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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that breaking news on the campaign trail. ohio governor with breaking news. >> and that breaking news is on the campaign trail. ohio governor john kasich suspending his campaign for the presidency. it seems almost definite now that donald trump will be the nominee for the republican party. >> but first breaking news in the south bay, hazardous materials incident in san jose and a live look at a very active scene right now. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we'll start with that situation in san jose. roads are closed and hazmat crews on the scene of a medical building in san jose at the indian health center on meridian avenue south of willow stweet and 280. robert honda is there.
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tell us the latest. >> reporter: well, i will tell you this is a hectic looking scene on meridian avenue. much of the commotion that you see is mainly for precautionary measures. if you want to take a look down meridian avenue this is southbound, the street is closed by the fire department as they deal with this situation at the indian health center which provides some medical services. the fire department tells me 10 to 11 people were exposed to a liquid chemical used in dental procedures. many of those people are being examined here near the front entrance by the health center. you can see that some of them involve small children and many are complaining about a cough or some skin irritation, some light headedness. over on the far side of the building you can see that the fire department crews are working with some people. these are the people that have the more severe symptoms or were exposed more directly and they are being called what they called decontaminated. they're saying this is mostly as
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a procedure. some of them will be taken to a local hospital just to make sure. you can see some of them are being taken away right now. again a very scary looking scene but the fire department tells me that most of the people have described mainly minor symptoms but again anybody that has anything that looks like it could be severe are being taken to the hospital to be examined. we're also told that there is no second aer exposure to the public because of this and investigators have only now started to determine what caused this exposure to this chemical. we will give you more details as we get them. robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> active scene out there. >> local neighbors perfectly safe. john kasich canceled the scheduled press conference in washington this morning and announced instead he's going to make a statement this afternoon from his hometown of columbus, ohio. >> this comes one day after donald trump handily beat kasich and ted cruz in the indiana primary. cruz dropped out last night, kasich long insisted he would campaign all the way to the july
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gop convention. kasich had argued no candidate would win enough delegates to win the nomination outright before the convention. several polls said that kasich is or at least was the only republican candidate capable of beating hillary clinton in the general election. the kasich announcement is scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon. and last night ted cruz suspended his campaign after the loss in indiana. 53% of indiana republican voters picked donald trump, cruz won 37% of the votes. >> and so with a heavy heart but with boundless optimism for the long-term future of our nation we are suspending our campaign. >> now, last night trump extended an olive branch to ted cruz but today cruz refusing to answer whether he will support
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mr. trump as the republican nominee. on the democratic side bernie sanders promising to take his campaign all the way to the convention. sanders won yesterday's primary in indiana but still far behind in delegates. ago better toe santana sill voe was murdered three years ago in the hills over berkeley but this morning police are offering a reward and releasing a sketch of the suspect while the family is making a plea for justice. bob redell just heard from silva's mother and daughter off grizzly peek road in oakland at the spot where silva was shot and killed. bob. >> reporter: good morning. alberto santana silva loved to come to the hills in hayward and oakland for the views. his sister telling us this morning that it brought his peace. unfortunately on mother's day of 2013 just about three years ago this sunday he met a violent end when he tried to break a fight
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in this very parking lot between two different groups of people and that's when he was shot to death. this morning cal berkeley police released this sketch of the suspect who they believe is hispanic or filipino, mid o 20s to mid 30s, 5'8", 200 pounds. the victim's sister is begging people to please take a look at this image to see if this looks like someone you might know. >> this is very hard for me to stand here and remember that day like it was yesterday. all i know is that no matter how much time passes we're going to stand and try to fight for justice for my brother. may 12 was the worst day of our lives when we got that call. we were waiting for him to come to take my mom out to lunch for mother's day and instead we got the call that he was murdered by someone who didn't care for human life.
