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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. oc: "headn runs :02 ===take vo=== oc: "heads up. explosion runs :02 ===take vo=== right now at 11: may day rallies turn violent in seattle tonight. how it spiralled out of control. heads up! >> receiight now at 11:00, mayd rallies turn violent in seattle. plus a look at more peaceful protests in the bay area. then a bay area man killed while out on a flight with a tourism company. and prepare for a possible traffic nightmare in the east bay. the one closure that could cause a huge slow down. good evening, everyone, i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker is off tonight. a popular road that helps drivers in the east bay is going
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to shut down for months. that mean even more traffic on 580 and 680. we're talking about tassajara road. it's closing down until december. marianne favro talked to neighbors most impacted. marianne? >> reporter: well, this road closure will start impacting drivers, starting with tomorrow morning's commute. you can see this electronic billboard has been put up to warn motorists about it. but what they're most concerned about is take a look at this, how long the road is going to remain closed. 12/1/16 -- until december! the road closure won't stop the green family from biking and skateboarding in their neighborhood. but when the tassajara road route closes tomorrow for a construction project, drivers will definitely be impacted. >> in the commute hours, it's
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going to add at least 40 minutes. that's going to be a big impact. anybody who works walnut creek area or so. it's going to be 30, 40 minutes or so extra. >> reporter: he says he'll now have to allow extra time to get to san ramon. >> it could impact the way we live, because i take call once a week. >> reporter: people who live here aren't the only ones impacted by the closure. this is considered a popular back road for people trying to avoid the i-580/680 interchange. now drivers on those highways could expect to see even more gridlock, and it's a project expected to last seven months. that's how long dublin leaders project it will take. >> i can't imagine why it would take them that long. >> reporter: the culvert replacement is a condition for the molar ranch development
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which will be built along the creek. the california highway patrol is already planning for increased traffic on i-680 with additional patrols. reporting live in dublin, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, a tourist attraction gone wrong. we've learned the bay area man is victim of a plane crash. the single engine plane crashed in a remote part of the desert three miles south of las vegas. he and the pilot died on impact. they sometimes allow customers to fly stud planes with instr t instructor supervision. they have not said whether it was a customer or passenger piloting the plane. a dangerous scene in seattle as mayday protesters and police clash in the streets [ explosions ] the trouble started when a group
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of anti-capitalists began throwing bottles. it prompted officers to use pepper spray and flash balls. at least nine protesters were arrested. the seattle police department is tweeting out pictures of some items confiscated. you see a molotov cocktail as well as several metal pipes and a wooden club. mayday protests here in the bay area remained peaceful. the largest events were in oakland and san jose. about a thousand people marched from east san jose to city hall, calling for action on a number of worker and immigrant issues. in oakland, hundreds of people marched in the fruitvale district to raise awareness for everything from workers rights to housing to violence against women. but like in san jose, immigrant rights was a very large part of
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the day. >> i'm marching because i'm an immigrant first of all, in my community, we are fighting back to stop the way in which we're being displaced at an international and local level. >> also demonstrating were members of the group black lives matter and several communist organizations. california democrats are hard at work right now. they're selecting delegates to send to the upcoming convention in philadelphia. and they will play a big role in determining who will win the democratic nomination. christie smith live in san francisco with important work going on. christie? >> reporter: that's right. more than 200 hopefuls came out, trying to become delegates. hillary clinton supporters, bernie sanders supporters and political experts say that makes sense, because concern is so high. >> very honored to have you vote. >> reporter: it was a quick pitch to earn a vote.
