrical equipment likely catching fire after they were scored improperly in a water heater closet. firefighters managed to save a lot of sports memorabilia on the walls of that restaurant, but still the fire caused almost $2 million in damage. no word on when double d's plans to reopen. the warriors are not playing tomorrow but when they do -- excuse me, they are not playing until they do. when they do, mvp steph curry is out at least two weeks. >> curry sent out a message to fans tweeting a thanks for all the prayers and messages and added, things considered, i'm going to be all right. he got hurt before the game in houston. an mri revealed a grade one mcl sprain. doctors will reevaluate the injury in two weeks. physical therapists believe time and rest is the best medicine. >> it's been stretched a little bit, pulled a little bit. maybe there is a fiber or two
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broken. but the stability of the joint is not compromised. it's more of a pain issue. >> again, the warriors return to oracle arena tomorrow to face off with the rockets. game starts at 7:30. they are trying to ride their momentum from yesterday's win or sunday's win. a live look at oregon el reasona. 7:30 tipoff and they are looking to close things out. let's move on to our forecast. >> these temperatures are definitely on the cool side. napa 41. it's 44 in palo alto and livermore and concord as well as santa rosa. it will be a nice, beautiful, comfortable afternoon. up to 69 in san jose. palo alto 67. low 60s at at&t park.
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yes, there is a giants game this evening. san rafael up to 65. castro valley up to 67. pleasanton 70. once again rain and then we warm up. i'll detail all that in the next microclimate forecast. let's head back over to mike giving us an update on that crash of 101. >> i want to give folks a look at the bay to check their drive. there's still three or four lanes closed on 280. we showed you those live pictures. i want to make sure folks know about this. highway 1. however you call it, it's closed right now about another hour. they are hoping to open by 6:30 here. there's been a crash and investigation here. someone is dead as a result of this crash. we are looking at the coroner to arrive before they can tell us before they will reopen these plains.
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we'll send it back to you guys. up next, it is primary day on the campaign trail. only this time there is a new alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. how will this impact the presidential race? plus former hbc ceo carly fiorina pay be coming back to politics. =sam/live=
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a critical day today for both parties.. a live look at pennsylvania. it's just one of the states
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where people are casting their decision 2016. a live look at the keystone state. pennsylvania is one of the state where people are casting their votes today. five primaries are getting under way this morning. all along the east coast. >> tracie potts tracking the latest from washington for thus morning. these primaries are the first since the announced alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. >> exactly. the alliance won't necessarily affect these primaries. 462 delegates at stake today. could be a big day for hillary clinton. s hillary clinton celebrating spring. >> it makes us all feel like there will be a new beginning, doesn't it? >> in pennsylvania at the very spot where she hopes to accept the democratic nomination this summer, polls predict a clean sweep in today's five east coast
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primaries, including pennsylvania. >> let us see in pennsylvania the highest voter turnout in the history of the state. >> bernie sanders faces more questions about how long his campaign may last. he rallies in west virginia today. donald trump has a double-digit lead in today's pennsylvania primary, and nationally. despite the two other republicans agreeing to split up their chances against him in three upcoming states. >> it's nothing more than an effort to target the resources because we are going to head to an open convention. >> two tremendously failed candidates last week are going to pick somebody like that? give me a break. it's not going to happen. >> ted cruz is going after kasich reporters in indiana. >> if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee, you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, i ask you to join us. >> first maryland, delaware, rhode island, connecticut and
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pennsylvania today. >> now today, 172 delegates at stake for the republicans. even if someone picked them all up, that's not enough to put any one candidate over the top. not yet. >> looks like it's coming down to california. thank you very much. live from d.c. california voters got a chance to weigh in on all five candidates vying to replace u.s. senator barbara boxer. two democrats and three republicans clashing at the university of pacific. on the democratic side attorney general harris. orange county representative loretta sanchez laying out their policies and past political records. >> if we are going to improve the economy of this country, we have to look at what we need to do to increase minimum wage, we need national commitment to affordable childcare. >> i said no to iraq war. i said no to the so-called patriot act and i said no to the
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wall street bailout. >> on the republican side, the three republican candidates addressed issues ranging from immigration to reforming drug laws. >> how unsuccessful they've been and what would be a much better approach to solving that problem, which is vastly more significant in american crime than guns one way or the other. >> we spend over $2 trillion a year reacting and paying for regulations. we need to use drones and big data to help take control of our border. >> all three gop candidates reside in the bay area. one more did he bad is scheduled ahead of the june primary. that takes place may 10th in san diego. this is a big week for bay area republicans. all three presidential candidates will be in burlingame. donald trump will deliver the keynote address at the kick-off luncheon friday. john kasich will speak friday night and senator ted cruz will speak saturday.
