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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a dead body at apple headquarters. the santa clara county sheriff's office very tight-lipped -- not saying where specifically the body was.. or who it is. our reporter, michelle roberts -- is at the scene gathering information right now.. we'll continue to follow this developing story and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. scott/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. ==kris//2 shot== we are also following a developing story out of pacifica where three schools are on lockdown. ==anim== ==kris//map== terra nova high school, orgega school and ingrid b lacy middle school are in "secure campus" mode. the principal sent out a note to parents saying that because of nearby police activity -- they have decided to
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keep all students inside. >> that is because of nearby police activity and they decided to keep all the students inside. according to pacifica police, there was no crime on any of those campuses and the lockdown is just out of an abundance of caution. when we talked with pacificy police, they would not get specific about the crime they're investigating nearby, but we're continuing to ask. >> and other top story, hundreds of city college of san francisco faculty members are on the picket line, not in the classro classrooms. they want a bigger paycheck. >> that means thousands of students have no class to go to today. in fact, the future of their entire education is up in the air. stephanie chuang is live where it's three hours into the strike. it's rowdy crowd behind you. >> pretty rowdy. yeah, i was wondering if you could hear the chanting going on behind me. there are several groups that look like this one here at the main campus. they have been here since 8:00 this morning. the plan is to go another eight
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hours. it's mostly part-timers. 700 instructors. counsellors, librarians who say they're not paid enough and now they have had enough. we also had a scene earlier from the mission campus, which comes after a year of fails contract talks. city college is paying 3% less than what it paid back in 2007. faculty members want an 18% raise, but city college says it can only manage 7% in the next two years. the interim chancellor blames accreditation issues from several years ago slashing enrollment from 90,000 to about 70,000. they gave the city college about $20 million to fill in some of the money but that expires after the school year. that means a $25 million drop she has to prepare for. the work is to grohl enrollment. she says this strike falling on day one of fall registration isn't helping. >> i think the one-day strike does have impacts like you said,
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impacts on morale, we're concerned about impacts on our enrollment since it is thefirst day. >> lots of money for super bowls. we have lots of money for sports. and we need to have basic good salaries for teachers and respect for the needs of students. >> very sad is to see that the administrators are making a lot of money and that we part-timers are not even meeting our needs. >> now, part-time faculty members are really at risk of losing their jobs because of the drop in enrollment. city college plans on consailidating classes with smaller enrollments. lamb says full-time teachers will not be impacted, but she stresses emotions cannot eclipse the reality now, the numbers. that is that they need to get the enrollment back before they can talk about keeping the same number of staff onboard. what is next is the fact finding
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process in these negotiations talks, hoping a third party arbitrator will be able to help move this forward, closer to some resolution. live here at city college of san francisco, stevany chong, nbc news. >> as you saw in stephanie's life shot, it's raining in san francisco. and here comes the rain all around the bay area. once again, our live traffic cameras getting wet. you can see the droplet on some of the lenses there. let's bring in kari hall. how long is this rain going to last? >> we'll see it off and on for the next several hours. a live look at the satellite and radar. this is not a very widespread system. it has been very hit or miss. most of the rain now moving across parts of the east bay and also now moving into the south bay. a closer look at some heavy downpours that have just moved out of dublic, approaching livermore, and we'll see some of the heavy rain for the next several minutes, down toward fremont, the rain is clearing, and that will continue to once
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again approach the south bay. so some more scattered showers through at least 1:00 or 2:00, and then the activity winds down as we go into the rest of the evening and the winds will start to kick up. looks like we will have more heavy activity over parts of the central valley. looking at warriors oracle arena. they're getting ready for the gape. it's raining now. it will clear out in time for the game. know a lot of people can breathe a sigh of relief. i'll send it back to you for more on that. >> thank you very much. new at 11:00, b.a.r.t. opening up about the malfunction that caused one of its new train cars to crash during testing. during a news conference that just wrapped up an hour ago,er b.a.r.t. explains an electrical short between a test system and the train car is the source of the problem. that short caused the train's auxiliary power system to shut down during a training run on friday. once the power was down, the brakes stopped working. b.a.r.t. says this is exactly what this system is supposed to
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do during this type of malfunction. >> the car did not fail. the operators did not do anything wrong. in fact, they did everything that they could to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. >> the train car hit a sand berm at about 10 miles per hour. the car itself was not damaged, but crews have had to remove sand from the mechanical system and its wheels. we have been following this b.a.r.t. problem all along. you can find all of our b.a.r.t. stories online,, for complete coverage of b.a.r.t. >> traffic is not yet back to normal on interstate 580 in pleasanton following a deadly multicar crash that just locked up the commute. a little before 6:00 this morning, six vehicles including one big rig slammed into each other. at least three caught fire. one person was killed. for most of the morning, westbound 580 was closed and there are still big backups.
