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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm kris sanchez in north san jose where a man climbed on top of the vta light rail train. there will be an impact on your commute if you work in the north san jose corridor. flames tearing through a home in vallejo injuring a child. investigators trying to find the source of the fire. a car chase ends with a car crash. i'm steph chuang live here where it happened. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very active and bizarre start to our thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to the morning commute. your vta lines could be affected. >> don't forget the umbrella.
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you may not need it this morning, but this afternoon we'll see showers and storms firing up. there is this weak system that's producing thunderstorms over the sierra. we may see that rotate into the bay area later on today. highs expected to top out at 63 in the peninsula. san francisco at 63. we'll talk more about that rain and it continues tomorrow as well as saturday. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. let's get a view of bridges for your drive. >> san mateo bridge. we have a couple of crashes. there's not a lot of slowing. we'll give you more details on 92. i want to talk about the south bay. vta lines stopped right here at the component station because of the activity. talking about the breaking news
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affecting the bay point pacific center station lines. >> it is what we are covering this morning. that man certainly impacting traffic in san jose. he is refusing to get off of on top of a vta train. happening right outside north first street. it's a very busy commute area. >> he's been up there since 1:30 in the morning. kris sanchez is there with the efforts to try to get him down safely. good morning. >> good morning. we mentioned that bus bridge. we did see one of those buses go by and that man is on top of the train. we saw him standing up. not long ago he was up there shirtless and had on one of the yellow sheriff department jackets. there are folks in that vta cherry picker trying to talk him
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down peacefully. sheriff's department says they don't believe he is armed, but do believe he is unstable. the work to negotiate with him to try to get him down safely continues. there is a big response out here. the sheriff's department is in charge of rail safety. san jose police department offering services, as well. sheriff's department spokesman tells us again that the man went up around 1:20 this morning and has not come down since. we don't know whether or not that man climbed up while the train was moving. the train has stopped now. power was cut off. this is going to impact the commute both on vta and in your car. as more people might ditch mass transit today to try to get to work in their own vehicle. >> we are working on getting a bus bridge, that is a substitute bus service that will mirror the light rail. >> the power was cut to the
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tracks and the train stopped no train traffic going through this area. >> the trains were supposed to start running at 4:00 this morning. clearly, that didn't happen. though the bus bridges are in place, it does not completely replace the ease of using the light rail train. again that man is still on top of that train. folks are negotiating with him up there. i did look up some of the training santa clara department gets and many have 40 hours of crisis intervention training dealing with situations like this one. thank you very much. 5:04. more breaking news in vallejo. fire crews at the scene of an early morning house fair. >> this starting after 1:00 a.m.
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at a home that had seven people inside the time the fire broke out, kids and adults. everyone was safely evacuated by the time the fire crews arrived. one child though did suffer first and second degree burns. that child is now being treated at a local hospital. today in the bay rob redell is headed to the scene and will have a live report. a chase turning into a crash scene in the middle of san francisco. a popular tourist spot. the suspect narrowly missing a cable car in the turnaround right on powell and market streets. >> stephanie chuang live there now. >> this area is popular. you usually see people lined with cable cars. good thing it happened before midnight. it is clear now.
