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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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bob tease sot "we are suspending our campaign ....noooo." runs :04 =laura/cont. . >> an a whether ameda police officer has two people sent to the hospital. i'm bob redell. we will take you there live coming up. we are suspending our campaign. >> and bowing out in a dramatic turn of events, ted cruz announces he's suspending his campaign, making what many thought would never happen very possible t. future of donald trump's campaign as he makes his way to california. >> and in california, could recreational marijuana soon be a reality? a new ballot measure set to be proposed today that would legal easy pot. today in the bay starts right now. good morning, on this wednesday, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. first let's check that forecast with kari. >> a good morning. make sure you have the umbrella and the windshield wipers are
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working. you may not need them today. we start to see green popping up on the radar here. light rain, expect some mist and drizzle in san francisco and right along the coast. into the next couple of days the potential for some scattered showers at any point during the day. i'll talk about that. we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up. let's get a look at the morning commute with mike. >> easy drive right now. this won't pick up until much later in the commute. we'll see you the map, in fact, most of the compute won't pick up until most of the commute is on the road. we zoom forth of the bay bridge. also over on the left side the live look shows you the bay bridge, no backup you see more traffic flowing. that's the typical pattern. >> new this morning. an alameda police officer and two others are hurt after an overnight crash. it happened at 5th and lincoln
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just before midnight. >> we are joined live there now with more on how all of this happened. several of the passengers took off and are still on the run this morning. >> reporter: well, at least one, police are looking for one person now sam and laura, again, this accident taking place miles from alameda headquarters. you pensioned, the crash involving a white se sedan and an alameda police car. the officer in that car taken to the hospital. condition unknown. two people, a man and a woman also in that car were taken into custody. police told us off camera, they are looking for other suspects. >> that would indicate they are looking for at least two other people who might have been in that car, who possibly could have fled the scene. an officer did tell us off camera, this was not a police chase. it wasn't the result of a police chase. they also didn't indicate whether this was dui or something else. reporting live here, bob redell,
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"today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. rowdy anti-police protesting in san francisco starting to raise some safety concerns. >> we are going to shut it down. protesters gathering. yesterday, hunger strikers and hundreds of other supporters, marched from the mission district police station right to city hall. when they arrived, they disrupted a board of supervisors's meeting. the police department says there were concern activists would disrupt the temple. >> there were security concerns significant enough we were advised not to have the program as planned. >> we have to have this conversation about informing the police department him we have to look at reforming the entire criminal justice system. >> dozens of people still gather to hear the public defender discuss racism, police excessive
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use of force and possible reforms to the system. the chief says he would like to reschedule that event. in the meantime, a former sfpd linked to a texting scandal faced a judge. he is accused of interfering with a rain investigation t. suspect in this case was a fellow officer. lew resigned, he pleaded not guilty yesterday. >> and so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> a dramatic turn in the presidential race. ted cruz suspends his campaign after another loss, this time in indiana last night. 53% of indiana republican voters picked donald trump.