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with the republican nomination still up for grabs, california is a critical state. the cruz campaign may be floating a trial balloon this morning hinting at who he would pick as a running mate were he to win the nomination. >> first he's got to win the nomination. scott mcgrew, no secret. cruz and carly fiorina have been in talks. >> they are far apart in their politics. but fiorina was quick to endorse cruz. fiorina, of course, the former ceo of hewlett-packard. her staffers tell our sister blog that the cruz campaign is vetting fiorina. fiorina will speak as well this saturday at the state gop convention in burlingame. presidential candidates don't name vice presidential running mates until after they are nominated, but this is a very unusual campaign year. two interesting things happen today. we get the latest information about san francisco house prices. it's possible we'll see more
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evidence the city's rocketing prices are slowing down. that comes later this morning. i'll bring it to you the minute we getç it from case-shiller. this afternoon, apple reports profits. apple could have made less money than previously. >> good morning. wall street looks to rebound from monday's modest losses. futures are higher and nasdaq posting its first three-day losing streak since february. look for home prices, durable goods and consumer confidence. fed kicks off its two-day party meeting starting today. apple twitter and chipotle after the bell. dow down 26 points. >> karma comes back around.
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in this case it's true when karma is an electric car. you might remember it was a cool electric car from finland in 2011. here they are unveiling it on santana row. the company went bankrupt and assets were brought up by a chinese company but we just learned that company is going to reintroduced the karma and it will be built in california. they are going to call it the rivero. >> i remember it looked like reynolds wrap and was super shiny. >> exactly. >> full circle. >> this weather has been no flash in the pan. it's been cold three, four days in a row. >> grab a jacket. >> not only that, but it's been windy. that will not be the case today.
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we get ready for our next round of rain but not today. we will start out with temperatures now in the low 40s in the north bay at 47 in san francisco. a close look at the north bay shows some upper 30s in napa. 52 in vallejo and petaluma 48. we break it down from livermore today, we start out with chilly temperatures. reaching mid to upper 60s feeling comfortable. a nice comfortable spark to the giants game. end of the game, mostly clear skies. 10 to 20 miles per hour. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. a warm-up for the weekend. today will be very comfortable reaching 68 in gilroy.
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santa rosa 72. oakland at 69. livermore, a high of 68. showers move in before the morning commute. we start to see the activity tapering off by the evening as our temperatures will be fairly chilly by tomorrow night. then it warms up on thursday. we are looking at 60s in san francisco. showers moving out after wednesday and mostly sunny skies in the forecast for thursday. also into the weekend. you'll see those eights in the forecast for saturday and sunday. the rest of the bay, you're fortunate for your drive. we'll zoom over the west side of this bay area.
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the devil's slide tunnel, just north of montara, a deadly crash. they hope to have lanes open by 6:30. half moon bay have to come around 92 and back up to 280. 280 is our second issue. you don't see a lot of slowing. we have fire crews out here. crews are investigating to make sure this trailer is completely out as far as that fire goes. bay bridge toll plaza, no major issues. back to you. coming up next, light up somewhere else. tobacco could soon be banned at all california college campuses. light up somewhere else.