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the chase ended here at the cable car turnaround. chp says that is where it tried to pull over an infinity sedan before midnight for a license plate infraction. the driver took off, missing a cable car and crashing in this turnaround area. there was visible damage on the driver's side door. four people inside tried to run but with the help of sfpd, officers were able to arrest three of the four people. one person did get away. there has been no active search for that person. what is strange is what police found around, egg cartons around and under the car and eggs on the roof of one nearby car. what is unclear is how the eggs ended up there and whether the people were doing anything with the eggs before. they might have been egging cars but that is unconfirmed by chp. san francisco police are
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investigating this accident here. live in downtown san francisco, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. an antioch police officer recovering after he was shot by an alleged carjacker. police say this all started in bay point but ended in a crash in pittsburgh at the intersection of east leyland road. they were responded to a report that somebody stole a car at gun point. the officer quickly returned fire missing the suspect who eventually surrenderedç to oth officers. >> we saw the police. we couldn't see the car because there were other police cars here and a lot of people, people that were in vehicles had gotten out. >> the antioch police officer is okay and he's been released from the hospital. several other people were also
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injured in that crash and exchange of bullets. there is no word right now on the extent of their injuries. it's 5:07 on thursday morning. back in court, the two san jose brothers accused of killing their own parents are going to face the judge today for a bail hearing. here is the video of the one son. his brother will be tried as an adult. both men face life sentences. federal prosecutors working with the dea to investigate prince's death. we are learning about the musician's final hours. his staff members caldwell-known mill valley doctor, dr. howard kornfeld for help the night before prince's death. he couldn't leave town so he sent a member of his team, his son to prince's compound the next morning. >> dr. kornfeld felt his mission was a life-saving mission. >> unfortunately it was too late. his son arrived to find prince
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unconscious and made that first call to 911. 5:08. are you feeling lucky? the powerball jackpot keeps on climbing. >> here are the numbers drawn last night. 30-47-7:00-66-69 with powerball number 3. here's the thing, no one matched them all. now the jackpot is moving on up from 361 million to 415 million. by the time that drawing happens on saturday, that amount, that jackpot is expected to be higher. just a reminder that the odds of winning the lottery -- >> reality check. >> do i have a glimmer of hope? they are 1 in more than 292 million. one south bay man says if he wins, he'll help out the less fortunate. >> dreams do a lot of work for
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the community, give back to the community, here and back home. >> that's nice. >> not talking about how many homes we can buy or cars but how many we can help. the odds of winning the top prize are pretty much impossible. is that fair to say? >> kari hall made a good observation, you have a better chance getting hit by lightning today than winning. >> but you are saying there is a chance. you do have a better chance of being struck by lightning today. we have scattered rain and storms moving through the bay area. grab the umbrella before you head out. we not going to see the rain for the next several hours. our temperatures will hold steady in the mid 60s. rising up to 71 in the tri-valley. 70 in the south bay.
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san francisco tops out at 63. into the next several days, we will still have a chance of rain but clears out by the end of the weekend. more on that in a few minutes. mike is tracking a couple of crashes in san mateo. >> right now because traffic is light, look at the bay bridge. let me show you the map on the peninsula. wastebound fox city boulevard getting over to the highrise. southbound 101 moves smoothly past the crash there. that may be a distraction but sounds like that lane is getting cleared in the last couple of minutes. in san jose by the station, component station, we have police activity. let me show you where it is off charcott. this person is still on top of the vta train. trains are not running north of the metro station. they have a bus bridge in place. coming up, south bay high school future is in limbo.
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problems plaguing lehigh school forcing administrators to make changes. elon musk is so worried about making cars, he's sleeping at the office. ==laura//topvo==
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there's still primaries to be held but hillary clinton and donald trump are already looking towards november. ==laura//ots== there are still primaries to be held. hillary clinton and donald trump already looking towards november. candidates ramping up attacks on each other after john kasich
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called it quits yesterday. kasich made that announcement in an emotional speech leaving donald trump as the last man standing. the likely nominee says he will reunite the party as prominent republicans say they will not support him including the bush family and massachusetts governor charlie baker. >> some of the things he said about women, muslim and religious freedom, i can't support. >> hillary clinton taking on donald trump. we'll have much more on what she is saying about the presumptive nominee in a live report from washington, d.c. in a half hour. a south bay high school could lose its accreditation if it doesn't make swift changes. the superintendent of the dam bell unified school district says officials are closely examining issues at leigh high school. if the school fails to renew its accreditation, that could impact college admission for future students. parents say they are not worried
