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tv   Today  NBC  May 5, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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vehicle there blocking the lane. a lot of activity throughout the area. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." >> see you again at 7:25. good morning, game on, clinton and trump. they're up for the likely general election showdown. >> i think he is a loose cannon. they tend to misfire. >> i think hillary will be easier to beat. >> they're two the most unpopular candidates in recent history. the major obstacles facing both campaigns. flight from hell. passengers in a panic when severe turbulence hits a plane. 331 peop -- approximately 31 pe injured. new details surface about prince's death and the man who called 911. >> andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator where he
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saw that prince was unconscious. >> is there a chance that man could face criminal charges? and roll over, no winners in last night's powerball drawing. the jackpot one of the largest in history. nearly half a billion dollars. today, thursday, may 5th, 2016. 2016. from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie from good morning, everyone, welcome to today on a thursday morning. i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales. savannah finally waived the white flag of surrender, she had been sick for awhile. >> she had been battling the sinus thing for awhile. the news about you buying tickets for everybody -- >> nothing to sneeze at. >> the top story is politics. donald trump training his sights on the general election now at
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hillary clinton because shae the last man standing -- he is the last man standing in the race. we have complete coverage with peter alexander, good morning to you. >> hi, good morning, the republican race now officially over. donald trump focused on his next prize, the white house. he says he will not be completely self funded in the general election, telling nbc news he wants to raise one billion dollars for the gop. >> and ones that have -- >> reporter: donald trump unrivalled and unplugged speaking to lessern hotel, previewing his strategy to beat hillary clinton. >> she is not strong. she is not going to be strong at the border. she is not going to strong with the military. she won't be strong with isis. no matter how you look. >> the billionaire who obvicerated his opponents with insults -- i would like to see a high level policy oriented campaign if they treat me properly, i'll treat them properly. it would be a beautiful thing to see. >> already it is an up hill
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battle with a new national poll showing trump trails clinton by double digits. his harsh campaign rhetoric fueling his high unfavorable rating. a majority of americans saying they have a negative view. >> i don't know what you're talking about with the negatives. i won with women, i won with african-americans, i won with hispanics. i won at every single level. >> as i suspend my campaign today -- >> with trump's last remaining rival, the party he takes over is a house divided. for the first time since their presidencies, george w. bush and his father confirmed they will sit on the sidelines, not endorsing anyone. the party's last nominee, mitt romney, praising ted cruz but ignoring trump. newt gingrich saying he has the best upside and down side, still predicting success. >> if i were to gamble, it is a lot more likely to be crushing hillary. >> governors mike huckabee and haley barber on the trump train.
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john boehner promising to vote for him as well. mitch mcconnell says he has the opportunity and obligation to unite our party around our goals. the rnc tweeting thank you to the entire republican field for a hard fought race. the party is better for your efforts. nebraska senator ben sasse saying i assume this is a parody account. >> he went on a twitter tirade pushing his case again for a third party candidate. he wrote why are we confined to the two terrible choices? this is america. if both choices stink, we reject them and go bigger. that is what we do. matt and natalie? >> peter alexander. thank you very much. hillary clinton finds herself in a challenging position of preparing for a showdown with trump while still dealing with bernie sanders in the democratic primary. nbc's kristin welker is in los angeles with that part of the story. good morning.
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>> good morning to you. that's right, clinton is fighting on two fronts now bullet it is tbut it is the battle under scoring. for the first time, the clinton campaign is expanding the general election team at the brooklyn headquarters adding new staffers and giving the stand outs bigger roles. they're ground zero for taking out the presumptive gop nominee. it is the fall night sharp focus, hillary clinton and donald trump, no holds barred. >> this is, to me, a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy who has knocked out of the way all of the republicans because they were just dumb founded. >> reporter: trump, flooding the air ways after clinching the nomination. >> i think hillary will be easier to beat than the governors and that we were victorious with. >> reporter: clinton trying to make voters fear the businessman. >> i think he is a loose cannon
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and they tend to misfire. >> even when clinton fends off a threat from bernie sanders, she is ramping up for general election deploying staers to to battle ground staf and sending an e-mail saying the whole world is counting on us to win this thing and making sure they remember every controversial comment. >> he has run the campaign, insulting people, demeaning women, degrading people with disabilities, talking about keeping muslims out of the country. >> the clinton team is also reaching out to independents and even republicans. this new add showcasing top gop officials. >> he is a con artist. >> a phoney. >> donald trump is the know nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> and she is bracing for the onslaught coming her way. trump launched with an anti-clinton biographer and taking aim at bill clinton's past transgressions.
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>> she is married to an abuser, a woman who claimed rape and all sortst sorts of things. >> if he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990's i'm happy to do that. >> and the former president may have raised eyebrows making a joke when a young woman said, he, quote, looked good. >> it has been a long time since a girl said that to me. >> president clinton quickly clarified that usually people tell him he looks good but for his age. secretary clinton will campaign here in the los angeles area today as she fights to officially clinch the nomination. natalie, matt, back to you. >> thanks so much, kristin. >> say good morning to mark halpern. good to see you. donald trump talking to lester holt said when it comes to the campaign for the general election, what he wapts to see is a very high level policy oriented campaign. are we going to see that? >> i wouldn't bet a lot of money on, that matt. both of them are interested in putting forward negative things
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about the other side. hillary clinton has talked more about policy than donald trump. but name a policy she talked about that really broke through to you. she will try to do that here in the general election. i don't think she has done it so far. i don't think donald trump will want to make this a referendum on hillary clinton. >> when they try to get the coalesce to get the republican party to back him up, is it lukewarm or is it like the polls that trump is within 11 points perhaps of the hillary clinton match up there. as that gets closer, do republicans have to back up and get off the sidelines. >> coalesce the republican party, peter alexander reports that the two bush presidents are not for them and reach out to people in the general election. coalescing the republican party does not get you to the white house. those are two tough things for a guy that has never run before. >> you can learn a lot from the past.
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let's go back to 2012 and let's talk demographics here. see what happened in that race and what does it tell you about what trump needs to do this year? >> under lying the 270 votes you need for the electoral votes and you look at what governor romney did against president obama. white vote, 59%. can trump do better than that? hard to do. maybe a little better, but hard to do. african-american vote, maybe he can do better. obviously an african-american president will do better with african-american voters. the latino vote is key. you look at where he needs to do well. he has to do better than romney did. as a snap shot of where we are today, a lot of people will say he will do worse than that given the statements that he's made. >> according to trump, he doesn't see it as a problem. that was the primary. here in the general election, there could be more of an issue. >> it is going to be very difficult for him to turn this around. people who say this is impossible are the same people who underestimate him running for the nomination.
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you have two unpopular candidates, one an experienced politici politician. in the normal year, that would be an advantage. we're not in a normal year. donald trump will run against hillary clinton the way he did as jeb bush. she will say this guy is not acceptable to be sglez there is the demographics. let's talk about the geographics. let's go back to 2012. let's put the map up of what happened. and talk to me about how you see donald trump having a path to win the general election. >> there is the map from last time. that is the baseline we're operating over. president obama, 332 electoral votes. well over the 270 needed. governor romney, 206. donald trump has to find, i'm not great at math. but about 64 additional electoral votes. you look at the blue states. where can he go? florida and ohio, two big states republicans used to win. democrats today say no. mitt romney lost that state. so will donald trump. you look at colorado, virginia, a lot of those blue states on
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the west coast, northeast, those won't change so you look at florida, the midwest primarily, maybe california where donald trump will have to find enough to over come, and again the electoral college is all that matters. 270. there will be a lot of discussion. that is the key right there. >> and real, real quickly. put that map back up. does that give you a sense at where we'll be looking to get a vice presidential candidate? >> maybe. if he is smart. he will pick somebody what that is qualified and send a reassuring signal to republicans and voters across the country, the first big decision, does he pick somebody who says that will be a great president if the time came and that person had to be president. >> good to have you u here. thanks very much. let's turn now to new video that reportedly shows this week's firefight during an isis led seeing in iraq in which a u.s. navy seal was killed. nbc chief foreign correspondent is joining us with that, richard engel, good morning to you. >> this video appears to show at times.
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u.s. troops in iraq are in this fight and in combat. >> this video obtained by the british newspaper, the guardian, reportedly shows the battle north of the iraqi city of mosul in which american navy seal, charlie keating was killed. u.s. military officials say dozens of ice fighters in 20 vehicles broke through a kurdish front line in a well planned and executed attack. . american forces were advising the curds. under fire, more americans were called in for back up. while their faces are blurred, american sounding voices can be clearly heard. what is described as a u.s. made helicopter flies overhead, nbc news has nauthenticated the video. >> we think there were at least 125 enemy fighters involved in this fairly complicated, complex attack.
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>> the military says nearly 60 isis militants were killed in the hours long battle north of mosul near the curtish capital. the 3 -- the kurdish capital. the 31-year-old was killed by isis gunfire. he is the third american to die in iraq since the u.s. sent troops back to fight. this is the video that the u.s. militariry has been trying to prevent from coming out. it goes against the message of what the war in iraq is supposed to be like coming out of washington. this is supposed to be an advisory war, not a combat war. >> and that word advisor can be misleading when you see video like this. >> exactly. a lot of troops are on the bases but they're pushing off of the bases and at times, right in the firefight. >> it shows you how much the armed services are still very much there on the front line. >> richard, thank you. >> thank you very much. you. >> thank you very much. now to the raging wildfire. it is forced more than 80,000 people to evacuate the homes in the canadian city of fort mcmurray.