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>> reporter: santana silva was a 21-year-old resident of fremont, he was attending college, studying to become a paramedic. he came here early mother's day 2013. two groups of strangers began to fight, santana silva intervened. the suspect who was among that group returned with a group, shot santana silva in his car. he was able to drive a short distance, less than a block, before he died on the side of the road. his sister tells us it was in his brother's nature to stick up for people. a detective sergeant with cal berkeley police tells us they have identified persons of interest but no arrests. again, they are looking for a person who witnesses describe per this sketch, additional details about this person his hair was close to his head, possibly tied into a pony a tail, also with a young woman hispanic, asian or filipino with black hair and a ponytail.
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police side if i had three cars, one a red 2,000 chevy caprice sedan, raised body, large chrome wheels, a white chevy suburban and dark colored compact car. even though we are in oakland this land overlooks cal berkeley and owned by cal. reports live in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. remember to pack your umbrella, we could be seeing scattered showers throughout the bay area over the next couple of days. our life camera at the golden gate bridge showing the clouds hanging around looking a little gloomy. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. >> don't expect a lot of sunshine in that faft as we continue to see those clouds overhead. we haven't seen much in the way of rain, much of it still offshore and moving into the north bay. as we get a look at the radar you can see that there is a little bit of green there, but much of the bay area still fairly dry. here is what to expect, today a chance of scattered showers but
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mainly cloudy and cooler and storms will be possible for the day tomorrow with some of those storms containing some small hail and lightning, something we will be watching for especially over the east bay and north bay hills, and the rain ends on saturday with a warmer sunday. so all of that coming up in the microclimate forecast. in just an hour and a half or so a group led by the lieutenant governor will launch what it's calling a historic campaign to legalize recreational marijuana by a california voteaaaaç this novem >> stephanie chuang is live at the commonwealth club where this campaign kicks off at 12:30. you spoke with both sides on this issue. >> reporter: yeah, and they're standing pretty far apart as you would imagine. good morning. the momentum does seem to be on the side of the adult use of marijuana act, this group says it represents 30 to 40 different groups celebrating here at the commonwealth club in about an hour, hour and a half. ahead of submitting 600,000
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signatures that it has gathered and well on the way to this legalization measure on the november ballot this year. that is far more than the 365,000 signatures needed and if voters do approve this measure each adult 21 and older could carry and use up to one ounce of marijuana, grow up to six plants and there would be a 15% tax on retail sales of marijuana. opponents include groups like citizens against legalizing marijuana. we spoke with the founder who is in sacramento this morning by phone, she says the worry is this will increase marijuana usage among kids, carla lowe citing a join study published march in the clinical psychological science journal that followed kids from birth to age 38 finding regular marijuana smokers ended up in a lower social class and their parents with lower paying jobs and more debt and cash flow issues. california also one of 23 states where medical marijuana use is
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legal. quote, we haven't got much hope as a country. >> medical marijuana has already given us recreational use of marijuana. the whole thing is a joke. i don't even know why they spent all the money to put this on the ballot. >> the coalition is bigger than ever before. every public poll has shown that a majority of californians no matter where you live, what party you belong to, what your background or ethnic makeup you believe that legalization is a better solution than prohibition. >> one specific argument for legalization is the money states can make. i checked with the department of revenue in colorado where recreational marijuana use is and the state raised more than $70 million in 2014, 2015. already this fiscal year through february that figure is almost $112 million. though the feds consider marijuana a schedule 1 drug the
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tide is turning state by state. there are 16 states that may have some type of pot legalization measure on the ballot this year. a spokesman for this group here, the adult use of marijuana says this will be the only one marijuana measure on california's ballot and says the group has raised and spent $3 million in the last four months and is going strong with also a lot of sort of power in the people here, including not just lieutenant governor newsom but which just saw willie brown walk in as well. pretty confident group in there today. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. more details now, oakland may soon be the most pot friendly city in the united states. earlier this morning the oakland city council unanimously approved sweeping medical marijuana expansion and added stipulations to combat racial inequality when it comes to the war on drugs. half of all new medical marijuana businesses -- licenses i should say will be given to
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stores in parts of oakland that have higher marijuana arrests. the council also voted to add eight medical marijuana dispensary permits each year and other possibly -- possibly dozens of other spinoff businesses. last year the eight dispensaries operating in the city generated roughly $4 million in taxes. >> the dark side of drugs now, prince may have been on the verge of meeting with a bay area doctor to discuss a drug a addiction that may have killed him. the minnesota star tribune reports the music legend was set to a meet with a bay area doctor to help him treat his addiction to painkillers but died the day before the death. our joanie hernandez is following this story, she will have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. home field advantage not for the san francisco 49ers who are at odds with their landlord. up next at 11:00 what could be their next play. apparently there is a way to make minivans cool, we'll show
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you how google is doing it.
