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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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days ago but that didn't help. peggy bunker joins us. >> cruz said he left it all on the field in indiana, clearing the way for donald trump to be the gop nominee, not that he really needed cruz to get out of the way in the first place. the voters had done it already. >> we gave it everything we've got, but the voters chose another path, and so with a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. but hear me now. i am not suspending our fight for liberty. >> now, here are the numbers that led to this speech. trump was easily the winner here
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in indiana, taking over 50% of the vote. cruz brought in 37%. kasich, a mere 8% today. it could have gone to him. some thought his base was very strong. he also spent millions of dollars in indiana on campaigns there. it was a democratic decision here. before cruz dropped out the big story was the back and forth bassling for a win here. it's already flip flopped several times with hillary clinton in the lead and then bernie sanders. now we look at bernie sanders with 53%, clinton, 47%. but it's coming down to every single vote in the democratic race. sanders already looking ahead to the primary in kentucky. that's where he spoke out tonight. >> what this campaign is about is a political revolution. what that revolution means is
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that millions of people today are beginning to stand up and fight back and demand a government which represents all of us, not just a handful of billionaires. >> now, it has been a rough day for senator cruz. before the primary results came in, the attacks between trump and cruz increasing today. trump called him in the race until trump officially secures the repumlocan . >> ohio governor john kasich who came in a distant third in indiana will stay in the race. at least that's what he's saying. he'll stay in the race until trump officially secures the republican nomination. you can always get the latest across all of our digital platforms. >> our other top story tonight
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former 49er david stubblefield is turning the tables, accused of sexually assaulting a woman. he's firing back not only denying the charges but making accusations of himself. mary yaianne favro has more. what is the story? >> the allegations coming at me a year after a sexual encounter with another woman are all totally false. >> reporter: for the first time since police arrested him for raping a development ally changd woman, the prosecutor say it happened april 9th after the victim went to his thome interview for a nanny job. they question whether she's
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developmentally disabled. >> if an incident like this truly occurred, does it make any sense that the alleged victim would on more than 20 occasions continue to contact the person and ask for money? >> reporter: at next door solutions they say the victim's texts are irrelevant. >> the assault is the assault. it has nothing do with how many text messages or phone calls were before, how many text messages or phone calls were after. >> reporter: he said he spent years volunteering to help people with disabilities. they also question why prosecutors took so long to charge him when the alleged rape happened more than a year ago. deputy district attorney said the d.a.'s office wanted to be thorough and, quote, get it right. stubblefield's attorneys claim that he took a lie detector test and passed it regarding the
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alleged assault. stubblefield is set to be arraigned on june 3rd. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. protesters filled san francisco city hall. dozens managed to crowd into the supervisor's chambers briefly bringing a halt to the meeting. outside more than a hundred gathered with the same message. they were led by people on a hunger strike. nbc bay area's mark matthews is there. is did it ever happen. >> the mayor was not. is not coming back to city hall. you remember yesterday he did go down to the mission district to meet with the hunger strikers quietly. they refused. they wanted today's march as a show of strength in unity.
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officers watching the marchers estimate 350 to 400 people but the block long krouds chanted its way to city hall seemed bigger than that. some say they joined because of the race's texts that they were sending, others because of the recent shootings. >> would not wind up at the county board. white people are not attacked that way. i'm here because brown and black people are. >> this is important to get rid of the chief. it's a symbol. >> there have been four brutal murders under his watch, two scandalo scandalous racist messages. >> he's called for bias training but all were gathering in a mission a few miles away at the department of justice. they were looking into it with
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alleged racism within the police department. >> we refuse to go along with this any longer. black and brown men are not safe here in san francisco. >> at san francisco the marchers got them inside before they shut down the polk street entrance to the hall up on the second floor. a spokeswoman explained that mayor ed lee wasn't in the building. they asked them to call the mayor and told them to come back. >> tell the mayor that the hunger strikers are at his door since they're only ten minutes away. >> well, the mayor never did show up and the hunger strikers and the protesters dispersed around 5:30 this evening. i understand a number of them are headed to a community forum where chief greg surh is expected.