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matt twants to be a delegate again. he supported president obama and now he's supporting hillary clinton. >> i think she's the best-qualified candidate for president and it's time to have a woman president. >> over 200 people in this congressional district alone who've got delegate fever who want to run. now only ten of them from this district are going to go. >> reporter: christine pelosi. she says her mother, house minority nancy pelosi has not made an endorsement. also in san francisco, bernie sanders supporters vying to be delegates. >> you've never done this before. i've been, bernie sanders has motivated me to become a delegate because of his message and who he is as a person is worth fighting for. >> reporter: caucuses were held in california's 53 congressional districts for each candidate. an important process as the fight for california ramps up. this election, there's high
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interest among democrats who want to be delegates. here's larry gerston. >> caller: these have grown mostly because in both cases the people are concerned about the welfare of the party and the outcome of the primary. >> because i want to represent this district at the national convention in philadelphia. >> reporter: that democratic national convention, of course, coming up in july. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thanks, christie, the presidential candidates will get in their last day of campaigning tomorrow before the indiana primary on tuesday. donald trump speaking to overflowing crowds in indiana. a new poll shows trump ahead of ted cruz by 15 points. trump says if he wins, cruz is didn't. >> it's over. cruz cannot win. he's got no highway. he's got nothing. >> greatest fraud in this entire election is donald pretending he
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is some kind of outsider. he and hillary clinton are the ultimate insiders. >> the polls show a tighter race for the democrats. sanders believes the democratic convention will be contested, too. after predicting he can win california's primary on june 7th. it's the end for sports authority. forbes is reporting that they are closing all of their 450 stores nationwide, that would include several stores across the bay area. so far, sports authority has not made any official announcement. they did file for bankruptcy back in march. at that time there was talk of closing some locations. this comes after another sporting goods chain, sports chalet announced it would be shuttering all of its stores. there are two sport chalet locations in the bay area. livermore held a wine festival but marked a somber anniversary as well.
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they held a special memorial for mother and daughter killed in an alleged drunk driving crash at the end of last year's wine festival. family and friends of esperanza rodriguez and her daughter were honored. the man's alcohol level was twice the legal limit when he crashed and killed both people. firefighters saved a home today. the flame quickly spread but firefighters were able to contain that fire to only part of the house. no one injured. the cause of the fire under investigation. another playoff win for the golden state warriors. the team dominated again today, even without their mvp. as usual shall the fans were loud at oracle and made their presence felt. many wanted to see steph curry play. but others said it's best to wait so he can heal. >> they're not just about one
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player. everybody wants to look at how dynamic stephen curry is. but when he is not on there, you see the grit of this team. >> they don't really need him until he's real close to 100%, in my opinion. >> after today's win against the portland trail blazers, the warriors will look to go up two games in the series. next game tuesday night at oracle. hockey fans inside the shark tank have something to celebrate tonight. the san jose sharks also doing fwhel playoff run. they beat the sharks. the sharks play again in nashville on tuesday. we'll have full highlights of the sharks and warriors coming nun about 20 minutes. coming up next, caught on camera. police search for a thief in the east bay, but it's what he made off with that's especially disturbing. then the cia marking the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden with an unusual social media event that has some
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people upset. and a fire burns a historic cathedral to the ground. we're watching misty skies approaching the golden gate bridge. the biggest change we'll see in the forecast as we go through the week is a developing system here offshore that brings a chance of showers and thundershowers into the seven-day forecast. when it will arrive when we come right back.
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old el paso says... diced tomato stand'n stuff chicken tacos. you say what's for dinner? old el paso says... start somewhere fresh. show you tonight, of a massive fire in new york city. flames ripped through this historic church earlier this we have dramatic new video to show you of a massive fire in new york city. flames ripped through this h historic church this evening, no one was hurt, but the orthodox cathedral was destroyed. it was originally built in 1855. fire broke out hours after the congregation celebrated orthodox easter. firefighters were limited in what they could do because flames were already too intense. the fire was well involved when they arrived. five years ago today,
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s.e.a.l. team six stormed a compound and killed osama bin laden. he was the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and had been on the run for a decade. but the cia marked the anniversary in an unusual way. they tweeted the event as if they were happening in real time today. 1:51 p.m., helicopters depart from afghanistan. and 3:30, potus watches live. some are calling it insensitive. for the first time since the deadly attacks in march, the brussels airport reopened its departure hall. until today passengers had been using a temporary check-in tent. today after a very special ceremony, bass jers startpassen using a new departure hall. workers are back to be at work.