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welcome back to you on this fine wednesday. this is 1-800-flowers on the nasdaq this morning. i will talk more about them in a minute. we continue to watch apple. apple has traded lower in the last eight of ten trading days, its poorest performance since 1998. apple slightly higher this morning, 800 flowers, there they are again, reminding you it is mother's day on sunday, but do you know what, your mom says buy index funds. tesla opens its financial books to investors after the closing bell today. we care about profits but we care far more about production, how many cars does tesla make. it will meet to ramp up production to meet demand for the model 3 and they have to make the model s and x. the honest question will be can tesla handle it, three product lines, more than 300,000 orders for the model 3 for the company that has in the past made 50,000 cars a year. the white house is going to set up a committee to look into artificial intelligence, the
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obama administration says it wants to understand the pros and cons of ai as it makes our life easier, but takes some jobs. and a tip of the hat to the "wall street journal" this morning by investigated sales of ping-pong tables in silicon valley. a reporter talked to silicon valley stores that sell tables and discovered ping-pong table sales to tech companies have fallen 50% from last year, the idea being when you open a tech office the first thing you buy is a ping-pong table. if they've fallen fewer tech offices are being opened. >> that doesn't mean that the ones that are already open aren't doing well. >> i'm sure they are and they don't replace the ping-pong tables. >> no, we haven't. we have one in our diner. google's parent company alphabet has signed a deal with auto maker fiat chrysler to make self-driving minivans. kari, we could reach back and do so much stuff. alphabet and fiat chris letter will make 100 self-driving
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pacifica hybrids. they will be prototype minivans for google to use as test vehicles. that deal allows fiat chrysler to jump start its understanding of the technology that goes into self-driving vehicles and allows google to double its testing fleet. there are no plans to sell those self-driving vehicles to the public. rats on that one. >> back here at home -- >> back here at home a fremont company which admitted to underpaying foreign workers will be paying out a six-figure settlement. the company is called bit micro networks, the department of labor accused it of bringing software engineers to the u.s. from the philippines and underpaying them by providing wages in philippine currency. bit micro has agreed to pay out $170,000 including $80,000 in unpaid wages and overtime for 18 workers. the city of santa clara might be the 49ers newest opponent. the team announced it is taking legal action. the 9ers want the city to slash
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their rent at levi stadium. the 49ers have been paying the city of santa clara $24.5 million in rent per year, the 9ers are proposing a new rent of 19 million soointd a year. the team claims that better than expected stadium revenue allows them under the agreement with the stadium authority to renegotiate their rent, but so far neither side is backing down so the 9ers are sending this case to arbitration. no comment yet from the city of santa clara, but a former high ranging 49ers executive is speaking out to nbc bay area. this former team exec who wished to remain anonymous tells us, quote, the 49ers are technical correct in invoking a rental reduction but the way they're doing it is penny wise and pound foolish. the york family is swimming in profits. forbes magazine ranks the 49ers as the fifth most valuable nfl franchise worth $2.7 billion. speaking of money, silicon valley gives in a big way, time
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is up, almost $8 million were raised. >> here is the total, $7,853,781. silicon valley gives is a 24-hour on line fundraising event, it benefits local nonprofit organizations in santa clara, san mateo and san francisco counties. although it technically ended at midnight if you go to the website you can still give back. >> they will continue to take your money. >> right. >> even though the race is over. meteorologist kari hall is here. we were talking about that google self driving minivan, you can really reach back and get a bingy for somebody if that was driving itself. >> i don't think that is going to happen anytime soon. if you are out there driving you want to make sure the windshield wipers are working because we will have some rain in the forecast. if we don't see it today we will see it within the next couple days, very hit or miss as a slow moving system moving across the bay area. a look at the golden gate bridge, you see the cloudy skies overhead, we will continue to see those clouds with us and a
