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tv   Today  NBC  May 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. the los angeles ram select jerry. good morning and welcome to sunday "today" on this first day of may. hope that you're enjoying a nice pancake breakfast. small bites. this morn the four buddies idea that became was why do eye glasses cost so much. it led them to create the hottest glasses in the world. >> i remember we were in the
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computer lab and jeff and i were talking and andy and dave came up and said why are glasses so expensive? i paused and said there's really no reason. then major corporations used to stay out because of socialism, but it's good business. olivia stern is on that player. >> it's ironic to think that the generation is not mineral would take you to the streets and protest the man. now the man is the activist and protest. the story of a man that saw waste in front of him and started a massive recycling project for kids in needs. now, the race for the primary and the indiana primary that's two days away. it's the last chance that they will have to keep donald trump
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from taking the majority of delegates that he needs. on saturday cruz slammed trump. >> clear and simple contrast. that's what this election is about. donald and hillary have been washington insiders for 40 years. donald trump supported jimmy carter over ronald reagan. >> she got a little bit of a break in dc and how you are you feeling? you look pretty good? >> reporter: i am roll nothing from the after part. >> after the part is the after part. okay. let's talk about the race shaping up. we had carly named as the early
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vice president nominee. r >> reporter: well, he is doing all that he can can. if he you loses, had he can go on and hit the magic number. for cruz the pressure is on. now that john kasich is not campaigning there, he has the opportunity to beat donald trump in a head to head match up. it's a make or break state for him. he and carly call it very important, and that's what is on the line here. he has done everything and i can approximating up the endorsement o with the governor of indiana and pence will be on the m campaign trail for senator cruz. he is poplar among indiana. he has a 71 percent. who is more poplar? bobby knight. he is holding a couple cof
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rallies there. >> yeah these are not one token appearances. he is on the trail all week. now, as i mentioned you were at the white house correspondence dinner last night, and he enjoyed talking about donald trump. >> it's shocking that he the nominee. they say that he lacks the foreign policy experience. he has spent years meeting with leader around the world, ms. sweden, argentina. >> hally jackson, what was it like in the room? how did it play? >> reporter: well, people thought he was funny. he seemed to wrap up the speech without mentioning donald trump.
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everybody said i guess that he is not going hit donald trump too hard. it was a head fake. there was an interesting cameo by former speaker john banner. he did a skit and speaker banner has been in the news for calling lucifer. >> and offered the suspect a cigaret cigarette. now the body of a six person has been found and among the dead is a 64-year-old woman and her great grandchildren. janet in new orleans with the world famous jazz fest shut down with the storming weather. how does it look today? >> reporter: well, it looks like it's going to rain today. the thousands of people that travelled for the jazz fest hope
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that it's not going to happen. wow, what a different story. by the late afternoon the festival organizers called it a name and then going to the rest of the performances and then the among the ar firsts that did not play is stevie wonder and snoop dog. they found in the french quarter and went and played surprise n concerts there. they got pounded yesterday about 70 to 80 homes damaged by a tornado. for today jazz fest is on and the threat of severe weather is greatly dementia iiminishdimini. the warnings and washes and could be one to three inches hopefully. back to you. >> yeah let's get a relief there. now, the rest of the stories making the headlines and then the arrest orders for the
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protestors and then the co demonstrators stormed. the u.s. is concerned that it could disstrakt. and word for ecuador. a man pulled from the rubble two weeks after. they released the pictures after the rescue. the 72-year-old was dehydrated and suffering and is expected to survive. crazy video of a close call on a chinese highway. they stopped at an intersection with cat like reflexing and jumping off his bike before a massive jackknife was about to hit him. someone everybody walked away. johnny is the founder and
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ceo of girls and code, and then a one time candidate for congress. she is flying across country with a 14 month old. >> pray for me. >> scott is the editor and chief of wired and he served as director and revolutionized the magazine and he enjoyed it and then a two tier seafood tower and then allege i can to garlic. >> olivia stern at nbc news and jay z he grow up on the streets of new york. >> yeah, my friends are in agreement. >> so we stood behind and doing the job and then i want to play one more bite and then that's the confluence of his last dinner and the campaign mixed for comedy.
