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tv   Today  NBC  May 4, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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is. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> don't get so aggressive! >> you know what? it's may 4th so may the fourth be with you! >> that's what she said. >> it's national "star wars" day. >> all right, chkylo ren's ligh saber. >> ladies, time to get on with
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the show. >> wow, that's zach. >> to the teases. >> there's something very hot about you. [ laughter ] i can't figure it out. that's zach. all right, bring the mask home and we'll talk. >> deal. >> hi, hody! >> hi! how are you? >> i feel silly because i only saw one "star wars" movie. >> you've only seen one? >> so this is feigned excitement about "star wars" day. most people love it, love it, love it. and you know what i love? >> what? >> lionel richie. >> and you spent last weekend with him. >> i did! he's in vegas for his residency and that was a pinch me moment. i was afraid to sing because you want to listen and he was like "sing with me." i reverted back to being like i was in school. >> i think you sounded darn good. we'll have that in a bit. >> he'll tell us about the song
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he's most proud of and the project he's most proud of, which is interesting. >> i think i know that but i won't give it away. if you need a gift for the graduate in your life, steve greenberg found the gadgets to get them ready for the dorms or the real world. >> that makes sense. >> hands free umbrella. >> that's genius. especially for right now in new york. it's been pouring all week. >> all right, and what should you do if your mother is on your back about your life? we've got expert advice we're going to help out about that there. >> i'm ready. >> words of wisdom, here we go. you've said a version of this. here it is. "you are one decision away from a totally different life." mark battercon. you know how you say you're one decision away from a disaster. you're also one decision away from doing something fabulous. >> you know what? everybody's been talking about little kids' first words and first steps and all of that so i thought maybe i will show you.
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our little schecky, my little aaron, my great nephew, said his first words. this was right after he said gra grace. his mommy said grace. take a look. >> say amen. >> amen! [laughter] >> amen. >> amen! [ laughter ] >> you know what's funny? he knows he won't get it unless he says amen. then he did it. then he says where's where reward? >> where 's the grub? >> he's got a little too learn but isn't he cute? >> we're looking at beautiful ladies who are here. it's a birthday for fran. she's 57 with her posse. wave if your name is fran. there she is! okay, everybody's waving. >> it's a fran convention. >> happy birthday and thanks to her son hill for tweeting me about her birthday. so we have a wine bot question,
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everybody. >> it's winesday wednesday so we have wine bot. >> i would like to break my streak. >> you might today. >> my losing streak. this question came up in the makeup room about engagement rings. so here's the wine bot question, please do not deviate from the question. if you don't like your engagement ring, is it okay to tell your fiance? if you do not like your engagement ring, is it okay to tell your fiance? i say -- look at you plotting, changing the questions. no changing it. don't even try to -- i say first of all he picked it out with great care, it's a symbol of his love, all those things, i'm sure it was a major, major decision. you put it on your finger, i say you wear it. wear the engagement ring he bought. it's something that means a lot to him. think about prince william and kate. kate was wearing diana's ring. does she love it? we don't know.
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she wore it. you wear it for other reasons. so are you against princess diana? [ laughter ] >> you're breaking the rules. >> i just wondered if you were or not. go on. >> you say what you think, hody. >> i say you should keep the ring and say thank you. thank you, honey, for loving me so much that you chose this ring. thank you for loving me. that's what i say. what would you say? >> i would say that that's a lovely sentiment, however my attitude is you better base your long-term, hopefully, relationship on truth. if you can't communicate truth in a loving way to the person you're going to spend hopefully the rest of your life with then you have more than a problem of not liking the ring you've got on your finger. >> but why should you always say like -- sometimes you do something for someone else. you may not love something. >> i'm not saying you're going
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to have to all through your marriage. >> that's what i just did. thank you, honey, i love you, beautiful. >> i understand, but resentment cans grow in your life and suddenly you're mad at your husband -- >> you're mad at a ring? >> down the road i'm thinking things through, you're probably going to win, but you know, i love you so much i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> but i want to return this hideous ring? >> i want to pick out something together that we're both going to love. >> he already picked out what he loves. >> i think he should speak the truth in a spirit of love. >> i think when someone gives you a beautiful thing you should say thank you, honey, i love you and i will wear it because you love me and you chose it for me. come on, red! come on, red! come on, red! >> i'll be honest, the ring he gave me, i didn't love but i don't care about -- >> that's the difference, you don't care. >> i don't care about those kind of things.
