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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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mary ann favreau joins us now with more. >> this man was arrested at his morgan hill home. this is his mugshot taken an hour ago. stubblefield is accused of assaulting a 31-year-old developmentally disabled woman on april 9th last year. according to court documents he raped her after she came to his home for an interview. according to court documents, the victim completed a 20 minute interview with stubblefield. >> the victim did do a 20 minute interview with the woman, minutes later, she received a text from stubblefield to return home. according to court documents, stubblefield picked her up and carried her into a room, where
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he allegedly forcefully raped her, he gave her $80. the victim drove straight to the morgan hill police department and reported an attack. after a sexual assault exam was conducted a dna profile was submitted for analysis and it did match stubblefield. . after seven seasons with the niners he went on to play one season with the raiders. he's also former varsity defense line coach. 2008 he was charged with using performance enhancing drugs in the balco scandal. in 2010, a u.s. district court judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail for stealing his ex-girlfriend's mail using a fraudulent change of address
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form. he will talk to us after he talks to his client. bail for stubblefield has been set at $50,000. we apologize for the audio issues with mary ann, and that's why i started reading for her. today sean angold struck a deal and pleaded guilty to one count of second degree murder. he'll serve 15 years to life. in return, he'll take the stand against his codefendants. the trio was arrested last october for the shootings of a yoga teacher, steve carter in particularen county and canadian backpacker audrey carry in san francisco. their families were advised about engle's plea deal. a popular after school program along the peninsula is facing serious accusations. the program director physically abused her children. and now the department of public
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services is investigating. many parents are concerned about those allegations. >> angela pulled her kids out of an after school program after she says her 6-year-old son came home terrified, saying the camp director put him in a choke hold. >> because his behavior drastically changes. he said, i don't want to be there any more, the other teachers weren't helping me. >> reporter: back in december, her oldest son had a similar issue with the same instructor. >> and he told me they were playing outside and david picked him up, slammed him to the ground and hit his head. >> reporter: she reported the problem to pacc. soon after, social services opened an investigation. and last month cited the kids club for violating a child's personal rights. also saying a staff member
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verbally harassed the children. >> he called them all names like sissys and cry babies and girls. >> reporter: the director described the body slam incidents saying he lost his footing while twirling a child and fell to the ground. today pacc released a statement saying they can't comment on personnel matters. but did say, pacc disagrees with the characterization of the incidents and is considering legal options. according to social services, the staff member involved has been removed. but david is still named as director on the pacc website. >> i think it's a matter of time before another child gets extremely hurt. >> according to cps staff. he's been retrained about how to properly and safely interact with children. the police department is investigating, so far, no charges have been filed against the director. reporting live in palo alto, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. specialized training that
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can help save lives. and it's geared toward mental health. that's the idea between sjpd's new crisis intervention program. it will be mandatory for all officers, with the goal of giving them a better understanding of people suffering from mental illness. the police chief and the mayor say ideally, crisis intervention training will help divert such cases from the criminal justice system, channeling them instead to health care. tech savvy gang members are staying one step ahead of the police. they're using technology to send messages to members inside and outside of prison. it's a growing problem. damian? >> raj, this is the home of the mayor's task force, no one is surprised that gang members are using this, smart phones and new deck nolg. they're also using old wartime
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tactics to carry out their crimes. in its latest national gang report, the fbi says the use of technology among gang members is creating unique challenges for law enforcement. >> that's how smart they are. >> that was a drug dealer, i have a bullet, i got shot when i was 18, it's not because i was playing with the boy scouts. >> he now runs the firehouse community center. where he gets kids off the street with straight talk and provides them with programs to get back in school. he's not surprised gang members are using snap chat, flicker and whattsapp. >> they're thinking ahead, they are thinking ahead. they invent these things. >> reporter: gang members are also using old school trojan horse like methods to attack their enemies. >> this new trend of wearing
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opposing colors and getting closer to the enemy being able to get into another area, another turf without being seen as a red driving into a blue territory, or a blue driving into a red. >> reporter: gang tactics worrying those trying to stop the violence. >> and the most popular social media app for gang members is facebook. live in san jose, damian trujillo. a houseboat docked in the oakland sgra went newspaper flames today. i want to show you what it looked like. the boat virtually destroyed and flames burned the neighboring boat as well. with the help of a fire boat they put out the fire. luckily no one was hurt. day 12 of the hunger strike outside of a san francisco police station. is it progress or more bad blood. this is happening at the mission station. staff members stopped by to meet
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with them. the protesters refused, they'll meet with the mayor tomorrow on their own terms, when they march to city hall. >> we never saw him, his aids came out. he was in the room the whole time. we only spoke with his aids. they said, the mayor's ready to meet you. we're not speaking to a mobster. we're speaking to the mayor of this beautiful city. >> a total of five people are on this hunger strike, they want the san francisco police chief to step down or be fired about those recent controversial police shootings. anger for accommodations, hearing california will be critical. the golden state delegates feel slighted ahead of the event in cleveland. mark matthews is in san francisco where state party officials are fuming over where they'll be staying. what exactly is the deal here, mark?
