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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: the kornfelds aren't talking publicly, but their attorney says it's been difficult. folks in mill valley says they wish prince had made it to marin to recover. >> i work in the area, and i've heard good things about the doctor, so maybe he could have really helped him. >> reporter: the doctor's attorney says andrew kornfeld had pills on him when emergency responders arrived. he said he intended to deliver those pills to a minnesota doctor who had planned to also see prince. those pills have been turned over to police. he insists that the doctor and his son never administered any medication to prince. reporting live in mill valley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. just into our newsroom, they call themselves the frisco five. one of the five protesters was
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hospitalized today. this is the group on that hunger strike. blackwell, seen here, is one of the five people who refused to eat since april 21st, so a couple weeks now. they're demanding the san francisco police chief, greg suhr be fired. blackwell posted these photos on his instagram page. so far mayor ed lee says he has no plans to fire the police chief and the hunger strike continues. frightening scene at an east bay mcdonald's. bullet holes in the windows where someone fired into the restaura restaurant. this is very near the choiltd's play area. michelle, the situation here, was anyone hurt? >> reporter: one employee was hurt. certainly a scary situation. police say the shooter was out here in the parking lot near the drive-through when he shot into the restaurant there, just on
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the other side of those windows that have been boarded up is the play place area. police say one employee near the windows was hit. he suffered minor gunshot wounds. investigators say they don't believe the victim was the intended target. i spoke with an employee of the kfc who works next door. she said last week the ex-boyfriend of a mcdonald's employee broke a window at the restaurant. they say they believe the same man is responsible for today's incident. employees are terrified that the shooter has not been arrested yet. >> it's really scary, especially to work right next door to them, and for them to have shot over there in the kid's playground, that's scary. >> it's tragic, dangerous, not safe for the kids. the kids could have been in there. >> reporter: police say the suspect is a man in his 20s. he drove away in a white chevy
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pickup described as a model 2000. if you have any information, you're asked to call the antioch police department. meanwhile this mcdonald's restaurant is expected to open tomorrow morning. live in antioch, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. an accused child molester is in custody. the question now, how many victims are there? police say a los altos hillsman molested a boy for about eight years. gregory hell friend is suspected at molesting the boy and showing porn to the boy starting at age 5. detectives found porn in the man's home and on his computer. >> our suspect is a volunteer at a church in santa clara county. we have been working with the church. the church did send out a flier to their members. >> investigators refused to name the church. he's being held without bail at the santa clara county jail. a special day for so many of
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us. mother's day is haunting for one east bay family. they're now asking for some help. investigators held a news conference today in the berkeley hills and described how 21-year-old alberto santana silva was murdered nearby on mother's die three years ago. he was breaking up a fight when one of the participants shot him. you see here silva's sister and mother hope a $10,000 reward will help provide new clues. >> all i mow is no matter how much time passes, we're going to stand and try to fight for justice for my brother. >> police released this sketch of the suspect who they describe as hispanic or filipino. investigators say after that fight silva was sitting in his car when the man walked up and shot him several times. then there was just one. donald trump is the last man
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standing in the republican presidential race. john kasich vowed to keep his campaign going just yesterday. but three hours ago he bowed out. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way for ward and fulfill the purpose of my life. >> kasich was the only candidate running against trump after ted cruz suspended his run yesterday. this report following a huge victory in indiana where trump picked up all of the state's 50,000 delegates. trump has a total of 1,055 delegates. he'll need 185 more to outright win the nomination before the summer's national convention. to the democrats, bernie sanders feeling momentum after his win in indiana last night. he would have to win about 65% though of the remaining contest in order to take over hillary clinton's commanding delegate lead. back to trump now.
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today he's talking about being on a runt for a running mate. the billionaire says he plans to reveal his pick sometime in july. on "nbc nightly news" lester holt will speak exclusively with donald trump about today's developments and that pick for vice president. a one-ounce chemical skill prompted this at the indian health center on meridian avenue. more than a dozen people complained of feeling sick. nbc chopper was overhead. down below, nbc11's robert handa was on the scene. >> reporter: no one knew exactly what the chemical was so it got full-scale emergency response treatment. it became a scary scene at the indian health center because so many people, including several children suddenly felt in and had no idea why.
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san jose firefighters, hazardous materials crews and paramedics had their hand fulls this morning. adults and children were complaining of breathing problems and skin problems. neighboring businesses didn't know what to think. >> exciting somewhat. at the same time a little nerve-racking. the scene got more frantic when some workers and patients taken behind a blue tarp for what is called gross decontamination. >> it's an invasive process that insurance there's no secondary contamination. >> ultimately the situation looked worse than it was. officials say the exams were precautionary with only minor symptoms reported. the chemical that caused it all, a fill lant used in children's
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filling that spilled on a cap. >> one ounce sounds like so little. is it that powerful of ooh chemical that you react that way to one ounce? >> yes. it caused, as you heard, several staff had respiratory responses to it. >> now, the indian health center closed early for the day. officials say they have heard from many of the people taken away for treatment. so far no serious responses to the exposure. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> good news there, robert. new video showing an intense scenes inside the royal doughnut shop in burlingame. it happened about 5:00 on monday morning when three men entered the shop. you can see them jump over the counteder, force the employee there to the back room, pointing what appears to be a gun in his face. police say it was a fake gun. after that scuffle, the suspect grabs an ice scooper as a weapon.