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ted cruz won 37% of the vote, while only 8% of the voters went for john kasich. he's still in the race. it's more than likely that trump is the likely nominee. last night, trump extended an olive branch to ted cruz. >> just so you understand, ted cruz i don't know if he likes me or he doesn't like me, but he is one heck of a competitor. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders won gain but it barely made a dent. hillary clinton is far ahead, sanders has no plans on dropping out. he is now focusing on california. we will have much more on the indiana primary. a live report from washington, d.c. . right now at nbc bay, you will find full results from the indiana primary at the top of the page as well as a living to our delegate tracker and information about upcoming primaries. happening today the campaign for cannabis. blazing forward. a new ballot measure will be proposed to legalize recreational marijuana use here
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in california. supporters will submit the necessary signatures to get the adult use of marijuana act on the november ballot. >> that measure would allow californians 21 and older to possess and transport up to an ounce of marijuana. the ballots measure is supported by lt. gov. gavin newsom and former facebook president sean parker. even some local congressmen. we will have a live report on this story coming up in about an hour. the city of santa clara might be the 49ers newest opponent. the team announced it is taking legal action. the 9ers want to slash the rent for levy stadium. >> the 49ers have been paying the city of santa clara 25 million in rent per year t. 9ers are proposeing a new rent of $19 million a year him team claims better than expected stadium revenue allows them under the agreement with the stadium authority to renegotiate their rent. but so far, neither side is backing down. so the 9ers are sending this
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case to arbitration. no comment yet from the city of santa clara, but a former high ranking 49ers exec is speaking out to nbc bay area. this former team executive, who wished to remain anonymous tells us, quote the 49ers are technically correct in invoking a rental reduction, but the way they're doing it is petty wise and pound foolish. the york family is swimming in profits, close quote. forbes magazine ranks the 49ers as the fifth most valuable nfl franchise worth a 2.7 billion dollars. what about a little basketball? >> our court. >> what a night for warriors and their fans. the doves played well within it matters most, coming back to win game two of their playoff series against portland, three-quarters of trail blazers dominated. in the fourth. they trailed torque win 110 to
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99. craig thompson scoring 27 t. warriors take the first two games without injured star seth curry. game three is set for saturday in portland. >> it was looking good, all of a sudden they dialed up the heat. >> they're teasing us. >> a look right now at the parking lot outside oracle and the coliseum. everything empty. certainly, not the case last night when the warriors and the as were playing at the same. ace fans who officially thought they'd be getting free parking, instead, got kind of a double whammy, not only was the parking promotion the free parking on tuesdays taken away t. cost of the park doubled on account of the war years prizeing. >> a $40 bill, that's like two beers. >> we come twice a month with the company. it's always been free tuesdays. that's why we set them up for these days. >> they're playing as a home team. these are a home team too, i'm happy, supporting the warriors.
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>> the sad reality is that $40 is like three beers. the as only learned about the double booking last friday t. team says it did notify fans about the parking switch-a-roo, saying it was completely outside of their control. we have another bay area playoff team t. sharks played in nashville last night. >> this is the nashville predators, trying to steal luck from that little black cat on the ice from shark tank friday. apparently it work, all the antic, nashville scores the final four points of the game. don't worry, the sharks leads that two games to one. pretty good on the road. >> there is no way to watch that and not start laughing. >> right shuf him, a paw, something going on there. we are shufing our way through this week with the microclimb forecast. it will include some rain today. >> some rain not only today, the next couple of days as a slow moving system moves across the
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bay area. let's get a look at the radar now. we see light rain moving into the peninsula, approaching the north bay. >> that will be approaching closer to san francisco as well. temperatures in the 50s for the north bay and the city. highs today reach nook the low 60s. in san francisco, north bay 72 and 70 in the south bay. times of showers not only today but at any point. i'll detail that in a few minutes. mike is looking at tri-valley showing. >> it tends to go in phasing. in fremont as the rest of the bay area, i want to show you the map, we do see the colors changing from green for most of the bay. highway 84 at the bottom, going down towards livermore, pleasantton, some construction there. over onto the right, out of the altamonte pass, the volume is building big, back to you. >> coming up next the biggest auto recall in american history is about to grow a lot.
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why the takata airbag recall is expanding by the millions. >> the biggest auto recall. how about the most boring auto crash? i will tell you all about it coming up. how about a little snack? can you smell the garlic in the reason that aroma can soon be coming to hundreds of bay area mcdonald's.
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>> air back maker takata may be adding tens of millions of air back inflators to what was already the biggest recall in
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american history. talks are under way and expanded recall could more than double. the 28 million inflators that have already been recalled that must be replaced. they are blamed for at least 11 deaths and dozens of injuries across the country. more than $3 million settlement from asiana airlines has been accepted by san francisco leaders. the money will cover airport damages and liam skofts stemming from the 2013 landing at sfot. board of supervisors unanimously accepted that offer from the airline yesterday. ntsb determined pilot error caused that crash. sadly, three people died. south bay travelers have a new option to get across the pond. >> today bish airways is offering direct service between silicon valley and london. they are joining the bay area british consulate to celebrate that new route connecting san jose and heathrow t. airline
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will offer one daily noun u non-stop flight each way. last time they had detect service was 2001. it's been about 15 years. the first flight takes off at 8:05 that's very convenient for business folks. google will add to its fleet of you autonomous cars. >> you were beingifies, including yourself. >> let's say i used to have a minivan. you don't have un? with you have an suv? >> i have one. >> let you off the hook. these are the kind of cars that google drives right now t. lexus suv. it has itself built autonomous cars. you can argue minivans have more people t. real winner is probably chrysler.