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>> it happens every four years. four years ago when the convention was in tampa, the california delegation was on the beach in st. petersburg, 30 miles away. they should be so lucky this year. >> when the republican convention gets underway in cleveland. california's delegation will be put up 60 miles away. in sandusky. >> well, i guess we're happy to be in ohio. >> the vice chair says 60 miles away would be like holding the convention in san francisco and then putting up the delegation in stockton or 20 miles south of sang jose. or 12 miles north of santa rosa about. >> our donors are not happy at all about wasting four hours a day at the convention going back and forth. >> the former chair of the party says it means missing out on a big part of the convention. >> because it's not just what goes on in the hall. it's what goes on from 9:00 in
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the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. >> with donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich battling it out, it could be a critically important convention for the gop. a convention spokeswoman told us, the rnc will be making arrangements to ensure their trip from sandusky to cleveland is expedited and as efficient as possible. that means a police escort. >> police escort, i've sat through those two, it's not really going to help very much. >> there are four hotels in downtown cleveland, big enough to hold the california delegation. one of them's going to new york for trump. one of them's going to kasich in ohio. one of them will be going to the folks from texas, because of ted cruz. and one of them will be hosting the rnc, the republican national committee. the delegation from california? they'll be in the back in the corner in the dark. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area
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news. >> you can see why they were -- >> tomorrow's next big primary is indiana. can carly fiorina help ted cruz gain ground. larry gursten gives us his thoughts. tesla is growing in a big way many the company has to build a lot of new cars and the trivalley might be the new spot. the silicon valley business journal is reporting that tesla will lease two more buildings here in live ier more. you see a million square feet, that's about the length of 17 football fields. tesla as of tonight is not yet commenting. and good evening i'm jeff ranieri. clouds rolling in up against the immediate coastline, it's the sign of some larger changes to come our way. we're tracking the chance of showers and thunderstorms.
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fire investigators are at a mobil home park in san jose, where a mysterious fire started off the property. i'm robert honda live in san jose. hear one of the fire victims tell us how she got out safely. and then san francisco college students refusing to eat in protest. the program they're hoping to save by taking a stand. a student hunger-strike is
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underway tonight at san francisco state. ===take vo=== four student-activists are demanding the university restore the school's "ethnic a student hunger strike is underway tonight at san francisco state. students and faculty were angered when administrators cut $8 million worth of funding to the program. >> the president asked us to meet with him, to negotiate and we arranged meetings with him. he cancels all of them. we're not taking this any more. >> another hunger strike still underway outside the mission police station. activists are demanding the resignation of the mayor and police chief. a fire erupted in a barn and then spread to a mobil home park. the flames destroyed two trailers. tonight the concern is, how did this start? this is happening in the south bay. robert honda joins us with more. any answers from where you are?
