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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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remember, they all had special feeds. the bus driver managed to get all of them out before the entire bus erupted if flames. ron kitts is being called a hero today, certainly, rightfully so. >> definitely, rightfully so, acting on instinct there. right now, another change in weather patterns. coming up in your microclimate forecast with kari. >> reporter: arrests made after a police officer in east bay hurt in a midnight crash. i will take you live to alameda coming up. >> cruz out the senator suspending his campaign for the white house. what this means for front runner donald trump right now on "today in the bay." and very good wednesday morning. >> pike, in just one second is going to get to your traffic reports. >> always. >> we will check back with you. a very patient man. carpocalypse -- kari hall joins
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us now. >> it will be scattered. you want to be prepared. mostly across the north bay. we get this wednesday starred. a closer look shows we may see that rain moving into san francisco towards oakland with light showers starting out today, into the rest of the day, times of showers. mostly cloudy skies, rchls in the 50s to start. warming up to 70 degrees today in the south bay. 62 degrees if san francisco. we'll talk about that rain, what else to expect in the next few minutes. let's head over to mike with an update on the road conditions so far. >> you are talking mist and drizzle. watch that on the coast. over here, we are looking at fremont. we are looking at the volume increase and the map. we will zoom in towards the dunbar bridge, there is a crash approaching the to him plaza. a little slowing on the roadway,
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880, thornton, approaching the to him plaza, the lanes should clear shortly. we will watch as the volume builds. the san mateo bridges. i'm get more details from chp, guys, coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> new this morning, an alameda police officer recovering after he was injured in this crash. some people in the other car involved took off running. >> today in the bay live in alameda, bob you have an update on the suspects? >> reporter: yes, we know that everyone is in custody, that's according to alameda police here at their headquarters. we also know that their officer is recovering at highland hospital, is doing well, is expected to be okay after this serious accident last night before midnight. this is at the intersection of 5th and lincoln. can you see a white sedan collided with that police cruiser with the officer inside,
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hitting the driver's side front of that car. it was quite an impact. again, that officer taken to the hospital. we know everyone is in custody. this includes a man and a woman who are both handcuffed and arrested on the scene. police said there was no police chase leading up to this crash but they also don't know if this was a result of a dui or something else. again, everyone in custody. but recovering, expected to be okay. reporting live here outside alameda headquarters. bob redell, "today in the bay." a trial of a man accused of killing an oak 8-year-old girl is coming to a close. prosecutors say darnell williams shot and killed her at a sleepover at a friend's house three years ago. investigators believe he was targeting someone else. williams is also charged with murdering a man in an unrelated
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shooting in berkeley. >> mother's day is coming up this sun. it is also a somber anniversary for one family. the sister of the man killed in berkeley three years ago, pleading for help to bring his killer to justice, 21-year-old alberto santana of fremont was shot and killed on mother's day 2013 at grisly peak. today the victim's sister is holding a press conference there, where police are also expected to release a sketch of that suspect. earlier in the week, a $10,000 reward was offered to help catch that shooter. >> we are going to shut it down until they hear us. >> rowdy ainuwdy rananti-police >> the chief said he was concerned about safety there. earlier in the day, hunger strikers and hundreds of supporters marched from the
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mission district police station directly to city hall. when the protesters arrived, they disrupted a board of supervisors's meeting. the police department said there was concern activists would later disrupt the temple, too. >> there were security concerns, sophisticate enough that we were advised not to have the program as planned. >> we have to have this conversation about reforming the police department. we have to look at reforming the entire criminal justice system. >> dozens of people still gathered to hear public defender address race im, police use of force and possible reforms to the system. the chief says he would like to reschedule that event. >> and so, with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism, for the long-term future of our nation, we are
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suspending our campaign. >> a dramatic turn in the presidential race. ted cruz suspending his campaign after another loss this time in indiana last night. 53% of indiana republican voters picked donald trump. cruz one 37% of those votes. only 8% of the votes when to the john kasich. he is still in the race, but it is more and more likely trump is the likely nominee. and last night, trump extended an olive branch to ted cruz. trump also says he can bring the republican party together but political experts say that will be a tough battle for the front runner. >> this primary for the republicans has been so nasty for so long, it's going to be a real difficult chore for all sides to come together between july and to have. >> political experts also say, vetters will see trump start to pivot and challenge hillary clinton more. speaking of the democratic side, now bernie sanders narrowly won indiana. he barely made a dent in the
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delegate count. hillary clinton is still far ahead about 300 pledged delegate or. so sanders says he has no plans of dropping out st race. he is focusing his attention on california. >> i think we can pull off one of the greatest upsets in the history of the united states. >> hillary clinton did not campaign heavily in indiana. she spin no money on tv ads there. now following on a controversial tree in san francisco, next week, they will hold a second reading on landmark status to 100 norfolk pine in one man's back yard. the owner wants to chop it down. neighbors say it's an important part of the neighborhood, granting landmark status saves the tree for right now. all right, anything saving our warriors? boy, they're certainly in the driver's seat, up two games to none, last night's win was anything but easy.
