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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> i'm sam brock. mike is going to show you a smooth commute so far. but kari, we have another nice day of temperatures then things take a change. >> we will start to see scattered showers starting to move in tomorrow. today, just a lot of clouds in the forecast and mild temperatures, too. low clouds this morning and it will be mild today in the inland spots. you'll see more sunshine peeking out and spotty rain comes back into the forecast tomorrow. i'll detail all of that. we'll look ahead and give you a timeline of that rain. it's coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking on the roads? >> i couldn't add on to that note. look at this san rafael, very easy drive. we have a pleasant drive this morning. there is your north bay approaching the bay bridge. no metering lights. there are the rest of your speed sensors around the bay. one crash from tracy to altamont. >> thank you very much. we move to breaking news. police right now investigating a
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deadly overnight shooting in east palo alto. >> police aren't telling us much about what happened. the shooting happened a little after 1:00 a.m. on tulane avenue, less than a mile from facebook headquarters. an unidentified man was standing outside when someone shot him. the victim died at the scene. we are staying on top of this investigation, once we do get an update, we'll bring it to you. >> a former 49er star accused of a disturbing crime. prosecutors say dana stubblefield assaulted a developmentally disabled woman. his attorneys are painting a different picture of what happened. >> kris sanchez live with details. >> good morning. dana stubblefield's attorney says they have proof the former 49 star didn't rape anyone. he himself didn't have much to say as he jumped in a car where
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he was booked on five felony charges of raping a developmentally disabled woman at his morgan hill home april last year. he and his attorneys scheduled that 9:30 press conference this morning and say it will show he had consensual sex with his accuser who he contacted through sitter city for a nanny job. according to the police report, the victim had a 20-minute interview, left that home. the report says she returned after he sent her a text message saying he wanted to pay her for her time. police say that's when he raped her and gave her $80. >> it was a consensual relationship that he had with her. this happened over a year ago and here we are today. this is nothing but a money grab and attempt to get money and take advantage of his celebrity status. >> the district attorney's office says the woman came immediately here to report that
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alleged sexual assault, and the investigation has been ongoing for 13 months now. we should know when stubblefield will face the judge later today as he faces those five felony charges. before that, we expect to hear more at a press conference scheduled for 9:30 in san jose. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >>. >> 5:03. a new plea deal is expected to provide answers in the murder of a hiker in fairfax and a traveler in san francisco. marin county district attorney says one of the so-called drifters accused in both murders agreed to a plea deal in exchange to testify against his friends. prosecutors are hoping the testimony will put the other two suspects behind bars for life. people in fairfax troubled by the murders hope the truth provides some sort of healing. >> maybe it helps his family in some way that we'll never know or other people, as well. i hope that there's some positivity that comes out of
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this. >> the victim's widow who is battling cancer, "i trust that justice will be served to its fullest extent for these two unbearable and unforgifbl murders and today's event will support this goal." the preliminary hearing is scheduled may 9th. gold is expected to take the stand. happening today, a forum in san francisco focused on boosting accountability in that city's beleaguered police department. they face heavy criticism over heavy force. another scandal involved bigoted and homo phobic text messages. they are going to attend tonight's meeting on measures of accountability and transparency. >> soon san francisco voters will be able to weigh in on the transparency of their police department. the supervisor introduced proposition d in january.
