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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 1, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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take a live look outside...... bay bridge good sunday morning to you. happy may day. take a look outside at the bay bridge. wow. one of the most beautiful shots i've seen from our morning cam. look it at the sun reflecting off the water there. so gorgeous. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. standing by is anthony slaughter with a look at the forecast. it's going to be nice and warm, a beautiful day to be out on the water. >> yeah. if you're planning to get out, it's opening weekend of the bay, boating happening this weekend. treasure island, get out to do that for free. palo alto waking up to sunshine this morning. you can see across the entire bay area waking up to clear skies. no fog this morning. that's how you know it's going to be a warm day.
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56 in san francisco. later on, san francisco, you're heading to 75 degrees. our inland valleys will heat up into the low to mid-80s, the north bay, the east bay and the south bay. so get ready for some heat that's going to feel like summer later on this afternoon. remember the spf in the water. there is rain in the forecast this week. we'll talk about that coming up in the seven day. >> we like it. a little mix of everything. we like our warm weekends. >> hey, i'm with you. dangerous, strong gusts of winds in the bay area had people at a local cancer fund-raiser scrambling for safety. a chaotic scene unfolded at dartmouth's middle school where the american cancer society's relay for life event was in full swing until mother nature shut 2 down. weather swept through the area and tossed tents and tables, left a lot of people, literally, shaken up. >> it's like a big family here, a big family reunion. and so for this to happen today put our nerves on edge and we
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just want everybody to be safe. we don't want anybody to get injured. we're going to call it a day. >> two young people suffered bumps on the head and had to be taken to the hospital. they were checked out and released. people in a quiet san jose neighborhood are in a state of shock after police say a man allegedly shot and killed his wife in their home. police arrested him on murder charges. the shooting happened just after midnight on saturday. the home is on indigo oak lane just in the city's silver creek neighborhood. police say they found 48-year-old sonia suffering from a gunshot wound. she later died at the hospital. neighbors say they're stunned. >> this is shocking to all of us. we didn't expect any of this to happen in this neighborhood. >> the couple has two kids in college. a motive for the shooting is still under investigation. a cell phone discovered in golden gate park and this
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morning police are searching for the man who owns it. this is 27-year-old keith green of millbrae. the san mateo sheriff's office says he was last seen at his home thursday. he left behind most of his belongings including wallet and car. friday a hiker found his cell phone in san francisco. anyone with information is urged to come forward. in oakland, a bicyclist was shot and killed early saturday morning at lake merritt. it happened shortly after midnight on the east shore of the lake. officers responded to reports of shots fired, found the victim alone. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. no arrests have been made and a suspect description has not yet been released. turning to decision 2016, we are in the middle of a republican candidates whirlwind. the convention continued. we saw both donald trump and john kasich give their speeches. yesterday it was all about ted cruz. however, the spotlight is on another political heavy hitter
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with bay area ties, carly fiorina. the form er hp ceo who was recently chosen as ted cruz's running mate was quick to attack trump. >> donald trump isn't going to challenge the system. donald trump is the system. >> fiorina told the crowd she believes cruz is a leader who will challenge the status quo. cruz said he would repeal obamacare, promote a flat tax, and end sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants. the texas senator also addressed filling a vacancy on the u.s. supreme court. >> and i give you my word that every justice i will appoint will be a principled constitutionist and i will not compromise away your religious liberty, and i will not compromise away your second amendment right to keep and bear arms. >> after the convention fiorina headed to indiana where she will be campaigning for cruz. meanwhile, john kasich brought his presidential
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campaign to the south bay. the ohio governor held a town hall in san jose calling himself the most electable candidate in the general election, though he is running a distant third in delegates. and front-runner donald trump took a swipe at the hundreds of protesters who converged outside the gop convention and tried to block him from reaching the event on friday. trump tweeted this comment about the protesters. he called them, quote, thugs and criminals. he went on to say they should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement. the democratic presidential canndidates are getting ready fr their push in california. bernie sanders' campaign opened its office in oakland yesterday not far from the b.a.r.t. station. campaign leaders are optimistic about sanders' chances in california especially here in the bay area. >> i think bernie has been building more and more momentum as we go. in the beginning before iowa we had about 5% of people in iowa who knew bernie sanders and supported him. now we have grown to literally winning many, many states