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it damaged or destroyed 1,600 structures and burned 0,000 acres. the providence has declared a state of emergency. the downtown area has been spared so far. the fire chief says it is being held through efforts by firefighters. new fall out over north carolina's transgender law. they send letters to the governor saying it violates the u.s. civil rights act and cannot be enforced. the law required transgender people to use the bathroom that conforms to the sex on the birth certificate. they have until monday to respond. here is a big story out of california. starting next month, you have to be it 21 years old to buy significance realti cigarettes in the state. they're the second state to raise the age from 18 to 21. california governor jerry brown signed the legislation wednesday and health officials are
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applauding that move. the institute of medicine says 90% of daily smokers began using tobacco before turning 19. back to the frightening video we showed you at the top of the show. the severe turbulence sending an airplane full of passengers into a panic. more than 30 people were injured on that flight from abu dhabi. you can see some of the passengers praying there. the plane landed safely about 45 minutes later, ten people were taken to the hospital. thankfully, everyone is expected to be okay. frightening moments on board. >> if you've lived through bad turbulence, that is no fun at all. here we go again, the powerball jackpot on the rise. there was no big winner in last night's drawing, that pushing the top prize to an estimated $415 million. the next drawing is saturday. as you probably remember, powerball fever gripped the
7:16 am
nation in february when it reached a record $1.6 billion. the odds of winning the top prize is one in 292 million. the people are looking at this jackpot saying amateurs. odds carrie sanders outside of a convenience for. >> 1-1. >> i can predict that one pretty well. the other thing we can predict is this soggy, cool weather here in the east. we've been talking about this omega block. the weather is not really moving and look at this. we're socked in all along the eastern sea board and it is going to stay that way for at least another 48 hours. we have a couple of areas of low pressure making their way, meandering up the coast and as it does, that is going to help enhance the rain that is out there. occasionally going to be heavy. go into tomorrow, this low pressure gets close to the coast. heavy showers, gusty winds, look for minor coastal flooding.
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there are coastal flood watches up for the del mar and the peninsula and down around d.c. look at the rain fall amounts, not all that heavy and we need the rain here in the northeast. we're in the mini drought. some of the heavy stuff will be in north carolina from 2 to 3 inches of rain before it is all over. as far as the rest of the day around the country is concerned, gorgeous weather from the plains, the omega block there, is the jet stream like that. this dome of high pressure from texas to the plains, you can't ask for nicer weather but where we have lows, we have more wet weather to talk about. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have cloudy skies across the bay area and temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. we will have a chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms today. don't forget the umbrella. highs reaching 67 in the east bay. in san francisco, 63. 71 in the tri-valley. in the south bay, 70. still mild temperatures, mostly cloudy skies. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you very much. just ahead the u.s. attorneys office joins the investigation into prince's death. could the addiction specialists who were called in to ask the music icon actually face possible criminal charges? and on "where are they now," casey anthony's life today five
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for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. our breaking news: ==dbox== a man sits perched atop a light good thursday morning. it is 7:26. breaking news, a man sits perched atop a light rail train bringing traffic to a halt in san jose. kris sanchez live at the scene. is he still up there, kris? >> reporter: he is still up there, refusing to come down. we have seen sheriffs' negotiators tossed something to him. we don't know what that is. he has been yelling at the negotiators at times and spitting at them. his behavior is said to be erratic. he is considered to be unarmed as he refuses to come down. at one point he did say to negotiators he wanted to mess up everyone's morning commute and he has succeeded in that. we don't know if that was his motivation as he was walking
7:27 am
down the rail lines and climbed on top of that electrified train. the power has been cut so he is safe from shock. >> if you don't use the light rail traffic is cut off. this is component at first right by our station. this is near where 87 gets on the street. so far traffic is stalled there. on the freeways, we also have 101 jammed into the area and one lane blocked, two lanes blocked at times. the rest of your bay looks good. >> we are starting to track rain and storms farther off towards the east of us. this could be moving into the bay area as we go through the day. even though it's all cloudy and dry, we will have a chance of scattered showers as we go through the day. keep checking in for updates on that. >> local news update in a half hour.
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we're back now 7:30 on this thursday morning, cinco de mayo thursday morning. crowd outside on a chilly -- sounds like a broken record -- chilly morning here in the northeast. >> but they have cinco de mayo to look forward to. donald trump is focusing on a general election and bringing his party together. during an interview with lester holt, the gop's presumptive nominee opened up about the road ahead. >> i would like to see a very high-level, policy-oriented campaign. if they treat me right, i will treat them right. i would like to see it.
7:31 am
in a show of support, president obama took a sip of filtered tap water to show that it is, again, safe. former cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel makes his first court appearance one day after being booked on a domestic violence charge. he was indicted last month on domestic violence involving an alleged incident with his then girlfriend. father and son addiction specialists who were asked to help prince shortly before his death as more federal officials join that investigation. stephanie gosk is in minnesota with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. u.s. attorney and dea are now helping out in this case. in a statement the u.s. attorney says their combined expertise in prescription drug crimes will help investigators out here.
7:32 am
meanwhile, a doctor who specializes in addiction out in california is telling his attorney here, he wishes he could have gotten prince help sooner. overnight, the california clinic recovery without walls received an urgent call about prince the night before he died, responded to questions about the work it does. stating in a facebook post that the facility is an outpatient clinic that provides treatment for chronic pain, chemical dependency and prescription management issues. but addiction specialist, dr. howard kornfeld, who runs the clinic, got the call, couldn't have known that prince had less than 24 hours to live. he acted quickly. the first step, booking an appointment for prince with a local doctor. >> he set into motion a plan to deal with what he felt was a life-saving mission. >> reporter: then kornfeld put his son who is not a doctor, on
7:33 am
an overnight flight to meet with prince the next day, april 21st. when andrew kornfeld arrived at paisley park, no one could find the musician. >> one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator, where he saw that prince was unconscious. >> reporter: andrew placed the 911 call. when investigators arrived, his lawyer says he turned over a small amount of buprenorphine that he had in his backpack. a drug used to treat opioid withdrawals. >> there were no pills, any type of medication given to prince by andrew or by howard. >> reporter: after being questioned by police, andrew flew back to california. i asked the kornfelds' attorney if he was worried he might be criminally charged. he said he was, but didn't specify what those charges might be.
7:34 am
we reached out for a former attorney for prince who said in the past that prince had no addiction, but he didn't get back to us. matt, natalie, back to you guys. >> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. let's bring in our nbc chief legal correspondent. ari, good morning to you. what are the possible charges? >> under state law transferring or distributing controlled substances or federal law the interstate version of that. >> we talk about the scenario that his attorney is now presenting, that his father said take this. give this to the minneapolis doctor, who is going to administer this to prince. that's the story that they are saying. but where is the legal jeopardy here in that story? where do you see the questions and issues surrounding this? >> an investigator will have the same question that anyone at home would have. well, couldn't you get any prescription from your local doctor?
7:35 am
in fact, shouldn't you? because they're the one initially treating you and making that assessment. this young man, although he says he was there to help, wasn't a doctor. so, that would be the big question. >> the attorney also says, look, minnesota has good samaritan laws and that should shield my client, whether it's the doctor or the son, from any prosecution. let me read you a part. the law states a person acting in good faith who seeks medical assistance for another person who is experiencing a drug-related overdose may not be charged or prosecuted for the possession, sharing or use of a controlled substance. it's pretty clear there. is there wiggle room? >> not a lot of wiggle room. as you read, matt, that is the exact fact pattern we appear to be in. and this has a good rationale. government, even when pursuing drug charges have said, look, if someone's life is in danger, we don't want people holding back on contacting the authorities because they're worried about themselves getting in trouble. that would be the situation here. another thing investigators may look at is was this person part of the drug problem or part of the potential drug solution? if you were just outside of the law but there to help treat a drug problem, not deal drugs,
7:36 am
you're much less likely be of interest to the authorities as long as you told the truth throughout this inquiry. >> as this case now is a federal case, does that law even continue to hold ground? >> it would not be a bar to potential federal charges. >> thank you. appreciate it. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by kay jewelers, the number one jewelry store in america. every kiss begins with kay. >> and our weather begins with the omega block. we've been talking about it. it not only affects the precipitation but the temperatures as well. the big dome of high pressure in the midsection of the country dips on both coasts. cool temperatures on the coast. above-average highs in the center of the country. here is what we're looking at. fargo today 23 degrees above average, almost 90 degrees. cleveland you're at 57. philadelphia, 59. now tomorrow, we start to see it break down a little bit.
7:37 am
slowly, but surely. don't call me shirley. we're looking at temperatures that will be below normal in the east, above normal in the south. savannah, 82. richmond, it starts to get closer to normal and by sunday, temperatures are just a little below average here in the northeast and new england but look at atlanta, 89. jacksonville, 90. st. louis will see a high of 80 degrees. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your ne clouds across the bay area today. starting to see spotty showers and storms popping up later this morning and early afternoon. it could begin in the north bay. we also will see more activity moving in into the east bay and south bay hill tops as we go into the afternoon. more coverage and some of those storms may contain small hail and lightning. something we'll watch for this afternoon. temperaturewise, we are in the upper 60s to low 70s. 69 in santa rosa.
7:38 am
and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks very much. coming up, should you be fined if your child is a bully? the city where that's now happening. first, casey anthony trial five years later. what her life is now like and what her life is now like and what the judge and one of this mother's day every kiss does begin with kay. ♪ hey, i told you this was gonna happen. save up to 30% on select diamonds in rhythm. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america... ♪ every kiss begins with kay. ♪ this mother's day finding the perfect gift that gets the perfect reaction is easy. just go to kay jewelers, and save up to 30% storewide on the perfect mother's day gift. so go to kay. and make mom's day. ♪ what to look at relapsing way multiple sclerosis? this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection.
