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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that breaking news is in >> announcer: nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in the south bay. vta traffic has been brought to a standstill by a man on top of a train. you see him there. he's wearing the yellow raincoat, laying down on that vta train. law enforcement certainly playing the waiting game. we'll have the latest on details and delays as we watch to see what happens next. it's been a story we've been bringing to you, personally, since 4:00 this morning on "today in the bay." thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. we saw bob redell out there. it's been nearly ten hours. a man climbs on top of that train in san jose. police trying to coax him down,
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bob, right in front of our studios, really. bob, tell us what's happening now. >> well, unfortunately, this could go on longer, scott and kristi, because t santa clara county sheriff's department plans to wait this man out. right now, he's on top of that train. you can't see him. he's out of sight from our vantage point, but he's hunched down, he's been underneath a yellow tarp within the past few moments. he was apparently showing those two crisis negotiators there in the cherry picker a cell phone that he had. is not sure what that is about. but those two crisis negotiators, they feel that forcing him down would be too risky, too dangerous. now, this is a change in behavior from earlier when he was standing up in nothing but shorts and shoes, causing commotion, saying that he wanted to ruin the morning commute. now, the sheriff's office has been able to identify him as kyle lewis, a 25-year-old man from boondale. he's out on probation for what we believe is a non-violent
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offense. this vta train was heading on first treat. no passengers onboard. that's when lewis approached the train on the tracks, forcing the operator to stop the train. lewis then climbed up on top the operators immediately called to have the wire s deenergized so lewis wouldn't electrocute himself. a mental health expert has been called out. they're not sure if he's having a mental health incident or a drug-induced psychosis. >> we have deputies trying to build a report, a different approach. we're trying to communicate with him and trying to convince him to come down. >> is it working? >> he's less combative right now. he is communicating with us. earlier this morning, he was spitting at us, very despondent. >> this is a major impact for vta. we have thousands of people coming down from caltrains, the transfer in mountain view to go to the various silicon valley
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companies, and people, you know, that need to get north as well. this is a major impact. our service is down for a significant part of our system. >> reporter: if you're not familiar with this line that runs down first street, it's a main artery for vta. it connects mountain view, caltrain passengers here in the south bay. so to deal with disruption, vta has been running bus bridges and they pushed a few trains through this area. back out here live, looks like they're getting ready to push another train. they have to push it, because these lines are de-energized, because that man is on top of that train. but they pushed a few trains further north. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> as bob says, that's a huge wrench in the light rail system. and hundreds of thousands -- or hundreds or thousands of commuters called their offices this morning, saying they're going to be late for work. >> this is a live look at one of the bus bridges that is in place in san jose. a lot of people in line, waiting to get on those buses around that closure.
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some commuters say they have been confused by a lack of information all morning long. >> there was no information on that train. it was not going to the destination and pretty much stopped right now here. >> once again, there is no word on when this standoff will end. the sheriff's department saying they're going to just wait it out, it's the safest option. the vta bus bridges are the best way to get around those closures. but we have been sending push alerts out all morning long on this breaking news. to get updates straight to your smartphone, you can upload the nbc bay area app, it is free. now to more breaking news, this time involving our local weather. we're getting reports of lightning in the east bay. we are told that a bolt of lightning may have hit very close to o'hare park middle school in oakley. phone lines are down next to that building, but officials say all of the children are safe and there is no fire at the school. in a separate part of oakley, we've heard reports of
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someone getting struck by lightning. we are working to track that down. this is all part of a storm system that's been moving through the bay area. we can take a look at downtown san francisco. you're watching the clouds come in. i know meteorologist kari hall, you have equipment that will measure lightning. >> yes, we are looking at the lightning strikes, as we've been tracking this system, moving through the bay area, and looking at that storm, as it continues to produce some spotty showers, especially around the oakley area. as we get a look at the radar now, we see that there is some lightning that is moving out of the delta and moving toward fairfield, but you can see right around oakley now, that storm has cleared. and also, not seeing as much in the way of lightning strikes, as the storm moves into vacaville, as well as fairfield, but it continues to move off towards the north and east and will be moving towards napa and vacaville within the next several minutes. this is the activity we will see as we go throughout the day. some cloud-to-ground lightning and the potential for some small hail, as we see some scattered activity throughout this
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afternoon, into the evening. elsewhere, it's all dry, and you're just seeing the cloudy skies. this is the kind of activity that also continues into tomorrow. so i'll detail that, coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> kari, we're following breaking news out of houston, texas, as well. a massive fire at a warehouse there sent a tower of smoke and hazardous chemicals into the area. city officials ordered people in nearby homes and businesses to stay inside, close the windows, shut the air-conditioning. students at a nearby elementary school were evacuated. no injuries so far. authorities have not said what started this blaze. it's in west houston. >> wow, that is certainly a big explosion we saw there. well, back here at home in less than three hours, a judge will decide whether the two brothers accused of killing their own parents should go free on bail. this is video of 22-year-old robi during his arraignment last week. his 17-year-old brother, omar, will be tried as an adult. police say the two brothers shot and killed their parents nearly two weeks ago.