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>> it is important to be here, and for the people who lost family, injured, colleagues, nobody wants this ever to happen again. but back to happy to be back. and to be with our colleagues that we know for years. >> yeah. >> in total, 32 people were killed in the march 22nd attacks at the airport and in the subway in brussels. prepare for a slow commute. people in the washington, d.c. area are being warned after a hazardous spill. a train carrying chemicals derailed. the leak's been stop, the situation not quite cleaned up yet. no word on what caused that derailment. only two people were aboard that train, a conductor and engineer. the train was returning to maryland from north carolina. puerto rico is expected to default on a major debt payment tomorrow. the decision by the governor is expected to make a bad economic situation on the island even worse. territory's total debt is a stag
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aring $70 billion. the debt payment being missed is $422 million. and an even bigger payment is due in july. >> you know, it's such a pretty, wonderful treasure in the caribbean. it's just gorgeous. and it's so sick right now. >> that doctor is one of many people leaving the island. the default could have repercussions here on the mainland. for example, unsuspecting holdering of port recan bonds could lose retirement savings. a restaurant is searching for a thief, but not your run of the mill thief. you can see the man walking up to the counter, he grabs a donation jar for autism awareness. whether he knew it was for autism awareness or not, we don't know. another man followed him out. this happened at diggers diner. if you have seen the person, please call concord police. ready for takeoff again. the "solar impulse" two is set to continue its historic journey around the world.
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this was sent out by the pilot, announcing the pilot will take off tomorrow morning at 5:00 from moffet field. it was a groundbreaking moment as the pilot emerged after spending 62 hours straight in the cockpit. the flight to phoenix is expected to take just over 16 hours. "solar impulse" will make three more stops before crossing the atlantic ocean to europe for northern africa. let's check local weather. rob mayeda is here, and whatever you like, he's got it for you. >> today was like summer with temperatures soaring to the mid and upper 80s. 86 in napa. you see san francisco, 78 before the sea breeze turned on around 4:00. look at oakland, 82 degrees. these temperatures coming down about 5-8 degrees from monday.
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high temperatures as the sea breeze starts to make a come back. san francisco, you see the fog across the golden gate bridge. no signs of offshore winds anymore. and as we head towards tomorrow morning, patchy, low clouds even into the interior valleys for temperatures in the low 40s to mid-50s. winds onshore, and they will likely stay that way. they'll strengthen as we get into tuesday and wednesday. that combined with clouds is going to help bring our temperatures down. we think they'll spread through the valley. have to watch out for patchy low clouds as "solar impulse" starts to get started tomorrow. for the afternoon, mostly sunny skies but cooler thanks to the onshore winds, and temperatures in the 70s. 50s to start the day. lunch time temperatures pretty nice. 60s to mid to upper 70s. around the bay area tomorrow,
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morning low clouds to start. 78 in san jose, down from the 84 we had today. and 70s around the north bay and still some upper 70s around the tri valley. notice the trend as we head through the middle part of the week. temperatures coming down, mostly cloudy skies on tuesday, and wednesday and thursday we're looking at a chance of seeing showers, very chilly air at the system that's going to sweep on in and stick around for a while. if you recall the weather we had on wednesday, not non-stop rain but the potential for thundershowers. we could see the same pattern repeat this wednesday, notice thursday, friday, and saturday before that low scoots into arizona. we could still see showers moving into this counterclockwise rotation. at the beginning, it looks like of next weekend. once these changes arrive on wednesday, it will be daily chances of seeing showers and right now it's looking like cooler temperatures, upper 60s to low 70s. the transition day should be saturday.