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>> they're still looking for answers right now, it's strange. this mysterious fire did start in an empty barn, and then quickly spread to this mobil home park, and left two families homeless. now, you're going to see some home video shot by chris meade showing a mobil home belonging to lynn buoy going up in flames. the fire started in the back, the section closest to a field where a barn was already burning. investigators are still at the park here on capitol avenue where crews responded around 2:00 p.m. the owner told me she was ale alerted by neighbors. >> i saw a big fire. very large fire, lots of smoke. and then it burned two big trees. i could move my car out, and that's it. >> lynn says she will be staying with friends.
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the fire department says two mobil homes were destroyed but no one was reported injured. and investigators say at this hour, they're still trying to determine a cause. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> traffic still a mess in the east bay more than 6 hours after a big rig crashed. two big rigs collided on i-80. one of them burned the driver, had to be airlifted to the hospital. flames also spread to nearby grass, right now at least two lanes of 580 are still closed, making for a long monday evening commute in the trivalley. >> cal fire is in full swing preparing for this upcoming fire season. a season fueled by those el nino rains and our drought. today near los gatos, fire crews began to try to cutaway as much of the potential fire fuel as possible. the agency says it's fighting two problems at once. the el nino helps the grass on
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the ground grow. and the drought has created a statewide problem of dead trees. >> we've had 29 million trees in the forest across california that have been identified as dead and still standing. >> cal fire launched today's brush clearing to kick off fire safety wyche, which is this week getting into the season. we've had a lot of everything lately. what's going to happen next? >>. >> we have another round of change coming your way. cooler temperatures and showers building back into the forecast. we'll take you outside to our micro climate forecast, 65 degrees, a mix of some sun and also some clouds. looking back toward mt. diablo, there's a little bit of blue sky mixed in, where it is it
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drastically different right now is up against the immediate coastline. you can see from our weather underground sky camera network. a cold 57 degrees, and the fog and the clouds in place. that's a sign of what's to come as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast. let's take you into the morning, you can see everybody will have those clouds coming on back. temperatures in the low 50s to start. colder locations will be the north bay at 49. by the afternoon, we see temperatures cool off. it will be mild in the south bay, with 75 degrees, the peninsula down to 68. that's a bit chillier, check out the north bay, clouds increasing and the cooler 68 as well. it's not going to be as simple as clouds and cooler this week, we also mentioned that chance of showers. so again, for the afrnoon tomorrow, can you see the overcast skies. then by wednesday's forecast, some hit and miss showers by the afternoon, and we'll see the same scenario by 11:00 in the morning thursday. and then it looks like the best chance of rainfall coming our
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way by friday afternoon. we'll talk more about the scattered chances of showers from wednesday through friday. how much rainfall will pick up, coming up in about 25 minutes. >> jeff, thank you. we'll see you later. can carly knee fiorina be the difference maker? we'll see if she can save ted cruz and his campaign. police in virginia will not be
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charged for the death of a man back in may 20-13. linwood lambert died in police custody after being repeatedly
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tased for acting erratically. police in virginia will not be charged for the death of a man in 2013. we tweeted out that story. facebook ceo cheryl sandburg has a new mission. it will cost you 50 cents. that's how much it takes to feed a family in the bay area. we have more information on our website. tomorrow is the last chance for
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republican voters to stop frontrunner donald trump. voters in indiana will vote in their primary. republican voters stop front-runner donald trump. voters in indiana will vote in their primary. that's where trump is vowing to killing off his competition. however, ted cruz is campaigning there against trump not to quit. the latest nbc news poll shows trump ahead of cruz by 15 points. gop insiders are demanding cruz dial back if trump.