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anthony is going to have an update on traffic coming up in just a minute. the warriors' next step to another championship is without steph curry on the floor. we're not nine hours away. this can't be right, for game five against the rockets. >> bob redell was inside with more. >> one of the warriors commented to us yesterday their slogan for the past couple years has been strength in numbers. this is a team effort. that couldn't be truer tonight as the warriors take on the rockets. 7:30, center court, oracle arena, without their star player, without the mvp, steph curry. this is sidio from sunday as he slipped on a wet spot on the court, ended up hurting his right knee. an mri on monday showed that he had a grade one sprain of the mcl. in other words, he could be out for a couple weeks. >> so we believe in that, and i hope everybody else believes in
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the strength in numbers. we don't say that for no reason. we say it for a purpose. it's time now to use it. >> i think our confidence level with steph is through the roof. without steph, it's still at the roof. we're not losing much confidence. we still believe in ourselves. we still, you know, think it's very possible for us to make a run. you know, hold it down until he gets back. >> good news for the warriors. the nba naming steve kerr the coach of the year. what makes this distinction atypical is he missed the first half of the season due to back problems. his assistant coach luke walton led the warriors to a 24-0 start, and he finished eighth in voting for coach of the year. kerr was emotional as he reflected on the health problems earlier in the year. >> this was the hardest year of my life. not even close. bob went from being my general
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manager, the guy i worked with, to the guy i leaned on every day. >> you deserve this award. you don't deserve it for winning in my opinion 73 games. you deserve it for coming to work every day with how you had to feel. >> even though tonight's game is sold out, you can buy tickets on the resale market. we see prices from a couple hundred dollars to over $6,000. everyone coming here will get a strength in numbers t-shirt. the warriors, of course, leading the series 3-1. they win tonight, they clinch the western conference quarterfinals and advance on to the next round of the nba playoffs. here at the oracle arena, bob redell. >> another news, cryptic new details in a double homicide case in san jose, and police say they do not believe this was a random act of violence. detectives say the suspect knew the family and left bizarre writings behind. the couple were found dead inside their home on lucas court on sunday. along with their bodies,
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chilling notes about the couple's last minutes alive. our source told us two of the messages read, i'm cesorry my first killing was clumsy. another read something to the effect of i can't be like you, telling a lie. i can't love someone without telling them. victims' friends say it's hard to believe the pair was murdered. >> very polite, very humble, and which is the reason why i'm finding it so difficult to comrehend what happened. the violence, and to such humility, such politeness, how peaceful they are. >> no arrests have been made in this case so far. investigators are still trying to find the couple's oldest son for questioning. they hope that he may have important information regarding the killing of his parents. in a related note, because that adult son is not here to claim his parents' bodies from the coroner, they cannot be buried according to muslim custom, which dictates that it be as close to the time of death as
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possible. >> donald trump is calling himself the prezumpten republican nominee this morning after winning all five northeast primaries last night. hillary clinton won four of five states. where does that leave us? tracie potts reports the latest from washington. >> donald trump in a phone interview this morning hinting at what's in his foreign policy address today. >> we need new thinking, we need a lot better thinking because this is ridiculous what's going on for so many years is ridiculous. >> aides say he'll use a teleprompter but totally rewrote the speech himself. it comes after five victories last night. >> for the five states, i'm so honored. >> maryland, delaware, connecticut, rhode island, and the big prize, pennsylvania, all went for donald trump. >> last night was donald trump's night. and today is indiana's day. >> where john kasich has agreed to back off, allowing ted cruz to compete one-on-one. >> we're barnstorming the state,
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traveling across the state, and seeing tremendous support from the people on the ground. >> clinton won four of the five primaries. she lost rhode island to bernie sanders. >> let's go forward. let's win the nomination. and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> we have now won 16 primaries and caucuses all over this country. >> clinton's reaching out to sanders supporters, talking unity. she can now lose every single remaining primary, including california, and still win the nomination. >> now, that assumes she would win some delegates in states she may lose, both clinton and donald trump now need less than 300 delegates to win the nomination. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> up next at 11:00, yahoo is growing. the size of its board of directors. we'll show you what that could say about the future of the search giant. >> and rio olympics are 100 days away. the torch has been handed off.
