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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> shots fired on the peninsula. police scouring a neighborhood looking for clues in a deadly shooting just hours ago. i'm kris sanchez in morgan hill. dana stubblefield is accused of raping a developmental ly disabled woman. "today in the bay" continues right now. thank you very much. a good morning to you on this tuesday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> bright and early. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get more to that in a minute as well as morning commute. let's get a look at that forecast. >> it's looking good today. we start out with clouds.
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we will have peeks of sunshine throughout the day and mild temperatures, too. we are getting ready for rain in the forecast. not today. we'll hold off as you get a look at the golden gateç bridge 53 san francisco, 7:00 in the peninsula with highs today reaching into the low 70s inland and 60s along the coast and in the north bay. into the next few days, a little bit of wet weather. i'll detail that in a few minutes. it's starting to stack up at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> no surprises. i'll show you the lights and you see they are backed up. we'll show you what things are like around the rest of the bay. westbound 580 slowing. big slowing here. this is slow for the tri-valley south. 680 down to the seminole offramp. last i heard they were in the middle of the roadway. chp getting delayed getting them there. we are tracking the changes carefully. this is a big slowdown.
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cut through livermore off 580. 6:01, breaking news from overseas. an american serviceman has been killed in combat fighting with isis fighters in iraq. >> u.s. military officials just told nbc news that the american was killed by direct fire after isis fighters breached his group's position and conducted a large-scale attack with truck bombs and small arms. we are working on getting that video scaquared away. the u.s. responded with 20 different air strike. the fallen soldier's identity has not been released. a man is dead, shot and killed while standing outside of a home in east palo alto this happened about 1:00 this morning on tulane avenue. less than a mile from facebook headquarters. so far police are not saying anything about a possible motive or any suspects.
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>> a former 49 star on the defense this morning. >> dana stubblefield sexually assaulted a woman who is dfrlmentally disabled. kris sanchez is live there his attorneys have a very different story. >> reporter: right. doublefield's attorney says the allegations are baseless and the woman's claim she is developmentally disabled are nonsense. he had nothing to say as he was leaving the main jail in san jose yesterday where he was booked on five felony charges of raping a developmentally disabled woman at his morgan hill home in april last year. he and his attorneys scheduled a 9:30 press conference this morning. they will show his alleged victim willingly had sex with stubblefield after interviewing for a nanny job. police say she was contacted through the site sitter city. the victim had a 20 minute interview and left.
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the report says she returned after he sent her a text message saying he wanted to pay her for her time. that's when he raped her and gave her $80. >> it was a consensual relationship he had with her. this happened over a year ago. here we are today. this is nothing but a money grub and attempt to get money and take advantage of celebrity status. >> the district attorney's office says that woman came here to the morgan hill police department immediately to report that alleged assault. he has been a coach at valley christian school. his arraignment has been set for today. we will be at the press conference at 9:30 this morning. >> thank you very much. it is 6:04. a new plea deal is expected to provide some answers in the murder of a hiker in fairfax. the district attorney says one
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of the so-called drifters accused in both murders agreed to a plea deal in exchange to testify against his friends. prosecutors are hoping testimony from sean michael will put the other two behind bars for life. people in fairfax hope the truth provides some healing. >> maybe it helps his family in some way we never know and other people. i hope there is positivity that comes out of it. >> the victim's widow who was battling cancer told us, "i trust that swrus 'tis will be served to its fullest extent for these two unbearable and unforgivable murders and today's events will support these goals." more upsetting news this morning out of gilroy where a man has been arrested for molesting a girl at a morgan hill hotel. police say the 23-year-old molested the girl whose age has not been provided saturday. police are not giving us in i
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more details about this case. they are asking any other victims or anyone with information to come forward. oakland firefighters say they lack property equipment. the most recent boat fire yesterday at fifth avenue in embarcadero. they want a $1 million fire boat but oakland doesn't have the money. requests for a federal port security grant have failed. they say a much faster catamaran is necessary. >> it would be a safe harbor for people. >> deputy chief says his department can request mutual aid but says oakland should have its own top notch equipment. a hunger strike over the excessive use of police force is moving today to san francisco city hall. five people have been holding that hunger strike outside mission police station for