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throughout the country, and i think california is one of those states that the polls have shown the momentum and the support has been growing. >> this is senator sanders' second campaign office in the state. the first office opened in los angeles earlier this month. well, it's going to be a busy day in the east bay. a warning for warriors and a's fans you could be in for a slow drive to the arena and coliseum n. just a few hours, the warriors start round two at oracle. that game is at 12:30 and 30 minutes later, there you go, the oakland a's have a game next door at the coliseum. the park being lots open at 8:30 and they are expected to fill up fast. so take public transit if you can. the warriors are playing the portland trail blazers. mvp steph curry will not be playing but he is optimistic he could return sooner than the projected two weeks after suffering a knee sprain. in about 30 minutes we'll hear from coach kerr about steph's possible return. in the south bay as well, a
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live look at the s.a.p. center where the sharks take on the nashville predators in it game two of their series tonight. san jose holds a 1-0 game lead after a come-from-behind win friday. the sharks thrilled the home crowd scoring five goals in the third period. the puck drops tonight at 5:00. still ahead on "today in the bay" a service dog lost in the trunk of an uber dog. the price the ride sharing company now has to pay for this mistake. riots, smoke and flames in one bay area city today. be sure to double-check because it's not real. we'll explain coming up.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated
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you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast (adlib) your time now is 7:09 on this sunday, may day. a live look outside at san francisco from the embarcadero. the clock tower back there absolutely gore. clear skies and it will be nice
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and warm, as anthony said. he'll be by to tell you about the changes coming up in your forecast. crews are still cleaning up a mess after trees came crashing down. it happened yesterday morning in fairfax. as you can see the tree was enormous. it fell across the street and damaged three cars including that one. branches came down on one neighbor's fence and another neighbor's roof. not only are crews clearing this tree but they may take down other trees as well. we're concerned another tree could fall. the people that walk by or some of the neighbors in the area. we'll alleviate the weight so no other tree false anytime soon. >> the city expects everything to be back to normal some time today, but, as you can see, a lot of pairs ahead for neighbors there. a settlement reached for advocates for the blind and uber over issue of service animals. the ride sharing company will
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pay nearly a quarter million dollars and have to make drivers understand drivers have to let service dogs ride along with their owners. the settlement stems from a federal lawsuit filed a couple years ago. advocates for the blind cited several instances of discrimination. one uber driver, for example, locked a guide dog in the trunk of his car. uber will be required to terminate any driver after just one complaint if uber determines the driver knowingly refused a ride because of a certificaserv animal. you may have seen it, ominous black smoke over observing yesterday. it came. these images are from firefighters on twitter. it was 7th street near coast guard island. the stubborn fire damaged part of the dock. intense heat also melted this truck nearby. coming up on "today in the bay" after nearly a century of service, the doors of a famous east bay dell have closed for
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the final time. how customers responded. >> anthony? we're waking up to clear skies. no clouds to be seen. we do have changes on the way. cooler temperatures as soon as tomorrow and rain arrives in that seven day. we're back to explain after this.
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and we're back this sunday morning. taking a look outside again to san francisco, the sun glinting off the skyscrapers there looking gorgeous. a clear, beautiful day it to get outside, maybe even on the water if you can. raiders fans partied and protested in oakland. they gather near the coliseum and at the raiders headquarters to celebrate the draft picks. this time not everyone was there to party. some came to vent, angry about their team possibly leaving town. mark davis pledged to invest
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half a billion in a move to las vegas. >> this is completely outrageous. we've been going at this three, four years. we have nothing of substance from mark davis. we gave you mt. davis and you want more? it's time to commit to oakland. this is outrageous and i'm angry. >> well, he didn't mince words. there's still a $100 million debt for improvements made to the coliseum. we reached out to the raiders for comment but they haven't contacted us back. if you see smoke and flames in san francisco, do not be alarmed. it is all part of a film shoot at city hall. this is reportedly for a miniseries about the lbgt movement, the protesters reacted to the dan white manslaughter verdict. white killed the mayor and
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supervisor hardy mills in 1978. today is the final day of filming. and one last meal at a delicatessen. it closed its oakland store. one last famous sandwich or lasagna or pasta. it opened in 1926 and survived several changes. it remains a testament to the italian roots. the long line of customers all day. >> very sad. we had to come today to get our very last fix before they shut the door. >> they had to close because of rising rent prizes. the napa store, though, still in business. thousands of comcast playees across the country rolled up their sleeves and put in hard work to better their community.