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in fact, they trailed almost the spire game. we are down 11 points headed into the fourth quarter. the warriors managed to outscore the blazers to go on and win it 110 to 99. we turned around what was a pretty bad game for us. we had enough time to get back. >> they played hard. that's a recipe for, you know, a team that can beat anybody. so we got to stay on our toes and it's a tough place to play up if portland. those guys are really confident up there. so we got to be ready. >> that's where they're headed next. game three saturday in portland. no word yet if seth curry will play. the warriors got their mojo going. take a look at this. they say imitation is the best form of flattery. well, this is the predator's mascot trying to steal back the lock the sharks got from that little black shark tank friday. a0parent lot it worked.
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nash tilville scored the final four goals of the game. they go ahead to win this one. no worries the sharks still lead the series two games to one. game four is set for nash till tomorrow night. >> there we go. all right, for right now, let's check the forecast, change is in the works mid-week. kari. >> today, grab the umbrella. we are starting out with spotty rain moving across parts of the bay area as we see green on the radar now. mainly across san francisco and the part to the north. startsing to wrap up in san rafael. there will be this spotty-like nature of rain, cloudy and cool. storms will be possible as well especially tomorrow. small hail and lightning. something we will be watching, saturday, it will be warmer on sunday. i'll detail all of this coming up in the microforecast.
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mike is check on a crash on the bay bridge. >> we did get word of a crash. 101. the south build. a crash reported approaching that toll plaza. the live look shows you no actual crash, itself. it shows you the hov on the approach has a big rig getting a couple seconds there. if you have an position, watch it. stay to the lanes off to your right as you approach. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. up next, the new plan to speed up a notorious peninsula traffic stop. >> and is the price right? coming up, the reason the town of atherton is considering selling naming rights to the city landmark. >> plus the most boring car accident ever. stick around for that. drivers on the peninsula know
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the traffic up and down 101 can be brutal. ==sam/live== a live look at the commute this morning. ad lib conditions and if the population increases the congestions is expected to get worse. 6:13 right now. drivers on the peninsula know the traffic up and down the 101 can be brutal. >> we take a live look right now at pal lo alta. you see traffic moving smoothly northbound and southbound.
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the concerns right now for city planners moving forward is if the population continues to increase at this rate, the congestion will get far worse. now with the help of state and local agencies, redwood city is proposing a solution. the cityps to recon figure the on and off ramps at the 101 wood side interchange. >> the interchange will provide wider ramps, off-ramps, so that traffic can stack off the ramps and get off the freeways. >> there is still obstacles. the price tag is $40 million. only $15 million has been set aside to pay for it. redwood city is looking for ways to find the money so construction can start in about four years. a bold new work of art is destined to greet residents who live in one housing complex. >> developers are giving a speak peak at the sculpture. trinity place. stainless steel works, venus is the creation of renowned
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artists. trinity place will hold nearly 2,000 units when the last phase is completed leg year. >> all right. from the good o love to google, involved if another accident, once again, it was not the google car's fault. you say there is the most boring accident in the history of traffic accidents? >> honestly, we got to stop reporting when robot cars get in there, not today. the google car was stopped at the light at the time. the google is car wanted to go straight. the human driver tried to nikkei past to make a right at the light t. two cars touched. now the report says that google av, that's automated vehicle, sustained no damage and the other vehicle's left side mirror was slightly folded in. indeed, google point out, mr.
