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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," a wild night on the west coast, as hundreds of donald trump protesters flooded the streets. over 20 arrests, a candidate turning up the heat. the latest on the bizarre and frightening bomb scare at a television station. >> newly minutesed millionaires, along with one player claims his social media was hacked disturbing images. plus a mump scare. forget the hoverboard, get ready for the hover ln bike. "early today" starts right now. it was a wild night out west. hundreds of protesters took to
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the street of cosa mesa, california, chanting and destroying property, among them, a police car. 20 protesters were arrested and things and begun to calm down. a letter with white powder was addressed to donald trump in new york. that is being investigated. six people were exposed to the substance and have been isolated as a precaution. jeb bush speaking out for the first time. he talked with cnn jamie gangel, what it would be to the republican party. >> my personal beliefs, we'll lose the senate and we'll lose the presidency in a landslide and our country can't afford that. >> all of that after another doos doozy of a day. he john bohner went off on ted cruz while speaking to the
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stanford daily. >> lucifer in the flesh. i get along with almost everybody. but i've never worked with a more miserable son of a -- >> well, cruz made sure to hit boehner right back. >> john boehner had some interesting comments last night. he allowed his inn trump to come out. you know, i will say this. if you are one who actually has stood up to washington, i think john boehner has made it crystal clear. john boehner in his remarks describe donald trump as his texting and golfing buddy. so if you want someone that's a texting and golfing buddy, if you're happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. >> cruz is also fundraising off of boehner's comments.
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he underscored just how pivotal indian is deciding with the gop nominee. >> i am so grateful that the entire country is now looking to indiana. we are at the edge of a cliff, staring downward. and it is the common sense and good judgment of the hoosier state that is the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> this comes as cruz launched new ads, featuring carly fiorina. the recent cruz/kasich back ignoring it, by backing kasich. it is not a formal endorsement, it still says kasich is the best man for the job. kasich made some emotional comments on why he is staying in the race. >> i made the dem natiterminatit the people of this country
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deserve something. i said what do you think, sweetie. i'm inclined to keep going. she looked at me, she said simple words, because she is not a politician. she said the people need a choice. if you don't give them a choice, who will. >> republican front-runner donald trump continues focus on the likely democratic opponent hillary clinton. she also made a pivot to the general election yesterday. stop trump ad, saying what trump would do if president. while spending a second day off the trail, continuing to fund raise off of the woman card comments. she gave women, deal me in, and as we learn, clinton is no longer spending ad money in the primaries. she put out a schedule that all but -- meanwhile, sanders spent time going after the democratic. >> the problem we're having now is not in my view that the
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republicans are winning elections. the problem is that the democrats are losing elections. and i think the reason for that is the democratic party up to now has not been clear about which side they are on on the issues. a tense standoff in baltimore thursday. flows fled after a man dressed in a costume displayed what appeared to be a bomb. nbc justice correspondent pete williams has details. >> reporter: police say a man wearing an animal costume washed into the fox television station in baltimore, airing what he said was a government conspiracy. station employees said it looked like he was wearing a bomb vest. >> he kept on saying i don't want to hurt anyone, i don't want to hurt you. but i just really want my message to be heard.
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>> just before walking in, police said he set his car on fire. some pictures live streamed by a station employee on social media. he walked out of the station where police were waiting when they told him to show his hands, he refused, and police fired when he wouldn't stop. >> when he walked oh on the street, he pose aid threat to the community and they were forced their real guns to shoot the suspect. >> robot devices were called in to remove the vest. he was then carried into an armored vehicle and taken to a hospital for treatment of his gunshot wounds. >> nbc pete williams reporting there. he is in serious condition at a hospital. no explosives were found. they said the material stuffed into his vest turned out to be candy bars wrapped in alfoil. an air strike that destroyed hospital doctors without borders. human rights reports that 27 people were killed in the strike
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on the hospital, which specialized in treating children. secretary of state john kerry blasted syrian leader bashar al assad on a known medical facility. he pressed them to stop attackingsive i willians tacking. last year, a u.s. air strike hit a different doctors without borders in afghanistan that killed 42. it waccidental. let's go now to the investigation into prince's death. a law enforcement official are looking whether he died of an overdose, and whether a doctor was prescribing the drugs in weeks before he was found dead. while the official said there was an investigation if he
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overdosed on his plane there is no official cause of death it. the sheriff's office leads the investigation. several is cities have stat of emergency, 10 inches of rain fell in a few hours. evacuations and forcing military vehicles to be deployed for rescues. without fail, right now to you, bill, what's going on out there. >> a big windstorm yesterday in the southwest, that is going to kick up severe weather. so all the middle of the country is in trouble. then today, this tracks to the east, much of the west coast quiet. thunderstorms this morning are the worst, oklahoma, little rock, snowstorm, another april sn snowstorm for colorado. texas, kansas, oklahoma, again,
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the threat now is large hail. just had a report of 2 inch large hail. later tonight, isolated tornados, we'll watch dallas fort worth, and here is the snow forecast in colorado, the mountains could get up a foot and palmer divide snow, outside i-80. maybe additional inch later tonight. today is looking good in california, still windy in some spots, 66 in seattle on saturday. a great day, portland looks great too. san francisco, 72, sunday, no complaints. west coast the fresno at 81 and sunny today.
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break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush. right now vice-president joe biden is at the vatican. he met with pope francis after the pontiff spoke, mr. biden talking about cancer research, moon shot effort to find a cure for the disease. a mumps outbreak is giving students and parents quite the scare. harvard has reported 41 cases, other out breaks in indiana, illinois and connecticut. the reason, experts say, it is the close quarters. mumps is extremely contagious.
