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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and a stage full of supporters
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announced that californians will announce if adults 21 and older will be allowed to possess one ounce of marijuana and grow up to six plants for personal use. >> it's a travesty to think that when you have a police force and you will focus their efforts on someone who is engaged in personal activity, or when that, when we have rapists and murderers there. >> a coalition of police force oppose it. an objection that convicted heroin dealers would be allowed to sell marijuana. recreational dispensaries will be taxed. regulatory guidelines have been drawn from states that passed similar legislation such as prohibiting advertising near schools. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thank you. and just in, about 30 minutes ago, governor brown signing five out of six bills that crack down on tobacco.
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now, among the new rules. 21 is the new 18. the legal age to buy tobacco products here in california, will now be changed to 21 years old. and another bill regulates e-cigarettes treating them like cigarettes or chewing tobacco. that rule will take affect in 90 days. a measure was vetoed to allow counties to decide the tax on the tobacco. a shouldity from the air from our bay area chopper over a san jose health clinic, where a tiny amount of a chemical caused a chemical scare. what happened, robert. >> reporter: well, peggy, it's interesting, it was only one ounce of that material. one ounce of that chemical that
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caused the commotion, people were having an immediate reaction and that is all that people knew. the fire department was not taking chances, even though this was a small amount of the chemical. it went to a full response. the hazardon -- the hazardous team and others responded. some were taken to the hospital for deacontamination. >> ultimately the scene looked worse than it was, officials say there were minor symptoms. most people involved were surprised that it was only one single ounce of the chemical that caused everything. creasol that spilled on to the
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dentist caps. >> is it that powerful to react to it that way? >> yes, as you heard, you know, several staff had respitory responses to it. >> some that worked nearby were relieved. >> it's exciting somewhat. but it's a bit nerve wracking. >> the it was quite a scene, but the fire department said it will follow its plan in any potentially hazardous incident. robert, thank you very much. new at 6:00, the search is on for two brothers accused of shooting dozens of pedestrians in the east bay with a bb gun. the brothers said they would turn themselves in by noon today and they never showed up. arrest warrants have been issued for the teenagers. they are not responsible for this incident that was caught on camera in march but are talking
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with other east bay police departments to see if they are connect to other cases. over the past few months, bb-gun vandals have caused more than 60,000 dollars in damage. >> the hunger strike continues in san francisco and one of the five protesters was hospitalized. he is one of the five people that refused to eat since april 21st. they call themselves the frisco five, they are demanding that the san francisco police chief be fired. he posted this on his instagram page. and he has been released from the hospital. there's no plan to fire the police chief. >> the question after a child molester has been put in custody is how many children he has molested. the victim is now in his late 20s and recently contacted detectives, they found child
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pornography on his computer. >> he is a volunteer in a church, we worked with the church and the church did send out a flyer to the members. >> investigators refused to name the church. he is being held without bail. the last man standing is donald trump. today, john kasich suspended his campaign, leaving trump as the likely republican presidential candidate. as for kasich, the ohio governor finished a distant third in the indiana primary and only had one victory under his belt in his home state of ohio. >> as i suspend my campaign today, i have renewed faith, deeper faith that the lord will show me the way forward and fulfill the purpose of my life. kasich was fourth in the total number of delegates earned, trailing trump, and marco rubio.
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>> california's republicans have a decision now before next month's primary. will they fall in line at the port, donald trump. john kasich declared himself the only that can defeat hilary clinton. he did an about face. i have renewed faith deeper faith. >> the voters chose another path. californ california -- after the announcement, people took to media with the supporters saying don't fall in line.
