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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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costa county. meteorologist. we'll begin with jodi. a lot of the area out there. >> that's right, jessica, especially for the folks living here, these are just a few of the wooden pieces of the porch that the lightning tore apart. the family says they have never seen or heard anything like it. >> it vibe rated everything. it was so hard and it hit so father, and it went everywhere. >> reporter: donna describes the force she and her family felt when lightning struck the front door. >> it was the main source where the lightning hit. >> reporter: the family believes the lightning bolt traveled through the flagpole. >> it followed the flagpole and went into the wood, it blew everything all over the place. >> reporter: splintering the wood post it was attached to and sending pieces flying. >> and it knocked this right out of there. split that post inside the house. >> reporter: force knocked pictures off of the walls and
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caused a ceiling fan to come crashing down. >> looking at everything and realizing how serious this really was and could have been worse, it could have been worse. it could have blown my whole house up and my family was in it. >> i immediately got on the ground. >> she and her 7-year-old grandson was in the front room with an uncle. >> it was like dropping grenades in front of you and letting them explode. >> the thunder and lightning caused a scare at o'hara middle school up the street sending children running for cover but nobody was hurt. the strike came way too close. she was outside covering a load of hay with a tarp when the jolt knocked her right off her feet. >> i go, oh, god, thank you for not letting me die. >> reporter: and we're back here live again. you're looking at some of the damage that that lightning caused. the house remains without power tonight and we're told it could take several weeks for the power
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to be restored, a city inspector will have to come out here and make sure everything is safe. the home owner just after we talked to her, went to the hospital. she is being kept there overnight. doctors are monitoring her heart. reporting live in oakley, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we certainly wish for her speedy recovery. wild weather is seen further north. hail and strong wind hit yuba city this afternoon. it is really coming down. meteorologist jeff rannaira is tracking -- jeff ranieri is tracking the weather. >> lightning is one of the leading killers. the best advice, if you happen to hear the thunder or see any lightning strikes, you need to head indoors. sometimes, like that family, you can't escape it but luckily it looks like, again, they'll be okay. most of the lightning strikes happening from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. toward portions the
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north bay. we're tracking a few areas of scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll get to that in a minute. in terms of rain fall totals it is hit or miss. redwood city, nothing. san francisco, nothing at all and toward the santa cruz mountains, we had a tenth of an inch. it is an area of low pressure spiraling into instability and as we look through tonight, the largest area of concern right now will be this area in east san jose and milipedas. and what could be moving into san jose in the next few hours. we'll have more details coming up. >> thank you, jeff. track the weather with the free nbc bay area app. all new at 6, a house fire in alameda county in san leandro. look at all of the smoke on liberty street west of 580. the flames reach the attic and the garage. crews worked quickly, able to douse the flames within the last
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30 minutes. no injuries were reported. brothers accused of killing their parents return to a courtroom in san jose, today. we're learning this high profile case might be fast tracked. jamie trujillo is live for us. >> reporter: they're surprised that this case is already set for a scheduled preliminary hearing on monday. the big question right now remains motive. why? why would these two brothers allegedly kill their parents? the older brother wore the yellow jump suit again, a symbol of the mental ward, the younger brother was again hidden from cameras, held in the courtroom hall way. the brothers are accused of killing their parents almost two weeks ago at the family's home in the evergreen neighborhood. police say after leaving bizarre messages on the home's walls, the brothers left to an anime convention and appeared as if
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nothing had happened. today, a lawyer for the younger brother and prosecutor said they are ready for the preliminary hearing to start on monday. we'll be will there on monday ready to go. whenever the court gets us a courtroom, we'll proceed. >> the move is unusual by legal experts. >> the fact that this is still on track for a preliminary hearing in what is a special circumstances murder after only ten days is highly unusual. >> reporter: the lawyer for the older brother says he may not be ready and may ask for a delay on monday. the brothers are being tried together. in court, the prosecutor turned in an trenk file full of evidence. legal analyst steven clark insists defense lawyers need more time to analyze it. >> they've been given a tremendous amount of evidence about the case but they also need to develop the mental health issues associated with this case. >> reporter: clark says motive, the reason for the killings, will be key in the case. and all parties, again, will be back here on monday. we will be here with them to see
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if this case is in fact delayed or if they proceed with the preliminary hearing. >> thank you. a south bay family is suing the gilroy district claiming it failed to report alleged abuse by a teacher. a teacher received sexual harassment text messages from a teacher. >> whether or not his behavior rises to the level of criminal behavior is not our issue. our issue is they needed to comply with all laws in the state regarding what a school district's legal duty is to the children. >> they protected an individual who immediately engaged in gross sexual misconduct and because they failed to take meaningful action, many more children were harmed. >> last week san jose police arrested him with accusations of
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catfishing. he posed online with women and formed relationships with young men. he convinced hundreds of minors to send him lewd pictures. it did not happen the school. as for complaints by the benn family there, was no criminal activity that allowed him to be dismissed. he wanted to ruin the morning commute and he did for thousands of people in the silicon valley. after nearly 12 hour stand off, that man on top of the light rail train, finally came down this afternoon and there are big questions tonight. nbc bay area laura malpert is live. this was bizarre. >> it was very bizarre. this started after one this morning when a vta operator saw a man walking along the tracks and called the central station to tell them to cut the power as the man climbed on top of the train and refused to leave.
