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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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action around the world. how the prayer bay area is mark day. good evening, everyone. people are marching in san jose right now, bringing attention to the plight of bay area workers. there's a lot of calls there, marianne. >> reporter: i'm here at king and story. organizers tell me there are a thousand people participating in the march this year. right now they are on their way to city hall downtown. this year what's different is there's not just one theme. there's several themes from several grassroots organizations. some have bandannas around their mouths that read survival is not a crime. some are walking to support black lives matter but a majority of the people here today are fighting for san jose to implement a $15 an hour minimum wage as soon as
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possible. >> raise the wages to $15 an hour. comprehensive immigration reform. stop the violence and sexual assault against woman and solidarity with black lives matter. and to also have a living wage and to end wage theft. >> reporter: this is also the first weekend before scinco de ma mayo. there are dozens of people in their cars waving flags as part of cultural celebrations that are happening at the same time. they are expected to cruise alongside the marchers on their way to city hall. they're expected to arrive at city hall at 5:30 tonight. there will also be some aztec dancers leading the way. may day rallies took a violent turn in other partings of the world. police in turkey used tear gas and water cannons to disperse a crowd of may day demonstrators
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in istanbul. in south korea the rallies were much more peaceful. 30,000 chanted union slogans calling for greater rights for workers. hundreds of thousands of cubans gathered in havana to take part in annual may day celebrations. many marchers carried posters with the faces of raoul and fidel castro on them. well, the focus has been on california's republican convention this weekend. democrats have been hard at work too. they've been holding caucuses around the bay area and across the state to select delegates to attend the upcoming national convention in philadelphia. the process is drawing a lot of attention because for the first time in decades california's primary could matter. it typically comes too late in the primary season to make much of a difference. we'll have much more on the process and a live report coming up on our news at 6:00.
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a weekend warmup well underway. beaches crowded today, people enjoying the sun or staying cool in the water. this is the scene at baker beach in san francisco. >> 78 degrees. some south bay temperatures around sunnyvale seeing some low 80s. dublin, 82 degrees. interesting watching the clouds build up over parts of the diablo range. we're beginning to see a big cooldown now in san francisco. we were in the mid 70s. now we're talking 60s. low clouds starting to move back in. the sea breeze will take the off
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the heat and bring in some drizzle tomorrow morning. it's the cumulonimbus clouds. some of that moisture trying to move up. might see a stray shower between 6:00 and 9:00 tonight especially in the interior east bay. then better chances for showers as this high, which is responsible for the heat, moves out of the way, opening door for this weather system that may bring four days with chances of showers and even some thundershowers. we'll show you the impact on your temperatures and the days you expect the most rain coming up on our full forecast in about 12 minutes. i think we've got a spider web on our dublin camera. the buzz still surrounding oracle as the warriors did it again, winning in convincing fashion dethe absenspite the ab mvp steph curry.
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warriors won 118-106. they led from start to finish. >> reporter: at one point the lead was 26 points. it was that convincing a victory today. it convinced and reassured fans that this team can win in the playoffs even without their mvp. steph curry was on the bench still rehabbing that sprained knee ligament. rehab is going very well. so well that coach has indicated that curry may be back early as tuesday if necessary. that may not be necessary with clay thompson. and draymond green scoring 23 points with 11 assists, 13 rebounds. the warriors may be able to rest
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curry for as long as he needs in order to come back strong. >> i think they did great. with this team they could keep up with portland because of their size. i believe that they're ready for the next round. the fact that curry could rest a couple days is critical, that they could go into the next round with curry fully rested. >> the spurs blowout yesterday was to tell the warriors we're ready. our win today was to say, bring it. >> they do what they've got to do, they do their jobs. it's amazing to watch them play. >> i think he should take the break and go a little bit longer, heal up really good, get nice and strong and come back afterwards. the team is doing great without him. >> reporter: it was never close. the warriors led by 20 at the end of the first and third quarters. the warriors out rebounded. harrison barnes having 12 of them. big win.