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yet. >> i think it's a really good school and they have good test scores. it's not nothing, but it seems like it's a little blip. >> in a written statement, the superintendent says the accreditation is a voluntary process to rate school programs and operations and the district will work to keep its accreditation. a meeting is planned for monday with parents to go over this process. happening today, cal students and workers are organizing a new protest over looming lay-offs. uc berkeley announced plans to eliminate 500 staff positions in the next two years. currently about $150 million over budget. protesters say one person getting the axe is a clerical worker who has been with the school for 30 years. you can say you're sleeping on the job. elon musk is so focused on
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building all these teslas, he has a sleeping bag near the assembly line. >> will it be enough? scott mcgrew, musk making huge promises this morning. >> tesla has to radically ramp up production to meet demand. speed things up ten times or faster. musk says his company can do it. tesla will build 500,000 cars a year by 2018. that would be ten times what the car builder makes now. he is setting a goal starting production on tesla's model x by the second half of next year. >> tesla opened all its books to investors last night answering questions from analysts and reporters, but did not explain its recent lease of its massive warehouse system in livermore. even if musk increased production by 10x, at its current plant he still wouldn't need this facility. ramping up production will cost money, money tesla need to find
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despite all those $100,000 deposits. stock analysts expect tesla to do a secondary offering. gopro will report its profits today. it's run by an interesting person and makes interesting products. it's been in trouble lately with sinking sales. check the news before the bell with landon dowdy. >> good morning. we are looking to see wall street bounce back after second losses yesterday. stocks fell on the back of reports showing weaker than expected hiring in the private sector last month. unemployment ahead of tomorrow's key monthly jobs report. up only 99 points yesterday. nasdaq down 37 to 4755. back to you. >> thank you. >> police in ohio are asking people to stop ordering drugs from an alleged drug dealer's phone because police have the phone and they are trying to
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read all the data, but people keep calling and texting for drugs. police posted this picture to facebook and politely said, if you could, please stop calling. the alleged drug dealer's ring tone is terrible. they could put it on airplane mode. we know that. police can have a sense of honeymoon-on on facebook. >> they could trace them. thank you. right now, things getting heated this week in florida when pet store workers got tough on a suspected thief. video shows this man grabbing a baby python and dropping it into his pant pocket. >> you can't make this stuff up. cold blooded, yes, but the thief was unable to slither away.
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workers were familiar with the man. they suspected him of shoplifting reptiles during some of his past visits and quickly caught him. >> you hear about people stuffing snakes down their pants. how could that be a good idea? >> i guess it's a proven method? i don't know. >> it's too slithery. >> we are going to let the boys talk about this. it's gross. >> you've been watching rain coming in. today is another stronger system. >> we are going to see a chance of rain and thunderstorms developing today. that is something we'll be watching, especially this afternoon. all quiet this morning as you head out the door. don't forget the umbrella. a live look at san jose. we start out with a lot of clouds. that will stay with us as the system still spins across the region. i've been watching this storm 2. producing showers and thunderstorms, even lightning over parts of the sierra. this system we can expect as it
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continues to move farther off to the west as we go through the day. futurecast shows this morning, not a whole lot. then we do start to see thunderstorms developing around stockton that could move into the east bay and south bay hills. also into the north bay by this afternoon. then the activity quiets down tonight. we'll do it all over again tomorrow with a chance of some of those storms developing during the day on friday as well as early saturday. rainfall totals show that some spots may not get anything at all. then other spots where some of those heavier storms set up could get quite a bit of rain this model showing the possibility of some of that heavier rain once again over the south bay and east bay hills where some of those storms start to move through first. temperatures today will be in the upper 60s to low 70s. a chance of thunderstorms today as well as tomorrow. also on saturday, but then as the rain moves out, temperatures will be warming up early next week. we'll keep tabs on that.
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over to mike keeping tabs on the morning commute. the ongoing situation for the vta riders. there is a little build for 580. we don't have any real big issues. 580 on the right side. a little slow at that build. not affecting most of our viewers. over toward the dublin interchange, a smooth drive. we continue to have that closure. that is at tassajara road. we've been okay through the area. over to the south bay i want to tell you about the ongoing issues for vta rail. our station is right there. there is component and first. sheriffs deputies trying to get the person off the top of that roof. that's why we have a bus bridge in place north of the metro station. nothing unusual going on there. starting to back up. back to you. 5:22.
