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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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batteries so they can take off when the sun is not out and fly at night. of course when the sun is up they propel the airplane. solar impulse 2 is going to fly to phoenix. this is the next leg on its attempt to become the first solar-powered airplane to fly around the world. this is a journey that started in abu dhabi in march last year. they ended up flying to japan, from japan to hawaii. they got stuck in hawaii for about nine months because of problems with the batteries. that's why we are still here in may. they've only got to the pacific coast. they flew from hawaii. that was two night, three day trip. because of the weather and because this airplane doesn't have much power, a lot is dependent how the wind are. right now i don't feel much in the way of wind. that's why they are taking off this morning because they have light winds.
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the down side of solar is the top speed of this aircraft is only 47 miles per hour. what you are going to see when this plane takes off, it's similar to what we witness three years ago, it's going to be a short take-off. here is the swiss aviator explaining what he hopes this clean technology proves to the world. >> able to fly the stratosphere, stay in the air for six months and able to do communication works of salvation. different, more flexible, sustainable alternative than what they are offering today. >> back out here live where again we are waiting for solar impulse 2 to take off any minute for what will be a 16-hour trip to phoenix. compare that to jet travel which takes 90 minutes. when you're dealing with a solar
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airplane and you don't get as much power as you like. it's only solar technology, it is going to be a long trip for the swiss aviator at the controls of solar impulse 2. we are waiting for it to take off any moment now. >> how big is the crew? >> there is only one pilot aboard. you've got 15 people you are looking at. on each of the wings there is a person with a stick. they are holding the wings up because there are no landing gear struts on the side of the wings. they are there to support the aircraft until it gets enough forward motion to take off. you have one pilot and they are
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right now getting clearance from the tower. the propellers are starting to spin. they will fire up. what will be a very short take-off, slow but short. it's not going to go down the entire runway. it's like solar impulse one which we saw three years ago. that's what we'll see here. again for 16 hour journey. there you go. here we go. >> look at that. it's fascinating to watch. >> it's very quiet. the tail is up a little bit. and there they go. that's solar impulse 2 taking off from moffett field on its first leg in the united states and its quest to become the
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first solar powered airplane to fly around the world. again, this is a 16-hour journey to phoenix. depending on the weather, they'll find another stop at some point to make across the united states from new mexico, kansas. and final destination in the u.s. will be new york city. what they would like to do. they came into the u.s. over the golden gate and would like to leave by the statue of liberty. make the cross trip over the atlantic to europe and back to abu dhabi where it started last year. >> that is over a full year. you were saying there are 17,000 solar panels on the wings of that plane? >> correct. you can't see it in the dark. that's one reason why the wings are so large because they have to be covered with the solar panels on the top.
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they allow them to fly right now. this plane has flown for five days, five nights in japan to hawaii. they are trying to prove the benefits of solar technology and how this can be used in other applications and try what they want to do is get the world on fossil fuels. >> bob redell, thank you very much. it is up in the air. we'll continue to traffic it. 16-hour trip to phoenix. >> smooth and silent take-off. 5:05. other transportation news back on the ground now. prepare for what might be a traffic nightmare in the east bay. a live look at dublin this morning where traffic on interstate 580 and 680 are about to get worse. a popular road that helps drivers bypass gridlock is now going to be closed for months. talking about tassajara road.
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it won't reopen until december. dublin leaders predict it will take eight months to replace a culvert and rebuild most of that road. it's not just nearby residents that will feel the impact. >> commute hours it will add 40 minutes. that is going to be a big impact. anybody who works walnut creek area or danville will probably be 30, 40 minutes extra. >> travel or planning accordingly. the culvert needs to be replace before the construction of the development along that creek. they are building a path to a championship. another playoff win in the books for the golden state warriors. >> teams dominated once again even without that star player, steph curry. as usual, fans were loud at oracle making their presence felt. the game was never even close. warriors beat the blazers 118-106. many fans wanted to see steph
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curry play. >> they are not just about one player. everybody wants to look how dynamic steph curry is. you see the grit of this team. >> they don't need him until he's real close to 100%, in my opinion. >> after yesterday's win against the trail blazers, warriors will play game two tomorrow night at oracle. he says he thinks he might be ready for game three. at least. >> he probably wants to get in there. >> i's talking about fog and clouds. bob was looking at wind conditions too. >> good morning. winds are starting out light this morning. maybe a little more breezy along the coast. that's where we had fog developing this story. a live look outside san francisco. you can look at that picture and see that layer of following just below those buildings.