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the parent company of nbc bay area and our way of giving back. locally earl frost elementary in san jose was one of the sites getting a makeover. volunteers worked on landscaping, painted murals, and put in an outside eating area. >> that was one of our visions, how could we get the community together. >> in san francisco volunteers gathered at drew elementary. they have been organizing the day of service for 15 years now and it was a nice day. anthony slaughter, a great day to be outside. >> yeah, in fact, it's been nice and warm and will feel even warmer today. it will feel a little like summer. pretty nice if you want to go for the morning jog. it is sunny. we don't have any fog out there and the thing to note about today's forecast it's not going
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to be as windy. 80 for the peninsula. san francisco, you'll be nice and sunny up to 75 degrees. 84 for the north bay. it will heat up even across parts of the coastline. pa s pacifica will get up into the 70s. half moon bay up to 78 later on as well. and the warm spot will be santa cruz up to 82 degrees with a light wind out of the northeast at 5 to 15. now the weather story over the next couple of days is major cooling headed our way. 80s from the north bay to the east bay all the way down to the south bay. a few 70s still at the coastline. tomorrow the 70s really push back into the inland locations. widespread 70s and a few 60s for san francisco for tomorrow. and then it gets cooler as we head to tuesday and wednesday because we're tracking a storm
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system. not for tonight, though. the s.a.p. center will be lit up in teal as the sharks take on the predators. 79 degrees expected for you tailgaters out there. and the how weird festival kicks off. these sights and weird sounds as well. 67 degrees as you head to the afternoon. >> a storm system will start to pull into the bay area. it's not going to be a big storm system but it will cool things off and give us a chance for showers. this is thursday afternoon. the future cast into motion. widespread rain, even sierra snow expected by then. we start off the weekend next weekend it looks like we'll be dry but it look like we'll be cool. not a huge storm system by any means. the computer models continue to
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back off as far as how much rain we're going to get. it continues to look like a minor storm system as we move to thursday. and the good news to put off that "f" word, the fire season that we start to get into around this time of year. nour 4-8 inches of snow thursday into friday across the sierra. things will change a little bit but not a huge storm. today at 83 in san jose. 75 for san francisco. the 70s move back into the inland locations. by wednesday into thursday, tracking our next chance of rain. don't put those umbrellas away just yet. still to come on "today in the bay " -- >> i could not be more proud of them and that's a big reason i want this celebration to be as big as it can be. >> one local school didn't have enough money to put on a prom, so a teacher stepped up to give
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seniors the sendoff they deserve. a story that will make you bay area proud. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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seniors... that means dates, dresses and tux. it is prom season and for thousands of high school seniors that means dates, dresses and tuxes. at one east bay school, they weren't sure they could afford a prom. then a teacher stepped up to help. garvin thomas has this morning's bay area proud. >> reporter: if compassion were currency east oakland's castle month high school would be running a surplus thanks to the english teacher. sadly, though, it's not. and their resources are nothing what he enjoyed growing up in cupertino. >> it's what did you learn from the interview? >> reporter: what he does get is rightfully funneled to the basics like new technology.
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extras, though, like senior prom, well, not so much. >> it's not the highest priority in a district like this when you have so many other things that are so important. >> reporter: he says seniors have been doing what they can to raise some money, surng in recycling and holding bake sales but it still wasn't going to be enough. >> you might see a really unfortunate prom on a tv show where it's in the gym with streamers and under the sea themed or whatever and there's no band or a deejay. it's a person on their laptop, right? that's what it could have been like. >> reporter: it's why he started a funding program aimed at giving seniors the sendoff a graduate deserves. no matter where he or she lives. >> i got to have that. >> reporter: his campaign has
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raised enough money that a deposit has been placed on a function room in an oakland hotel. there is still the matter of food, decorations and music. ingredients for a night to remember thanks to a teacher who cares. >> it matters to me because it matters to them. i love these kids. i'm a teacher because i care so deeply about these students. >> reporter: he originally set up the crowd funding campaign to raise $2,000. so far $1,000 of that has already been met. there is another month to go before prom. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. go to our website and search bay area proud. "today in the bay" is back after this break. coming up -- >> the concerns are there. the layering of risks are there. >> risks associated with the bright lights at two sports
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stadiums near san jose airport. we uncover new e-mails that reveal what the faa knew but didn't tell pilots. plus -- >> because trump knows a thing or two about running waterfront properties into the ground. >> the comedian in chief. president obama pulling no punches as he jokes about donald trump and other presidential candidates at his final white house correspondents dinner.