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>> on the republican side things are a little bit more -- how shall we say this loose. look at the confusion on the invitation's tonight dinner. people were asked to check if they wanted steak or fish. a whole bunch of you wrote in pall ryan. >> no one marinates on a punch line like president obama. what did you think? >> under tell that he is ready to be done. i loved it. >> he does really well in the settings. the comedy he pauses and anticipates his own punch line and drop the mic. >> yeah, i thought he was funni funnier. >> yeah, larry wilmer and the
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review is so hard to follow the president of the united states in that room every time. let's talk about that campaign. donald trump sweeps all five and looking into indiana and pretty strong. ted cruz could win but it does look scott like if he wins indiana, there's no stopping. >> yeah, the no, ma'am and we have to be looking into the general now. both teams are focussing the attention on one another. >> i also thought that donald trump had a horrible week on the term of the woman's card. it was a gift to hillary. that allowed her to pivot for the general, and activated for a lot of the woman on the stand lines or not sure. especially the young woman. when she was like if i am for paid leave and reproductive rights, deal me in. >> that has to come back to revisit him. >> you have to feel were for ted cruz. he comes out on monday and
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pulling out of the stops. he said there was no alliance. he comes out with carly and then trump comes out with bobby knight. >> yeah, coach knight is a big endorsement and they're both alpha males and make a lot of offensive comments and then seriously it's great endorsement and yes, indiana does really see the mark or break and then decided to approximate pick the rung meat when it's like lie that he is going to lose. you see the sanders campaign and then the numbers and saying okay we're going to the lay you off the staff and doubling down. >> he is bank approximating on the fact that he is win indiana steal the delicates and get to the convention.
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just to be there through the rest of the process seems to be the only goal. >> and it did not help necessarily that john called him will lucifer in the flesh. >> what did he say last night. ted had a bad week. i want to get you in in the story of the nfl draft. one of the process ekt approximates of the draft ten minutes before the draft and this video that you're looking at posted that his twitter account. he could have been the number one pick, but he could have been the fourth of fifth and fell to 13. some is say that he lost six million dollars and some say that his account was hacked and not him. may have been in the family. we didn't know that happened. >> it shows that videos are part of o everything. it's slung the other way.
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i feel that young folks they don't care about privacy and share everything. they're encourage canned to do everything by the likes and favorites. i feel that everybody should share this and say this is possible and you could lose $37 million. >> i hate to think that anybody is putting a controlled substance in his body. >> yeah, that's the point that some say of all of the things that have gone on in the nfl and treated lightly, this is the worst thing to do. >> domestic violence. >> i just feel bad for him. to be honest it's no surprise that a lot of kids if they're on the big teams do smoke. the truth is that he is a victim of a real crime. it's like someone trying to sab ta tag him. what brand is going want to get
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behind him and what kind of a weird way. i did not know that was a thing. >> can can you explain how that works? the gas mask. >> maybe later. >> it's true that people don't want to touch anybody. scott, the wired next list. we look forward to this next year. you're out with the trend setters and pacemakers and then nick fox at google. >> yeah, he is the v skprks p al live and die. imagine where there's a signal and it does not matter if you're on at&t. the phone finds the best and strongest signal. nick is working on that project and it's a project called five. the next phone is shipping with the capability now, and he is pushing the dcarriers in a worl where we have the rich access
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all the time. >> what does that mean for the carrier sns. >> well, they have to negotiate. google is far ahead and the business is going have to catch p. >> consumers are going to want this and it's going to make the cell phone reliable. it's going to make the carriers and have to reimburse each other and when the signals and networks work. >> yeah, there's a lot at play. >> and stephanie landry at amazon prime, what had he is up to? >> well, you're out of landry deterge detergent, you dial up this service and it's a delivery for your amazon. stephanie is the master mind behind this. they just added 20 boeing 767 fleets there and really to get the products and services to the stores and that's cut canning
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the delivery time down to 30 minutes. >> we start to clap when we can talk to her. as a mother of a one-year-old, it's a huge huge sense and efficiency in the household. >> a couple of names, and i have to throw up a picture from last night. helen looked amazing. dressed this purple. guys stay with me for the highs and lows of the week and stuck in the elevator selfie. we will explain this moment. ted cruz throws up an air ball as he attempts to rein act from hey, good morning, waking up to sunshine once again. we don't have any clouds in the sky. fog free and that's going to
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mean for another warm day. talking temperatures today in the mid to upper 70s for san francisco and look at those inland valleys talking low to mid-80s. 83 for the south bay. 81 east bay. 84 today for the north bay. keep in mind you're going to need the spf when you get going and water. there's nothing bigger than an open heart. even in the most difficult times, it never gives in. in fact, it gets stronger... ...and stronger. i created open hearts to be a universal symbol of giving and receiving love. right now, save up to 20% on select open hearts jewelry. kay jewelers has helped make it the perfect gift for the person in your life with an open heart. because when you keep your heart open... will always find its way in. ♪ every kiss begins with kay.