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a look at east bay at 54. in the north bay it's 51. nice cool start to the morning. warming up this afternoon. not as hot as this weekend. it will be much cooler in some spots about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. that trend continues through the week. expect highs in the south bay today up to 78. i'll show you the rest of the microclimate forecast in a few minutes. also we'll take a look at chances of rain by the end of the week. that's later. let's head over to mike with an update on early morning crashes. >> we had a couple of crashes. we were watching the latest one in the roadway. north bound 880. you see the speed sensors. no major concerns. we typically see that start to slowing. no problems north down toward the bay bridge. metering lights should be turned on. another 20 minutes or so.
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a live look. talking about that breeze. there was concern for that solar impulse 2 take-off. it got into the air fine. drivers are getting across that bridge without problems either. next, another critical primary starting hours away. the candidates vying for last minute votes in what is proving to be a crucial day on the campaign trail. >> what would be best for businesses? one of the top businessman in the world weighs in.
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a race to the finish.. right now presidential candidates are criss-crossing indiana.. this comes less than 24 hours before the state's primary. decision 2016, and a race for the finish. crisscrossing the state of indiana, less than 24 hours before the hoosier primary. >> it could be a critical primary on both sides. >> for bernie sanders and for ted cruz. let's start with the republicans where cruz is trying to make up a 15-point gap that the polls have donald trump up right now. over the weekend, he told reporters and he told voters that he is warning against giving into evil. he said this vote could save our country. he's got four stops in indiana today, ted cruz. one with governor mike pence who
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ignored him. trump says it's in the big after indiana. bernie sanders is hoping to make up a four-point gap. she is not campaigning in indiana today. he's got a few stops there and hoping to make indiana his 18th win. still admits it's an uphill battle to get that nomination. >> tracie potts, we'll watch closely. you don't necessarily have to wait until june 7th to cast your primary ballot in person in california. for anyone who would rather not vote by mail, most bay area counties are going to have polling places open. san francisco, san jose and oakland all open their respective city halls for voting for california's primary. two locations are also going to be open in san mateo county, santa clara with santa contrahave several satellite locations that will hope for voting on weekends.
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who would be better for business? looks like the likely contenders, donald trump or hillary clinton? >> scott mcgrew is weighing in. >> buffet is the second richest american and he runs berkshire hathaway. buffet says his business will be fine no matter who is president. he says, "trump or clinton, either way we will be fine." that said, buffet has been a clinton supporter and has made very positive statements about bernie sanders. >> facebook is facing a lawsuit over its plan to change its stock structure. we reported this last week. facebook would give current shareholders different classes of stock which would protect zuckerberg's control of the company. he plans to give away most of his stock to charity.
