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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 27, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning. so far, we've see the scattered showers, that looks to continue to weaken as it makes its progress farther to the south. it will be in eukaya in the next hour a. partly sunny sky, if are you headed out right now, it is looking all good. i'll detail that and we'll take a closer look at the forecast from time for the weekend, let's head over to anthony now for a look at the morning commute. any problems yet? >> no, we don't have things to talk about. things looking good, all the highways are moving good. 101 moving good as well. we do have a stall on 880 right at the 238 connector. right here, the off-ramp.
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otherwise good. heading towards the bay bridge. approach slowing there. this has been the general transaction, not too heavy, not too light. you can see a few cars there. but again, no earns can. back to you, guys. >> anthony, thank you. a convicted child molester now linked to the disappearance of a fairfield boy from more than 30 years ago. three-year-old clark honda was last seen in his bed back in 1984. investigators are charging that man in what they're calling a kidnap for ransom case. >> he is already serving his 26-year prison sentence in southern california. this morning, we are hearing from the victim's father who has been waiting for this moment for decades. >> 30 years ago, i had to come to grips with being a born again christians, i've forgiven him. the tragedy is he's never lived out his life. we will never know, you know the pleasure he would have given us.
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>> versions are not saying what linked the suspect to the case and why it took so long for the arrest in the cold case. no word on when he will be transferred to the county to face charges. in the south bay the hunt continues for a double homicide suspect in san jose. this coming as we learn disturbing new details about this case. it's chilling note found at that scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam, police have not been willing to talk to us about those messages scrawled inside the home where that couple lives and then later where they died. but we do know that police are looking for the couple's adult son in his 20s. they want to know if he can help with the investigation. now, meanwhile, sources tell nbc bay area that there was more than one message written in permanent marker on the walls near where they were shot to death. neighbors tell us there were no science of trouble in that quiet
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house on sunday afternoon when the couple was shot dead. our source tells us that two of the pages read, first, i'm sorry, my first kill was clumsy. the other reading something to the effect of, i can't be like you telling a lie, i can't love someone without telling them. >> in that scene, i didn't see any enemy at all. they were always so friendly and polite and the first to volunteer service for the community. >> reporter: the couple was active in the evergreen islamic center. she worked as an accounttant, she was an engineer. they are with family members planning a burial while their killer is still on the loose and in any case when there is still a suspect who is outstanding, we ask if there is any imminent danger to the public t. police all along say they believe this couple was targeted, that the attack was fought random and that there is no danger to the public at large.
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in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." . a developing story a. santa clara county inmate died while in custody. this is the latest in a string of issues at that jail. the 36-year-old man not yet identified was booked last thursday the inmate had several medical issues. he was treated at the infirmary. yesterday, he was rushed to san jose, he later died. doctors say he had a medical emergency t. sheriffs office says it followed all the proper protocol in this calls. happening today, three deputies from santa clara's main jail will be in court t. guard are accused of beating mentally ill inmate michael tyree to death. the trial date is expected to be today. class are cancelled at university of san francisco the teachers and staff holding a
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one-day ever strike. they allege unfair labor practices. this union has recently declared an impasse in contract talks t. school says they cannot provide the pay raises the teachers are demanding. it doesn't have the money. all 11 campuses an offices are going to be impacted by the strike. several buildings have caught fire in san francisco in the last couple of months. today the fire department will talk about their investigation. we are expected to learn more about monday's night's fire. it was the third time the building caught fire. it was deemed uninhabitable more than a year ago. recent fires brought new legislation from san francisco supervisors. they say it will protect renters. >> this legislation is going to have the greatest impact on our poorest and working class residents that live often in our oldest buildings that are often dense or wooden in structure and often post-vulnerable to fires. >> tonight's meeting on the
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investigation is at 5:00. only on nbc bay area new details on bart's new train car. it crashed during a test drive. we learned last week's accident was triggered when the electrical system interfered with the braking system when testing. bart is expected to announce details about the investigation later today. let's take a live look at oracle this morning. it is sure to be rocking tonight. >> the doves are off in their opening series three games to one. the team has to take that last step, though, or last dribble, without star seth curry. he is out with a sprained fee. seth's teammates say they are ready to team up. >> we're not losing one. we still believe in ourselves. we still think it's very possible for us to make a run and all the way down. >> you can accuse him of a lot
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of things, but lacking confidence, not one of them. he is all smiles and bravado. game five items off at 7:30 tonight. it's sold out. on the retail market, those tickets are running a little more than $100 bucks right now. just wait, though. >> they will go up. grab them while they're hot. 5:07. it's not going to be too hot. it will be drizzly. rainy in most parts? >> i think so. it won't be raining the entire day. it will be hit or miss. we are still tracking them well to the north of the bay area and continuing to make some progress closer to us as we go through that 8:00 or 9:00 hour, we start to see them moving into the north bay. it takes its time, it may impact the morning commute as more travelers get out there on the roadways. now it's around eureka, some heavy rain will be possible, but how do the computer modems show running into dry air.