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it will have a closer relationship with google tan ford or gm. nearly every car company is working on autonomous cars. ford has a robot car lab in palo alto, but chrysler now works directly with google. google just filed paperwork with the california dmv saying one of its autonomous cars had another accident. once again, it was not the robot's fault. it happened in pam loal tom the google car was waiting at a light a car wanted to turn right to get by on the shoulder, the two cars mirrors touched. the google car was not damaged. the other cars side-view mirror was slightly pulled in, honestly the most boring car accident ever. let's check the news before the bell, landondown dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hey, wall street could add to tuesday's losses,
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stocks gig back owl of monday's guidance, a decline in china's manufacturing sector. that is raising fresh concerns about the world's second largest economy of u.s. private sector jobs and worker productivity. up 12 40 points t. nasdaq is losing 54 to 4763. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. we are looking for different ways to measure the xi. a reporter at the "wall street journal" had the idea to measure pingpong tables. she talked to silicon valley stores that sell pingpong tables and discovered pingpong table companies have not been selling very well. pingpong table sales to tech companies have fallen 50% from last year, which i think you could make some sort of argument. >> that means fewer offices are opening up. one of the first things they do is buy a pingpong table. >> that's very interesting. >> our pingpong table here seems to be doing alive and well. is that a good sign? >> once you have one, it's the sale of new ones that seems to be the problem.
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particularly telemundo. it's too fast to even watch. i can't keep up. >> thank you, scott. >> all right. you loving this? the sweet spell and taste of garlic could be hitting a mcdonald's near you. a new addition is coming to the fast food menu. gilroy garlic fries are being test marked at roy south bay mcdonald restaurant. the garlic comes from christopher farms in gilroy the nation's largest fresh garlic grower. >> i live next door to a mcdonald's. but i came over here because of garlic fries. i want to give them a try. >> i had garlic fries other places, they're pretty good, i'll give them a shot. >> they're not so good. i'll take the 48 minute drive to gilroy to have the fries. >> serious journalism here, doing hard core interviews. you can find a list of the four mcdonald's serving garlic fries on our website.
5:19 am >> i wonder if they'll be as good as the ones in the ballpark. >> pretty good. >> i have to go out to test every french fry to see how they stack up. you want to come along? >> we better all have them. >> that garlic, you know, kind of stays with you. >> if we all have it, we're okay. >> all right a look at the weather. it will clear things up. we are finally getting rain here. >> today it's a lot more, finally, we will see this clearing out. it will take a while. let's talk about san jose. clouds hovering overhead. not a drop falling from those clouds just yet. as we take a look at the radar, there is a little bit more green in the north bay. much is still off shores.