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this was the moment commuters waited 12 hours to see. santa clara county deputies and a cherry bicker helping a despondant, shirtless man off of a train identified as kyle lewis from prunedale. >> it is a huge relief it was resolved. nobody was hurt and kyle was not injured. >> he wrapped himself in a yellow blanket as the crisis intervention team tried to talk him down, at times showing images on a cell phone. he talked about wanting to ruin everyone's morning commute and he did. the main corridor from north 7th street and beyond shut down creating problems for half of vta's customers. the agency tried to fill the void with bus bridges and squeeze through several one car trains for limited service. >> i think it is a disaster, we're trying to get through and get home. we have errands to run, and just
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taking so much time. >> at the 11th hour, judge stephen manly was pulled from the courthouse to help out. manly oversees the court mental health efforts. when that didn't work, a deputy who knew lewis was brought in to ultimately talk him down. a spokesperson says the incident might trigger some changes. >> we're going to go through a thorough investigation to see what could have been done differently and to reevaluate our policies in the situation. >> reporter: back out here live, deputies say lewis is on probation for a nonviolent offense. for today's incident, he faces a misdemeanor charge of disrupting a vta line. he could face up to a year in jail and face up to a $10,000 fine. reporting live from san jose. laura malpert, nbc bay area news. a dog attack in the east bay sent a toddler to the hospital. it happened in brent wood at a home on turnberry court.
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contra costa humane society says the dog attacked the toddler. they took the dog to the shelter. the baby is expected to be okay. apple has a new business parter. for the venture, apple reached out to germany. apple and sap announcing a deal today to work together to make software applications for iphones and ipads. they will focus on helping companies design software and a way for apple to revive and boost sales that have been slumping. an economic loss to the bay area. jamba juice is moving from emoryville to frisco. frisco texas. they're undergoing a management shuffle. they have deep roots in california and the first shop opened 26 years ago. jamba juice says the emoryville lease is up so after reviewing cost of living, they decided
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frisco was it. up next here at 6:00, ready to shake. a new warning about scientists about a section of the san andreas fault. >> i'm michelle roberts in san francisco where people say they're not eating until there is a new police chief. what their doctors have to say about this. >> and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. cloudy skies across san jose right now and we're tracking storms in the south bay. i'll have more on this in my forecast. ♪ ♪
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day 15 of a hunger strike. the so called fresco five protesters are sticking to the pledge, refusing to eat until the police chief is fired. michelle roberts is live in san francisco with what the mayer did today -- mayor did today when it comes to the particular hunger strikers. >> he made a phone call to the protest yers today. he is working on reforms here at the police department but the protesters say that is not enough. >> what is this, day 15? >> reporter: these five people have been surviving on nothing but coconut water, brother and electrolytes for the last five days. >> they're all calling for one thing, for the chief to either
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resign or be fired after recent deadly police shootings of black or brown suspects. >> we'll get that crooked police chief, racist piece of trash out. >> mayor lee called the strikers and according to his staff, reminded him shae working to reform the police department. the group says that is not enough. on tuesday, the frisco five along with nearly 1,000 supporters marched to city hall, demanding a meeting with the mayor who was out of the office. the chief cancelled a public appearance due to safety concerns linked to the protest. yesterday, two of the strikers were taken to the hospital due to complications and doctors say they continue to monitor their deteriorate health they have quite serious risks. the chief is not commenting but
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said he is not stepping down. they are vowing to continue this effort. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts. nbc news. >> the question is how long could the hunger strike last? according to web md, the average person can actually go 60 days without food, but the number can vary based on other health issues. not one person can survive once they have lost 40% of the body mass. the list of alleged victims is growing. two more young girls have stepped forward claiming a dental assistant in concord assaulted them. there are now five alleged victims in all. al han alejandro saro was indicted on molestation and child porn. they happened at la clinica monument and patino orthodontics. the man involved in a wild chase in a police shooting has
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been linked to two other east bay shootings. that is what investigators reveal this afternoon. the shooting spree started with a suspect shooting into a mcdonald's in antioch and then fired into the front of a house in pittsburgh. the man's girlfriend has family at the house. he led police on a chase in a stolen car when he shot an officer in the face before surrenders. the name has not been released. the officer is out of the hospital and recovering. a big bust for fspd. officers raided a home and found more than 80 stolen items. they also arrested these three men. it all comes after officers received a tip about a stolen camera posted for sale online. investigators then tracked the seller to an address in oakland. during a search of that home, they found the stolen camera as well as an array of other suspected stolen goods, some shown here. a drone, specialized mountain