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much of this rain breaking apart. we will have the chance of rain falling at any point through the morning and early afternoon and the potential of lightning as well. i will detail that and what you expect as our temperatures warm up this weekend. let's head over to anthony to see if the roads are moving smoothly. >> we have a couple accidents, you can see the south bay and the peninsula, no problems there. the two that i want to show you are 880 southbound at high street in oakland. also on the 238 peninsula fear 580 there is a stall there. otherwise, it looks good 580 through dublin, even in the south bay, wide opened lane, still no concerns. >> thanks, anthony. the candidates are looking for a nomination. up next, a pivotal move in the presidential campaign with a clean sweep for donald trump in five states. hillary clinton also winning four. so where does this leave the
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rest of the field? tracy potts straightens it all out for us in a live report. apple makes a historic announcement. it's not the kind investors like. .
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. >> decision 2016 and after last night, the math is getting less murky in the race for the presidential nomination. donald trump and hillary clinton collectively winners in nine out of ten contests last night. trump is already calling himself the presumptive republican nominee. does that mean it's all over for the rest of the candidates? >> today, tracy potts has the answer on that and more of last night's primary rules. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, is it over, no? is it close to over? could be donald trump in the primaries up and down the east coast. we got maryland, delaware, pennsylvania, which was a big haul in terms of delegates and rhode island and connecticut. in fact, all the pennsylvania delegates haven't been awarded yet. yet are unbound and contain their vote still at the convention. still all of these went for donald trump. he will have a policy speech in washington. his campaign promises he'll be
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more presidential trump. the victories are making him presidential. next umm, indiana, where ted cruz hopes to take them on one on one, where kasich is backing off. now, let's look at the democrats where hillary clinton almost had a clean sweep, almost, she did not win rhode island. she picked up pennsylvania, maryland, delaware and connecticut. it was bernie sanders who won rhode island by 12 percentage points. but how much is that really going to help him in the all important delegate count? hillary clinton is now reaching out to his people, trying to force some unity in the party. she moves so much closer to the nomination. the d.c. primary is happening in june. after that, his top strategist says they'll take a look at the numbers, to see if they can turn super delegates his way and make a decision whether he has a shot at the nomination.
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>> it sounds like sanders is still in it. we appreciate that report from d.c. new details, a judge ruled the new york attorney general can go ahead with a $40 million fraud suit against the now defunct trump university. >> that suit accuses donald trump's school of scamming students who paid as much as $35,000 for online classes. allegations include fraud and false advertising. trump university has been in the spotlight during the presidential campaign. trump. has defendantt his reputation. tsa leaders will face a house oversight committee today as congress comes to the agency t. hearing is a part of an ongoing investigation into the tsat. committee requested documents related to executive misconduct. cash bonuses and reassignment. last november, they questioned the potential security gap. the future of driverless cars will be the focus of a national forum at sanforward
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university today. nitsa is hosting that event. transportation leaders are taking information on the best ways to roll out dlooifr driveless cars. google formed a new coalition to help bring driverless cars to the market. how are they made? we got a look inside the labs where they are manufactured. scott pittsburgh grew will bring that to us on nightly news. >> inside google, they do the mon shot, showing us the behind the scenes secrets. other experiments as well, the giant weather balloon, first time tv cameras have ever been let inside tonight on "nightly news" the founder who created the robot cars the same guy did all of those things has stepped down as ceo of the online university.