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some people are like what's a princess cut or a prince cut -- i'm not even 100% sure what the cuts are. i don't even know so i would like -- i usually like it when someone gives it to me. >> i know you do and that's a beautiful, beautiful way you go about through your whole life, but you don't care about -- >> but what if your kid gives you a rock and he says "isn't it pretty? ". >> if it's your kid it's perfect. you take that rock -- that child is still developing as a human being and you don't lie to them and go "it's the most beautiful rock i've ever seen." >> but it is a beautiful rock? >> it's the most beautiful rock because it's from your child. >> and it's the most beautiful ring because it's from your fiance! come on, red! tweet us to let us know. it's #teamhoda. >> you need honesty to get through a long marriage. >> that's a beautiful rock. [ laughter ] last night i got to host a music fest to kick off national
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concert day. so spotlighted a bunch of different concerts and they had great music, they had cheap trick, they had joan jet, they had wiz khalifa, they had snoop dogg. they were rocking. joan jet was rocking like she rocks. >> he is so darn cute he needs to be arrested. >> cheap trick, they didn't stop then wiz khalifa and snoop, they caught everybody by surprise. so i had a chance to speak to musicians, take a look. ♪ i love rocki 'n roll put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ >> when you're not listening to your own music, what music do you like sicking outloud? >> silence. >> have you ever heard this song? >> no. >> do they still yell for "i love rock 'n roll" when you go out to a concert? >> pretty much, pretty much, yeah. >> do they drown you out?
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>> when the they sing it? no, we're still louder than them. >> i'm still grail. for that song. i really am. but once in a while i want someone to acknowledge another song. >> it's called "iris." do your kids go with you when you go on the road? >> the kids will come in the summer. we'll load up a bus with inflatable pools and remote control cars and a lot of chalk, water balloons and nobody sleeps like a month. >> president obama walking out to your music? >> oh, man, that's crazy, right? i mean, like, to me -- that was crazy because i wrote that song, that's like a real personal song to me and for it to come from pittsburgh and to go that far, man. >> i just watch morning television. >> what's your favorite morning television show, say it very carefully. >> let me think, um -- >> what favorite morning tv show? >> hoda and kathie lee. >> bingo! drop the mike. >> they were inducted into the
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hall of fame. and hoda i think your losing streak is over. you're a little ahead of me. >> a little looks like more #teamhoda. this might be historical because it's the first time i've ever won. >> i'm happy for you. i zblam relationship based on honest honesty. >> that's why it's going to last a long time. her night out with lionel richie and a few thousand of his closest friends. >> it was a lot of life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. ♪ go paperless ♪ don't stress, girl ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ]
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast all righty, hoda woman, tell them where you were, everybody will be so jealous. >> on saturday night i was in vegas, baby, hanging out with the one, the only lionel richie. he's taken up residency at planet hollywood with his show called "all the hits." so i put on my dancing shoes and got ready for some fun with his
10:14 am
fans. ♪ dancing on the ceiling not my typical saturday night rocking out with tyra banks, leeza gibbons and thousands of fans at his soulout show that took many of us down memory lane. ♪ hello ♪ say you, say me ♪ all night long >> who is ready for lionel? >> yes, yes! >> wait, she's got my kind of wine, red. ♪ oh, what a feeling when we're dancing on the ceiling ♪ >> growing up with a grandmother who played classical piano, lienal has been making music for 40 years, first with the commodores before going solo in 1981. ♪ truly >> the four-time grammy winner who writes his own lyrics cites the 1985 hit "we are the world" co-written by michael jackson as the project he's most proud of. ♪ we are the ones who make a
10:15 am
brighter day ♪ but no matter what lionel is singing, it all seems to come so easily for him. ♪ i know it sounds funny, but i just can't stand the pain ♪ girl, i'm leaving you tomor w tomorrow, seems to me ♪ girl, you know i've done all i can ♪ >> i'm so happy right now! ♪ i begged, stole and borrowed ♪ >> what other songs do you love to play. ♪ i've been alone with you inside my mind ♪ and in my dreams i've kissed your lips 10,000 times ♪ i sometimes see you pass -- all i can tell you, every slow song --
10:16 am