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collisions between humans are never reported. but, automated car developers have agreed to report everything, google will add the crisis mini have aen to a fleet of its cars. it is not clear why they have been using the suv in the past. tesla reported profits after the "closing bell." how many cars is tesla making. as you know, it's gotten more than 300,000 orders for the tesla model 3. but, sam, lawyer remarks they only make about 50 thousand cars a year. one last thing, i'd like to point out, everything i reported on had something to do with cars. there was a day not long ago. a date fought long ago, silicon valley had nothing to do with cell phones. we continue to evolve in what we
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do, they are moving from detroit. one says gm has a lab now. >> gm just spent a billion dollars on the startup. >> their future. thank you very much. so what's in a name? apparently some money. do nate enough money, can you put your name on a landmark. 1-up,000 for a water feature. how about a cool million dollars for a children's play area? but the big ticket item $10 million to name a new road in front of town hall. people that live there have mixed reaction. >> i just think when you give, it should be an anonymous gift. >> if the bill will do it, sure, why not? >> atherton is hoping to raise enough money to fund the project. city council will discuss that idea today.
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the silicon valley gives in a very big way. >> time is up, almost $8 million have been raised in silicon valley givgs a 24 hour hour online fundraising event. it benefits fawn profit organizations in santa collar remarks san mat? eo and san francisco counties, about a thousand of them. it technically ended at midnight. if you go to the website, can you give back. so who knows it may climb well above. >> it's amazing how many non-profits those are. >> you can sort of double your dollars. >> that's right. >> 24 hour hours of giving is like a mais macy's one-day seam. it keeps extending, much like the wane rain we are about to see, it will be on and off. >> it will be raining the spire time. there will be at times rain falling from the sky. you will need the umbrella. as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the cloudy skies.
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no wind chill wipers, but we pay see some more of those showers moving across parts of the north bay as we get a closer look here. we see some rain moving through petaluma and virginia. right lain rain will continue as we go through that morning commute. so as we see the mostly cloudy skies, our temperatures are in the upper 50s. let's drop in on the east bay now. 67 degrees in alamo and alameda at 55 degrees. 53 degrees now in san francisco. this is what the radar could look like. we won't see rain all day. in fact, there may be some breaks with sunshine. here's 1:00 today. still spotty showers moving across parts of the north bay. we see the rain possibly, even into tomorrow afternoon. then the rain may be a little stronger with the potential of thunderstorms firing up, especially in those higher elevations. we will be watching the hilltops for the potential of hail as well as some lightning.