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look now at healdsburg from our weather underground camera, you see the clouds that are also there where we may have measured a little bit of spotty showers but any rain we've seen so far has been over the north bay and some mist and drizzle in san francisco. our temperatures are in the lower 60s, they will continue to climb here as we go into the next several hours. calistoga checking in at 63 degrees, napa 66 and benicia at 65 degrees. the future cast doesn't show a whole lot for today but once again hit or miss spotty light showers that will be possible and some breaks in the clouds, too, so you may even get a little sunshine. later on tonight we start to see some rain developing around the santa cruz mountains, not looking at a lot of coverage there, either. starting out early tomorrow we will still have the chance of some showers, but it really gets going during the afternoon with a potential of spotty thunderstorms that could produce small hail along with lightning and some brief heavy downpours. we see the same thing on friday
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as well. a look at all the microclimates, expect a high of 70 degrees in gilroy, 64 degrees san mateo and the outer sunset at 59 degrees, upper 60s in some spots while we have some lower 60s right along the coast. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen you will have a couple days of rain. if you're going out to the a's game today make sure you have a little bit of rain gear just in case we see one of those brief passing showers moving through, otherwise cloudy and temperatures holding steady in the 60s. this area of low pressure is responsible for our unsettled weather, it takes its time moving off to the east. so in the meantime we will have a chance of rain not only today but tomorrow, friday and saturday until it gets far enough east to allow this high pressure to dry out the atmosphere and give us warmer temperatures for the end of the weekend, but once again for the next few days it stays unsettled until that scoots off to the
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east. rainfall totals maybe a quarter of an inch, some spots a tenth of an inch around the south bay, maybe a little higher for the north bay looking closer to .4 of an inch. this weekend scattered showers in the forecast, once again, but off and on rain and then sunday will be the only day we don't have to worry about rain at all as our temperatures come up a few degrees we are looking at 74 degrees in the north bay and east bay a high of 68 degrees. i will have another look at the microclimate forecast a little later. easing traffic congestion especially through the peninsula. but first happening now we are tweeting updates on that major expansion of the takata air bag recall. within the last half hour federal authorities added an additional 35 to 40 million air bags in the u.s. to that recall. what that means for your vehicle on our website as well. and a los angeles artist who painted a portrait of donald
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trump in the nude now claims she was punched in the face by a trump supporter. head to our facebook page to see her interview. more news here in two minutes. ease congestion for commuters on
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101. there is a new plan in place to ease congestion for commuters on highway 101. >> also provide some possible relief for the notoriously slow
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painful ride on the peninsula. here is a live look at 101 in palo alto. looks fine now but during the commute -- nbc bay area's michelle roberts has more about how long this project could take. >> awful. bloody awful. >> reporter: for thousands of people there's no easy way to avoid it. traffic along 101 in redwood city is a slow ride which also means wood sighed road is jammed for miles approaching the on ramp. >> every light is backed up. you can't move until the next red light changes. >> reporter: if development continues like it has been, more apartment buildings will be popping up alongside high tech office space. >> it's getting very clouded. >> reporter: now the city is teaming up with state and local agencies on a massive project to deal with the growing population and influx of commuters. >> we're taking existing traffic and estimating how that will grow over time and then designing the freeway to
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accommodate that. >> reporter: this contractor is working on a plan to reconfigure the on and off ramps at the 101 wood side road interchange and expand woodside road below the freeway. >> the interchange will provide wider off ramps so that that traffic can stack on the ramps and get off the freeway. >> reporter: the project comes with a $140 million price tag and so far only $15 million has been set aside to pay for it. while the experts figure out how to cover the cost drivers are hoping for an easier commute. >> if they could add another lane that would be great, that would help. >> so currently the city is asking for public comment on this plan and if it's approved and the money comes in then construction would go inn in four years. asiana airlines will pay san francisco $3 million for crashing one of its planes at sfo. the money will cover damage and deal costs stemming from the