>> go. ♪ thanks for the times that you've given me, the memories in my life ♪ >> i want to start crying. >> don't cry! >> i want to be one of those people. >> i need you with me tonight. foc focus. focus here. we have managed to bring on now three generations of people and i'll tell you how i see it on stage. the first group is the commodores. they were with us from the beginning. the second group came with "all night long" and "hello" and the third group is "my momma and daddy played all your music when i was growing up." >> how about your grand kids? are they grooving on your music? >> here's the funny part. they're just now figuring out that pop-pop has a big show. ♪ oh, what a feeling, when you're dancing on the ♪ ceiling >> we all know what you give to
10:17 am
the audience. but what do you get back from everybody out there? >> i play the entire world and they say thank you. i think what it is is i didn't waste my life. ♪ sail on down the line about a half a mile or so ♪ and don't really wanna know where you're going ♪ maybe once or twice you sew ♪ time after time i tried to hold on to what we got ♪ but now we're going >> hate to say good-bye. >> but you've got a show to do? ♪ ♪ >> yes, i do. en i play this song tonight, remember this moment. >> i won't forget this moment for a lot of reasons. >> love you so much. >> thank you. love you. ♪ all night long, all night
10:18 am
long ♪ >> he's just awesome. >> isn't he amazing? >> such a good guy. >> one of those pinch me moments. and to be in that audience with everyone knowing every word was one of the best experiences ever. >> i'll never know. [ laughter ] lionel's "all the hits" residency inside planet hollywood runs through may then he'll be back there again in september. >> all right. while i guess i was living it up all light long this 100-year-old woman was out making history. a remarkable story coming up right after this.
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to be in a magician's act. kill 99% of bad breath germs. feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™ it's not often that we say this, but you are about to be inspired and feel like a complete slacker at the same time. >> that's because a 4'6"83 pound ida keeling was busy setting a world record at the penn relays
10:22 am
in philadelphia for the fastest 100 meters by a woman who -- get this -- is 100 years or older. >>. >> so we had to bring her in along with ida's daughter who happens to be her trainer, shelley. hello, ladies! >> congratulations and happy birthday coming up and happy mother's day. >> oh, thank you. i can use all of it. >> how did it feel crossing that finish line? >> i was so happy i said i didn't come out here to be a loser even though i felt tired i just pushed on the best i could and that was at my pace and when i passed that finish line i said thank, god, thank you for everything and all of your blessings. >> amen, amen. >> you didn't start running until you were 67, is that right? >> well, yes, yes. >> coach, you got her started, right? >> because of that kind of
10:23 am
woman. >> yes, the competing started when she was 67 years old and it came on the heels of a tragedy, my mother had lost both her sons, both my brothers were both murdered one and then two years eight months later the other and it was a really difficult time. >> a dark time. >> yes, it was. >> and mother was -- she was distressed, really distressed and her pressure had started to shoot up so one day i called her and said "i'm taking you for a run." it was a 3.1 mile run, a 5k. i called her and i said "i'm coming to get you." she said "i don't have sneakers." i had sneakers with me, i said put them on and that was the beginning of her running career. >> and a healing of your own heart. >> that is correct. it was a great medicine for her. >> what do other people say when they hear that you are a runner, that you've broken a record? >> "what's your secret?" >> so what is your secret? >> my secret is love yourself,
10:24 am
also eat for nutrition, not for taste. do what you need to do not what you want to do. and make sure that you get some kind of exercise at least 10 or 15 minutes everyday. >> everyday. >> will you show us something? because we see pictures of you doing a push up. would you mind showing us one? >> yeah. okay. >> why don't you follow kathie lee around. >> okay, right around the corner. all righty. >> there's your mat. you have a mat. which one do you want. >> this which one? is this okay for the camera? >> yes, it's perfect. it's good for the camera. there she goes. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! okay. >> she's already beaten my record. that's just amazing.
10:25 am
>> that was awesome! >> you want this shoulder job? >> yeah, let's see that. >> hold on, let me take your pack off. >> i think we might be doing this all through commercial break, this is not going to be pretty. we're going to run, thank you so much. that was beautiful. that was beautiful. that was beautiful. thank yo your ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, that was beautiful. thank yo your the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake d with nutella. spread the happy! i comy hair showed it.ks.