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so be sure you have your umbrella. some times of rain, we'll have the possibility of thunderstorms and small hail and lightning. then for the weekend, the rain wraps up, not before. warmer on sunday. it's now very mile in the south bay, 57 degrees, let's drop in on the east bay. alamos at 58 degrees, some low 50s for the north bay. this is a slow moving system that will still bring a chance
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of showers today as well as friday into early saturday and on sunday, high pressure quickly moves in. it will bring us some warmer temperatures as things dry out to start out early next week. let's head over to mike to get a look at what's happening. >> we start on the peninsula, an easy drive. you have to light the roadway if pam lo alta. we will show you what's lighting up our speed sensors. still green for the most part. we zoom around the bay, easy drive. over here towards the key factors like the maze and the neighbor's toll plaza, we have a smooth drive a. little note toward the san rafael bridge, i'm let you know if it's a factor as well. we will show you the show. in nine minutes, we should see those metering lights on. back to you. >> like clock work, thank you. >> coming up, the cease-fire to
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be a part of the rich history of atherton, a new poefl that could put your name on a water feature, if the price is right. the latest look at crime on
5:23 am
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campus shows an overall decline in incidents at middle schools and high schools acr e nation. the latest look at crime on campus shows an overall decline in incidents in middle schools and high schools across the country. according to a joint white house report about 3% of middle school and high school students were victims of school crimes in
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2014. >> that number is actually down from prior years. it includes lower rates of bullying and harassment. san jose has found graffiti and illegal dumping. turn in your neighbors. the plan would give a $1 towel reward to catch a dumper or vandal in the act. >> i am hoping a $1,000 more will help our eyes on the streets. >> anything that can kind of patriot stop to that a little bit to me is a good thing. >> the city council is expected to approve the report and reward idea. so what's in a name? apparently, a lot of money. the affluent town of atherton has an idea to pay for it's new town center. >> tapping into its resources here, do nate enough money, you can put your name on a landmark. 100,000 for a water feature, half a million for a room in the library. a million for a children's may area. the big tick item, you saw it on
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the screen there is $10 million on your name for a new road in town hall. all of it is to raise money for a town center. we are hoping to fully fund that project. well, from giving money to government, to giving money to people in need, silicon valley gives in a big way. >> time is up. almost $8 million has been raised. that's good. silicon valley gives that 24 hour fundraising event. it benefits the non-profit corporations in san mateo and san francisco counties. it technically ended at midnight. you can actually still give back. fantastic! >> second straight year they raised about $8 million. up next, a whole new race, ted cruz out. does that mean that donald trump is in? we break down what the dramatic move means for the presidential race in a live report. >> reporter: and i'm live in san
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francisco where backers of marijuana legalization say there were signatures to get the measures on this november's ballot. what this would mean for californiaens coming up when "today in the bay" returns.
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we're bracing for days of on- and-off showers. =laura/4shot= here comes the rain again, some sprinkles right now, but there's more where that came from. we are bracing for days of on and off showers. good morning to you, thanks for joining us. >> i'm some brack. mike will have more on the bay bridge backup. it's starting to build there by the toll plaz za. >> are we seeing sprinkles? >> in the bay. we'll be watching out for light rain. be sure to grab the umbrella just in case. we will see this scattered, not only today, the next couple of days. i will detail that coming up let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza with mike. >> you ask, you receive. we expect lights on the backup. we have received as well. the map shows you, though, encourageing news the rest of the bay, not a real problem. we zoom in here, you see the arrows, west of 580.
5:31 am
84 shows a smoother drive down past the construction zone, which should be picking up now. we are looking at the dublin interchange, a smooth drive, picking up the volume. no major issues. we have slowing close to 680. back to you. >> we are suspended our campaign. >> the presidential race just took an unexpected turn. senator ted cruz calls it quits. what started as a massive people of candidates running for the gop nomination has officially dwindled to two. so what does the dramatic move by ted cruz mean for front runner donald trump? >> for the answer, we turn to edward lawrence who joins us with a closer look at where the presidential campaign stands for both side of the aisle. then we heard cruz say he is suspending his campaign. what does that mean? good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam, lawyer. >> reporter: he is suspending his campaign, that's because it's a financial thing t. money
5:32 am
stays sort of in escrow there. so he's suspending his campaign, ending his bid to become president. donald trump did call into the "today" show, which you guys will hear later on this morning in "today in the bay." he is saying he will unify the party. there are two candidates left on the republican side. if you remember, when we started this at the end of the summer, there was 17. indiana republican voters overwhelmingly made their choice for donald trump. the lead-up to the decision saw a fall. . there were accusations. >> listen, donald trump is a serial fiphilanderer and he boas about it. >> reporter: and defeat. >> we gave it everything we got. but the voters chose another path. >> 53% of gop voters in indiana wanted trump. cruz's 37% of the vote ended his bid to be president. >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or he doesn't like me, but he