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but all the excitement in the world won't get those venues ready. we have a progress report on those coming up. (scott ad libs markets)
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=scott//cu= and welcome back. the dow industrial is gaining 46 points. nasdaq down 38. fed just finished its rate meeting. said they're not going to raise interest rates yet. yahoo capitulated and said it would allow activist investors to join its board of investors. yahoo says it will allow four members of star board ventures to join the board, including the leader of star bird, jeff smith. star bird has been very critical of yahoo's management. to many, this immediately calls into question the future of marissa mayer. starbird thinks she's taking far too long to sell off yahoo, and it's in the middle of taking bids. if she were to step down, now may be the time. >> shares in apple are plunging this morning after the company announced it made less money and sold fewer iphones. this ends 13 years of revenue gains for apple. the loss in share price
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translates to $40 billion in market capitalization loss. that's the overall value of the company loss, and $40 billion is a big number to visualize, think of the golden gate bridge. when it was built 78 years ago, it was $1.5 billion in our modern day money. so $40 billion is something like 25, 26 golden gate bridges. apple lost 26 golden gate bridges in value since yesterday. >> a programming note for you, tonight on the nbc nightly news, lester holt will take tv cameras into alphabet's labs for the first time. you probably think of it as google. google x has been the headquarters of all the cool secret stuff google has been working on. we'll see inside for the first time tonight at 5:30. >> the fbi is not sharing its secrets with apple how the tables turn, right? the cupertino company may never know how the feds were able to hack into the san bernadino terrorist's locked phone. the fbi usually lets companies
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know if they come across a hack or loophole, but the fbi director said his investigators don't know what the vuln vulnerability was because it paid a third party to help. >> happening now, who is in the driver's seat in the future of transportation, driverless cars discussed at stanford today. the national highway traffic safety administration is hoeszing that event. transportation leaders are taking input on the best and safest ways to roll out those driverless cars. this week, industry leaders including google and ford formed a new coalition to help bring driverless cars to market. our business and tech reporter scott budman is at today's forum and he'll have complete coverage at 5:00 and 6:00. >> rio 2016 summer olympics, only 100 days away, and brazil facing a number of problems. the country's president faces impeachment. the economy is in the dumps. the water isn't fit to swim in. and the zika virus is looming. >> meanwhile, the olympic flame
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was handed to organizers without a hitch for the rio de janeiro games today. the rio flame was lit in ancient olympia, the birth's place of the games in greece. it arrived in brazil on may 3rd. bob costas has more from rio. >> predicting the failure of an olympic games has almost become an olympic event in and of itself. in the case of rio de janeiro, there are in fact serious issues confronting the host issue and whether they'll be solved by the time the cauldron is lit is far from certain. we spent a few days down here checking out the preparations and speaking with several olympic and government officials about many of these concerns. including the political turmoil, which could lead to the president's impeachment and the ongoing concerned about the zika virus and water quality. but for all the challenges rio faces, there are several positives. nearly all the venues are complete and a series of successful test events have been held.