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the family of a man shot and killed in berkeley three years ago is trying to draw attention to the case. they're at the scene of the crime right now asking for answers. you can look for updates in our twitter feed. we're also monitoring a hazmat issue. we'll have full details on our 11:00 a.m. news.
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=trx at ck= ck traffic maps we're looking at cloudy
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skies all across the bay area and spotty rain that will be dropping at any point today. make sure you're prepared with your umbrella and our temperatures will be warming up to 69 degrees in the east bay. 71 in the trivalley. there may also be some isolated thunderstorms popping up in parts of the bay area. otherwise, expect a mix of sun and clouds. the south bay up to 70 degrees. and 62 degrees in san francisco. low 70s with off and on rain in the north bay. we'll continue to see rain chances in the forecast in the next few days. we have the gray skies kari is talking about. a smooth drive through most of the spots in the south bay and peninsula. another crash north 85 around el camino. that slow stretch coming into cuperti cupertino. in oakland we have gray skies and slowing near high street on 880 north. the recovery heading both
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directions to just north of the coliseum. >> thanks. lots of news ahead. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we'll see you then. it's winesday wednesday which means we're ready for another fun edition of our weekly trivia game "who knew" and since this sunday is mother's day we're about to test you on moms and music. hoda is across the street at the shop at nbc studios at 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to those who answer correctly and one of her wonderful signed books, that's the real winner. here to help me out is carolina bermudez, she's the mother of two adorable boys, happy mother's day. >> likewise, happy mother's day to you. >> you never get tired of hearing that? >> no way. >> what's your name?
10:31 am
>> lori. >> from? >> portland, oregon. >> here we go, me and you. what song did dolly parton write as a tribute to her mother? "jolene," "i will always love you" or "coat of many colors." >> coat of many colors. [ bell ringing ] you got it right! [ cheers and applause ] >> and, of course, that was the big movie here on nbc around christmas time that did so well. >> well, she was quick with that answer. it was released back in 1971 and the story tells about how her mother stitched together a coat for her out of the rags she found around the house and that movie that was released on dvd yesterday, dolly parton said she's up for a sequel so you never know. >> i think it's going to be four more of her songs. my friend sam is producing them. >> what's your name, honey? >> my name is janet. >> and you're from -- >> portland, oregon. >> what a weird coincidence.
10:32 am
what is the name of justin bieber's hit song that features the lyric "my mama don't like you and she likes everyone." here are the answers. "a what do you mean," "home to mama" or "love yourself"? >> "love yourself." [ cheers and applause ] >> for you! >> amazing. >> they're going to have to go out and buy hoda's book. >> this is justin bieber's third consecutive number one hit and this follows "what do you mean" and "sorry" on the billboard hot 100. it was co-written by another superstar, that's ed sheeran so they teamed up. >> i like to see those pop stars get along. >> of course. >> all right, hoda woman. >> what's your name, sweetie. >> monica. >> when did you color your hair? >> just recently, a few days ago? >> and you're from? >> rockland county, new york. >> we're going to play "finish the lyric" to this jennifer lopez song. here is the beginning. ♪ i've been cooking all day
10:33 am
♪ i love my mom and it's almost mother's day ♪ [ buzzer sounding ] [ laughter ] you get a book! >> she got it right! >> no, the right lyrics are "i ain't your mama." >> i think she said something "i ain't your mama --" she didn't get it exactly right. but she was close, she gets a prize anyway. >> she gets a great prize. all righty. oh, this is -- >> this song was out in april. this is what j. lo performed on the series finale of "american idol." it was co-written by meghan trainor, so people teaming up. >> what's your name? >> i'm josie. >> from? >> melbourne, australia. [ cheers and applause ] >> we love everyone from australia. are you ready? there's a photograph i want you to look at. see if you can identify this artist from a still of her music video about her daughter.
10:34 am
>> oh -- beyonce. [ bell ringing ] >> beyonce. [ cheers and applause ] >> i heard somebody whisper, kathie lee, is that allowed? >> if it's somebody you're with they can help you. >> well, as you saw beyonce was with her daughter blue ivy from her self-released album that came out in 2013. it was all about the love for her daughter blue ivy but that's not the first time blue has appeared on one of her parents' songs. jay-z recorded glory. he got her cry from the first day she was born. so she's the youngest person to ever hit the billboard charts. >> that's great. we have one more. >> here we go, gang. this carole king hit served as the theme song for "gilmore girls" a tv show that focused on a mother/daughter show. is it a, b, or c?
