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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 29, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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police flashing police cars. details still emerging this morning, about what led up to an a freeway, motel and police car. detailsç emerging about what l up to an officer-involved shooting in milpitas. >> donald trump taking his campaign to california to kick off the state convention. his speech expected to fire up passion and protests. >> they score! >> sharks, predators and all the thrills of a second round playoff venture. "today in the bay" starts right now. we made it to friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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mike tracking breaking news in san ramon. >> sadly we have breaking news of a deadly crash. southbound 680. this video comes into the newsroom. two lanes are blocking the southbound direction. look at this video. dramatic scene here as the police continue the investigation for this deadly crash. these two vehicles involved in the crash. the impact there caused the death of one person. two right lanes are blocked. two left lanes get by. a tragic way to start the day over there for the tri-valley. i'm tracking this as well as another incident for 880 and fremont. i'm going to talk to you on hopefully a lighter note for weather. >> looking at beautiful weather day with sunshine. we'll have clouds near the coast that will keep temperatures down. it's now 48 in the north, 50 in the peninsula, 51 in the south
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bay. 62 in san francisco. cool and breezy and warming up in the north bay. 76. we'll look ahead to the weekend and warmer air rolling in in just a few minutes. >> 4:32. breaking in yous in the south bay. stephanie trong in milpitas. what led up to this shooting, do we know? >> i did speak with a police lieutenant who says this was an officer-involved shooting. you can see northbound 680. the ramp is closed because they are thoroughly investigating. you can see the police cars there. the suspect of a traffic stop ended up there running there after getting shot while crossing the street. his car is parked at the executive inn. it was a traffic stop that began there 1:00 this morning. a very small crime scene but they are trying to figure out what led up to this the man was
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taken away in an ambulance. likely did not suffer life-threatening injuries. he is at a hospital under arrest. more than a dozen milpitas officers were on scene around executive inn focused on that cadillac parked in the lot. investigators spent a lot of time with their flash lights looking for evidence around the area. police have interviewed several witnesses who 0 were on the road and motel at the time. >> currently it's an ongoing investigation. suspect's being transported from the scene. we are now just starting to do our investigation. >> the northbound 680 ramp here still closed. the officer said it will remain closed past 6:00. we'll get a better update as the morning goes on. this is the first officer-involved shooting in
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milpitas this year. at 4:33, a funeral service will be held later today for the san jose couple shot and killed last weekend. the victims' two sons have been arrested for their murders. that funeral will be held at the muslim community association in santa clara. they were found dead in their evergreen home sunday. their eldest son, 22 years old, was arrested wednesday several hours away in tracy. yesterday his 17-year-old brur was arrested in san jose. angry protesters last night. a few people took their frustrations out on that cruiser. there were several hundred protesters. about 20 people were arrested from that. no one was seriously injured. those protests are expected in
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the bay area, as well. demonstrators are expected to protest but organizers are ready. trump is expected to kick off with a speech at lunch. john kasich will speak tonight and ted cruz tomorrow. hillary clinton's headquarters is now open. more than 100 people showed up yesterday. live look now to the shark tank. not political there. a big game under way. things calmed down but fans hoping it will be a shark feeding frenzy tonight. first the chills of your friday morning.
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>> it will start to warm up this weekend. if you're heading out later on this evening, it will become windy. we'll have a mostly sunny skies. up to 68 this etching. a look at all the microclimates. 70s in the south bay and peninsula. a few more clouds in the mix. san mateo 65. san francisco in the low 60s. napa 74. 77 in brentwood. the tri-valley up to the mid 70s later today. once again this weekend, it does warm up. i'll detail that and we'll look ahead to next week. i'll let you know when that could be. let's head over to mike and the east bay. >> we have a deadly crash as well as disabled vehicle at the nimitz. nothing outstanding as far as the slowdowns you'll find. i'll show you coming up, this is southbound 680.