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bike and power tools. police are trying to return the items to the original owners. there is a countdown in the peninsula. redwood city's nine lives foundation lost the life for the shelter. dozens of cats and kittens have found new homes but 140 animals need to be adopted by may 31st. that means five cats a day need to find new families. they call the closure temporary. they hope to open soon at another address. shows the san andreas fault is due for a big earthquake. a leading earthquake scientist says the fault is locked, loaded and ready to roll. the last big quake along the southern section of the san andreas was in 1857. it was a magnitude 7.9. we all around here know about the san andreas fault that
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caused the san francisco quake of 1906. most pressing thing for us right now is the thunderstorms and lightning. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff republican year -- jeff ranieri. san francisco has seen absolutely nothing so far today and that is the nature of the storm system we're tracking just off shore. we'll take you to the three zones that are giving me a little pause for concern. the first one is the stronger storms right now across the higher elevations heading towards san jose, morgan hill, gilroy and look, a lot of this is going to break up. we'll have lingering activity, make it over the higher elevations within the next one to two hours. keep your eye out for spotty thunderstorm activity in the south bay. the other area we're spotting is for the altamonte pass. it is windy here, very busy, third corridor rather to get to
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sacramento, also towards los angeles, so watch out for the wind and also spotty showers. up into the north bay it has been hit and miss throughout napa, and that is what we're finding with scattered showers. in the forecast, we keep a chance for a spotty shower or two. for the afternoon, again, a slight chance of showers throughout the day. south bay, 8 for a high. trivalley, 67, san francisco, 62. by this weekend, we're expecting more changes for this area of high pressure off shore. we'll talk more about how much this warms the temperatures up in 25 minutes. >> okay. jeff. thank you. i know there is another company that wants to come in. >> the mayor of occupy teeno taking on appear -- cupertino taking on appearle. his testy relationship with apple and explaining why some of the recent comments were misunderstood. bigger than new c
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happening now, raging wildfire in the canadian providence of alberta. it is now bigger than new york city. updating on twitter, see the images of the fire that is over 210,000 acres. details coming up later in the newscast. a farmer mowed the prince symbol into a north dakota field. more news after the break. hometown.
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the mayor of cupertino is raising some eyebrows after there is new tension in apple's hometown. the mayor of cupertino is raising eyebrows after he was quoted saying apple abuses us by not paying taxes. tonight, apple is responding and the mayor is sitting down with us to clear the air. >> i did not say apple abuse us. >> cupertino's mayor admits his relationship with apple has never been sweet. >> it is interesting, we need each other, but what i'm asking for, they're not willing to give. >> the guardian, releasing a story this morning, quoting mayor chang as saying apple abuses us but chang says he was referring not to apple but to a resident's behavior at a city council meeting. >> you do wrong, wrong, wrong here and he wraps it up and throws it on the floor. >> the story also said the last time chang walked into apple three years ago, he was surrounded by security guards
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and escorted off of the property. he says that is not quite what happened. >> she said do you have an appointment? i said no. she said you have to leave. >> there are parts of the story where there is no confusion. the mayor is asking apple to pay $1,000 per employee to help pay for the city's infrastructure and traffic issues. >> google, all of the big companies in town, please do your share. >> apple declines to respond but says it is occupy year tecupert taxpayer. they're creating programs to get cars off of the road. mayor chang has his sights in bigger office. he is standing firm in cupertino and isn't afraid of the most valuable company in the world taking its business somewhere else. >> i'm not afraid of it. if they move, i know another company will want to come in. >> we also talked to community
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groups working to recall mayor chang. they don't blame apple for the traffic, they blame poor planning on the city's part. apple says service is restored after problems with the app store. users were experiencing problems from 2:30 until 8:30 a.m. some suggested the problem was the search function. a warning for parents, a company munchkin is recalling pacifiers and clips because of i choken hazard. it includes the latch, light weight pacifier and clips sold as a set. it can deattach causing a choking hazard to the baby. there have been ten reports of those. no injuries have been reported. take them away from your children and contact munchkin for a free replacement or a
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refund. it is time to go from tapping the anger. >> not willing to back donald trump at least not yet. the heavy hitters in the republican party having a tough time committing to the presumptive presidential nominee. >> worried about wheels, an abrupt to a carjacking could have long-term consequences for a local charity. please don't take this vehicle,
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its for seniors. we serve food. runs=:06 ===jess/cont vo=== but the thief wouldn't st our volunteer said please don't take this vehicle. it is for seniors, we serve food. >> a charity that provides help to hundreds of seniors needs help on its own because of a carjacking and a crash that started this morning at a meals
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on wheels distribution center in fremont. now the delivery van needs ten's of thousands of dollars of work after they led police on a chase and then crashed it. >> police say it all started around 10:00 this morning here when a woman called 911 saying a suspect tried to steal her vehicle with her inside. when ha failed, they stole a meals on wheels truck. it all ended about 30 minutes later, 14 miles away. >> the truck is not just a truck. that truck helps feed a lot of people every day. >> badly damaged appeared tipped on the side. this is what is left of a meals on wheels truck at the center of a carb carjacking and police chase. coolers full of food were transported to the fremont parking lot and volunteers deliver hot meals throughout the valley. >> every day we feed 380 people.