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they vote for their candidate regardless. >> or they will leave a blank, which is what i would do if i didn't support the candidate on the ticket. >> the california republican party vice chair said that donald trump has insulted many and allegiances can't change overnight. >> it's the first time ever, i will not be able to get behind whoever won. >> today, california is a jilted bride. >> everyone under estimated trump from the start. >> they all sort of looked at him as almost a laughingstock, a character. well, guess what, the character is the last one standing. >> now, donald trump still needs almost 200 delegates to secure the gop nomination, there's 514 delegates still available. >> on the democrat side, bernie sanders is feeling momentum after his win last night, however, despite his win, he essentially split the indiana
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delegates with hilary clinton. today, senator sanders campaigning across the state of kentucky, for a second day now. he admits that his road to the white house is a long shot and he continues to campaign. >> i think that we have the message that can and will win in the state. now, sanders would have to win at least 65% of the remaining contests to take over clinton's commanding delegate lead. >> back at home, tesla may be selling more cars but it's losing more money. that's because the new suv, the tesla model x costs more to make and sales have been slow. now, despite losing money, investors remain optimistic about the palo alto based company. boosting the shares by 3% in after hours trading ands tesla making headlines announcing that two of the top executives are leaving the company. >> in the south bay, people paused to remember those that
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made the ultimate sacrifice for their community. a pro session of bagpipers set the tone for the ceremony, honoring police officers that were killed in the line of duty. a bell was rung in their honor. >> we are grateful to your families, for what you have given along with those who served. >> a permanent memorial has been in the planning stage for a year, a sight selection committee has chosen to build it near police headquarters. >> well, up next, a police officer involved in a fiery wreck, and what the passenger did that help hadded to save the officer's life. >> i'm in the east bay where police are looking for a suspect that shot inside a mcdonald's earlier today, hear the latest on the investigation coming up. >> and good evening, clouds moving in across san jose in our
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micro climate sky camera network. and 58 degrees and we are tracking the possibility of showers. we will have details on this in a few minutes.
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running for cover, a frightening scene. we are live, michelle, police
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say the shooting is not so random. they believe that someone was targeted by the shooter that was in the area by the drive through when he opened fire shoot eng-- shooting in to the window. the other side of the wall is the play place. >> it's chaos, people need to stop the violence, it's crazy. >> parents were rattled to see the crime tape blocking off the entrance of the mcdonald's drive through. a man in his 20s fired in to the restaurant from the parking lot just before the lunch rush. >> it's unsettling to think that your kids could have been in there. >> reporter: police say that an employee that was near the windows was hit and suffered minor wounds. investigators say that the shooting was not random, but they don't believe the victim was the intended target. >> the fusion between the ex and the boyfriend grew more. so he came back and started
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shooting. she works next door, and she said, that the ex-boyfriend broke a window at the same restaurant and the same man was responsible for the shooting. but police are not confirming. >> it's scary, to work next door to them and have shot over there in the kids playground, that is scary. >> reporter: police say that the suspect drove away in a white chevy pickup model 2,000, they are asking for help, if you see him. meanwhile hrks this restaurant is expected to open up tomorrow morning. reporting live, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> well, thank you, this mother's day will be a haunting anniversary for a east bay family, they are asking for help, investigators held a news conference today in the berkley hills and described how 21-year-old alberto santana silva was murdered nearby on mother's day three years ago. he was breaking up a fight when one of the participants shot him. silva's sister and mother as you
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see here, hope a $10,000 reward will provide new clues. >> all i know is that no matter how much times passes, we are going to stand and try to fight for justice for my brother. >> please did release the sketch of the suspect who they describe as hispanic or filipino. investigators say after the fight, silva was sitting in his car when the man walked up and shot him several times. >> well, rescue from a firry crash gets a samaritan to pull a policeman from his burning car. it happened about 10:30 last night t driver ran away from the scene, while his passenger stayed to help get the officer out of the car. >> some of the citizens in the area, helped to get the officer out of the vehicle, which attests to the support that we have from the citizens and the officer was transported to highland hospital. >> officers caught the driver a short time later and arrested
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him for suspicion of felony hit and run. >> the seawall needs a make over and a big investment was announced. the seawall is not visible to those of us who walk and drive over it. it's look along the pier. the city is investing eight million to begin fortifying the seawall that will increase protection. >> a nice clear sunny day. we did not have that too much, we had the cloud cover lingering today and we expected a shower or two, we have only seen a couple of drops in napa and sonoma county. it does not have a lot of energy with it, and that's why we have not seen too much activity. here is a look at the stubborn storm i'm calling it off shore.
