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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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living room and pictures to fly right off the wall. >> i immediately got on the ground and tucked in. >> keener's 10-year-old grandson was inside the house with his uncle. at first he didn't know what had hit them. >> it was like dropping 20 grenades in front of you and letting them all explode. >> reporter: it caused a scare at o'hare park middle school, sending off school alarms and sending children running for cover, but nobody was hurt. considering the lightning came knocking at their front door. >> this blew off. >> keener and her family are grateful. >> looking at everything and realizing how serious this really was and could have been worse. it could have been worse. it could have blown my whole house up and my family was in it. >> reporter: this is just one of the pieces of wood that lightning tore apart. after our interview, keener went to the hospital on the advice of the paramedics who showed up here. tonight, she is being kept overnight for observation. i guess she has some heart
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irregularities. we're all hoping that she'll be okay. reporting live in oakley. i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> poor woman. what a scare for her. thank you, jody. >> let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> it's a good reminder that lightning is one of the leading killers when it comes to weather. so if you see the lightning or you hear the thunder, the best advice is to head indoors. most of that activity again happening from the east bay over to the north bay from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 this afternoon. we've seen a lot of the lightning strikes from the bay area wind down at least for now. most of the rainfall up toward napa with .07 of an inch and it has been hit and miss, san francisco nothing, and the santa cruz mountains about a tenth of an inch. we have this upper level area of low pressure offshore right now and it's helping to spiral an instability to the south and the next area i'm concerned about is the south bay as we could get
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some of these thunderstorms moving into gill roadway over the next two hours. we'll have more coming up in 15 minutes. >> thanks very much, jeff. our app is a great way to stay ahead of the weather conditions and click on it to find the live doppler radar and the forecast for your neighborhood. commute for thousands of people in the south bay came to a standstill today and here's why. a despondent man jumped on top of that vta light rail train and our camera captured him from several angles today. the standoff lasted nearly 12 hours. sheriff's deputies, a crisis team and other passengers looked on and the man refused to come down. this all unfolded on the busy corridor, which is home to companies like paypal and samsung. laura malpert is on the scene and why did he do it? >> reporter: he wanted to mess up everybody's commute and that's exactly what he did. the vta trains are running as usual right now, but it was a big mess out here earlier today.
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it all started just after 1:00 this morning when they saw a man walking along the tracks here and then called the central station to tell them to cut the power as the man climbed on top of the train and refused to leave. this was the moment commuters waited 12 hours to see. santa clara county deputies and the cherry picker helping a despondent, shirtless man off of the roof of the vta train. the man now identified as 25-year-old kyle lewis of prunedale. >> a huge relief that it was resolved in a safe manner. the deputies weren't hurt and kyle was not injured. >> he wrapped himself in a yellow blanket as the crisis intervention team tried to talk him down at times showing them images on the cell phone. he talked about wanting to ruin everyone's morning commute and that he did. vta's main corridor from the civic center to north first street and beyond shut down. more than half of vta's
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customers affected. vta tried to fill the void with bridges and a train for limited service. >> it was really disrupting. i actually had to have somebody drive me to work because i would have been way too late. >> at the 11th hour judge stephen manly was pulled from the courthouse to help out. he oversees the mental health efforts. a deputy who knew lewis from a previous arrest was brought in and ultimately talked him down and a spokesperson for vta says the incident might trigger some changes. we'll go through a through investigation after this is over to see what could have been done differently and to reevaluate our policies in these situations. >> reporter: back out here live, deputies say lewis is on probation for a non-violent offense. for today's incident he faces a misdemeanor charge of disrupting a vta line. he could face up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. reporting live from san jose.