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almost two weeks. demonstrators are irate over recent police shootings. yesterday the group turned down an offer to meet with mayor lee. no word if that will happen later today. >> a tough way to wake up in the east bay, dozens without water service in lafayette because of a water main break. the 8-inch main ruptured last night near old tunnel road and windsor drive. about 60 customers are without water right now. no word on why the line broke. crews plan to have it repaired by at least 9:00 this morning. a proposed desalination plant. >> in 2009 marin county approved plans for a plant that could produce 9 million gallons of water daily, but the new long-range forecast finds
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changing people's water habits led to less wasted water. analysts now believe the district has enough water to meet demand, at least through the year 2040. later this week, we are going to get rain. i don't know if it will amount to much. let's check in with kari hall. >> we'll have rain moving in. doesn't look like a lot across the bay area. we take a look now this morning in san francisco, all cloudy across the city and across the bay area. it's 51 in napa. 52 in concord. palo alto, 57. spotty rain in the forecast tomorrow as well as the next few days. i'll let you know what to expect. let's get an idea what the roads are looking like. here is what to expect. >> we are following the tri-valley because we have a crash there. i want to show our live look in
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the livermore area. let's show you those sensors now traffic flows well. the big jam, the unexpectedly slow stretch toward highway 84. the crash cleared the roadway. activity through the area and a big distraction. 84 through livermore and pleasanton. san jose 101 did clear earlier. a smooth flow of traffic there. keeping his eyes on the roads. up next, people closely watching what's happening in the hoosier state as the front runners are looking to run away with the nominations. but is momentum shifting.
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voters are headed to the polls right now. >> what would a trump economy look like? we'll speculate coming up. ==sam/live pix==
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decision 2016--- people across indiana are heading to the polls right now, decision 2016, people across indiana heading to the polls right now, casting their votes in an open primary. actually a live look this morning from an indianapolis suburb of people going to cast their votes for who they want to be their party's presidential
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candidate. it's an open primary and appears donald trump is closing in on the republican nomination. >> edward lawrence live in washington, d.c. indiana could be the last chance for ted cruz and john kasich. >> we are seeing a momentum shift. that's evident in a new nbc news survey monkey poll that came out this morning. it shows that donald trump has 56% of the republican support nationwide. that poll also shows that 83% of republican voters believe that senator ted cruz picked carly fiorina as his vice president to revitalize his campaign. only 16% say that she was selected as vice president because she is the most qualified. momentum seems to be shifting here. senator cruz has drawn a line in the sand and that is going through indiana. he's been there several weeks to try and unseat donald trump as
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the front-runner. senator bernie sanders said he will not back out of this race. and he said hillary clinton collected $225,000 for a 20 minute speech saying that speech was probably, unbelievably brilliant. hillary clinton is in west virginia talking with coal miners telling them she is on their side. she is saying she will spend every day looking for the future, trying to make a better future for those coal miners and their kids. in indiana, the battleground state today, this is something that most of the nation is focused on and could signal a shift in polls, the republican and democratic primaries. back to you.
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>> thank you so much. donald trump talking about huge tariffs on china. >> it's no small deal. it's something economists are paying close attention to. >> they should. trump has been calling himself the presumptive nominee. he is probably more right than wrong. there is obviously still the general election. economists have started to think about what the american economy would look like in a trump administration. there's not a lot to go on. mr. trump rarely gives specifics. president trump would levy a 45% tariff on chinese-made goods. the iphone is made in china by a chinese company for an american company. tariffs are designed to do two things, make money, two, make foreign products more expensive to give the advantage to american manufacturers. of course there are no cell phones manufactured in america.
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apple is too busy thinking about the last eight days. shares have fallen eight straight trading days in a row. apple tim cook was on cnbc defending the company saying the sell-off is a massive overreaction. >> tesla will report profits tomorrow. will be just as interested to hear how many cars the company is making. tesla showing off this so-called biodefense weapon. this is a good air filtering system. this filters out more pollution than any other air conditioning system, but serin gas, not so much. they created the giga.