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh let's run through some of
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the highs and lows of last week. chobani greek yogurt ceo announced full timers would get shares up to 10%, based on tenure. some workers could make more than a million bucks on the deal. the boss telling his people, i want you to share in our success and to be rewarded by it. how cool is that? >> love it. wish i work there. >> it's great. giving the employees a stake in the company's future. he gives profits to charity. >> next move of generosity, eliminating that weird water on top of yogurt. republican candidate ted cruz trying hard this week to connect with the storied basketball culture of the state of indiana, which votes on tuesday, campaigning in the very gym where "hoosiers" was shot.
6:21 am
re-enactment, but he called the hoop a basketball ring. that's not what that cylinder is called at all. he quickly redeems himself by praising indiana basketball god gary bird. beautiful little orelia underdahl broke a string of boy births. that's right, no underdahl girls since woodrow wilson. already has a 22-month-old brother. proud grandfather said maybe it just took 100 years to create perfection. she gets new clothes. the poor boys have been handing down the same gear since 1914. >> imagine when that girl goes on her first date. nfl draft. we've covered the gas mask.
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but what about the crop top? former ohio state star running back known for turning his jersey into a crop top to show off his six pack. showing off a crop top dress shirt. next, rivalry that dates back to the earliest days of humans enforcing laws versus firefighters. stuck in the elevator. after exhausting all other options, short of calling in s.e.a.l. team six, the boys in blue had to call the firefighters to bail them out.
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the kc department posting, that was embarrassing. take me out to the ball game at friday's cubs game. it wasn't great. >> one, two, three. ♪ take me to the ball game ♪ take me out with the crowd buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ >> he's a rapper, not a singer. we have to love the old lady in the crowd genuinely upset. no, that ain't no good. apparently she's more of a nate dog fan. good luck on that flight today. >> thank you. >> olivia is sticking around. coming up, did you ever wonder why
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
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♪ bring me a higher love good morning to you. the time now is 6:26. it is sunday, may 1st. let's give you a live look outside at san francisco. talk about the view. that is about as gorgeous as it gets. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter. >> may 1st, i can't believe it. where has the year gone already? we're entering into the summer season. you know what that means, fire danger. we're looking at beautiful conditions. it's going to be nice and sunny. keep in mind as we have been mentioning temperatures will climb into the 80s for inland locations that includes the east bay, the north bay and the south bay, even the peninsula up to 80 degrees and san francisco you'll be at 75 degrees. the good news is that we do have some rain in the forecast,
6:27 am
vicky. the seven-day forecast is at the bottom of your screen. we'll talk more about that at 7:00 and the better chance of more rain in the long-term forecast. even though we're in may we will hang on to the rain chances which is good news for the "f" word, fire. >> i was thinking the "d" word, drought. >> there's another one. >> both of them. in staying with the weather dangerous, strong wind gusts had people at a local cancer fund-raiser scrambling for safety yesterday. a chaotic scene unfolded at san jose's dartmouth middle school. the relay for life event was in full swing until mother nature shut it down. the weather swept through the area and left a lot of people shaken up. >> it's a big family reunion. for this to happen today just kind of put our nerves on edge and we just want everybody to be safe so we don't want anybody to get injured. we're going to call it a day. >> volunteers told us two minors suffered some bumps on the head
6:28 am
and had tok to be taken to the hospital. they were checked out and released. people in a quiet neighborhood are in shock after police say a man allegedly shot and killed his wife in their home. police arrested him on murder charges. the shooting happened just after midnight saturday. the home is on indigo oak lane in the san jose silver creek neighborhood. police say they found the woman suffering from a gunshot wound. she died at the hospital. neighbors say they are stunned. >> this is shocking to all of us. we didn't expect any of this happening. >> the couple had two kids in college. no word yet on the motive. a cell phone discovered in golden gate park, and this morning police are searching for the man who owns it. 27-year-old keith glean of mill