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tobacco could be banned at california colleges. =vo= the state assembly just passed a proposal to ban tobacco use on c-s-u and 5:25. tobacco could be banned in california colleges. it's headed to the state senate for approval next. it would allow police to issue $100 fines to anyone violating that ban. riding up absolutely. the same bike sharing system that currently works so well in san francisco and san jose soon expanding to the east bay. >> the company that operates bay area bikes has plan for east bay
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expansion. they will consider whether key commercial corridors. the plan includes up to 34 stations in oakland, berkeley and emeryville. the historic flight on hold right now in the south bay for at least a couple more days. the crew of the solar impulse 2 tells us the earliest it can take off for phoenix is friday. the ultimate goal is to make it to new york city and abu dhabi which would complete a round the world journey. 5:26. disturbing discovery on the nanny cam leads to an arrest as she was striking and shaking a 10-month-old baby. >> how the city of san francisco wants to toughen rules for companies like air bnb.
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joining us. i'm sam brock. =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. boxes bo good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. another close start. >> another cold start but not as breezy. that makes it feel a little bit
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better. we'll have mostly clear skies, a lot of sunshine through the day. a look at current temperatures and all our microclimates dropping back mostly to the 40s. it's now 53 in the east bay one of the warmer spots. up to 69 there today. 72 in the north bay. 70 in the south bay. a very pleasant afternoon and enjoy it. tomorrow looks pretty soggy. i'll detail coming up in the next microclimate forecast. let's head over to mike giving us an update on some of those issues on the road this morning. >> pain for folks driving northbound on 80. there will be slowing right here. we were hoping it would arrive right now. we have lanes blocked. that is north 280 at edgewood road.
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this is a deadly crash over there. highway one. that will remain in place maybe the next half hour, 45 minutes. looking at 6:00 for those lanes to reopen. folks in half moon bay have to go around. we'll show you the rest of the bay which is moving well. thank you. facing steep fines. airbnb and other short term rental companies are going to be hit with penalties. >> a closer look at the proposal and who it exactly impacts. >> good morning. of the hundreds of people who rent out their homes in san francisco on websites like airbnb, well under half are registered with the city.
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the city wants to put the screws on the short-term rental sites, as well. they will have to verify property owners registered with the city. they are making the company themselves responsible for ensuring users comply with the law. if renters fail to register, those sites could face misdemeanor charges and fines up to $1,000 a day for violation. >> overall, we are also not in favor of government passing laws that departmentize private entities and cities and companies to become the law enforcement agency of the city. we believe that it's the government's job to enforce laws.
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>> he leads a support group for short-term rental hosts. airbnb responded to the amendment with a statement saying, "while the legal enforceability of the proposal is questionable, airbnb will continue to simplify the process and get hosts registered. live on treasure island, rob redell. today in the bay. suspects arrested in a sex trafficking bust. they are expected in court. james joseph jr are expected to be arraigned today. the pair ran a sex trafficking ring centered in san ramon and danville. they were arrested last august. several young women were allegedly victimized. identifying human remains found at the lawrence berkeley lab is proving to be difficult. the coroner's office has not been able to identify the person's age or sex. a skull and bones were found last week in a drainage ditch.
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investigators don't believe they belong to a native american. the coroner's office is considering bringing in an anthropologist to figure this out. new details on the death of a popular high school football player. it will be at least six weeks before we know how the teenager died. friends and family are waiting for toxicology reports. he was found unconscious early sunday morning in a backyard pool. grief counselors were on hand yesterday. >> we are not speculating in terms of the events and what happened. our main focus is trying to support our students and staff and school. >> he brought light into the room and joy everywhere. >> a babysitter behind bars accused of striking then shaking 10-month-old baby. police say it was all documented on the family's nanny cam. >> kris sanchez tracking the latest on this investigation from our newsroom.