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every shooting would be required to be investigated by office of citizen complaints, in addition to the district of attorney's offers which normally decides on criminal charges. usually the occ only gets involved when a citizen complaint is filed. >> 5:05. today is the deadline for the special mail-in only election. in 2011, voters approved a parcel tax for the high school district. measure a which deadline is today would extend that tax for another eight years. $30,000 were sent to voters. it needs 2/3 majority to pass. it is a make or break moment in the race for president as indiana voters go to the polls today. ted cruz right now is hinging his hopes on winning indiana as part of a recent alliance with
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john kasich. polls are not looking favorable for cruz right now donald trump is maintaining a double-digit lead and victory in that state could seal the deal for trump. >> indiana faces a choice and it's a choice not just for the state, not just for the republican party, but for the entire country. >> i think he's crazy. honestly, i think he's crazy. lying ted does notç have the temperament to be doing this. >> let's go to the democratic side where bernie sanders is still holding out hope that he can defeat hillary clinton today. indiana holds an open primary and historically, sanders tends to perform better in states that have open primaries. we'll have a live preview from washington later in our newscast. right now let's go to sports and game two of the warriors/trail blazers matchup tonight. doves took care of business in game one and came out blazing. still the question on everyone's mind is when is steph curry
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going to return? >> we've seen him on the sidelines there. the mvp only played in two of the six playoff games this season. it hasn't stopped the doves from winning. curry hasn't been a big factor on the court yet. he won't be playing tonight, but he might be in the mick for game three on saturday. >> we can't let the series score determine whether we bring him back. it's based on his health around his rhythm. we'll do our best to help him get that rhythm in practice and try to put him in the best position once he is back to make an impact, maybe without having to be superman. >> we'll have to wait and see. warriors take on portland blazers at 7:30 at oracle arena. basketball, only part of the equation tonight at the oakland coliseum complex. right next door from the arena, the oakland a's are hosting the seattle mariners. game time is 7:05.
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believe it or not, tonight was supposed to be a's free parking night. that's been canceled. a's fans who normally expect to pay $20 for parking on a nontuesday will now be looking at double that $40 for parking. a's only learned about the scheduling conflict last friday. the team has already issued an apology to fans. >> hot dog or parking? >> not just warriors, sharks are red hot, too. sharks quietly marching toward one of their most successful seasons ever. tonight is game three against the predators. sharks have that commanding 2-0 lead after the thriller at the shark tank. if they win this series, sharks would advance to the conference finals for only the second time in franchise history. we are cheering on the sharks. >> all our teams are doing really well. exciting to see. we are marching forward with our tuesday morning. kari hall, you're tracking clouds. >> good morning. a lot of clouds this morning in parts of the bay area.
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we'll only see peeks of sunshine later this afternoon. temperatures will be nice and mild. 7:00 as you step out the door in the south bay and peninsula. 51 in the north bay. watch out for patchy fog. up to 68. 54 in the city and 70 in the peninsula, while the east bay today up to 66. clouds will be followed by rain in the forecast. i'll detail that in a few minutes. how is it looking as you drive the roads? >> looking great. look over here. bay bridge toll plaza. we have a good stream of cars here. up another got to pause to pay for cash. we are looking at green. it's westbound 205 at 580 coming toward the altamont pass. not a surprise for the slowing there, but a little fender bender. >> look at the dublin by tassajara. we see west 580 there. tassajara is the overcross at the bottom of your screen.
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that is cut off there. we talked about that closure. 5:10. a neighborhood feud comes to an end today. at issue, a pine tree. what could become of a rare hybrid pine that is causing an uproar in san francisco? >> apple set to make history, but not good history. business next. >> bob redell at the 24 hour push to raise money for local nonprofits. san francisco leaders could
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decide the fate of a pine tree--- now standing right at the center of a neighborhood dispute. ==laura/vo== that dispute involves a property in laurel heights. san francisco leaders could decide the fate of a pine tree. >> that dispute involves a property in laurel heights. the owner wants to chap down a 100 foot tall northern pine tree in his backyard. neighbors have been fighting the plan calling the tree an important part of the neighborhood landscape. supervisors are expected to decide whether the tree should be granted landmark status. >> tesla may be moving into livermore. tesla will lease two buildings with 1 million feet of square space. the company has a plant in fremont. people speculating how the company is going to build
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hundreds of thousands of new order cars. business journal is speculating that would be the factory for the new model 3. >> they have a factory laura mentioned if you pass by 880. you've seen it. okay. they need more factory space and that is possible. this factory which used to be a massive toyota gm venture is huge. when tesla moved in it painted its logo on the side and it only took up a tiny part of the facility. when that factory was new, it los a capacity of half a million cars a year. last year tesla made around 50,000 cars. tesla is showing off its really good air filtering system. it tested it recently. it filters out more pollution than any other air conditioning
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system. apple stock fell for the eighth straight trading day monday. something that hasn't happened since 1998. the ceo appeared with jim cramer last night and said the sell-off was a huge overreaction. let's get the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning. wall street will try to get back some of monday's gains. rising on the first trading day of the month. the nasdaq snapping a seven-day losing streak after the u.s. economy continues to grow at a slow but steady place. the dow rising 117 points to 17891. nasdaq up to 4817. >> the oculus has been on sale a couple of weeks with.