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it powers many of the online courses through universities like san jose state here you see the governor signing that into law. apple made history when it reported profits saying revenue has fallen for the first time in 13 years. iphone sales fell as well. a lot of people talking about the end of an era. we are not quite prepared to say that. facebook will report profits after the closing bell t. bar is very high for facebook. last quarter, facebook made way more money than experts spbl suspected. they'd like to see them do it again. landon dowdy is live. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hi, good morning, wall street could be in wait and see mode today ahead of the announcement by the federal reserve this afternoon. futures are lower. the fed is not expected to hike interest rates, but could signal. it still plans to do so later this year.
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investors are keeping an eye on apple stock after they reported the first ever quarterly drop the iphone sales. we have pending sales and facebook is rising 13 points tuesday. the nasdaq flipping 7 to 4888. back over to you. >> san diego based wells fargo is working on a new security system that will use your password. it will be first news for people who do really big transactions. people like treasurers and huge financial officers, people who move crazy apples of money. they will look into their iphone and prove they are them. it could to wells fargo app later. it will be a new way to double check you are you. >> would it now work? >> no. >> get some visine handy. when it comes to the
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checkout line, seconds patz. the new chip cards add 15 seconds to our time at cash registers. after everything is scanned, it stays until you are told to take them out t. new process was created to fight fraud. >> people are in a hurry. it's often annoying to those behind you. >> it takes a long time. i can't swipe picard until they tell me to. >> we don't like to wait anymore, do we? many retailers have not gone no that new chip. they are speeding up the checkout process don't get out your checkbook. >> that is it, someone pulls out a checkbook, oh my good. mississippi 2, mississippi 3. kari hall. i know you have been in that situation. >> i'm the lady with all the coupons. you are the lady with all the kids. yes. and you will be waiting with
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some rain pouring outside. you do need the umbrella has you head out. each though it's not raining now, we will see scattered showers moving in later on. we are seeing the rain moving through eureka and heavy downpours, and the models really downplay this rain running it into dry air, causing it to pretty much fizzle out. hit or miss showers. a chance of lightning and hectic storms over the sacramento valley in the bay area, looking at the much more spotty rain. maybe tenth of an inch of rail tolls. we are getting ready for that big game at at&t park this afternoon. they already have the tarp down i see a lot of people prepping the field in preparation of rain falling at times during the game. make sure you have the rain
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gear. winds coming in from the north west. later on this evening, you have the warrior's game, over in oakland, it is looking good t. rain moves out by then, it will be turning breezy, though, temperatures in the low 60s. about 58 degrees by 9:00. we will have a chance of rain for most of the microclimate, looking at 66 degrees in santa rosa. 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen sews that after today, it pretty much clears out with scattered showers in the forecast today, warming up if time for the weekend as our temperatures soar, we will have some '80s and mid-80s for those inland areas a. quick warm-up, looking for this week, beach weather, already starting to make some plans, you definitely want to do something that keeps you cool as we will have a fairly big warm-up over the next few days. let's check in now with anthony to see what's happening on the roadways. >> i like that forecast. looking good across most of the bay. we do have one accident that is creating slowing. not major slowing.
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it's near the oracle arena. near high street. you see it there not too bad. also on 580 coming down southbound headed towards the valley, a stall there actually, again, nothing to be concerned about. also slowing, down through livermore, all way down to 680 but again, no big concerns other than that one accident. over to you, guys. some concerns in the mid-west. they have some very destructive storms, the area left behind after back-to-back systems hit several states. laura/vo
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daylight showing just how hard severe storms hit overnight in north texas. we're lookg >> breaking news at 5:24. daylight shows how hard severe storms hit overnight in north texas. this is a look at some of the storm damage there. look at that, it completely rinned off the roof of that house. there have been reports of tornadoes in dallas and bloomington, any. some areas seeing golf ball size hail. several schools understandably from the looks of these pictures will be closed today. >> more activity. we will have more information on that. we should find out what caused that sink hole in moraga. remember this, it opened up more than a month ago downtown. crews say there is damage to a 96 inch storm drain pipe. it's about 23 feet deep t.
