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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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sa we gave it everything we got, but the voters chose another path. >> ted cruz now off the path to the white house. the shakeup after indiana's dramatic primary puts donald trump squarely in the driver's seat. an overnight collision that lands a police officer in the hospital. it calls for people sprinting from the scene. plus. >> lots of minutes here. >> the monster jam on the baseline. it's not how you start. it's how you finish.
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a come from behind win for the warriors. today in the bay starts right now. a good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia can novenl we made it. >> it will be a day to bring the umbrella. you will need it at some point in parts of the bay area. let's get a look at the radar. you do see moisture. that will be moving into the north bay. i think that's mainly where we will see the showers for the first part of your day and maybe some mist and drizzle in san francisco. so we'll be watching out for a little more of wet weather moving in to round out this workweek. we'll see this into the first part of the weekend. i'll detail all that coming up. let's head over to mike. >> bridge from emeryville camera. as we look at the map, we see no problems as far as those speed centers go.
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a typical light easy driveway. overnight road work. it should be clearing up right now for eastbound 580. we see no delays as well. we will focus on those lovely live shots coming up, back to you. >> all new this morning, anal me da police officer is in the hospital this morning, following a serious crash with that tobacco. police right now are looking for the people who are if that car. at least two of them. today we are live inial me da. bob, do we know what led up to the crash? >> well alameda police, this happening a couple plox away from alameda police department. it's at the intersection of 5th and lincoln. it was before midnight last night when the driver collided with that police cruiser. we know the police officer was
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hurt badly enough that they had to be taken to the hospital. their status as of right now, police did take two people, a man and a woman into custody and they also told us off camera, they are still looking for at least one other person, suggesting that somebody might have fled the scene of that car crash. again, alameda saying they're not sure whether this may have been a dui. bob redell, today in the bay. >> and so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our
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campaign. >> a dramatic turn in the presidential race. ted cruz suspend his campaign after another loss. this time in indiana last night. 53% of indiana republican voters picked donald trump. ted cruz won 37% of the vote. while only 8% of the voters went for john kasich. but he's still in the race. it's more than likely trump will be the nominee. last night trump extended an olive branch to test cruz. >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he is one heck of a competitor. >> on the other side, bernie sanders won indiana, it baish barely made a dent in the delegate count. hillary clinton is far ahead. bernie sanders has no plans to drop out. he is now focusing on california. something you will see on the ballot, happening today, the campaign for cannabis. a few ballot measure will be proposed to legalize recreational marijuana use here
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in california. supporters will get the number of signatures to get it on the november ballot. it would allow californians 21 and older to possess and transport up to an ounce of marijuana. it is sported by gavin newsom and former facebook president sean parker among others. we will have a live report coming up if about an hour. the city of santa clara might be the 49ers newest opponent. the team announced it is tekeing legal action. they want them to pay the city $24.5 in rent per year t. 9ers are proposing a new rent of $19 million a year. the team claims better than expected revenue allows them under the agreement to renegotiate their rent. so far, neither side is backing down. so the 9ers are sending this case to arbitration.
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all right. let's talk a little basketball this morning. what a night for warriors and their fans. some of the fans might be a little tired this morning. >> raise your hand if you are tired. it didn't look good to start. the finish is what matters, coming back from a double digit deficit to win game two against portland. for three-quarters, the trail blazers really dominated this game. but in the fourth quarter the warriors outscored the blazers by 22 points to win 110 to 99. clay thompson ends up with 27 points as the doves take the first two games without their injured star and the league mvp seth curry, game three set for saturday now in portland. >> now to the sharks playoff in nashville last night. the predator's mascot trying to steal back some in the shark tank sunday. nashville won. the sharks still lead the series
