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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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shooting of black and brown suspects sometimes within seconds of the police arriving on the scene. the demonstrators are confident they will prevail in persuading the mayor to fire the police chief greg suhr. this is one of the hunger strikers calling themselves the frisco five. >> we're going to city hall. >> this is important to get rid of the chief. we're going to win this city back for the people. >> two sets of scandalous racist text messages. and chief does nothing. >> reporter: deputy public defenders with a related demand. they want the board of supervisors to request a federal investigation of racial bias within the police department. >> people are being killed. black and brown men in san francisco are being killed. are not safe. >> reporter: as the marchers approached city hall this afternoon, they held hands to make way for the wheelchaired hunger strikers.
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barbara of knob hill said she wanted to be here because she says people of color who are mentally ill are treated differently. >> white people just are not attacked that way. and so i'm here because browned an black people are. >> reporter: there was a bit of pushing be an shoving in a very crowded space. as a spokeswoman from the mayor's office explained the mayor was in the bay view district and not available to meet. >> tell the mayor. >> to come now. >> that the hunger strikers are at his door since bay view's only ten minutes away, he can come here out of respect. >> reporter: the spokesman from the mayor's office said he will not be returning to city hall this evening. the strikers say they're going to stay here until he does return. last week, the chief outlined
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the programs and the punishments for officers caught in that texting scandal. he also said he has no intention of stepping down from being the chief of police and so far there's been no indication to the contrary from the mayor's office. reporting from city hall, mark massus, nbc bay area news. a former police officer linked to a texting scandal bent before a judge today. the former lieutenant is accused with interfering with that investigation. he resigned after his arrest last week. he is not accused of sending the text but his attorney confirms he received some. he pled not guilty to a felony charge of making a false statement in a police report and two misdemeanor counts of obstructing an investigation. yesterday, he was arrested. today, he's fighting back. he says he's innocent. he did not sexually assault a woman. in fact, he and his attorneys are turning the tables and questioning the alleged victim. nbc bay area's marianne favro.
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what's his side of the story? >> reporter: well, stubblefield says the encounter was consensual and today his attorneys accuse the allege victim of trying to get money from the pro football player. >> i'm here to state without any reservation that i am completely innocent of all these allegations. >> reporter: for the first time since police arrested him on accusations of raping a develop mental disabled woman, stubblefield responded to the charges. prosecutors say the attack happened april 9th of last year after the victim went to his morgan hill home to interview for a many job. today, stubblefield's attorneys question whether the victim is devel developmentally disabled. >> he was texted 22 times over the 5 days asking for a job and money after this incident occurred. >> reporter: stubblefield admitted he did have a sexual
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encounter with the woman. >> i am not a perfect man. >> reporter: stubblefield's attorneys also question why prosecutors took so long to charge him. when the alleged rape happened more than a year ago. deputy district attorney said the d.a.'s office wanted to be thorough and, quote, get it right. he added, we remain focused on the case. we will present evidence in a court of law after which we expect stubblefield will be held accountable for his crimes. stubblefield's attorneys say he took and passed a lie detector test about the alleged attack. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from experts about why they say the victim's texts are irrelevant. reporting live in san how say, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. stubblefield, as you might know, has a checkered legal history. in 2010, a federal judge sentenced him to 90 days in jail for stealing his ex-girlfriend's mail. that's after he admitted to
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filling out a change of address form so her mail and unemployment checks would come to his home. in 2009, stubblefield pled guilty to lying to investigators about using steroids. this was part of the balco trial. he was placed on probation. an impasse the size of a football field. the 49ers walked away from the bargaining table today. the team officially filing for arbitration. the stadium opened in 2014, a public/private partnership and the 49ers have been paying $24 million a year in rent. the niner proposed a new rent of $19 million. the team says better than expected stadium revenue allows them under the agreement with the stadium authority to renegotiate the rent to a lesser amount. both sides are not budging so the niners are sending the case to arbitration. as trump just secured the republican nomination. as we speak, the votes are being counted in indiana and it looks promising for trump.
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this comes after some vicious mudslinging on the campaign trail. nbc bay area's peggy bunker. >> reporter: a lot of drama but a record turnout. for good reason. indiana could prove to be a turning point for candidates who have not been able to secure the votes. donald trump is certainly not one of them. right now trump is the projected winner in indiana. he could add 57 delegate votes. this is a key win. it puts him within just a couple hundred votes of that major 1237 needed to become the republican candidate. as you take a look here, ted cruz, 36% of the vote, a crushing defeat. he and other anti-trump groups spent $6 million in indiana, did not work out well for him. the democratic side, very, very close. right now within the past ten minutes actually bernie sanders just taking the lead over hillary clinton. so nbc news is saying this is too close to call at this time. sanders expected to do well in indiana so this is not a
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surprise, but a win here and possibly in west virginia could put some wind back in his sails. as we go forward looking to see what is next, tonight's primary in indiana so important because as much as some republicans don't want to, they may have to start throwing their support behind trump. after tonight's win, trump only needs about 40% of future primary votes to make him the republican nominee. raj and jess, back to you. >> new accusations about san francisco police. this type, it's the city's public defender. he says officers are targeting black smokers. last year pd cited ten people for smoking within 15 feet of a building. seven of those arrested, african-americans. he is defending one of them who he believes has been racially profiled. he wants a judge to force pd to release documents in all ten cases. saying smoking while black is giving officers an excuse to detain and search people based on their skin color.