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if you're thinking about buying one, test out the device at a best buy. they are going to open testing areas. only in three areas in the bay area will have these, san francisco, san carlos and san jose. i highly recommend if you don't want to do a game like that, they have beautiful worlds you can look around to understand how it works and what it feels like to turn your head and see another world. three locations to best buy. >> i would imagine there will be lines. >> you can make an online reservation. >> interesting. >> these cost like $500. >> you need a really good computer. it's about a $1,500 computer. it is an investment. even if you don't want to invest, try it. see what the future might be like. >> reality.
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>> happening today, silicon valley gives is under way with the bay area 24 hour online giving day that supports a thousand local charities. >> it is such a wonderful thing to do. bob redell live with how you can give back. so many different ways. good morning. >> the most easy way is going on to your smart phone or computer and you can donate now. they start at midnight. this is the third year they will help more than a thousand local nonprofits. you donate the money and the silicon valley communication foundation will divy it out to these respective nonprofits. this is how much they raised in the past five hours, $1.265. the past couple of years has been close to $16 million. they obviously want to do something like that again. how is this number is is that good? >> it's a fabulous number for early in the morning. now we are ready to get that
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giving feeling and get started. >> why is this important to you? >> this is important because we have a community that has tremendous needs. we have people who need housing. transportation, disability. the arts, the environment. this is the chance the people in our community stretching from san francisco to san jose to reach down, dig deep and find an issue they care about. >> family giving tree is one of those nonprofits. what is your nonprofit? >> we will bring joy and hope to kids in need around the area. we help 6,000 kids have a backpack. we are doing books for those backpack so they have a book this year. >> i assume the more money, the more you reach. >> absolutely. only about 10% of the need in the bay area of kids that need a backpack. >> shop with a cop. >> good morning. >> what are you doing? >> shop with a cop foundation
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provides terrible relief for children in need, children in traumatic crisis, a heroes and helpers shopping spree in december where we take underserved children shopping with a police officer from the bay area. more children, more books, reading books for children. >> thank you very much. take a look at the number. let me see if in the past 30 seconds we bumped the number up. we are still at $1.265. almost at $1.266. let's see if we can't get that number up in the next five, four -- >> grit charities. >> by the way, we are at safeway. a couple of safeways throughout the area will have tables out front to get more information about sv >> we'll provide information on facebook and twitter. thank you. get up and give.
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get out there. >> the morning is young. kari is giving us a little sunshine later today. >> a little bit. it won't be as bright and sunny as it was yesterday. you can see those blurry lights. we will have clouds rolling across as we go through the morning and early afternoon. i don't think it will clear very much in san francisco. take a look at these temperatures now at 51 in the north bay. in the east bay it's 54 and 7:00 now in the south bay. let's drop in to get a closer look. 7:00 in santa teresa. a mix of sun and clouds. we are seeing the sun peeking out a little bit at 66 and more clouds moving in as we go through the day in the upper 60s. seven-day forecast.
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we get ready for the warriors tonight. it will be at 7:30. kick-off for the game and it will be at 63. looking at temperatures today in the upper 60s to low 70s, maybe mid 70s for gilroy. half moon bay 63. embarcadero 64. 70 in san rafael. we see a lot of clouds today. it looks like for the most part the rain holds off. there is not a lot of rain in this forecast. as we go through the day tomorrow, very spotty. we may see more coverage through the day thursday. we'll be watching the rain pretty much passing and rolling off to the east between tomorrow as well as thursday, friday and then on saturday it finally wraps up as the storm track moves farther to the east. this slow moving area of low pressure will keep our weather unsettled the next couple of days. it turns windy towards the end of the weekend. another look at the forecast coming up. head over to mike for an update.