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hasim was caught several days after that shooting. if convicted, both brothers face life in prison. and the livermore babysitter accused of smothering a 13-month-old baby in her care was in court for a pretrial hearing. the child's family hired gonzalez through they called 911 after allegedly watching gonzalez on a nanny cam crying the crying son's mouth with her hand until he went limp for several seconds. the baby is okay today. gonzalez denies harming that child. a contra costra county dental assistant accused of molesting young people in his office says he did not do it. alejandro saro pleaded not guilty in a martinez courtroom today. he was arrested back in april, after an 8-year-old girl accused him of molesting her at concord dental clinic. investigators claim saro victimized several children, even recorded those crimes on video. well, we are expecting to hear more today about a gilroy
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high school teacher accused of having illegal relationships with minors online. high-profile attorney gloria allred is representing a mother who says she warned the school district about that science teacher back in 2014. that woman says lai sent her teenage daughters sexually explicit text messages. lai was arrested last month for posing as a girl online and soliciting inappropriate pictures from minors. >> my heart just breaks. it really does. this shouldn't have happened. >> the board of education confirms there have a complaint made about a text message back in 2014, but it was not a criminal act and lai was given a notice of unprofessional cond t conduct. lai is now out of jail and resigned from the gilroy school district. allred is scheduled to speak at 3:00. in less than an hour, dozens of students and teachers will
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protest layoffs. they would slash about 500 staff positions to help balance the budget. cal is about $150 million in the hole this year alone. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is live at cal and school administrators say they don't have much of a choice in the matter. >> reporter: that's right. university officials say they're trying to make the best out of a bad situation, but employees we spoke with this morning passed out these flyers, saying chancellor dierks, nicholas dierks, stop the unnecessary layoffs. they say they're upset because in an e-mail last month, the chancellor wrote about possible plans, but no mention of layoffs. so they're feeling frustrated and blindsided. dierks' e-mail did outline using normal position control to slash about 500 staff positions throughout the next five years, about 6% of the workforce, for a rough estimate of $50 million in annual savings. that's part of a bigger plan to cut $85 million by june of next year, with an overall goal to get cal back in the black in five years.