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>> we apologize. he was talking about a community meeting that's slated to start in just a few minutes. meanwhile a former police officer linked to a texting scandal went before the judge today. he's accused of interfering with the investigation. he resigned. he's not accused of sending any text but his attorney confirms he received some. he pleaded not guilty and two miss demean or counts. >> the 49ers versus the city of santa clara. the relationship continues to sour. they're taking legal action. at issue, the niners want the city to slash the rent for levi's stadium. the $1.2 billion stadium is a public/private partnership. the 49ers had been paying the city of santa clara $42 million a year in rent. the niners proposed a new rent
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of $19 million a year. they say better than expected revenue allows them to renegotiate the rent to a letter amount. both sides are not budging so niners are sending this case to arab tra arbitration. a high ranking former 49ers executive says, quote, the 49ers are tech likely correct in invoking rental reduction but the way they're doing is it is penny why and pound foolish. the york family is swimming in profits. nearly 70% increase in value since moving into levi's stadium. it's a busy night in the east bay. we want to show you a live look. the warriors and the a's are in action and it's going to be
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hopping. a's fans are not so happy. it owas supposed to be free par but with the warriors game, no free parking. the team is stephless. draymond is certainly ramping it up. >> reporter: draymond is stepping it up. klay thompson is stepping it up. even andrew bogut. yes. tonight marks the third straight game the warriors will have to play an entire game without the mvp steph curry. since they pointed out the frame, the rest of the team has stepped up and they eesk stepped up big time. that's been a collective effort. it means roughly 18 to 24 shots to go around. the guy everyone is looking at really is klay thompson. the others have been on fire becoming the first player in nba history to knock down seven threes in three straight playoff
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games. >> there's a lot of shots out there and clay is the obvious guy. we want clay to be as aggressive as possible. he's been fantastic. and as i mentioned yesterday, the fact that he's doing all this while he's guarding james harden, damian lillard, i mean that's pretty impressive. >> reporter: play average 29 point as game through the first six playoff games. coming up later in sports, they went up to the practice fa sill this morning. who is behind it and what it means for the warriors going forward. we'll have that. reporting live in oracle arena, col colin. >> thank you. coming up, texting and driving. it's not just a problem with teenagers. what about moms and dads.
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we have the results of a new survey. >> reporter: i'm michelle rob t roberts in redwood city. coming one a new exit. where it is and when it's expected to happen. >> reporter: good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri in san jose. we're going to tell you how easy it is to make a donation. even how these guys need your help too. that's coming up in just a few minutes.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. sanders as the winner of i want to give you breaking news from the campaign trail. it's been a big night on the democratic and republican side. nbc news is now projecting bernie sanders as the winner of the indiana primary. this was for the democrat. this was for the close race. it should be noted police clinton did not spend that much money or time in indiana campaigning, essentially conceding it because she had such a sizeable lead for the democrats. once again, bernie sanders wins indiana. as we told you earlier in this news. donald trump wins and ted cruz has dropped out of the race for the republicans. new at 6:00, some possible relief. a live look at 101 in palo alto. there's a new plan in place to
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kind of ease some of that congestion. it doesn't look too bad right now but it normally is. the idea is to change to an on and off ramp at 101 and the interchange. michelle roberts is in redwood. michelle, it's going to take time and a lot of money to do this. >> reporter: about $140 million to do this and certainly a couple of years out. they're anxious for a change and some relief. >> awful. bloody awful. >> reporter: for thousands of people there's no easy way to avoid it. traffic along 101 in redwood city is a slow ride which also means woodside road is jammed for miles approaching the on-ramp. >> every light. >> reporter: if it continues like it haas been, more apartment buildings will be popping up alongside office
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space. now the city is teaming up with local agencies to deal with the massive population and influx of commuters. >> we're taking the existing traffic and estimating how it will grow over time and designing how it will work that. >> reporter: he's working to configure the on and off ramp and expand the road below the freeway. >> the interchange will provide wired up ramps so i that can stack on the ramps and get off the freeway. >> reporter: so far only $15 million has been set aside to pay for it. while the experts figure out how to cover the costs, drivers are hoping for an easier commute. >> if they could add another lane, that would be pretty gra great. that would help. >> reporter: the city is asking for public comment right now and if the plan is approvend and the