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it's 500 miles out in the pacific. and you can see out ahead of the storm system, where we are getting the moisture drawn in to california, there's just not a lot here, in the way of rainfall dropping so, don't expect heavy rainfall tonight, but still a chance here of scattered showers as we look ahead towards tomorrow. so, you will see in our morning forecast as we look at thursday, the south bay begins at 54. not the coldest morning in recent memory. 51 in the east bay and by the afternoon, we see temperatures going up to about 70 in the south bay. and it will be similar to what we experience today. 56, and tri-valley 71. what i want to show you next is the hour by hour forecast. this will reinforce the fact that we are not looking at widespread heavy rainfall. you can see at 8:00 in the morning, it's spotty in nature showing up. and through the ening, best chance of rainfall likely
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developing in contra costa and maybe up near middle town. as we push ahead past thursday's for ft ca-- thursday's forecast friday, this is the hallmark location of when we can expect the rainfall. that is friday, in the morning hours for the commute. it will be moderate to light at times and you know, at least it's something to add to the rainfall totals. as we leave you for right now. we are doing okay here, 101% of average and 102 in san jose. peggy and raj, it's better than what we are doing. >> jeff, you were busy yesterday, helping out silicone valley's fundraiser. the drive, for everyone who donated, it raised almost $8 million in 24 hours. incredible here. now, the money goes to more than 1,000 nonprofits across the bay area. 23,000 people, dipped in to
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their pockets and helped support children, education programs and animals. now you can make donations online, go to sv >> for many of the clubs america. >> up next, the community center that has been the launching pad for olympic tennis table players.
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well, many heading to the olympics would like to experience the city's darker side, and may want to visit the hillside neighborhoods that were dangerous historically. the drug lords began competing for control of the area, but in recent years the police have started to reclaim the neighborhoods and staying there would be cheaper for guests headed to rio, a room goes for
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$15 to $30 a night. the olympic glory will go through milpitas and it's in our backyard. >> the community center has become a breeding ground for table tennis. not ping pong. >> balance, balance, balance, balance the body. >> you may have grown up, playing a backyard game called ping pong. >> move your legs. >> this is not that game. >> play to win the point. >> inside this normal looking milpitas strip mall is one of the powerhouses of the u.s. sport of table tennis. >> ready, control. >> here, in the india community table tennis center. this game is take enseriously. >> and we have over 250 kids training here. >> as you will see, the mechanical engineer from india
6:25 pm
opened the center a couple of years ago. >> we started with a lobby area, and just a couple of tables. >> these days there are over 30 tables filled with players of all sizes. >> if they want to be serious, they want to take it serious, this is the place where they end up coming. >> among the hundreds of players who train here, that's one thing you will hear often. >> i want to make it to the olympics. >> and for good reason, the center has trained six olympians, two bound for the 2016 games in rio, including this olympian. >> it's one of the best clubs in america. >> good. good, good. is a role model for many other clubs in america. why jumping, no monkey style. >> a lot of players coming all the way from other states and also from other countries. >> there's a lot of like cultures that are really good, high level. >> i think the hard work pays off, because after you work hard, you get good
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opportunities. >> though the center ranks among the top in the u.s., there's one thing still missing from the trophy shelf. >> our next goal is to win medal in olympics. >> if that medal does not come home this summer, certainly won't be from lack of effort. nbc b bmpt krmpbc area news. >> it's an indian olympic community center with an italian coach trying get to the olympics. we will cover the games and opening ceremony is august 5th. >> trouble for a high performing high school in san jose's nice estimate neighborhoods. the reason that the school could lose its accredidation a local doctor responded to an emergency request to help prince. we will have the live report coming up.
