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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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police lights and an active investigation in east palo alto, after a man is gunned down outside--- not far from faceboo >>. >> breaking if yous, police lights and an active investigation in palo alto after a man is gunned down outside, not far from facebook. >> looking to deliver a knockout punch on the campaign trail. donald trump squares off with ted cruz in the primary, the reason cruz is calling this contest make or break. >> the coliseum and oracle will be a busy place when warriors and a's play today at one time. a very good morning for you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a busy sports day.
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first new digs this morning. >> that's right. we'll get to showing you our new house. first the forecast with kari. >> it looks like a repeat of the day yesterday, but expect more clouds as we go into this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds and still comfortable temperatures. now 52 in san francisco. 51 in the north bay. watch out for patchy fog into the rest of the day. we'll see our temperatures continuing to climb into the upper 60s to lower 70s. i'll have a look at the rest of the microclimate forecast coming up. >> everything is calm around the bay. look at the big map. you've got green. i have a note. we are watching this chp report at the bottom of your screen northbound 880, we do have one little brushfire reported there. be careful there. we are looking at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. we have cash lanes. breaking news this morning we are following. a deadly overnight shooting in east palo alto. this happened after 1:00 a.m. on tulane avenue. that's less than a mile from facebook headquarters. so far police are not telling us much about what happened. we've only heard an unidentified man was standing outside when someone shot him and killed him. police say the victim died on scene. officers are promising to release more information very soon. we are staying on top of this investigation. once we have that update, we'll bring you more info. 4:32. former 49er is being accused of a disturbing crime. he sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled woman who played for a job as a nanny at his home. he did not answer questions when he got into his waiting car yesterday. the former defensive lineman is out on bail. the victim claims the sexual
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assault happened april 9th of last year. we are expected to hear more from stubblefield's attorney in a press conference. pacific northwest versus northern california is all going down in oakland today. game two of the warriors' playoff series against the portland trail blazers. that kicks off 7:30. at the same time, the a's are hosting the seattle mariners. steph chuang joining us live this morning. it's going to be a wild scene there inside and outside both facilities. >> good morning, sam. there is a little bit of a rude awakening for a's fans. usually tuesday nights as a promotion, free parking here. not the case tonight because the warriors are playing next door. not only do we not have free parking here, it's double the cost at $40 per vehicle. the recommendation, try to take
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public transit. that's also the same price for warriors' fans who are parking at oracle tonight for game two of the western conference semifinals against the portland trail blazers. talking about a soldout crowd of about 20,000 people and game two of a three-game period between the a's and seattle mariners. the coliseum games average 19,000 fans. double the crowds, that means crowded parking. a's say they did alert fans about the parking changes after the team found out about the second round of the warriors' playoff schedule and that was friday. the agencies in charge of determining parking decisions are the owners. city of oakland, alameda county. warriors take on the blazers at 7:30. the warning is try to avoid parking here if you do come
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early. the real recommendation, take b.a.r.t. or the capital quarter. exciting night for bay area sports fans. >> bay area sports fans going nuts. san jose sharks getting hot. sharks are quietly marching towards one of their most successful seasons ever. tonight game three in nashville against the predators. sharks have a commanding 2-0 lead after sunday night's thriller. if they win this series of sharks would advance to the conference finals for only the second time in franchise history. 4:35. the state of indiana is holding its presidential primary. donald trump says if he wins, it could seal the deal for the gop presidential nomination. trump holds a double-digit lead in the polls. the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll showing him up 15
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points. bernie sanders still believes he can take down hillary. indiana is holding an open primary. historically, both senator bernie sanders and donald trump have done very well in open state primaries. on the local level, san francisco voters next month will be able to weigh in on transparency of their police department. the supervisor introduced proposition d in january. it would require every police shooting to be investigated by the office of citizen complaints. that is in addition to the district attorney's office which normally decides on criminal charges. usually the occ only gets involved when a citizens complaint is filed. a hunger strike over the excessive use of police force marches to san francisco city hall today. five people have been holding a hunger strike outside the mission police station nearly two weeks now. demonstrators are angry over recent controversial police shootings and calling for mayor ed lee to fire police chief greg
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sir. yesterday they turned down an offer to meet with mayor lee. a new day, but basically the same forecast as yesterday, not that we're complaining. maybe a bit more cloud cover today. >> good morning. the clouds will be mixing in this morning and parts of the afternoon. take a look outside. some of the temperatures you're feeling as you step out the door. feeling mild. upper 50s for the south bay. in san jose and palo alto, 7:00. 51 in concord, napa and santa rosa. we will have great weather for baseball and basketball. taking a look at that a's forecast, first pitch 66 and dropping down to 63 by the end of the game. i'll have a look at the rest of the forecast including some showers coming up by tomorrow. let's head over to mike with a look at what's happening in the east bay. >> nice clear drive here. looking from the east bay over to the city. there is the bay bridge, sparkling lights.