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now, campus leaders say it's lack of money from the state in keeping up with campus needs that has led to this. staff members, though, say it's a problem in leadership. >> the executive paid more and more every year, while the staff members don't get enough to live. like, 98% of clerical staff do not make enough to live, based off of one parent, one child. >> reporter: now, school spokesperson dan mogaloff told me there could be cuts. the school is looking at restructuring. the only group that will not be touched is faculty. he also said that cal went from 69 executives in 2002 down to 67 last year, but did increase total pay from $10 million to $15 million, largely because of inflation over those 13 years. and as for the final picture, mogaloff says he's optimistic most of those 500 slashed positions will come through attrition and turnover. we will not get the final data on layoffs and numbers until june, but so far, we do know the campus has already begun the process of laying off 60
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employees. live here at cal, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> stephanie, thanks. up next at 11:00, tesla is rolling the new numbers on vehicles elon musk is promising to build and put out on the road. plus, prince was reaching out for help just before he died. the bay area doctor that was a day away from helping the music legend fight a drug addiction. and we continue to stay on top of that breaking news in san jose that is crippling the commute today, where a man is on top of a vta train, now laying down, still refusing to come down since 1:00 this morning. ad-lib markets
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scott we've been saying all along tesla has to radically ramp well, happy thursday to you. no action on the markets. the dow and the nasdaq trading even. we get the big jobs number. on friday, tesla is down about 5%. we have been saying all along, tesla has to radically ramp up its car production to meet demand. not just double it or triple it, but speed things up by ten times or faster. elon musk says his company can do it. he says tesla will build 500,000
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cars a year by 2018 and indeed that would be ten times what the carmaker makes now. musk is starting a goal by starting production of the tesla model-x by the second half of next year. tesla opened all of its books to investors last night, answering questions from analysts and reporters, though it did not explain its recent lease of a massive warehouse system in livermore. as we've pointed out in the past, even if tesla increased production by 10x, at its current plant, it still would not need this facility. wrapping up production is going to cost money and it's money that tesla will need to find, despite all those $1,000 deposits. some stock analysts expect tesla will have to offer a secondary offering, an ipo do-over. gopro will report its profits today. gopro is a lot like tesla in the sense that it's sort of an interesting company, run by a interesting person, makes
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interesting products. though gopro has been in trouble lately, mostly with sinking sales. well, twitter's periscope will now allow users to keep their live streams forever. all users have to do is permanently save their broadcasts by including the hashtag "save" in their title. so #save if you want to do that. it's an added feature that could help periscope now compete with facebook live. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. a turf war is underway on mt. tamalpais. the battle between bikers and mountain hikers who frequent that majestic mountain is under more hype. bikers say they need a safe place to ride, but hikers say allowing bikers on the easy grade trail would endanger their safety. they say mountain bikers are reporting speeds as fast as 21 miles an hour on a speed-tracking website, where
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the speed limit on mt. tam is supposed to be 15. >> the speed is what is so dangerous. >> tonight at 11:00, senior investigative reporter, vicky nguyen, looks at just how often state park rangers write citations to the bikers who break those speed rules. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at just before prince died, a doctor here in the bay area was ready to help the rock superstar. now, an attorney for the mill valley physician we're talking about has come forward and he explains what happened. >> as it turns out, the mill valley doctor's son was the one who called 911 to report finding prince unconscious. here's nbc's stephanie gosk with the latest. >> reporter: overnight, the california clinic recovery without walls received an surrogate call about prince the
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night before he died responded to questions about the work it does. stating in a facebook post that the facility is an outpatient clinic that provides treatment for chronic pain, chemical dependency, and prescription management issues. but when addiction specialist dr. howard cornfeld, who runs the clinic, got the dall for help, no one could have known that prince had less than 24 hours to live. cornfeld couldn't travel himself, but he acted quickly, according to his attorney in minneapolis. the first step, booking an appointment for prince with a local doctor. >> he set into motion a plan to deal with what he felt was a life-saving mission. >> reporter: then cornfeld put his son, who is not a doctor, on an overnight flight to meet with prince early the next day, april 21st. but when andrew cornfeld arrived at paisley park, his attorney says no one could find the musician. >> one of the staff members started screaming. andrew heard the screams and went to the elevator, where he
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saw that prince was unconscious. >> reporter: andrew placed the 911 call. when investigators arrived, his lawyers says he turned over a small amount of buprenorphine, a medication used to treat withdrawals. but his attorney was very clear on this point. >> there were no pills or any kind of medication given to prince by andrew or by howard. >> reporter: after being questioned by police, andrew flew back to california. stephanie gosk, fwhnbc news, minneapolis. >> a story i'm sure we will continue to track. >> indeed. let's get to kari hall, because the weather has been changing this morning and it's been gloomy. >> some isolated storms popping up in parts of the bay area, especially in the far eastern parts and northern parts of the bay area. this is what we can expect over the next 48 hours, as a slow-moving storm system spins across the region. and as we take a live look now at the golden gate bridge, you
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see a lot of clouds there. and this will be the same picture we'll see throughout the day tomorrow, if it's not raining, it will just be cloudy and we will start to see more activity here on the radar. looking at some very widely scattered showers, and it's mostly, once again, farther off towards the east, as we see that moving out of oakley and moving farther off towards the north, we're with some rain that's now not procing any cloud-to-ground lightning, as indicated by our radar, we would see some icons here. up towards vacaville and fairfield, some rain there, and rainfall rates that have been coming down quite a bit heavily, within the past few minutes, to just get an idea, coming down at a rainfall rate, in some spots, about a quarter of an inch per hour and maybe a little bbttle higher. lighter rain as you head towards yachtville and st. elena, we'll see more of that rain. we've made it into the mid-60s for palo alto. livermore, 64 degrees.