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the doctor felt that his mission was a life saving mission. >> right now, 6:30, a house call for a bay area doctor, he was called in to help prince. we have new details about the final hours of prince's life. a millvalley doctor had planned what would be a life saving mission to help the singer. his efforts were too late. >> he sent his son to prince's compound and it was his son that called 9-1-1. we are where the doctor's
6:30 pm
practice is located. this is raising a bunch of new questions. >> that is right, the doctor spent the day here at his home after news of his involvement broke. there's a do not disturb sign up on his door tonight. but his attorney said that he and his team took extraordinary steps to try to help the music legend. >> we would have parade he got help sooner so he would be here with us. it's really shocking. but i know we have a lot of resources. >> that is how folks here are reacting after learning a local doctor tried his best to help prince. doctor howard kornfeld's attorney said that the staff called the addiction specialist the night before he died with a urgent plea. >> the doctor felt that his mission was a life saving mission. >> kornfeld could not clear his calendar but sent a member of his team, his own son, andrew,
6:31 pm
to paisley park to meet with prince until he could arrive the next day. >> andrew's purpose in being there was to describe the recovery without walls program to familiarize prince with that. prince could go there for pain management, and any addiction issues. >> but he was too late, he arrived to find prince unconscious, in fact, andrew made the call to 9-1-1. >> he arrived to see him dead in an elevator and unconscious, so it was certainly a difficult time. >> the kornfeld's are not talking publically and the attorneys say it was tough. the folks in the area say they hope he made it to recover. >> i work here and i heard good things about the doctor. maybe he could have really helped him. >> the attorney said that the doctor and his son never met prince or even spoke to him. and while, andrew did take some pills with him had to minnesota,
6:32 pm
hits attorney said they were never, administered to prince. reporting live, i'm jody hernandez. nbc bay area. >> at the same time today, radio stations across the country were invited to play the prince song that he wrote, nothing compares to you. it was at 7:00 after 3:00, that song no accident. it's been seven hours and 13 days since you took your love away. precisely the amount of time that has passed since his sudden death. >> more problems for north carolina, the state could lose federal funding because of a controversial transgender law that it recently passed. the justice department informed the state's governor that the law violates federal civil rights. in march, you will recall, lawmakers passed a bill that forces transgender people to use bathrooms for the sex listed on their birth certificates and
6:33 pm
keeps counties from passing their own laws. the feds giving north carolina a deadline to decide whether it plans to move forward with the law, despite the civil rights violation. >> president obama visited flint, michigan today and drank the water to show it can be safe. he said if you use a filter the water is now drinkable. the pipes that need to be replaced. >> i did need a glass of water, it's not a stunt. >> now, he slammed the water crisis as man made and said, "less government is best," the environmental laws cannot be treated as optional or a burden to business. >> an uncertain crisis, a school could lose accreditation if they don't make changes. what is the problem?
6:34 pm
>> the superintendent wrote an explanation on the school website here at leigh high school, it gives the best and possible worst case scenarios. it's known as a distinguished school, but now leigh high school is under the micro scope in this letter, the superintendent explains that the western association of schools and colleges is closely compani examining the school, they are looking at language gap and looking at increasing college and career readiness for all students. >> i have read a little bit. that's my last one. >> the district told us the superintendent was in meetings all day and could not talk on camera about the issue. but in the letter, she said that the accreditation is a voluntary process and that the district will work to keep it. >> i'm not concerned about it, i think it's a really good school and they have good test scores and i mean, it's not nothing.
6:35 pm
but, it seems like it's just a little blip. >> the current accreditation is good through the next school year. but if it's not renewed, it could impact college admission for future students. parents don't seem too concerned that it will get that far. >> i'm happy, i have three kids here. >> and to further explain the extent of what is happening with the process, the superintendent will hold a parent meeting on monday night, here at leigh high school. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, so losing accreditation is rare among high schools. currently all 50 high schools in santa clara county are accredited, and in san ma take toe, all but two have it and only one school in contra costa county is not accredited.
6:36 pm
a brutal attack over beer. a fight erupted after a seven-11 robbery. it happened on lacy lane. three men tried to take cases of beer from the store when the clerk as you can see here, tries to stop the men. they began to beat the clerk outside of the store. that's when a good samaritan jumpedand also was attacked. >> he intervened to try to fight the guys off. it was 3 on 1 at that time, and unfortunately he ends up getting attacked and kicked in the head in the parking lot. >> a brutal attack, that good samaritan had a broken eye socket. >> an intense scene inside the royal doughnut shop in burlinggame, it happened 5:00 a.m. monday morning, three men entered the shop, you can see one of them jump the counter and force the employee in to the back room, pointing what looks like a gun at husband face. now, police say it was a fake
6:37 pm
gun. after a heated scuffle the employee was not injured. the suspects, three of them, stole the atm machine inside of the shop and yes, they did get away. >> and just a few blocks from the doughnut shop, another robbery. the safora shop, it was robbed on april 26th. police say this man, is wanted for allegedly stealing fragrance bolths from the store. he got away. still has not been caught and police say no one was hurt in the robbery. >> well, san francisco's newest land mark is a huge statue of venus. take a look here. the web of scaffolding obscures the sculpture, it will be unv l unveiled at eighth and market. venus is an abstract work with no arms. but if she could raise a arm sky ward, she would be as tall as
6:38 pm
the lady liberty. good comparison there. >> she is huge. >> they are not soldiers but they are serving their country. the mission the bay area students have accepted. >> and how about this, a ten-year-old, a ten-year-old hacks in to instagram, his punishment? a $10,000 reward. we will explain who is giving it to him, next.