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he does that, he would no longer be in control of the company. this new plan solves that but some shareholders filed suit. >> google created something similar last year and faced a similar suit. let's check your news before the bell with landon dowdy. >> good monday morning to you. stocks will try to rebound this week. markets are coming off their worst week since mid february on the back of weak economic data. apple suffering its worst month since 2013. we get plenty of economic data including reports on manufacturing, car sales and it all topped off by friday's jobs report. the nasdaq down 29. back to you. the world of bitcoin is all abuzz after a man in australia says he created the currency. craig wright told the bbc he is the guy. this is not the first time the
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world thought it found the big coin guy a few years ago they hounded this man. he said he never even heard of bitcoin. not everybody is convinced this new guy is the right name either. big question what does it matter? the answer is it doesn't. it's a mystery. once you solve it, you realize it wasn't that big of a deal. >> it's all about the intrigue. >> so many people have claims linked to it before. how would you notice? >> that is a good question. there is a lot of math involved. this guy provided what he said is the right math. >> too early for that. >> thank you. this is something easy to
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understand. if you bought a powerball ticket in san jose, the numbers could be on your side. you might be a big winner. this vallero gas station sold a ticket worth more than the 1 million. the owner of the store gets $6,000 selling that ticket. there was no big jackpot winner which means the pot gets bigger. that stands at $348 million total for wednesday's drawing. you heard of those hot coffee lawsuits. here is the polar opposite, suing for too much ice in your cup. >> an illinois woman is suing starbucks for $5 million. she claims they sell drinks that are only half full. this is a class action lawsuit. anyone who purchased a starbucks drink over the last ten years is eligible to join. ice advice might help here. easy on the ice. let's hopefully melt that ice as the week goes along here.
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there is fog and low clouds but the sun might burn that off soon. >> we'll have more sunshine later on today. let's get a live look at san francisco. you can see where those clouds are now. it produces low visibility in spots. most of the city as you head out this morning, no major worries. it's 50 degrees now in napa. 53 in palo alto and san jose at 54. seven-day forecast, you see our temperatures will not be as warm as it was over the past few days. we start out this morning with fog, something we haven't seen in some spots. once we go through the day, we'll start to see most of those inland areas clearing out. look what happens in san francisco along the coast into the north bay. you will see those clouds covering all day long. then it rolls back as we go into tonight. a couple more mornings dealing with the fog and clouds. very nice and quiet weather. let's break it down for oakland.
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54 at 7:00 in the morning. mostly sunny skies as we go through the day. by lunch time it's 67. comfortable weather to take the lunch outside. eventually hitting about 71. we'll be up to 77 in gilroy. 67 in half moon bay. embarcadero 65. hitting 80 in a couple of spots bike antioch and pleasanton. overall, we are at least five or six degrees cooler than just yesterday. looking at the rain outlook, doesn't show a whole lot. spotty showers start to enter the forecast for the north bay late wednesday night. we'll see a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms on thursday. also friday and early saturday morning. that activity rolls off to the east and we will go on with dry weather. we'll watch the end of the week forecast. the next three days looks like temperatures continue on that cooling trend up to 69 tomorrow
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in the peninsula. scattered showers san francisco. 67 in the north bay and east bay at 64 by thursday. let's check in now with mike. what's the deal in the tri-valley? >> we do have a closure. a short section we'll talk about. it's affecting locals through the area and will affect your freeways. the crash in milpitas on the shoulder. over here there is that closure. that is the avenue for a lot of folks to get over to 580. maybe they want to head over to walnut creek. everybody north of here has to take branch to windermere. some folks might have to go this way or down around this way if you're heading back over to livermore. it's i going to add mileage. likely that will be counter to
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the morning commute. folks will have to adjust. taking a final bow. the historic last show for the elephants of the circus. "from the looks of it, they're
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already going elephant. dang!