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the futurecast shows that we will still have some rain in and around the area, but not everyone will see it. so this is the kind of weather that keeps it unsettled. and you just want to make sure you're prepared, just in case. we start to see a little bit more rain moving into parts of the east bay and south bay, later on this evening, in time for the evening commute. but once again, still clear in san francisco, but we will have a chance of some quick-moving brief showers later on this evening. and then, here we are tomorrow afternoon, still seeing pretty much the same thing with this low pressure system spinning, and some spotty showers. rainfall totals don't look like a lot, up to a quarter of an inch in parts where the rain gets a little bit heavier and sets up there, and then we'll see that finally moving out in time for the weekend. so look at all the microclimates today. highs reaching into the upper 60s, the low 70s, up to the low-60s in san francisco, a chance of rain in the north bay. santa rosa at 69 degrees, and 70 in san ramon. you also see that seven-day forecast at the bottom of your
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screen. if you're going to the giants' game tonight, they're back at home at at&t park. a chance of showers and mostly cloudy skies and breeze, westerly winds. a look at the weekend forecast, as we start to see the rain tapering off late saturday into early sunday. sunday, the only dry day in the forecast. and we'll see those highs in the upper 60s, and scott and chris, you can track the live radar on your phone, just by downloading the nbc bay area app. >> all right. thank you very much, kari. coming up, donald trump is the now presumptive gop nominee, as many republicans are now worried about what that means for other races. the reason insiders believe it could change the political landscape here in california. but first, happening now, we continue to follow this breaking news in san jose. police trying to negotiate with a man who climbed on top of a vta train. expect light rail service delays until he comes down. you'll find updates here and video from the scene on our website. and we're tweeting about new rules for the electronic
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cigarette industry. hundreds of brands about to receive federal reviews if they want to stay on the market. more news here coming up in two minutes. valley.
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a meals on wheels vaha and we continue to follow this breaking news. this is out of castro valley. a meals on wheels van has crashed on an on-ramp off of 580, the redwood on-ramp to
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eastbound 580. you can see it on our helicopter here. we are working on getting more information about this scene. we'll bring it to you as soon as we can. in the meantime, hillary clinton fighting on two fronts now. she finds herself in the challenging position of preparing for a presumed showdown with donald trump, but still has to deal with bernie sanders in the democratic primary. nbc news learned this morning that a clinton campaign flyer should be in the mail today. it claims the whole world is counting on us to win this thing. so, even while clinton fends off the threats from sanders, she is clearly ramping up for the general election. while trump is flooding the air waves and going on the attack against her. >> this is, to me, a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy who has, who has knocked out of the way all the republicans, because they were just dumbfounded. >> hillary will be easier to beat than many of the senators, governors, senators that we were just victorious. >> clinton is campaigning in the
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los angeles area today, as she fights to officially clinch the democratic nomination. meanwhile, trump is tapping a private investor who works at goldman sachs to lead his fund-raising efforts. he is the last man standing for the republicans. donald trump now the presumptive nominee for this morning. donald trump is now shaping his new message geared for hillary clinton, but trump's path to the nomination could be a path to disaster for california republicans. gop leaders fear that a non-competitive june 7th primary will hurt the party's voter turnout and end up helping the democrats. nbc bay area's carey sweeney has more. >> there was a lot of disappointment, and i'm putting it mildly, when ted cruz dropped out of the race. >> harvey dylan says she expects a suppressed republican voter turnout in next month's primaries with the race at the top of the ticket now decided. that may not matter at all in the overwhelmingly democratic
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bay area. in san francisco, only 8% of voters are registered republican. >> where it might have more impact is in swing areas of the state, maybe in the central valley, parts of southern california, where there may be some close races. >> reporter: san francisco state political science professor jason mcdaniel says the republican vote suppression may not be so severe. >> there are kind of republicans who have already voted by mail. you'll probably see a higher level of turnout than you would normally. >> reporter: already, some democratic congressional candidates are tying their opponents to a trump candidacy. be careful with that, warns dylan. >> that may backfire on them, because donald trump is pretty popular among not just republicans, but democrats, certainly we've seen that in his massive victories in other parts of the country. >> dylan says in time state leaders will rally around the candidate they didn't want,. >> i expect in a week, after the five stages of grief and mourning have warn off, most of the state leadership will be behind him. >> reporter: carey mcsweeney, nbc bay area news.