6:29 am
vertebr brae. he left behind his wallet and car. friday a hiker found his cell phone in san francisco. anyone with information is urged to come forward. prom season is upon us. an east bay school may not be able to afford one. how a teacher is stepping up to give students a night to remember. that story will make you bay area proud, that plus your top news stories and anthony slaughter. we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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bernie's slogan has helped his campaign catch fire among young people. feel the bern. feel the bern. it's a good slogan. hillary's slogan has not had the same effect. let's see this. >> more from president obama at last night's white house correspondents dinner, the last of his presidency. it was the year president obama was first elected to the white house that four business school buddies were cooking up an idea that would change an industry. we all, at some point, had a brilliant idea that was going to change the world and make us millions but very few get past the dream stage. the guys who started eye wear company warby parker started
6:31 am
with a simple question. why do eyeglasses cost so much? it took them from a classroom study group to a billion dollar company. >> i remember vividly, we were in the computer lab. jeff and i were talking. andy and dave came up and said, hey, like why are glasses so expensive? he worked at a nonprofit that distributed glasses in the developing world and i paused and said there's really no reason. >> neil, jeff, and andy were students. >> i spent a few months traveling before business school, left a $700 pair of glasses on an airplane and bought a new iphone, paid $200 for that and it did all these magical things that i couldn't have contemplated were possible even a few years earlier, meanwhile the technology behind a pair of glasses is 800 years
6:32 am
old. >> your first mistake was owning a pair of $700 glasses. i think that's theless lesson you should take way from that one. >> serves him right. >> we had this personal pinpoint and built warby parker to solve that for sboursz lots of other people. >> blumenthal knew there was a better way, because of his experience working for vision spring, a nonprofit that provides glass to the poor in developing countries. >> less than $4 a day and literally ten feet way on the same production lines were some of the most famous names in fashion being produced. >> what's a typical markup on a pair of glasses? >> 10 to 12 times from what they're being manufactured for. markups in this industry are craze. >> i one company dominates the industry as the world's largest designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of eyeglasses. >> most consumers don't realize most eyewear brands they've heard of, including chanel,
6:33 am
dolce gabbana, are manufactured by the same company. >> at a booth at nearby roosevelt's pub, the four classmates came up with a shakeup and warby parker was born. >> what was some of the reactions you first got? >> cool project, guys. >> you're on a roller coaster where this is awesome and then have you days where we are the dumbest people on the planet. >> introducing warby. >> parker. >> just. >> 95. >> dollars. >> a pair. >> they combined two characters in the dharma bums. for every pair of the the $95 pair of glasses, another pair is donated to someone in need. do you think you could make more money if you weren't giving way half your glasses? or is it because you give away half your glasses that business is doing well? >> i think we certainly maximize
6:34 am
short-term profits but we think we would be making a mistake. we really view it as a great long-term investment. >> before warby parker had 20 sloo sleek retail stores with 20 more planned this year, they sold their glasses exclusively online, working out of neil's philadelphia apartment. >> how am i going to buy glasses online? what if we sent people frames to try on at home? that gets over this fit issue. they'll touch the frames, look in the mirror and be like this is great. idea of a home try-on came from a moment of self doubt. that gave us the confidence to keep moving forward. >> everything changed one day in february 2010 when gq posted an article, calling warby parker the netflix of eyewear. >> as soon as the gq article hit, we were all in neil's apartment, having a mobile app that shows us the orders that came in.