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repairs could cost more than $3 million. tonight's meeting to address the sipping hole, leaders are giving a month before the signing how to proceed with a possible ban on crop and feed. supervisors delayed that decision to give them more time to look at the fiscal impact. a recent petition drive checked more than enough signatures to place it on the november ballot. supervisors have the option to adopt the ordinance outright. a leading expert on birth defect says we may be scratching the surface with babies born from women infected with the zika virus. she spoke about the conditions this week in kelometeriasm she says microcephaly, other problems extend to eyes, ears,
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even the spinal cord. . 100 days and counting until the world gets its olympic groove on again. how ready is rio? >> as athletes are training for the summer olympic games. crews if brazil are dealing with lingering problems around south america's first olympics. that includes fierce about the zika virus, brazil's struggling economy and serious raw sewage issues in rio's waters, organizers insist there will be no problem. >> we will see they will be storing inside, in streaming, rowing. >> the mark of the 100 day countdown, many athletes will gather in new york's time's square to celebrate. we will have live coverage. also, you will have exclusive for the olympics.
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our own is heading out to rio. she is touching up on her port geeze. >> coming up, taking a chance against what they say are unfair labor practices. the faculty protests happening this morning that will shut down a handful of san francisco college campuses. good morning, i'm bob redell live here at the oracle arena in oakland, where tonight the golden state warriors will clinch the nba playoffs without their star mvp seth curry. that story coming up. we have rain and possibly a few cloud in the forecast. i will at the tail that coming up.
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. >> the countdown is on. we are now 14 hours away from a game that could clinch the series for the warriors. can they do it without their star player, a guy named seth curry? sure they can do it. >> they have hardware. >> the oracle arena, they react to fans, good morning, thank you for joining us. >> no doubt, oracle will be rocking tonight t. only thing we are hearing this morning is raindrops on the windshield. let's turn it over to meteorologist kari hall. go remember. >> we will hear that rain later on this morning. as we get a look at the radar, you see it approaching, it will
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make its problem further to the south within the next few hours. i think by 8:00 or 9:00, we will see that moving through much of the north bay, now we start out with some dry conditions, if you are on your way out the door now, no issues, partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the low 50s. headed into the mid-50s later today. i'll detail that rain and give you the idea of the time line, that's all coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to anthony now for a wide look at the morning commute. >> we have a couple of issues. look at this math here. we got some accidents. i want to show you what's happening. in the east bay, it's starting to stack up here and there, keep that in mind, first we want to take you to high street, two cars involved there. it's got too lanes closed. 580 at the 238 connector. an accident there. the third one is right at the 680, 580 connector in dublin.
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there is actually another one that popped up down on the map, highway 4 at the 240 connector. we will show you what it's looking like, there is a lot going on. you can see, traffic is still moving without a problem. small accidents as you approach those. back to you, guys. >> antony, thank you. chasing a championship t. warrior's one game away from moving onto the next round. they will have to do it without seth curry. >> all the action goes down later tonight. "today in the bay" live inside oracle with a preview of tonight's game, look at that angle. large and in charge. >> reporter: unfortunately, i don't think i can reach. it has been a great week that mvp seth curry will be out due to the injury to his knee.