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>> professor mcdaniels says whichever candidate you want, just get out and vote and let your voice be heard. he says it's a good habit to get into. the california primary is, of course, june 7th. if you ride b.a.r.t., you know those screeches, but b.a.r.t. says it has a fix. and speaking of mass transit, we're staying on top of that breaking news in san jose, where that man continues to be on top of a vta train in san jose, crippling the commute into the north first street corridor. he said he wanted to ruin everybody's morning commute. mission accomplished. we'll talk more about that, coming up. after a man slows down the
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entire light rail system. scott///2shot police are playing the waiting game in a standoff in the
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south bay that has choked traffic. a man climbs on top of a vta train in san jose and police have been trying to coax him down. it's a story we've been covering all morning long. kris//boxes nbc bay area's bob reddell is live right in front of our studios on north first street and component. bob -- this has been a long ordeal. ==bob/live== ad libs.... saying, why don't they wrestle him down. all of these options not what the sheriff's department is going to do. >> correct, right now the santa clara county sheriff's office, what they're trying to do is trying to talk this man down. they feel like it would be too risky, too dangerous to force him down. not only for that man's safety or for the safety of the deputies. what you have right now, as you're looking at the cherry picker with two crisis negotiators from the santa clara county sheriff's office. these are new negotiators that have come within the past hour
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or so, and they are talking to the man on the left, who is now sitting up on top of the vta train. they've identified him as kyle lewis, a 25-year-old man from prunedale. and within the past few moments, those deputies did take away a yellow blanket that lewis had been using to cover himself as he was lying down on the train. now he is sitting up, and again, you can see they have a ladder on either side of the train. what they're trying to do is coax him to come down from the train. lewis, what they know about him is that he is on probation, we believe, for a non-violent offense. they've had a mental health professional out here from the probation department who knows lewis, who's coming out here to help the deputies build a rapport with him, they're also reaching out to family and other members of the community who night know lewis. again, they're just trying to build a relationship with him, so he will come down safely. it was around 1:20 this morning that lewis was running or walking down the tracks as this train was coming southbound on the north first street tracks,
11:33 am
heading back to the yard. had no passengers onboard. with him being on the tracks, the operator was forced to stop. that's when lewis jumped on top of the train, and the operator was very smart in this. he immediately called back down to headquarters or to the command center to have them deenergize this line so lewis would not accidentally electrocute himself. sth this was at 1:20 this morning, and he has been up there ever since wearing shorts, no shirt, as you can see, and shoes. he was at some point trying telling deputies that he was trying to ruin the morning commute. >> we can't determine right now if it's a mental health issue or a drug-induced psychosis. we have santa clara county probation out here, one of the supervisors to talk to us and get his background. he is currently on probation. just trying to get more of what's going on with his life in genera general. >> >> reporter: the qur not
11:34 am
familiar with the first street line, this is a main artery for the vta. this did cause a massive disruption for the morning commute. we're talking about thousands of people who are coming down caltrain on the peninsula to the mountain view station, trying to get to the companies here in the south bay. so the vta set up a bus bridge and they were able to push through a few trains to get up to the northern area to serve the mountain view passengers. but this man, as you had mentioned earlier, chris, said he wanted to disrupt the morning commute in this part of the south bay, he unfortunately succeeded again. this crisis negotiators are trying to talk down 25-year-old kyle lewis, who right now is sitting on top of this train where he's been for over ten hours now. >> bob redell, reporting in san jose. now, you knew about this the minute it happened because we've been sending out push alerts all morning long. you can get updates on your smartphone and download that nbc bay area app. and we'll alert you to things like this.