6:35 am
it kept going faster, faster, faster. there's a limit supply. >> we had wait list of 20,000 customers. we were out of inventory for about nine months. good problem to have, but we were all terrified that we had all these early adopters that were excited about this brand and we were leaving them with a disappointing early experience. >> they reached out to those customers personally, every last one of them. >> we had to get jeff off the phone because he would give everybody a free pair of glasses. >> just dishing them out? >> really sorry. your glasses are on us. they're like, we don't have any more glasses to give away. >> we would be sitting in a lecture, with the professor giving a lecture, answering customer service e-mail. >> when is the breakthrough moment then, when you say, we're done with the bootstraps? this is not a mom and pop shot anymore? >> the company shot off like a rocket ship, hitting target sales in three weeks, selling
6:36 am
out our top styles in four weeks. it was mayhem. >> fast company magazine named warby parker the most innovative company in the world, over the likes of apple, google and ali babba. five years after it was born, warby was valued atwell over $1 billion. >> the bigger we get, and each of those milestones that we hit, we realize there's such a big opportunity in front of us. we're just motivated to continue to grow and have more impact over time. >> one of our very first frames, the roosevelt, named after that first bar where we decided to start the business. >> did you ever stop and say, wow, i can't believe we pulled this off? >> a couple of years ago, we announced that we distributed 1 million pairs of glasses in the give a pair program. just thinking about the scale that we had achieved in such a short time period, the four of us took a step back and realized that we had accomplished a lot
6:37 am
in a pretty short period of time. >> people often ask us, aren't you afraid of the big optical companies? no, we're actually more afraid of four guys just like us, sitting in a dorm room somewhere, thinking up a better way to provide glasses to people. >> show of hands. who actually needs the glasses they're wearing today? >> oh, man. >> i hate this question. >> 50%, huh? otherwise you're just walking billboards, is that right? >> fashion accessories. >> advertisement. >> sorry, guys, had to ask. neil and dave run the company. andy has moved on to venture capital and jeff has undertaken his next active disruption with the company harry's, which aims to do to the shaving industry what warby parker has done to eyewear. if you dream of your own billion dollar business and want to get dave's ideas, check out chelsea handler starts her new show on netflix.
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the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t. the philosophy of corporations has long been to stay out of fights over social
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or political issues. recently some companies have begun to change that mind-set, leaping head first into controversial headlines. olivia sterns explains why. >> grown, adult men, strangers, should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls. >> caitlyn jenner in the trump hotel. >> man? not anymore. >> reporter: suddenly everyone has an opinion on the newest hot button issue. >> the boss, bruce springsteen, became the latest to take a stand against north carolina today, canceling a concert over the new state law that some say discriminates over gay and transgender people. >> pay pal canceled plans for a 400-job expansion, citing north carolina's new law, limit iing.
6:42 am
>> we cannot open a center in a state that does not embrace rights of all citizens. >> new power player? >> new power players and new activists. in the 1960s, the generation that is now millennials is taking to the streets and protesting against "the man." now the man is the activist, the protester. >> expert in ceo activism. >> i think it started last year when it came to indiana and the religious freedom restoration act. >> another major story we're covering this morning is the growing backlash against a new law in indiana that some argue discriminates against gays. >> in the washington post, apple's openly gay ceo tim cook called the law dangerous. >> after one week with enormous business pressure, indiana revised the law. >> it looks like ceos are sticking their necks out over principle, it might also be about profit. you think supporting these causes are actually good for business? >> when tim cook spoke out on
6:43 am
the religious freedom restoration act in indiana, people that supported him on that issue were more likely to buy apple products. >> this week, target becoming a target of both support -- >> makes me want to shop more at target. >> and outrage over its transgender bathroom policy. the boycott target pledge has gotten half a million signatures of support. from target to starbucks intimate race together campaign to chick-fil-a taking a stance against marriage, speaking out comes clearly with its risk. >> what was the advice of the ceo 20 years ago? >> why would you ever want to get involved in an issue that's 50/50? why alieniate 50% of your profit? >> arguing in part taking a stand on these issues is critical in their ability to
6:44 am
recruit. >> states considering pushing these through, do they want to be inviting to the innovation economy or repel it? >> deutsch bank joined pay pal in nixing expansion plans and the nba commissioner said they won't have the all-star game in charlotte if the law stays. businesses have suddenly become the bully. >> what people expect from the companies they do business with is to provide good service. they don't want these companies weighing into arguments that impact their lives every day, like where they go to the bathroom. >> some businesses like the westin in charlotte, feel like they have no choice but to weigh in on the controversy. ever since the legislation passed, the hotel says it's been losing business as several big groups have pulled out. >> it's against our pillar as an organization, but it's impacting us from a standpoint that, yeah, we have 350 associates that really rely on this hotel being busy to support their family.