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heard loud and clear. if you are a b.a.r.t. rider, you know that sound very well. how b.a.r.t. is trying to fix it. that all too familiar, ear-
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splitting "howl" that accompanies bart trains as they barrel down the tracks - may soon be a it is that all-too familiar, ear-splitting howl as b.a.r.t. trains barrel down the tracks and they might be a thing of the past. >> it is part of b.a.r.t., right? the screeching sound comes from b.a.r.t. train wheels as they vibrate along the rails at high speeds. engineers are using computer models to develop a new type of
5:26 am
wheel with a modified shape for b.a.r.t.'s latest fleet of cars. they are predicting quieter rides. commuters will notice noise levels cut in half. >> the ride quality compared to our existing cars is night and day. >> the wheels may last twice as long and don't cost extra to make. b.a.r.t. expects to roll them out starting next year. >> the wheels on the train go nice and quiet. 5:26 on your thursday morning. new research says the san andreas fault line is primed for a major earthquake but set to strike in southern california. those findings came out at an earthquake conference in long beach. a leading earthquake scientist says the san andreas fault line is locked, loaded and ready to roll. the last big tremor was in 187:00. that's when a 7.9 magnitude quake hit. geologists add other sections of
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the fault are overdue for a big quake. next, breaking news right now in the south bay. delays across vta lines as a man is refusing to come down from on top of a train. live developments from the scene after the break. a near catastrophe. chp chase ends in union scare in san francisco. i'm bob redell, live to the east bay where a child has been taken to the hospital after an overnight fire.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather a traffic issue is bogging things down in san jose. the vta, mike is watching out for that. >> kari is watching the sky for us. >> cloudy today. at least to start. then we start to see showers and thunderstorms firing up this afternoon. it still will be hit or miss. i've been watching these storms firing up over the sierra. this will be responsible for bringing us more activity later on today. a lot of clouds to start out this thursday morning. it's in the upper 50s to low 60s. then a chance of off and on rain and storms as we go into this afternoon. i'll detail coming up in a few minutes. let's head to mike with a close eye on the bay bridge.
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>> we have the component light rail station where all this sheriff's activities, they cut the power there. anywhere north of the san jose metro station because they cannot get the right trains on to the track. >> a man is refusing to get off a vta train. >> this has been a saga going on since 1:30 in the morning. it's happening on north first street. a very busy commute area. kris sanchez is there with efforts to get that man down safely. where do things stand now. >> i just talked to the vta
5:32 am
spokeswoman for that department. this man is lucky he did not get hit by that train and did not get shocked or electrocuted as he climbed up on top. it was the quick action of the operator that was the difference between life and death. he is still on top of that train and considered unarmed at this point. negotiations continue to try to get him down peacefully. he climbed up on top of that train after walking along the tracks. the operator saw him on the tracks, was able to stop the train before hitting him. once he saw the man trying to scramble on top of the train, he called immediately and had the power disabled so the man would not be shocked. a sheriff's spokesman said they have been negotiating with that man who is considered unarmed but unstable. they've been working with him since 1:20 this morning trying to get him down. we did see him standing up and he was shirtless at that point.