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major transportation projects are on track, and what is certain above all else is that rio remains one of the most visually spectacular and welcoming cities in the world. settings like this one here on copacabana beach where beach volleyball will be held, should be festive and jam packed. so this august, we'll see if despite all the problems, the sites and spirit of rio become the lasting impressions of these olympic games. >> we're your exclusive home for the olympics. jessica aqueera will be in rio. i have been pestering her for details. she'll bring us live details throughout the games. >> let's check your weather. lots of rain moving through the bay area. >> yes, we have seen some rain. also some spots where the rain is clearing. we have the showers earlier, ocean beach. you can still tell that the sand was wet. but look at the skies. it's clearing out there, and then we head over to sunol, where the rain is really coming down. and you can barely see anything.
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so low visibility in spots. this low pressure system still delivering some spotty showers to the bay area. that will be the case as we go through the rest of the day. also picking up on a couple lightning strikes here. as it continues to move over the hills. so as it moves away from livermore and pleasanton, still that chance that there could be lightning, thunder in these storms. we have been talking about today, that's still a possibility as it continues to move off towards the east. and then we'll see much of the rain winding down later on this evening, some spotty showers, and still some more activity over the parts of the sacramento valley. so we'll be watching out for the potential of more storms. here we'll have gusty winds picking up later tonight and into the start of the day tomorrow. so far, we have had rainfall totals at about a tenth of an inch for most of san francisco. and then we head over to the east bay, where you have had some areas also getting about a tenth of an inch, and then it's just now starting to come down
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in pleasanton and also livermore. i think we'll be measuring small amounts of rain there. current temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s. we have been closely watching this because the giants game will be kicking off in about an hour, and looking at them trying to keep the field dry, they have been out there with the squeegee, i guess that's what it's called, over the tarp, and trying to push that water off the field. still looking good. at first pitch, it will be 62 degrees. you still want to bring rain gear because we will have a chance of showers there. it's raining now in oakland, but by the time the gym starts, the warriors game later this evening, it will be cleared out. temperatures dropping back to the low 60s. a look at all the microclimates, a mix of sun and clouds, scattered showers, even the possibility of thunderstorms. there's enough energy in the atmosphere to see that popping up in just a couple spots, and then as we take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, our weather will be drying out and warming up. scattered showers today. as this area of low pressure continues to move off to the
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east, some gusty winds later on this evening. mild and breezy conditions, and a quick warmup in the forecast as this high pressure builds from friday into saturday as well as sunday. a look ahead to the weekend forecast. nothing like today. sunny and much warmer with highs in the low 70s. 80 degrees in the north bay on friday. and then up to the upper 80s in some spots. close to 90 degrees by the end of the weekend. so kris and scott, time to make plans and enjoy the summer like weather. >> she showed us all the guys squeegeeing the ballpark. we live near a little league park, you see the dads and grandpas and moms doing the same thing, but not as glamorous. >> occasionally it's nice when little league is rained out and you can go home. just saying. >> they never get rained out. >> up next, firefighters prepare for the start of this year's fire season. first, a change in training. >> but first, happening now,
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we're tweeting updates on the breaking news we started with at the top of the newscast. several schools in pacifica on lockdown because of a criminal investigation. right now, police tell us at least three schools are affected. follow us on twitter to get the latest there. on facebook, video of a streaking green light seen falling from the sky over los angeles last night. whatever caused it remains a history. you can find out more online. we'll be back with more news here in two minutes. the fire season is here. we are
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still in a drought.. well, fire season is here. we'll still in a drought, despite all that el nino rain. in fact, robert handa says el nino may fuel the fire season. >> cal fire seasonal firefighters are shaking off several months of rust at full speed. >> my life, the lives of my crew members depend on our ability to work well together, to do things efficiently and safely. >> the first wave of 20 seasonal firefighters for cal fire's santa clara unit began outdoor drills today, and officials say they will be needed soon. the agency report eed state-wid it's responded to 116 fires this week, 600 this year. >> we had fires in morgan hill and in the east bay. so we're starting to see
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activity pick up. >> el nino and the drought created volatile fire season fuel. >> it has made the grass crop grow out there, so we have the higher level of gas problem. a lot of trees out there are drought stricken. >> and firefighters aren't just training to battle wild land fires. crews are working on structure fire response, usually handled by urban agencies. >> a lot of our stations are located in outlying areas where they may be the first and only engine on the scene of a structure fire or medical aid. >> today's overriding message -- >> we tell them, a small fire can hurt you just as much as a big fire. >> robert handa reporting. in all, more than 100 firefighters will staff the stations in june. >> a dangerous drug responsible for at least 14 overdpoes drugs is now on bay area streets. the cdc said bay area hospitals have treated seven patients for overdose.
