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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 3, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," ted's last stand, confronting donald trump supporters, but can cruz stop the trump momentum. . an epic feud over prince's half billion dollar estate. dressed to impress,ulti million dollar met gala. the fashion and the age of technology. plus, what happens when lawmakers don't agree. another teacher sick-out for the city of detroit and beating 5,000/1 odds for something that hasn't happened in 132 years. "early today" starts right now. good morning to you. i'm dara brown. we begin with news out of iraq.
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ash carter says an american military member has been killed in irbil. no other details given. primary day in indiana, a crucial contest that could signal the end of the race for president. polls showing donald trump ahead of ted cruz there. cruz went toe to toe with trump supporters yesterday. >> you are the problem. you are the problem, politician. you are the problem. >> can i ask you something? >> no. >> out of all of the candidates, name one that had $1 million judgment for hiring -- name one. >> self-funded. not you. not you. where is your goldman sachs jacket at? we know your wife works there. >> i was supported and i am supported by 1.3 million contributors.
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donald trump is desefg you. >> hallie jackson caught up with cruz shortly after the exchange. >> there are five of them and hundreds of us, so no. >> do you think you have the numbers based on that interaction? >> it will come up to the votes. >> cruz, battled a 10 year-old only sunday, and he also took criticism after carly fiorina took a bad fall on stage. >> help me welcome your next first family, heidi cruz, your next first lady, carolyn and catherine, and the next president of the united states, ted cruz. >> trump ridiculed cruz for not helping fiorina after the incident. >> then he picks carly. carly is perfectly nice. by the way, she fell off the stage the other day. did anybody see that? and cruz didn't do anything.
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even i would have helped her, okay. no, it's true. the weirdest thing. >> meanwhile, trump spent his final day campaigning in indiana, looking to november. he hit ted cruz at the general election polling and made the case that the nomination is all about over. >> honestly, if we win indiana, it's over. it's over. they're finished. they're gone. they're gone. now, indiana is becoming very important. and i say, i say, it's so important in terms of the race. usually by this time, it's over, it doesn't matter. but this time, you folks belong where you belong. it's called important-ville. i love it. i think he is crazy. lyin' ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. he is choking like a dog, because he is lose sog badly.
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we have to put him away tomorrow, folks. we have to get out and vote. get out and vote. >> in indiana, trump was introduced by former american football league defensive back fred the hammer williamson. and digger phelps. he nabbed the endorsement of lou holts, and our latest nbc survey monkey poll out this morning has trump with the largest lead yet with 56% republicans supporting him. the same poll has cruz in second with 22% and kasich with 14%. hillary clinton topping sanders by four points in indiana. still within the margin of error. the outcome could come auto either way. sheer wh here is what sanders had to say
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in his rally. >> tomorrow, let us see indiana have the largest voter turnout in the history. tomorrow, let us see indiana help lead this country into the political revolution. thank you, all. our latest poll has clinton leading sander business 14 points nationally, her largest lead in months. as clinton spent her day, her n monday in kentucky and west virginia, she raked in $2 million through 127,000 donations. now, for april, clinton raised $26 million and that's slightly more than sanders, 25.8, first time in months that clinton has out raised sanders. she is expected to campaign in
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west virginia and. sander also be in kentucky. hillary clinton will be with andrea mitchell today for an interview. as the results come in, cruz makes one last ditch effort with three separate events in indiana today. the glitz and glamour on display last night, met gala in new york city. beyonce stunned in a give givinchy gown, and claire danes with a fiber-optics gown. silver mini dress, lady gaga chrome colored jacket, and iron man next to a stunning jihad did. kate upton took the theme and ran with it, debuting new bling
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to our sister network e! . baby bumps, showing off their glamorous new baby bump. well, teachers in detroit are holding another sick-out today. this marks the second day in a row of protests, which focus on teacher pay. the teachers union called for the sick-out said it won't have enough money to pay teachers after june 30th. it is due to lack of funds. monday's protest called 90 of 97 schools. $720 million restructuring plan that may help fund the district. stage is set over the fortune left by prince.
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troubling questions why and how the superstar died. stephan stephanie has detailed. >> may have played a role in his deat death. >> i was aware of hip pain. >> correct. >> that he had. there was a point where he was having some pain. i never talked about that kind of thing. >> can you tell me how you feel? >> meanwhile, in minnesota, the siblings pushed through the media to get through the courthouse. the proceedings lasted ten minutes. the pop star's sister and half siblings are the only known heirs. >> these estates can be some of the ugliest fights you've seen in probate court. dirty laundry, aired out for the public to see. >> the estate is estimated to be worth nearly $300 million.
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it will likely grow, on top of new music sales, thousands of new songs. he invested heavily in local real estate, 16 different properties, worth close to $30 million. the family tries to unravel the finance, the mystery under deepens. painkillers were found on his body and in paisley park whochltpre prwhochl whochlt. who prescribed them is being investigated. potomac, maryland, look at that hail. >> that's impressive for maryland. you don't see that in maryland,
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but tennis balled size. the weather is changing. we're going to have what is called an omega block, what you see will be what you'll be stuck with. here is what is happening. this big, huge trough over the pacific will slowly shift on shore and then the ridge that was over the west, this area right in here, is going to shift into the middle of the country. it's going to put to end the near record or record highs that we were seeing in there in the west. its all goes to be shifting, showers in the northwest. we're not going to watch anything too dramatic. cloudy, hit and miss showers, and you see the wind direction, these arrows, going down the coast. much cooler conditions and a parallel flow or on shore flow for many. warm in the rockies, and even 90s toward spokane. down in san francisco, 64, seattle, holding on to a little warmth at 73.