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>> we are following that breaking news out of castro valley, as well, where a meals on wheels van crashed on an on-ramp off of 580. police are now saying that they determined that someone carjacked that meals on wheels delivery van and led police on a pursuit on 580, where the van then flipped over. the subject tried to carjack at least one other driver before taking the truck. two suspects, a man and a woman, both have moderate injuries. one was bit by a k-9 officer. >> for decades, b.a.r.t. riders, neighbors have endured that ear-splitting sound from the systems trains. >> now, the transit agency may finally have hit upon a solution. >> reporter: here in the b.a.r.t. car, the sound is excruciating. the screeching sounds like nails on a chalkboard and howling drives passengers crazy the
11:36 am
problem, experts say, is the wheels. b.a.r.t.'s original designers envisioned a flat wheel for a smooth ride. but at high speeds, b.a.r.t. soon discovered the wheel vibrations created ruts in the rail, and that caused howling. the wheel also slid and slipped on the curves, creating b.a.r.t.'s notorious screeching sound. both noises can reach 90 decibels, equal to the same of a motorcycle driving by at 25 feet away. the problem is made worse when amplified by the walls of the transbay two. one b.a.r.t. board members says many riders have all but given up on getting relief. >> i think, unfortunately, a lot of riders have just, they've lost hope a little bit. >> b.a.r.t. board member gayle murray says riders notice. >> when the tracks are smooth, people are happy, and you don't get the complaints.
11:37 am
but the tracks aren't always smooth, because we have 104 miles of tracks that we have to keep up. >> while b.a.r.t. can grind down the ruts to smooth the rails to limit howl, they have no way to fight the screech. so they ordered the builders of the new fleet to solve the problem once and for all. the engineers have made the wheel profile slightly thicker in the middle and thinner at the edge. the change allows better handling around curves to cut screeching and reduces track damage that causes howl. >> it took hours and hours and hours of computer crunching before it was figured out, what it had to be. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. engineer henry colisar hopes noise will be cut in half. >> the ride quality is like night and day. >> reporter: the new train wheels are expected to go into service as early as next year. they won't cost anymore, but they could last twice as long.
11:38 am
jackson vanderbeckon, nbc, bay area news. >> well, we are counting down to rio. >> a role model for many other clubs in america. >> up next, the south bay's community center that has become an international launching pad for olympic table tennis players. >> for most of us, it's a cloudy and quiet day, while other areas are dealing with some loud claps of thunder. i'll detail that and what else to expect in the microclimate forecast, coming up. =kris/vo== traveling off the beaten path. many tourists heading to rio for the summer olympics say
11:39 am
11:40 am
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they want to experience the traveling off the beaten path, many tourists headed to rio for the summer olympics say they want to experience the city's darker, grittier side. specifically, many of them want to visit rio's pavellas, the neighborhoods on the hillside which have been historically dangerous. starting in the 1970s, competing for control of those areas. but in recent years, police started to reclaim the neighborhood, saying there could be a lot less expensive, it goes for $15 to $30 a night. >> the road to olympics runs
11:42 am
through milpitas. one of the biggest training centers in the nation is in milpitas. >> the indian community center has turned into a breeding ground for table tennis stars. here's nbc bay area's joe resatto jr.. >> more speed, more speed. balance, balance the body. >> reporter: you may have grown up -- >> do your best! >> reporter: playing a background game called ping-pong. >> move your legs. >> reporter: this is not that game. inside this normal-looking milpitas strip mall is one of the power houses of the u.s. sport of table tennis. here in the india community table tennis center, this game is taken seriously. >> and we have over 250 training here. >> reporter: a mechanical engineer from india opened the center ten years ago. >> we started in an indian
11:43 am