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let's party. come on! (music up and out)" music." trt= 6come on,ats of circus eleants packing thr trunks and headed for >> from the looks of it, they are ready for the elephants. >> that's the last time you are going to see elephants dancing in the circus forever. packing their trunks and heading for retirement. ringling brother and barnum and bailey put on their last elephant show last weekend. animal rights activists have been fighting to end that act for years. enough cities adopted regulations to make it too difficult to continue on withle elephant shows. they will be taken to a wildlife reserve in florida. >> dedicated to the care and retirement and reproduction of the endangered elephant. >> the circus will feature other animals, tigers, lions, horses, dogs and camels. 5:24. investigative unit exclusive this morning. the surprising danger affecting
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drivers. they uncovered startling details about crashes on our railways some think could be prevented. maintenance vehicles travel on railroad tracks but don't always trigger the gates to go down. a man was killed when he turned left on a green light right into the path of that vehicle. investigators say the lights and gates did not activate. >> i think something should have been done so much sooner. this was such a preventible tragedy. >> what was going on here is absolute negligence and madness on the part of these people. they know better, yet they were doing it any how. >> union pacific declined our request but said safety is the top priority. tonight at 11:00, we investigate how often these collisions ap and why regulators say it's up to the railroad companies to fix. if you have a tip give us a
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call. 888-996-tips. the first cruise ship in decades to travel from the united states to cuba about to arrive any moment now. this is a live look on the cruise's deck as it approaches havana this morning. it is called the "adone" and left out of the port of miami. there are about 700 passengers on board. it is quite the historic journey. >> it's only possible because cuba decided to remove that ban on citizens coming on and off the island. the first time in 50 years. >> so many people want to get to the island and see what it's like before it could change dramatically. 5:26. >> britain's youngest princess celebrating her first birthday today. >> the royal family releasing new photos of princess charlotte. the daughter of prince william and kate has spent most of her first year out of the public
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eye. cute cheeks and all. those photos were taken by the duchess in april at their country home. up next, we saw something happen before our very eyes. an historic moment this morning. a new survey out today reveals that 1-3 people want to leave the bay area in the near future. we'll look at the housing numbers, transportation and pressures so many people face.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups.
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it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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phase... a live look inside the ad lib-- as the "solar impulse two" makes this is a live look into the cockpit of solar impulse 2. it took off from moffett field and is making its way to phoenix. it took off less than an hour ago. we featured it live this morning. we'll have more on this historic morning coming up in a moment. bob redell is live on the scene. we'll show you more than that. >> you would think those pilot communicators would be more relaxed. they are stressing out. >> good morning and thank you for joining us. lift-off is possible because weather conditions allowed it to
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happen. a cool and calm start to your monday. >> nice calm and cool and low clouds and fog right near the coast. expect mostly clear skies and mild start at 51 in the north bay and peninsula. 52 in san francisco. highs will be five to ten degrees cooler than yesterday. reaching 78 in the south bay and 65 in san francisco. a mix of sun and clouds and a nice breach. we continue to cool the next few days. maybe have showers in the forecast. that's coming up later. now let's check in with mike. i'm guessing that the metering lights are on. >> very good. the bay bridge where there's the most activity. metering lights were turned on. we want to show you the rest of
5:32 am
the approaches. the north bay moving well. talking about potential for changing conditions as far as visibility. so far things are great at the bay bridge. in the background we see low clouds. not a problem. we see all the lights, east shore freeway. metering lights are on. back to you. > less than an hour ago the solar impulse 2 plane taking f off. this happened a little after 5:00. we brought it to you live. >> today in the boy bob redell was there as it unfolded. so it's headed to phoenix next. >> a very slow crawl to phoenix. 16-hour flight. talking about solar impulse 2 which took off from moffett field within the past 30 minutes. in its quest to become the first airplane to fly around the world solely on solar power. relying only on the sun, solar
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charged batteries, no fossil fuels. this is the moment about 50 members of the public came out to see. over 17,000 solar panels that charged the batteries. those propellers produce as much power as a small motorcycle. can only travel 47 miles per hour at top speed which is why it's going to take 16 hours to get to phoenix. the swiss aviator and co-founder of this project, you're looking at him at a live look inside the cockpit. they took off at this unusual hour. solar impulse 2 arrived in the
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bay area last week. it was coming off a three day, two night trip from hawaii. prior to that was in japan. the plan is to continue across the united states. exit out over the statue of liberty and new york city back to europe and to abu dhabi where it started over a year ago. the whole point of the project is to prove the benefits of clean technology. >> it's a big jump into the future. the way you see this airplane and you think it's science fiction but in a few years' time, hopefully the entire society and world will work with this type of technology. we are pioneers. >> the pilot, andre, there is only enough room for one person there. he is flying by himself. the faa only allows him to take 20 minute naps at a time. the seat does recline and there