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you see the warmth has shifted toward areas ofuch cooler today and cloudy from monterey, north words. omega block, you'll hear a lot of people saying that term over the next couple of days. >> thank you so much, bill. important details from a new study for anyone having trouble getting enough sleep. plus, legislators disagree, things get ugly fast. you're watching "early today." ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty.
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documents to the "national enquirer", leading to the wwe cutting ties with the famous wrestler. it follows his $141 million win against the gawker, after having sex with his best friend's wife. they denied leaking the transcript and abusing the court system to control his public image. if you are one of the 40 million americans dealing with insomnia, a new study recommends specialized counseling rather than sleeping pills. experts say therapy is effective, long lasting and eliminates dangerous side effects. lawmakers traded kicks, punches, threw water bottles that would strip lawmakers of their legal immunity. down to business with landon
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dowdy. good morning. >> wall street could get back some of monday's gains. closing near the highs of the session, nasdaq, seven day losing streak, u.s. economy continues to grow, although slow but steady pace with the auto makers. low on gas, an app for that. san francisco area is dispatching drivers and pickup trucks loaded with gas to fill people people people's tanks. per gallon rates, plus a delivery fee. and sony has been granted a patent for a new contact lens that could record video by blinking. images would be stored around the iris and by eye movement. the technology is in the design phase. don't expect it any time soon. dara, back to you. >> thanks so much. what one nba legend calls the worst missed call in nba
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nguyen. >> good morning. it is one of the biggest s leicester city won the premiere league title. >> central england, 5,000 to 1 odds, first title in its 132 year history. even call for the manager to be knighted. back home to san antonio, spurs against the thunder, gained two of the second round. late in the 4th and a controversial non-call, who pushes the spurs while inbounding the ball from out of bounds. that should have been an offensive ball and spurs ball with a chance to win. instead, no call. thunder hang on to even the series. but after the game, in. ba legend magic johnson said it is the worst missed call in
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playoff history. former 49ers, dana stubblefield has been charged with raping a disabled woman. the woman was asked to come interview for a baby-sitter job. stubblefield faces substantial prison time if convicted. run up to the kentucky derby, the bed races, awards given out for the fastest time, and also best decorated, and even whoever knocked down the most cones. which means you didn't do very well. dara, back to you. >> betty, thanks so much. ahead in '90s class, a see equal. plus, who did beyonce just knock off at the top of the record books? you're watching "early today." l? this clean was like pow! it added this other level of clean to it. it just kinda like...wiped everything clean. 6x cleaning
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♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. now to entertainment news, taylor swift knocked off by queen bee. 12 tracks in hot 100, the most by any one female. it overtook 11 sets in 2010. the 1996 michael jordan looney toons, sequel in the 21st century star power, lebron james may fill the role. justin lynn is in talks to co
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write and possibly direct. sick cacicadas, everything since 1999. >> first, let me catch you up on politics. we voted in a second president bush by a narrow margin and rejected a third president bush, by an enormous margin. the internet no longer swings in agony when you dial into it from the phone line. n sinc. some things that were popular in 1999 have become scarer. carbo hi carbos and cosby reruns. divorce. dishes.
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leading the news on nbc, hillary clinton apologizes to coal country. approached by a coach miner who was up set by putting them out of business. she apologized, adding that what she should have said if things don't change, the coal industry will continue to lose jobs. the minor, a registered republican says he appreciates the apology but doesn't know how he'll vote. johnson & johnson, $55 million in talc powder, the second trial lost, they plan to appeal the verdict. failure to warn customers about the risks of its ta lcs
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products. the star could have life, water. they announced yesterday they have the best part in the solar system, size and temperature, and located about 40 light-years away. dwayne "the rock" johnson waking you up in the morning. his new alarm clock called rock clock, 25 alarm tones. >> i could do that. >> motivational videos could be sent to your phone. one thing missing, a snooze button, he doesn't allow it. barbie launched a new doll. part of the sheros collection, costume inspired in fire bird, first african-american principal dancer. michelle obama and dr. jill biden appeared on "the voice",
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called joining forces. education, wellness of service members and their families. >> joining forces gives all americans the opportunity to show their support for those who serve and sacrifice so much for our country. >> ten drivers competed in an annual stunt car contest in the english village yesterday, and participants attempted to launch their vehicles over eight cars and landed on the other side. many cars landed on top of the -- >> not a chance. >> stewart payman, after his success, he won 50 pounds, a trophy, and of course, bragging rights. i wonder how long it will take the fix the cars. >> it still blows my mind. look at that guy. he's in the passenger seat driving. >> it doesn't look like fun. keep it here for news, weather sports. i'm dara. we hope you have a police lights and an active
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investigation in east palo alto, after a man is gunned down outside--- not far from faceboo >>. >> breaking if yous, police lights and an active investigation in palo alto after a man is gunned down outside, not far from facebook. >> looking to deliver a knockout punch on the campaign trail. donald trump squares off with ted cruz in the primary, the reason cruz is calling this contest make or break. >> the coliseum and oracle will be a busy place when warriors and a's play today at one time. a very good morning for you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.


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