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those patients ingested what they thought was the pain killer norco but was in fact something laced with fentanyl. >> in all seven of the cases we found the presence of fentanyl, which is that potent potentially leith synthetic opioid. >> fentanyl can be up to 100 times stronger than morphine. all of the bay area patients survived. the sacramento county has reported 12 deaths and two deaths were reported in yolo county. investigators are now trying to track down where the drugs are coming from. >> up next, new answers in a decades-old cold case. our interview with the family of a 3-year-old kidnapped and killed in 1984.
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a man is being charged in a "kidnap for ransom case" a a man is being charged for a
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kidnap for ransom case that dates back to 1984. the victim here, just a 3-year-old little boy. clark honda, who was last seen in his bed in his fairfield home lns 32 years ago. now, a convicted child molester is being linked to his disappearance. >> sheryl herd spoke to the victim's family. they're finally get smg kind of closure. >> earl honda digging from his files, a flyer that was made almost 32 years ago of his nephew, who was abducted from his bedroom. >> you know, never give up hope. we always thought maybe even though he may have been abducted by bad people, he may have ended up in a good situation. >> tonight, the family's hopes were dashed when they found a family friend was charged.
11:32 am
>> to be able to come up with leads, to solve something from 1984, is huge. >> the lieutenant says the handa case has always been an open investigation, but in 2011, the police department's cold case unit, along with the fbi, took a closer look. >> new things like technology that come into play that help us evaluate different evidence in different ways. give us new clues and avenues of investigation to follow. >> police will not be specific about what led them to charge the man and why it took so long. they would only say it's currently serving a 26 year prison sentence related to separate child molestation charges in 1981, 2001, and 2002. earl handa said he didn't know the suspect. he said the fact that someone has been charged after so lodge is like opening up an old wound, but it does give some sense of closure to the family. >> when it happened, you never think it will take 31 years for something to result.
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>> nbc bay area news. >> black cops, white cops, all the same. >> that's a vocal group of protesters along with people on a hunger strike gathered at a san francisco police department station last night. it happened just outside the mission district's substation. protesters demanding police chief greg suhr step down. the chief is dealing with another scandal as well. police officers have once again been caught sending racist text messages to each other. after a months of hearing about the messages, we finally saw them. the public defender jeff adachi put up a picture of jason lye and his text messages to three other officers last summer including dispassengering words to describe african-americans, gays, and native americans. adachi says he sees a relationship between the hateful messages and the what's happening on the streets. >> that's the kind of mentality that says, it's okay to shoot.