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by two games. how fun there. >> just trying to recreate the magic all ever again. >> crawling on the ice. not your average cold front kari hall, you were talking about it will be sitting around. >> yeah, there will be this disturbance hard to move across the bay area. it will bring in light showers. during the afternoon, there will be enough energy for pop-up showers and storms. a closer look at the north bay with rain starting to move in there. this is where we pay have problem spots within the next two or three hours with light rain rolling through. look at right now, temperatures at 56 degrees in the peninsula. all mostly cloudy skies across the bay area. let's head over to mike with a look at traffic. >> that's right, kari, a beautiful blue view of the bridge and green sensors, all around the bay. we will go over toward the tri-valley. where you see slowing at the
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bottom of the screen, that's highway 54. there is construction down where they make that convergence and also the closure for tassajara, at the bottom of the screens, folks can exit there. you can't enter for the next ache months. back to you, guys. >> good to know. up next, the san francisco police chief skipping a police accountability meeting. plus, closure for the city of san francisco, after this havana flight crashed. the cash settlement the city is getting from the airlines up next. rowdy anti-police protests in
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san francisco are raising we are going to shut it down. >> that is not enough. this is not -- >> rowdy anti-police protestors in san francisco, raising safety concerns. angry protesters outside the temple last night after the police chief decided not to attend the scheduled forum on police accountability. >> he says he was worried about his safety. yesterday hunger strikers and hundreds of their supporters watched from the miss station to city hall. when they arrived, they disrupted a board of supervisors's meeting. police say there were concerns activists would disrupt that event at the temple. >> there were security concerns significant enough we were advised not to have the program as planned. >> we have to have this
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conversation about informing the police department. we have to look at reforming the entire criminal skwus tis system. >> dozens of people still gathered to hear public defender discuss the issues of racism, police excessive roous use of force and possible reform. the chief says he would like to reschedule that event. well. a more than 3 million settlement happen send. >> the money will cover legal costs. the board of supervisors unanimously accepted the offer. ntsb determined pilot error caused that crash. three people died. an ongoing crisis in the mid-west. coming up, president obama headed for flint, much. >> plus, few take the woodside road exit on 101 in red city, you don't know how painful it can be, the multi-dollar solution is considering next.
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>> drivers on the peninsula know that traffic on the 101 can certainly be brule at times. a live look at the palo alto. things are moving smoothly. but the concern from city planners is that as the population increases, things will only continue to get worse. now, redwood city is proposing a solution. the city wants to recon figure
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on and off ramps for woodside road. if approved, construction would start if about four years. >> a little time there. maybe if it's approved, yeah, four years after the approval, you will see some changes, i guess. >> a long-remember the perspective. >> changes. >> let's check the perspective on the forecast. >> we will see light rain moving in, very hit or miss. one of those events where it's hard to get in exact timing. it won't be like a line of showers sweeping through the bay area. so as we take a live look at sam jose, it's still dry. don't forgive to grab the umbrella before you head out, just in case a. look now at the radar, we start to see a little green popping up here, especially in the north bay, where it's been very hit or miss. and this is the kind of activity we will see as the rain gets closer to the ghost in the north bay, approaching santa rosa, i'd give it maybe another hour or
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hour-and-a-half, mainly cloudy and cool for most of the day. tomorrow we'll also have a chance of some scattered showers the possibly of small hail and lightning, especially over those east bay hills and heading farther off towards east. and this weekend, the rain will finally wrap up on saturday. at least the rain chances and it will be warmer on sunday. so we'll talk about that. looking at the temperature now in san francisco, it's 53 degrees. also 53 in the north bay as we get a closer look at the south bay, it is 56 degrees in silver creek valley and san martine at 53 degrees.
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it will be friday into the start of saturday before it is far enough east of us to allow high pressure in to dry out our world trade center. open sunday, it warms up into the start of next week. rainfall totals, don't look like a whole lot. but we may get up to a quarter of an inch into most of the bay area. this week, as you start to make some plans, saturday a chance of showers. temperatures in the 60s. some low 70s, even mid-70s for the south bay on sunday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to mike. he's clarifying his earlier tassajara reference. >> here's our off-ramp at tassajara, we will show you the map, overall, we will zoom in towards that closure. >> that is camino tassajara.