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6:40 pm
a ten-year-old boy is $10,000 richer after hacking in to instagram. the boy that hacked instagram said he is thinking of going in
6:41 pm
to data security when he grows up. he plans to buy a new bike and a new football with his $10,000 reward money. >> mark zuckerberg and his wife, announcing today that jim shelton will be the head of education for the zuckerberg/chan initiative. he is a former deputy secretary. it will film causes. they have committed $120 million to bay area schools, and help to create an online learning tool among its efforts. the zuckerberg/chan initiative will launch next in month. >> a dead whale was towed to see. it's been floating here in a kelp bed for days now, just off shore. marine biologists paddled out to investigate, no obvious signs of death were found.
6:42 pm
so they don't want to interfere, but because it was drifting toward light house point and attracting sharks, they decided to move it further from shore. >> all right, chief meteorologist jeff is here. and strange weather. >> i know. we had the upper 80s this weekend. now we are down to the 60s. >> chilly. >> it's a bit cooler out there and it's been trying rain so hard all day long. as you see under the sky camera network. we have the sun showing through the clouds. this story will continue, looking back to san francisco and as we get a look all the way down toward san jose, the overcast skies, i am back with the full forecast and when we will get rin in -- get rain in the bay area. >> it's a great opportunity to be a service to the country. >> stanford students have accepted the mission, what they are doing the keep our soldiers safe.
6:43 pm
that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good.
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nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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. cybersecurity and the military is a problem, and some of the brightest minds are trying solve it. they are doing it in the classroom. we have the story that you will only see on nbc bay area. scott? >> engineering students at stanford are famous for starting big companies. but we have found a some that are working on something different. our national security. within the calm, confines of stanford university, a class with an urgent mission. fortify military security. >> problems they are addressing are complex. >> specifically cybersecurity. >> this is a great opportunity to be of service to the country. >> stanford calls it hacking for defense. >> it feels like a start up. >> students using their skills to help make america's military safer. >> when you think about it a
6:46 pm
little bit, it's making you work harder, you know for a lot of the teams, people's lives are on the line. >> an interesting problem that you are trained in a certain discipline as an engineer, but it's about problem solving. >> the professor, former army colonol. >> we were wondering if people would show up. >> and to transfer it to something meaningful, that affects a serious national security issue that is exciting. >> and an army major. >> the exposer to some cutting edge technology, and really some of the cutting edge minds and that problem solving ability that we talked about, is huge. >> students on the farm, working to help soldiers on the field of battle. >> the class at stanford runs through may. organizers and the military say they are encouraged by what they have seen so far, and would some
6:47 pm
day like to spread hacking for defense to campuses across the country. >> travelers in the bay area, have a new option to get across the pond. british air ways will launch their non-stop service between the silicone valley and london. they are celebrating the new route, connecting the san jose airport and heathrow international. british airways will have one daily nonstop flight each way aboard that 787, they last had direct service to europe in 2001, and just in case, peggy and jeff, we think we can still make it -- >> i'm waiting for the e-mail conformation. where is it? >> 8:05 is our departure. >> you booked it. >> we are booked. nbc first class. >> we are on our way. >> i cannot wait to check the e-mail for conform magz.