community center with two or three tables. >> these days, there are over 30 tables filled with players of all sizes. >> if they want to be serious, they want to be a professional, this is the place where they end up coming. >> reporter: among the hundreds of players who train here, there is one mantra you will hear often. >> maybe get to the olympics. >> i think i want to make it to the 2020 olympics. >> and for good reason. the center has trained six olympians, two bound for the 2016 games in rio, including 2012 olympian, lily zhang. >> it's definitely one of the best clubs in america. >> good, good! >> reporter: is a role model for many other clubs in america. >> no jumping, no monkey style. >> a lot of players coming all the way from other states and also other counties. >> there are a lot of cultures that are really good at high level. >> i think the hard work pays off. you work really hard to get good opportunity. >> reporter: though the center
11:44 am
ranks among the top in the u.s., there is one thing still missing from its trophy show. >> our next goal is to win medal in olympics. >> reporter: if that elusive medal doesn't come home this summer, certainly won't be from lack of effort. joe resatto jr. -- >> there's always backhand. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> 93 days to rio. we're sending our own jessica aguirre to cover those games. the opening ceremonies in august. >> i love how the coach is like, i don't care if you're here or not, i'm training these guys and gals. >> unbelievably fast. >> they make it look way easier, right? i don't think i could volley for more than once or twice. >> let's check in with kari. >> a great day to stay inside and do something you don't have to worry too much about lugging around the umbrella. you'll want to make sure you keep tabs on what's happening, because this rain could pop up at any point, anywhere in the bay area. as we take a live look now, we're catching a little bit of break in the clouds in san
11:45 am
francisco, a beautiful shot there with those clouds rolling back in the distance. and this may be where you're seeing those clouds and the rain. anywhere farther off towards the north and to the east, where the rain continues to produce some storms, just outside of solano county and move outside of the viewing area. and we're also going to see that moving into napa. mainly the north bay and east bay seeing some rain, but we're also tracking one cell that is moving out of hercules and moving closer to novato. and we're also seeing that rain with some lightning around vacaville and that may be moving off towards the north and east, closer to yachtville. so some spotty showers and some storms. and that can be what you can expect. not only today, but the next couple of days, as this slow-moving weather system spins across the region. and our temperatures are now in the low-to-mid-60s. the futurecast gives you an idea of how the radar could look as we go through the day. seeing some more activity later on this evening. approaching the south bay, as
11:46 am
well as the east bay with some heavier rain, but much of that winding down later tonight. >> and we'll see it firing up again tomorrow morning with some lightly scattered showers and the potential of some thunderstorms again tomorrow as well as saturday, before this system gets far enough east to give us some a break from even having a chance to have rain. but where we don't see the rain, you may not see -- where we do see the rain, you may see some light amounts of some rainfall totals, and then elsewhere, some scattered rainfall totals. so looking at a very unsettled weather pattern, with temperatures today reaching into the mid-60s in san mateo, up to 71 degrees today in saratoga. and 69 degrees in santa rosa, oakland, 67. and pleasanton, a high of 72 degrees. the fur planning to go to the giants' game this evening, that first pitch will be at 60 degrees and dropping back into the upper 50s, very mild temperatures, times of rains possible. and winds from the west at 15 to
11:47 am
20 miles an hour. heading into the weekend, with we'll finally get rid of our chance of showers in the forecast between friday and saturday, we will see it clearing out on sunday, up to 72 in the peninsula. 73 in the south bay. so feeling very comfortable. and then our temperature trend continues to go up early next week. here's an example, looking at the south bay, the average high is 73 degrees. but look at monday, 78 and lower 80s on tuesday with our temperatures continue to climb. we'll be keeping tabs on those rain chances and where you may be seeing those spotty showers and storms. and make sure you keep chaching the nbc bay area app. >> it was a struggle. initially, i had given my wife a date i was going to commit suicide. >> this isn't just a guide dog. how dynamo was able to save his owner's life. and we're staying on top of that breaking news in san jose.