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laura malpert, nbc bay area news. new, a south bay family is suing the gilroy unified school district claiming abuse by a teacher. sele is e-t benn says her daughter received messages from douglas le. the lawyer filed a lawsuit today. >> whether or not his behavior rises to the level of criminal behavior is not our issue. our issue is they needed to comply with all laws in the state regarding what a school district's legal duty is to the children. >> the protected individuals are engaged in gross, negligent misconduct and because they failed to take action, many more children were harmed. >> last month san jose police arrested le for cat phishing and
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he formed relationships with young men. he convinced hundreds of minors to send him photographs. the district says le's catphishing did not happen at school. there was no criminal activity that required le to be dismissed. le did resign on friday. an update now in the case of a dental assistant accused of molesting patients in cob cord. two more patients claim they were assaulted bringing the number to five. alejandro serra was arraigned on multiple charges of child molestation and child porn. we learned the alleged abuse happened at la clinica monumental and the pat ino office, as well. there could be more victims before investigation is complete. a high-profile murder case is on the fast track. the two san jose brothers returned to court today. hasib and bin golamrabbi.
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his brother was kept in the nearby hallway and away from the cameras. they'll be back for a preliminary hearing on monday. the prosecutor says he's ready for trial. our legal analyst says there's no way that can happen so soon because the case involves special circumstances including the younger brother we mentioned being tried as an adult. a stunning, declaration and they cannot support donald trump for president, at least not right now. he's focusing on unifying the republican party before the summer's convention. speaker ryan said his support for trump can say it can run a campaign of substance that will bring republicans together and he reiterated he will not enter this presidential race. >> president bush and his father george h.w. bush saying they will not endorse donald trump. bush 41 and 43 will not attend
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the republican convention in july and have no plans to participate or comment on the 2016 presidential race. an advancing investigation, nbc news confirmed that the fbi recently interviewed some of the hillary clinton's closest aides about her private email server. among them, clinton's longtime advise or uma abedin. so far it hasn't found any evidence to prove that clinton violated laws by setting up that system in her home. coming up next on "nightly news" an exclusive interview with the romanian hacker who says he successfully breached clinton's personal server and that interview is immediately following this newscast. a turf war in the bay area's most scenic locations and a battle between mountain bikers at mount tam. the bikers want more access to those trails. senior investigative reporter and two passionate viewpoints here. what's at stake? >> it's a half-mile trek of the trail and bikers need a safe
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place to ride and allowing bike eros that portion of the trail will endanger their safety. mountain bikers are reporting speeds as fast as 21 miles per hour and it's 15 miles an hour. >> are you underestimating the amount of enforcement that's needed? >> i think we need more, of course, but we don't have those resources at this time. the speed is what is so dangerous. >> access and safety are at the heart of the issue for both hikers and bikers. tonight at 11:00, we'll show you how often state park rangers cite people who break the rules and how additional access will make everyone safer. guys? and a meals on wheels truck at the center of a carjacking and police chase. i'm emily kushner. it could leave hundreds of seniors waiting for a meal they
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depend on. the demand met by the san francisco mayor and why they say it is not enough. >> it's something i'm passionate about, and i want to spread the word as much as i can and help. >> also part of the bay area proud series, a mother blind sided by what happened to her after pregnancy. how she's stepping up to help struggling moms. good afternoon. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking two areas of rain on the doppler radar right now and we'll have your full microclimate forecast in just a few minutes. you're looking at a truck that
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delivers meals on wheels. until to take a good look. that is a truck that delivers meals on wheels or at least it did until today when thieves carjacked it and led police on a wild chase and then they crashed. emily is at castro valley at the end of that chase and that's a good distance to go. >> it is 15 miles away from here and that's where authorities say a woman called 911 saying someone was trying to steal her car with her inside of that vehicle. when that failed, a meals on wheels truck became the next target. >> the truck is not just a truck. the truck helps feed a lot of people every day. >> damaged and tipped on its side. this is what's left of a meals on wheels truck at the center of
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a carjacking and police chase. >> our driver comes here every morning, early in the morning. >> every morning, coolers full of food were transported to that truck in this fremont parking truck and volunteers deliver meals. >> every day we feed 380 people. that is until this morning. when police say a 33-year-old transient woman showed up looking to cause trouble. >> one of the volunteers wrestled her to the ground until he saw somebody else coming. >> reporter: then a 45-year-old transient man came, too, demanding the truck. >> before they left, our volunteer said please don't take this vehicle. it's for seniors. we serve food. >> they're in our downtown area where one of our sergeants just happens to be nearby so he immediately picked up the vehicle. >> police chased the stolen truck for nearly 15 miles. >> officers used a pit man uf tore end the pursuit and that is what disabled it and eventually turned over on to its side.