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what are they not making at tesla? i never met a firefighter i haven't liked. pulling from the ashes, they rescue four kittens from a burning home yesterday. this is video from their helmet cam. crews rinsed, dried and reunited the kittens with their mother who returned to the scene. no one was hurt in this rescue. >> that's why you like firefighters. they save kittens? >> yes, i do. 6:17. san francisco leaders could decide the fate of a pine tree standing at the center of a big neighborhood dispute. >> that involves a property in laurel heights. the owner wants to chop down a 100 foot tall norfolk pine tree in his backyard. neighbors have been fighting that plan calling the tree, "an
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important part of the neighborhood landscape." supervisors are expected to decide if the tree should be granted landmark status. call the "today" show. maybe they can get it over to rockefeller center. we'll get to the morning commute with mike in a bit. we should enjoy today. >> you don't have to lug around the umbrella. tomorrow, that is a different story. we'll start to see that rain moving back into the forecast. let's get a look outside. san jose, you can see the clouds are all over the bay area. so we will have these clouds sticking with us today. you can take a live look at sunol. above that we have high clouds starting out with nice weather. feeling very comfortable. it is 7:00 in the peninsula. &ho
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as we get a close look there, 52 in petaluma. san rafael 51. the seven-day forecast shows rain over the next few days. we start out at 60 at 9:00. up to 68 by 11:00. then lunch time you'll see the clouds, no need for the sun glasses. into the low 70s today. for the a's game tonight also the warriors playing next door, just a few minutes later at first pitch for the game it will be 63. by the end of the game, mostly cloudy and 59. the clouds will be staying with us. spotty showers in the forecast tomorrow. not a washout by any stretch of the imagination. there will be a little bit more coverage thursday and the possibility of thunderstorms. this very slow area of low pressure also keeps it unsettled with the storm track moving off to the east by the end of the weekend. high pressure moves in, it will
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be windy for the next several days. looking at the rainfall totals, not a whole lot here. up to about 0.1 inch. even though we'll have a few days with rain chances in the forecast, don't expect a heavy rain into the next several days for us wednesday as well as thursday into friday. finally wrapping up on saturday, scattered showers throughout that time period. temperatures dropping down to the low 60s in san francisco. mid 60s for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, heading into the weekend, looking very nice. at least for sunday. then we'll see those temperatures warming up into the low 70s for the east bay peninsula and staying in the upper 60s for san francisco. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. mike has a look at the roads now. >> we call it traffic tuesday. let me explain. today is tuesday and there's the traffic. the backup at the bay bridge. nothing so severe though.
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tuesday does see heavier volume than most of the rest of the days on average. this is the big issue. southbound 680 very slow. stone ridge down to sunol. we had a crash involving three vehicles. here you see the arrow. it was slow here. there was the crash. three vehicles took about 20 minutes to clear that from the roadway. that's a slow drive. 84 making that cut through. we'll just watch the tri-valley for recovery. 880 slowdown. another crash at industrial which has activity on the shoulder. the rest standard as far as the pattern goes. san mateo bridge sees more traffic flowing. folks getting slower across the flat section. there is haze in the air. visibility just fine. san rafael, southbound 101, an easy drive.
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no slowing except novato. back to you. >> thanks, mike. it is 6:21. big night for sports in the east bay. both the a's and warriors hosting home games tonight. fans of green and yellow may be in for an unwanted surprise. this is bob redell six hours into our 24-hour long marathon push to raise millions of dollars for local nonprofits. we'll tell you how we are doing and how you can help. silicon valley gives is
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underway... ==sam/2shot== all day long - anyone c d 6:25. silicon valley gives is under way. >> all day long, anyone can donate any amount of money and the money goes to hundreds of charities in the bay area bob redell live with how you can help. >> super easy. go to sv you can see since midnight tonight, $1.285 is how much they raised. this is going to help over 1,000 local nonprofits. tell me, what does your nonprofit do? >> we are in redity california and we are a school and education center to help
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children read. >> we pay for costs to get to their clinical trials. the money goes a long way. 100% of the proceeds go to the cancer patients. >> carl here with it's a sack. folks here with the silicon valley pet project. and willow. shop with a cop and a-learn. >> it's an educational nonprofit serving 1,500 kids a year from redwood down to san jose. we are expanding in palo alto this year. we would love your support. >> this is a 24-hour marathon started midnight last night. go to our website and get more information. they are going to have tables
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out front to get more information. this is the third year. the past two years they raised about $16 million. trying to up that this year. >> still plenty of time to done why it. you are a threat to adopt willow by the end of this show. flames tear through homes but it's where this fire started that has crews even more concerned. stephanie chuang in oakland. it will be an exciting sports fans night. why a's fans might have more reasons to avoid parking here.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock (toss kari) ==kari/cu== ==wsi full== >>. >> 6:30 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. welcome to our new home. >> this is the only day of the week we will not need an umbrella. >> we'll start to see the clouds moving in today, but the rain holds off for a little while longer. then tomorrow and the next couple of days won't be a total washout but there will be pop-up showers here and there. it's 56 in the east bay. 51 in the north bay. we'll be up to 68 there with cloudy skies, low 70s in the south bay peninsula and mix of sun and clouds in the forecast. for today, a little bit more sun for those inland areas. all that in a few minutes.