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and that continues into friday, too. so a look at the south bay, our temperature trend over the next three days, going downward, from 70 today to 65 degrees to round out the week and the peninsula, it stays about the same as 65 degrees, up into the upper 50s for friday in san francisco, mid-60s elsewhere, dropping from the 70s today, cloudy, cooler, will be the trend today and tomorrow, as this slow moving area of low pressure makes its way farther off towards the east. and while it spins, it also brings in enough energy for some of those afternoon cells to produce, once again, some forms, some lightning. it may get a little bit strong, it will be very hit or miss. we want to make sure you are prepared just in case it does happen, by the end of the weekend, high temperatures warm up. thing dry out from there. during this time period, we are looking at the possibility a quarter of an inch of rain in san francisco, san jose, heading into the weekend, we are looking
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at some sunshine on sunday. we just have to make it through that rain on saturday. mike is now checking on that crash, approaching the bay bridge. >> yeah, kari, we have a few areas, use the emeryville, you see this curve, that's the berkeley curve. a full screen here, we're looking at the slow down, along that stretch, they had reports of that big rig involved in a fender bender, not a major issue. we are tracking this slower drive with car peoplers headed over towards the toll plaza. we look at your map. we don't see anything as far as that slowing through the area him we will track it off the berkeley curve. berkeley is at the little. slower at the toll plaza, of course. now we're going to zoom out, show you the rest of the bay t. crash over here the dunbarton toll paz za moved to the shoulder. a little distraction, nothing big. over here, we look at southbound 880, southbound 680. that's the typical pattern as
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well for wednesday. castro valley looks great. we'll give you a live look at the san mateo bridge westbound. you see some mist in the air. you might get use of the wind chill wipers farther north. so far, no big deal. >> coming up, a whale of a surprise the waters in this video look calm. wait until you see what's lurking beneath.
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>> an alaskan bishop has a whale of a tale to share a. fisherman thought he heard something in the water. he took out his phone and started recording this time he knew something was really big out there smr something big is the side of a building. >> not a kark. that is a giant humpback lurking below. >> something big like this biggest mammal on the planet. a new wist. >> how about this image the marines in world war ii raising the u.s. flag the marine corps has now launched an investigation looking into the men immortalized in that photo were misidentified. coreman was named decades ago the caper is his son james wrote the best seller "flags of our
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father" bradley calls these claims quote unbelievable. the latest look at crime on campus shows an overall decline in middle schools and high schools. according to latest government reports, about 3% were victims of the crimes in 2014. >> that number is down from prior years. well, south bay travelers have a new option to get across the pond. today british airways is launching new fawn stop service. the nair is joining members of the british consulate to celebrate the new route, checking san jose and heathrow. the airline will offer one daily non-stop flight each way. sjc last had direct service to europe in 2001. the first flight takes off at 6:05:00 p.m. >> coming up next, keep the umbrellas handy. it could stick around for the next couple of days.
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your complete forecast and a look at the roads in two first half minutes. >> and i'm live in san francisco, where today's supporters of rec united nationsal pot say they want to get this in front of voters. what this could mean this year coming up in a live report.
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>> a very good now wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> we are wide awake at 6:30 on your wednesday, mike is going to help you get through your commute. >> that's right, rain in the forecast. >> grab the umbrellas, moving
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across parts of the bay area, mainly the north bay, we will be watching out for some light rain across san francisco and parts of the peninsula within the next couple of hours. but the radar showing we will see batches of rain. we will see some more of that into the next couple of days. i will have details coming up in the next microclimate forecast. let's head over to mike now, looking at the flow of traffic. >> i want to show you in freedom. that moves well, a few more cars to join you. the maps will show you, typical patterns out of the all the mont. it is westbound 580. your compute and direction up towards macarthur. no injuries roaring. no slowing by that arrow. we will track that. i will get more details as soon as i get them from chp. back to you. >> with a heavy heart, but with
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boundless optimism, for the long-term future of hour nation, we are suspending our campaign. >> ted cruz bowing out of the likely route to the white house, making donald trump the likely nominee. >> what started out as a field of 17 candidates is now just two. john kasich with 150 delegates total is well behind. >> governor john kasich, lauren, will not give up. he will make california his battleground. he will try to stop donald trump in california for getting the 172 delegates. donald trump called into the" today" show this morning, he said he could bring the party together. ♪ indiana republican voters overwhelmingly made their choice t. lead up for the decision saw fall. there wering a sakess. >> listen, donald trump is a