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san francisco (adlib) your time now is 7:28. this sunday, may 1st. happy may day. a look look outside at san francisco today. some joggers taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we're going to have across the bay area. good morning and thank you for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen along with
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anthony slaughter. gorgeous and not too much variation, right? >> 70s and 80s across the bay today and sunny. remember that spf. i had a bad sun burn last weekend. 55 in san francisco. 59 right now in east bay and later on it is going to warm up nicely. 75 for san francisco. 81 for the east bay. 80 for the peninsula and 83 for the south bay. wherever you go it will be warm even at the coastline and we're not going to see winds as gusty as yesterday. we do have rain in the forecast. >> anthony, thank you. and speaking of gusty winds. people were scrambling to safety. a really chaotic scene unfolding at dartmouth middle school yesterday where the american cancer society held its relay
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for life event. folks were left shaken up. >> it's like a big family here. and so for this to happen today just put our serves on edge and we just want everybody to be safe. we don't want anyone injured. we're going to call it a day. >> volunteers told us two minors suffered bumps on the head. those young people had to go to the hospital. they were checked out and released. people in a quiet san jose neighborhood are in shock this morning after learning a neighbor allegedly shot and killed his wife in their home. police arrested him on murder charges. the shooting happened just after midnight on saturday in indigo oak lane in the city's silver creek neighborhood. they say they found sonia who later died in the hospital. >> this is very shocking to all
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of us. i didn't expect this to happen in this upscale neighborhood. >> the couple has two children in college. a motive for the shooting is still under investigation. a water main break is shutting down a busy root in marin county northbound at the mill valley stinson beach exit. a water main broke under the road. repairs are expected to be going on until this morning, maybe even longer. this exit especially busy on the weekend. a lot of people use it to to the coast. chp is warning drivers to expect significant delays. last year we uncovered the bright lights at levi stadium were a hazard for the airport. the problems are worse than we first reported. steven stock with what this means for flight safety in the
7:32 am
bay. >> when we first started inquiring about the bright lights an faa spokesperson down play ed the safety implications. we found a half dozen pilot complaints about safety concerns over those lights. as it turns out these e-mails show there's a lot more to the story. >> it was blinding. >> reporter: last year we introduced you to christina. >> we were getting beams of light in our eye. >> reporter: an experience d pilot who were both blinded by the lights while on final approach. >> the captain i flew with went to the doctor the next day. >> reporter: she is just one of at least 25 pilots including those from southwest, sky west, alaska airlines, u.p.s. and fedex who complained about the
7:33 am
lights since 2014. the e-mails date back to early 2014 when the stadium was still under construction. concerns extend all the way through january of this year. 2016. take several different e-mails between f.a.a. officials in july 2014. quote, it appears that the stadium lighting and jumbotron are so bright that at least one pilot has claimed that it blocks out the runway center line lighting. and, there is a huge television screen that is visible from the tower. and this e-mail in may 2015, quote, we did get reports of the stadium light strobe lights being at least 2,000 feet in the air. this could have been a large concern to arriving traffic. >> that's a serious problem. >> reporter: this source says the issue has not gone away. he's intimately familiar with the lights through his work in aviation safety at sj c.
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he asked that we hide his identity because he fears retaliation. >> that scoreboard emits so much light that they can see that as much as 100 miles away from the airport. >> reporter: the e-mails show half a dozen mandatory occurrence reports filed by pilots raising safety issues with the faa. they have never before been made public until we described them as very distracting and dangerous, intensely bright light. some pilots confusing with the visual approach slope indicator system on the runway. >> we had a number of pilot complaints that they were losing their night vision. >> when i first saw the news story i was a little surprised that it was an issue because i was not aware of it at all. >> reporter: all of this was news to officials for the city of santa clara which owns the stadium. would you have liked to have been better informed about this issue? >> certainly. you informed me with your news
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article i saw making dinner one night. it's nice to be kept in the loop, yes. it's a publicly owned facility, we're ultimately responsible for it. we want to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: this issue so concerned safety officials they conducted a trial, the 49ers simulating a football game with the lights and scoreboard turned on as the faa flew over the stadium. e-mails show faa employees later suspected the test may have been rigged because the scoreboard was put on its lowest brightness setting. the e-mails indicating the lights at events after the test were brighter than they were during the simulation. one air traffic controller saying in an e-mail, quote, we got sapped bagtd on the test. the niners did provide a written statement saying the only dimming was in 2014 at the request of the faa in con just with our initial testing and
7:36 am
calibration. last fall we were told the problem lights had been turned down in intensity. the e-mails show in 2016 three separate pilots reported being blinded by the score boards. a short statement released saying, quote, we have responded quickly to all inquiries. also after our first story aired we were contacted by the office of tom ridge in washington, d.c., expressing concerns. levi stadium is about a 2,000 foot clearance. >> reporter: our reporting raised similar safety concerns it at the home of the laos angeles rams. planned to be built off the runway. the faa has officially weighed in on that project recommending in this report it not be built