5:33 am
then he was wrapped up in some blanket the sheriff's department handed to him. again this situation is ongoing. this will have a major impact on mass transit through the north first street corridor. >> we are working on getting a bus bridge. that is a substitute bus service that will mirror the light rail. >> the power was cut to the tracks. the train is stopped. there is no service through this component station. it's not a busy station but is a bad spot to have a train stopped because it means vta cannot get any train north of this area. there are so many tech companies in the north first street corridor. if you work at one of those tech businesses, you will have to reroute via a bus bridge with vta or drive. even if you don't work over here but take 87 to 101, your commute
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will be impacted. the man is considered unarmed, but unstable. i did look up the crisis intervention training for the sheri sheriff's department. it is standard for all officers to have 40 hours to deal with this type of situation. kris sanchez, today in the bay. 5:34, more breaking news this morning out of vallejo. a family left without a place to stay. it comes after a house burst into flames after carl avenue. it happened about 1:00 this morning. >> rob redell joining us live from where it all happened. >> reporter: this child was taken to the hospital. the burns are first and second degree, they consider the
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injuries to be minor. this child will recover. you can see the home behind me when you look at the front of it, doesn't look like there was a fire. that's because the fire was contained in the back. this is around 1:20 this morning. this is 911 call came out. police did say all seven people inside, three adults and four children living in there were able to get out on their own. they said the house in the back was probably about 25% of the house was on fire. they realized they would need backup and called for a second alarm. they were able to get knocked down to put this fire out fairly quick. the cause is still yet to be determined. breaking news. a head-on crash in oakland leaves four people injured
5:36 am
including an infant. you see that car completely flipped over in the video. this happened on 60th avenue around 3:30 this morning. we are told two of the three adults could have major injuries. we don't know about the condition of the infant, but we'll provide you with more information soon as we get it. the traffic impact, southbound international is now back open. a wrong turn during a chp chase landed the driver of this infinity in big trouble. the driver crashed into poles at the popular cable car turnaround at powell and market last night. four people were arrested. one managed to get away. officers say the chase started after they tried to pull the driver of the car over in union square earlier. cable car should be running on schedule this morning. police search for twin brothers accused of terrorizing the east bay with a b.b. gun. these crimes escalated in san
5:37 am
leandro in march when several people became targets. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. then three weeks ago, the suspects struck again, shooting at a car. now the driver was on washington avenue when he managed to get the suspect's license plate number and report it that. led police to the home of the 19-year-olds who live nearby that shooting scene. detectives uncovered a b.b. gun in the teens' car and home. police allowed those twins to turn themselves in by noon yesterday but the pair never showed up. >> the family assured us they would have them surrender. >> warrants issued for their arrest. it is responsible they are responsible for another incident caught on camera in march. >> double trouble there. 5:37.
5:38 am
let's look at the rain timeline. it shows storms firing up farther off to the east of us and rolling into the higher terrain of the bay area and eventually moving into some more populated parts like the south bay as well as east bay and into the north bay. some of these storms could produce heavy downpours, lightning and small hail. i'll detail that and a chance of that once again tomorrow coming up in the microclimate forecast. we'll show fremont 880. picking up good volume over the last ten minutes. no slowing for south 880 by the truck scales. actually coming down from hayward no major problems. >> we'll get a look at the south
5:39 am
bay. first thing component. i'll show you the live shot. sheriff's deputies trying to talk down this person on top of the vta train. bus bridge is in place so plan for local delays. >> thank you. coming up next, we are officially down to one candidate on the republican side. donald trump is now being called the presumptive republican nominee. how gop leaders are responding. youtube showing television coming soon and cool new technology coming to a san francisco museum. we'll take a look in business. ==laura/vo==
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after a crowded field of 17 candidates - donald trump is the last republican left vying decision 2016, after a crowded field of 17 candidates, donald trump is the last republican left vying for the white house. he's now the presumptive nominee. so that is considered the easy part. >> now the hard part as tracie potts explains unifying the republican party will be difficult, especially when trump had a testy relationship with the establishment. he said this system is rigged. good luck. >> yeah. exactly. but now trump says it's time for
5:43 am
us all to come together and he's starting to see that already. mitch mcconnell, top republican here on capitol hill, haley barbour, john mccain, they are saying they are going to back ç trump. then you've got bush president saying they are going to stay out of this. they are not endorsing trump. neither is the governor of massachusetts who has problem with things trump said about women and muslims. he's got community building to do within the party. trump put together million more people than any other candidate has. he doesn't think that will be a big problem. what he is focused on is hillary clinton who he expected to compete against in the fall. clinton meantime is saying that trump has been negative, aggressive, bullying, using her words here she describes him as a loose cannon. she said loose cannons are apt to misfire. you can see the sparks are already starting to fly between those two, even with bernie
5:44 am