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police say the employee was not injured, the three suspects did steal the atm machine inside the doughnut shop and got away. three blocks in that doughnut shop, another robbery. police say this man is wanted for allegedly stealing fragrance bottles from the self for rah store. a dead whale was moved out to sea. since monday the rotting carcass of a 40-foot humpback whale has floated in a kel bed just offshore in santa cruz. marine biologists paddled out to investigate and found no obvious signs of death. experts say they prefer not to interfere and let the body decompose naturally. but because it was drifting toward lighthouse point and attracting sharks, they elected to move the whale further from
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shore. good afternoon. i'm meet ogt jeff ranieri. we have light thing developing across northern california. we're tracking that and showers developing near the coastline. we'll have details in our hour by hour bay area forecast and when we could get rainfall in just a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm jeff coppola in san francisco where we'll show you why marijuana aficionados are holding their breath. it has more to do with politics than pot itself. >> it was a struggle. initially i had given my wife a date i was going to commit suicide. >> he's not just a guide dog. how dynamo was able to save his owner's life who was struggling with losing eyesight.
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it has been attempted before, but now legalized marijuana could soon become a reality in california. voters could be voting on this idea in november. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is live in san francisco. backers say that would mean big business, but some star power involved here. >> reporter: including lieutenant governor gavin newsom. there are a couple of reasons why this measure may pass this time when it didn't in 2010. for one, the business model is being adopted from medicinal dispensaries like the one behind me on market street.
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employers were consulted statewide and reassured they would be able to take action against employees high while on the job. >> the haze over golden gate park last month wasn't a smoke signal, but a toek symbol. pot could supply the state with $1 billion in tax revenue. >> it's been a war that have been a war on people of color and poor folks. >> reporter: with that a democratic lieutenant governor announced californians will vote on whether adults 21 and older should be allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants for personal use. >> i think it's a travesty to think that when you have a police force and you're going to focus their efforts on someone who is engaged in personal activity when we have rapists and murderers there.
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>> a coalition of law enforcement including the police chief's association, among the objections, that convicted heroin dealers would be allowed to sell marijuana. if approved by the voters in november, the first applications for recreational licenses would be accepted january 2018. live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thank you. a midnight deadline. governor brown has less than seven hours to decide on six bills that would crack down on tobacco. one would raise the legal age to buy top bako products from 18 to 21. another would regulate the i cigarettes. the governor can sign, veto or return the bill to the legislature. otherwise they automatically become law. >> when the subject is dogs that rescue people, we typically think of those who maybe go to work after some sort of man made disaster. >> our next story is about a dog saving a man in a much quieter but powerful way. nbc bay area's garvin thomas is
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here. >> tom kowalski lost the fingers on his left hand years ago in an industrial accident. he said honestly that wasn't too much of a burden to overcome. losing his eyesight years later was. he only overcame it with the help of others, both human and animal and now wants to help them in return. >> good boy. >> reporter: in a world where people talk all the time about counting steps, tomko wall ski still speaks in miles. tom and his dog dynamo have been up and down the iron horse trail section in san ramon so many times, it's an open question as to who is leading whom these days. >> good boy. >> reporter: no question, tom says, though, where he'd be without his companion. tom, you should know, has always been the active type, running
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and golf, but tom was even an expert barefoot water skier. in 2007, almost overnight, a medical condition took much of his eyesight and almost all of his hope. >> it was a really struggle initially, i had given my wife a date i was going to commit suicid suicide about two months after this happened. >> reporter: with the help of doctors and others, he made steps toward an emotional recovery, but it wasn't until dynamo showed up that he put real distance between himself and depression. >> there was always something missing. after about a year, that something wasn't missing anymore. it was just a piece of my soul that was filled in. >> it was san rafael-based guide dogs for the blind who gave dynamo to tom and taught them how to work together. so grateful is hee for what they
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did, tom now wants to help them. tom and dynamo recently completed a half marathon together and used their training as a way to raise money for the group. they raised enough to cover three years' rent for one of the club's meeting spaces. the pair are also becoming regular speakers at guide dogs for the blind events. tom wants everyone to know just what a guide dog can mean. while the path they now travel every day is well worn, it's part of a journey tom thought he would never be on. >> tom is not alone. there are more than 2,000 pairs put together by guide dogs for the blind. tom in one of his speeches says four great gifts in his life, wedding to his wife, birth of his two kids and that dog. >> and filling that spot. >> when he had thoughts of suicide, it was because he didn't want to be a burden to his family. the freedom and independence
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dynamo gave him lifted that off him. >> never underestimate a loving, loyal dog. dynamo is that for sure. >> great story. thank you, byron. san jose to london. here we come. british airways is launching the new route, sjc to heathrow. the inaugural flight leaves a couple hours from now. it kicks off a daily non-stop flight each way aboard that 787. they haven't had a direct flight to europe since 2001 from sjc. >> it was a little london-esque, overcast. >> i'll clear the weather path for it. you guys just get the tickets. >> we're in. >> we do have large weather changes coming our way over the next 72 hours. that does include the possibility of rainfall. i know it's been slow going today, but it's still in the forecast. as you get a live look at doppler radar and scanning satellite, you can see we have instability across the sierras
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with lightning also in northern california as well, mainly offshore. nothing really too much for the bay area, just a few spotty areas in marin, sonoma and napa county. 73 in the south bay, east bay at 71. the north bay where we've been clouded in all day long with the coolest temperatures at 65. you can see from our mount tamalpais how cloudy it is at that time current moment. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, don't expect a lot of sunshine again to start. in fact, we'll begin with a chance of spotty showers for the entire bay area. here is the deal. we've been telling you about this for the past couple days. it's the same stubborn area of upper low pressure sitting offshore. it's been stationary for about the past 24 hours i.'s going to stay in pretty much the same spot as we head throughout the next three days.
