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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the giants game just ended at att park... no rain delay... but the field crew was prepared. this is timelapse videoovin the giants game just ended at at&t park. no rain delay or hail delay. you can see the field crew was prepared. this is time lapse video moving the tarp across the infield this morning. the sun came out and the giants swept the padres 13-9. a good way to track your weather, our free nbc bay area app. >> now to a developing story on the peninsula. a pregnant woman and unborn child are expected to survive after shooting in pacifica. now there's an intense manhunt for the gunman. it happened less than a half mile from ortega elementary school. chuck coppola has more on the
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woman's condition. >> reporter: the very latest is that the woman and her unborn child are in stable condition. they are not in any grave danger. that's the good news we have to report. the woman, an office worker at the apartment complex behind me is about to go on ha attorneyity leave next month. investigators scoured the apartment complex for evidence. the pacifica police say the key pieces came from the victim, 25-year-old marissa johnson. an office worker who police say identified the shooter as an ex-boyfriend, 26-year-old-year-old ricardo, 5'5", 125 pounds. ruth cooper, a neighbor was woken by the crack of the gunshot. >> she attempted to take him to court because he had damaged her car. >> reporter: pacifica police wouldn't confirm what caused the shooting, only that johnson was struck on the head. >> by the time i came out, she was sitting on the bench bleeding. >> reporter: doctors chose against an emergency procedure to save her unborn child.
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police say mother and baby are expected to survive. seniors at the complex describe johnson as friendly. >> very surprised, shocked. >> reporter: the shooting happened shortly before 8:00 a.m. a nearby school was put on lockdown. the search for the gunman can'ted. >> one of our neighbors was brave enough to follow the guy, a gray toyota. they have a license plate. >> reporter: police say they are thankful for that very alert neighbor who took down the critical information. it's a 2003 toyota camera, silver, plate cgn644. police are not revealing which hospital she was taken to out of concern that the suspect is still at large. chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. another black eye for the san francisco police department. a former lieutenant is charged with obstructing a rape
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investigation. curtis liu is accused of withholding key information from officers investigating rape allegations against another police officer. the officer accused of rape was jason ly scene here. he was never charged but he and former lieutenant liu are at the center of another scandal. as we reported yesterday, that scandal involved several officers exchanging racist and homophobic text messages. the campus in cupertino is under scrutiny this morning. the body of a worker found in a conference room. investigators say no other workers were in danger at any point, michelle? >> reporter: they say nobody here on campus or the public was in danger. they say no foul play was expected. according to dispatch recordings, there was a gun found at the scene. >> advising that there's a body
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in one of the conference rooms. >> reporter: tough to hear that, a dispatcher recording saying a woman was escorted out of the building by security with a head wound t. sheriff's department says they can't confirm if a weapon was discovered. the sheriff's department says there ear not looking for a suspect, no arrests have been made and they're investigating the cause of death. >> they said through their investigation, they determined there was no other individuals involved and they believe it was an isolated incident and that there was nobody else on campus or in the public that are at risk. >> the name of the employee has not been released until his family is notified. apple is not saying much about what happened. campus has been opened all day. live in cupertino, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news.