5:33 am
is one heck of a exceptor. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders eeked out a win over hillary clinton by five points, with 53% of the vote. >> without being dependent on powerful and wealthy special interests. >> reporter: because of delegate sharing the win mathematically eliminated sanders from getting the nomination, unless he can convince super delegates to change their minds. >> i think we can pull off one of the greatest upsets in the history of the united states. >> reporter: clinton did not talk about her hoosier state loss, instead, shesed trump's win paz a campaign fundraiser. governor john kasich says he will not drop out of this race. he will keep trying until the end. his campaign manager says they're drawing the line in the sand in. ka. as you know, california has 172 delegates. donald trump only need 182 delegates to reach that magic number. governor kasich believes he can
5:34 am
stop trump in california. it will be an uphill battle. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you, sam, lawyer. >> reporter: >> thank you, edward. certainly uphill for kasich since there are more delegates to play in california than he has total in this campaign. right now, nbc bay, you find full results from the indiana primary at the top of the page. there is a link to our delegate tracker and information about upcoming primaries. it appears san francisco voters will decide whether or not 16 and 17-year-olds have the right to vote. supervisors will put the measure on the november ballot next week. during last night's meeting, it appeared the plan had enough support to move forward. supporters say it will encourage civic engagement among youth and instill them in life-long voting habits. for a civic engagement in getting a ballot measure on the ballot this november. legalizing recreational marijuana in the golden state could soon be in the hands of voters. today supporters will submit signatures to get that proposal
5:35 am
on the november ballot. today, we are joined live from san francisco on what this ballot measure would mean for people living in california. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. the group behind thissist says it will officially launch this campaign here in san francisco today saying it will submit the 600,000 signatures it collected in support of this initiative, which is far more than the 365 skiths required to get the so-called adult use of marijuana act onto the november ballot. this is well before the july deadline. now, if californians pass this measure, what does this mean? people 21 and older will be able carry and use up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants t. initiative would put a 15% tax on retail sales of marijuana. the coalition is backed by gavin newsom, includes exfacebook and napster co-founder sean parker, who by the way donated more than a million dollars to the campaign.
5:36 am
this morning i checked, the department of revenue in colorado, where recreational marijuana use is legal t. state raised more than $7 million in the fiscal 2014, 2015 year, for this fiscal year in february, that figure is almost $112 million. there is opposition, like the california police chiefs association which says there is a concern of high addiction rates, also a national group like citizens against legalizing marijuana, which points to studies like one out of uc davis in march that said regular users had more debts and cash flow problems as well as downward social mobile. so there is set to be a debate here. maybe in california. if voters do pass this, california would become the fifth state in the country to legalize recreational use of marijuana. >> thank you. an alameda police officer and two others were hurt in a crash overnight t. police cruiser and the toyota crashed last night at lincoln and fifth
5:37 am
streets. police say there were 24 hour people in that tobacco. all four are now in custody. the officer in the cruiser was taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of the injuries. it is not clear what led up to that crash. the sister of a man killed in berkeley three years ago pleading right now for help to bring his kill tore justice. 21-year-old alberto santana of fremont was shot and killed on mother's day in 2013 in grisly peak. today the sister is holding a press conference there. police are also expected to release a sketch of that suspect soon. earlier in the week, a $10,000 reward was offered to help catch that shooter. new details on rape allegations against a former nfl star. he says the accusations that he sexually assaulted a disabled women are false. they faced the media to deny the allegations against him. he's accused of attacking a developmentally disabled woman who went to his morgan hill home
5:38 am
for a job interview more than a year ago, but he claims this was no assault. >> i am not a perfect man. however, the allegations against me come in a year after consensual encounter with another woman are all totally false. >> he did not answer questions at his news conference. his legal team is calling the alleged victim's actions a money grab. they claim she is mentally competent. he is scheduled to be in court next month. a warning now to parents, four men tried to lour a student into their car near an east bay school t. east bay times reports this happened on monday night at 9:00 near albany middle school t. student whose age or gender was not given was able to get away t. suspects are described as college age men in a large dark blue or black car. >> 5:38 right now a. man has been arrested for firing his gun at a pleasanton park and almost
5:39 am
hitting people. he was arrested yesterday, the shooting happened last month. police say copeland admitted he was the shooter and his motive was to rob people he knew. police say he fired his gun multiple times near picnic tables. luckily no one was hurt. on your wednesday morning, happening today the efforts to fight the blight, ramping up in san francisco with the annual graffiti hud him. this is a forum focused entirely on methods to stop tagging graffiti by looking at possible deterrents. it is hosted by the city's graffiti advisory board. >> that will take place at the hilton hotel. more than $3 million is going towards fixing the sink hole that opened up all the way back in march. town lead, finally approving that repair yesterday t. sink hole at green boulevard and center street damaged a storm drain about 20 feet deep. >> that money will also be used to inspect and fix other sections of that line.