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i want to give everybody a chance to see their commute. nothing unexpected. it's a tuesday. we are expecting a bigger volume of traffic than yesterday. over here toward that tassajara area. this section here i circled is closed through december. we talked about that yesterday. here is san jose with traffic northbound. we are tracking the dublin interchange and south bay build and bay bridge. back to you. >> looking smooth. thank you. up next, caught on camera as flames consume the central
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valley home. the happy ending that emerges for a batch of kittens.
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and it was all ca firefighters save the lives of four kittens in a daring rescue and it was caught on camera. they pulled the baby kittens from the ashes of a fire that threatened a home near modesto. they rinsed, dried and reunited the kittens with their mother who returned to the scenes while the crews were cleaning up.
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>> 5:25. cal fire sounding the alarm. >> the agency saying we are not out of the woods. cat fire crews began kugt away as much potential fire fuel as possible. the el nino helped the grasses on the ground grow and drought created a statewide problem of dead trees. >> cal fire launched the brush cleaning to kick off fire safety awareness this week. they will be on it at the lexington reservoir. an active homicide investigation under way right now in east palo alto. not too far away from facebook headquarters. details we are learning from the scene next.
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i'm stephanie chuang where the a's and warriors have a big night. fans may be in for a rude awakening when they get here.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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i'm sam brock. =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weaer a very good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. mike is waving over here. kari is looking at the full forecast for us. looking at temperatures, 56 in oakland, fairly mild. 7:00 in palo alto and san jose. here is what to expect. we start to get peeks of sun today. mild temperatures and spotty rain in the forecast tomorrow that continues into the start of the weekend. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. how is it looking? >> we have green in motion.
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those are our speed sensors. a smooth flow of traffic. no problems across that span. some sobering news this morning and breaking news. an american serviceman has been killed in combat in iraq. >> it happened today in the northern iraqi city of irbil. he died as a result of enemy fire. it is believed that isis is involved. his identity has not been released. >> more breaking news this morning. a deadly overnight shooting in east palo alto. this happened after 1:00 a.m. on tulane avenue. that is less than a mile from
5:32 am
facebook headquarters. police are not telling us much about the circumstances involved here. we only heard an unidentified man was standing outside when someone shot and killed him. he died on scene. we are staying on top of this investigation. once we have an update, we'll bring it to you. >> 5:32. former 49er dana stubblefield is being accused of a disturbing crime. prosecutors say he sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled woman who applied for the job of nanny. he didn't answer any questions. he is out on bail. the victim claims the sexual assault happened april 9th last year. his attorney firmly denies any of the accusations. >> it was a consensual relationship he had with her. this happened over a year ago and here we are today. this is nothing but a money grub and attempt to get money and take advantage of his celebrity status. >> we are expecting to hear more
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at a press conference. also new this morning, the mother of a renowned rap artist tupoc died. >> deputies released the news of her death. deputies were responding to reported possible cardiac arrest at her sausalito home. she was only 69. a very busy night for bay area sports fans may also mean a traffic nightmare. both oracle arena and the coliseum this morning, same spot, but two games going on at the same time. expect it to be packed with fans which is going to affect commute times. >> the warriors, a's. stephanie chuang live with what is expected to be a busy parking lot tonight and a change for oakland a's fans going to that game. >> unfortunately for them bad
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news. good morning. first if you you are one of the first 10,000 fans you get one of these strength in numbers towels to wave around. come early to have peace of mind because this parking lot, both lots will be packed tonight. that also means no usual free tuesday night parking for a's fans. beyond that, it will be double the usual parking cost of $40 per vehicle. that is the same price for warriors' fans parking. we had a soldout crowd at oracle against the portland trail blazers. steph curry will not be playing because of his strained right knee. tonight is game two of a three-game series between a's and seattle mariners. mariners did beat the a's 4-3. we understand these parking decisions are not made by the a p's but by coliseum owners, city