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is a make-shift toilet in that seat. bob redell, today in the bay. a cell phone discovered in golden gate park. it's linked to a missing person's case. this is the photo of 27-year-old keith green of mill bright. he was last seen at home thursday. green left behind most of his belongings including his wallet and car. on friday a hiker found his cell phone in san francisco. anyone with information is urged to come forward. a man riding a jet ski and missing for hours in the water near pittsburgh was safely rescued over the weekend. the jet skier took this picture with his rescuers. he went missing saturday morning. they found him on brown's island that swells up to six feet high. made it difficult to get to him. army corps of engineers work
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boat was nearby and was able to finish off the rescue. that's why all the smiles. >> a lot of smiling faces. 5:35. in concord, disappointment and head scratching. a restaurant searching for a thief. this is not just a run of the mill thief. you can see this man walks up to the counter and grabs the donation job for autism awareness. it all happened at digger iodiner on farm bureau road. the restaurant posted the surveillance on their facebook page in hopes someone would recognize the plan. happening today, another bay area city debates boosting the bottom line for its lowest wage earnings. san mateo will discuss the minimum wage that way go beyond the new $15 hour minimum in the year 2022. leaders will ask for the public's input at tonight's meeting and decide on the next course of action.
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the mercury news cite as poll that shows 1/3 of all bay area residents want to leave the area the next couple of years. >> one of the reasons, the traffic. it's 5:37 right now and yeah, two commute nightmare zones. kris sanchez live with a closer look at the results released this morning. >> good morning. if you got together with friends and families this weekend, the topic of the cost of living here in the bay area came up. one in three people said they would be willing and able to leave in the next couple of years, there is no big surprise as to why. you mentioned the traffic. that is one of the areas of the survey from the bay area council, transportation, big frustration for most people. 31% surveyed said getting around is the same as it was a year ago. 34% say it's harder. 20% say it's harder.
5:38 am
when it comes to the ease of finding housing, people who say it's harder to find someplace to live, that number is growing. the 2015 numbers were not good with about 68% of people struggling. this year's numbers are worse with 74% of people saying it is harder to find someplace to live than the year before. only 3% of the people surveyed say they had an easier time finding housing. median home price here hit $1.25 million in 2015, according to the state board of equalization. consider that according to the economic policy institute that tracks such things, it costs about $80,000 for a family of four to life comfortably in the bay area. they surveyed more than 1,000 people on line. margin 3.1% have little impact of findings there. they will reveal more findings about the exodus of california. later we'll have that for you.
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kris sanchez, today in the bay. it's 5:38. some hopeful news for california from forecasters trying to rate the potential danger for fire season. national air agency fire center is not listing california among the areas facing increased threats from wildfires this summer. southwest, alaska and hawaii make that list. is a is often the case, conditions could leave californians vulnerable later in the season. >>. >> we heard kris' story a second ago. people having a hard time living here dealing with the traffic. if you make it through those two obstacles, the weather ain't bad. >> good morning. yes, the weather making up for some of those down falls. we start out this morning, it's now in the mid 50s. 54 in oakland and san jose. 48 in livermore. nice cool start. also tracking fog that will roll away from the coast as we go through the day. along the western edge of san
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francisco to point reyes to half moon bay, you will see the clouds. we'll have more clouds in the forecast and bring our temperatures down. looking at upper 70s today in san jose and palo alto. 62 in the pre are cidio. it cools down the rest of the week. even rain in the forecast. that's coming up in less than ten minutes. >> we are checking on the crash at fremont. we are going to look at 580. a number of smaller crashes. talking about the tri-valley commute. it's also an issue as far as roadway closure. northbound just north we have the crash on the right shoulder. looked like everything should be
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picked up. we'll look at the live look. northbound will be the direction, there are the truck scales southbound. building the volume down toward mission boulevard. up next, setting sail the first time in 50 years. more history this morning on our waters. details of american cruise ship's voyage to cuba. have you sent a text and had your phone auto corrected to the point where it makes no sense? we can solve that. >>. >> it's the latest attempt to get businesses and money out of the golden state. stephanie chuang and what the florida governor is up to here in the bay area. a controversial visit gets
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underway this week. florida's governor rick scott will be iwn there is rick scott, florida's governor and a contentious visitor getting under way this week. after approving radio ads that attack california. >> stephanie chuang, one of the many stops for the governor.