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>> that truck costs about $45,000. >> and back here live, the suspects are facing charges of carjacking, resisting arrest and evading police. meals on wheels tell me they do have a back-up truck, but they do need to fix the damaged truck. if you'd like to help, go to nbc bay and go there and click on that link. reporting live along 580 tonight. i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the so-called frisco five are surviving on coconut water and broth. they also have serious health concerns here. these five protesters in san francisco have refused to eat until police chief greg sur is fired or steps down. two of the protesters were taken to the hospital yesterday, but the group says despite deteriorating health they're not backing down. >> and we are going to win this
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fight and get that crooked police chief, racist, piece of trash out. >> so far, mayor lee says he has no plans to fire the police chief. the mayor told the protesters during a phone call that he is working to reform the sfpd. jamba juice is moving its headquarters from emorivilly vi frisco. the first shop opened 26 years ago in san luis obispo and it is now a global chain. jamba juice says the lease is almost up and after revealing operating costs it decided on frisco, which is a suburb of dallas. well, for those who need reminding, mother's day is this sunday. let me say it again, mother's day is on sunday, a day that we celebrate all great things about being a mom. >> happy early mother's day. now a south bay woman is committed to helping them. garvin thomas is here with bay
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area proud. >> one in serve months experiences post-partem depression and anxiety. she knows, she says, because she was one of them. who better to help moms in need than one who has been there. >> reporter: if carol hart knew there was everything there was to know about pregnancy and birth before ever experiencing either, one can forgive her. you see, before coming to the u.s. from england a few years ago, cheryl edited a magazine called "pregnancy & birth." i knew everything about motherhood and pregnancy and parenting. >> so when carol gave birth to her own son in 2009 she knew what was coming or so she thought. >> i was blindsided by motherhood. completely blind sided. >> a babe they slept more than
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two hours at a stretch and a boy that wouldn't stop crying almost pushed her past it. even while smiling on the outside, depression and anxiety led cheryl's mind to dark places and she didn't feel like there was anywhere to turn. >> i said, well, this is what madness feels like. i couldn't tell anybody because there is a huge shame associated with it. >> still, thanks to a caring and supportive husband, cheryl says she did make it through and it has become her mission. >> this stuff is definitely sheltered. >> to help other struggling moms do the same. >> she has started her own non-profit, supporting mamas run out of her san jose home. for the past few months they've been collecting thousands of items of children's clothing and toys, diapers and wipes all meant for mothers struggling financially and likely emotionally. >> every woman needs support, i think. no matter what walk of life you're in, but particularly the
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underserved population of santa clara county really need our help and if we're in a position to help then why wouldn't we do it? >> supporting mamas also runs a drop-in support group and connects moms in need with the professionals who can help them. carol knows there are other groups that do similar good work and she worked to create her own because it's her own experience that's behind it and there are just some things that books and magazines can't teach you. >> i felt like i was driven to do this work. >> and she thinks the south bay in particular, silicon val set place to do it because the economic disparity between the rich and the not so well off is so tough and that makes, as you know, as you know beginning new motherhood tough. >> it's tough to begin with. >> she thinks these supplies can make it easier. >> that's nice. >> thank you, garvin. let's change things over to jeff ranniery and talk about
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those clouds. we haven't seen clouds in a couple of days. quite a few raindrops moving in throughout the area and some isolated thunderstorms and we do want to remind everyone, if you do hear any thunder or see lightning, the best advice is to head indoors and we are in a slight rick fsk for thunderstor and as we take a look at the satellite, we do have it to the north and the sierra and that's where it's been numerous and i'm tracking two different pockets that's developing close to the bay area. the first one is across hollister and you can see the areas of scattered rainfall to the south and this may make it up to san martin and gilroy within the next 30 minutes and another zone that's starting to pop up here as the storm system that moves off toward the east is right across the east bay and possibly wet weather by 6:01 tonight. as we take you outside the sky-cam network the thing that we were impacted by is the cloud cover today and san francisco at 62 and a mix of sun and clouds