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a terrible crash brought traffic to standstill on the embarcadero. it happened before noon at bryant as hundreds of people were streaming toward at&t park for the giants game. this is what it looked like. police say the driver of the jeep collided with the bmw. rescuers had to peel away the top of the bmw to get to the driver and the passenger. the passenger unfortunately died at the hospital and the driver is hurt. another wild move in what's already been a wild presidential race. today ted cruz picked former hp boss carly fiorina as his running made. almost unheard of to pick a running mate this early in the race. ♪ >> a lot of smiles and a lot of cheering. the two made the announcement together in indianapolis this afternoon. next week's indiana primary could be cruz's last chance to get back into this race. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us from the computer history museum in
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mountain view. a lot of buzz in the silicon valley about a possible vice president fiorina. >> reporter: as you know, carly fiorina has both fans and detractors here in silicon valley. at the popular tech hangout, young women say they're inspired by her latest move. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ >> she was moved to sing as she became ted cruz's running mate. >> as someone who has challenged the status quo all of my life, that's what i've done. that's how you get from secretary to ceo, you challenge the status quo. >> reporter: fiorina is just just a politician. she was ceo of hul lert packard from 1999 to 2005. at mountainview's computer history museum, young people say she's an inspiration. >> a big stepping stone i think, because she was a ceo. >> i think it's amazing that we've come so far as women. it's inspiring to us even as
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high school students to encourage us to achieve our dreams. >> reporter: as ceo fiorina made a lot of enemies with wide scale layoffs and a $21 million package when let go from hp. >> she is, of course, a female. again, given the slim possibility that cruz gets the nomination, there's the opportunity for cruz to offset the appearance of hillary clinton as the potential democratic nominee. >> reporter: both fiorina and cruz will be among those speaking in the bay area on friday as part of the gop convention. live in mountain view, scott budman, nbc bay area news. a lot more to the story. donald trump did not directly respond to the cruz-fiorina alliance. his son eric trump tweeted, this is truthly one of the greatest acts of desperation i have ever seen. as for donald, the republican
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front-runner gave a rather and measured speech today using a teleprompter. a gilroy high school teacher is accused of posing as a woman to get photos from children. science teacher douglas le was arrested at his home yesterday. he received photos from underage kids who believed they were talking to a woman online. he was booked in the santa clara county jail on two felony counts of child enticement. the school says le is on paid administrative leave. fighting for equality in silicon valley, hundreds of janitors and cafeteria workers rallied today outside intel in santa clara. they say they've become invisible for the well-paid tech workers they feed and clean up after. they say they deserve to share in the success of that industry. >> workers are fighting for a better life for them and their families that includes a fair living wage, includes making sure they have equal access to
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benefits, the same kinds of benefits that other tech employees have and for dignity and respect in the workplace. >> some protesters also rallied against the skyrocketing rent in that region. okay. all the warriors need is one more win to move on to the next round of the nba play-offs. but they'll have to do it again without steph curry. take you outside, a live look at the oracle arena, about 20,000 fans heading the the arena as we speak. tip-off is at 7:30. as you can imagine, it's going to be loud. nbc's collin resh joins us. >> curry potential oi out in the next twro weeks. the last thing the warriors need is prolong this series with the houston rockets. the sooner they can get some rest before the conference semifinals begin, the better.
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with steph out, that means more minutes for the likes of livingston, iguodala and clark. collectively they all need to pick up the slack. they did that in the second half of game four after curry went down with the sprained mcl in his right knee. are the rockets demoralized from that? maybe, but the warriors don't want to give them any hope tonight. >> it's important that we fight back. we know momentum can shift in a series very quickly. we near the driver's seat right now. >> need to get some rest after this and just debt ready for whatever comes next. that's a big incentive tonight. treat this as a must-win. we hate losing at home. i think we're all ready to get out there and fight tonight. >> reporter: plenty of motivation from the warriors tonight. they don't want to go back to
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houston for game six. a rockets player gave them bulletin board material which we'll tell you about coming up at 6:00. live at oracle arena, colin resch. lincoln high school is taking a big step to make sure transgender students feel included. coming up, we'll show you how their compassion puts them in the nationwide debate over gender rights. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro live at uc berkeley where one athlete found out he'll be going to the summer olympics in rio. find out why he'll be the only one on his men's olympic team. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we picked up .06 rainfall. but get ready for a change. i'll get details on how warm it gets in just a few minutes. area.
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==jess 2 shot== anyone can use them. a south bay high school is now adding "gender neutral" bathrooms on campus. only on nbc bay area, anyone can use them. a south high school is adding gender neutral bathrooms on campus. >> it's now playing out in our own back yard. >> robert handa is at lincoln high school. >> reporter: many community leaders say this will have a nationwide impact.