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money comes in, construction is expected to happen in about four years from now. reporting live from redwood city, michelle roberts, nbc news. >> teenagers and young adults are not the only ones addicted to their mobile devices. a new study found that 56% of parent admit to checking their cellphones while driving. 51% of teenagers also say they've seen their parents checking or using their mobile devices behind the wheel. bottom line, pretty simple. put down your own devices if your want your kids to put down theirs. >> the tech industry is looking at solving lots of problem. women still heavily underrepresented in silicon valley tech companies but a new coalition has a plan to do something about it starting online. our business tech reporter scott budman spoke to several women in the industry who says change is
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needed. >> reporter: most tech companies talk about diversity but the numbers aren't adding up. she knows. she's a tech executive and helped start equal respect, an initiative to help boost women in text. she calls project include another good and necessary idea. >> i think we're all working toward the same goals. we all want the same thing. we want more women, more diversity, more people from different walks of life in the high-tech industry. >> reporter: project includes starting with the webside to help executives and venture capitalists to change the culture, a culture that still insults female founders. >> this one investor was talking about us, our credentials and all of a sudden he said you're stay-at-home moms, right?
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you're doing this part time. like we've been putting all our life into this. >> reporter: echoed recently by sheryl sandberg who told us even after the success of the lean-in industry, women are still not represented enough. >> i'm proud of our women community. we're still really far from equality. >> scott budman reporting. let's go now live to new york. this is donald trump, as you can see, addressing his supporters in manhattan. donald trump has won the indiana primary with ted cruz dropped out of the presidential race. donald trump now the presumptive candidate for president. let's listen in. >> in new york. never got credit for it but we don't need it. we're going after hillary clinton. she will not be a great
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president. she will not be a good president. she will be a poor president. she does not understand trade. her husband, perhaps in the history of the world, signed the single worst trade deal ever done. it was called nafta. and i was witness to the carnage over the last six weeks. >> donald trump now, which will be a familiar tactic for the next several months taking direct aim at hillary clinton because essentially it will be a donald trump over hillary clinton. only until june 7th will it be official that donald trump would be the official republican nomination. so, again, donald trump addressing his supporters in new york flanked by his wife and darts taking aim at hillary
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clinton in indiana tonight. the online 24-hour drive to support local charities. >> this is a big deal. jeff ranieri joins us. jeff, a lot of people contributing to raise a lot of money in these 24 hours. >> reporter: they sure are. safe way is one of the sponsors. a lot of people coming out to help silicon valley to raise money for plenty of nonprofits. i said let's give a little cheer. their enthusiasm is so strong tonight. joining us right now, why is microsoft so involved in one of the big sponsors of silicon valley give this year? >> it really brings together the entire community. already today 14,000 people have taken time out of their tuesday donate to a thousand nonprofits. we think that's fantastic. at microsoft our mission is to power every organization, every person on the planet to achieve
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more. >> that is fantastic. you also said about microsoft they have special things coming up in different hours, but you said 7:00 is kind of big for people to go to >> whoever has the most unique donors, even fit's 10 or $20, they can win a $5,000 bonus prize. >> go to your favorite organization and make a donation. let's get a look at your forecast. we're going to look as you see throughout the night, we have clouds moving in, and, of course, as we mentioned, there's the location. sv maybe a spotty shower. not a whole lot. as we head throughout. we'll have 69 in the south bay and san francisco and the north bay at 67 degrees. we do have that possibility of isolated thunderstorms as we
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head throughout wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday as the storm lingers offshore. watch out for hit-and-miss activity. raj and jess, we have cute companions. kcanin canines. $4.6 million, can we get a bark for that? >> thank you, jeff. >> thank you, jeff. >> super cute. i guess if you've got $5 million and you want the town hall named after you, more power to you. >> one of the bare ay area's to selling the rights to a city land mark.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios
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well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast his presidential campaign. that's after a disappnt happening now, we're tweeting about the breaking news. ted cruz has suspended his presidential campaign. that's after a disappointing primary loss tonight in indiana to donald trump. on the facebook page, riley curry stealing the place. we've posted the photos on our website. in america.