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a home intruder on wednesday, this boy fired off 12 shots and the thief took off. >> i told him i would kill him with the gun if he didn't get out of my house. it was a full metal jacket bullet. i went straight to the back. he started crying like a little baby. >> the baby has learned his lesson and he covers in the hospital. check out this hover bike. britain's crazy inventor motorized propellers. look at that. it has no steering system, but it does fly. as you can see, it's kind of
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after nearly 150 years, ringling brothers is retiring elephants. they were treated to a retire.
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brunch, live to providence, where they're getting ready for their final curtain call. draft night in the nfl, weeks of speculation about which quarterback the rams would take led to this moment. >> with the first pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the los angeles rams select jared goff, quarterback. >> he wasn't even alive the last time the rams played in l.a. eagles picked carson wentz, with the nourt overall pick, ezekiel elliot, cowboys pick. he was wearing this. look at this. one of the biggest stories out of round one, laremy tunsil's draft night. this apparently showing him smoking a bong with a gas mask
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on his twitter account, just 13 minutes before the draft began. >> somebody hacked my account. you know i made that mistake several years ago and somehow somebody got in my photo gs and hacked my account. >> he was one time projected to the top overall pick, and slid to 13, costing millions of dollars, where the miami dolphins selected him. text messages appearing on his instagram page, reportedly of him asking ole miss staffers for money. later, when asked if he took money from a coach, he replied, i got to say yeah, after being taken off the stage. allegedly shot new orleans saints player will smith, he faces second degree murder charges. and miami marlins second
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base man has been suspended for 80 games for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. he won the gold glove last season, signing a $50 million back in january. just ahead, big names hitting the silver screen this weekend, plus how amy schumer maher father's day. you're watching "early today." ♪
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fun part of the show. weekend forecast. make your plans and hope fully avoid the rain drops this weekend. big storm in the middle of the country, big problems as we go through saturday, ohio valley will have issues, but really nice, montana, idaho, sunglasses needed. temperatures comfortable in the desert southwest. by the time we get to sunday, we watch the storm ending a little in colorado, great weather from california northward, 83 in portland on sunday. that's summer. >> can we continue with this part of the show with more fun? >> this is it. >> not so much. entertainment. >> makers of angry birds want you to use your cell phone at their movie. it will unlock a secret level in the game. it appears may 20th danish girls, taking on the tomb radar herself, a reboot of the popular video game, which debuted back
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in 2001. it will feature a young laura. during a town hall, donald trump bathroom bill, he said caitlyn jenner could use any bathroom she felt comfortable, even the woman's room at trump properties. >> not any more. i really appreciate it. by the way, ted, nobody got molested. >> well, that part is aimed at republican candidate ted cruz. of course. actress amy schumer's father is confined to a wheel chief as he fights ms, but watch how she troin he duesed him to her co-star, his favorite love of his love. >> you could tell her. >> you're the love of my life. >> so cute, goldie hawn there. new movies hitting theaters this weekend, gary marshall,
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"mother's day" and key and peel. ted cruz picking carly fiorina as his running mate. >> the ted cruz campaign failed to by the website carly, reports someone else did. they begged the owner to let them buy it, but he just said, not happening. i want to build a fire wall and make them pay for it. >> i love his -- >> yeah, he is going to -- >> he is so good. he sounds perfect. donald trump would do that, radio it? >> he would, but who is trump's running mate going to be. >> i don't know. i'm alex witt. this is "early today." is "ear." this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me!
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leading the news on nbc, the zika test gets fda approval. it was granted emergency use authorization yesterday. the cdc recommends those who are pregnant and those who have had symptoms, or who have traveled to zika areas. the test cost $500 and can be ordered through quest diagnostics. also on, birth rates plummet among blacks and latinos since 2006. according to a new government report, the rate is still twice as high as white teens. in the telegraph, full minute of jet air on take our child to work day.
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employee's child was in the office for the day, and pressed a button. >> allowed in those areas? let the kid play, right? >> at least the npr head of engineering said it was such a fete he would hire the kid. auto correct seems to be a thing of the past. apple filed a patent application, because this one is going to feet tu, the person ca request a clarification, if it was incorrect. okay? here is something i don't get. a pregnant woman who gave birth is naming the baby after the airline. saw jet star was born on a three hour flight from singapore to myanmar, assisted by three doctors who happened to be on
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board and the mother and baby are healthy and safe. maybe the first letter of the name, i'm trying to figure it out. this one looks cool. riding the tallest and longest, a tunnel slide. it is 377 feet tall. allowing ride -- >> your elbows and knees. >> it's in london. it's going to open in june. you wouldn't do that? >> you go down a little slid i would happen to roll off, i would get some rug burn on my face. >> no. have your kids show you how to do it. they'll figure it out. here a quick program note. tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern, live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner, hosted by our colleague, craig melvin. happy birthday to hairspray michelle pfeifer, daniel day lewis, and iconic comedian, the one and only, jerry sign seinfeld, 62.
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seinfeld, 62. i'm alex witt narrator: breakfast. dishes. dinner. dishes. marriage. dishes. divorce. dishes. sleeping. (snoring) (sputtering) dishes. not sleeping. dishes. life. dishes. death. dishes. existence. dishes. dishes, dishes, dishes... every dish, every time. only finish has the power ball to take on anything.
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police flashing police cars. details still emerging this morning, about what led up to an a freeway, motel and police car. detailsç emerging about what l up to an officer-involved shooting in milpitas. >> donald trump taking his campaign to california to kick off the state convention. his speech expected to fire up passion and protests. >> they score! >> sharks, predators and all the thrills of a second round playoff venture. "today in the bay" starts right now. we made it to friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.


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