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serial philanderer, and he boasts about it. >> reporter: and finally defeat. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. >> reporter: 53% of gop voters in indiana wanted trump, cruz's 37% of the vote ended his bid to be president. >> just so you understand, ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he is one heck of a competitor. >> reporter: for bernie sanders eeked out a win over hillary clinton by five points, with 53% of the vote. >> without being dependent on powerful and wealthy special interests. >> reporter: because of dwell gat sharing the win math mat click eliminated sanders from getting the nomination, unless he can convince super delegates to change their minds. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >>:t did not talk about her hoosier win. instead, she used the win as a
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campaign fundraiser. back to the republican, donald trump already this morning started in on hillary clinton, say tack he could beat her in the general election in the coming days and weeks, you will start to see him pivot and attack hillary clinton more and more. back to you, sam, laura. >> thank you. happening today the campaign for cannabis. a new ballot measure would be proposed to legalize pot across the state. >> supporters steps say they have almost doubled the necessary signatures needed to get that on the november ballot. >> that's right, sam, laura, that's 600,00060s to be submitted today here in san francisco to qualify for the november ballot. now, if this gets the green light, california could become the fifth state in the country to legalize recreational use of marijuana. what would this mean here in california? it would mean that each adult 21
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and older could carry and use up to one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants. there would also be a 15% tax on retail sales of marijuana. california is one of three states where it is legal. supporters of the campaign are set to launch today, including lt. gov. gavin newsom and sean parker, who by the way donated more than a million dollars to the campaign supporters checked this effort. i checked in colorado, where recreational use is illegal t. state raised $7 million in the fiscal year and already for this fess cal year through march, that something is almost $112 million. this is opposition, like the california police chiefs association, which here in california which says there are concerns of high addiction rates and legalizing marijuana, which
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points to studies, like this march that said regular users ahood more debt and cash flow problems. they consider it a scheduled i illegal drug. the tide seals to be turning state by state. according to ballot pedia as of today, there are 16 states that could have a pot legalization measure on the ballot this year again. live here in san francisco, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, that's a state wide measure. it appears that san francisco voters are going to decide whether or not 16 and 17-year-olds have the right to vote. supervisors will make the final decision to put it on the november ballot next week. it appears the plan did have enough to move forward. supporters say it will encourage civic engagement among youth and instill? them life long voting habits. a nearly $3ple settlement
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from asiana airlines. it will cover local costs steming from the deadly 2013 landing at sfo. the board of supervisors unanimously accepted that offer from the airline yesterday. ntsb determined pilot error sadly caused that crash. four men tried to lure a state of the union into the their car near an east bay school. the east bay "times" reported this happened monday night around 9:00 around albany middle school. the student was able to get away. the suspects are described as college-age men in a large dark blue or possibly a black car. new details on rape allegations against a former nfl star. he says the accusations that ehe sexually assaulted a disabled women are completely false. oakland raider faced the media to deny the allegations against him. he is accused of attacking a development ally disabled woman who went to his morgan hill home
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for a job interview more than a year ago. he claims this was no assault. >> i a him not a perfect man, however, the allegations against me come in a year after a consensual encounter with another woman are all totally false. >> stubblefield did not answer questions at the news conference. his legal teams are calling eight money grab. they claim she is mentally competent. stubblefield is set to be in court next month. forget about the seahawks or the cardinals the city of santa clara might be the 9ers opponent. the 9ers want santa clara to slash levi stadium t. 49ers have been paying the city $24.5 million in rent per year. the 9ers are proposing a few rent. the team claims better than expected stadium revenue allows
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them under their agreement with the stadium authority to renegotiate their rent. so far, neither side is backing down. so the 9ers are set e sending this case to arbitration. there is no comment yet from the city of santa collar. >> reporter: a high ranking executive is speaking out to nbc bay area. this former team exec, who wished to remain anonymous tells us, quote the 49ers are technically correct in invoking a rental reduction t. way they are doing sit penney pound wise and foolish. they are swimming in profits. forbes magazine ranks the 49ers as the fifth large eest franchise worth a reported $2.7 billion. a makeover on track t. clinical reports the new fleet of cars now being built in sacramento will soon be tested and romd into service next summer. muni ordered them at a cost of more than a billion dollars.