7:37 am
because of the same issues we raised about the safety at sjc. >> concerns are there. the layering of risk there. given the layering of risk where there's a cumulative risk we're taking. >> in your estimation it's not? >> it's not. >> reporter: despite the protests, the new rams stadium project proceeds right off l.a.x.'s runway. we never heard back. an faa spokesperson declined our repeated requests for an on camera interview or to answer any of our questions. instead he sent us a written statement saying, quote, the faa has the authority to review construction. it does not include stadium lights or score boards. they will express concerns about any future complaints we receive. you can read the entire
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statements from the faa, the 49ers and the earthquake plus an exhaustive time line showing all the e-mails and when they were sent out and when they came in. go to our website and click on the investigative unit. nbc bay area news. president obama tried his happened at stand-up comedy one last time during his final white house correspondents dinner. for instance, what's behind his mysteriously rising approval rating? >> even my aides can't explain the rising poll numbers. >> the event is a chance for the fresh to poke fun. take a few jobs of his own. chastising republicans, joked about his age and implied about the state of politics in america today. >> i said it was time to change the tone of our politic.
7:39 am
in hindsight i should have been more specific. >> at the end of the speech, the president said he had two final words, obama out. he dropped the microphone. "washington post" reporter and bay area native was given the honor of handing the journalism award. he spent 18 months in an iranian prison. he was just release this had past january. still ahead on "today in the bay" warriors begin without their star. so how soon could steph curry be back on the court? you have the scoop next.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast we told you earlier in this newscast ... a busy day at oraclar let's give you a live look outside as we told you earlier a
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busy day at oracle arena and the coliseum next door. the warriors tip off game one of the western conference finals against the trail blazers. the astros are at 1:00. public transportation probably a good idea steph curry will not be ready to go when today's game begins. the mvp says his injured knee is getting better by the day. he could return sooner than the two weeks after suffering a grade one knee sprain. first it was thought he might miss the first four games of the series or worse. >> if he can progress throughout the week, game three isn't until saturday, maybe we'll get a chance to see him on the court for a couple of days and see what he looks like. >> the a's hosting the astros. oakland shut out houston 2-0. the giants look iing to even up
7:43 am
their series against the mets but san francisco would have -- new york hands the giants another loss. much more ahead on "today in the bay. "republican presidential candidates stumping in the bay area this weekend and for the first time in almost half a century america matters. for once, republican
7:44 am
7:45 am
presidential candidates are in california not just to ask for money, but to campaign for the for once republican presidential candidates are in california to campaign for the nomination. if this seems unfamiliar it's because california hasn't had a serious role in the nominations for either political party in more than four decades. this time it our votes will count. they may determine the next gop nominee in july. larry, the past year and how this came to be.
7:46 am
>> we just haven't been here. as you said in almost half a secentury. why? three factors, vicky. three have xind to form the perfect storm for california republicans this year. first, the large number of candidates have fractured most of the early election. the large number of proportionate primaries kept any one candidate from running away with the nomination and, third, new election rules allowed super pacs to provide millions, and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars altogether for candidates. allowing several to stay in the race long after their money ran out. results, yeah, california is in play. >> exciting for us. we know donald trump is the only candidate who can win on the first ballot. after that it's anyone's guess. can california put him over the
7:47 am
top? >> 1,237 delegates, those are the number of votes needed to win the republican nomination. as of the moment trump has 953. leaving him short. between now and june 7th, the date of the california primary, five states will hold primaries. even if trump wins every delegate, and he won't, he'll still be short. >> so i don't have to be a math wiz. how does california come into play? he needs some delegates to get to that 283. >> the great casino is what ronald reagan said. california will elect 172 delegates. 172. with other states that day electing 102 delegates. the only questions will be how many will trump still need and where will he find them? his chances for success how much of a reach trump has to make but
7:48 am
he'll need some delegates. the question is how many? >> so we know trump really has the best chance numerically speaking but how does his position fit in with the large crowds? they aren't exactly being treated well by trump and his defenders. >> there's no question about that. >> it's beneficial and harmful. trump has a very loyal set of followers. we know that. the fact of the matter is they are very dedicate d to him. every time a protest breaks out or someone carries an anti-trump sign at a rally they get booed, sometimes beaten. as trump collects cheers in the process, as he ridicules the protesters and grows his base all because of it. the base loves it. so there you have it. >> also his behavior could be
7:49 am
harmful and i think we've heard this. the primary season is different than the general election. what he does at a rally is different from what he will do on the campaign trail. >> throwing red meat to the base is thing. come that general election trump will need to show voters that he's not just a provocateur, that he is, as he says, a uniter. the more these disruptive events and his response to them occur, the more some numbers of people may be turned off to him. just how many people? we don't know but there's something going to happen here and we know the extent to which he'll be able to make that statement. >> you are a great expert, a historian, a scholar, have we ever witnessed party strife as angry as now?