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and by sunday, temperatures on the rise, just not mid-80s. we'll be looking at mid to upper 70s as we wrap up next weekend. kind of hard to believe. billboards that have the power to access your phone. how it works and what's being done today to try to stop it. and first daughter malia obama, her choice for college? coming tomrrow to begin the process of
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sorting out what will happen to his estate. =vo= this will be their first time in court since prince's death prince's family is in court tomorrow to begin the process of sorting out what will happen to his estate. this will be their first time in court since prince's death a
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little over a week ago. he died without a will or trust, leaving an estimated $300 million up for grabs. it's expected the estate will be divided up according to minnesota law. and in that case it will go to his sister and five half siblings. billboards that have the power to spy on you. new york senator chuck schumer is calling on something to be done about it. it has the power to grab information from people driving or walking by. senator schumer calls it an invasion of privacy, and he's calling on the federal trade commission to investigate. >> your personal cell phone should not become a james bond-like gadget that's used against you by some company. >> schumer wants the ftc to decide if companies should be able to collect data in this way, and i wants cell phone users to be able to opt out. first daughter, malia obama
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is going to harvard. she won't start classes until the fall of next year. malia graduates high school next month. harvard encourages students to defer enrollment for a year. coming up, are they too bright for pilots? >> the concerns are there. the risks are there. >> bright lights at two sports stadiums near san jose international airport. we uncover new e-mails that show what the faa knew but didn't tell pilots. bright lights at levi's stadium
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were a safety hazard for pilots last year we uncovered the bright lights at levi's stadium were a safety hazard for pilots flying into san jose airport.
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now we uncovered new e-mails that show that the problems were worse than reported. what this means for flight safety in the south bay. >> when we first started inquiring at the bright lights at levi's stadium, a faa spok spokesperson down-played the issue and the implication. we found a half-dozen of complaints. but as it turns out, these e-mails show there's a lot more to the story. >> it was blinding. >> last year we introduced you to christina kulwicki, an experienced pilot who along with her co-pilot were blinded by the lights. >> it was blinding. the captain that i flew with actually went to the doctor the
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next day. >> kulwicki is one of the pilots along with pilots from ups, fedex and alaska airlines who have complained since 2014. the e-mails date back to early 2014 when the stadium was still under construction. and the concerns extend through 2015, all the way through january of this year. 2016. take several different e-mails between faa officials in july 2014, quote, it appears that the stadium lighting and jumbotron are so bright that at least one pilot has claimed it blocks out the runway center line lighting. and there is a huge television screen that is visible from the tower. and this e-mail in may 2015, we did get reports of the stadium lights strobe lights being at least 2,000 feet in the air. this could have been a large concern. this source says the issue has
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not gone away. he's intimately familiar with the questions about the stadiums through his work in aviation safety at sjc. he asked that we hide his identity, because he fails retaliation. >> that score board emits so much light that three can see that as much as a hundred miles away from the airport. >> the e-mails we obtained show more than a half-dozen mors filed by pilots. they have never before been made public until we discovered them, describing the lights as quote, very distracting and dangerous and intensely bright white light they shine there. some pilots initially confusing the lights for the visual appearance slope indicator lights on the runway. >> we had a number of complaints that they were losing their night vision. >> i was a little surprised it was an issue, because i was not aware of it at all. >> all of this was news for the
11:31 pm
city of santa clara which actually owns the stadium. >> would you have liked to have been better informed about this issue? >> certainly, you informed me with your news article that i saw when i was making dinner one night. it's nice to be kept in the loop, yes. wei we would like to know. it's a publicly-owned facility. we want to make sure everyone's safe. >> in so concerned safety officials that they conducted a trial with the lights and score board turned on as the faa flew over the stadium. employees later suspected the test may have been rigged because the score board was put on the lowest brightness setting. when air traffic controller saying in an e-mail, quote, we got sandbagged on the test. we reached out to the 49ers. they said the only dimming of
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our video boards was in early 2014 at the request of the faa in conjunction with our initial testing and calibration. stadium management has not been made aware of any concerns with the stadium video board since 2014. last fall both the faa and san jose earthquakes told us the problem lights at avaya stadium had been turned down. but three pilots complained of being bliemded by the lights at avaya. >> i took a look at your report when you reported on the san jose stadium. >> we were contacted by tom ridge. >>'s understand levi's stadium, it's about a 2,000-foot clearance going in.