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a tragic scene and investigation continues there. southbound 880 coming into fremont, we had a disabled big rig that cleared six minutes ago. took a half hour to clear that. the early morning light traffic caused no problems here. backup at the bay bridge this time not there. friday we should see a later build and lighter flow. we'll track it. back to you. up next, concerns over bright lights and passenger safety. pilots highlighting a major problem in san jose. levi stadium are making it difficult to land. we investigate next. now to an investigative unit
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exclusive: =sam/2shot= new emails obtained by the nbc bay area investigative unit suggest the safety issue surrounding the lights at levi's right now an investigative unit exclusive new e-mails suggest safety issue surrounding the lights at levi stadiums. >> we requested all corresponds about the issue to and from the faa about the freedom of information act. we got more than 100 internal e-mails. they date back to early 2014 when the stadium was still under construction and they extend through january of this year. 2016. in the e-mails, pilots, officials with delta, air traffic controllers and faa offials express concern over
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the safety issues raised by these bright white lights. the e-mails show more than a half dozen mandatory occurrence reports or m.o.r.s raising these safety issues with the faa. in some cases describing the lights as, "very distracting and dangerous" and "intensely bright white light they shine there." some confused them for the visual indicators on the runway. these were never made public until we discover them. much more on our website including an exhaustive time line showing all these e-mails, when they came in and were sent out and the issues they raised. you can see it all. go to and click on the investigative unit. back to you guys. stephen, thank you. if you have a tip give us a call.
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>> up next, can wall street turn things around? plus once the jewel of the east coast, now atlantic city is struggling to pay its bills.
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4:44, friday morning. a glorious weekend is ahead. are we jumping ahead too much, kari? >> no. it's friday.
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we are going to warm up. after a cool start this morning, you want to expect a very nice afternoon. it's 50 degrees in the east bay. 51 in the south bay. it's 48 degrees in the north bay. we are seeing more clouds there. our temperatures are a little bit milder than the past couple of mornings. 50 in santa rosa. livermore, 49 we'll start out the morning. then we see a few more clouds in the mix, temperatures making it into the upper 50s. upper 60s by this afternoon. once again those temperatures warming up quickly. a lot of people will make plans to head to the beach this weekend. we will have dangerous surf conditions as the winds pick up today. there will be high wind advisories kicking in later on this evening and creating high swells into saturday and sunday. rip currents will be possible. let's show how those winds increase today. starts out calm this morning, a few clouds near the coast. then as that all clears out,
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we'll see winds kicking up from the northwest. up to 20 miles per hour later this evening. as you go out late this evening and early in the morning, you may have very high winds. that continues into the start of the day tomorrow. as far as the rain outlook, keeps it dry for the next several days. only a slight chance of rain for next wednesday into thursday. then we'll see that system rolling on off to the east. the weekend forecast warms it up, clears it out. looking good for saturday and sunday. looking at highs in the low to mid 80s. even some temperatures reaching into the upper 80s for some inland areas. tri-valley and south bay 84. 76 in san francisco. mike's tracking a few issues on the roadways. >> we have two dramatic scenes to talk about. this is the active scene that
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steph chuang is following. access from eastbound to northbound 680 is cut off. that on ramp is closed. you can loop back from the opposite direction but that police investigation continues. steph is live at the scene. over here we have southbound 680. two lanes are blocked. two cars smashed up. they ran into a crane earlier this morning. your two right lanes are blocked. no slowing just yet but may be a couple of more hours to clear this scene. >> horrific sight there. 4:47. an update on that air strike that hit a hospital in syria. there are indications the syrian regime is responsible. the white house condemned the attacks yesterday. 27 people were killed, including children and a pediatrician. the only one in the city. the hospital was operated by
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doctors without borders. after last year's bombing of a doctors without borders hospital in afghanistan, more than a dozen u.s. military personnel received discipline. 42 people died in that botched air strike. the pentagon is releasing its full report today on mistakes leading up to the bombing. a senior official says a two star general was among thoseç punished. vice president joe biden is addressing a conference at the vatican today, one day after making a surprise visit in iraq. the vice president arrived unannounced for his first visit to baghdad in five years. while there, biden thanked diplomatic and military personnel at the u.s. embassy for their hard work and sacrifice. it was a quick trip. biden met with iraq's prime minister but left eight hours after his arrival. yesterday we told you the dea was getting involved. investigators are looking into whether music legend prince died from a prescription drug