10:35 am
>> "where you lead". [ bell ringing ] [ cheers and applause ] >> yes. ♪ where you lead i will follow anywhere ♪ >> we love carole king. >> she released this song back in 1971 and rerecorded it in the daughter which i thought was so cool and that's the theme song for "gilmore girls" which everybody is excited about. >> i hope you'll come back to see us carolina. happy mother's day again. after mother's day comes all those graduations, steve greenberg has the perfect presents that will come in handy when they're on their own. i don't want to think about them being on their own. after this. i don't want to think about them being on their own. after this. [ cheers and applause ] cottonelle asked real people about cleaning... their bums. what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out.
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. ladies, get comfortable. >> it's just about time for the pomp and circumstance of graduation when your son or daughter or grand kid or other loved one walks across the stage and grabs the diploma. >> what do you get them to mark such a wonderful occasion? here with the perfect gift is the author of "gadget nation" and our gadget guy steve greenberg. >> you always have goodies. >> i think i do this time, hopefully. this is cool. this is a combination lunchbox and it cooks the food as well. it's called the hot logic mini. you basically put the food in there, frozen food, fresh food and you zip it up and it will cook the food. >> it's like a slow cooker? >> it's great for a dorm room, office situation, job, you can bring your food with you. it's genius. >> it's waterproof? >> super safe, no problem. i tried it at home and maid frozen chicken, it worked great.
10:41 am
>> how about 23 we want to listen to music? >> these are blue teeth speakers from the folks at polk boom. you can have this tail on it which you can wrap around handlebars or a post in the backyard or a suction cup so you can use these in the shower, it's waterproof. i'll make music, hold on. here we go. great sound. >> great sound! >> get two and you have stereo, it's waterproof. >> hoda! >> that's got hoda's name on it. >> this is from polk boom, love that. next, if you're looking for a way to organize your earbuds, this is called mouse music case. it's a case that holds your iphone earbuds. you put them in here, i guess we can't show on camera, then scootch them up when you're done and it stores them. they keep it organized and neat and it's with the phone. so the phone is right here and it stores it right there.
10:42 am
>> so great. >> super smart. very smart. also a small company, very neat. this is cool, this is called chatlight. it's a light for your -- any device you have so if you're doing skyping or face time or taking a selfie. what it does. i'll put it on here -- >> like a light on you. >> so here i am, i look my usual but i can look better with lighting. >> oh, or put it on the bottom for really good lighting. >> i put it upside down and we do that as well. i need to see a surgeon. >> cute. >> works very well. and it works on a laptop or what not. next, this was invented by a marine. this is called collar perfect. he wanted to keep his collars good. it's a tiny iron that folds in half so you can go along a hem or collar. >> so smart! >> plus you can open it up like this and then you can have a real iron. it's a great travel iron. this is from the grommet and the other product was from the grommet as well. >> so smart. >> next, these are little
10:43 am
battery chargers, this has a light so it tells you how much power is left but you can personalize them. we have your names on it and andrew's name, my name. >> andrew! [ laughter ] >> he made this as well. so it's a great gift from i was in africa this past week and i tried this product out. this is called lug lock. you put in the your luggage and you can monitor where your luggage is anywhere in the world. and it has a blue teeth feature so you can tell when it's coming down the conveyor belt. i knew when my luggage was going to come down. my phone said "here comes your luggage." lug lock. >> we have a few seconds. >> okay, this is called college survival kit. it's 15 essential things every kid needs to have including ear things to keep quiet, a laundry bag, how to do laundry instructions. >> that's cute. that's affordable. >> $30. >> and this is what you showed us at the beginning? >> this is a hands-free umbrella
10:44 am
called nubrella. you have your backpack then you flip it over and it's great. little flying nun action but otherwise kind of cool. >> is that a backpack, too, or no? >> they make it with or without a backpack. >> thank you so much, steve! >> my pleasure. >> awesome ones. >> you love your mom. >> but she can drive you crazy. >> yeah, we'll get advice to help you with that after this. >> what's he doing? >> i don't know, being weird. >> he's such a goofball. fatigue can add years to so sleep with thisskin. garnier skinactive miracle sleeping cream. with lavender essential oil and hyaluronic acid. miracle sleeping cream works like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration. to fight signs of fatigue and wrinkles while you sleep. so you wake up to refreshed, younger-looking skin in just one week. miracle sleeping cream. and now fight fatigue non-stop with new wake-up moisturizer. only from garnier skinactive.