7:50 am
>> it's hard to remember but back in 1968 i think it was, it wasn't pretty during that democratic convention. battles everywhere, skirmishes over the civil rights movement with various candidates. it was ugly with a capital u6. inside the party went right up to and continued during democratic convention. many democrats were angrier with each other. before it's all said and done, republicans may suffer a similar problem. the democrats have some problems as well. can they come together or will this be fatal? this is what we have to watch for. >> if it goes to an open convention -- >> that will drag things out more.
7:51 am
>> in 1920 jon davis for the democrats took 103 ballots before he won. if it doesn't go the first time perhaps four, five, six ballots. we don't know. we'll know a lot more between now and june 7th. >> larry, thank you. stay with us. next, thousands of girl scouts makinging a trek across the golden gate bridge. the special event bringing them together. >> all right, larry, breaking it down. i'll see you your records. let's talk some weather. we're looking at hot temperatures this afternoon. back to break down the full forecast coming up right after this.
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welcome back. i want to show you this shot from san francisco all clear. no fog this morning. not waking up to any of that this morning. all sunshine all across every micro climate. san francisco 75 degrees. inland locations like the north bay, the east bay and the south bay see temperatures back into the low 80s. toasty in the afternoon hours. up to 73 degrees later on this afternoon. half moon bay nice, up to 78 there and santa cruz up to 82 degrees.
7:55 am
warm once we get to noon and temperatures will start to cool off. warm for the inland locations, widespread 80s from the south bay, the tri-valley, even the north bay. tomorrow look what happens to those 80s, way back to the sacramento valley and we'll see 70s. then as we head to tuesday, it gets even cooler because we're tracking midweek rain that will set the stage for a cooler week ahead. if you're making plans, the ala cart fair, temperatures will be nice up to 80 degrees and we're expecting to see temperatures similar across all of the bay area. things do change as we head to this upcoming week. we are going to see the cooling air arrive as soon as tomorrow. a little bit of fog as well. by tuesday and wednesday, that's when we cool off. the system moves out into friday. moves over to the sierra and will dry out.
7:56 am
it will leave behind chilly air. we're only talking the potential of maybe a tenth of an inch or less. again, not an overly impressive storm system but enough to get the ground wet and to put off that fire season this time of year. the sierras expecting more snow. 4-8 new snow expected. things do cool off. we go from summer back into spring and back into winter. temperatures really cool off. 60s for tomorrow and then rain arrives. inland will see it by thursday. vicky, back to you. >> anthony, thank you. thousands of northern california girl scouts made a trip to the golden gate bridge for a special ceremony called appropriately bridging. 6,000 scouts moving from junior
7:57 am
to cadet crossed the bridge together. they were welcomed with the girl scout hand shake. after the walk scouts gathered for music, food and activities. a solar powered plane remains on the ground. it was scheduled to take off to its next destination friday. it is still sitting in mountain view's moffitt field. the two-ton solar plane will stay grounded through tonight. the solar impulse two is on a historic tour of the world. it arrived here from ohio. weather conditions are so important. well, thank you for making us a part of your morning. more local news 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00. all day at have a great day.
7:58 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better
7:59 am
i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
8:00 am
this sunday is donald trump about to wrap up the republican nomination? >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> ted cruz is making a last stand in indiana. he belittles trump. >> the only thing he knows how to do, yells or screams or curses or insults. >> will cruz endorse trump if he loses on tuesday? >> why won't you answer that question straight forward, black and white. >> let me finish the point i'm making. >> my lively interview with ted cruz. plus, it's been exactly five years since the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the lead every of al qaeda. my exclusive sitdown with john brenna


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