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>> good morning. if you are a parent and sometimes all you have to go on is your gut feeling, and in this case, police say that gut feeling about the babysitter led to parents to install a nanny cam which had them call 911. the parents allegedly watched 23-year-old michaela riry strike and shake the 10-month-old baby she had been taking care of. police arrested her on charges of child abuse. the baby was taken to sanç ram general hospital as a precaution. other parents say she had been with the family the last several months. it was scary. leaving a child hoping they are trustworthy. >> thank god they took the measures and had a nanny cam in place. and they were able to find out what was happening because of
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that. >> a 23-year-old michaela seen here is due in court to face a judge today. we don't know if the family hired michaela through, but i found her there. in this video she describes herself as a business student with an online university with nine years of experience working with children ranging in age from 3 months to 13 years of age. as of this morning, it appears someone checked into that account. police have that video captured by the parents' nanny cam but they will not be releasing it publically at this point. kris sanchez, today in the bay. 5:36. the santa clara sheriff's office is reportedly getting critical feedback on its jail system. the national institute of corrections yesterday released an evaluation of the jail system. it offers possible changes that could improve the relations among inmates and workers. the recommendations including
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new education and training for guards, along with a new use of force policy. >> there is a new effort to beef up fire services in san jose. >> it is a temporary quarter sent sales tax to help the struggling department. this is different from the other measure b, the pension reform initiative voters approved back in 2012. the push took place in front of fire station 30. back in february that station had to wait for backup to fight a fire across the street because budget cuts left the station without a water truck. >> we are now at a point where we can cut no more. we cannot cut to restore public safety. we've got to invest. >> opponents say local government should cut unnecessary spending rather than create new taxes. if this new measure passes, the tax would last 15 years.
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recent wildfires are causing unexpected hurdles for hikers among california's most popular trail. the u.s. forest service says wildfires are leaving huge gaps along sections of the trail in southern california. trees and loose rocks are causing dangerous conditions. backpackers must bypass those areas by taking shuttles or alternative hiking routes. the trail runs 2600 miles from mexico to canada. fire crews responded to 100 new wildfires. temperatures this year have been mild. the fear is drought-stricken forests will create larger problems for firefighters. people in the south bay may get more clarity on water restrictions they'll be facing this summer. the waterboard is meeting this afternoon and members are going to discuss the district's current water fly and drought
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status. the board is considering a resolution to lower water use for the rest of the year. some south bay reservoirs are at or very close to full capacity. 5:39. see if there is rain in our forecast. >> we will have rain in the forecast. we are watching that on the satellite imagery, a cluster of clouds you see just offshore. that will be here as we go into early tomorrow. mostly clear skies now. chilly temperatures across the bay area. as you step out the door, have some nice warm clothes, hot coffee and crank up the heater inside the car. even into the mid 70s like antioch. i'll detail the rain in the forecast tomorrow and warm-up for the weekend. that's coming up in less than 10 minutes. back over to mike for an update
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on some of those crashes around the bay area. overall the commute is great for a lot of folks. a cross in hayward is not a major issue. we did have this truck fire. traffic is not slowing past the scene. there is a burnt out shell of a big rig there. we have video from this scene. it's only one lane in each direction. this looks like a car did crash into the hill side. you see there is a death as a result of this crash and investigation that continues right now. highway 1 cut off. folks have to make their way over to 280. >> a couple of issues this morning. thank you, mike.
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>> 540. combatting airplane noise. discussion on the peninsula that will hopefully lead to a solution for people living here. today is do or die for twitter. wall street says nice things about hillary clinton.
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peninsula leaders dealing with the noise from one of its airports - will get a better idea about possible solutions today. peninsula leaders dealing with the noise from the airports will get an idea of possible solutions today. they debated the future of san carlos airport. the buzz from small planes is becoming too much. others say the problem is overexaggerated. today supervisors will hear some of the recommendations being considered. they plan to take action in june. also happening today, a judge may finalize his temporary ruling allowing a 99-year-old woman who faced eviction to instead remain inside her san francisco home. last week the judge tentatively ruled she can remain in her flat for as long as she lives. her case made national headlines and prompted protests in san francisco. today attorneys on both sides are expected to hammer out final details. the city of berkeley is looking to speed up the implementation of its $15 per hour minimum wage.