6:45 am
>> olivia sterns joins me now live again. what is the risk for a company like target to step out on this issue and run off some of their customers as they did this week? >> this is something i asked everybody. is this about headlines, bottom lines or just about principle and trying to be on the right side of the social issue? in apple's case, it does seem to have done them some good but there are a million people now protesting at target. so, it's really hard to figure out at the end of the day what this is actually going to do. >> there is some hipoch hypocri >> we don't want to do business in north carolina where gay people don't have rights, lgbt people don't have rights. they have big offices in singapore and malaysia where you can go to jail for being gay. even apple sells a lot of products in many countries across the middle east where you'll go to prison for being
6:46 am
gay. >> fascinating subject. olivia, great to have you with us again today. >> thanks. sometimes your call something right in front of you, on the dinner table. how one man is well, good morning, san f n francisco bay area waking up to clear skies this morning. you can see that from our camera over san francisco. no fog this morning and temperatures are mild. 57 degrees right now at san francisco. you know it's going to be a warm day when you're starting off that mild. look where we're headed, 75 in s.f. 81 for the east bay. 80 for the peninsula. 83 for the south bay. the warm trend ends today. cooler weather arrives for tomorrow. there is rain in that seven-day forecast. details at 7:00. it was all pencil and paper. the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches
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which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people.
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we talked earlier about the we talked about the guys asking a question. a fair had a question of his on and now there are thousands of other childrens that are glad that he asked. scotty has the story. >> in this kitchen there's no recipe for what he is cooking.
6:50 am
it's made his wife a little nervous o. >> she thinks that i'm nuts. >> what she is cooking is not dinner. >> melting down crayons is now his passion and an idea of watching them thrown away you while watching them while out the dinner. >> that to me was a spark that there's smog that we have to do to this. so he thought maybe we can can recycle them and give them to kids for free. he is collecting them from schools and restaurants and daily deliveries inside of his house and piling up everywhere. >> we take the crayons and melt them down. the paper is m coing off here. >> it looks like spaghetti. >> he will melt down and crank
6:51 am
down 4,000 what looks like a waffle maker. >> you're a faster than i am. >> these days he does have help. >> and red. >> and lots of it. before he looks, they sort. at a community event this week a hundred volunteers gather to help. >> here they are. we're sorting them now. >> once packaged he sends them to local hospitals. >> what's this drawing? >> that was a car. >> that's a car. >> where the pay off comes in the shapes of smiles. >> 11-year-old jada likes to will let her imagination go. >> when you're coloring, what do you think about? >> nothing. that's why i color. the brain shuts off and you color. >> you're surprised the things that come out on paper.
6:52 am
some crayons in a kids hand is important to their healing. >> she is recovering from spinal surgery, and it helps to escape the pain. >> it helps me escape and really focus. with system of the medical stuff, it stresses me out, and i try to keep my mind off them. >> it provides them the ability to be whatever they want to be and dream whatever they want to be. that right there is why we do this. >> one father's simple idea turning unwanted crayons into unlimited possibilities. >> scott y reporting on a great idea. if you have been templt tempted at night on the wait but there's no. >> introducing this years affordable food processor. the one piece design makes it
6:53 am
easier to use than the food processor. >> the kitchen slicer just one of the big sellers. he also sold 28 million brushes. he later sold poplar music as well and a stounding 5 thousand thousand records. he grew up without electricity or running water. a born sales man phil died this week at the age of 87. well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. no rules on aisle four! with 17 delicious flavors cooked according to our secret family recipe, bush's has the variety you can't resist.
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:we close this morning with predictions ahead. monday night is the met gala and it's a benefit for the museum of art costume institute and the super ball of fashion. with the cuting edge, we predict that we're watching the game one of the hawks and the cavs. later in the week north korea is holding a political convention with the dear leader of kim youung. also that paul ryan is going to be elected on a third ballot. this year it kicks offer a three day lexington vendor for gary. let's turn to our man chuck todd and moderator of "meet the
6:58 am
press." >> i am going see how gary is going to do the bender and then lexington, kentucky. >> that's how he makes it. >> kentucky bourbon style. you're going to hear ted cruz make the case that he can win in indiana. he is doing everything that he can to raise the stakes of e indiana end and what does he do if he loses? >> it maybe over if he loses. thank you for spending part of your day with us on "today." i will see you tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your joe and sunday. take a live look outside......
6:59 am
7:00 am
bay bridge good sunday morning to you. happy may day. take a look outside at the bay bridge. wow. one of the most beautiful shots i've seen from our morning cam. look it at the sun reflecting off the water there. so gorgeous. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. standing by is anthony slaughter with a look at the forecast. it's going to be nice and warm, a beautiful day to be out on the water. >> yeah. if you're planning to get out, it's opening weekend of the bay, boating happening this weekend. treasure island, get out to do that for free. palo alto waking up to sunshine this morning. you can see across the entire bay area waking up to clear skies. no fog this morning. that's how you know it's going to b


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