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>> for more playoff coverage of the warriors and the sharks, head to our website. livermore held its 25th annual wine festival this weekend but it marked a somber anniversary as well. this morning organizers held a special memorial for a mother and daughter killed in a drunk driving crash at the end of last year's festival. friends and family of the woman and her 14 month old daughter were there. the driver in the crash is facing charges. investigators say his blood alcohol level when he left the festival, nearly twice the legal limit. he lost control of his car, crashed into an apartment complex, killing both victims. investigators in washington, d.c. are piecing through the rubble trying to figure out what caused a freight train to derail about 6:30 this morning near a
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metro stop. one car leaked a hazardous material. the mayor of washington, d.c. says the leak has been stopped but authorities aren't sure just how much of it spilled. police say there is no danger to people in the area. the two people on the train, a conductor and engineer were not hurt. the train was traveling from maryland to north carolina. prince's family court tomorrow to begin the process of sorting out what will happen to his estate. this will be their first time in court since prince's death just over a weekend ago. the superstar died without leaving a will or a trust, leaving an estimate d 300 million dollar up for grabs. it's expected the estate will be divided according to minnesota state law, which means it will go to prince's sister tyka nelson and his five half siblings. ready for takeoff. coming up, a solo plane trying to fly around the world will be here in the bay area. plus, a winning powerball ticket
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was sold here in the bay area. ready for takeoff again.
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the solar impulse two is set to continue its historic journey around the world. ready for takeoff again. the solar impulse 2 is set to continue its journey around the world, the pilot announcing that the plane will take off tomorrow 5:00 in the morning on route to phoenix.
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the plane spent a week in the bay area after making a three-day flight from hawaii across the pacific. it was a ground breaking moment as the pilot emerged after spending 62 hours straight in that small cockpit. the flight to phoenix is expected to take just over 16 hours. solar impulse will make three more stops in the united states before crossing the atlantic to europe or northern africa. and you can count on nbc bay area to bring you complete coverage of the solar impulse take off. if you bought a powerball ticket in san jose, y might want to check stubbs. this gas station sold a ticket worth more than a million bucks. the owner of the store gets about $6,000 out of it and you get the rest. but there was no jackpot winner, which means the pot only gets bigger. it now stands at $348 million. nobody won. you might have won a smaller prize. some of those smaller prizes are pretty big.
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coming up, a milestone on the seas. an american cruise ship does something not seen in decades. where it's headed tonight. plus a new competitor at silicon valley's top tech companies. how an international company could stir things up. that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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underway. ==take vo== for the first time in more than 50 years, an american cruise a historic voyage to cuba is underway. for the first time in more than
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50 years an american cruise ship is sailing from the unite to cuba. the carnival cruise ship departed from miami, it's going to arrive in havana tomorrow. it will also stop at two other cities in cuba. carnival plans to offer cruises to cuba every other week. a new competitor to apple, facebook has moved into san jose, an established company from china now here to stir things up. >> reporter: silicon valley just got even more international with chinese hardware and entertainment giant moving in. >> obviously silicon valley is a huge place for us to a flag. >> reporter: launching itself into an 80,000 square foot building in san jose. >> the site of our new head
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quarter, sal cilicon valley is a wise choice. >> where you do business and where consumers look for innovation. this is where the future is made. >> reporter: the company says it's here to hire and here to compete. going against apple, tesla and facebook. >> this company is disruptive in a good sense. it's artificial intelligence, it's autonomous vehicles and smart devices. >> reporter: with goals of expanding its current san jose work force of about 200 right away. >> and we'll be around 700 or 800 by the end of the year and we'll look to double that for the remaining several years. >> reporter: a success in china, now taking on the biggest companies here. take to check your forecast. he's got warm, he's got wind, he's got wet. he's got everything. >> yeah, a little bit of
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everything over the next seven days. big changes towards the middle part of the week. right now we're seeing changes in the form of a strengthening sea breeze. winds at 12 to 14 miles per hour across the peninsula. it's not just the wind but the fog coming back in right now. you can see that view from the north bay looking from belvedere to the south and white caps across the water of the bay. oakland now down to 76 degrees from 80 earlier. dublin, still some warm temperatures, 82 degrees. you see the clouds will building over the hill tops. this is one area we'll watch tonight for the slight chance of a few showers. we've seen the clouds building up around the hills there. most of the action has been north of sonoma county and north of the sierras.
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notice how that moisture is kind of drifting off to the west. it will be this batch for eastern contra costa counties. alme alameda counties. probably the best chance of seeing an isolated evening showers. the low clouds over san francisco for tomorrow morning and all day sea breeze during the day tomorrow will ensure that those days of mid and upper 80s like we saw around brentwood and antioch today will be out the window as our temperatures cool off as we head back into the workweek. lunchtime temperatures in the 60s. some mid 70s out towards livermore and pleasanton.