sanders still out there, still campaigning, he just set up a kentucky office. >> bernie hanging on. >> we'll see what happens here. when you talk about hillary clinton and donald trump and their high unfavorable ratings, do you think this will be one of the most negative we've seen in recent history? >> it's interesting on both sides. you've got who don't like donald trump but they are voting for him. the same thing on the other side with hillary clinton. high negatives on both sides. you've got a lot of voters wringing their hands. we've heard it. people frustrated with the choices they had this year. some people feel they are picking the lesser of two evils. >> for a big position. thank you very much. the debate should be good. >> debates will be great. then there is the debate about the role of california. we are saying this state will decide everything. now the question is will republican voters come out and vote in the june 7th primary? >> state republican leaders are
5:45 am
hoping for a big turnout. they say there are important state races that still need to be decided. >> it might have more impact in swing areas of the state. parts of southern california where there may be close races. >> it may not matter in the overwhelmingly democratic bay area. san francisco only 8% of voters are registered republican. political experts also say many republicans may have already voted by mail. to a state largely purple, north carolina, where republican leaders there are rallying against a new federal warning. the justice department says the state's new law that limits protections for the lgbtq community violates the federal civil rights act. a mistake could lose hundreds of millions of dollars in federal school funding. north carolina's governor says that warning is a broad overreach of federal authority. a plane full of passengers took off on san jose on a notable flight path. the first nonstop from sjc to
5:46 am
london. british airways is launching that new service. the last time san jose had direct service to europe was in 2001. >> it is fantastic. it saves going up to san francisco. i just left campbell 20 minutes ago and here i'm getting on a plane. i would have had to leave at 2:00 p.m. to catch a flight from san francisco. >> british airways will offer daily nonstop flights to heathrow airport. stormy weather delayed spacex's latest rocket launch in florida. they planned to launch the falcon 9 today and will try for early tomorrow morning when there is a less than 10% chance weather will be a problem. the rocket is scheduled to carry a japanese broadcasting satellite into orbit. spacex will try to repeat last month's history-making landing on a ship in the atlantic ocean. they'll try to stick the landing there.
5:47 am
when elon musk is not launching rockets, he's building cars. >> tesla may ask for more money to meet demand. >> it may not be enough money there. tesla has huge expenses as it builds these new assembly lines. capital expenditures. tesla's cap-ex is high enough. tesla made fewer, not more, but fewer cars than planned. that's an important nugget to think about when you hear musk saying he wants to increase production ten times by 2018. wall street taking a look at startling turnaround in lay-offs. this time last week i was telling you first-time jobless claims were the lowest since the 1970s. they spiked this week, highest in seven years. go figure. the big jobs number is tomorrow. that's when we get the
5:48 am
unemployment rate. hulu plan tv services. you can watch live sports, nightly news and cable channels on hulu or youtube. >> sf momenta reopens a week from saturday after a years-long closure. some say this is the biggest event in san francisco since the world series parade. it will be the largest modern art museum in the united states. the largest of any kind in san francisco. if you use those audio tours, moma will use d-tour. it's a collection of tours that play out on your iphone. you listen as you walk. the gps in your iphone keeps track of where you are. so the prerecorded tour guide knows what you're doing and looking at. it was developed by andrew mason, the fellow who created groupon.
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i have spent many a dinner party talking about d-tour. >> tell us about d-tour again, scott. >> quiet. >> okay. >> i tried to convince you to buy a tivo and you wouldn't. >> we are still young. >> was i right? >> it was great. >> let's just have another dinner party. >> thank you, scott. >> a 10-year-old boy from finland is $10,000 richer after hacking into ns gram. he found a glitch in the app that allowed him to delete anyone's comments. instagram's parent company facebook says a reward is going to go to anyone who can expose bugs or vulnerabilities in its platforms. this boy who hacked instagram says he is thinking about going into data security when he grows up. good idea. >> not that boy. >> not the baby infant so much
5:50 am
as a 10-year-old. he plans to buy a new bike and football with that reward money. should have a little left over. >> smart mind there. one lucky viewer in new york can see the light again after a globe light left a deer in the headlights. >> this deer seemingly with no off switch in sight. an environmental office wares called in and did manage to remove that globe. that deer is now said to be happily hoofing it again through his typical haunts. you wonder how he managed to wedge his head in that in the first place. >> it left him lightheaded. >> look at you. >> the light forecast but light rain in the forecast. >> we may get heavier rain as we go into this afternoon as this
5:51 am
storm system forms across the region. we start out this morning all dry. a lot of clouds as we look from emeryville towards the bay bridge. you see these clouds that will give us very limited sunshine today. looking at the radar, i've been tracking these storms moving over the sierra. it is just lighting up with lightning over there. we can see all those lightning icons firing up around lake tahoe. so this is a fairly strong system there. we could see that energy starting to move into the bay area once again later this afternoon. we start out with temperatures in the mid 50s in livermore and 06 in oakland and 56 in concord. a look at the futurecast. it shows how the clouds and the radar may look as we go through the day. we start to see more of this rain, yellows and oranges indicate where there could be heavier downpours and possibly some storms containing lightning and small hail. it moves in from the central valley over towards some of our higher terrain and continues to
5:52 am
roll across the more populated parts of the bay area by 3:00 today. it tapers down as we go into tonight. we could see this activity firing up for tomorrow. the rain potential as this continues to move in shows the possibility of heavy rain in spots where the stronger storms set up. something we'll be watching as we go through today as well as tomorrow. a look at all the microclimates. expect a high in san jose up to 70. 64 in san mateo. 60 in marina. 69 in santa rosa. also pittsburgh and 07 in livermore. looking ahead to this weekend. we'll see temperatures going up after the rain moves out. sunday it all clears out as temperatures make it from upper 60s to 70s.