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one of the largest and oldest medical pot disspendries in the nation. the feds are dropping their criminal case against it. the department of justice tried to shut down harbor side health center in oakland. the city sued saying closing it down would force sick people to search for marijuana illegally on the streets. >> the timing of the lawsuit being drop cped could not be better. oakland has been leading the nation in the issue of how to regulate and manage the medical qacannabis industry. >> tonight, oakland is expected to adopt new regulations. the rules will govern everything from production to distribution to transportation. that meeting set to begin about 30 minutes. a big night of sports. the a's and warriors both in action tonight. a live look at the oracle arena in the foreground and the coliseum in the background. the warriors hosting the trail blazers. and the a's hosting the
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mariners. nbc's colin at the stadium. >> reporter: let's talk about things that we could see here tonight, we could see another game from clay thompson which he hit seven threes and that would be for a fourth straight game. of course the warriors could go up 2-0. to help me with the things we probably won't see, andrew boggette, you won't see any of this, and you won't see any of that, because boggette's saying what he doesn't do, pregame, at midcourt, is greet other players. explanation why. >> why don't you put yours out? >> because shake hands, fist bump. >> do you shake hands?
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>> no, bit confusing, it ends up being like this, so we can't -- you know, we shake hands like family, we don't do all that stuff. you end up just like, do we hug? just let it go, you know, just play basketball. >> reporter: yes, so there's bogut's explanation. dream on green. many thing he's one of the top ten players in the nba. for now, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we might need a translator for that accent from bogut next time. the sharks are also in action tonight. this is nashville, game three of their playoff series against the predators. some brave shark fans. san jose leads the best of seven series 2-0.
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if the sharks win the series, they'll advance to the western conference finals for only the second time in franchise history. another tragedy on the tracks. we investigate new concerns about security guards hired to protect young lives. the action neighbors now want from the city. i'm robert handa. the city is trying to deal with blight. how they hope a new city program will pay off for the public. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll tell you how you can help an organization across the bay area. new concerns tonight about the
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safety of teenagers on the peninsula in the wake of another death on the tracks. ===raj/2-shot=== senior investigative reporter there are concerns tonight about the safety of teenagers on the peninsula in the wake of another death on the tracks. >> the security guards hired to watch the tracks. vicky, what's been the response? >> very positive from the community. people want to see something done. it's a serious problem from them. so now four more teachers, even a candidate for city counsel, they're all demanding new action from the city. they've reached out to us saying the issues we first uncovered
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need attention because young lives are at stake. new photos show empty guard posts during hours when the trains are still running. security guards are supposed to watch four train crossings where more than a dozen teens have taken their own lives since 2009. we found some guards were absent from their post for hours, asleep and taking long breaks in their car. >> our situation in palo alto has disturbed, if you will, the nation. >> reporter: this is a former teacher. he e-mailed the city about his concerns after residents set up their own spot checks and found guards absent during 26 instances over the past two weeks. >> it's a life or death issue. i mean, what does one have to say? >> reporter: and just days ago, another recent high school graduate ended her life on the tracks at an unguarded location. the city has now added a new post there. do you think the city's being
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transparent? >> reporter: city leaders declined to be interviewed and have yet to respond to new concerns. meanwhile, others who live here say they want accountability from the city and answers about how to address this problem before anyone else is hurt. >> the city and the school district must do whatever it takes to make sure that there are guards out there. the only way to do that is to have somebody going around and checking. >> reporter: now, residents tell us they're worried about the guards who are working. some said they're working overtime, 14 and 16-hour shifts. the owner of cyprus security told us he will respond to our story tomorrow. trash and graffiti problem in the south bay. pd says it doesn't have enough officers to crack down on the city blight but there's a proposal to reward people for catching and turning in those
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people causing problems. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from city hall. how does it work? >> reporter: the city council has been trying to do something about this for quite a while. now they say they need the public to step up. both problems are easy to spot and they're just about everywhere. for illegal dumping, it could be a discarded suitcase, as well as old furniture, even clothes left near a bin. graph anytime y fitty is more p. he says it's simply bad for business. >> when you go to a place and there's graffiti, you might think twice about frequenting that establishment. >> reporter: this councilman decided to beef up the enforcement by adding a public report for reward incentive. >> it's a $1,000 reward for anybody who gives us information leading to the arrest of a person caught dumping or doing
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graffiti tagging. >> i would expect that the reward will be in place regardless of where in the city of san jose the crime is. >> reporter: everyone involved says they understand how difficult it might be to get people to turn others in even anonymously. >> anything that can kind of put a stop to that a little bit to me is a good thing. >> reporter: now the council is expected to approve the idea soon but as you heard still need to iron out some details. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. a conservation continues across california. the statewide effort to cut water use is back on track. state regulators say the conservation rate doubled from 12% in february to 24% in march a savings of 35 billion gallons of water. authorities tell us it's likely due to wetter weather and seasonable temperatures. the water board is working on revisions to the drought rules
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and it could be released this week. silicon valley gives is under way, the 24 hour online drive to support local charles. it's a big event and jeff does it every year. >> jeff, a lot of giving and i see a lot of smile also right behind you as well. >> yes, a lot of people have come out here to support us tonight with silicon valley gives. they are all pumped up about this annual 24-hour fund-raiser and the number just keeps on growing. right now with silicon valley gives, we have emmitt carson. how high has that number grown to? >> let's check in and see where we're at. >> all right, we have our assistant here. >> we're at $4 million. >> that is fantastic, the day's not even over yet.