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crash landing. the board of supervisors accepted that offer from the airline yesterday. ntsb determined pilot error caused that crash, three people died as a result of the crash. south bay travelers have a new option to get across the pond. today british airways launching direct service between silicon valley and london. mayor sam liccardo is joining members of the bay area's british consulate to celebrate that new route connecting san jose and leith row. the airline will offer one daily nonstop flight each way aboard a 787 as sjc last had direct service to europe in 2001, the first flight takes off at 8:05 this evening. well, the donald stands alone. many republicans were reeling about ted cruz suspending his presidential campaign. john kasich decided to quit, too. at least that's what we're hearing. we will tell you what this means for the presidential race going forward. =reopen omni!!= ==kris//2 shot== we are following breaking news
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on the campaign
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trail. =omni= republican preside we are following breaking news on the campaign trail this morning. republican presidential candidate john kasich dropping out of the presidential race. >> he plans to make an official announcement this afternoon in his home state of ohio. kasich's decision will come one day after he finished a very distant third in the indiana primary. yesterday ted cruz who you will recall formed an alliance with kasich also suspended his campaign. that leaves just one candidate in the republican race, donald trump. for the democrats bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in indiana, but the question now, did that win come too late? nbc's andrea mitchell spoke with the democratic front runner,
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hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders bolstered overnight with a surprisingly big win over hillary clinton in indiana. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i've got some bad news for her. >> at one point even interrupted on stage by two undocumented immigrants. >> i think we can pull off one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> but just hours earlier a confident clinton seemingly dismissing sanders. >> he has every right to finish out this primary season. >> is he hurting the party? >> well, the facts are pretty clear, i'm 3 million votes ahead of him. >> staying home on election night her campaign's statement ignoring sanders, instead taking on trump saying with so much at stake donald trump is simply too big of a risk. >> is he unqualified to be commander in chief? >> he has given no indication that he understands the gravity of the responsibilities that go
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with being commander in chief. you will find full interrupts from the indiana primary as well as links to our delegate tracker. it appears san francisco voters will soon decide whether 16 and 17 years olds should be able to join in the voting booth. the county supervisors will decide whether to put a measure on the november ballot allowing 16 and 17 years olds to vote in local elections. they wouldn't be able to vote for national issues like presidential elections or statewide issues. during last night's meeting it appeared the plan had enough support to more forward. supporters say it will encourage civic engagement among kids. happening today the effort to fight the blight ramps up in san francisco with the annual graffiti huddle. it's a forum focused own  material on methods to stop tagging and graffiti by looking at deeten rents and identifying hot spots. this is hosted by the graffiti
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advisory board and takes place at the hilton hotel on kearny street. san francisco recently announced homeless state of new jersey and that will state of emergency. it is to speed up building new shelters for the homeless. the board has not authorized i specific action, though. homeless advocates will gather at the st. anthony's foundation to discuss what a state of emergency might mean to help the homeless. the city's muni makeover is on track. the next generation of cars due to hit the streets in the fall. muni has ordered 260 new cars for six lines at a cost of more than a billion dollars. the first two cars will arrive this fall allowing freighters to start their training. so what is in a name? apparently money. the town of atherton has an expensive idea to pay for its town center, the new one.