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if you ask most mothers they will tell you the love they have for their children is unconditional. >>? ask a son or caught thor if that goes both way, they may not have the same answer. >> so as we get ready to celebrate mother's day, we're here to look at common mother/child dilemmas and here with advice is author of "life
10:50 am
in life" laurie levin. hi, laurie. >> these can be complicated relationships, right? >> yeah, it's loaded and charged from birth. >> well, we hit the streets because we wanted to get some real life dlem mass that you could help us sort through. >> and not everybody was willing to speak to us on camera because their mothers are alive. [ laughter ] so some are in disguise. let's look at the first. >> hi, i have a question about my mom. i love her with all my heart but she does not think i can raise my own children. i have a 17-year-old and a 14-year-old and they've made it this far but she doesn't think i can do anything right. can anybody help he? >> first of all, her mother knows it's her. that voice is going to give her away. [ laughter ] >> that's right. you know, that's a tough one
10:51 am
because moms love their children but they also see it as a do-over. like i want to get it right this time so they project on to the child -- on to the daughter everything they would do if they were in their shoes. >> what should the daughter do? should she talk to her mom? >> well, one is love. two rules, know that your mom is doing her best and know that she's projecting on to you and speak up for yourself. >> coming up, we have a mom who's a little teeny slight bit on the pushy side. take a look. >> i'm in a very happy long-term relationship but my mom wants me to move things along a little quicker. she wanted to be a grandma. how do i let her down easy? >> she looks so young! >> she guz. kids are getting married later and this is a big situation but mom, you know what? don't screw up a good relationship.
10:52 am
>> they're hard to find. >> right, mom had her life, it's your life. >> so far you're taking the kids' side on everything. >> yeah, but i'm a mom and grand mom. >> i just think it's interesting. >> third question is in disguise for obvious reasons. take a look. >> so my mom has the worst habit of calling me too many times in one day. how do i tell her politely to call me at least once a day? >> that's tricky, you want to have the lines of communication open but enough is enough. >> you have a busy day, too. >> tell her politely "mom, please call me once a day" get caller i.d. and pick up the phone when you're good and ready because we start resending people when we don't take care of ourselves. >> but you have to be honest, hoda. >> i like your ring. >> did your mom call you a lot? >> no, we were -- >> we're very blessed. we have great relationships with our mom, we call, i can hear kathie lee on the phone when i'm
10:53 am
on with my mom. we do the same. what's the best advice you would give to everybody to either has a mom today or a mom today. >> oh, moms, they teach love, they teach delight, they teach connection, dads teach how to make it in the world but your mom teaches you how to attach and love. and how to not just nurture to your children but attach to your husband and feel safe. >> thank you very much. >> thanks so much. we'll be back with more in a moment. >> but first this is today on nbc. >> yes, it is.
10:54 am
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10:56 am
we're going to check out the wine bot. remember, this is the question, is it okay to tell your fiance you don't like the ring? i said no, kath said yes. drum roll, please. >> hoda is winning 290-234.
10:57 am
>> wait, this is the first time in wine bot history. [ laughter ] >> which has been about four times. tomorrow after a late night, seth meyers gets out to hang out with us. >> and you want to get up early if you want your chance for an ambush makeover. >> that's right. then an investment you could make for moms that could last a lifetime. >> plus, celebrating cinco de mayo with delicious mexican food. >> have an awesome winesday that breaking news on the
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
campaign trail. ohio governor with breaking news. >> and that breaking news is on the campaign trail. ohio governor john kasich suspending his campaign for the presidency. it seems almost definite now that donald trump will be the nominee for the republican party. >> but first breaking news in the south bay, hazardous materials incident in san jose and a live look at a very active scene right now. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we'll start with that situation in san jose. roads are closed and hazmat crews on the scene of a medical building in san jose at the indian health center on


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