5:40 am
i want to check in with meteorologist carrie hall, a little green. >> we are picking up on wet weather starting to make its way into the bay area. this is what we will see the next couple of days as scattered showers move in with a very weak system that will be spinning right overhead. as we take a look now at the north bay, there is some spotty rain also moving into san francisco and parts of the peninsula. but this would not be a heavy downpour, just enough to have you turning on the windshield wipers. it may make the streets a little bit damp. we'll be tracking that rain for the next couple of days. now mike is tracking slowing for san jose. >> we had a little more change, the 101 at 680. the overall view looks much the same the last time the speed sensors showed up here. we see that color change, green to yellow. that arrow, right where that camera shows more cars t. bay bridge also has more cars, because the metering lights are on. they gather here coming out of the maze, not a problem t. brookely curve moves well, it's
5:41 am
right at the toll plaza, back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. coming up, easing a commute t. new plan to speed up traffic on highway 101. >> plus tesla's big home battery is for sale. should you get one? >> that airbag that's supposed to keep you safe in a crash may now be under recall as regulators say they may expand the takata recall by double. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups.
5:42 am
it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
5:43 am
to hit the streets starting this fall. ==sam/vo== the chronicle reports the new fleet of cars now being built in sacramento will soon be
5:44 am
tested .. and then rolled into service by next summer. muni has ordered a total of 260 san francisco's beauty makeover is starting the fall. >> the new fleet of cars now being built in sacramento will be tested soon and then rolled into service by next summer. they ordered a total of 260 few cars for six metro lines at a cost of more than a billion dollars. the first two cars will arrive this fall, allowing operators to begin their training. drivers now on the peninsula know that 101 certainly during commute time can be difficult to stomach a. live look now. conditions still moving fairly smoothly. concerns as it hikes into the bay area, this kind of situation will get worse. for now, with the help of state and local agencies, redwood city is proposing a solution. the city wants to recon figure the on and off ramps at the woodside interchange. in there the interchange will
5:45 am
provide wider ramps, off ramps, so that traffic can stop on the ramps and get off the freeway. >> the price tag is $140 million. only 15 million has actually been set aside to pay for it. redwood city is looking for ways to start construction in four years. takata may be adding tense of millions to airbag inflators to what was the biggest recall in american history. >> the announcement is expected as early as today, good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, lawyer remarks good morning, sam. as you hit the road to work or school, you may wonder if you are safe behind the wheel if you have a takata airbag as that recall is expected to almost double today. so here's what you need to know in the meantime. here's a list of the 22 auto makers affected. we will lead you to the specific models under the recall by the national highway traffic
5:46 am
administration or nitsa. if that list grows today and we expect it will. we will add to it there. regulators warn they would order takata to add tens of millions to the recall list over airbags that send chards of metal into cars, killing at least 11 people and injuring more than 100 people world wide. some of those folks in collisionle that were not considered very serious. 28 million vehicles are under recall. again, as we said. those recalls, that recall list could double today and in the meantime, there is no need to disable your airbag, regulators say the vast majority of those takata airbags will deploy as they are intended to but you don't have to stop driving either. however, if you feel nervous because you feel like the make and modem of your car puts you at greater rick, can you ask your dealer for a loneer car until they fix it. that's according to nitsa. we expect news on that expanded recall today.