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donate enough money you can put your name on that landmark. $100,000 for a water feature, half a million bucks for a room in the library, $1 million for a children's play area. the big ticket item here, $10 million to name a new road in front of town hall. people who live there have mixed feelings. >> i just think when you give it should be an anonymous gift. >> if i had that much money to be able to do it, sure, why not. >> atherton is hoping to raise enough money to fully fund that $42 million project. the city council will discuss the idea today, but is not expected to make a decision. moraga down leaders have set aside money to fix a sinkhole. town leaders approved that repair yesterday. it damaged a storm drain 20 feet down. there's money to be used to fix and inspect other sections of that line. we now know that the american serviceman who was
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killed tuesday during an attack by isis fighters in iraq is a 31-year-old navy seal from arizona. his death underscoring the risk still faced by u.s. forces deployed there. >> reporter: 31-year-old charlie keating pictured here with his fee nance a, the navy seal killed in an assignment attack in northern iraq, his vehicle apparently hit by an isis rocket in what pentagon officials are calling a coordinated and complex attack. >> his wedding invitation is on my refrigerator and i started working with him when he was in sixth grade so i've known him since he was 13 years old. i was just mortified. >> his high school cross-country coach says charlie joined the military after 9/11. he had been at practice when the twin towers were hit. >> the boys on that team, charlie included, were so impacted by that that a lot of those boys decided to serve their country after that. >> reporter: keating was also the grandson of notorious banker
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charles keating jr. who came to symbolize america's savings and loan crisis in the 1980s. the battle with isis has steadily called for more u.s. troops, the president recently increasing the number in iraq to just over 4,000. there have been victories, but the death of a navy seal a b bitter reminder that isis is a determined enemy. he was killed 17 miles from mosul, the strong hold by kurdish and iraqi forces must take back in isis is to be defeated. that will be a tough task without the help they're currently getting from the u.s. military. a raging wildfire has forced the evacuation of forth mcmurray in western canada. 80,000 residents of the oil sands town were ordered to flee as those flames o moved in destroying entire neighborhoods. officials warn the situation could get worse. no injuries have been reported but unseasonably hot temperatures in canada combined with dry conditions have
11:38 am
transformed much of the forest in alberta into just simply a tinderbox. president obama is headed to flint, michigan, to talk about federal efforts to solve that city's ongoing water crisis. he will meet with community members and residents as well. flint's tap water was contaminated with lead after the city switched its water source to the flint river back in 2014. the corrosive river water caused lead from the pipes to seep into the city's drinking water supply. the tech industry is known for solving many problems. when it comes to diversity in the workplace it does fall short. women are heavily underrepresented in silicon valley tech companies. >> a new coalition of heavy hitters now has a plan to do something about that starting online. our business and tech reporter spoke with several women in the industry who say it's time for some change. >> most tech companies talk about diversity but the numbers aren't adding up.