5:53 am
let's head to mike. this is a nice easy drive over on the left side of your screen. we zoom toward hayward. typical build south bound 880. over here the tri-valley starts that early build. nothing dramatic. we'll take you toward the south bay as well. this is pretty dramatic. this is a component coming off charcot. there is a light rail station by our station. they had to talk that person
5:54 am
down. they can't use light rail. they can't get him on to the track. there is a bus bridge in place. >> that man is lucky to be alive given that situation. coming up, trying to save lives. evacuations expanding its fierce wildfires move right through parts of canada. the neighborhoods impacted and struggle firefighters are facing next. happening now on our digital platform, our newsroom working two breaking stories. kris sanchez live at that standoff involving a person on a vta train in san jose. and a live report from vallejo where a child was burned in a house fire. developing right now
5:55 am
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==laura/vo== a wildfire in canada where more than 88-thousand people developing right now, a wildfire in canada where more than 88,000 people have fled their homes. this is in the northern part of alberta in ft. mcmurray. the fire is threatening a local airport. more than 1,600 homes and buildings have been completely destroyed. canada's prime minister says the scale of the disaster is hard to imagine.
5:58 am
around the world today, people are stopping to remember the 6 million jews killed in world war ii. >> as those sirens blared, all things came to a standstill today in israel marking the annual holocaust remembrance day. israelis stopped for two minutes of silence. in jerusalem, the israeli president and prime minister laying wreaths down during a ceremony in the holocaust memorial center. it's one of many events being held today around israel. the investigative unit exclusive. it is a turf war under way. battle between hikers and mountain bikers who frequent that majestic mountain is hitting new heights as mountain bikers are pushing for more access on the trails. bikers said they needed a safe place to ride, but hikers said allowing those bikers on the trail would endanger their safety. mountain bikers are reporting speeds as fast as 21 miles per
5:59 am
hour on a speed tracking website. the speed limit on mt. tram is 15. >> are you underestimating the amount of an enforcement needed? >> i think we need more, of course. we don't have those resources at this time. >> speed is what is so dangerous. >> tonight at 11:00, vicky nguyen is looking how often state park rangers are writing citations to bikers breaking these rules. if you have a tip for investigative unit give us a call. starting today, you have a new option in the east bay. >> east bay regional park service opening a new park between fremont called vargas plateau. it offers 1,200 acres of lands with sweeping views and six miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. this is the 66th park overall.
6:00 am
i'm kris sanchez. i just talked with someone from the sheriff's department about the negotiations and some of the complications. the impact on your commute coming up. overnight fire sends a child to the hospital with first and second degree burns. i'm bob redeal. live to vallejo coming up. a baby hurt in this dramatic rollover crash in the east bay. "today in the çbay" starts rig now. a very good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> watching this vta standoff since we first came on air 4:30 means more people are going to be out in cars on the roads this morning. >> any change in the forecast? >> it w


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