11:34 am
it's okay to kill. it's okay to arrest. i want to public to make no mistake about it. y we now have 11 officers who have engaged in such behavior. 11 officers who were sent swiftly to the commission for termination. >> chief suhr says the department is instituting bias training for the entire department. >> several buildings have caught fire in san francisco over the last few months, and today, the fire department will talk about their investigation. we are expecting to learn more about monday night's fire at this building in the mission. that was the third time this particular building has caught fire. it was deemed uninhabitable more than a year ago after a deadly fire, then recent fires sparked a new legislation from san francisco supervisors, which the supervisors say will protect renters. >> this legislation is going to have the greatest impact on our poorest and working class residents that live often in our oldest buildings, that are often
11:35 am
very dense, are wooden in structure. and often most vulnerable to fires. >> tonight's meeting on the investigation is at 5:00, if you want to go, it's at lict middle school. >> just in to our newsroom, nbc confirming republican presidential candidate ted cruz has tapped a running mate, carly fiorina. he plans to unveil that selection this afternoon in indianapolis. fiorina is the former chief executive at hewlett-packard. she endorsed cruz this year. the texas senator is trying to generate momentum for his struggling campaign. it's extremely unusual to nominate your vice president before you yourself are nominated. just yesterday, gop front-runner donald trump swept five primaries in northeastern states. >> former house speaker dennis hastert has become one of the
11:36 am
highest ranking politicians in american history to be sentenced to prison. hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison. sex offender status, and $250,000 in fines that will go into a crime victims fund. hastert pleaded guilty last fall to violating banking law, as he sought to pay someone $3.5 million to keep sex abuse secret. the victims accused hastert of molesting him when he was their teacher and their wrestling coach. >> real estate heir robert durst is one step closer to facing murder charges in california. a judge in new orleans okayed a plea deal in which the 73-year-old durst would serve seven years in prison for a federal drug crime. the deal paves the way for extradition to california where he would stand trial for allegedly killing a friend in 2000. durst will be moved to a federal prison here in los angeles by mid-august. he'll serve the gun sentence there while awaiting trial for
11:37 am
the death of susan berman. >> new information concerning the cargo ship alfaro that sank nearly seven months ago during hurricane joaquin. they found the ship's black box on the ocean floor nearly three miles down. it had left jacksonville for puerto rico last october when it suddenly lost power and was sitting right in the path of a category-3 hurricane. tom costello reports. >> three miles below the ocean surface, the black box, the voyage data recorder the ntsb hopes will answer the question why it went down. until now, investigators have only had the chilling phone call from the captain. >> the clock is ticking. >> the captain telling his company headquarters that his cargo ship was taking on water. 33 crew members onboard. >> i have a marine emergency. we had a hull breach. we have water down in three hulls. we have lost the main propulsion
11:38 am
unit. >> a short time later, silence. everyone onboard lost. the hope now that the black box holds the recorded conversations from the ship's bridge during the emergency. >> communication between the captain, the chief engineer, and the officers and crew to the extent of the damage, you know, from the breach in the hull, the machinery problems down in the engine room, and of course, battling the weather conditions. >> el faro had left jacksonville for puerto rico in the midst of a tropical storm. it was off the coast of the bahamas when it lost power. underwater search vehicles found the wreckage a month later. among the 33 crew members who died, lewis champa, an electrician. >> a great guy. give you the shirt off his back type of guy. >> his mother has followed every turn in the investigation. >> we have been praying for this. i just cannot tell you how happy we are that they found it. >> this morning, viginvestigato are hoping the black box will
11:39 am
tell them what happened and why in the final hours. >> just doesn't make any sense. we're just all looking forward to to being over. >> that was tom costello reporting. the next step is to bring the data recorder back up to the surface and get it to the ntsb labs in washington. many experienced investigators questioned why the ship left jacksonville with a monster storm in the region. the ship's owner said it would never jeopardize a crew to rush a delivery. >> tsa will face the house oversight committee as congress examined tsa leadership. it's part of an ongoing investigation into the tsa. they have requested documents related to executive misconduct, cash bonuses, reassignments. they questions tsa and homeland security about massive security gaps. >> a woman moved to action after finding out her friend is homeless. >> i went to visit him and