6:48 pm
>> cloudy weather, the overcast was hanging out all day long. we got a few rain drops and the storm system we have been tracking is not strong enough to give us widespread rain. let's get a look at the drop lar radar and satellite, we are just getting missed by activity, we have lightning across the sierra earlier and thunderstorms to the north and off shore, we are tracking showers. that's the nature of what we have happening. upper area level of pressure off shore, spiraling in hit and miss moisture, wherever it wants. the thing we are being impacted most by is the cloud cover. we have had the low clouds moving in and at times a break of blue skies. temperatures right now, coolest here in san francisco at 59. north bay at 62. and south bay, holding on to milder air. and a bit humid with the southerly flow and 70. for tomorrow morning's forecast, we will keep the possibility of
6:49 pm
spotty showers. it looks like it will be better than what we had for today. watch out for hit and miss activities. san francisco begins at 55, and 53 for the peninsula. and so here's the area of low pressure, it's just off shore. this thing hangs out not only through tomorrow but through saturday, in just about the same spot. so with it spinning out here, as we have been mentioned, it did not have a lot of upper level energy with it. we will have the areas of showers moving in. that's what we want to see next, timeline and how the future cast looks. and a lot of you that know about the future cast, knowing we have a winter storm coming in. this thing is covered in green, with heavier rainfall, but tomorrow morning, tsz skit is scattered in nature. by 6:00 p.m., better chance of rain from north bay to napa and down for san jose and fremont, a good chance as well. notice the orange and yellow showing up. that is the chance of an
6:50 pm
isolated thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon for the south bay. and as we push ahead towards friday. i think in the morning hours, this will be the best bet of accumulating rainfall from the north bay down towards the south bay. rainfall totals, not a lot. i wish this was a lot higher, but it's not going to be there. to maybe close to a quarter of an inch for napa, and san francisco, and san jose, once again, may only see 800th of an inch, as we go through the micro climate forecast on thursday. it's what we talked about. a mix of sun, clouds and possibility of showers. milder area if in the south bay, san jose, stays around 70. for the peninsula, we have 62 in pacif pacifica and north bay, east bay, and for the tri-valley, we come in at 68 in napa and oakland 67. and tri valley in the upper 60s to low 70s. we keep it at this rather annoying on again, off again
6:51 pm
showers and by sunday, peggy and also raj, we warm out and we dry out. so, we probably want to leave on the flight on saturday. >> okay. we are still taking the british airways to london. >> you are on the hook now, raj. >> did you see the fourth quarter comeback? of course you did. what now? the run of steph curry, next
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
. well, for much of the night, it looked like it was not going to be a win for the dubs. we are not used to these close games. >> but the warriors won and have
6:54 pm
a lead over the blazers. but the question remains, when is he coming back? up the corner. we turned around what was a pretty bad game for us and we had enough time to get back. >> back from an early 17-point deficit. and it started with the reigning mvp, andre iguodala. he kept the warriors in striking distance. >> it was good that we got that punch in the gut and got tested to see how we would respond. we kept fighting. >> the difference was a guy that did not enter in game one. he entered to play, and the warriors were down ten. when he left, they had the lead. >> he played 13 straight minutes. this is a guy who has been out most of the last part of the season. and didn't play much in the houston series.
6:55 pm
so, phenomenal effort from fezzie to change the game. >> the warriors out scored the blazers 34-12 in the fourth. for a 110-99 victory. now, three days off before they play again. rather unusual said andrew bogut. >> it's really weird, i experienced it before, but we've guys that could use the rest and go to the spa and get massages and look forward to portland. >> particularly for receive occ -- for steph curry, his return date is unknown. >> it's more what the training staff tells us. is he at risk of hurting it further. if he is not and he is at 80%, 90% and they say, he can play, and he should be fine and it's, we are not risking anything, then we will let him play. >> game three is saturday night
6:56 pm
in port lant. we could see him had saturday. well, hunter pence may have something to do with last night's win. he sent stump town coffee to the warriors. it's a portland based coffee company, nobody can confirm that the warriors drank the coffee. as for pence and the giants today, they lost in cincinnati. >> now, also, may the force be with you. today is star wars day, even president obama and the first lady got involved. this video here posted to the official white house twitter account. the first couple dancing with r 2-d 2. that is access when he comes by. it is believed to have been filmed in december, around the time the new star wars movie premiered. >> he has rhythm. >> he does. >> not so much the storm troopers. but -- >> may the nourfourth be with y. have a great evening. >> bye.
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watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah! launch. is he plotting a brand new attack plan to take down hillary? the giant clue at the table now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ extra, extra! donald trump, who's your daddy? elbowing ted cruz out of the race as heidi cruz takes an elbow to the face. could rubio or cruz be trump's running mate? >> would you consider that? from the family trump to sarah palin to megyn kelly, reaction to donald's victory. >> trump has made fools out of a lot of people who have underestimated him. >> plus -- >> you came in as number one as far as celebrities that people would like to see as president. >> i would lik


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