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home prices in atherton are in the millions and median incomes come in above a quarter million a year. one of the zip codes. the median income comes in about
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a quarter of a million a year. that begs if question. why are they considering selling land mark namg rights to raise money. yes, there's a new proposal that could put your name on a street sign or water feature, that's if the price is right. >> there's power in names. >> we often go to the park. >> he says the town has already raised some $5 million but it needs a lot more to fully fund the $42 million project. >> we're going have a children's area. it would be fun to put someone's name on it and have that be your little mark. >> so the new civic center's funding group is floiting ideas of selling big ticket items. $500,000 for a room in the
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library, a million at a children's play area and $5 million for the town hall. >> the library's really cute. very homey, but it is small. >> reporter: residents have mixed opinions. >> i just think when you give, it should be an anonymous gift. >> if i had that much money to be able to do it, sure, why not. >> okay. atherton city council will discuss it tomorrow but it doesn't make a final decision on the namg rights. >> the whole truck kept going and my whole world stopped. it was sad. >> a tragedy on the tracks. up next we investigate the deadly danger for drivers that some say can and should be prevented. the marijuana industry is
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celebrating a major victory after a four year at . right now at 6:30, the marijuana industry is celebrating a major victory after a four-year battle. the feds are dropping its case against -- its criminal case against harborside center in oakland. >> the city is now considering new regulations for the entire medical marijuana supply chain. >> it's entirely coming out of the shadows. >> reporter: she knows first hand what it's like to be caught in the middle. >> there have been a lot of businesses caught in this dichotomy between local, state, and federal. >> reporter: four years ago the
6:33 pm
feds raided her despite the widespread support of pot dispensarie dispensaries. also to shut down one of the oldest and biggest dispensaries. >> we're starting to see the beginning of the end. >> they sued the justice department. today oakland's mayor announced the fed dropped the case. >> the timing of the lawsuit being dropped could not be better. >> and now the city wants to become even more pot-friendly. it plans to increase the number and legitimate medical marijuana. >> the legislation that will bring certainty and safety to how medical marijuana is grown, processed, transport md and drited in the city of oakland. >> this is ridiculous and i'm hoping that this never comes to the city of sacramento.
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>> reporter: he's worried about oakland's plan especially because part of the proposal would require that a majority of the so called green jobs go to oakland residents including those with a criminal past. >> crime will increase. this is a bad decision by the city council. >> and city officials say by considering everything from the manufacturing to the transportation of the drug to be regulated, it could bring in a million in sales and business taxes. the city is now considering this new legislation inside city hall here. behind me, e just came out. it's standing room only. reporting live from oakland, i'm lease kerr, never. >> we've uncovered serious problems. we're joined by what vicky
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found. >> we've learned these massive cars don't always trigger the crossing gates to go down. that leaves drivers at risk of serious and even fatal crashes. a friday afternoon last january don williams driving home early. >> he came home every day. >> to see his wife of 24 years, amy. >> he was just one of a kind. >> don had a green light to make a left. she stopped short. >> i saw something moving in the corner of my eye and i looked. it was a train. i thought, why didn't the rail guards go down. that's weird. and right then. >> the offer-duty police officer rushed to help but don couldn't hold on. >> the whole truck kept going and going and my whole world
6:36 pm
kept going. all i saw was that. and it was sad. >> don was -- sorry. he was one in a million. he just was there for every one. >> reporter: it plowed into the side of don's truck. the crossing gates did not go down. >> it's just a blur from there. i don't remember. >> reporter: it appear this was not an isolated incident. we found videos posted on youtube showing these maintenance vehicles passing through intersections without warning all over the country. in the past five years, 187 maintenance vehicles have collided with cars injuring 68 people killing two, including don. >> it's just outrange. >> don is a railroad expert.