11:48 am
you see the man who has been basically crippling the commute all morning long. he's sitting up now, shirtless. negotiators still trying to get him down from on top of that train. they haven't had much success. we'll show you what they're doing, next. =reopen omni!!= ==kris//2shot== dogs who rescue people often are used after natural,
11:49 am
11:50 am
or man-made disasters. ==scott//2shot== our next story, though, is about well, dogs are often used after natural disasters, man-made disasters. >> but you are next story is about a dog saving a man in a much more natural and powerful way. garvin toms is here with today's bay area proud. >> reporter: tom kowalski lost the firngers on his left hand years ago in an industrial accident. he said that wasn't too much of a burden to overcome. losing his eyesight years later, that was. he only overcame it with the
11:51 am
help from others, both human and animal. and wants to now help them in return. >> good boy. >> reporter: in a world where people talk all the time about counting steps, tom kowalski still speaks in miles. >> reporter: we're averaging about 50 miles a week. >> reporter: in fact, tom, and his guide dog, diynamodynamo, hn up and down this section of the trail so many times, it's an open question as to who is leading whom these days. >> good boy. >> reporter: no question, tom says, though, where he'd be without his companion. >> um -- >> reporter: tom, you should know, has always been the active type. running and golf were a given, but tom was an expert barefoot water skier. but in 2007, almost overnight, a medical condition took much of his eyesight and almost all of his hope. >> and it was a really struggle.
11:52 am
initially, i had given my wife a date that i was going to commit suicide. about two months after this happened. >> reporter: with the help of doctors and others, tom says, he made steps toward an emotional recovery. but it wasn't until dynamo showed up that he put real distance between himself and depression. >> there was always something missing. and after about a year, that something wasn't missing anymore. in other words, just a piece of my soul that was filled in now. >> reporter: it was san rafael-based guide dogs for the blind who gave dynamo to tom and taught the two how to work together. so grateful is he for what they did, tom know wants to help them. tom and dynamo recently completed a half marathon together, and used their training as a way to raise money for the group. they raised enough to cover three years rent for one of the club's meeting spaces.
11:53 am
the pair are also becoming regular speakers at guide dog for the blind events. >> i can't thank you enough. >> reporter: tom wants everyone to know just what a guide dog can mean. and while the path they now travel every day is well worn -- >> good boy! >> reporter: it's part of a journey tom thought he wld never be on. >> up up. >> reporter: tom and dynamo are not a unique story. in fact, according to guide dogs for the blind, they right now have over 2,000 pairs working together in the united states. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> all right, garvin. thank you. we'll be back in just a minute.
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11:56 am
we continue to cover breaking news playing a waiting game in a standoff in the south bay that has stopped the vta light rail. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live in front of our studios on north first street where this all played out. we see the young man is now sitting up, still shirtless. bob, are we any closer to resolution here? >> reporter: it's hard to tell. you've got the santa clara county sheriff's deputies and the cherry picker, there are crisis negotiators who are talking with this man, who they've identified as 25-year-old kyle lewis. he's been on top of that train since around 1:20, 1:30 this morning. within the past few minutes, he did sit back up on top of the train, after he's been laying down for quite some time. the sheriff's office just brought in and pulled from the
11:57 am
courtroom, superior court judge, steven manley. he oversees the judge here in santa clarita county. they brought him to the scene to help advise and perhaps give them some information to help bring this man down. he has never actually seen kyle lewis in his court, but they figured given the fact that he has dealt with mental health issues, that he might be able to help the sheriff's office bring this man down who has refused to come down, ever since climbing up on top of this train at 1:20 this morning. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> and we've continued to cover this, we'll let you know when it comes down. >> we saw that bit of graphic thing, but he has been combative with police. so we'll continue to follow on social as well. kari, watching the rain. >> yeah, because we're starting to see those storms firing up, mainly across the north bay. we will see more of that as we go through the day, as our temperatures climb into the upper 60s. >> all right. thanks for joining us and continue to follow that breaking news online.
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