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let me show you sparkling sensor. north bay and no delays looking south of the bay bridge looking at a nice flow of traffic. just that one incident 880 at the bottom of your screen. live look at the dublin camera shows what we are expecting here. shows that build as we would see tassajara. different problems for drive drivers.
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go down at a railroad at 4:41, an investigative unit you know to stop when the gates go down at a railroad crossing, but what happens when it doesn't work? where there is a massive railcar coming down the tracks? >> vicky wynn uncovered new information about serious crashes on our railways. >> good morning. we learned these wuj maintenance vehicles don't always trigger the crossing gates and signal lights to work at a railroad crossing. you may have a green light, but it's not safe to go. last january don williams was on his regular route home turning left on a green when this 50 ton maintenance vehicle plowed into the side of his truck killing him. in the past five years there have been 187 injuries like
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this. the federal railroad administration know these machines don't activate the crossing gates. the government allows the companies to use their own standards. they call it criminal saying these crashes are preventible. union pacific declined to than interview. the company said it made changes after the collision and safety is a top priority. you can see our full report at click on the investigations tab. >> thank you very of. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 4:42. tesla needs more room to go. they've gotten the green light by the electric car maker.
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welcome back. weather and traffic. a quick check of your weather and we are seeing the chances for rain as the week moves forward. >> not today. this will be the last day you can just walk out the door without having to take the umbrella. let's get a live look outside from san jose. we do have clouds overhead. that will stay with us with breaks in those clouds as we go through the rest of the day. into the next couple of days, that's just kind of a hint our weather is about to change. it's now 52 in san francisco.
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the east bay at 53. let's drop in on the north bay. 49. novato 52. 51 as you head out the door in san rafael. hour by hour in livermore, 51 at 7:00 in the morning. you see the mix of sun and clouds throughout the morning, then more clouds later on today with that next storm system approaching as our temperatures warm up into the mid 70s. we are also going to see the clouds and fog rolling inland and clearing everywhere except san francisco and along the peninsula. also into the north bay right along the coast. you'll see those clouds throughout the day. don't expect many changes there and once again the clouds roll back in tonight. as far as the wind speeds, winds coming in from the north and blowing onshore as we go into the day. that will still keep temperatures in check. we won't have that much of a strong one until that weather system moves in over the next couple of days. look at all the microclimates.
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75 in gilroy. half moon bay 60. mid 60s for santa rosa, but 76 in antioch and livermore today. looking at 73. our next weather system moves in and starts out with light showers. a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms and showers tomorrow. more widespread rain thursday. then heading into the day on friday, more of the hit or miss variety that continues into early saturday before this system moves off to the east into the sierra. looking ahead to the weekend forecast, we can't completely wipe out these rain chances out of the forecast until saturday morning. then by sunday, the dry day and the most comfortable day with high temperatures reaching into the low 70s in the east bay. mike's been keeping us updated on the roadways. >> it looks clear. you look at the shot of the san mateo bridge. beautiful view westbound.
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that won't build for about another hour. we are watching a smooth drive. let me show you all over the place. green sensors showing up on our maps. no major problems. i want to take you over to the tri-valley. not everybody goes to work and drives in on a monday. tuesday sees a heavier commute. this is what we are talking about. san ramon and pleasanton. dublin interchange. tassajara road. that short section through december, basically to the end of the year. folks have to head over here. that is going to cost more time. bay bridge toll plaza not a big deal. cash lanes have not cleared up. we have all the toll takers for the morning commute. >> thank you so much. >> time for business news this morning. microsoft is upgrading its binge search engine. >> amazon making headlines with its prime now delivery service. for that we turn to landon dowdy
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primed for news reporting. >> pun intended. first let's get a quick check at your markets. futures are lower. stocks rising on the first trading day of the month closing near the highs of the session. nasdaq snapping a seven-day losing streak. the u.s. economy continues to grow at a slow but steady pace. look for monthly sales from big automakers. nasdaq up 42 to 4817. microsoft upgraded its binge search engine. a new feature lets you search for images taking the photo with your iphone or uploading from the camera roll. tap on the magnifying class, snap the photo and binge will return images. >> amazon prime now delivery service now has its own website.