6:37 pm
he's testified at multiple trials. he said this is a known safety concern recognized by the federal really association. unlike trains, they do not always trigger activation and in most cases they're not designed to. the government allows companies to create their own standards for how to operate the machines. to make i it worse, safety mek nifrms are outdated. >> this is a perfect example of the railroad industry being allowed to use technology to detect trains. they should have replaced it with high-trek train detection over 50 years ago. >> but it's the system used by railroad companies nationwide
6:38 pm
including union pacific. after the krarks up told federal investigators the maintenance vehicle was supposed to stay within 50 feet of the other trains to ensure the gates would go down. they said if the gates and lights didn't activate, the on track equipment must stop and workers were to flag the crossing. >> what was going on is absolute negligence and madness on the part of the people. they know better and yet they were doing it anyhow. >> the day of the crash it crosset at least one other intersection. another driver told the chp her husband yelled at her to stop. that witness told police she was worried about other vehicles in the area. >> i believe that up or whoever are the regulators should look at this. >> they declined our request for an interview. in a statement the company said
6:39 pm
immediately after the accident, u.p. met with federal regulators but reviewed the rules. the company said safety is a top priority. u.p. says it regularly tested employees and made rule changes after the crash. federal investigators found the operator of the vehicle at fault for riding back wafrmtd he was disciplined with no time off. meanwhile they didn't issue any penalties against u.p. saying the company didn't violate any federal regulations. the agency did issue this, a safety advisory in the wake of don williams' death urging railroads to review their safety rules. >> the federal railroad administration should be saying there's gross negligence on the part of the railroad, the operator, and the supervisor and it is an industry that is regulating itself. >> i think something should have
6:40 pm
been done so much sooner. this was such a preventable tragedy. >> for widow emi williams, questions remain. why did this happen and when will it happen again. >> you just totally trust that the system will work. i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> emi williams is now suging union pacific and urges drives to look both was before racing the traction. we will continue the look into the safety records of all of these railroad companies. it affecting everyone on the road. hopefully there are tangible changes. >> thank you, vicky. if you have a tip give us a call or e-mail us. back in a moment. oc: "i'm laughing in the face of
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casualties and sorrow, for the ==raj/vo== i'm thinking pasttom5 hamilton, e hip-hop broady "smash" continues to make headne this is it. it's even hotter than the warriors ticket. tickets for hamilton is red hot around the country. a hip-hop broadway smarchlt it continues to make headlines. today a record 16 tony award nominations and right there is an oakland native. he's nominated for his role as thomas jefferson. he says he dross heavily on his east bay roots when he performs. congratulations to him. the tony awards will be awarded out. mcdonald's is cooking up a new version. they're tossed with garlic,
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. coverage, and tonight donald trump has essentially i want to update our decision 2016. within the past hour we reported that at the top of this newscast trump's rival ted cruz suspended his campaign. the move came from the texas senator after yet another primary loss this time in indiana. after the democratic loss bernie sanders is now the projected winner in indiana. >> senator sanders' chances might be slim but he's attacking
6:47 pm
hillary clinton's voting record. >> did she support free trade without exception. >> reporter: the very mention of free trade has jolted reaction this campaign season. supports say the trade boosted the economy but opponents like donald trump and bernie sanders counter that it's killing american jobs. sanders has used free trade as ammunition against hillary clinton launching this claim leading up to the indiana primary. >> secretary clinton as you know has supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements. that's an area of strong disagreement that the voters will have to consider right now. >> is clinton actually tried and true on free trade? we looked at the senate voting records and found the former new york senator largely supported free trade while in office. of the nine free trade agreements that came across her desk, she voted yes on six, no
6:48 pm
on one, and she abstained from two. that doesn't include naf tachlt hillary clinton didn't vote on that but she was first lady when it was passed into law by her husband former president bill clinton. hillary was an outspoken supporter of her agreement and she wrote in her memoir, creating a free trade zone in north america would expand u.s. exports, create jobs and ensure that our economy was reaping the benefits, not the burden of globalization. for reality check i'm sam brock. >> thank you. from politics we turn our attention to charity. silicon valley gives, that's what it's called. its ooh is the bay area's 24-hour online drive. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is there. jeff, you've been raking up the money out there.