5:47 am
as soon as we get it, we will bring it to you on air and online. again, it could almost double. the current recall right now $28 million airbags and there are 85 million takata airbags on the road that are not recalled. . >> thank you, chris. it was a long wait the latest tesla is now ready for american homes. we are not talking about a car. >> it's the home battery tesla announced last year. scott, is it worth it? >> well, that itself the question. honestly, probably not, laura. it's cool, it will make you feel good about saving electricity. the pawer wall costs between three and $6,000. it's a battery for your house. this is elon musk announcing this almost a year ago. they're selling now. the idea is you charge it up when the energy is cheap. >> that might be overnight for people or solar users in the day. use the battery power when the electricity is more expensive. it's particularly interesting for solar users. right now, solar users can sell
5:48 am
back their unused electricity to the power company. but power companies don't like that and in many cases want to end that pay back program. so, instead of selling back extra power, you could save it in a tesla battery. it doesn't make financial sense. that's the big question. probably not t. cost is really high. but the day-to-day savings are really small. it's kind of like driving a tess louisiana you never spend a dollar at the gas station. so you save, but you spent $70,000 for a car. tesla will report profits after the koesing bell. apple broke an eight-day losing streak. that's good news on the marks t. marks are looking to become positive, looking grim this morning. they were looking terrible yesterday as well t. nasdaq was down 54. uber is denying reports it will get rid of its surge pricing model. right now there are not enough cars on the road, ubers will
5:49 am
charge riders more in order to encourage uber drivers to get out there and earn money. an earlier report from npr said uber was going to end that. uber is saying. the truth is, it works. uber got into controversy during that new york snowstorm when they were charging something 16 times more. but you could get a car in a snowstorm. it's your choice on whether to spend the money. >> it's your choice if it is worth it or fought. >> the entire system functions having surge pricing, otherwise, you can't get drivers, it incentivizes them to get out. >> to borrow a phrase, greed is good. who was that? gordon gecko? >> thank you, scott. let's go back to something we are also into, the addiction of our cell phones. many of us millennials, non-millennials. if you have a teenager, you know what this is like a. new poll revealing 50% of teens feel addicted to their phones.
5:50 am
78% check their devices at least hourly. 72% feel the need to immediately respond to techs and other social networking messages. the report also found 59% of parents believe their kids are way to attached to their phones. more than a third of families say it is causing daily tension at home. all right, you will know about this when the triplets are a little older. >> oh, yeah. >> a new mysterious twist to one of the most iconic photos in american history. >> everyone knows the image, marines and world war ii raising the u.s. flag on the island of iwo jima. the marine corps is launching an investigation into the men immortalized in the photo were misidentified. two historians say john bradley, not a part of the photo, though he was named decades ago, the real one is his son james wrote the best seller "flags of our father" he calls the claims unbelievable. >> se seriously hope that's not
5:51 am
the case. >> we went there to that beautiful stash coup and told the whole story of the individual soldiers there. >> that will change history as all of us know it. >> this is american war. >> iconic. >> it's one of the most important photos. >> let's check in with that forecast. you told us to bring your umm brael la. >> at some point you may need the umbrellas. we will have scattered rain. let's get a look outside at the golden gate bridge. so far the rain is holding off there. i don't see wind chill wipers as they cross the bridge. but a lot of clouds overhead. we will start to see that rain moving closer as we go into the rest of the day. we are picking up on quite a bit of green here on the radar showing that the rain is starting to move in as this slow moving system will kind of linger over the next couple of days. we can see there may be rain moving through san rafael, down
5:52 am
10123450 san francisco. this is something we will watch. that may be slowing people down, a close look at san rafael now. can you see that rain. as we take a look at all of our cameras, on our microclimbs, looking good so far. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s. highs today reaching 69 degrees in the east bay in san francisco, 62 degrees, 71 with a chance of storms in the tri-valley today as well as tomorrow and the next couple of days. the highest chance of seeing those storms will be over the hilltops, over farther off towards the east. >> that may include the north bay as well. so scattered showers, mainly cloudy and cool today. storms possible tomorrow as well as friday with some small hail and some lightning, into the week the rain will finally wrap up on saturday, warmer temperatures on sunday the future-cast shows that moisture streaming on through, there will be some breaks and long periods of time where we may not see any rain at all and tomorrow afternoon, we start to see the activity get going again with
5:53 am
the possibility of once again some clusters of some heavy cells moving through. but it will be very hit or miss. so if you are planning to go to the a's game today. at first pitch, it will be 63 degrees, into the upper 50s by the end of the game. there may be brief passing showers. so be prepared for that. it might get you prepared for the drive to work. >> we will ebl echo. there is not a lot of incidents around the bay. the peninsula side of the san mateo bridge. look at your map. we are talking about the peninsula on the left. maybe mist, maybe drizzle. no slowing shows up. not a real problem as far as your drive goes. as we move your map over towards the tri-valley. we are talking about slowing, coming over here by the orange section. basically, one car stalled out. it's moved out of the roadway. it's south of there and we start that little build. there is that closure.