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the first two cars will arrive this fall, allowing operators to start training. a sink hole, more than $3 million is going towards fixing that sink hole in moraga that opened up in march t. sink home, which is situated at marine boulevard and center street damaged a storm drain that's about 20-feet deep. >> that money will be used to inspect and fix other sections of that line. it is 6:39 t. morning is moving on along here. the rain is moving in. kari has a look at our microclimate forecast. >> sam, laura. we begin with light rain across parts of the bay area this morning. we are all seeing cloudy skies, that's a hint that our weather is changing. don't forget the umbrella before you head out. we are looking mostly at green across the north bay, moving into san francisco with light showers to start out this wednesday morning. into the rest of the day, we will see the scattered rain moving through. it is now 63 degrees in the pens
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louisiana roar in the north bay, 72 will be your high there. more rain in the forecast today, tomorrow as well as friday. mike is tracking a big build heading into the tri-valley. >> in fact, our commute is building up all over the place. here's the san mateo bridge, not usual. we will watch as they sorts itself out on the sensors. there you go, in the middle of the screen, resuming over towards the approach into altamonte pass into livermore. that's where it gums up. there is the latest issue, a zrabld vehicle, where you see that diamond shield there. they are coming into it jammed up. als heading down through pleasanton. you see your typical build there as well him as we move out towards the east bay and oakland, we still have that crash reported at macarthur, no showing up in the last few minutes. in san jose, looking at the northbound build. 101 at 680, we will show you a
6:41 am
bigger look at the maps coming up. >> thank you so much. coming up, the bay area cop president is spotlight, thanks to mcdonald's the place you can get gilroy garlic fries. the marks are looking rough, let's take you out like to the big board, dow industrials, down, more again today, business tech news just ahead. if your vehicle was spared the 28 million airbag recall by takata, that could change today. >> that recall could more than double. i will show you how to find out if your vehicle is involved and what to do next. . - is expected to grow
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6:43 am
exponentially. as many as 40 million additional airbags may need fixing. ==sam/boxes== today in the bay's kris sanchez is live in campbell... and kris - this could impact one
6:44 am
out of every four cars on the road in the u-s. kris/live those takata airbags are in all kinds of vehicles. from . >> right now, the recall involving those faulty takata airbag inflators is expected to grow exponentially. as many as 40s million additional airbags may need fixing. >> that's a wide scope. "today in the bay" chris, this could impact one out of every four cars on the road in the united states. >> reporter: right, well, sam, lawyer remarks those takata airbags are in all kind of vehicles from luxury to economy, work trucks and beyond. so you will want to know what will happen next if that recall expands today. this is a list of the 22 vehicle makers already affected by the existing recall. go to nbc bay we will lead you to the specifics models by the national highway track safety administration. if that list grows today, we expect it will. we will add to that list there. regulators have said they will
6:45 am
order takata to add tens of thousands of vehicles to that recall list. over the airbags that seem to deploy with too much force, sending chards of metal into cars, killing at least 11 people so far. more than 1,100 injured. some in crashes that were not too serious. right now, 28.8 million takata airbags are under recall. again, that recall list could double today. according to nit sa, you kould should not undo it. they say the vast majority will deploy as designed and an airbag that is disabled is 100% likely to fame. few think about it that way. we are awaiting for news on that expanded recall to come today. we will update you if we are on air here, if not, we will bring it to you online and our social media platforms. you want to watch for that. again, it is going to more than double, sources say. that could impact a lot of
6:46 am
folks. in campbell, chris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. it is a quarter to 7:00. you know what, the stockmarkets are falling once again today after a rough tuesday. >> it's been a rough week or so for apple. we have been watching that sought skafl carefully. >> apple has had its poorest performance since 1998. apple is slightly higher, 1-800-flowers. your mom says buy her index funds. the dow industrials are down 136 points. nasdaq is down 30 over nervousness that friday's job numbers will come in light. tesla opens its financial books to investors after the closing bell today. now, we care about profits, but we care for more about production. how many cars does tesla make? it will have to need to ramp up production to meet demand for the model 3 and still make the
6:47 am
modem s and the model x. the honest question is, can tesla handle it? three product lines. more than 300 orders free for a company that in the past has only made 50,000 cars a year. the white house is going to set up a committee to look into artificial intem jens. the obamaed a many instration says, it wants to understand the pros and cons of ai as it makes our lives easier, also takes our jobs a tip of the hat for the "wall street journal" this morning, which investigated the sales of pingpong tables. why pingpong tables? well, the reporter went from silicon valley store-to-store checking to see how many they're selling to tech companies. she says, sales have fallen 50 morris from la50% from last year him one of the first things a tech company buys is a pingpong table. >> hmm. that's interesting. >> what about pool tables? >> you know, for some reason, i don't know why. >> it's really a good question.