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>> currently, the rams stadium is planned doing built right off the runways at l.a.x. the faa has weighed in on that, recommending it not be built because of the very same issues we raised about the safety at sjc. >> the concerns are there. the layering of risks are there. somebody better decide given the layering of risks whether they are a cumulative risk worth taking. >> in your estimation, it's not. >> it's not. >> despite the protests from ridge and the faa, the new rams stadium project proceeds right off l.a.x.'s runway. we sent an e-mail asking the rams about all this, but we never heard back. a faa spokesperson refused our repeated requests for an interview or to answer our questions. instead he sent us a written statement saying in part, quote, the faa has the authority to review proposed construction. the agency's review authority does not include stadium lights or score boards.
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the faa will continue to express its concerns to both stadiums about any future complaints we receive. you can read the entire statements from the faa, the 49ers and the earthquakes. plus, you ask see an exhaustive timeline showing all these e-mails, when they were sent out and when they came in. go to our website, and click on the investigative unit. i'm steve stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit a cell phone discovered in golden get a park. police need help finding the man who owns it. take a look at27 year old keith green of mill bray. he was last seen at his home on thursday. he left hindmost of his belongings, including his wallet and car. and on friday, a hiker found green's cell phone in san francisco. anyone with information is urged
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to please come forward. a very busy stretch of road in marin county back open. the highway 1 exit off 101 northbound in mill valley reopened this morning. this was the scene there yesterday after a water main broke under the roadway. cause unknown. you see the flooding it left behind and the damage. this exit especially busy on the weekend. a lot of people use it to head to stinson beach. working their way towards rio. the u.s. water polo nationals. former olympians are competing. the most decorated is a stanford alum who competed in the 2008 and 2012 summer olympics. other stanford alum are competing. the u.s. olympic team will be announced in mid july. a cal gymnast just found out he's going to rio. find out why he will be the only member of his olympic team.
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plus. hey, guys, i'm fallon smith coming up in sports. we're talking playoffs. no curry? no problem for the warriors. plus, the sharks sink their teeth into the predators and take a commanding two-game series lead. highlights and reaction from the take, next in sports.
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hey, guys, fallon smith here in the studio. we have good news regarding steph curry. he completed some light shooting drills after practice yesterday. it was his first basketball activity of any kind since spraining his right mcl a week ago. he's hopeful he will be ready to
11:38 pm
go for game three on saturday. so he is ahead of schedule. but the warriors mvp would have to watch game one against the blazers from the bench. it was all good though, because curry's splash brother, klay thompson was on fire. from way down town, you bet you, dubs up 6. he wasn't done. later from the corner, the fade-away triple goes. and with time winding down, klay off the screen, money! he had 18 in the first quarter, outscoring the entire blazer team. fourth quarter, game well in hand. draymond green finds klay for another three. draymond had a triple-double, how about that, and klay thompson, a playoff career high 37 points. and they cruz to a win, 118-106 the final. >> i got a couple good looks, came down with some great pin
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downs. anytime you get three balls in the corner, not a hard shot, even with the guy three feet from you. so it was good to get off to a great start, and, you know, just try to sustain it for 48 minutes. obviously, you're not going to shoot like that every game, it's the nba playoffs, but you've just got to be aggressive. to the ice now, sharks looking to take a 2-0 series lead against the predators, we pick it up in the third. sharks up until this, matias, and fires the shot past jones. ti ties the game at 1. joe cadevelopski slams it home for the go ahead goal. puts the sharks up 2-1 and take a 2-0 series lead. >> all he cares about is winning. there's not a selfish bone in
11:40 pm
his body as far as his own personal numbers or agenda. it's all about winning. you know, where do you find, you know, guys that get 100 points and block shots and kill penalties and win face offs and go to the dirty arias ireas of ice? you can count on one hand the guys that do that. noah syndergaard. deep to right, two-run shot, giants up 3-0. bot on sixth, two outs, bases loaded for the mets, but bum garn bumwasn't having it. it was little league day at the coliseum. the as didn't do much against fister. but bottom nine, same score,
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luke gregerson strikes out simeon to end the game. and the astros had two hits but still win. 2-1 the final. that's going to do it for sports. more news after the break. we're less than 100 days away
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from the summer olympics. but already -- bay area athletes are preparing for the rio games. we're less than 100 days away from the summer olympics, but already the athletes are preparing for the rio games, at least 12 locals are going so
11:44 pm
far, among them, a cal gymnast who found out this week he'll represent his native south africa, all by himself. marianne favro has the story. >> reporter: ryan patterson is the entire olympics men gymnastic team for his country north africa. >> i was extremely excited. kind of just made everything worthwhile. i've been training for the past 18 years. >> reporter: ryan is an all rounder, which means he's planning to compete in six events, in a sport where the bar is higher than ever before. >> where before maybe a single flips with a really good skill. now people are double or even triple flips. >> reporter: he was born in south africa but grew up in pacifica, graduating from terra nova high. >> i started gymnastics when i was 3, at like the mommy and me classes.