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7:42 on a thursday. we're back more with our special series "where are they now: case closed." it's been nearly five years since a jury acquitted casey anthony in the killing of her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. >> she's still dealing with the fallout of the case even as her life becomes gradually more normal. it was a death that horrified. >> her name is casey anthony. >> accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, she
7:43 am
quickly became a lightning rod for online debate, backlash felt strongly by cheney mason. >> i guess the main thing was confronting and dealing with some of the crackpots that are loose on the street, threatening and so forth, for doing my job. >> and the burden that wore on the trial's judge, melvin perry, memories that still hold strong for both today. >> in retrospect, it's something that i would not want to do again. >> caylee went missing in june 2008 but had been gone over a month before her grandmother, cindy, contacted police. casey anthony was charged and police later found caylee's skeletal remains in a wooded area near the family home. conflicting stories over an abduction or accidental drowning increased suspicion and outrage against anthony. >> news media had tried to convict and sentence casey long before there was ever a jury picked. >> the trial produced tensions inside the courtroom between the
7:44 am
prosecution and lead defense attorney jose biaz. >> he can get up here and lie all he wants and dance around the truth. but the truth is the truth. >> and outside, among people clamoring for a coveted ticket inside the courtroom. >> hey! >> the prosecution pointed to forensics, to argue caylee's death was not an accident. >> there is no child that should have duct tape on its face when it dies. >> while the defense called those forensics a phan fantasy, asaying the prosecution could not prove how the young girl died. a jury dleliberated for 11 hour before reaching a decision. >> when i first saw it, i read it twice to make sure i was reading what i saw. was i surprised? yes. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty, so say we all. >> the acquittal just increased the division over anthony, still exists five years later. >> she was a good mother, a
7:45 am
loving mother. >> on one hand i viewed someone who was very sweet, someone very in control, somewhat manipulative. those were the two faces of casey anthony. >> in 2014, judge melvin perry left the bench and entered private practice. here in 2013 to discuss the case and his opinions on anthony. >> i think his decision to go on television and talk about the case was nothing less than reprehe reprehensible. judges don't do that. >> several of the attorneys wrote books about the case, including mason. >> even good people sometimes make bad decisions. >> caylee anthony would have turned 11 this summer. since the trial, her mother, casey, has stayed completely out of the public eye. mason still represents her in ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, a fallout from the trial. >> it's five years later.
7:46 am
she now has a driver's license. she's in the process of buying a car. she has a full-time job. >> while he still thinks about the trial, perry is happier looking to the future. >> you move on. because if you stay back in the past, you get drug into the past. >> we were saying it seems like it's been longer than five years. >> it has. >> since the case played out in the headlines. >> no question, that was as dramatic as it gets in this country. tomorrow, a closer look at the murder of jonbenet ramsey. a private investigator who has been on that case for nearly 20 years shares his suspicions and points his finger at a suspect that he thinks fell through the cracks. >> fascinating. this morning, prince harry's u.s. visit, including a candid comment about loodsi ilosing hi, princess diana, at a young age. and the polo talents he's displaying. carson is back in the orange
7:47 am
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7:50 am
that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> monumental footage there. back now 7:50 with the first moon landing because today is the very first national astronaut day. >> love it. >> love that. >> picked today because may 5th, 1961, alan shepherd became the first american to travel into space. >> and it took them all this time to come up with a national astronaut day? >> i know. >> they should be celebrated more.
7:51 am
>> 1961 also the last year that carson appeared on the "today" show. >> oh, wow! >> where have you been, buddy? >> that's three reasons to drink tequila today. i'm glad my security card still works. janet jackson reports she's pregnant with her first child a few weeks shy of her 50th birthday. nbc news has yet to confirm this pregnancy. reaction rolling in online. cara, a baby at 50 sounds exhausting but i'm thrilled for janet jackson. proud of women who live their dreams. liz writes janet is pregnant and almost 50. hope she has a healthy birthday. another child at 50? don't know if enough people understand the risks to the child and the mom at that age. we'll talk more about those risks and have more on janet's reported pregnancy in our next half hour. >> come on over here. >> it's one small step. >> we want to give you a hug. >> and see your beard up close.
7:52 am
wrap around look right there. all the way around. >> can't wait to talk to you. so many things going on. >> kiss your beard for good luck. >> coming up, did somebody say lunch? >> the woman who will never forget her visit to a safari park right after your local news. >> someone get carson a chair. >> i know. >> i can sit on laps. i've been doing yoga in l.a. this is my sister, gracie. she's a planner. this is my sister, annie. she goes with the flow. gracie's always trying to get me to eat green things. annie's always trying to get me to try new things. we've both been on weight watchers... and now they've totally changed it up. i like that this new plan encourages me to eat healthier. i like that it lets me eat my favorite foods. smartpoints has really helped me. i'm now down 37 pounds. it's helped me too! i'm down 40 pounds. test. test.
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7:56 am
our breaking news: ==dbox== good thursday morning to you. 7:26. breaking news we continue to follow. a man sits aperched on top of a light rail train bringing traffic to a halt in san jose. vta is backed up. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen movement out here at the scene. unfortunately, not the movement of the man who is on top of that train. we saw that the officers, negotiators who were in that cherry picker have come down. they are moving that truck around just a little bit. traffic is at a standstill in this area. people are rerouting. that man saying that he wanted to disrupt the morning commute and if that was his motivation, he was very successful this morning. at times he was yelling and spitting at the negotiators. they are continuing to work with him to try to bring him down. he's been up there since 1:20 this morning, shirtless and it
7:57 am
is cold out here. he is wrapped in a blanket. again, he is still up there. mike has been following the commute, both a mess on the rails and road. >> behind kris you saw the hybrid bus go that takes you past that scene. you can't take light rail north of the metro station getting in toward the mountain view stations. there are some delays. the crash cleared 101. there is the rest of your bay. there is a smalled vehicle across that bay bridge around treasure island. >> we are starting to see isolated showers popping up in the east bay hills. this will be the trend as we go through the day. more activity with rain developing and becoming more widespread as our temperatures go from the upper 50s to upper 60s later on today. another look at the forecast coming up. back to you. >> another update in a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
as she releases a not so subtle new music video. is this the answer fans have been waiting for? and making an impression. >> want to do something bold
8:01 am
about the rain forest here. got to breathe. everybody's got to breathe. >> that is funny, funny stuff. >> you can't take your eyes off it, can you? >> the very fun nny dana carvey stops by. today thursday, may 5th, 2016. ♪ >> all the way from boise, idaho, we love you, al! >> from alabama to beaver creek, ohio, roll tide, roll! >> texas in the house! ♪ >> i'm 55.
8:02 am
>> i'm 30 today! >> we're back now 8:00 on a thursday morning. it's the fifth day of may 2016. it's cinco de mayo. and we've got a nice crowd out on a chilly morning. al's going to be on our bad list in a little while. >> only if i don't tell you about it. >> ttrue. meanwhile, the song "california girls." that's if ar reason. >> we'll explain coming up in trending. >> that's right. >> always a message behind the music. >> we've got to share a mom's favorite recipe. >> looking forward to eating a little later. tamron is inside with the top stories of the morning. >> good morning, everyone. donald trump is promising to avoid insults and stick to the issues if his opponent in the
8:03 am
presidential election does the same. trump became the presumptive nominee after john kasich suspended his campaign. he told lester holt about his strategy for beating hillary clinton if she becomes the democratic nominee. >> we need strength in this country. she's not strong. she's not going to be strong at the border. she's not going to be strong with our military. she's not going to be strong with isis no matter how you look. >> on wednesday, hillary clinton called donald trump a dangerous, loose cannon. and she said she's bracing for personal attacks from his campaign. the connecticut woman who survived the attack from her friend's chimpanzee is back in the hospital. charla nash was taking part in a research study to see if she could be weaned from powerful anti-rejection drugs. that study is designed to help wounded war veterans who have transplants fit to go back on the medication. but doctors say her transplant is not in jeopardy.
8:04 am
britain's prince harry is in florida this morning for fun and sun. but he's also taking part in serious competition and charity events. janet shamlian is live in orlando with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. prince harry is here for the invictus game which he founded. and what a gathering. 14 nations and 500 competitors. but much of the attention focused on one very eligible man. at a fancy charity polo match, tickets go for an estimated $50,000 a piece. harry gave a princely performance while helped raise money for children dealing with hiv in africa. it was also a cause for his mother. harry was just 12 when his mother was killed in a horrific crash in paris. he said seeing children affected by aids touched his heart. >> i felt a profound connection to these chirp. we shared the loss of a parent and that emptiness that could
8:05 am
never be filled. >> reporter: now in the latest issue of people magazine he said all i want to do is make my mother proud. he has women a twitter. one said operation marry harry is in full effect. this is not a drill. today harry heads to orlando for the invictus game. a paralympic style event he started for injured and ill veterans. this year he brought in heavy hitters for good natured trash talk on twitter. >> hey, prince harry. remember when you told us to bring it at the invictus games? >> careful what you wish for. >> boom. >> even enlisting the help of his grandmother, the queen. >> you want to watch it together? >> boom. >> oh, really? please. >> boom. >> and what a sport the prince
8:06 am
was in that polo match. that field was rain soaked. there was a storybook ending in the last few seconds the prince scored to win the match for his team and a lot of money for charity. tamron, back to you. >> all right. did he say boom after he scored, janet? that's the question. >> i don't think she can hear you. >> boom. >> okay. we -- that was a good laugh -- we'll have an interview with prince harry right here on "today" on monday. yes. >> oh, my gosh. so who could blame these hungry giraffes for reaching into a window for snacks. at the park in north carolina despite their initial alarm the visitors from denmark who shot the video seemed to appreciate the once in a lifetime experience.
8:07 am
that a great. matt and natalie, how is the departure? >> i got a crick in my neck. >> help me. >> can help him get that bus off his neck. now to reports carson had earlier that janet jackson is pregnant. >> speculation began when she delayed her tour. and looks like the 49-year-old just dropped another hint. >> reporter: is this the latest clue that janet jackson is expecting? ♪ damn baby >> reporter: releasing a video for her song. coming amid reports that jackson is pregnant. that began after the 49-year-old pop star announced she was postponing her unbreakable world tour in a cryptic message to fans last month. >> we're in the second leg of the tour and there actually has been a sudden change. i thought it was important that you be the first to know.