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overdose. they say opiods were found in his home and whether a doctor was prescribing those narcotics to prince before his death. atlantic city is running out of cash. could miss a nearly $2 million bond payment due on sunday. if the city misses that payment, it would be the first new jersey city to default on its debt since the great depression. the gambling destination has endured years of struggles as 1/3 of its casinos had to shut down. a struggle over contracts right now. the best and final offer. that is what verizon is saying to its nearly 40,000 workers who are striking right now. workers who walked off the job over contract disputes. verizon is now offering a wage increase of nearly 8%, up from their previous offer of 6%. no word if the union leaders are planning on accepting that
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offer. 12:49. wall street looking to turn things around today. >> we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> happy friday to you. wall street will try to end the week on a positive note. the dow suffered its worst day more than two months on thursday. futures are lower this morning. markets hit by disappointing economic data. apple falling for a second straight day. look for reports on personal income and spending and consumer sentiment. we get earnings from chevron and exxon mobil. dow falling 210 points to 17,830. amazon earnings easily beating wall street's forecast, thanks to its cloud computing business, emsdplon web services. amazon plans to keep spending on new products and technology including its original content
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for amazon prime. google is working on a travel app that combines the best of maps with now, the digital personal assistant. all of your flight, hotel, dining and other reservations will be combined into one convenient package. >> having your own personal assistant. >> traveling secretary. thanks. 4:51. an honor denied for john wayne. the reason they shot down a day honoring the famous actor. happening right now, we are staying on top of that breaking news out of the south bay where a police officer shot a suspect in milpitas. died after living with asperger's syndrome. post your reaction now on our facebook page. we'll see you on the other side of the break. >> a powerful note by a bullied teenager who died.
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill.
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move free ultra. get your move on. bad credit could get some help from president obama when it cometo people with a criminal past or bad credit could get help from president obama when it comes to landing a job. the administration is proposing a law that would ban federal agencies th agencies asking questions about their job histories before the job is offered. arrests made in connection with a high-end, high-profile wine theft case. >> it was from christmas day 2014 where thieves stole hundreds of thousands of dollars of wine from a french laundry.
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they arrested two northern california men in connection with that theft. the wine bottles were recovered last year unopened in north carolina. it was a big night last night in the nfl and especially for cal quarter jared goff goes first in the draft. soon will call l.a. home. >> the 49ers take buckner from oregon with the seventh overall pick. in a surprise move, the team traded up to get joshua garnett. >> raiders used their 14th pick on a possible replacement for charles woodson snagging karl joseph. raiders turning around their team in the last few years. >> these young men turning around their lives, too.
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>> a lot of them spend their lives working for that. >> big day. >> law maker wanted to declare may 26th john way day marking his birth. they say his decades-old racially charged comments disqualifies him from the honor. 4:56 right now. up next, campus crime. a new record. california colleges and universities where crime is on the rise. >> we start out with cool temperatures this morning. clouds could be rolling in with gusty winds. what to expect as we head into this weekend with warmer air. =runs 3=
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sam/cont.vo plus- a violent start to donald trump's campaign here in good morning. i'm stephanie chuang where a traffic stop ends in a shooting. what happened this morning and when this road will reopen coming up.
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>> an active, if not violent start to donald trump's campaign in california. protesters taking to the streets in orae county and a similar scene to play out in the bay area as the gop convention gets under way in a matter of hours. >> back to class. new training for san francisco officers in the wake of a text messaging scandal. "today in the bay" starts right now. we have been tracking tragic news from the east bay. >> not a lot of slowing, but this is a huge issue in the tri-valley southbound 680. this deadly crash happened midnight involving two vehicles and a crane.
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let me show you this video that came into our newsroom. these are again two vehicles involved along with this crane. the two right lanes are closed. we don't know when the lanes will reopen. chp is working on the investigation. the coroner was there quite some time, as well. no slowing except at the scene when the commute starts to build. much more pleasant news on the weather front. >> looking very nice starting out this morning. cool temperatures and mostly partly cloudy skies. we do have mostly cloudy skies near the coast. 49 in the north bay at san francisco. looking at highs today up to 76. it will be cooler in spots like san francisco where we will only top out at 62. 73 in the south bay. wide ranging temperatures thanks to clouds and gusty winds. i'll show you a warm-up for the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you.


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