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and 66 for the south bay. we'll keep the chance of spotty showers through tomorrow morning's forecast and it won't be super heavy rain and some hit and miss showers as we begin with 54 in san francisco and 53 in the south bay. we have the area of low pressure that's been sitting in the same spot for the past three days. it's finally starting to get some motion back behind it and it will move here off toward the east as we head throughout tomorrow. that will again, keep the chance of scattered showers for us. let's keep it on the forecast. it will not be all day long and you can see for tomorrow morning there is the scattered rainfall that we expect for the commute and possibly some activity for contra cost a alameda counties and right down the peninsula into san jose. by the afternoon it will be more hit and miss activity maybe for the north bay and also here for the east bay, as well. for saturday the chance will linger into the early morning hours and once we hit 9:00 in the morning we'll still have some clouds, but the chance of
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showers will generally be winding down. as we take you into the microclimate forecast for tomorrow to the mix of sun, clouds and spotty showers and we'll have 68 in san jose and cupertino, 66. back to palo alto, 68 and for all of san francisco, low 60s. for the north bay, east bay and the trivalley, very similar weather. you don't have to worry about drastic changes in the microclimate forecast. wherever you're headed tomorrow, 60s with partly sunny skies and a shower or two. as you mention, the storm system hangs out until sunday morning and after that, we get sunshine building into the forecast and it looks like the next, dry, sunny and warmer day comeses on sunday and we'll hit 75 in the south bay and 73 in the trivalley and the north bay at 70 and we'll have more coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> next here at 5:00, ready to rumble and the dire prediction for the san andre as fault.
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>> donald trump and that's coming from the east bay. >> they've been unregulated until now and a historic crack down on those e-cigarettes. we're back in a moment. owners of a vegan restaurant
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chain -- say they are getting death threats. on our website: the owners of "cafe gratitud happening now, owners of a vegan chain, they've come under fire ever since revealing they eat meat. the restaurant has a location in santa cruz. a sailor found alive after two months adrift in the pacific ocean says he survived by eating seagulls. the coast guard rescued the colombian man. more news after the break. new research says the san
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andreas fault is primed for a major earthquake to hit southern california. ready to rumble. new research says the san andre as fault is primed for a new earthquake to hit southern california. seven sections of san andre as has been quiet since it generated a 7.9 earthquake nearly 160 years ago. a quake of that magnitude would cause $300 billion in damage. kids and teenagers would no longer be permitted to buy e-cigarettes under long-awaited federal rules. the fda's new rules ban the sale of e-cigarettes, cigars, hookahs and pipe tobacco to anyone under 18, but the feds stopped short of banning those popular flavored e-cigarettes like
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cotton candy and bubble gum. critics say those flavors target kids. the ban on sales to minors takes effect in 90 days and governor brown signed into law the minimum smoking age in california is 21. we're back in a moment with the anti-trump message that greeted drivers in the east bay today. a new battle building at point
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reyes. ==anim== coming up tonight at 6:00, a new battle brewing at point rays. it takes environmentalists against cattle ranchers and it takes the fight to a u.s. district judge in san francisco. i'll have that story and more for you tonight at 6:00. >> the warriors aren't rushing him back. head coach says it's unlikely steve curry will play in game three. curry didn't practice with the team as he continues to recover from a sprained knee. the mvp hinted that he could return as soon as saturday, but it's not going to happen so maybe he'll return game four which is next week. the warriors lead the best of seven series, 2-0. an unexpected political commentary for east bay drivers. here is the electronic road sign that was apparently hacked this morning near walnut creek. someone programmed it to say, rigged election.
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#trump16. don't go looking for it now because the message has since been erased. >> nightly news is next. ee you at 6:00. loping news tonight. bombshell announcement from the speaker of the house, paul ryan, not ready to support his own party's presumptive nominee, donald trump. as trump sparks a new uproar with a tweet about tacos. the monster inferno exploding now bigger than new york city. tonight we go behind the fire lines. an astonishing scope of devastation. e-cig crackdown. major new rules and warnings as use skyrockets among young people. the feds move in. grim sleeper guilty. judgment day for an infamous serial killer after a decades-long mystery. how a bite of pizza helped catch him. and the hacker who first exposed hillary clinton's private e-mail accounts while secretary of state. his first american tv interview. what he's claiming he


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