8:08 am
my husband and i are planning our family. >> reporter: the rhythm nation responding on twitter. such a wonderful blessing for you and your partner. you're going to be an awesome mommy. sending you love and well wishes on this great news. the singer who turns the big 5-0 in just two weeks is married to salman mana who she secretly wed back in 2012. pregnant past 40 is nothing new in hollywood. halle berry kelly preston have all had children in their 40s. >> i don't think we should be surprise that women who are 50 years old are becoming pregnant. >> i have to rest up, doctors orders. >> reporter: while the five-time grammy winner hasn't confirmed she's expecting, doctors warn that having children later in life can pose risks during pregnancy. including high blood pressure, diabetes, and risks of a premature birth. >> i think it's important that
8:09 am
women who are contemplating becoming pregnant who are older be seen and evaluated to make sure they're in good health to withstand a pregnancy. >> reporter: while jackson has always kept her private life private, she has spoken out about starting a family in the past. >> i would love to. i'd love to have a family. but it's in god's hands. so if it's meant to be, it'll happen. >> we reached out to jackson's team who did not deny or confirm that she's expecting. and i was at my doctor's office just a couple of days ago and he told me he has a patient who's 48 and it was a surprise pregnancy but obviously a beautiful surprise for them. >> keep our fingers crossed for her. coming up, a new approach to dealing with bullying. should you be fined if you're the parent and your kid is the one bullying others? plus a special mother's day surprise for a mom and teacher who devoted her life to her family and her students. carson? >> look who's here.
8:10 am
the one and only great dana carvey. >> it's like some kind of star trek thing. this is what i'm prepared to do. in regards the "today" show happens in a way daily so people can enjoy. that's the thing we do. >> very good. look at that. that was amazing. no work on this prompter. more with dana after this. >> just a little obama. not gone that do it. ♪ to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
welcoming back carson to the table. good to have you back. >> thanks, guys. ever find yourself bored at work? >> no. >> never? >> back in the day, summer jobs, yeah. >> okay. let's move on then. >> a lot of people are bored at work. >> for those of you who have, you can probably identify with this baseball player. texas rangers infielder alberto just trying to pass some time on wednesday, a utility player. doesn't see a whole lot of action on the field. instead, he practices his bubble gum skills, blowing up massive bubbles, even tries to put a baseball hat on it at one point. >> no. >> saving that for later? >> i guess he is, yeah. you never put it behind your ear? boredom doesn't just happen to baseball players. a guy in france is suing his employer for, yes, being bored at work. >> what? >> his bosses gave him so little to do at the fragrance company where he worked he suffered from
8:15 am
a, quote, bore-out. he made $4,000 a month. now he's suing his former bosses for mon than $400,000. >> that is ridiculous. viva la france. >> get rid of him and let him be bored on the street. >> please, sign me up for that job. >> right? >> what took him so long? zblefs enj >> he was enjoying it for a while, until he wasn't. how about this question? should parents have to pay up if their child is caught bullying? according to one city in wisconsin, yes. they just passed an ordinance, allowing parents to be fined for their bullying behavior. for the first offense, parents receive a warning. then they have 90 days to correct their kid's behavior. if the bullying continuing, they'll be fined $366. if that doesn't curb the bullying, that fine goes up to $681. no word on what happens after that. the new policy is drawing some
8:16 am
mixed responses from the community. how are you feeling about this? >> interesting. >> i like it. >> you do? >> i think parents need to know what's going on. >> if quloyour child doesn't go school, some cities fine the child if it's a repeated offense. where is it coming from and -- >> help with counseling for the kids. >> clearly that's what they need. it is so devastating for the kid who is being bullied. you've got to be doing something. >> there could be a disconnect between the parents and the kids. how many families can afford a $700 fine when there could be an issue there? >> in the end, as matt pointed out, there are kids taking their own lives. >> for sure. >> we have to do something. >> some parents don't even know. >> they should alert them. >> in this case, it will definitely be a wake-up call to pas parents. we started with baseball, didn't we? >> yes. >> let's head back to baseball,
8:17 am
arizona diamondbacks, amazing catch. sends him flying over the wall by first base. catches the ball. slow in getting up. is he hurt? doesn't make a difference to the guy in the black polo shirt. what does he just charges back in. come on. >> hey, brendan, are you okay? no, let me stand there so i can get some selfies. >> there's a time and a place. >> that's so sad. >> welcome to the world. >> by the way, you know who else is trending? natalie morales. we've got exciting news. this summer, natalie is moving to los angeles to become the "today" show's west coast anchor. wait, there's more. she's going to become a host of "access hollywood" and "access hollywood live." she'll also continue her duties on date line. you'll get to move to where the weather's great. >> i'll be so busy. >> are you excited?
8:18 am
>> we've long talked about perhaps moving to the west coast. the sun is always shining. we're looking forward to it. good change of pace. good lifestyle change. we've got a great team. our l.a. office is amazing. >> they're amazing. >> they sent a welcome video yesterday. and our "access hollywood" team couldn't be sweeter. >> that's what i've heard. >> sofa nominal. so i love everybody. and i'm leaving here. >> when news is breaking on the west coast, that is your job. >> you guys are going to be seeing me there all the time. sort of paving the way. >> you guys are always crisscrossed. >> what do you need? >> everything. >> do you like kale? >> i love kale. >> got to put together a play list of every song that mentions california. got that. >> that's the reason she picked california. by the way, savannah's sick, but
8:19 am
she took time to tweet this morning. so proud and happy for my dearest natalie. l.a. just got sunnier. >> thank you. beach house. come on, guys. >> drink coffee. >> she does all the time, not in the cold anymore. malibu. >> you have a football team now. >> absolutely. you're going to have to get me into all of it now. >> i have a list. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> how about the weather? >> maybe we'll start to have to do more west coast weather. look at this. this really tells the story. you can see this thing, it is really pretty amazing when you look at what we have been talking about, basically this omega block and it continues to bring the wet weather to the east and to the west. and in between, gorgeous weather. i mean, look at these temperatures. 90s in the plains. 90s down in southern texas, into
8:20 am
the southwest. by along the west coast, 60s. 50s and 40s in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. only 70s as you get into the southeast. looking at wet weather here in the northeast, mid-atlantic states and the rain continues into the pacific northwest into interior california. 77 today in minneapolis. 80 degrees in oklahoma city. it we'll start to track more activity on our radar as we start out this morning. all cloudy skies. we are starting to pick up on one isolated heavy downpour right around casa harra, and that could be moving up toward concord and also up 680 as we go into the next several minutes. a few storms possible today. weatherwise, mostly cloudy skies, some hit-or-miss downpours and temperatures reaching 76 degrees in the east
8:21 am
bay, 70 degrees in the south bay and the north bay looking at 68 degrees with off-and-on rain. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> thank you very much. a little reminder, mother's day is this sunday. now we're back with more -- carson's writing it down. more with our "mom's the word" series in honor of mother's day. >> paying tribute to a woman beloved by both her family and her community. sheinelle is here with her community. >> i'm excited about this one. you're about to meet an extraordinary mother and teacher, beth holand. it's a tough job. even in the face of budget cuts and fewer resources, mrs. holand always puts her kids and school first n honor of mother's day and teacher appreciation week, we are surprising her with some gifts of gratitude. no one deserves a great surprise more than beth holand, family, colleagues and students, she's simply an angel. >> mrs. holand is probably the most understanding, helpful
8:22 am
person that you will find. >> at home she's a loving wife and mom to her kids, j.j. and jessie. >> the definition of a super mom. my go to. i can trust her with anything going on in my life. >> at work, she's a second mom to students with special needs. here at the middle school outside los angeles. >> she's kind. she helps us a lot with our work. she understands us. >> it's not easy. her kids struggle with autism, anxiety and learning disabilities. how do you get to your students? how do you reach them? >> you have to be patient with them. we're teaching the whole student not just the math student or english student. we're teaching the whole child. >> 13-year-old megan came into her class withdrawn and hating school. now, her mom says, she can't wait to get there. >> somehow mrs. holen has made that classroom so relaxed she's
8:23 am
raising her hand, participating, making friends. it's been a tremendous blessing in our life. >> and she does more with less. your classroom is one of the few without computers and you do this all with a smile. what keeps you going? >> my students. they're great kids. they keep me going. they keep me motivated. >> her generosity goes beyond her kids. recently she applied for a teacher appreciation award given out by socal honda dealers. it asked them to award not just one teacher but all teachers at the school by renovating their rundown faculty lounge. >> we laid off 40 teachers and staff. i want it to make that everyone is seen for the sacrifice and input they're giving. >> her submission actually won. over the weekend, the teacher's lounge was secretly renovated from top to bottom. we're about to reveal the big surprise. >> oh, my gosh! >> we were there as socal honda
8:24 am
dealers presented mrs. holen and the staff with their sparklingny gnu lounge. >> it was my pleasure to write in for them and thank you so much for granting our wish. >> but we had more surprises up our sleeves. >> oh, my gosh! >> for her big day, we flew in her daughter, jessy, from college, along with her son and husband. >> we were happy you guys were able to make this a family affair on a day when we're appreciating teachers and all you do. and for a teacher who gives so much, one more special gift. >> our friends at google teamed up with us. do you want to take it off with me? this is for you. 20 new chrome books for her students, furnished by google. >> wow! >> to celebrate a teacher and mother at the top of her class. >> how are you feeling in this moment? >> thoroughly enjoying it. it's great. it's perfect, bringing everybody a smile. >> i am humbled and grateful. >> ahh. >> there were a lot of tears, let me tell you.
8:25 am
she is really an inspiration. we spoke to her fellow teachers, students and parents, all of them touched by her spirit and compassion. we want to give another big thank you to socal honda dealers and google for their gifts. that morning, she put this long post on facebook about she wasn't going to see her daughter who was away at college for mother's day. were like, well -- >> amazing. >> a lot of tears. >> so nice. >> such a great story. >> really great story. >> kudos to teachers. >> and moms. >> yes. my mom's a teacher. i know how it is. sometimes they're buying supplies. >> out of their own pocket. >> yep. coming up, the i'm ...