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meandering out here off the coastline, lacking upper level energy, we're not going to have a chance for huge rainfall chances. let's take you to futurecast and we can time this out. 8:00 tomorrow morning, scattered rainfall moves in across the bay area. by the afternoon, maybe a chance across the north bay and also right through san jose as well. then by friday's forecast, this looks like the best chance over the next three days to get rainfall by friday at 9:00 a.m. you're probably asking next how much rainfall are we talking about? anywhere from .05 inch to close to .25 inch. remember if we get an isolated thunderstorm developing, some of the totals may go up a little higher. as we take you through your micro climate forecast, you can see through thursday, a mix of sun, clouds and possibly a spotty shower. that leaves san jose at 70 degrees. for the peninsula, 62 in
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pacifica. san francisco cool in the low 60s. north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, we stay with the upper 60s and low 70s. napa with 68. oakland 67 and for the tri-valley, best chance of any thunderstorms would be pleasanton. chance of showers through saturday's forecast. on sunday, the sun comes back out and temperatures warm back up. coming up, a store clerk in the hospital after being beaten up by shoplifters. the attack caught on camera. how about this story? facebook is paying a 10-year-old boy $10,000. the flaw that he found on instagram that earned him the money.
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want to live in the former home of legendary rocker?
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grateful dead basist mansion is on the market. see the photos on the website. an alligator ringing the doorbell. those are the claims of a homeowner in south carolina. see that on our facebook page. more news after the break.
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a brutal attack over beer. concord police releasing this video today of a fight that happened at a 7 eleven.
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it happened early saturday morning at the store on lacey lane and monte boulevard. three men tried to take cases of beer. when the 7 eleven clerk tried to stop him, the men pushed him in the parking lot and began beating them. that's when a customer tried to help. >> he intervened to fight the guy off because it was three on one. unfortunately he ends up getting attacked and kicked in the head. >> the good samaritan suffered a broken nose, concussion and fractured eye socket. a ten-year-old finnish boy is $10,000 richer after hacking into instagram. he found a glitch allowing anyone to delete anyone's comments. they bay cash rewards to hackers who can find bugs or weak rnss in the platforms. he says he's thinking about going into data security when he grows up. the cash he says will go to a new bicycle and football.
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a big thank you from the silicon valley gives fund-raiser. the money goes to more than 1,000 non-profits across the bay area. jeff ranieri was in santa clara helping out yesterday. more than 23,000 people 2ki7d into their pockets to help out children, education programs and animals. you can make the donation by going online to we can hear jeff protesting from the weather center. >> he did a good job. >> a lot of cash. >> back in a moment. stay with us.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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. we're following breaking news right now. governor jerry brown just approved a bill to raise the minimum age to buy tobacco in the state of california from 18 to 21. california now becomes the second state to do so. we'll have more on this breaking news tonight at 6:00. finally at 5:00, a new landmark in san francisco, a tall new landmark, a gigantic statue of venus. right now a web of scaffolding is kind of obscuring it. it's back there, though. 92-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture unveiled this summer at trinity place, a high-rise apartment complex. if she could raise an arm
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skyward, she'd be as tall as the statue of liberty. >> incredible. can't wait to see that. >> lester holt is next with donald trump. tonight, from trump tower, the presumptive nominee. donald trump joins me live after a resounding win. cruz and kasich quit, as trump and clinton gear up for a general election for the ages. towering inferno. frantic evacuations as a massive wildfire explodes out of control, torching entire neighborhoods. even the emergency operation center staff forced to flee. exploding air bags blamed for a string of deaths. the largest recall in history. now even larger. 17 automakers, tens of millions of cars. is your car one of them. and prince bombshell. the music legend one day from getting emergency treatment for a reported addiction to painkillers. a tragic twist. the man who found him and called 911.


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