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of oakland and property managers aeg. the hope is fans will know about the $40 parking price tag. the game starts at 7:05. warriors taking on the blazers at 7:30. if you are going to come to park, the advice is to come early. really, the best advice from the team is come via public transit, whether b.a.r.t. or capitol corridor. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> public transit would save you money. >>. >> it's 5:35. oakland firefighters say there is a lack of property equipment. this follows two water front fires in three days. the most recent, a boat fire at fifth avenue and embarcadero. fire officials want a new $1 million fighter boat but the city of oakland doesn't have the money and request for a federal port security grant have failed. they say a much faster catamaran
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fire boat is needed. >> we want a platform that is a base of operation and safe harbor for people if we are pulling them off a sinking vessel. >> hoffman says his department can request mutual aid but says oakland should have its own top notch equipment. >> dozens of people are without water service this morning in lafayette because of a water main break. the 8-inch main ruptured near old tunnel road and windsor drive. 60 customers without water right now. no word why that line broke. crews plan to have it repaired by 9:00 this morning. later today, city council members are going to discuss extending the moratorium on mobile home park closures. council passed that measure last year to buy time and revive the ordinance protecting mobile home residents. new rules have been added but some mark owners are trying to
5:37 am
convert their properties. too many dirty couches and mattresses are being dumped on the streets of san jose. >> a reward program is being proposed to happen cure illegal dumb pers. people can get up to $1,000 for turning people. in the reward program applies to stopping graffiti vandals. city council will discuss that proposal tonight. >> furniture shaping there it's 5:37. >> still no rain. we'll start to see scattered showers moving into the bay area. a look at our microclimate. now it's 7:00 degrees in the south bay, 51. in the north bay with patchy fog and san francisco, starting out at 52. highs reaching 70 with pleasant weather.
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we'll start to see scattered showers moving in. not a widespread rain. i'll detail that and the microclimate forecast in a few minutes. let's look how the roads are moving now with mike. good morning. over here. as steph chuang talked about, we have two events at the oakland coliseum today. instead of the coliseum, you see the b.a.r.t. station there. that is one area where you can get some relief. you can park at the b.a.r.t. station along the tracks. it will be around two minutes and will start to get much better. up next, battling until the
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bitter end, a race to the finish on the campaign trail as another primary getting under way today. a preview how today's contest could go down in indiana. next. plus, who is to blame for the failure? live again in the south bay with a marathon 24 hour push to raise millions for hundreds of local nonprofits. how you can help out. it may all come down to this.
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people across indiana are flocking to the polls this decision 2016 and it may come down to this. people across indiana are flocking to the polls this morning to cast their votes on who they think should run for president or have the nomination. for some candidates, this might be their last chance. >> edward lawrence is live in washington, d.c., with a closer look how today's primary could unravel. >> good morning. the momentum seems to be shifting. a new nbc news survey monkey poll that came out shows the republican voters are starting to turnç against senator ted cruz. donald trump increased his lead now to 34% nationally among republican voters over senator ted cruz. that means donald trump has 56% of the republican support. senator cruz has drawn a line in the sand and it goes through indiana. he's been there several weeks
5:43 am
trying to unseat trump. trump didn't let up calling cruz crazy. bernie sanders said he will not bow out of the race. he told the crowd in indianapolis she got $225,000 for 20 minutes of work. he said it must have been a, quote, unbelievably brilliant speech. clinton is now in west virginia. she is trying to persuade coal miners she is on their side. she said she will work every day to make a future a better one. indiana voters find themselves as the next stop. experts say senator bernie sanders is trying to move hillary clinton's platform because they believe, these experts say, sanders is not likely to win the democratic nomination.