8:26 am
our breaking news: ==dbox== good morning at 8:26 on your thursday. i'm sam brock. breaking news this morning. a man sitting perched atop a light rail train, bringing traffic to a halt in san jose. today in the bay's kris sanchez is joining us live from the scene. kris, what progress have they made there? >> reporter: negotiators are working with this man who was shirtless and acting erratically. you cannot see him now because he appears to have laid down on top of that train, where the power has been cut off. he's been up there since 1:20, when an operator spotted him walking on the trail line around the rail line, was able to stop in time and then call to make sure that the power was off so he did not get shocked or electrocuted as he climbed up top. but this is definitely crippling the commute. it is something that he said he wanted to do.
8:27 am
to the negotiators, he said he wanted to ruin the morning commute. he certainly has succeeded. here's mike inouye. >> messed up things for folks on the vta lines. also components by our station. but traffic off of the highway looking already for 87. and 101 shows a typical build for this thursday. not bad throughout the south bay. as we move north, the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights still on. our road weather index there shows you the green and the blue, meaning there is moisture on the road. kari's traveling weather up through this area and will have your forecast coming up in a few minutes. back to you, sam. >> mike, thank you so much. that's going to do it for us right now. we'll see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now 8:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 5th day of may, 2016. and we have got a great crowd on the plaza. we've got broadway performers on the plaza. we've got some cooking coming up in this half hour. and we've got a great comedy icon back at his old stomping grounds. dana carvey is here. we'll get to see if he can do some of his more legendary impressions, because he has a brand new show that deals all about impressions. >> the whole interview in different characters? >> every question. >> that will be fun to watch. >> different character. >> he doesn't mind doing the
8:31 am
hits. also the guys are here from sorted food back in our kitchen. this morning a sweet treat that's guaranteed to impress mom if you're doing a mother's day brunch. plus, jane krakowski is back, "she loves me." they'll grace us with a live performance in a bit. congrats, guys. >> thank you. mr. roker, it's freezing out here. it's now raining a little bit. >> but we're wearing coats. jane and her co-star are just hanging out in shirt sleeves and a dress. yikes! just a saturday night for you, but -- >> i knew there was a joke there. >> i didn't know where i was going with that, but it worked. it found its way. wet weather in the northeast on friday. lot of wet weather california into the central and western plains. on saturday, the rain is in the upper midwest. also, slight risk of strong storms in the central plains of
8:32 am
the wet weather making its way through the southwest. on sunday, sunday, more rain in new england. sunshine for the ohio valley into the west coast. slight risk of strong storms into central texas and nebraska. beautiful weather in the pacific northwest. look how much we're tracking a couple of spotty showers moving into the bay area, mainly over the east bay hills and into the north bay. right now as we zoom in on this cell moving closer to diablo, that may also bring some rain to 680 between lafayette and concord. so we'll see more of this activity as we go into the rest of the morning and early afternoon. as we start to see more rain on the radar, we will see some spotty rain by noon, also early afternoon, and more widespread rain for tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather. now back inside to mr. lauer. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. dana carvey is behind some of the most iconic characters on
8:33 am
""saturday night live"," including the special church lady. >> look at her. >> and schwing garth on wayne's world, also regarded as one of the best impersonators. now back with a new show called "first impressions," contestants competing on a series of impressions with dana as the in-house expert and sometimes host. take a look. >> barack obama, you say you created a lot of jobs while you were in the white house. what's the worst job you created? >> first off, thank you very much. there's a lot of great jobs in america. >> talented kid. that was kind of a preamble. >> if jimmy stewart were the
8:34 am
host of this show, how would he describe what goes on? >> go right at it. this is for your viewers over the age of 50. you know, matt, there's a lot of -- i haven't done this impression in 25 years. thank you. thank you for a trip down memory lane, he would say. that was the first impression i ever did basically. >> how does this show work? >> i have no idea. >> come on. >> well, whatever. three people come out and do their impressions and we give 10 grand to whoever is the winner. i said i didn't want to be a judg judge. >> would george burns be surprised by the level of -- >> george burns? we're going back to the '40s now. >> we're in my era here. >> george burns? i haven't thought of that anyway long time. i'm just going back in time. grandma moses. what would -- let's do father
8:35 am
time. anyway, it's impressionists, yeah. >> what would johnny carson say? >> now that makes me laugh. >> is the secret to a good impression? >> a lot of it is in the jaw. if you want to do johnny carson, for those of you who want to do johnny, wire jaw shut. what i do with johnny now for my friends, this is johnny getting pulled over on the pch in 1970. he tells the officer what kind of drink he had and where he had it and that is the joke. it will be kind of dry. i assure you, officer, i didn't know i was speeding. i had two -- two slippery giraffes at the hook & crook. >> just makes me laugh. >> are we losing viewers? >> no, no, no. what is the secret? when you start to try to impersonate someone, do you hook on a word? or a gesture? what is it? >> i have no idea actually. obama, what cued me in to him
8:36 am
was the word that's not true. you just sort of go that's not true. you just don't quite get that last word. that's not true. >> and with bush 41? >> gotado it. that thing out there. gotado it. education. that took me a year. after reagan -- well, here we go -- we thought there was nothing to do. it took a year to get bush. in that area, there he is, button down, green tie. beautiful. fitted. banana republic. i don't have a tailor. i certainly don't have a hairdresser. >> donald trump and hillary clinton, you certainly can't wait. >> here is the thing. with trump you just do this mouth. go ahead. try it. just make this sound. eh, eh. that's trump. i don't know why -- let me tell you something, i would be so fab -- if he does start world war iii, we'll be in our bunkers
8:37 am
and still get close circuit with him and he'll still be selling it. we had a fabulous nuclear war. let me tell you. our bunkers are so good. their bunkers are a disaster, terrible, terrible. >> can you do hillary? >> now i can, since she got hoarse. i always do bill behind the scene. bigg dog to little hill. bigg dog to little hill. slow down, slow down, hill. slow down, baby. and she's like, we will do the things that we do when we do 'em! that's not an applause line, baby. that's not an applause -- you can't emphasize every word. peaches and cream. peaches and cream. >> favorite guest in the last five years, dana carvey. well done. >> that fast? >> well done. fantastic. great to see you. >> so what happened five years
8:38 am
ago? >> who was the last one? >> it might have been dustin hoffman. you're in good company. >> yeah, yeah. of course, he's very funny. that's not dustin hoffman. >> thank you for the george burns. >> boom. >> my pleasure, taking you back. he will be back in our next hour. catch the premiere of "first impressions" next tuesday on our sister channel, usa. up next, we're revealing the summer's hottest toys to help you survive the long, hot months to come but first, say it, in any voice you want. >> but first this is "today" on nbc. it's very good. it's very
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back. every year amazon releases its big holiday toy list. now it is unveiling a summer toy list. olivia stern is here to show us
8:41 am
a few of the things on amazon's list of toys to get parents through the summer vacation. ready to have fun? take us through. we have first this great little set. >> yes, very popular. >> for the beach time. >> you are investing in your sanity. i don't know what you like to do at the beach. play some sort of baseball game. they're captivated by the bubbles. >> want to try? >> catch. one more time. here we go. throw it back. >> so cute. >> there you go. >> actually just for those tiny paws. fantastic. >> good for all ages, i would imagine. over here, super soaker. >> these are incredibly powerful. these are actually most compact powerful models ever. they have a 36-foot stream. >> there's no water in it?
8:42 am
>> no. >> who's going to get it this time? [ laughter ] >> sorry! >> perfect aim. >> i didn't mean to get you that badly. >> more compact model. >> very powerful. >> all right. this is a lot of fun because car ride maybe. kids love to draw, right? >> yes. >> you don't want them to get all the crayons everywhere, markers everywhere. watch this. nothing comes out. when you draw inside the actual lines, the colors do start to appear. >> you having fun here, buddy? that's wonderful. >> you got to love toys that allow kids to invent and create. >> that's right. this is really cool. this is connect introduction to simple machines. it comes with a cd. this is actually a windmill
8:43 am
that's on its side. great way for kids to learn a little bit about engineering. >> great. good job. you built something really cool there. >> we love bubbles. who doesn't love bubbles? kids are captivated by bubbles. then you have something sticky in there. look at these guys. they're actually safe to eat. no dye. >> you can -- what does it taste like? >> grapes. >> the baby's loving the bubbles. >> everyone loves power wheels. >> these are amazing. >> they actually have some new safety features. >> put your foot on the pedal. go! >> okay. maybe not so much. >> she's got it in reverse. but they're very cool. they work on the track and off road. >> we're out of time. but really quick, that set there, amazing.
8:44 am
>> look at it. it actually has a rock wall that kids with climb. and they will assemble it for you. >> amazon's big summer toy list. coming up next, the social media stars from sorted food, here with the ultimate mother's day treat. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> announcer: "today's" food is brought to you by yoplait. mmm, yoplati. it's 8:46. we're back with "today" food. our friends from sorted food are here to share some of their mom's favorite recipes. 2 million subscribers on youtube. 145,000 followers on instagram. downstairs jamie and barry are chatting live on our facebook page. send them your questions. they'll answer them for you.
8:47 am
>> thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> it was a few weeks back. >> so you're well versed in these. >> what do you call these? we call them cinnamon buns. >> it's like a cinnamon roll or bun but there's no cinnamon. we're changing that to ginger. >> take us through it here. >> very simple bread dough, flour, yeast, like a brioche and the middle will be caramel, nut, salted caramel. >> you're making everything from scratch, including the dough. some ingredients in the mixer. >> bread flour and yeast. ginger is a fantastic flavor in our bread. little bit of salt. mix it up. and go in with sugar. sweetened dough and all of your liquid. you can stir this by hand but with the mixer it takes the labor out of it. after five minutes with all of this mixing around, you end up
8:48 am
with this. >> and as we like to say around here, through the magic of television we're going to pretend that's done. >> mixing away. >> what you're looking for is something like that. it's soft, elastic. that is your basic brioche dough. place it into a greased bowl, cover it with cling film and leave that in a warm place for a couple of hours and it doubles in size. >> as i've been told, this is the sexy part. >> this is the sexy part. we live on the internet. salted caramel reigns supreme. an array of nuts, walnuts, pecans and almonds. use whatever you want. dark corn syrup, ginger syrup, lovely rock salt there. we'll put all of this in. the thing that we love is you can mix this up. if you fancy pistachios or hazelnuts, go for that. caramel in there. if you want to use -- this is dark corn syrup. you can replace that with honey.