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steve kerr, coach of the year, what makes this distinction atypical is kerr missed the first half of the season due to back problems. you will recall his assistant coach led the warriors and actually finished 8th in voting for head coach of the year. kerr was emotional as he reflected on his health problems earlier in the season. >> this was the hardest year of my life. not even close bob went from being my general manager, a guy i worked with, to a guy i leaned on every day. >> he deserves this award. you don't zivt for winning 73 games, you deserve it for coming to work every day with how you had to feel. >> you might recall in houston on sunday against the houston rockets, seth curry slipped on a
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wet spot on the course, hurt hit right knee. an mri shows he has a sprain. it will keep him out. if they win tonight, they will clinch the western conference quarterfinals in advance of the next round of the playoffs where they will be playing either the clippers or the portland trail playsers, anyone that comes here tonight gets a strength in numbers tee-shirt. of course, this will be the slogan for the past couple of years for the warriors. they will try to show they have strength in numbers without playing with seth curry. tickets are sold out. if you go on the retail market. 19,000, something and something, 19,506. if you go on the retail mark, you can get tickets from 190 and change up to 6,000. i'm sure this is only a couple hundred bucks. it's only court side. reporting live here at the
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oracle arena. >> you are doing your homework. we appreciate that about you. thank you very much. >> all right, they're doing their homework 4 pouring over plans for an already approved major development t. north 40 project in los gatos. councilmembers called for a study session before moving forward we are tail development. >> happening today, walking off the job. that is what faculty members from city college san francisco will be doing this morning. it means no school for thousands of students seteph, why the protests? >> reporter: instructors, librarians say they're not getting paid fair wages about 1500 are expected to walk the picket lines, as well as the
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administrative offices, the first time this teacher's union has done something like this. you do see a warning on the website saying everything is down today except for online registration because today is actually day one of our registration for fall 2016. the chancellor writing to deeply regret the strike and after the advertises one day. now the contract negotiations have gone on for more than a year. faculty members have been working without a contract for ten of those months. union leaders say faculty pay is 3% below what the school paid back in 2007. they say faculty numbers need to get a raise. the college says it can only manage a 7.19 raise during the next two years. it says, look, you lost a lot of money after a sharp decline in student enrollment. you might remember, there were, though, accreditation issues in 2013 that led to the appointment
5:37 am
of a central trustee to oversee city college san francisco. members say they're also upset by a plan to lay off more than a quarter of the faculty as well as slash and cut about 26% of programs and classes. so there is a lot to discuss here, there will be campus police officers sort of patrolling and monitoring to make sure it all stays peaceful. >> block sox, white sox, all the same. racist, murders, the name of the game. >> a vocal group of protesters gathered at the police department last night outside the mission district substation. protesters demanding police chief to step down. racist text messages allegedly written by police officers is the latest scandal to engulf the
5:38 am
police department. we finally saw them. the public defender put up pictures and the text messages of three other officer, they include disparaging words to describe african-american, gays and american indians. he sees a relationship between hateful messages and what's happening on the streets. >> that's the kind of mentality that says, it's okay to shoot. it's okay to kill. it's okay to arrest. i want to public to make no mistake about it. we now have 11 officers that have been having 11 officers who were sent swiftly to the commission for termination. >> the chief says the department is instituting bias training for the entire department. cryptic new details in a homicide case in l.a. police do not believe this was a
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randoming a of violence. they say they knew the family. they were found dead inside their home on sunday. along with their bodies, chilling messages were found written in plaque marker on walls and floors. the victims' friends say it's hard to believe that pair was murdered. >> very polite, very humble and why i'm finding it so difficult to find out what happened. the violent end to such huh mill but politeness, how much the people in the area. >> no arrests have been made to this point. investigators are trying to locate the couple's oldest son for questioning. >> a suspect accused of hitting an east bay homeowner with a hammer is behind bars this morning. take a look at the suspect. police have been searching for him since an arm robbery in
5:40 am
march, weeks later, evidence led detectives to the suspect. he was arrested a short time later. >> a silent alarm helped police capture a suspected burg ler. the alarm notified school district employees, who then called police. officers say they found a 23-year-old resident hiding in the bathroom with a back pack stuff full of the school's ipads. we want to check your forecast a. little rain in the works today. it will make you take your umbrella. >> don't forget it. you may see rain at some point in the early afternoon. we are tracking that rain moving well to the north of the bay area. moving through the county. >> that will continue to move closer to the bay area by the main morning commute around 8:00 or 9:00. mostly clear now. and the rain has been fairly
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light. light to moderate rain. you will see that fizzling out. we'll talk more about this. let's head over to anthony with a look at the morning commute. >> in the last ten minutes the toll plaza here. things are really slow. getting through the maze. let's go to the maps. we got several accidents starting to pile up. one is 880. southbound at high street. . three others threw dublin, 580 to 680 connector. two up across parts of highway 4. the south bay, 101 northbound, moving slow, no accidents here. >> anthony, thank you very much. >> coming up, a clear path to the nomination, donald trump says it's all over after a pivotal night on the campaign trail. we'll have the latest numbers on
5:42 am
the primary. what those numbers mean moving forward. in business news, apple is like the golden gate bridge. you got to stick around for that. >> reporter: 100 days away from rio. a full report from time's square coming up. morning.