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let's head over to mike with a look how the roads are moving through the peninsula. >> we'll show a great shot. this is palo alto. just getting over towards that university on ramp. on the left side, peninsula side, on the right, tri-valley with slowing there. very slow drive. the rest of your drive looking good to the south bay. just starting to show. we'll track that and send it back to you. >> a double dose taking over the east bay. oracle arena and the coliseum, tonight they are both in action. warriors taking on the trail blazers. the a's are playing hosts to the seattle mariners. >> stephanie chuang live in the
6:32 am
parking lot. some fans are a little bit upset. >> good morning. that would be the a's fans. not only dealing with more congestion for parking but usual promotion for tuesday night free parking is canceled because the warriors are playing so you've got more fans, no more of that free parking. in fact, it is double the price. it's not just $20 per vehicle. it's $40 per vehicle. that's the same price for the usual warriors' fans parking. we have another soldout crowd at oracle. our doves did take game one sunday handily without steph curry. he is out tonight. also game two between the game three series. these parking decisions are not made by the a's. they determined by the coliseum owners and that is oakland and
6:33 am
alameda county with the help of property managers. the hope is all fans will know about the $40 parking price tag. if you come early you get these free little fan towels to wave. come early. use public transit. exciting night for sports fans in the bay area. >> team teal is up 2-1. puck drops at 6:00 p.m. >> a lot of action tonight.
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>> here is cell phone video of one of the homes in flames. fire officials say this started inside an old barn. just outside of the park. an elderly woman was rescued from one of those homes. luckily, no one was hurt. there is no word at this point on a cost. 6:34. a man chasing murder charges. thomas williams jr exchanged heated words with his ex-girlfriend cynthia flores kraus outside a quick stop show. he followed her inside and shot her to death. the clerk's father says it is the second time his son has come face-to-face with a gun since he started working at that store.
6:35 am
>> i don't think he should work there. >> right now fairfield police are looking for this man. they say he was involved in a shootout near the solano lodge yesterday. he got into a fight with another suspect that ultimately led to that gun fight. the man and innocent bystander were shot several times. a forum in san francisco will focus on boogs accountability in the police department. police faced heavy criticism over accusations of excessive force. another scandal involved a bigoted and homophobic text messages. they will attend tonight's meeting on measures to enhance accountability and transparency. san francisco voters will be
6:36 am
able to weigh in on the transparency of their police department. proposition d would require every police shooting to be investigated by the watch dog group. that's in addition to the district attorney's office which decides criminal charges. usually the occ only gets involved when a citizens complaint is filed. >> too many dirty koufrpes and mattresses being dumped on the streets of san jose. leaders are ready to take action. a reward program is proposed to help capture illegal dumb pers. people can get $10,000 for turning in their neighbors. city council is going to discuss that proposal later this evening. san jose city council members are discussing extending the moratorium on mobile home park
6:37 am
closures. the recent wildfires impacting the building of new homes in california. new housing units declined last year by 2,000 homes compared to the year before. not good news considering the state's population grew by nearly 400,000 last year to nearly 40 million people. they love cal[fornia. >> very popular place to be. there might not be as much sunshine. here is a look starting out this morning. it is now 53 in san francisco and concord. 7:00 in palo alto and san jose.
6:38 am
we'll have those clouds with us throughout the morning. a few peeks of sun. mild temperatures, too. we get ready for spotty rain tomorrow that continues into the next couple of days, but not a washout. i'll talk about that rain as we go through the rest of the week. let's get a view of the san mateo bridge. >> it's a great view. there is haze in the background. >> we are going to zoom in toward the south bay. we are looking at the slower drive developing northbound 280. there was a crash just at meridian. that's the typical pattern here.
6:39 am
easing up a bit. this tuesday not looking so bad around the bay. back to you. >> thank you. >>. >> 6:38. three days after a building collapsed a baby girl is pulled alive from rubble. the remarkable story of survival next. >> google stepping up in a big way. the significant donation the tech giant is giving to flint, michigan. >> my kids tell me i get to the airport way too early. why you are going to do the same thing. a live look at the nyse this morning and the big board.