11:45 pm
>> reporter: his favorite event? >> i love high bar. it's challenging and pretty scary sometimes. so you can get your heart beating. >> reporter: the road to rio may have many twists and turns, but ryan knows the memories will stick, just like his landing. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> you can bet we're counting down the days. we've got 96 days to go. don't forget, you can watch the olympics right here on nbc bay area. jessica aguirre heading to rio, not as a live participant. she'll be giving us live reports. if you bought a powerball ticket in san jose, you might be very rich. that's if you bought a ticket at this valero station. it sold a ticket worth more than $1 million. the owner of the store gets $6,000 just for selling it, but there was no big jackpot winner, which means, the jackpot only gets bigger, and now stands at
11:46 pm
$348 million for wednesday's drawing. it is really starting to feel like summer in the bay area. the warmer weather september people to the coast. this may be one of the more scenic beaches in the united states, looking at the golden gate bridge. rob mayeda is here. if you didn't get outçó today, would this week be okay? >> not so much. and right now 57 degrees. you've got low clouds out there tonight, not just for san francisco, but we think pushed all the way inland and into the tri valley and the dublin grade and perhaps a few patchy low clouds down to the south bay for the morning. and sunshine inland during the day, but that all-day sea breeze is going to help keep temperatures running about 5-8 degrees cooler than the highs we
11:47 pm
saw today. mostly low 50s for the morning. lunch time, temperatures still pleasant around livermore. san francisco, 60s, and not much warmer than that by mid afternoon. temperatures in the upper 70s, low 80s possible out towards saratoga and los gatos. should see south winds into the north bay, which will cool the temperatures down to the 60s and 70s around the tri valley. 70s from dublin over towards livermore. so we've got a cool down coming for the middle part of the week. rain chances begin wednesday, and they may be sticking around for a while, no matter where you are. again, the best chance of seeing showers as this cooler air moves through will likely be across some of the higher hilltops. it's being moved out of the way by this high pressure that will set up on wednesday. notice thursday, then friday right over the top of the
11:48 pm
sierra, and next weekend midway through, as things stand right now should be the transition to drier weather, but the rainfall totals, wednesday through saturday, this is not on-stop rain, otherwise, we would see a lot more than what's over my shoulder here. but focus on the areas that are going to have the best chance for higher totals. over the sierra, thunderstorms could locally add to some of those totals from wednesday off and on into friday and saturday. and yes, colder air aloft. could see late-season snow toward the sierra. check those travel conditions especially friday as temperatures begin to cool down across the high country for the second half of the week. next weekend rain at times. friday and then the system slowly begins to clear out by saturday and by sunday we begin to see some clearing which should set the sage for a bit of a warming trend. the next five days, cooling temperatures around san jose. by the end of next waekd to the beginning of the following week could see temperatures similar to this weekend. if you want to see summer-like
11:49 pm
temperatures you might have to wait eight to nine days. as you head to the sierras, a busier week in the high country. warmest temperatures around the sierra arriving towards the end of next weekend. terry? >> that is wild, rob, thank you very much. coming up, a milestone on the seas. an american cruise ship does something not seen in decades. where it's headed tonight. plus new photos released of the royal baby shot by her royal mom. the very special occasion that prompted all this. underway.