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lincoln high school and students are used to academic recognition, but not the historic school and the san jose unified school district are being applauded for the two all gender restrooms installed this week, the idea of setting up the gender neutral restrooms sf addition to the gender specific facilities came from a school-wide recommendation. >> so many students have been complaining about not feeling safe when they go to the restroom. >> the head of the youth support group, silicon valley faces agrees. >> i think it's a big step for an administration to say yes we're going to move in this direction. >> reporter: south bay congressman mike honda contacted in washington, d.c. anticipates it will resonate nationally. >> the government of north carolina maybe should have waited until he talks to these
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students. >> you think it could change things nationwide? >> i think it could impact other schools so can see positive feedback from the rest of the lincoln students. so they'll see that we're very happy. >> reporter: who knows how far the impact could go. the most important thing to the students at lincoln high is that it makes life better for their fellow students here. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. we're now 1 '0 00 days away from the summer olympics. rio 2016. to commemorate the milestone, greece handed the torch over to the organizers. the flame will travel to switzerland and reach brazil next tuesday, starting in the capital of brazil yeahia. >> you're looking at the empire state building lit up in red, white and blue to commemorate the road to rio. >> preparation for the limb petition are happening here in the bay area.
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12 local athletes are heading to rio. you can bet there's going to be a lot more. >> among our local olympians, a cal gymnast who found out he'll be representing his native south africa. marianne favro joins us from the uc campus. marianne, what's what is it like to hang out with an olympian? >> brian patterson is on the men's gymnastics team here at cal and he does strength training right here. he tells me that it's surreal he's now an olympian because it's something he's been dreaming about since he was 3. brian patterson is the entire olympics men's gymnastics team from his native south africa, the first to qualify for the team in more than 50 years. >> i was extremely excited, kind of made everything worthwhile. i've been training for the past 18 years. >> reporter: rye wran is an
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all-rounder, planning to compete in six events in rio in a sport where the bar is higher than ever before. >> where before maybe it was a single flip that was a good skill, now it's doubles or even triples. >> graduating from tara nova high, that's not where he started? >> i started when i was in 3 in the mommy and me classes. >> reporter: he trains more than five hours aday. >> i love high bar, most challenging and pretty scary sometimes. you really get your heart beating. >> reporter: the road to rio may have many twists and turns. ryan knows the memories will stick just like his landing. in addition to training five hours a day, he's been going to classes and he'll be graduating with a degree in business administration. we wish him well in rio. back to you. >> we certainly do. so exciting. again, we're 100 days away from the start of the summer games.
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i will be heading to rio this summer and bringing you live updates throughout the olympics. >> have you begun packing yet? >> no, i have done nothing. but i'm prepared, i'm memorizing athletes. >> i don't know that you need much for rio. >> i don't know about that. i need clothes for rio. >> i should quit while i'm ahead. >> looking forward to jessica's reports from down there. we did have the hail storm across fairfield, numerous lightning strikes. that thunderstorm has now started to die down, a few spotty showers near brentwood and discovery bay. the new complex of moderate and pocket of heavier rainfall we're tracking right now right across san ramon, down to pleasanton, dublin, producing about .25 inch per hour. just north of downtown pleasanton, lit continue and then off to the south over the next 15 minutes.