5:54 am
you know forces many folks over towards 680 t. metering slight on. look at this map. because of the volume, maybe mist will as well. back to you. >> coming up, a dramatic rescue, not by firefighters, but by a school bus driver. also a blazing bust. happening right now on our digital platforms, 348 million dollars powerball fever sweeping parts of the country this morning, including right here in the bay area. we posted a list of the local stores on nbc bay plus, you heard about congressmen throwing verbal jabs. how about punches actually thrown in the turkish parliament? you can check out that incredible video right now on our facebook page. we will see you right after the other side of this break. as an out-of-control wildfire
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
doubled to 10-thousand square miles in just one day. this is happening in the canadian town of "fort mcmurry" in alberta. firefighters say its unclear ho >> developing right now, 80,000 people are evacuating their homes in canada as on out of control wildfire doubled to 10,000 squares miles in just one day. it is happening in the canadian town of fort mcmurray in alberta. they say entire neighborhoods are gone. this is the largest evac weighing in the history of the canadian province and fire crews are now asking for help from the
5:58 am
military. fortunately floor deaths or serious injuries so far. happening today, president obama is going to be in flint, michigan, to talk about federal efforts to solve that city's ongoing weather crisis. he will meet with community members and residents t. tap water contaminated with lead after the city switched its water source to the flint river in 2014 t. corrosive riff water caused lead to seep into the city's drinking supply. we now know the name of the u.s. navy seal killed during an isis-lead siege in iraq. charles keating, iv, was working as an advisory when they overtook the group's position. he was a grandson of savings and loan financier charles keating, jr. >> a new warning from health expert, they say it's not a
5:59 am
matter of if but when the zika virus will spread here. they say the u.s. is not prepared. while doctors say the virus won't spread far, they add even a little is too much t. biggest issue here the u.s. doesn't have a consistent mosquito control program across the country 9. the zika virus can cause severe birth desks in baby, including microcephaly, a school bus on fire. >> there were kids with special needs inside, but they're all safe because of the bus driver. take a look at what's left of the school bus. it happened earlier in a town outside of taco pa, walk. one of the tires in the front of the bus caught fire and it just rapidly spread from there. the bus driver, ron kitts, tried to put the fire out. it was a losing battle. he went inside the bus and started getting kids out. >> so i have to unstrap them, get them out, physically carry them to the back. hand them off to a parents. then go in and get the next one. >> there were eight students on the bus.
6:00 am
remember, they all had special feeds. the bus driver managed to get all of them out before the entire bus erupted if flames. ron kitts is being called a hero today, certainly, rightfully so. >> definitely, rightfully so, acting on instinct there. right now, another change in weather patterns. coming up in your microclimate forecast with kari. >> reporter: arrests made after a police officer in east bay hurt in a midnight crash. i will take you live to alameda coming up. >> cruz out the senator suspending his campaign for the white house. what this means for front runner donald trump right now on "today in the bay." and very good wednesday morning. >> pike, in just one second is going to get to your traffic reports. >> always. >> we will check back with you. a very patient man. carpocalyps


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