11:40 am
everything he owns is a shopping cart. >> the work she's doing right now to build him a home. it's a story to make you bay area proud. >> and some of those showers, even a few thunderstorms, moving off to the east, and still a chance of some rain early afternoon. i'll detail that and look aedto warmer temperatures coming up in the microclimate forecast. san francisco can seem an
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11:42 am
overwhelming. how do you help the issue of homelessness in
11:43 am
san francisco can seem an overwhelming challenge. how do you help the thousands of people in need? >> a san mateo woman is swinging into action by helping a single person. garvin thomas has today's bay area proud. >> it is an odd thing about life on the street. that the very thing homeless people don't have is what many become experts at creating. >> i'm a grand master at building houses. >> steve gets to practice every single night. >> 365 houses a year. >> such temporary shelters have been part of steve's life for the past three years. perhaps though not much longer. >> i guess it's -- if lisa has something to say. >> i see someone who needs, if i can, i help. isn't it, if you k you should? >> they became friends a few years back when she volunteered to teach sewing to the city's
11:44 am
needy, like steve. he lost his place to live not long after that. but didn't lose his friend. >> so you let me know if you need my help? >> lisa, who lives in san mateo, still visits steve every week, trying to make him feel better. all the while making herself feel worse. >> it's sad. i go to visit him and all he has, everything he owns is a shopping cart, and it's just a bunch of junk. i can't imagine living like that. i just can't. >> it was beyond frustrating. the one thing her friend needed was a home, and lisa couldn't give it to him. or could she? last fall, lisa, with the help of a friend, began building in the driveway of her home. >> looking good. >> a tiny home. on wheels. one she vows to deliver to steve
11:45 am
when it's done. >> i get to look back on my life and say i improved the quality of someone's life. like that's -- i feel that gives me purpose in my life. >> it's a gleam of hope. >> steve has not seeb the home yet, but lisa has shared pictures of the progress. she predicts he will cry tears of joy when she drops it off in the city, and she, well, she looks forward to not crying on the drive home. lisa says the home is being built almost entirely out of recycled and scrap materials. she says steve will sometimes find things on the streets in san francisco that he'll give to her to include in the house. she hopes to have it finished by the end of the summer. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone doing something nice, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website and search bay
11:46 am
area proud. >> i can't wait to see the finished product. so nice, especially when we have rainy weather like we have today. >> yeah, definitely. you need to have some type of shelter out there, or just make sure you have an umbrella as you head out. we're taking a live look at sunol, just dropped in on that picture a few minutes ago. still pretty much looks the same, with heavy rain pouring. then let's head up to the north bay where we're getting some breaks in the clouds. but there will still be a chance of some scattered showers into early afternoon. so we'll be watching the system as it continues to spin across the region, and we're also picking up on the little icons there showing live lightning. cloud to ground lightning coming from the showers moving farther over the hills and approaching parts of the valley. so over around stockton, that's where the heaviest downpours are now with that lightning. also down towards tracy. we have light rain moving through san jose. that will continue to progress off towards the south and east.
11:47 am
we'll also at times have clearing. still enough energy once again in the atmosphere to produce some of those showers and possibly some thunderstorms. and then as we into tonight, all of this moves off to the east. some calmer weather and then the winds start to pick up. a look now at the temperatures. it's 56 degrees in san francisco. also in the north bay, the peninsula at 59 degrees. south bay at 58 degrees. as we drop in and get a closer look, also picking up on low 60s from of our weather underground sites. san martin, santa terresheresa degrees. willow glen at 60 degrees. now we're getting a view of at&t park as the sun comes out. they have removed the tarp, and they're still working to get the field nice and prepped for that game. also, the stands starting to fill up. as we go into first pitch here, we will be at 62 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. we'll keep the chance of rain in the forecast, just in case more the spotty showers drop in. and a look now at oracle arena.