5:45 am
the minimum wage hike hurts the same people it's supposed to help. >> it's time to leave california. >> just a snippet from those ads to raise california's minimum wage to $15 by 2022, describing it as a big blow to businesses alleging it will cost 700,000 californians their jobs. governor scott has been enticing the switch to florida where minimum wage is $8.05, adding there is no state income tax and he has cut thousands of regulations. the second term governor is in california three days. he responded tongue and cheek welcoming scott as one of millions of tourists saying california added twice as many jobs as florida since scott came to california on a similar mission a year ago.
5:46 am
governor scott wrote a letter to california businesses in 2013 advising them to buy a one-way ticket to florida to get away from what he calls the heavily taxed and spend formula in california. we don't know if this is a preview of what's to come. not much has materialized. >> coastal competition for jobs. we'll stay now with the state politics. i think she is the best qualified candidate we ever had for president. it's time we had a woman president.
5:47 am
i'm here to be a delegate to the national convention. >> i've never done this before. bernie sanders motivated me to become a delegate. >> the democratic national convention is july 25th. >> the presidential candidates are going to get in their last days of campaigning today before the indiana primary opens up the polls to voters on tuesday. a new nbc "wall street journal"/marist poll shows donald trump ahead of ted cruz by 15 points among indiana voters. >> it's over. he's got no highway. >> greatest fraud is donald pretending he is an outstanding. they are the ultimate washington insiders. >> the polls showing a tighter race in indiana for the democrats. despite being behind in the delegate count, bernie sanders believes the democratic convention will be contested. he says he can win california's
5:48 am
primary june 7th. the first cruise ship from the u.s. business to dock in cuba. >> we have live pictures from the cruise ship deck amid the historic voyage. kerry sanders lucky enough to be onboard giving live reports. you'll see those on the "today" show. there were 700 people waving flags excited there. the passenger ship left miami yesterday. >> yahoo marissa mayer could afford a first class ticket. buy cuba and remake it. huge pay-offs for the yahoo ceo. >> the moment she stops being
5:49 am
yahoo ceo. the company filed paperwork documenting mayer's payouts. she'll get $55 million worth of cash and stock if the sale of yahoo makes her job irrelevant. that's mildly controversial because yahoo stock has not done well under mayer's leadership, down about 30% last year. apple filed a patentç that would show you what words were auto corrected in the text you get. i think we all had this happen. you get a text from a co-worker that makes no sense. like being lunch to the meeting. >> tesla reports profits on wednesday. we'll be interested to hear how many cars are rolling off the assembly line. friday the labor department tells us how many jobs were
5:50 am
created in the last month. stocks ended a bad week badly friday. apple pulled all major three indices lower. down 11% in five days. over concerns people are no longer upgrading their iphone. they've gotten so good that you don't really need the next great one unless iphone 7 comes up with something where you're like i could not live without that. >> they need a new product, something to expand their range. >> they tried it with the watch. it was successful but not huge. flames were ripping through a new york church hours after worshippers gathered there to celebrate orthodox easter. the flames were so intense when
5:51 am
they arrived they couldn't do much to save that building. the building was originally an episcopal church. >> back in the bay area, starting off your monday morning. >> feeling nicer today. no need to blast the air conditioning. our temperatures will start to come down today. 52 now in san francisco. we do start the morning with patchy fog right along the coast. inland today will be cooler today as well as feeling some pleasant temperatures. lunch time you can take it outside. it will be 64 in san francisco. 66 in the east bay. low 70s for the north bay.