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rescue crewin at 6:41, new this morning, amazing story of survival. rescue crews in kenya pulled a 7-month-old baby girl from the rubble of a building that collapsed more than three days ago. that was seven stories tall. the little girl was taken to the hospital and treated for dehydration. she is going to be okay. 23 people died in that collapse and nearly 100 more are still missing. >> that's why we have the word miracle. 6:42. johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay $55 million to one woman. she claims she got cancer from baby powder containing talcum caused her to develop ovarian cancer. it is a type of mineral. a jury awarded that settlement yesterday. a st. louis jersey awarded $72
6:43 am
million to an alabama family for another cancer claim. >> google is helping flint, michigan, fix its water supply. >> the tech company is offering $250,000 in grants. $150,000 will go to researchers at the university of michigan to help predict which homes are the most impacted. another $100,000 will go to nonprofits to help the people of flint. >> solar impulse 2 is now in an airport in phoenix awaiting the next leg of its journey. the plane took off from moffett field 5:00 yesterday morning. the crew is in a midst of a trip around the world. >> it is such a great experience to fly with the sun. you cake off with batteries. you can fly the entire way, recharge the batteries and fly a
6:44 am
week. there is no limit. >> the plane will make two more stops in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic. >> he's got the accent and attitude. moving you into the tri-valley, tesla coming to town in livermore. tesla will lease two buildings with a million square feet of space. that is about the equivalent of 17 football fields lying back-to-back-to-back. tesla is not commenting. the big journal speculates that space will be a factory. >> they have a factory. you can think they need more factory space. that's possible. this factory which used to be a massive toyota gm joint venture
6:45 am
is enormous. when tesla moved in, it painted its logo on the side but only took up a teeny part of the facility. when that factory had a capacity of more than half a million cars a year. last year tesla made around 50,000 cars, 0.1 the previous capacity. about the only stock moving positive is apple. apple is up by about a quarter. a blogger's done the map and figured out the building zynga occupies is worth more than the company. you get the value of the company itself. zynga is worth $500 million. if the building is worth $540 million, the building is worth more than the company.
6:46 am
>> tsa lack of employees and new security procedures leave them to predict lines will be long in july and august. "the new york times" says 600 passengers missed their flights in charlotte when the security line went past three hours. three hours is the new norm. space mountain at disneyland takes 50 minutes. we tried to come up with other lines in the news room. the e.r. at south bay is seven minutes. >> you just want the tub of chick-fil-a. you get to the airport early, your kids make fun of you. i would rather get to the airport and not panic.
6:47 am
>> not me. >> thank you. >> we also talked about drones and driverless cars. the pentagon is testing the "sea hunter." the 132 foot ship is the largest unmanned surface vessel designed to travel up to 10,000 nautical miles. its mission is to hunt for stealth submarines and underwater mines. officials stress that the ship is totally autonomous though will have a drew during its first two-year test. >> the gang's back together this morning with a preview of our new set. so good to have everybody in the same room. >> same faces, same forecast as
6:48 am
yesterday. >> a lot of clouds starting out this morning. this is what you will see all throughout the day. as we look from the castro we see clouds starting out this morning. even upper 50s for the south bay. 7:00 in santa teresa. into the rest of the day, temperatures will warm up. if you are planning on heading out to the warriors game at 7:30, 63 degrees. winds from the northwest and light at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. we'll start to see our weather get more active the next couple of days with the chance of hit or miss showers tomorrow.
6:49 am
even then it doesn't look like we'll see a lot of rain till saturday morning when this starts to wrap up very early. the storm track shifts off to the east. winds will gust into the end of the weekend. the models don't give us that much rain. that is about it. it will once again not be covering the entire bay area during this three-daytime period. you want to be prepared. in the south bay up to 66 on thursday. our temperatures continue to drop down. cooler than average. san francisco down to 60 by thursday. a chance of showers off and on throughout the day. as we head into the weekend, still some spotty showers friday and saturday. sunday the only dry day as temperatures reach into the low 70s.