6:49 pm
>> reporter: i know. the number keeps going up. so many coming out to safeway here at river mark in san jose. a lot of different organizations. one of them we want to highlight is the canine for companions. this is a super important group. with us is alex wegman. how does this organization help you? >> it provides service dogs to people with disabilities free of charge. so they're expensive to raise and train and we get them for free. >> and how specifically does your dog help you? >> bright does everything from retrieving items off the ground from pulling me in my wheelchair. can we see how that works? >> yep, totally. >> will eat go ahead and see bright in action.
6:50 pm
brand-new new born baby and here comes bright. that is fantastic. let's give bright a big round of applause. that's exactly how your donations are going to help people here at sv gives. you can see once again. you don't need to create an account. you right to that website and you can make your donation fast and easy. as we get a look at the microclimate forecast, you'll see sure there's a chance of a spotty shower. you may get a drop or two. temperatures in the low 50s and as we take a look at what's happening, we have this area of upper low pressure sitting offshore. it will linger. a huge drop from the weekend. san jose down 68. san francisco, upper 50s to low
6:51 pm
60s. and as we get alook across the north bay and east bay, a lot of 60s throughout wine country and also toward mill valley. through this weekend we'll ev t eventually see things clear out as low to mid 70s return across the bay area. before we leave you tonight, i have one more organization to high light. there are so many we can't help them out. >> i'm with the tim griffith foundation and the money will help to support families and individuals who a r affected by loss. he w . >> you can help organizations like tim griffith. raj and jess, back to you. >> so many good organizations some of many wonderful cause. thank you for highlighting that,
6:52 pm
jeff. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us. curry sprained his mcl...then
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6:54 pm
the s welcome back. i'm colin resch. it's been ten days since he strained his acl. the game against the blazers is this saturday. that will be exactly two weeks from the time steph hurt his northeast. they seem to be on track for his return. here might be some proof. tweeting out this photo from the
6:55 pm
morning shoot-around at the practice facility. steph curry, he was behind that tarp with assistant bruce frazer. an hour ago it was called a ramped up shooting workout. that is definitely a good sign. you know what else is a good sign? draymond green, a triple-double machine, he's ramped up his game in the postseason and finally people are starting to take notice. >> draymond has not been mentioned in that con very say, but he should be. he absolutely should be when you think about what he does for us at both ends. he literally guides one through five. nobody in the league does that. >> i don't take those things for granted. i believe it. you know. so to have the support of the coach, you know, it helps build confidence even more. >> i got some criticism but he's one of the best if not the best
6:56 pm
player in the game. >> reporter: when you talk about the best player in the game, you're talking lebron james, paul george, select company, and he's certainly one of those. can they take a 2-0 series on portland we'll find out shortly. reporting live, colin resch, nbc bay area. raj and jess, back to you in the studio. >> we've got a lot going on. the warriors doing well and on the ice, the sharks are doing well. we found, what two sharks fans, we think. >> he's got his jacket on. >> that's outside the area. inside the arena they're off to a good start. patrick marleau has the sharks up 1-0 going into the second intermission. here's his goal a couple of minutes ago 1. -0. they have a 2-0 series lead looking to go 3-0 if they start on. >> it's a sweater? >> it's not a jersey in hockey.
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it's a sweater. >> bye-bye. when consultant josh atkins books at
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