5:44 am
>>. >> protesters are holding a hunger strike over excessive use of police force and plan to march to snan's city hall later today. five people have been holding a hunger strike for almost two weeks now. demonstrators are angry over recent controversial police shootings and are calling for mayor ed lee to fire police chief greg sir. yesterday the group turned down an offer to meet face to face with mayor lee. >> we never saw him. we only spoke with his aides. they said the mayor is ready to meet you. we are not speaking to a mobster. we are speaking to the mayor of this beautiful city. he doesn't have the audacity to come out and meet the hunger strikers? >> no word that group will meet with mayor lee today. a student hunger strike continues at san francisco state. four student activists are demanding they restore the ethnic studies program. student and faculties were
5:45 am
angered when they cut $8 million in funding to the program. they restored some classes but they say that is not enough. >> the president asked for us to meet with him and negotiate. we arranged meetings with him. he canceled all of them. we are not taking this any more. >> a turf war between two different states. governor brown has a message for florida, we're better and stop the stunts. brown sent a letter to florida governor rick scott to stop his, quote, silly political stunts. governor brown added california added more jobs in the last year than florida. scott has been trying to use california's recent minimum wage hike to pilfer businesses away. johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay $ 55 million to a woman who claims she got cancer from baby powder containing talcum caused her to develop ovarian cancer.
5:46 am
the jury awarded the settlement yesterday. this comes after a st. louis jury awarded $72 million to an alabama family for another cancer claim. sleepness in america. experts are advising, don't try popping a pill as a solution. new guidelines say insomniacs should try changing their behavior. the new recommendations include skipping naps and turning off distractions like tvs and smart phones 30 minutes before bed. the fad say the drugs can stay in your blood stream long enough to interfere with morning driving. >> get vitamin d. the sun soaked up a lot from solar impulse 2. it finally landed. landing at the phoenix airport. it took off from moffett field yesterday. it was a cool take-off. the flight took about 16 hours. the two-man crew is in the midst
5:47 am
of a trip around the world. the plane will make two more stops in the united states before eventually crossing the atlantic. >> amazing flights. you can't believe how quiet that take-off was. if you don't have the luxury owning your own airplane, you'll probably be standing in long lines this summer. >> budget hours for security. >> just when you thought flying couldn't get worse. tsa says a lack of employees and new security procedures led it to predict the peak travel month of july and august will be terrible. here is sjc going real quick. you are not going to see this. "the new york times" says this morning, 600 passengers missed their flight in charlotte when the security line went past three hours. i looked it up. the wait for space mountain at disneyland is 50 minutes. two stocks to watch. yelp was up big yesterday.
5:48 am
there were hints the company could be sold. apple is in trouble. down eight straight trading days. we haven't seen that since 1998 and days of the imac. a judge in brazil ordered the shutdown of what app. it's not turning over data in a criminal investigation. this is only in brazil. the creators says the company doesn't have the information. it can't have the information because it's encrypted end to end. it cannot read what you text. this same judge jailed a facebook executive in march though he was released after a few days. >> at home finger pointing over the failure of theranos. they are thinking banning holmes from their own labs after discovering irregularities. investors pored billions of
5:49 am
dollars. they begin finger pointing with the press saying tech reporters were totally smitten with holmes. in april they were calling holmes one of the leading, most important women in life sciences. a lot of her technology does not work at all. now "vanity fair" says -- >> making a turnaround, interesting. maybe they had that perspective before facts came out. >> tougher questions should have been asked. >> quite a fall from grace to create a company and be banned from going in the doors. >> thank you. it is 5:49. happening now, coming together to give back. we love this time of year. in the midst of silicon valley gives. it gives people the opportunity to support local charity. >> you see how generous they are this morning. bob redell joining us live with how you can get involved. last time we spoke with you, we
5:50 am
were at about $1.27 million. how is it looking now? >> we hit about $3,000. you go to you can donate. they started since midnight. the number right now, that's how much they raised since midnight. they are trying to beat the record. they have plenty of time to do it. every dollar you give will go to one of more than 1,000 nonprofits in the local bay area. a-lea a-learn, pinnacles partnership is a nonprofit to pinnacle national park. this year we have a goal of helping the condor programs, half of the free-flying flock
5:51 am
with gps wing tags. >> shop with a cop. family giving tree here. it's a sack. >> it's a simple act of kindness. we pack self-care items for the homeless. we come up and when we see somebody in need, we say hello and start up a conversation with them and if there is something in the pack they might need, we offer it to them. if they can take the whole sack. there's tarps and blankets and also social services information inside of our packs. >> thank you. silicon valley community foundation running this marathon what do you see in terms of giving this year and years past? >> we see tremendous needs in our economy. this is an effort where everybody can participate.