6:50 am
best day to make outdoor plans over the next few days. we'll talk more about that. i'll keep you updated on the rain. over to mike with a look at this morning's commute. >> talking about the easiest commute. be prepared. this is the coliseum and b.a.r.t. station. you want to come into the area toward the coliseum. a's and warriors are playing today. talking about that traffic nightmare. no free parking today. sorry guys. look at this wide shot. we'll zoom into a couple of areas. the bottom of your screen we had the coliseum. that's where all the congestion starting early afternoon. the bay bridge with metering lights on. no drama. we have slowing. typical pattern for the upper east shore. north bay no problem getting into san francisco. over here we have closure.
6:51 am
goes on through december. folks have to go here. we do see slowing south at the tail end of 680. that will be an issue. another crash on the shoulder. south bay starts to build northbound routes to 880. back to you. >> not too light on the roadways. we are shining a light on what we do best, help the community. silicon valley gives is under way right now. >> anyone can donate. the money raised will go to hundreds of charities here in the bay area. bob redell live in santa clara with how you can help. thing are off to a good start. >> they are.
6:52 am
$1.3 million and change. this is the third year they are putting together this 24-hour marathon to help over 1,000 local nonprofits. you saw one right here. you've got the lazarous cancer foundation, my red shoes. what do you do? >> we provide the gift of confidence to homeless and low income children giving them brand-new athletic shoes and an opportunity to shop for their own clothes before the school year starts. >> why red? >> we think red is empowering but our founder chose the brand name because she wore red shoes her first day of kindergarten. >> it's a sack, silicon valley pet project. what do you do? >> we are an animal rescue organization. we are here today raising funds to bring back the dancing cat which is a cat adoption lounge
6:53 am
0. we are trying to rescue many cats from the san jose shelter. it's a great space for them to hang out and mingle. >> chamberlain is celebrating its 40 year caring for foers youth and special needs children in nine counties here. >> thank you very much. >> we've been on air 60 seconds we were at 1.321 and we are now at 1.329. we raised -- somebody donated several thousand dollars. go to our website for more information.
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>> great energy. thank you, bob. update of breaking news since we first came on the air at 4:30. a peninsula neighborhood crime scene as police investigate a deadly shooting not far from facebook's headquarters. a former san francisco 49er defending himself against rape charges. the alleged rape of a disabled woman. we'll talk about dana stubblefield's strategy for today. >> happening right now, gilroy man's death reveals drivers are in danger at railroad crossings all across the bay area. right now, see what the investigative unit uncovered at we've got new digs here. go to our facebook panel. one of our producers is giving a live behind the scenes tour of the studio. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc welcome back. 6:7:00 on your tuesday morning. here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> breaking news on the peninsula. a man shot to death while stand jougt side a home in palo alto. it happened about 1:00 this morning less than a mile from
6:58 am
facebook headquarters. no word on motive. so far no arrests. >> former nfl star and 49er is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who is developmentally disabled. >> kris sanchez live in morgan hill. lawyers for dana stubblefield are firing back at those allegations. >> right. about 2 1/2 hours, lawyers for stubblefield say they will present proof that shows the sex between him and that alleged victim was consensual and she is not developmentally disabled. the former 49er had no comment when he left the jail yesterday. the victim had a 20-minute job interview for the nanny position. the report is she returned after he sent a text message saying he wanted to pay her for her time. police say that's when he raped
6:59 am
her and gave her $80. we will cover his 9:30 press conference this morning and cover his first court appearance which is required to happen within 48 hours of his arrest. kris sanchez, today in the bay. thank you very much. quick check of weather and traffic. a bit overcast outside. >> going to be cloudy all day long. peaks of sunshine today. temperatures in the upper 50s for most inland areas. up to 64 in san francisco. north bay 68. rain holds off until tomorrow. we'll see spotty showers the rest of the week. >> traffic moving smoothly. >> especially for a tuesday. earlier crash in sunol. southbound 680 was the concern. typical drive there. 880 shows the build. fremont is where the arrows are there. smooth drive. the maze showing backup here. upper east shore moving well.
7:00 am
not so bad. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. >> this is day one in our new studio. i love you. >> good morning. deal sealer? donald trump and hillary clinton hoping for knockout blows in the indiana primary. >> if we win indiana, it's over. it's over. >> cruz and sanders vowing to hang on even if they lose tonight. as our new poll shows trump closing in on clinton in a general election matchup that's looking more and more likely every day. super soaker. strong storms that have ravaged the south now moving up the east coast. the new risk facing millions today. multi-million dollar verdict. for the second time this year, a jury orders johnson & johnson to pay millions over claims its talcum powder caused cancer. this morning, what the company is saying about the safety of one


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