8:49 am
>> by the way, do we have our tasters downstairs? >> oh, yeah. >> oh, yeah? >> oh, so good. >> i want more caramel. >> need more caramel. >> you mix that up. how long does that take? >> as long as it's taking me now. 30 seconds. >> okay. here is what it looks like when it's done. >> yep. that's that. in a couple of hours with your rested dough, it's doubled in size, roll it out to a nice rectangle. you spread that nutty mixture all the way over. it's pretty sticky. give this a couple of seconds in a microwave. like a sausage roll, roll it out. and you get -- >> put it in the fridge overnig overnight, right? >> yes, saturday night. out of the fridge, into the oven, glaze with egg wash. >> this is what it looks like when it's done. scale of one to ten downstairs?
8:50 am
>> 11. >> 10. >> 12. >> 11 out of 10. only here can you get that. get all the recipes for mother's day work -- or week from up next, we'll talk to jane krakowski about her new emmy nomination and a performance of her new broadway hit "she loves me." first this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. we are back with more of the best of broadway. this week "she loves me" receives not one, not two, but eight tony nominations, one of them for best revival of a musical and one of our favorites, jane krakowski, who is here with one of her co-stars, gavin creel. congratulations. >> thank you. we're happy to be here this morning. >> and you got a best actress nom. congratulations. >> thank you. >> does it make it worth it? >> of course. the applause every night makes it worth it, natalie. >> that, too. >> what's it like working with her? we love when she comes here. >> she's a dream. "today" show loves her and america loves her. we're having a great time. >> go ahead, guys.
8:53 am
take it away. >> all right. come on, ilona. let's go to the rat cellar. you always love it. ♪ come with me ilona i've missed you so much how i envy you each evening when work is through for i have only me to be with you while you have you ♪ ♪ without you ilona how cold my lonely life has grown are you happy alone ilona
8:54 am
ilona my own ♪ ♪ now that kodaly is hard at play we'll never get out of here till new year's day so happy new year ♪ ♪ come with me ilona come with me cherie oh missiletoe i long for someone please tell me who like some divine divining rod it points straight to you ♪ ♪ remember ilona those sunny nights we knew before if you just say the word
8:55 am
ilona we'll know them once more ♪ ♪ if it were only up to me guess who i would hang upon the christmas tree ♪ ♪ this is where i came in amen the fox and the chicken are a team again ♪ >> oh! oh! oh! ♪ together ilona >> help me! ♪ we generate a spark that's rare ♪ why deny that it's there ilona you feel it i know let's help it to glow ♪
8:56 am
>> spectacular! jane krokaowski, gavin creel, i'm ... our breaking news: ==dbox== a good thursday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. we are continuing to follow that breaking news of a man who's still sitting on top of a vta light rail train on north first street and component. it's causing a traffic jam right now. kris sanchez is live on scene. what's the latest, kris? >> reporter: well, he is still up there refusing to come down. and at this point, it appears that he has laid down on top of that train car. you can see the negotiators there in the cherry picker, and
8:57 am
there is a ladder on the other side where they are encouraging him to go down. if you look overhead from the chopper, you can see all of that happening and you can see the bus bridge running alongside this whole situation. the commute has been a mess, though a small improvement to report. we can tell you that vta was able to get one car train past the situation, so there will be two one-car trains running between mountain view and bay point. so a little bit of relief there, but there will be bus bridges around the rest of the area. the man at one point did tell negotiators that he wanted to ruin the morning commute. it appears he succeeded. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> mission accomplished there. thank you, kris. we'll be back and kris will have another report in a half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. to the women who know what real values are, i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
9:00 am
take," ethan hawke brings romance to the modern screen. he's here to tell us about it. then, in the ultimate carpool karaoke. and dana carvey on why you never get a second chance to make first impression. all that and more, next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," thursday morning, cinco de mayo, 2016. celebration out on the plaza. i'm willie, along with al,
9:01 am
natalie and tamron. and jane krakowski. my morning jam, "juicy." >> i thought for sure it would be notorious b.i.g. going back to cali. >> i chose it yesterday before we knew about this stuff. so, as you may know, cinco de mayo, victor over french forces, may 5, 1862. remember those gold leaf donuts? >> yes. >> the chef at it again, patron platinum. >> there is tequila in the filling? >> i would imagine. >> cream and spicy ginger jalapeno margarita jelly. >> i taste that jelly. >> covered in sweet tequila frosting, topped off with sheets of edible platinum.
9:02 am
>> how much alcohol did they put in this? >> i don't know why -- >> i only taste tequila. >> it will cost you $150 each. >> they usually say it cooks down. i can taste it. and i can taste the jalapeno jelly. >> patron platinum donut was inspired by patron's margarita of the year. >> to celebrate cinco de mayo, one of our favorite chefs here. >> we love him. >> traditional mexican tostada. >> one of my favorite things as a kid growing up in texas, tostada. >> a mix of chicken and pork. >> so good. >> heaven. >> he's a great chef. >> enough about platinum donuts. let's talk about our platinum star going hollywood. >> oh, my. >> tell us about it. >> it's exciting. i'm looking forward to a
9:03 am
lifestyle change. we're going to be out in los angeles. i'm going to be the west coast based anchor for the "today" show. i'm not leaving you guys. i'm going there, going to report on the big stories and i get to work with the loveliest person in the world, kit hoover, on "access live." >> we love kit hoover. >> so you'll be seeing in the mornings me, there, so in the evenings i'll be doing "access hollywood," working nonstop. >> and "dateline." >> and "dateline." my kids are looking forward to beaches and palm trees. >> i'm sure. yeah. >> and we're looking forward to parties at natalie's. >> come visit. >> so tell us, what are you looking forward to most, hiking, biking, running? >> oh, the hikes. the hikes out there are unbelievable. actually, one of the big selling points for the "access hollywood" -- from "access hollywood," rob silverstein was saying you're going to want to go out and hike with kit hoover every day after the show like
9:04 am
what billy and kit do now. i was like okay. >> so the opposite of donuts? billy and kit give you hiking. we give you tequila donuts. >> it will be a good lifestyle change. you always have a place if you want to come visit. >> our wonderful l.a. bureau, which you get to work with. >> they're incredible. >> sent a little message. >> oh. >> so excited to have you. >> whoo! >> can't wait. we're starting to celebrate. >> yes. >> oh. >> wow! >> i like this l.a. lifestyle already. >> boozing it up while hiking. >> i like the way they roll. >> awesome. i'm very excited. >> it's the happy hour hike. >> we like it. >> notice they each conveniently had one, unrelated to your news. >> there are other reasons why i was all into this. >> i know. >> i've been to our l.a. bureau. but we usually leave before everybody gets there.
9:05 am
>> now you see what happens. >> they're such a great group. we're really excited. >> very happy for you. you're going to kill it out there. >> i'm not leaving yet. it will be sort of mid july maybe. >> still have time. >> still have to stick with me a little bit longer. >> we have time to put together dark natalie's greatest hits? >> oh, my. >> that's my dream. >> that's a whole hour. >> an hour-long "today's take," dark natalie's greatest hits. i was going through mine this morning. i was crying but crying laughter. we need dark natalie. please? >> tell dark natalie i said hey when i was at the airport. that's your brand out there, that there's a darkness to natalie. >> i've been told by mission control. >> mission control? >> they're already assembling the greatest of dark natalie. >> i'm afraid and you should be afraid, too. >> that's one day you get a babysitter. get them out of the house. we'll show you the stuff that didn't make it on air. >> ooh!
9:06 am
real dark. >> oh, really, we are? wow! >> get a babysitter for that day. oh, gosh. i don't know how we transition from anything else. because this is the biggest news. but carpool karaoke, with james corden, we love him. i have not seen this yet. gwen stefani joined him, then a parade of other surprise star. >> i'm in the car with gwen stefani on my way to work and we just hit the -- you know this hov four-lane thing where you need four people in the car? oh, are you sure? oh, you are a sweetheart. >> you owe me big time for this. >> hey, man. how are you? hov four lanes. that's what i just said i need four people. >> you didn't say four. >> i absolutely just said i need
9:07 am
four people in the car. >> hey. >> hey. >> had to drop off the kids. >> how are you? >> hi! >> okay. >> hang on. >> okay. >> really appreciate it. >> yeah, whatever. >> all right. do you guys mind if we listen to some music? it's sort of a rule of being in the car with me. is that okay? >> i think you should put some music on. >> yeah? should we do it? >> uh-huh. >> let's go. ♪ >> that might be the best. >> that's it. >> it gets better. ♪
9:08 am
>> how many more people can they pile in that car? that's so fun. >> you could pile a million. that's the crew. >> unbelievable. >> to see george clooney singing "holla back girl." >> look at that. gold. >> it's gold, jerry, gold! >> we love it. >> something simple in a meeting that someone pitched. carpool karaoke. >> i don't know how you top that. >> you bring in jane krokakowsk. that's how you top that. >> i bring everyone ice cream. it is one of the title songs. >> the lead here, though, with that -- excuse me. tony nominated jane krakowski. >> i hope they didn't make a mistake, everybody. i hope it's actually real. >> we voted for you already in early voting. >> over and over and over again. and the show got eight
9:09 am
nominations. huge day for you. >> so thrilled. wonderful time doing the show. it was just fantastic to get those nominations. >> no better time to be on broadway. >> you can feel the palpitations and excitement on broadway this year. it's wonderful to be included. >> what was it like to do a split at 8:30 in the morning? did you limber up first? >> as i was walking out, she had a heating pack up where, you know -- >> those are trade secrets. >> #dark natalie. >> oh, my gosh! >> are you in the zone? >> good morning, mom. >> good thing it's not a wood floo floor. >> what's going through your mind? >> what's going through my mind? >> not thinking about the mind. >> yeah, exactly. >> roker. dark al roker. >> edited this early in the morning. >> good call.