5:45 am
city council is considering a new proposal today that would require large employers to pay that wage by 2018. employers are not required to comply with the $15 per hour minimum wage law until 2022. this would fastrack that by four years. berkeley's new proposal won approval back in november. criticism from 3,000 miles away. new radio ads will be aimed at poaching business necessary california. rick scott is attacking jerry brown's minimum wage hike. he is contending it would crush businesses. his ads will run on radio stations in the bay area and in los angeles. the more politics now. mud slinging at its primary tuesday in the five remaining candidates, three on the republican side are campaigning up and down the east coast.
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463 delegates up for the democrats. pennsylvania is the big prize for both parties. hillary clinton and donald trump ahead of the polls there. >> two tremendously failed candidates last week are going to pick somebody like that and -- you know, give me a break. it's not going to happen. >> makes us all feel like there will be a new beginning, doesn't it? >> if the polls hold true, hillary clinton and donald trump could sweep all five states today. >> the numbers keep rising now. over a half million people are boycotting target. last week target pledged to allow transgender guests and employees to use whichever fitting room and rest room best corresponds with their gender identity. now nearly 575,000 people signed a conservative group's petition to boycott that store. the group claims the policy puts
5:47 am
women and children at risk of sexual assault. target is not backing down from those assertions, adding that hundreds of target stores have family rest rooms for people that are more comfortable with that option. it is 5:47. if you plan to go to rio for the summer olympic games and haven't booked a place to stay, be prepared for sticker shot. expedia says rio hotel prices are three times higher than normal. rooms averaging close to $300 a night. city has 60,000 hotel rooms. some are completely sold out. >> you feed a good camera for all the pictures you are going to take. more options to snap photos with your smart phone. >> facebook is building its own stand-alone camera app. it will support live streaming as well as photos and videos. the goal is to get people to stay on facebook longer. no word when it will be available. a big day for twitter.
5:48 am
>> scott mcgrew, wall street says show me the user. >> exactly right. for twitter, today is not about the money. investors do want twitter to make money, but even as the company reports profits, what we care more about is what twitter will say about user growth. the last time we heard from the san francisco company twitter had gotten smaller. this afternoon we get the latest data about the number of people using twitter. the first time they said fewer people were using twitter, we could bring that off as a fluke. not twice. twitter saying twice in a row it's getting smaller would be a disaster. >> apple reports after the closing bell. there is speculation it will say it made less money. the first time in many years apple's revenue would shrink. it's possible apple will say it sold fewer iphones. there are smaller bay area companies reporting, including
5:49 am
blackhawk network, kla tencor. cnbc polled those on wall street who they think will be our next president. 80% of economists and fund managers polled predict it will be hillary clinton. 13% think it will be donald trump. it doesn't appear anybody polled wants clinton to win on wall street. wall street favors john kasich. it's a very small sample size but they are smart people. >> interesting who they want and who they think they'll get. >> i would say take the emotion out of it. an officer came to the rescue for a family of geese. >> they ended up on the shoulder of interstate 80 in albany. so the officer stepped in to save the day. look at that.
5:50 am
he wrangled those geese and moved them out to a safer spot but not before snapping a selfie. san jose city hall famous residents will be back today. the falcons that call the roof home. this is their live webcam rah. you can watch them all day long. clara and fernando have new chicks. researchers will repel down from the top of the roof and tag those little babies. it's scheduled to happen 8:00 this morning. >> we'll see what they name them. a rare and furry sighting. >> four mountain lion kittens were hiding out last week. the puma project found them thanks to a tracking device. once they get bigger, scientists will return to give them tracking collars. they are cute and furry and dotted right now. >> watch out when mama is
5:51 am
around. i don't know i want to be the one to tag them. >> that's when the mothers are the most violent. >> let's check in with kari with a look at our forecast today. lots of parents putting jackets on their kids. >> make sure you've got the name on the hat. i went to a play ground yesterday and saw jackets scattered all over the place. they need it this morning. a live look outside in san jose. we start out with clear skies. chilly temperatures. mid to upper 40s. as we drop in on the south bay, you can see we have low 40s in spots like morgan hill. silver creek valley 46. if you are making plans to head to the giants game today, another nice one, not as windy as yesterday. still pretty cool with mostly clear skies. temperatures by the end of the game at 58. we are watching the next weather system that will be moving in.