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both practically sweeped last >> decision 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton both waking up winners this morning, the two candidates practically swept last night's
5:45 am
primary. donald trump is telling his republican opponents this race is over. >> connecticut, rhode island, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, he won them all. none of the other republican opponents are backing down. all looking onto the next primary. >> i got incredible faith in the common sense, good judgment of the people of indiana, the hoosier state. >> in the meantime, on the democratic side, hillary went four out of five. bernie sanders did win rhode island. he is not giving up. he is till running the rest of the primaries. >> we have now won 16 primaries and caucuses all over the country. >> the president is reaching out to sanders, asking for unity, mathematically, she can lose every primary and still win the nomination. that's assuming she picked up dell dpats in the state she
5:46 am
loses. trump and clinton need just under 300 no have the delegation. >> they hit the poles on june 7th. donald trump, john kasich and ted cruz will be in the bay area this friday. they will all be sticking at the state convention republican. right now nbc bay we have the full reports, scrolling across the top of the page. >> lit the countdown begin. we are exactly 100 days until the summer olympics in rio. today, team usa athletes are gathering to celebrate the milestone. >> today jay gray is there with a preview of what we can expect from this year's games. >> reporter: the olympics sparks its own flame, a fire burning for the first time ever in south america. >> it will be a real body. it will be amazing out here. >> but the host city for that party, rio, 100 days left, is
5:47 am
still dealing with unwanted guests. >> we are making sure that we win the battle ago ens the mosquitos. >> reporter: there continues to be concern about the rapid spread of the zika virus. including members of the u.s. soccer team voicing their fears. >> i don't think it's so close to the rainforest, where there is more mosquitos. >> in the water, pollution reports office raw sewage and dead animals in a training run. brazilian officials are sticking to a pledge, to reduce plougs 80% before the games. >> we will be working on the waters and streaming and rowing and -- >> reporter: other issues include security, brazil struggling economy and ongoing political strife, olympic observers point out, host cities always deal with major concerns leading up to the games. and the country of carnivale
5:48 am
insists it will be ready to welcome the world to rio. >> we are your exclusive home for the olympics. we will have live updates. >> we were talking about concerns over the zika virus the fight here, might be poised to get a major financial boost. they are asking for close to $2 billion to tackal potential zika outbreak in the u.s., temperatures are growing, mosquito season gets under way, it would cover treatment to fight mosquitos. some are calling it the end of an era. apple says for the first time in 13 years, that revenues fell and made less money. >> wall street is punishing the company. apple has fallen overnight $40 billion. that's a lot of money by silicon valley standards. >> it's huge, we are trying to figure out how to put that into
5:49 am
scale. let's try this. if you wanted to build the golden gate bridge today, it would cost around $1.5 billion in today's dollars. apple's overall value fell by 26 brand-new golden gate bridges while you were sleeping. folks, that is a lot of bridges. now, that value is called market capitalization or park cap. apple still has plenty of money. it has more than $200 billion in plain old cash and, in fact, it's going to give some of it booing to shareholders. this inclusive dividend by 10%. generally speaking, silicon valley companies don't like dividends because they're something old fudd di dudi companies do, not startups. apple is not a startup. twitter shares are under pressure after that company disappointed its investors. we'll dive more deeply into twitter's future in our 6:00 hour. the fed wraps up interest rate today considering there is no press conference scheduled, not
5:50 am
much action at all. >> da da da da da da da da, apple circus apple surcuss. >> maybe my favorite movie clip of all time. comcast reportedly in talks to buy dreamworks animation, comcast owns universal studios as well the tv station. it will be a $3 billion deal. for many years, dreamworks had a massive campus. they since moved that to glenn dale. this is a way of maybe getting those characters into the universal characters music. >> great, thank you for that. it's now in our heads. >> da da da da da. >> a hippo in a tutu? >> we have to go cease mad gsee
5:51 am
right now. now, she has something to be proud of. >> 12-year-old lee rodriguez thought she was late when she showed up to run 3 miles. she joined the pack. that pack was actually the half marathon group. when three miles started turning into 12 the young girl decided to just do it. >> i was like, i'm going to finish this. i'm going to keep going. >> good for her. one big problem, her mother was waiting at the 5 k finish line and became frantic when she didn't cross. a motorcycle police officer sorted things out. she kept going and going. >> imagine how she would have done if she actually trained for the race. >> she's so young, she can do it. what the heck. >> a lot of spirit there. >> now the full marathon. >> rochester, that race was in the spring, not in the winter, temperatures there typically get below zero.