11:39 am
>> tech is slow moving. >> she knows, she is a tech executive and helped start equal respect, an initiative to help boost women in tech. she calls project include a new venture launched by women in the industry another good and necessary idea. >> i think we all are working towards the same goals, we all want the same thing, we want more women, more diversity, more people from different walks of life in the high tech industry. >> project include started with a website to help executives and venture capitalists change the culture, a culture that insults female founders like this woman who started and runs activity hero. >> talking about us, talking about our credentials and all of a sudden he says you do have stay at home moms, you're just doing this part-time when we have been putting all our life
11:40 am
and soul into this. >> a frustration echoed recently by cheryl samberg who told us even after the success of the lean in initiative women are still not represented enough in tech. >> i'm proud of the lean in community, i think it's amazing we have 27,000 circles, but we're still very far from equality. the summer travel season is shaping up to be a long and busy one, not enough tsa agents could mean massive delays. and expect some rain in the forecast today and the next couple of days. some spotty rain as this system slowly moves through. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. the department of homeland
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security has announced steps it plans to takeo the department of homeland security announced steps it plans to take to reduce wait times at america's busiest airports. first the agency will increase the number of transportation security officers, tsa officers, second the agency will work to increase the number of eligible travelers enrolled in the. tsa prescreening program and the
11:44 am
department of homeland security will ask congress for more money to pay overtime for tsa officers and fulfill short term needs. the largest drone convention of its kind is under way in new orleans. the industry is exploding. >> one company is predicting that drone delivery technology could be ready as early as next year. gabe gutierrez shows us. >> reporter: the images have always been stunning, but now with the industry taking off the results are striking. one company pioneering the use of drones to save lives. finding missing people in remote areas including children and alzheimer's patients. >> since project life saver's inception there have been 1600, all 1600 were found with an average type of less than 30 minutes. >> reporter: another mapping disaster zone like the recent earthquake in achy with a do remember. >> drones are tools not just toys. >> more than 425,000 have registered their personal drones with the faa and the number of companies with permission for
11:45 am
commercial drone use has skyrocketed from 500 a year ago to more than 5,000 today. this year there's more buzz about aerial deliveries, you probably heard about amazon and google's plan but now a company is showing off a drone that would conveniently deliver your morning cup of coffee. >> i can find you guys on the app and you will transport that cup of coffee to me right in my office? >> exactly. it takes literally minutes. >> remarkably he says the technology will be ready by the middle of next year but don't expect a warm of delivery drones that fast, the regulatory hurdles are sci-fi. >> is the faa moving quickly on this? >> well, not yet. i mean, the technology is moving very, very fast. we have to more faster otherwise we will miss out on opportunities. >> i have my doubts about drones delivering could coffee. >> think about how many cups of coffee we would order than that morning shift. i think midair collisions will be a problem.
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>> think how lazy we've become. we don't have to walk down to starbucks we can have it deliver and open up the door. as we take a look outside it is mostly cloudy across the bay area. we've been tracking this weather system that will continue to keep these clouds over the bay area for the next couple of days. we haven't measured any rain yet, at least for most of us, we've had a couple of spotty showers in the north bay. a live look outside, san francisco and sunol, you see that pretty much no sun is peeking through here. that's what we can expect as this slow moving system, very weak at this point and sitting just offshore continues to bring in some rain once again to parts of the north bay. and we will have that chance, too, into the day tomorrow as well as friday and then finally wraps up on saturday. now it's 63 degrees in the east bay, the peninsula at 64 degrees as we get a closer look at the east bay now even have some low 70s in spots like martinez and
11:47 am
antioch, sunol at 62 and also 62 in dublin. still cloudy in the north bay with 60 degree temperatures. the future cast shows we could have some breaks in the clouds, a little bit more sun as we go through the day and then by 10:00 tonight we may see a little bit of that rain rolling into santa cruz, maybe into the mountains, but much of the main will be hit or miss. don't expect widespread rain or for it to rain all day, i want to keep you prepared in case it does drop and that could happen at any time. at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon we could start to see showers and possibly thunderstorms developing, but it looks like a lot of the energy for the storms will be just to the east of us, maybe over the hilltops and then moving over to the valley. that's where we could see some of the stronger storms developing between tomorrow and friday. as we break it down for oakland, we will have a mix of sun and clouds today, temperatures rising into the mid 60s during that evening commute we will be right at 65 degrees and the low
11:48 am
tonight in the mid 50s. over the next three days it will continue to cool with more rain in the forecast tomorrow as well as friday, highs reaching into the mid 60s, 65 degrees in the peninsula and san francisco only up to 59 degrees on friday with gusty winds, also a chance of rain in the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley as we go from the 70s today into the low 60s by friday. we will have cloudy skies and a cooler trend over the next couple days as this front once again slowly drops in. it won't be until the end of the weekend when it's far enough east to really take out those rain chances in the forecast and the spotty hit or miss showers will be hard to get a timing or a placement well ahead of that. so just something we will be watching on the radar and you will want to make sure you keep checking in on to get live views of the radar and then by sunday high pressure moves in, our temperatures will be clearing out, warming up and a rainfall total that may reach a quarter of an inch but not
11:49 am
expecting a lot of moisture out of this system over the next few days. sunday looking like the best day of the weekend to get outdoors with no worries, kris and scott. secretary clinton as you know has supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements. >> is that true? we reality checked the latest claim from bernie sanders next.