5:52 am
that is where we will end the day at 73 in the north bay. 76 in the peninsula. as we go in the next few days, our temperature trend will dip into the low average. city will be down to 60 on wednesday. that's also when we will have a weather system moving in that will bring us a chance of scattered showers. that happens mainly late wednesday night into early thursday. we start to see a chance of showers moving into the north bay. more spotty showers on thursday. especially during the afternoon. it may linger into friday and early saturday morning before this system moves off to the east. breezy winds kicking in behind that. looking at the next three days starting tomorrow, highs reaching into the upper 60s. 62 in san francisco on thursday. we'll have upper 60s in the north bay, a chance of rain.
5:53 am
something we'll be watching over the next few days. mike watching the roads. >> we have long-term changes for the tri-valley. we give everybody a fair view at south bay. no surprises there. also we have the tri-valley. we had scattered crashes westbound. they are almost to the shoulder now. sounds like two crashes and more related incidents. no major lane closures for the dublin interchange. we have an issue affecting getting there tassajara. watch that reroute. the san mateo bridge shows a nice drive. haze in the air. >> coming up next, we'll stick with the theme of traffic. hundreds of violations clogging san francisco streets. we investigate how buses hired by some of the biggest tech
5:54 am
firms in silicon valley would put you and other drivers at risk. happening on our digital platform, the solar impulse 2 plane is in the sky in route to phoenix. we watch what's inside the cockpit live. a mysterious odor in the east bay has officials wondering what it is. closing arguments are set to
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begin today .. for a man accused of being a notorious southern california serial killer. >>. >> closing arguments are set to begin today for a man accused of being a notorious southern california serial killer. the so-called grim sleeper trial began. lonny franklin jr is accused of killing nine women and a 15-year-old girl between 1985 and 2007. authorities arrested him in 2010. in each case the victim's bodies were found in alleyways and garbage bins in south los angeles. he may face the death penalty. what was supposed to help ease your morning commute k is accused of making it worse while putting your lives in danger. >> some people are blaming this traffic bog down on some of the biggest tech companies in
5:58 am
silicon valley. >> good morning. thousands of employees from google, facebook and youtube use private buss to travel from their home base to san francisco city. supporters argue that helps everyone's commute and the environment. our investigation expose how those private buses are racking up hundreds of violations that can slow down your commute and put you and others in danger. park an enforcement records and trissed the license plates back to 16 biggest commuter companies in the cities. those bus operators received over 800 citations for violations that include blocking bus zones, bike lanes and obstructing traffic. they allow these private shuttles to dwroo 125 bus stops across san francisco. most are public bus stops so they have to be shared. some are calling for drastic changes to the program including
5:59 am
dramatically reducing the number of private bus stops by next year. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips. making the time right now to raise awareness about sun safety. there's particular focus right now on men. >> take a good look at yourself. >> while you're watching the american academy of dermatology targeting men over the age of 50 who like to dance. the group says those men are higher risk for developing melanoma than the general population because when they are in their 20s and 30s, men generally aren't using sunscreen and that could cause them to develop skin cancer in their 50s. >> it was a moment where your life changes from feeling fine
6:00 am
to suddenly being told you have a very aggressive cancer. >> the risk builds up over years. today is called melanoma monday. men and women are being urged to see a dermatologist for early screening. 6:00 right now. chaos in seattle. protesters turned violent leaving several police officers hurt and demonstrators in cuffs. the reason thousands took to the streets across the country including here in the bay area. aviation history being made right here in the south bay. i'm bob redell with man's quest to fly around the world relying solely on the power of the sun. a road closure that could add even more problems to an already slow monday morning commute. "today in the bay" starts right


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