5:52 am
we start this week, we are seeing warm-up. >> we can't complain. we will have rain moving in. it starts out well to the north of us. we take a look at the rain that continues to move into eureka and ukiah. moving into mendocino county. >> that is mostly light rain. it does encounter dry air it may turn out to be a scattered showers. some of the hefty downpours and storms. we will still have a chance of some cloud, containing lightning. so that will be a concern early afternoon, behind this system. the winds turn gusty later on this evening. we do have the potential of about a tenth of an inch of rain, according to some of those commuter models. some are wicking up on a lot less based on the scattered nature of that rain, here's a
5:53 am
live look at the stadium, you see a lot of people working on that field to try to keep it dry as that rain moves closer. temperatures will be in the lower 60s. winds if from the north west. then the warriors game this evening, it looks pretty nice a. chance of source and possibly some thunderstorms in the microclimbs. the mid to up ir60s over the next few days. we will be getting for much warmer temperatures as this area of low pressure moves out which will have those highs trending into the weekend. let's head over to anthony for a look at the morning compute. >> things ared be across the east bay. we are starting to stack up. you see the accidents we are tracking this morning. 880 around high street. that's probably the most extensive backup. also coming in from hey 4,
5:54 am
actually a backup there on state route interstate to concord, also several e several accidents in dublin. keep in mind. they are scattered. south bay is looking good. >> thanks. it's 5:54. coming up, a public health threat close to home. federal agents are warning about. >> first happening right now. we are saying on top of that developing story in the south bay. the is for a killer of a gruesome discovery of a husband and wife in their home. in the 19time, we compiled all of our stories on this case for you on nbc bay plus on a much lighter note, go to our facebook page to see ricky gervais talking to seth meyers about re-visiting his office character. that was the original. we are back in two minutes.
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>> 5:57 on your wednesday morning. the united states issuing a new warning surrounding the safety of the sids overseas. the u.s. embassy says it has quote credible indications of terrorist threats at tourist areas in turkey. on its website, the embassy says there are reports that terror groups are seeking opportunities to carry out attacks. just hours ago, the key suspect if last year's terrorist
5:58 am
attacks in paris was transferred from brussels back to france. he has been in belgian custody awaiting extradition over the coordinated traction that left 150 dead in november. authorities say he backed out of being a suicide bomber in those attacks and fled to belgium. he was on the run and was arrested before the twin bombings in brussels. they say they have found the data recorder, it's about the size of a basketball almost three miles under water a remarkable achievement. >> that ship sank in the bahamas back in october during hurricane joaquin. all crew members on board died. investigators say they hope that device will show the final moments before the ship went down. there are questions about why the cap tan appeared to steer the ship closer to the storm's path. a dangerous drug responsible
5:59 am
for the 14 overdose deaths, bay area hops have treated seven patients. they ingested what they thought was the painkiller narco. it ended up being fentanyl. >> we found the position of fentanyl a lethal opoid. >> it can be 100 times stronger than morphine, sacramento county reported 12 deaths and two reported in other counties. the report card is in. american high school seniors are slipping in math. the so-called nation's report card was just released this morning to track last year's test scores. only a quarter of seniors were proficiently better in math. reading scores stayed flat t.
6:00 am
results show one-third of seniors are ready for entry level college courses. right now, more rain on the way. major changes coming our way soon. when 80 degree temperatures could hit your neighborhood. cold case. >> reporter: i'm bob redell, i take you live to the oracle arena, that story coming up. >> and a break in a decades old cold case. the suspect named in the kidnapping and killing of a bay area boy some 30 years ago. we spoke to the family. desperately awaiting composure. "today in the bay" right now. thank you for joining us. >> a wet wednesday to start our morning. let's check the forecast. >> we start out with that chance of rain moving in. so far the bay area is dry. so if are you on your way out the door,


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