11:48 am
the rain has stopped, but the streets are wet, and by the time the game starts later this evening, we'll be at 62 degrees as the fans head into oracle arena. a look at all the microclimates, gilroy up to 65 degrees today. 62 degrees in the south city, also at at&t park, and also san rafael. brentwood, 68 degrees and a chance of lightning we're seeing moving through the tri-valley and further off to the east. winds will start to pick up. you'll notice that later on today. sustained, very strong, half moon bay, right along the coast, at about 30 miles per hour, up to 15 to 20 elsewhere, and then later tonight, it starts to relax once again, as the storm system moves away from the bay area. after these scattered showers, we're pretty much done with the rain for the next several days. our temperatures will quickly heat up before you know, we'll be in the mid-80s as the air rushes in from the north giving us an onshore flow, maybe going offshore as well.
11:49 am
so much warmertures heading into friday. san francisco, 69 degrees. by sunday, up to 78 degrees. east bay looking at some low 70s starting out the weekend. and then warming into the low 80s. there could be a couple inland spots where we see the highs reaching 88 degrees in the north bay and south bay. more of a summer feel, and next week, we see the temperatures starting to come back down. definitely great news just in time for the weekend. we're going to have a taste of summer. >> all right. thanks. up next, strong words from bernie sanders. he says poor people don't vote. reality check that claim.
11:50 am
11:51 am
massachusetts. all states at the top of the income inequality gap--- new york, louisiana, massachusetts, all states at the top of the income equality -- inequality gap, and they were
11:52 am
all state that won by hillary clinton. >> we asked -- when asked to explain his poor performance there, bernie sanders said the answer is simple. poor people don't vote. but is that true? in today's reality check we dig into voting records and reveal the truth. >> this type of rigged economy is not america is supposed to be about. >> it's no mystery. hallmark of bernie sanders' campaign for president is tackling the issue of income inequality. you might be a little surprised to find of the bottom 25 states for income gaps, 17 have held primaries or caucuses so far, and 16 have voted for hillary clinton. how could that be? chuck todd asked sanders about it on "meet the press." >> because poor people don't vote. that's just a fact. the last election, 2014, 80% of poor people did not vote. >> it is a fact, poor people vote in lower numbers. sanders is absolutely correct.
11:53 am
just check out the census data for the 2014 election. households at or below the federal poverty line, about $30,000 a year, voted dlu31% ofe time. watch what happens when you rise into higher income brackets, the voting rate shoots up considerably at each level, topping out at 56% for those earning $150,000 or more. >> send a message to the billionaire class. >> but here's what sanders isn't telling you. the 2014 midterm elections had really low turnout. you have to go back to 1942, the world war ii era, to find a midterm election with a lower voting rate. it was a shade under 34% that year, and 36% in 2014. the year sanders is using to make his case. the point here is that everyone voted in lower numbers in 2014. the average vote and the poor
11:54 am
vote were only separated by a few percentage points. sanders have a solid claim here, wealthier people do more. but it's hard to see how that explains sanders losing 16 out of those 17 states. for reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. >> well, you can join sam, scott, and laura, and me sometimes with kari and mike every morning. today in the bay starts at 4:30 in the morning. >> join you if it's monday through friday. >> sometimes i'm not in the studio. >> r a check of the weather.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
so the game is on for the giants. >> yes, you can see the tarp taken off the field. and as you look behind us, you can see that there's some breaks in the clouds. a look at the radar. there are still some showers well to the north of us, and that could be rolling in early afternoon. something to be watched, and now the raw in the north bay has dropped off, but there it is. it's 60 degrees. partly cloudy, and we'll have that chance of some thunderstorms. gusty winds, otherwise expect a mix of sun and clouds. >> just the eclipse keeps moving through the north. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. you can follow the latest updates breaking news, pacifica, and at the apple campus online and on our social media platforms. .
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we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> michael strahan! [ cheers and applause ] >> they just love each other, bill. they're happy, they're dancing. so much love. >> this could have been a great opportunity to do the ol' chair move. pull it out! >> i don't know if that would have played too well. >> too soon. >> day two of michael and kelly back together on "live." the reunion will be short lived, however. >> everything went down and we're told initially that michael strahan would be there through the end of the summer and that a new host would


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