9:10 am
good call. >> yes. you brought me over to the dark side. >> by the way, we should say zachary levi nominated as well, laura bernanti, best actors as well, you as well. best revival. it's phenomenal. >> we're going to get those kids! >> this is it. i should practice my speech because it's the last you'll ever hear of it. i would like to thank the roundabout for hiring me. why am i talking like this? ice cream for a month, this is what i win. >> that voice. >> i am. i think it's because i'm in a wig, people. you know that? >> that's a wig? >> that's a wig? it looked like your hair, though. >> oh, wow! >> this is my costume. >> it's beautiful. >> do you dress like this all the time? >> just for morning television.
9:11 am
>> hey now! okay. let's show you what's going on. you know, this weather just stinks, okay? nothing here in the east. it's just horrible. because of this omega block. you're in the central plains down to texas, it's fantastic. we've got low pressure meandering around, showers cooler than average, temperatures keilar 5 to 10 degrees below average. tomorrow the rain gets heavier in the morning and the afternoon. could be coastal flooding. half an inch to down as you get into north carolina up to three inches of rain. but hopefully, things dry tracking rain across the bay area starting in the east and north bay. the rest of us seeing mostly cloudy skies and spotty showers around brentwood and concord and into antioch and into parts of the north bay. we will see this for the next
9:12 am
several hours with spotty rain and the possibility of thunderstorms later on this afternoon as we go into the day. we will have breaks in the clouds and more rain as we go into this evening. something we will be tracking. >> and that's your latest weather. >> any last words, jane krakowski? we love her. go see "she loves me." eight nominations. coming up, he created some of the most memorable characters in history, from hans and frans, now getting us pumped for his new show "first
9:13 am
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9:15 am
the #1 dentist-recommended brand for strengthening and protecting enamel. this man -- >> it's started already. >> is a "saturday night live" legend, famous for wayne's world, church lady, pumping you up with hans and frans. then there's the impersonations. ross perot. >> bush. >> and? >> johnny carson. >> just to name a few. >> oh, my gosh! >> now dana is bringing his expertise -- he has a brand new show on the usa network "first impressions" where comedians face off to she who the ultimate celebrity impersonator is with dana as the judge. >> you don't even know what you're supposed to say. it's crazy. and you're like, it's crazy. you know? i can't even tell what you're doing with this thing.
9:16 am
>> oh, my god! oh, my god! oh, my god! >> came out of the darkness. >> definitely, and no one knew he was coming out. a classic thing. i used to do it with george bush sr., charity events and you make it more osteopathic and more -- and he's looming in the background. so the woman -- the contestant just went -- but jay looked menacing, didn't he? i do jay leno fly fishing? jay leno fly fishing. not getting many fish. wee! not getting many fish. >> norm mcdonald is an alarm clock? >> oh, it's morning. i can't say it. wake up there. wake up there.
9:17 am
i say it on seth meyers. >> through go, tonight on seth. >> what are "first impressions"? >> i have no idea. it is six half-hour episodes on usa, in competition. have you three young impressionists come out. i said i didn't want to be a judge. i'm like a mentor off to the side and john lovitt and his dog, jerry brookheimer, steve carell came in. we're trying to make it like the gong show, very loose. >> we're like the gong show around here, too. >> you remember that? >> of course. >> dancing machine. >> oh, my goodness. i might pull out george burns again. >> do you have a favorite impression? how many do you have? >> i don't know. i never consider -- i see kelly do morgan freeman like i literally get frightened like that cannot be. i do my little -- who would you
9:18 am
like me to do? i do both the presidential ones. not gonna do it, w. or clinton, hey, da, da, da, or perot. w. is, ha, ha. >> have you worked on trump yet? >> oh, yes. i just do this you make this face. let me tell you something. you are so fabulous. you're so good. he's a disaster. you're terrific. >> it's all about the hand gesture. >> sorry, you were in the line of sight. >> he has literally said that to me so that's perfect. >> has he really? i will be so fabulous with being fabulous. i can tell you that. i can promise you that. of all the shows i know, i know -- you can do t i could teach you. >> dana carvey has not done any of these beforehand. let's see if he can do it. >> seth roegen. hi. i have no idea. no idea. let me tell you, i take over for the "celebrity apprentice" and
9:19 am
the people get fired i say get to the job. look at me. what happened to my ear lobes? why are my ear lobes so monkey like? look at his ear lobes. >> i got little ear lobes, not little girly ones like al roker. you know, we sat down, you know, plunking away on my plunky plunk machine. >> plunky plunk machine? >> i just do jack nicholson for jack black. all right. >> one more. >> so good. >> kathie lee. >> rege? >> there she goes again. joy, did you see this? it's 7:15 in the morning and she has three glasses of wine. hey, can i go back? michael's leaving. michael's leaving. i have the time.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
he has cooked for me and my family. today he is making to ochltost >> there's cold weather so we need to heat it up. >> even though it's may. we're starting with onions? >> caramelized onions that we put with a little olive oil. we will have some sugar. little bit more sweet and not overcook it. we just put some. and then, you know, with the magic of television -- >> end up looking more like that. what are you putting in now? >> we'll add some chipotle to give some heat and smokiness. >> but not a lot of heat? >> not but the sweetness helps to balance. then over this we will put tomatoes. >> right. >> we want to make it like a soup. right? >> uh-huh. >> you're going to let that cook down. >> cook down so we get something like this.
9:24 am
this is what tinga is, onions -- >> so basically here we have some pork or chicken. >> right. >> or anything you have. so we just put it on over here. add some cilantro for seasoning. >> cook that down? >> yes. we want the chicken to get all the flavor from the onions and the tomatoes. >> and eventually that will end up going on to the tostado? >> absolutely. and very fresh and -- >> what kind of fish? >> fresh fish. grouper, snapper, anything you find as long as it's fresh. so we put some salt on the onion. we want it to sweat and get like cured. >> as you cook that up, we'll finish it up and we'll have this on the website as well.
9:25 am
you just assemble everything with a little guac? >> yes. you can help me to do -- >> we'll do that in a minute, chef. chef. thank you so much. ♪ chef. thank you so much. nothing will keep you from magnum double caramel. silky vanilla bean ice cream & rich caramel sauce all covered in thick chocolate. discover magnum, double dipped for double chocolate pleasure.
9:26 am
==dbox== a man sits perched atop a light rail train .. bringing traffic to a halt in san jose. a good thursday morning. a man still on top of a light rail train. a train in north san jose affecting traffic all morning. let's get an update. bob? >> good morning to you and it's all having a major impact as this is a main artery is deelectrified. they had been a cherry picker and he is on top of that train lying down up there. he has been up there since this morning in nothing but shorts and shoes. the sheriffs office said it's too risky to get him down.
9:27 am
they know who he is. he is a man in his 20s on probation. a mental health professional who happens to know this man to help them establish a rapport with him and try to get him to come down. nbc bay area news. >> we are learning more about his background. as far as the wider traffic impact, they have a look at the forecast after this break.
9:28 am
a little bit more activity on the radar. let's zoom in where we are picking up on lightning strikes over towards antioch. storms are starting to develop and light rain as you head up through the area with the spots where we are seeing light rain into the next several hours. we will start to see more coverage today with spotty showers and a chance of rain as we go into this afternoon. let's go over to mike for a look
9:29 am
at the roadways. >> traffic is slow and it's over the last year. 880 and 580 lining up and here's that weather. now we will have a little bit of rain towards that interchange. no big concern on the south bay and we are watching and we are looking over here and the bus rig is taking on the delay. back to you. >> that's going to do it for us. we will have more updates in 30 minutes.