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>> can the former hewlett-packard boss save our cruz campaign. >> we know her well around here. the obvious conservative and female -- the obvious reasons. why else did cruz reach out to carly fiorina. fiorinaablys some much needed energy to that ticket. they're combatible on key issues such as abortion, immigration, more important by the way, the outsiders. second as a woman, fiorina's presence will partially offset the presence of a woman, hillary clinton the likely democratic nominee. and then finally, at least in california. fiorina's presence may offer the hope that the so-called don ballot republican candidate might do better than they might have otherwise. >> a lot of upside, is it enough to sway voters? she does come with some baggage there. >> fiorina has only run for
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office once. and that was in 2010. when she lost her u.s. senate race by barbara boxer by a whopping 10 points. she was heavily criticized for laying off 30,000 employees as part of the hewlett-packard contract which led to her termination or downfall really. when we're talking about fiorina at hp, she really didn't get alongwell with her fellow tech folks. there was no love lost when she left california and went back to washington. >> she's impacted a lot of lives here in the bay area. is this a hail mary pass for ted cruz? will it work here? >> yes and probably no. trump has so much momentum that only a huge defeat in a state like california can slow him down. whether that's possible. that remains to be seen. although cruz has the best ground game here, that's something we should know. in reality. vice presidential selections,
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let's face it here, they rarely have an impact on a nomination or an election for that matter. more times than not, they're window dressing. and not much more. >> we'll see what happens in indiana tomorrow, and then june 7th here in california for our primary. you think they're taking advantage? >> absolutely, they're taking advantage. >> absolutely. >> hundreds of violations clogging san francisco streets. coming up, we investigate how buses hired by some of the biggest tech firms may be putting you at risk. an argument ends in gunfire at an anti-of course convenience store. the new information we've just received about the suspect and the store clerk who tried to stop that gunman. tech companies hire those
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commuter busses... as a perk for employees and a way - they say - cut down on congestion. but are those busses makiing ou some of the bay area's biggest tech companies hired those employees to cut down on congestion. are the buses actually making it worse? >> our investigative reporter is with us. >> in a city already tight for space. the double decker shuttle buses have become a familiar part of the skyline. these buses aim to take thousands of cars off the road. we obtain traffic records that reveal a growing problem that could be putting you at risk. >> three million people commute through the bay area each workday on roadways and railways. bike lines and bus lines.
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for sue vaughn, it can be a rough ride. she's a substitute teacher for schools across san francisco. her route changes daily. she says, regardless of where she is in the city, the same problems jam her commute. >> they slow it down, you get in front of the bus, they slow it down. >> she's talking about san francisco's massive network of private commuter buses. that shuttle an estimated 8500 people each day. private transportation companies prit the buses. but they're hired by some in silicon valley's biggest tech firms, like facebook, ebay and youtube. they can catch a ride at one of the pickup locations throughout the city. the private buses have to share the space. >> you think they're taking advantage? >> absolutely they're taking advantage of the city. absolutely. >> shuttle companies boast they're part of a solution to get cars off the road. city records we obtained show
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the buses may be putting other drivers, bikers and pedestrians at risk. we reviewed parking enforcement records and traced the license plates back to 16 of the biggest commuter companies in the city. the bus operators received over 800 citations. for violations that include obstructing traffic and blocking bus zones and bike lanes. bauer is at the top of the list with 176 citations. it provides transportation for intuit. loop transportation ranks second with 146 citations. and drops off riders to companies like facebook, google and apple. compass received 95 citations, it also buses workers to apple, yahoo, genentek and ebay. it didn't take long for our cameras to capture even more
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apparent violations. this mini-bus shuttle was double parked in the bike line, pushing the cyclists into the streets. the company says it tells its drivers to keep circling around if the stops are not available. and this bus heading to google also redirected traffic after the driver stop in the middle of the road. >> the bus has been parked for a few minutes now. >> it forced this public bus to let people off in the center of the street. >> i think the current program bends over backwards to accommodate these tech companies. i don't think we have to. >> those with disabilities and the elderly are now being put at risk because of safety hazards created by the private shuttles. >> that's what he's asking us, who is the city for. who do you represent? do you represent all of us? or do you just represent a very small category of employers.