11:50 am
11:51 am
-shooting inside antioch mcdonalds on 2424 mahogany way, welcome back. we are following some breaking news in what seems to be a shooting inside an antioch mcdonald's. this is on mahogany way in antioch near highway 4 as our chopper zooms in you can see those windows appear to have been shot out. we do not have any word on victims. our reporter michelle roberts is heading there. we will find out the very latest
11:52 am
as we can and we will certainly keep you updated as soon as we can. all right. now to political news and bernie sanders his chances might be slim, but he is still attacking clinton's voting record. >> did she support free trade without exception? nbc bay area sam brock has that in today's reality check. >> the very mention of free trade has jolted reaction this campaign season. supporters say that trade boosts the u.s. economy, but opponents like donald trump and bernie sanders counter that it's killing american jobs. sanders has used free trade as ammunition against hillary clinton, launching this claim leading up to the indiana primary. >> secretary clinton as you know has supported virtually every one of these disastrous trade agreements and that is an area of strong disagreement that the voters of indiana and america will have to consider. >> is clinton actually tried and true on free trade?
11:53 am
we looked at the senate voting records and found the former new york senator largely supported free trade while in office. of the nine free trade agreements that came across her desk clinton voted yes on six, no on one and abstained from o two. that doesn't include 1/2 at that, the north american free trade agreement, hillary clinton didn't vote on that, but she was first lady when it was passed into law by her husband, former president bill clinton. hillary was an outspoken supporter of the agreement and she wrote in her memoire living history, quote, creating a free trade zone in north america, the largest free trade zone in the world with expand u.s. exports, create jobs and ensure that our economy was reaping the benefits not the burdens of globalization. the reality is she backed off this position in recent years criticizing 1/2 at that for not delivering on its promise. for reality check i'm sam brock. >> we will be right back.
11:54 am
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11:56 am
and welcome back. kari has a find check of your weather. >> we're looking at a throughout of clouds today, a couple spotty light showers, a better chance of rain in the forecast tomorrow. temperatures are warming up in the south bay, 67 degrees, 60 degrees san francisco, we will be up to 62 degrees there, a chance of showers today and the next couple of days as we watch this slow moving system move across the bay area. >> thank you, kari. >> we want to take you back out to antioch, we have that video from that shooting inside a
11:57 am
mcdonald's. we can tell you that it is on mahogany way not far from highway 4. in the video you can see that the windows had been shot out of that mcdonald's. we don't know from inside or or from outside but clearly something serious happening there. >> we don't know how many people are hurt or if there are anyone hurt. we have a crew on the way, a helicopter overhead, we're trying to get the latest information about this. again, this is in antioch at that mcdonald's on mahogany way and we did see what appeared to be windows shot out. we hope that no one is hurt but at this point we simply do not know very much. >> we will wrap up here but we will take you -- we will bring you updates on our social media platforms and on our website. thanks for joining us today. >> bye-bye.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
wow, new and stunning claims about prince's death emerging today. really unbelievable. welcome to "access hollywood live." >> minneapolis tribune" reporting that he was found dead one day before he was to meet with an addiction specialist. a doctor was going to fly in and it was supposed to be a life saving mission. when he couldn't go, h


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