9:30 am
s taking a look at the headlines, federal officials say behavior therapy is preferable to drugs in treating young children with adhd. cdc is encouraging doctors to work with families to make sure children with adhd get the best treatment. while medicines such as ritalin are appropriate in some cases, therapy can be just as effective without the side effects of drugs. two new studies suggest staying slender may be the key to living longer. studies in the british medical journal found people who are lean their entire lives with a body mass index in the low 20s have the lowest mortality rates and those with a heavy body shape from childhood into middle age have the highest mortality rates. the studies tracked more than 100,000 people, both men and women. powerball jackpot has grown
9:31 am
into one of the biggest ever with no big winner in more than two months it's soaring to at least $415 million, putting it into the top ten u.s. lottery prizes. and as big as it is, it's a far cry from the record $1.6 billion jackpot back in january. the next drawing is this saturday. buy your tickets now. best video you'll see all day. hungry giraffes not afraid to stick their necks out when a safari visitors drive by. while in a bit of shock, the visitors from denmark seemed to appreciate the once-in-a-lifetime experience. our cameraman bob yeager said what's going on in their neck of the woods? i guess it wasn't as funny as we thought it was. yeah. exactly. anyway, for "today" -- for
9:32 am
friday, your weekendout look, wet weather in the midatlantic and northeast. rain in the plains and southern california and sunshine from minnesota all the way down to texas. saturday getting into the heart of the weekend. we're looking at wet weather around the great lakes. slight risk of strong storms in the central plains. sunshine returns to the east. cooler weather hangs out. sunday, sunday stays wet in new england. slight risk of strong storms from texas all the way on up into n . we have spotty showers moving through the east bay into the north bay. as we start to see the activity firing up we have lightning moving into antioch and heavy downpours that continue to be involved in the east. the futurecast has rain for the north bay. the early afternoon hours and then we also have another batch of rain from the south bay to the east bay and spreading into san francisco that may also
9:33 am
bring showers to at&t park. latest weather. willie, tamron came down who are so it will be a while before she gets up to you. >> i was down there, too, al. thank you so much. in the new movie "maggie's plan," a woman who is ready to have a baby until she falls for a married professor named john played by ethan hawke. ethan and gretta are both here. >> i like the way you phrased that. >> thank you very much. >> a little bit of the backstory of these characters and the relationship between you two. >> the script was written by rebecca miller. she directed the film. it's about the complications of love and marriage and children but it's also really funny and really romantic. and, i don't know -- when i read the script i loved how humid it -- human it all was. >> it was all very humid. >> it was actually freezing but it was human and generous. >> your character, john, is
9:34 am
going through some stuff. let's put it that way. married to julianne moore. what does he see in greta's character that makes him want to head in that direction? >> sometimes when people get depressed, it's like i think he sees daylight. you know? what makes a good comedy, to my mind, is when it's rooted in real behavior. i think sometimes john is stuck in a marriage where he's just extremely depressed. and so this young woman is just like daylight to him. it can't be wrong because it's everything healthy, you know. >> greta, you have to then contend with john's wife, played by jewulianne moore. as an actress, i imagine that's a little daunting. >> yeah. she's tremendous, as is ethan. i mean, everyone in the movecy great. >> who is the best? >> you are. >> just wondering. >> you are. you are. no, but she plays this danish
9:35 am
professor who seems very cold but is actually very -- kind of a mess herself. she's so funny. i think people don't think of julianne moore in comedies. she's so funny in this movie and has such impeccable timing. it was very intimidating to work with her. working with great actors just makes you good. >> is it true that at some point you kind of forgot your way, lost your lines a little bit around her? >> yes. i would watch her -- and ethan, too. i would watch them act and i was so drawn in by what they were doing, i would forget that i had a line next. it was so bad. >> there's a scene in the movie, snow shoe scene that i understand takes place in an actual snow storm. >> yeah. >> what was that day like? >> movies, they have their own life. sometimes everything absolutely goes wrong. you don't get the cast you want. if it's supposed to be rainy, it's the warmest year in 25 years. this movie, everything went perfect. we had the best people.
9:36 am
julianne and i had this scene that was supposed to take place anyway snow storm. we had a huge snowstorm that day and got to go outside and film it and tromp around in these snow shoes and three days later it's spring. >> that's a pretty good omen when you get snow. >> the gods were shining on us. unfortunately i was drunk all day. >> drunk in the snow with ethan hawke. that's a movie i would watch. i want to talk to you about your direct orrial debut with "lady bird." how is that? >> i'm super excited and nervous and have terrifying dreams about it last night. i had a dream last night that i didn't have a monitor look at the shots. so, anyway, i'm excited and scared. >> guys, congratulations on this movie. ethan and greta. "maggie's plan" opens may 20th. keith urban drops some new music and hats will be out at the derby.
9:37 am
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it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? beginning of the month now. time to mark your calendars. >> here with all the entertainment to look forward to, sirius xm weekly radio host, jessica. >> it's may! >> captain america civil war. super heroes can't get along anymore. >> ironman or captain america? >> captain america all the way. >> even if you want to see the whole gang from the marvel universe back together. you'll be happy. most of them are in there and black panther, a great superhero, who will have his own spin-up and spiderman joins the
9:42 am
gang. i've seen the movie. he totally steals the show. >> who is spiderman? >> tom colins. you know, he slings the web. >> and keith urban. >> his most experimental. pitbull, carrie underwood. even a song that's a little nod to his wife, nicole kidman, references "to die for." >> oh, how fun. >> time for -- ♪ -- kentucky derby. >> the most exciting two minutes in sports of the year. nightquist is favored to win. >> not nightquil. >> not that we condoen gambling, 3-1 odds. >> i can't believe this sunday we also say good-bye to "the good wife." >> i love this show so much.
9:43 am
julianna margulies says the series finale is very controversial. there will be a special guest star and rumor has it it may be josh charles. he's dead. unclear how they would -- >> maybe it's john snow. anyway -- >> exactly. >> the season finale of "scandal," any twists or turns we're expecting? >> no, never. we're going to find out who the presidential nominees are for both parties and the vice presidential nominees. now kerry washington is pregnant. so, get your olivia in while you can, because they are going to shorten the number of episodes for next season and may even start the season later to accommodate her pregnancy. >> i was wondering about that. next friday is friday the 13th. so george clooney and julia roberts have a new movie out called "money monster." >> directed by jodie foster. all-star team. george clooney place an over-the-top financial
9:44 am
personality held hostage by one of his -- >> jim kramer. >> you said it. you said it. little-known fact about jodie foster and julia roberts, their history, jodie foster was up for the role in "pretty woman." >> who knew? >> first album since winning best new artist at the grammys this year. she has proven she is so much more than "all about that base." "no" is so good. caribbean influences on it as well. this one, friday the 20th, "night skies," russell crowe, ryan gosling is back? >> yes, they team up to solve this case, set in l.a. in the 1970s. big collars. not the l.a. you're moving to. don't worry. >> and for all the kids, "angry birds" movie may 20th. >> not just for the kids because the adult also love the voices, maya rudolph, peter sedakis.
9:45 am
why are they so angry? pigs. >> of course! >> it will be a busy month. sure, mom would love flowers or perfume. you can never go wrong with a homemade gift from the heart, especially if the kids help make it real cheese people know how to pack uber flavor into ultra thin. sargento ultra thin slices, the same taste, just thinner and 45 calories a slice. that's 45 reasons to layer, fold, mix, match, beg, stack, sneak, peek, tease, taunt, like, love. because real cheese people bite with abandon. hold the sacrifice, no compromise. sargento ultra thin slices, we're real cheese people. i comy hair showed it.ks. new garnier olia. the only haircolor with 60% oils, zero ammonia. now i don't see dullness. all i see is shiny... ...brilliant color. new garnier olia. brilliant color.
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9:49 am
three days to go till mother's day. if you are panicking right now because you don't have the perfect gift, we have some ideas for you. >> that's right. meredith is here. the best gift is the one made from the heart from your kids. >> that's right. you can do it in the next three
9:50 am
day. >> cool. >> starting with taking a traditional box of tea. moms love a little tea in the afternoon. we've taken the tea bag tag and we're replacing it with little pictures of kids throughout the year. >> that's so sweet. >> it's a glue stick. on the back, a little backing on it. have the kids write a little note. i love the way you read to me with silly voices. my boys did this for me one year. it was the sweet thing to pull out one a week. little tea sets for sunday brunch with your mom. >> your boys are so thoughtful. >> they had help from my husband. >> amazing. >> next up, really silly, fun thing to do. we're making chia kids. what we've done is just take a photograph, photo copy this. cut out your child's face. we put them on with mod podge. it's easy to do. put a fluffy hair plant in there for your mom. and you could even do the dog, you know, or -- yeah.
9:51 am
>> good idea. >> next up -- >> pillowcase. >> every mom need ace good nap, right? simple idea. taking plain, white pillowcases we got from the dollar store but they're lovely. you're going to write a fun message on it, shhh, mother sleeping on this one. have your kids write a message then decorate. they won't come off in the wash. henry down here and ryan. easy color project. your mom will see it every time she goes to bed. >> love this. >> so beautiful and so easy. these are simple cardboard letter. >> right. >> we got flowers from the dollar store and craft foam. go ahead and start making that one, girls. you're going to clip them on with wire cutters and shove them in there. you can do their initials, monogram or mom. small ones or giant ones like this. >> you're cutting the letter out? >> literally take off the top of
9:52 am
this letter and you're left -- you put the foam in and flowers in. done and done. >> super easy. you could put that on the mantle or on your door. >> keep it forever. >> these are really cool. >> we're making marbleized coffee mugs. i did everything inexpensively. dollar store mugs. you're going to do just a swirl of warm water. >> nail polish? >> yes, warm water. swirl it. dip our mug. do it quickly. you can double dip. look at that. >> that's neat. >> dishwasher safe modpodge over it so it will keep. stickers. you can peel off the stickers for their initial. >> love that. >> this is so easy. citrus stamped tea towels. everyone needs more tea towels. stamp it out on a paper towel
9:53 am
first to get the excess paint off. squeeze out a little bit of the juice first to make it easier. and same thing, it washes. >> you can put it in the washing machine. >> you can do fabric paint. it's really simple. you have these tea towels that come out like this. >> before you go, though, we have one more thing. ryan? >> ryan, we hear it's your birthday. >> it's your birthday! >> happy birthday. >> wave at the camera. wave. >> birthday girl! meredith sinclair, thank you so much. great ideas. ♪ go, ryan it's your birthday ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
applause to our natalie morales. >> i'm not going any
9:56 am
good thursday morning. i'm carrie hall. the radar is getting more busy across parts of the north bay and while the rest of the bay area has seen cloudy skies zooming in and towards antioch, you are seeing a couple of lightning strikes out of the
9:57 am
showers and storms and also light rain from fairfield towards napa and towards vallejo. we will see more of the rain for the north bay as we go to the lunchtime hours. early afternoon and mostly cloudy elsewhere as we see more dry weather. we get more coverage on the radar by 5:00. that may impact the evening commute and spreading showers into san francisco before the giants game this evening. also watching out for the chance of thunderstorms for the higher terrain that may move into parts of the east bay and the south bay later today. we will do it all again. temperature-wise we are looking at mid 50s along the coast to the peninsula. a chance of storms and rain for the north bay. the east bay at oakland, a high of 67 degrees. scott? >> happening now, it's happening all morning. continuing in san jose, a man standing on a light rail train that stoped traffic.
9:58 am
we are staying on top of that situation online. we will have more news in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. >> yeah, you are listening to "just like fire" by pink. this is thirsty thursday. but it's also -- >> cinco de mayo. >> only running on a few hours of sleep, fresh off his "late night show," seth meyers woke up early to be on show with us. >> that's a first. is it the first time he has been on our


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