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the city charges the private shuttles about $3 every time they use a stop. in july, that will rise to just over $7. in part to help pay for more enforcement officers. like aleash shah hopkins she's one of ten assigned to monitor the more than 500 private buses that are permitted to pick up passengers across the city. on this morning she gave out six tickets in less than two hours. >> that's something you see a lot? >> all the time. >> all the time. >> we reached out to the bus companies on our list of violations. most didn't respobd. a representative from we drive you told us citations are reviewed immediately. analyzed for prevention and paid promptly. in a statement, the owner of bauer transportation said his company is working to avoid citations by training drivers. >> i think these drivers aren't making the commute worse for anyone, they're making it
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better. >> a government agency that aims to reduce traffic in nearby san mateo county. san francisco drivers passed through the area on their way to silicon valley. >> i know it's a challenging issue for the people who are impacted by the bus stops. but i really think that from a regional perspective, this program is one of the extra things we have that can help all of us reduce the con generation in the bay area. >> the bus routes are not just an inconvenience, they're illegal. state law bans private companies from using public bus stops. the city calls that a misinterpretation of the law. and on thursday, the judge dismissed the case. vaughn and other critics hope to fight the ruling opinion. >> they're allowed to internear
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with our public transportation system. and the city is letting them do that. this is going to get worse. >> and to find out where the private bus stops are throughout san francisco and to find out what kinds of violations may be going on along your block, you can check out an easy to use interactive map that we created and posted on our website. can you check it out right now at you can go and see exactly what's happening in your neighborhood. >> sparks the conversation about our transportation in the bay area. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> if you have a tip about this story or any other story for our investigative unit. give us a call or you can send us an e-mail to the unit at nbcbay you're looking at the mugshot of a man accused of killing a woman at a popular east bay convenience store. the quick stop in antioch, they found the woman dead, and the store clerk with the gunshot wound. >> jodi hernandez has the details. >> he had a lot of blood on his
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hands that wasn't his. >> he describes seeing his 27-year-old son being loaded into an ambulance at an antioch quick stop store, after a customer allegedly took out a gun and started firing this morning killing a woman and wounding paine, the convenience store clerk. >> just here in the forearm, right about here. >> it's mind blowing. i'm glad he's okay about. >> it could have been worse. >> vicky biggs says paine tried to step in and help when an argument spun out of control. >> he's that kind of guy. he's a great guy, he tried to de-escalate the situation and ended up getting hurt. thank got he didn't get seriously hurt. >> around tee of course police aren't releasing many details. they arrested a 34-year-old antioch man a short time later. paine's father said he's grateful his son survived. it's the second time the clerk's come face to face with the gun since he started working at the
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quick stop two years ago. >> i don't think he should be going back to work myself. that's about it, twice within a year? >> that was jodi hernandez reporting for us. tonight police have identified the suspect of antioch. he now faces one count of murder, and one count of attempted murder. the victim has been identified as cynthia forest cross. >> they hope it will be more common in the years to come. the solar plane took off from moffett field. we'll update you on its progress to arizona. >> too much ice, not enough coffee.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. one of the most expensive states to live in. but one thing we don't spend much on - compared to other states - is educating ourh california is one of the most expensive states to live in, one of the things we don't spend much on compared to other states, education. start class ranged all states based on how much each spends on a student from kindergarten to 12th grade. california came in 46 out of 50 about in 2013, the state spent just over $8,000 per opportunity. the national average 11,000. after factoring in cost of living adjustments. >> you ever thought about it, cashing out and leaving the bay area. a new study suggests that a third of us want to leave town. the main complaints, traffic and sky high closing costs. here are the results. 34% say they're thinking about moving away soon. 64% named cost of living as the
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number one problem. no surprise there. 40% of the people surveyed say we are headed in the right direction. that's a decline from last year's 55%. less than 30 minutes another bay area city will debate boosting the bottom line. we're talking about raising the minimum wage. they'll discuss raising the minimum above the state's new $15 per hour rate by the year 2022. tonight's debate will focus on phasing in those planned heights at a quicker rate. starbucks is going to corporate not over hot coffee, it's more of a cold case. they regularly overfill cold drinks with ice, instead of using the advertised amount of coffee or whatever liquid is supposed to be in there. the iced beverage advertises 24 ounces, really? only contains 14 ounces of fluid and ice doesn't count. the lawsuit is without merit. i could use a little more liquid. >> what if we just get a latte
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and a cup of ice a la cart. >> looking behind us, it looks nice for now. >> it has been pretty nice today. cooler temperatures. look at this sky camera shot. we have fog moving in across the san francisco bay. we'll talk about cooler temperatures. >> coming up, behind the scenes of the launch of a solar powered plane that took off in the dark. actually, thousands of them.