6:48 am
we have a thing called cable. >> maybe they already have them. and you don't really replace them usually. >> if you open a new office. this could be a leading economic indicator. >> new construction, new pingpong tables. >> i think it's very clever. >> these are the things they are tracking these days. they are tracking the sweet smell an taste of garlic could be coming to the golden arches. the new addition coming to the fast food menu with a very distinct bay area flamplt our own gilroy garlic fries are being test marked at four south bay restaurants t. garlic comes from, of course, christopher farms in gilroy the nation's largest fresh garlic flower. >> i live next door to a mcdonald's, i came over here because of the garlic fries. i want to give them a try. >> i had garlic fries oitself places before. they were pretty good. i'd give them a shot. >> they're not so good. i will actually take the 45
6:49 am
minute drive to gilroy to have the fries. >> you can find a list of the four mcdonald's serving garlic fries on our website, nbc bay they look good, very pun gent. yeah. >> so are the consumers sometimes. >> if we're going to try, we all need to try it. >> they will lose that vampire mark. >> who will be saved, obviously? so, are you a fan of garlic fries? >> i do like them. i like the ones at at&t park. >> we'll see if mcdonald's are. >> it's a day you will want to get something nice and warm to meet. also the umbrella may be a necessity as scattered showers start to move through. we are taking a live look from emeryville. you see those low clouds hanging with us this morning. we are tracking light rain that continues to move through. as this system moves in, we will continue to see those scattered showers in the forecast. so getting a closer look at this
6:50 am
rain as it approaches san francisco seeing green, we will see spotty sprinkles, mist and drizzle. >> that may help you head out, san rafael to 101. seeing green on the pap here. not a heavy downpour, light rain. as we get a bigger view of the north bay, sonoma towards napa, looking at the live camera, it seems like the drivers are making theerlg way down 101 is just fine. we will have cloudy skies, cooler temperatures today. tomorrow the possibly of some thunderstorms, especially during the afternoon. that may perform slight hail and lightning in the hills. something we will be watching. still a chance of rain early on saturday. sunday it clears out, temperatures will be warmer. it is fairly mild now. we are 56 degrees in the peninsula. and the north bay starts out. the future-cast shows we will
6:51 am
not see rain all day, pacific, there will be some breaks, times of sunshine and rain moving through at any point today or tomorrow or friday. as we go into tomorrow afternoon, here's a time line, 1:00. this is what the radar shows. scattered showers popping up towards the peninsula and the east bay, also into parts of the south bay as well. some of them once again may be strong enough to produce heavy downpours, briefly with lightning and hail as well. looking at temperatures today, we'll be topping out in the 60s for most of our microclimates a. few inland spots in the low 70s. if you head out to the as game, keep in mind, you may need the rain gear. we could have a brief passing shower, temperatures in the low 60s, dropping back to vague degrees. we will be keeping an eye out on that, let's head over to mike to get a look on the roadways. >> talk about a crash in the city, involving a muni bus, that's coming up. i want to show you the oakland
6:52 am
hills and a big look at the bay, the bottom of the screen. we have the northbound routes. with the slowing hitting up the 101. see the arrows, we typically sew the build. no surprises over here. 280 north. 880, 17 on the south side. we will move the map up towards san francisco, again, we had a crash reported by san francisco muni at 3rd and 16 south of at&t park. it's not an issue as far as injuries go. it cleared from the roadway. we are checking on any sort of residual delays i might have. also, look arc little green highlighting here. we have mist and drizzle registering on the road weather. so maybe some damp roads through san francisco and a quick look at that san rafael camera. i want to show you dedicated to this morning's compute. we don't see those windshield wipers, little gray skies, patches in the north bay, petaluma, santa rosa, back to you. >> thank you very much. happening today, artists are leaving their mark and city