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how many people participating? >> over 13,000 people. they've made almost 17,000 grants to 1,000 nonprofit organizations in our region, it's phenomenal. >> yes, that is fantastic. how long for again? >> it goes to midnight and we still have $2. million in matches. so go online, support your favorite nonprofit as soon as you can and let everybody know. >> all right, that's fantastic. it's sv we want to talk tom the organizations that need your help. tell us who you are and how the money would help. >> we're sequoia hospital foundation, creating a healthy community with dignity health sequoia hospital. >> we've got a second group. >> i'm representing fresh lifelines for youth, working to reduce juvenile crime and incarceration through legal training and mentoring and leadership. we're also -- we believe our youth deserve to become more than past mistakes.
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>> that is you can also go to who do we have? >> hi, we believe everyone living with-type 1 diabetes deserves to be part of a strong and healthy community and learn from each other and live healthier happier lives. >> it seems like we have time so let's check in with pack a back, is that right? >> yes, we are supporting pack a back, they'll provide backpacks and school supplies for children in need so they can get a great education and follow their dreams, fill a backpack, fulfill a dream. >> all right, thank you so much. that's very important that everybody gets exactly what they need when they head off to school. let's check out the weather forecast. another reminder. if you want to check out these wonderful organizations, you just go to sv you don't need to create an account. it's pretty easy to sign up and
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help out the organization you believe in. we are looking at a chance here of some spotty showers. the forecast certainly is changing with temperatures in the low 50s. as we take a look at your microclimate forecast for tomorrow. you are going to see this area of low pressure off shore. that's when we'll get the chance here of isolated scattered showers. maybe a spotty thunderstorm as well. for san jose, this will bring our high down to 68 degrees. cool at the coast. pacifica, 69. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, temperatures primarily in the 60s for tomorrow. napa, 68. oakland, 65. danville, 69. this weekend, we'll still have that chance of a spotty shower on saturday. then we clear out on sunday. with also some warmer weather. so raj and jess a lot of awesome organizations out here. i think i heard you guy's keyboard typing real fast. i know you guys were donating.
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>> of course we were. good job out there. >> you caught us in the act. good job, we'll see you at 6:00. the death of a bay area activist impacting the music community. the legacy too pack sha door's mother leaves behind. >> how an oakland native is helping to break records on broadway today. $3.45 million settlement from
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asiana airlines. the money will go toward the city's legal costs and to pay for the damage at s-f-o after 2013's deadly jet crash. ==reveal== and on our facebook page: video of an epic "prom-posal" for a "special needs" student. 37 girls surprised "sam lamar" and all asked him to be their date. he took them all to the high school dance. we're back in 2 minutes.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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the peninsula. ===vo=== someone shot and killed a 27 year old man just blocks from facebook headquarters. ===sidemap=== it happened around one this the search for a killer on the peninsulpeninsula. it happened around 1:00 this morning in east palo alto. urging witnesses to come forward and help solve that face. one of the most famous moms in the bay area has died. she was also a well-known activist in maran county. afeni, the mother of tupac, died last night. she was jailed for conspiracy in
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1971 while pregnant with her son. she acted as her own attorney and the charges were later dismissed. since tupac's murder, she devoted herself to philanthropy and preserving his legacy. kids aren't the only ones addicted to mobile devices. a study found 56% of parents admit they check their mobile devices while driving. 51% of teens say they see their parents checking or use their mobile devices when they're behind the wheels. experts say if parents want their children to put down the phones, then you have to be able to do the same thing as well. up next, the hottest show on broadway, hamilton, has bay area roots. oc: "i'm laughing in the face of
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casualties and sorrow, for the torrow" runs :0==raj/vo==ast its the hottest ♪ it's the hottest ticket on broadway. have you heard yet? hamilton, the hip-hop broadway smash, has shattered tony award history. today, sketched a record 16 tony nominations. oakland native david digs is among the show's nominees for his portrayal of thomas jefferson. a graduate of berkeley high. he says he draws heavily on his east beirut ay roots when he pe.
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>> hamilton will be here, so maybe we'll have to hit him up for tickets then. breaking news tonight. ted cruz has dropped out of the race for president. >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc news nightly news with lester holt. >> as we come on the air in the west coast, word that ted cruz is dropping out of the race. this after donald trump is projected to win in the illinois primary tonight. >> reporter: ted cruz speaking on stage behind me right now as a high level source


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