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solar panels, propelling a p a piece of history, actually thousands of pieces of history. solar panels propelling a flame into the air, but we don't need sunshine for this. >> the latest accomplishment, it happened right here in the bay area. scott bud man is here to show us how it worked.
6:45 pm
they stayed a little longer than expected in the bay area. >> eventually making a piece as you said of aviation history. solar injury was stored in its batteries. this is about 5:00 this morning. lots of activity on the tarmac, people making sure the controls were ready, the pilot was ready. the plane powered only by the sun. heading off to phoenix, arizona, it's a glimpse into the future of air travel. >> it's a big jump into the future you think it's science fiction, in a few years time, hopefully the entire society, the entire world will work with this technology. >> a plane which weighs 5,000 pounds is powered by more than 17,000 solar cells, built right into the plane's wings. it let solar impulse fly at night, as you see it doing here
6:46 pm
as well as during the day. the plane will fly back to abu dhabi, where it began its around the world trek last year. >> thank you very much, scott. they're just 40 light-years away, a team of astronomers has discovered three earth like planets that may be able to support life. the planet's orbit was called the ultracool dwarf star. that water could exist on the surface of at least two of the planets. researchers are now helping a new telescope will be able to detect its oxygen assist in the planet's atmosphere. they may not be able to answer that for at least another decade. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri. >> jeff understood me. >> of course. jeff wrote that script. >> i can give you an answer in a minute on what's going to happen tomorrow. or less than a minute. >> take it it away, you're on the clock, jeff. >> you notice the cloud cover
6:47 pm
moving in up against the immediate coastline, we now have clouds moving in, as you saw on the camera back behind me at point raze. right now on the doppler radar and satellite, you can see the cover up along the immediate coastline, check out our scrolling 7-day forecast as that continues to populate your micro climate. you'll see rain returning wednesday, thursday and friday. we'll get you outside of the sky camera network. it's a mild 70 degrees, holding on to a mix of sun and clouds. east bay starting to see the clouds build and 71. san francisco, fog in place. notice the huge micro climate difference from the east bay. a 10 minute drive away from san francisco. that colder 56 of course because the fog is rolling in right now. for the north bay we're also dropping to 65. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, you'll notice everybody has cloud cover coming back with the fog building up, don't expect too sunny of a start, we'll begin
6:48 pm
with 53 in san francisco, and for the south bay, 53. that really is the biggest change most immediately. look at this dramatic difference. 8 to 17 degrees cooler across the bay area. san francisco, the cooler onshore flow is back, also seeing a significant drop here across sunny vale. part one of the cooling trend is happening right now, there's a second component that's going to get temperatures even colder as we head throughout the next three days. >> that's going to be this upper level storm system just offshore. it's not going to move in and move out for tomorrow. what we're going to see happen is this upper level area of cool pressure system. that will bring us some intermittent shower chances wednesday, thursday and also for friday. it's going to be off and on, keep the umbrella handy. you may need a light jacket at times. a huge difference from what we had this past weekend. rainfall totals, not too
6:49 pm
impressive, we'll go for a quarter inch here up near santa rosa and san francisco. maybe some higher totals in napa. 2/10 of an inch in redwood city. very similar amounts right on down to morgan hill. let's take you into the micro climate forecast as we round things out for tomorrow. cloud cover on the increase. probably wasn't need the sunglasses too much. this will put san jose at 74 degrees. morgan hill, 75, you'll notice some of the biggest differences across the peninsula. over to palo alto 73. you need the jacket with low to mid-60s in place. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley. clouding up, not too much sun. santa rosa in the east bay, oakland at 67. for the trivalley, livermore coming in at 75 degrees. as we push ahead toward the weekend forecast. we'll hold on to this slight chance of an intermittent shower. by sunday, temperatures warm
6:50 pm
back up and we get to more of this typical pattern. for right now, it's going to be quite a difference from this past weekend. you guys are all going to be prepared for it. >> we just listened to you. up next, when will steph curry return, and what's up with -- >> it's the good luck cat. >> the black cat that interrupted the sharks playoff game. the story is getting national attention. jim kosamor has reaction next.