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you'll see numbers in the upper 70s near san jose. north bay temperatures in the 70s and still one more warm day around dublin and pleasanton and danville. those cooler temperatures are going to stick around for a while. good chance of seeing some showers wednesday and thursday. now it looks like that low pressure may stick around for a while. this high is moving out of here. this trough sits up right west of the bay area. each day, thursday, friday, saturday, taking its time getting out of california. we'll probably see a few showers lingering to start the weekend and those rain totals. these will be the areas over the next seven days that have the best chance for rainfall, maybe more than an inch or so.
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use caution when heading up to the high country. we can see some flash flooding due to thunderstorms. next weekend now looks like we're going to see some showers taking us into at least the first part of saturday. clearing skies by saturday afternoon. right the two weekend days will start to see a warmup by next sunday. not as warm as the temperatures we had today. the warmest day in the next seven days likely to be next sunday as things look unsettled from wednesday through early saturday with those chances of showers. could even see some snow at times above 7,000 feet. working their way toward rio, coming up what the stake in the pool at uc berkeley this weekend. how two synchronized swimmers
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punched their ticket to the summer games. working their way towards rio.
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the u-s water polo nationals continued today u- working their way towards rooi r rio, the u.s. water nationals continued uc berkeley. the most decorated is a stanford alum who competed in both the 2008 and 2012 olympics. a lot of our local athletes are on the road to rio, running, jumping and swimming their ware to t way to the olympics.
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>> it's like ballet in the water, a grueling feat of strength, endurance and poise. synchronized swimming has been called the most sport in the olympic games. u.s. team swimmers maria and anita know it. the two athletes are the only swimmers representing the u.s. in synchronized swimming in rio. >> we have our place, our world ranking and kind of looking at the countries ahead of us and what they do better than us and what we need to improve. >> you have to show up every day and you have to be, you know, on your best game every day even if you're not feeling well. you have to push through. >> alvarez has synchronized swimming in her blood. her mother is a former athlete and a current coach. both say they gave up
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traditional up bringing to become fierce competitors. >> all the sacrifices we've made over the years and missing out on prom or graduation. >> those girls are training from 7:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon and they have only an half an hour, 45 minutes break. >> this is the duo's coach and she's tough. >> i'm not a dictator. whenever it needs to be, i'm happy to do it. but what i like is having a good connection with the athletes. >> molly says olympic caliber swimmers must have two things. >> beautiful legs. it's so important. the attitude is everything. >> she cannot wait for rio all of the hard work is rewarded. >> all of the things i missed out on in high school and college and even now, everything was totally worth it. i would do all of that again. everything that i had to give
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up, it doesn't matter right now. it's all worth it. nbc bay area is your home for olympics coverage. the games start august 5th. well, who says black cats are bad luck? coming up, how a stray kitty found running across the ice is getting a second chance from the san jose sharks. a now famous cat, spotted on the
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ice at the sap center in san jose, is doing well.. and could be ufo a now famous cat spotted on the ice at the sap center in san jose is doing well and could be up for adoption soon. the small black cat scrambled across the ice before the warmups on friday night.
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the cat got away but crews did find it yet. it's been examined a vet. they're looking to see if it has a micro chip for identification purposes. if not, the team is working with animal shelters to make sure it gets adopted. the cat has been dubbed pavelski. >> temperatures have been in the 80s but some interesting changes in the forecast. first, got to get this evening where we have a slight chance of showers. that moisture comes away from the sierra and might clip parts of the east bay. one thing everyone will notice tomorrow morning will be the sea breeze, bringing in the low clouds and cooler time highs tomorrow, 60s and 70s. >> nbc nightly news next. more local news at 6:00 right
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here. hope to see you then. on this sunday night, last stand. two days before the crucial indiana primary. our new poll on where the candidates stand as bernie sanders now talks of a contested convention. on the brink, pain in puerto rico as the island prepares to default on a big debt payment. the ripple effect of an economic downturn being felt far and wide. fighting addiction, as abusive prescription painkillers sores, how one hospital e.r. is taking a far different approach to control pain without those drugs. >> and war stories, one man hopes to inspire the world to ask with photographs of those displaced with conflict. he knows about war all too well. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: this is


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