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it was previously only acceptable but prime users who live in areas where the one to two hour delivery option is available can use their pc. go to, enter your zip code and shop away. >> bring your credit card. thanks. 4:50. tesla may be moving into livermore. tesla leased two buildings with 1 million square feet of space. about the length of 17 football fields. they are near 580. tesla is not commenting on the expansion. the palo alto company has a plant in fremont. johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay $55 million to a woman who claims she got cancer from one of their products. baby poured containing t ining caused her to get ovarian
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cancer. another jury awarded $72 million to an alabama family. 4:50 on your tuesday morning. sleepless in america. the number of sleep-deprived people is growing. don't pop a pill new. guidelines from the american college of physicians says insomniacs should try changing their behavior. the new recommendations include skipping naps and turning off tvs and smart phones 30 minutes before bed. the fda says the drugs that help people sleep can stay in your blood stream long enough to interfere with morning driving. san francisco leaders may be deciding the fate of a pine tree finds itself at the center of a neighborhood dispute. >> that dispute involves a property in laurel heights. the owner wants to chop down a 100 foot tall norfolk pine tree in his yard. neighbors have been calling the tree an important part of the neighborhood landscape. supervisors are expected to
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decide if the tree should be granted landmark status. coming up, the journey continues for the solar plane. the next stop for the solar impulse 2 after the left the bay area yesterday morning. first happening right now, a gilroy man's death reveals drivers are in danger at railroad crossings across our area. see what the investigative unit uncovered. plus bob redell is live at safeway for silicon valley gives.
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and there's moving with thermove free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike glucosamine chondroitin, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. landed at a phoenix airport. the solar-powered plane took off
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from moffett field at >>. >> the solar impulse 2 landed at a phoenix airport. it took off from moffett field yesterday. we watched it live yesterday on "today in the bay." the flight did take 16 hours. the two-man crew is in the midst of a trip around the world. the plane is going to make two more stops in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic ocean. just in to our newsroom, tupoc's mother died in marin county. >> she was 69 years old. no word on how she died. she may have been even more popular than sharkey. we are talking something different here. little black cat that dominated social media now looking for a home. >> a black cat on the ice. that could have gone one of two ways. we are going the lucky route. the good luck charm has been
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nicknames joe pawvelski by fans. that cat apparently had been living in the arena. it suddenly came out of the wood words when she made that mad dash across the ice. sharks have not lost since. now in very good hands at the humane society where she will look for a permanent home. >> i love that cat. >> they've been 1-0 since the cat. >> maybe the sharks trained the cat. i love it. we have a new look this morning because we are inside our new upgraded studio. >> let's get a full look at what happened over the last few months as we show you the full look here. a time lapse video of everything being put together over the past several weeks, including new performance areas to give you a better glimpse of what's happening here in the bay. this was a month-long process from conception to finish. we are happy to unveil it to you
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right now this morning. >> it took a lot of work. you see the green balls there? that's what mike and kari stand in front of. >> facebook live, behind the scenes. a live look at the coliseum at oracle arena. it's going to be rocking about 12 hours. two games at the same time and same place. we'll tell you about traffic problems drivers can specks. clouds will hover in some parts of the bay area all day long. and we are getting ready for rain. >> the cars hanging out in places like the golden gate bridge where they will move that center divide. man gunned down and killed in
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east palo alto-- not too far from the facebook headquarters. a man gunned down and dmild east palo alto not far from facebook's headquarters. details trickling in to our newsroom. a former 49er accused of raping a developmentally disabled woman. we have the charges and why his lawyer says they are not true. an evening commute nightmare. the double dose of sports action happening tonight in oakland. the reason a's fans could be in for a bitter surprise come daytime. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a very good tuesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. mike is going to show you a smooth commute so far. but kari, we have another nice day of temperatures then things take a change. >> we will start to see scattered showers starting to move in tomorrow. today, just a lot of clouds in the forecast and mild temperatures, too. low clouds this morning and it will be mild today in the inland spots. you'll see more sunshine peeking out and spotty rain comes back into the forecast tomorrow. i'll detail all of that. we'll look ahead and give you a timeline of that rain. it's coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking on the roads? >> i couldn't add on to that note. look at this san rafael, very easy drive. we have a pleasant drive this morning. there is your north bay approaching the bay bridge. no metering lights. there are the rest of your speed sensors around the bay. one crash from tracy to altamont. >> thank you very much. we move to


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