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if you hear any thunder, head inside. of course, lightning is one of the leading killers when it comes to weather. it's even possible in the bay area for a lightning strike to be cloud to ground and possibly kill someone. if you hear the thunder, head inside. not a time to be outside taking pictures. as we get you outside, we have the clouds rolling in, noticeably colder today. 61 in the south bay. east bay at 62. san francisco, sun coming back. you can see how hit and miss it is right now. tomorrow's forecast will start off cold. smooth sailing. no rainfall in the forecast. that brings us to 45 in the north bay. east bay 45 and the south bay starts off with a chilly 49 degrees. micro climate forecast by tomorrow afternoon rapidly starts to heat up. note these temperatures will see at least a ten-degree warmup for the afternoon as winds turn to more of a drier northerly direction. san jose at 71 degrees,
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cupertino, 73. still chilly back towards pacifica at 62. for san francisco, we warm up to 68 in the financial districts. back towards the golden gate bridge and the marina, 65 degrees. the warmest microclimates as we head through your thursday forecast will be across napa and santa rosa with 77 and 79 respectively. this is the one spot where winds will likely gust out of the north, above 20 miles per hour. that again will help temperatures to warm up. 75 for pleasanton. here is the deal again, sunshine for tomorrow afternoon as you can see in the futurecast. high pressure builds offshore. that's what's going to help these temperatures to really bump up. as we leave you tonight, let's look at the inland temperatures. you can see we'll top out at 82 and 87 this weekend in walnut creek. as we also mentioned, warm at the coastline. san francisco stays in the upper 60s by friday.
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saturday 73, sunday 77 degrees. a great weekend coming our way. we'll have to watch out for periodic gusty winds that will stay through the weekend. >> thank you, jeff. hundreds of teachers and faculty on strike in san francisco. the things they say need to change in order to get them back to work. a u-s military milestone.
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the army anounced - captain "kristen griest" will become the nation's first female army infantry officer. griest made headlines last august when she became one of the first women tora t army announcing captain bryce will be the first female infantry officer. he was one of the first women to graduate from the intensive army ranger school. martin short and derek hough join "hairspray live" this december. the tri-valley this morning. it
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backed up traffic for you might have been caught up in this traffic. a dramatic an fiery scene in the tri-valley this morning. it backed up traffic for hours. a chain reaction crash involving a big rig on westbound 580 in pleasanton near the hacienda on-ramp. the big rig slammed into a bmw which hit four other cars and burst into flames. the driver of the bmw was killed. the chp says the truck driver
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may face misdemeanor manslaughter charges. u.s. marshals arrested christian cruise in stockton. they recovered the gun they believe used in the shooting at orange memorial park. two men shot, one of them later died. investigators believe the killing stemmed from an ongoing personal dispute between the three men. for the first time in school history, the faculty at city college of san francisco walked off the job today. it's been problems for years. the strike today meant no classes for the students as instructors, librarians and counsel lors walked the picket line. they demonstrated at the main campus and ten other college facilities. the faculty members want an 18% raise. city college is offering a 7% raise over the next two years. >> what is very sad is to see that the administrators are making a lot of money and that
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we part-timers are not even meeting our needs. >> i think the one-day strike has impact. like you said, impact on morale, concerned about impact on our enrollment since it's the first zbla the college is dealing with the large drop in enrollment, from 90,000 to about 70,000 students. the budget is now about $25 million short. officers swoop in to save a baby seal. that story and the rescue when we come back.
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==anim== ==take vo== neighbors near the 49ers practice facility are rattling their windows. tonight -- the team is making too loud near levi. neighbors near the practice facility are rattling their windows. tonight the team is making changes because of their complaints. a wayward traveler was rescued in san francisco. take a look. a stranded baby seal at ocean beach. police officers nearby kept the seal safe from crowds and those off-leash dogs until a crew from the marine ma'am mel center arrived. the facility is in sausalito. they'll know help care for the animal. all is good. the baby seal is totally fine. >> so cute. >> thanks for joining us.
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lester holt is next with nightly news. >> we hope to see you tonight at 11:00 and 6:00. shocking revelations tonight. courtroom confrontation, as dennis hastert's accuser breaks his silence. the second in line to the presidency is called a child molester by a judge. who is sending him to prison. campaign bombshells as trump's landslide wins put him closer to the nomination. cruz is naming a running mate. word sanders is laying off hundreds of staffers. breaking news in the prince death investigation. what nbc news learned about prescription pain skillers. paying with a selfie. no more cash, no more swiping cards. checking out with just a blink of an eye. inside the secret lab. cameras have never been. designing the amazing products of the future. wait until you s


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