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that's the closure. it's not 580, itself, we've talked about this already for the whole week. this being wednesday, some folks may just be joining us. over towards the bay bridge, that construction east 580 looks like it's cleared up. the toll has no problems. no backup there. look at that an easy flow to san francisco. back to you. >> happening today, president obama will be in flint, michigan. he will meet with community residents. the tap water was contaminated with lead after they switched the water source if 2014 t. corrosive river water caused lead from the pipes to seep into the city's drinking water supply. lawyer remarks we now know the name of the u.s. navy seal killed during an isis-led siege in iraq. charles keating, iv, was working
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as an ad advisor when isis fighters overtook the group's position t. 32-year-old navy seal grew up in phoenix. he was based out of san diego. he was the grandson of a savings and loan financier charles keating, jr.. a warning from the health department the zika will spread here. the doctors aren't ready. they add even a little is too much. the biggest issue, the u.s. doesn't have a consistent pos ki to control program across the country. the zika virus can cause severe birth desks in babies, including microcephaly. in business news, senator cars could be recalled over the defaulty takata airbags. >> for that before the bell we turn now to landon dowdy from cnbc's world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hi, good morning to you both. today futures are lower this morning. stocks falling, giving back all of monday's gains following data
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showing a decline in china's manufacturing sector. that is raising fresh concerns about the world's second largest economy. look for it on this morning's private sector jobs. the dow up to 17,750. the nasdaq losing. takata is expected as soon as today to announce it's recalling an additional 35 to 40 million airbag inflators in u.s. vehicles and reports say that the expanded recall would be more than double what's already the biggest action in u.s. history. to date, auto makers have recalled 24 million vehicles, due to the risk that the inflators could explode with too much force. that would be spraying metal chards inside the vehicles. google and chrysler teaming up to drive minivans. they-buy 100 chrysler vehicles. it will be solely for testing and won't be available to the public. the deal is goggle's first with the major auto maker him back
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over to you. >> self driving minivan. moms and dads can keep their eyes on the kids. >> come on, you can get in on all the fun. get yourself a minivan. >> thank you very much. medical mistakes it turns out, now the third leading cause of death in the u.s. researchers at john's hopkins university estimate over 250,000 or 10% of deaths each 84 are due to medical errors. only heart disease and cancer cause more deaths. experts say that most medical errors are not caused by bad doctors but are actually linked to poorly card fated care, problems with insurance and differing health care protocols t. sweet smell and taste of garlic could be hitting a mcdonald's to you. >> a new addition is coming to the area with distinct bay flavor. garlic fries are being test marked at four restaurants.
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it comes from christopher farms in gilroy the nation's largest fresh garlic grower him it expects a harvest of 50 million this year. can you find four mcdonald's serving garlic fries. >> gilroy was already the garlic capital of the world. now the mcdonald's provider. >> taking over the world. 4 vietnam 53. coming up, you can own a part of atherton history. what you can do to get a house named after you. >> another person hits the south bay less than a week since another incident left someone dead. we posted this story to nbc bay afternoon. a silicon group of techs aims to boost women in tech. we've linked that story to our facebook page. we'll be back if just two
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minutes. town center in the affluent town
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of atherton. a hundred-thousand for a water fe >> do nate enough money, and you can put your name on the new town center in the ainfluencet town of atherton, half a million for a room in the library, a cool million dollars for a children's play area. but the big ticket item, what do you think of some brock way? well, it only costs you $10 million to name a new road in front of town hall, they are hoping to raise enough money to fund that new town hall project. it's a $42 million project. >> $10 million for the name of the street. i'm only $10 until short. >> you can live homeless on your own street. >> perfect. san jose has a new plan for
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illegal dunk, turn in your neighbor. >> city council took on that point yesterday. it's expected to approve the report and award. it would give a $1,000 reward if you catch a dumper in the act. >> how about now to the people donating, giving back. silicon valley gives in a big way, time is up. almost $8 million raised yesterday. >> it was amazing. it's that 24 hour online fundraising event, it benefits local non-profit organizations, tons of them in santa clara, san mat o and san francisco countys. technically at midnight, you can still continue to give. >> all the groups that are involved in that, too. bob redell was out there interviewing them line-by-line. up next, an overnight collision in alameda that lands a police officer in the hospital.
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today now live in alameda. he will have the latest on the search for the suspects who are involved in that crash. plus. ted cruz drops out of the race to the white house. >> our weather turning wetter for the next couple of days, even into the start of the weekend. ville have a look at the microclimate coming up. >> i'll show you your way to work. we will check out that bay bridge toll plaza coming up bob tease
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sot "we are suspending our campaign ....noooo." runs :04 =laura/cont. . >> an a whether ameda police officer has two people sent to the hospital. i'm bob redell. we will take you there live coming up. we are suspending our campaign. >> and bowing out in a dramatic turn of events, ted cruz announces he's suspending his campaign, making what many thought would never happen very possible t. future of donald trump's campaign as he makes his way to california. >> and in california, could recreational marijuana soon be a reality? a new ballot measure set to be proposed today that would legal easy pot. today in the bay starts right now. good morning, on this wednesday, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. first let's check that


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