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11:51 pm
for the first time in more than 50 years, an american cruise ship is sailing from the united a historic voyage to cuba is under way. for the first time in more than 50 years, an american cruise ship is sailing from the united states to that country. and, as nbc's bobby brooks reports, it will arrive in havana tomorrow. [ born blowing ] >> yes, it's the first time in 56 years. i came when i was 5.
11:52 pm
>> reporter: and there she goes. the cruise ship, the next stop, cuba. the woman's voice you just heard was that of isabella, she's got a story like so many. her family left cuba when she was young for a better life in america. today she says she's sailing for that family who could never return to their homeland. >> my dad wanted to come because he had never been able to come, but he passed away recently, so i'm coming in his name. it's like a pilgrimage for my dad. >> reporter: coincidently, her husband is also returning for the first time since he was 5. >> i'm an american citizen, and i'm proud to be an american, and i want to learn a little more about my heritage. >> reporter: the couple born in cuba were worried they weren't be able to go at all. at a news conference today, ceo arnold donald says it's no longer an issue. >> we have total cooperation from cuba in that regard.
11:53 pm
>> reporter: so what's on the board that makes it unique? >> there are entrepreneurs we will be selling their goods on board. we've got cuban music, cuban film, cuban products. >> reporter: though so many are excited, some others are excited, but it's in anger. >> cuban government had to go down! >> and from the looks of it, i think they're all ready for an elephant, come on, dance. >> the end of an era. ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus put on their last show without an elephant. they adopted regulations that made it too difficult for the circus to continue on with the elephant shows. they will be taken to a reserve in florida where they live out their retirement. the royal family marking the first birthday of princess charlotte. take a look at these photos that
11:54 pm
kensington palace released. the daughter of prince william and kate middleton has spent much of her first year out of the public eye. she's seen in photographs only rarely. even as older brother prince george has spent time in the spotlight. remember he met with president obama a few weeks ago. the photos were taken by the duchess herself in april at their country home last month. and charlotte is not the only royal family member in the spotlight. check this out. >> her mom is set to appear on the cover of british "vogue." it's the 100th anniversary edition and wanted to do something special. it shows kate looking very relaxed. cool hat. the magazine's going to hit newsstands on thursday. this is the first magazine shoot kate has ever agreed to. not all black cats are bad luck. this one caught running around the ice before a sharks game seems to be good luck for the team, and he's about to go on a
11:55 pm
new adventure. you can be part of it, coming up. a now famous cat, spotted on the
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
ice at the sap center in san jose, is doing well.. and could be up for adoption soon. the now-famous cat spotted on the ice at the sap center could be up for adoption soon. take a look at this small black cat that scrambled across the ice. can't escape the first time, but crews tracked it down yesterday. it's been examined by a vet. they're trying to see if it has a microchip. that's not the best picture of the cat. didn't get a chance to do its hair before that one. if it doesn't have that chip, the team's going to work with the animal shelters to make sure it's adopted. it's been dubbed joe
11:58 pm
paw-vel-ski. >> it may need an alternate jersey. nice weather outside. we had temperatures in the 80s. tomorrow more like 70s as those onshore wins begin to cuool us off. look at that. mostly cloudy tuesday, and then shower chances begin wednesday, and they could linger into the start of next week. >> thank you very much, rob. thank you for joining us, have a good night and a great week. take care.
11:59 pm
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♪ coming up on "giants clubhouse." >> no, you didn't tell me that. now i'm not going to be nice at all. >>'s one of the best post-seen pitchers in history, but can he handle life in front of the camera? teammates and colleagues break down jeremy affeldt, the analyst. plus. >> i'm going to go with belt again. >> no, i'm going to go with crawford. >> ahmed fareed hosts the brand-new game show. >> it's one of those games where you remember everything about the booth. who's in the booth and the moment. >> and we


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