6:53 am
leaders are not pleased about it. the effort to fight the blight ramps up in san francisco with the annual graffiti hud him. it's a forum, focused entirely on methods to stop tagging and graffiti by looking into torrents and it's hosted be i the graffiti advisory board. all this is taking place at the hilton hotel. >> san francisco's recently home state of emergency. they introduced that idea in march, to help speed up the process. the board has not authorized specific action. homeless advocates will gather to discuss what a state of emergency might mean to help end the homeless problem. coming up next, still collecting details about a bay area police officer j urd in a serious car crash. the people police say are responsible are now in custody. we'll have a live report from alameda coming up after the break. happening now, trouble on the tracks, cal train hits
6:54 am
another person in the south bay, less than a week since another incident left someone dead. we've posted this story to nbc bay plus the silicon valley group featuring a lineup of female tech executives, aims to boost women in tech. we have linked this story to our facebook page. we'll be back in two minutes.
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>> welcome back to you. before you head out the door, here's a look ought our top stories. >> an alameda policed officers in the hospital. live with an update on the officer's condition, bob, what do we know? >> well, sam, lawyer remarks we just heard from an alameda police officer who informed us his colleague was released from the hospital. after this accident, you can see the video here that took place around midnight, just a couple miles away from police headquarters. this is at the intersection at fifth and lincoln. there was a collision with a white sedan, with that officer inside oge one person is under arrest. that was the driver of the car, initial reports, she was taken
6:58 am
into custody, we know there wasn't a police chief chase or whether it was a dui, police have not fgd that out. >> thank you very much, bob. 6:57, decision 2016 and senator ted cruz calls it quits. the republican presidential candidate announced he is suspending his campaign, which means, donald trump is now the likely candidate, it's an overwhelming win over indiana's primary last night. trump and kasich the only remaining gop candidates in the race, meantime on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders thanked indiana voters for what he is calling a great upset victory. he warned hillary clinton against, assuming the campaign is over. well, these guys are no underdogs, but they were playing like it for the first three quarters of last night's game with the warriors in the clutch.
6:59 am
they sit in the driver's seat. last night's win, though, was anything but easy. in fact, the doves trailed almost the spire game they went into the fourth quarter, left up 11 points, do the math. they outscored the trail blazers by 22 last night in the fourth quarter to win 110 of 99. >> you get a star on your map today. >> game three is in portland saturday. no word if seth curry will play in that one. that's the mystery surfound rounding this series. >> he was jumping around. stay seated. >> you deal with models all the time. >> we'll have scattered showers today, you are seeing the moving. >> that spotty light rain. high reaching the low 70s for san francisco. >> i want to check in with mike. anything working out there?
7:00 am
>> there was a muni bus crash. overall, your wednesday compute looks good. we have san francisco, south of the ballpark. i mentioned it. some delays on the express as an alternate. look at the san mat? eo. it's not that dramatic westbound. >> that's what's hang "today in the bay. >> full speed express for your wednesday. see you in 25 minutes. stinging loss to bernie sanders in indiana. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> is it the democrats who are now facing a contested convention this summer? mass exodus. an entire town more than 80,000 people ordered to flee from a raging wildfire in canada. dozens of homes destroyed.


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