5:52 am
every amount matters. it's time to find a nonprofit in our community that you want to support to help them help all of us. it's time to step up. >> thank you very much. you can see we raised about 1,000. we have $1.273. how can you not help a condor? show us your best. if you come to your local safeway, they will have booths out front putting out information. go to our website to get more information. >> a whole lot of humanitarians out there. thank you very much. >> a lot of traffic this early in the morning, but we want to check the forecast with kari. >> we've got a friend on our
5:53 am
lens. >> techie the spdr as he's been named. he's hanging out and clouds in the background. as we go in the rest of the day, peaks of sunshine there. 52 in san francisco. 51 in the north bay. 7:00 in the south bay. a close look at the east bay. 52 in dublin. more clouds this morning. a little bit of sunshine by 9:00. not a whole lot. you won't see much of it as we go through the day. up to 62 by 11:00. eventry making it up to about 63 in the city. if you're heading out this evening for baseball or basketball, a lot going on in oakland. 7:05 first pitch. we'll see a little bit of sun and clouds starting to roll back
5:54 am
in. end of the game upper 50s. seven-day forecast, you see our temperatures will be holding steady and there will be rain in the forecast. not today. temperatures reaching into the low to mid 70s. 60s along the coast into the next couple of days. pop-up showers, possibly thunderstorms but hit or miss. let's head over to mike for traffic. >> we have a few crashes for folks heading toward fremont. this is fremont. a smooth drive by the truck scales. the map is where you can see the two clusters. green for most of the area. over toward 808 southbound as folks make their way toward a street we have one crash. it's showing slowing already.
5:55 am
another crash on the shoulder. 608 southbound, a crash there. they may have crews arriving. that's why we see more slowing. >> we investigate the deadly danger for drivers some say can and should be prevented. happening now on our digital platforms, we are staying on top of breaking news. trying to get more information on the deadly shooting in east palo alto. >> you'll notice changes this morning to our "today in the bay" studio. one of our producers will give you a tour on facebook live at about 6:15. an investigative unit exclusive:
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5:58 am
==laura/2shot== you know to stop when the gates go down at a railroad crossing. but what happens when they don' 5:58, an investigative exclusive. what happens when the gates don't go down and a railcar is still coming down the tracks? >> vicky wynn uncovered new investigation about serious crashes on our railways putting drivers in danger. >> good morning. we learned these huge away vehicles don't trigger the crossing gates and signal lights to work at a railroad crossing. you may have a green light but
5:59 am
it's not safe to go. last january don williams was on his regular route home turning left on a green when this 50 ton maintenance vehicle plowed into the side of his truck killing him. there have been 187 collisions like this the past five years, injuring 68 people and killing two, including don. federal railroad administration knows these machines don't activate the crossing gates but the government allows companies to create their own standards. railroad safety experts call it criminal saying these crashes are preventible. union pacific, the operator of the vehicle that killed don declined to be interviewed. the company made changes after the collision and safety is a top priority. you can see our full report at click on the investigations tap. >> thank you very much.
6:00 am
>> shots fired on the peninsula. police scouring a neighborhood looking for clues in a deadly shooting just hours ago. i'm kris sanchez in morgan hill. dana stubblefield is accused of raping a developmental ly disabled woman. "today in the bay" continues right now. thank you very much. a good morning to you on this tuesday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> bright and early. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get more to that in a minute as well as morning commute. let's get a look at that forecast. >> it's looking good today. we start out with clou


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