5:52 am
the one that gave us all the wind and dry weather continues to move away. this next one approaches as it continues to bring in more clouds ahead of that and scattered showers for the forecast tomorrow. once that passes off to the east, high pressure quickly builds in. temperatures warm up for the weekend as well as saturday and sunday into early next week. scattered showers start out early tomorrow and may impact that morning commute with hit or miss rain. it tapers off by tomorrow evening as temperatures will start out in the 60s tomorrow. then up to 74 in the south bay. mostly sunny skies also on thursday in the peninsula. a nice end to the week. showers in the forecast for san francisco as well on wednesday. some 70s in the forecast for thursday into the weekend. then that's when we see those highs reaching to 80. more of a summer feel all across the bay area. especially in the north bay sunday. 89 degrees.
5:53 am
let's head back over to mike. >> we just caught the end of the flash lights heading northbound on 280. we'll show you the map and crash. this is a new crash for san jose. northbound 101 is jammed up at the scene north of there. behind some trees. that is a crash. we are seeing that build only there for san jose. rest of your day looks good as far as the drive over the east bay to the bay bridge. i want to talk about half moon bay and highway 1.ç the tunnel there still closed. we had this crash over there. you see one lane open on each side south of devil's slide. the deadly crash happened 3:30 in the morning. the driver of the car was ejected from the car and that is the cause of death.
5:54 am
we are getting more information when they will reopen and we are hoping just after 6:00. up next, nearly a year later and state law makers are taking steps to prevent another tragedy. life-saving legislation introduced following a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. happening in our digital platforms, staying top on breaking news. two crash scene investigations under way. one fatal. a close eye on traffic backup. look for realtime tweets. >> plus while watching tv, hop on to our facebook page to see how our team gets this show on the air every morning live. 3 seconds==
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==laura//cont vo== a commemoration service was held in northern ukraine today to remember those who died in the chernobyl nuclear disaster 30 years ago. a commemoration service held in northern ukraine to remember those who died in the chernobyl nuclear disaster 30 years ago. people played flowers. the initial explosion at the chernobyl nuclear plant in april 1986 killed at least 30 people and exposed millions to dangerous levels of radiation. final death toll is subject to
5:58 am
speculation and dispute due to the continuing effects of that radiation. nearly one year after a deadly balcony collapse in berkeley, state law makers are taking similar steps to prevent a similar tragedy. >> juror jerry hill of san mateo went after the company that built the berkeley building. >> the firm that constructed the apartment complex had a history of questionable work and in previous years paid out $26.5 million in construction defect settlements. >> the state senate committee holding that theory could consider reforms to the contractor state license board which is the watch dog construction group. law makers say the agency did not have authority to investigate and prosecute building contractors. former nfl quarterback johnny manziel could be formally
5:59 am
charged for allegedly assaulting his then girlfriend. she says he hit her several times while the two were driving from a dallas bar back to her home. police report says she tried to get away by jumping from the moving car but manziel stopped then reportedly dragged her back into the car. manziel was cut by the cleveland browns last month. a wild chase through the southern california street. this has a twist. >> the culprit a bear on the run. >> look at that. camera people and fish and game right there with the less than lethal yellow gun. >> the bear scaled fences. fish and wildlife crews eventually shot that bear with a tranquilizer dart and it promptly fell asleep. the bear is said to be fine and will be returned to the national
6:00 am
forest. in one was hurt. >> get him back to his habitat. trouble on the roadways this morning. an update to breaking news mike has been tracking all morning law. a fatal crash shuts down a bay area highway on the peninsula. the impact. a nanny arrested for shaking a baby. how that babysitter describes herself. plus to make another run at a championship, will have to do it without steph curry. what the warriors say they won't do when it comes to their superstar and his recovery from that knee sprain. good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we had a couple of traffic incidents this morning shutting down some lanes. >> good morning. shut down entire freeway here. this crash car smashed


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