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we have two questions, jim. how is steph curry. and more importantly, how did the cat get in? >> that's a great question, i'm still trying to dig into that. i investigate these things, i have questions for both of you. >> the warriors took care of some business in game number one. the talk of the playoffs has been the health of their mvp, steph curry. he's been dealing with those multiple injuries. he's expected to miss at least two weeks, that was after being diagnosed with a sprained right now. steph curry was in the jim doing some light shooting. he is progressing well, he will not play in game number two. here's steve kerr. >> we can't let the series determine whether we bring him back. it's really based on his health and rhythm, and -- so we'll do our best to help him get that rhythm in practice, and try to put him in the best positions once he is back to make an
6:54 pm
impact. maybe without having to be superman. >> and maybe not game three, but game four. we have your game two preand post game coverage right here. they are live at oracle, as the warriors look to take a 2-0 series lead over port land. we have a score alert, baseball style. giants and the reds. as johnny cueto is pitching for the giants, top of the -- this is a joey votto bomb, a three-run bomb that puts cincinnati up, they went up 6-3, the giants have come back, they lead 8-6 top of the eighth inning. to the ice we go p.m. sharks defensemen watch this. struck in the face. did you see that by a shay weber slap shot? that was in the third period. sharks one 3-2.
6:55 pm
fortunately for have lassic he went unscathed. speaking of walking away on skates. now to that black cat that walked on to the ice before game one. he's named joe paw-velski. joe is in good hands in the silicon valley humane society, she's going do stay there until thursday, look for a new home. still trying to find out where joe paw-velski came from. let's hit the pitch, everyone. eden has our 83rd minute goal. why is this important? it clinches a premier league title for leicester city, their first title in 132 years of existence. ny had 5,000 to 1 odds entering the season. luckily for me, i put $100 on liecester to win. this is my last sportscast, you
6:56 pm
won't see me for a while. >> exactly. >> that's pretty incredible. 13 years, they finally win a championship, good for them. >> jessica wants to know, the sharks should keep the cat as their good luck cat for the stanley cup finals. >> i'm with you on this one. you know what, i know you want to find a good home, they will. they have a good home right now, it's winning for the sharks. keep it there. >> it could be like the stanley cup, everyone could take the cup home one night. >> yeah, you're right, why not share it. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, do you toss and turn in bed? you're not alone. what millions should be doing to get a better night's sleep, and why a pill is not the answer. finally at 6:00, in case you haven't noticed. we have a new set, a new home here. we hope you enjoy it as much as we're enjoying it. >> we'll give you more of a look at our new home at 11:00.
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obama drops the mic. roasting trump. cracking kardashian jokes. we're inside with all the star collisions, now on "extra." comedian in chief. >> is this dinner too tacky for the donald? >> the president gets in his last laugh at the white house correspondents dinner. >> we wanted to come tonight. >> from will and jada, to a secretly pregnant kerry washington? kendall jenner to the donald jr. >> where's your dad? >> a.j. has all the moments you didn't see. prince's brother sits down with "extra" as the money battle erupts in court today. >> is there any feuding amongst the family? plus, the mystery star who gave the family 20 grand to


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