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>> that is, until this morning, when police say a 33-year-old transient woman showed up looking to cause trouble. >> one of the volunteers wrestled her to the ground until he saw somebody else coming. >> then, a 45-year-old transient man came, too. demanding the truck. >> before they left, the volunteer said please, don't take this vehicle, it is for seniors, we serve food. >> they're in the downtown area where one of the sergeants just happened to be nearby, so he immediately picks up the vehicle. >> police chase the stolen truck for nearly 15 miles to redwood road at the 580 eastbound on ramp. >> officers eventually used a pittm pit maneuver to end the pursuit and that is what disabled it. >> that truck cost $45,000. >> the suspects are now in custody tonight charged with carjacking, evading police, and resisting arrest. if you would like to help meals on wheels to raise money for a
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new truck, you're asked to contact them. reporting in fremont tonight. i'm elyce kirchner. bay area news. we're getting answers about a police shooting. the death of an armed suspect was lawfully justified. that is the conclusion in the investigation of scott dunn ham who shot and -- scott dunham who shot and killed a police officer last year. they released a 47 page report today. the toxicology report shows he was not only drunk but heavily medicati medicated at the time of the shooting. they found two more guns and hundreds more bullets at his home. a child is recovering from serious burns during a house fire in valleo near i-80. a firefighter told us everyone
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escaped by the time the fire crews arrived. a child suffered first and second degree burns and is currently hospitalized. he may not have any rivals for the republican nomination but he has plenty of critics. here is nbc's brian moore. >> reporter: now, unchallenged for the gop presidential nomination, donald trump has to find a way to win back republicans who are jumping ship. house speaker paul ryan, who will gav yell in the -- gavel in the convention says he may not be able to support trump. >> at this point, i'm not there right now. it is time to go from tapping into anger to channelling that anger into solutions. >> reporter: and as the establishment snubs pile up, trump is looking for a vice presidential pick to win back trust, perhaps one of the 16 candidates he defeated in the primary. >> i've gotten to be friends with a lot of those people and i guess perhaps enemies with a
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couple, but i've gotten to be friends with quite a few. >> reporter: mitt romney and both president bush say they're skipping the convention in july. if trump can't connect with latinos, women and african-americans, down ballot candidates like john mccain are bracing for a rough ride. >> there is enormous challenges because of the turbulence we see in the arena. >> hillary clinton add brings out trump haters. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. >> even as she reaches out, she is trying to win over disaffected republicans and independents this fall. she faces one big hurdle. bernie sanders. >> the only way change takes place. people come together, stand up, and fight back. >> exactly what sanders says he will do until the last vote is counted. brian moore, nbc news, washington. here in the bay area, unexpected political commentary
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for east bay drivers today. take a look. here is the electronic road sign that has apparently been hacked this morning. someone programmed it to say rigged election #trump16. don't go looking for it now. the message has since been erased. nbc news confirmed the fbi did recently interview some of hillary clinton's closest aides about her private e-mail server. among them humana -- they have found out that clinton violated any laws by setting up the server system. an east bay congressman revealed he has been fighting cancer but it is not slowing him down. congressman mark desaulnier was diagnosed last summer with a common form of leukemia.
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shae sharing his diagnosis publicly with the hope that it will help others. kids and teens no longer permitted to buy e-cigarettes under long awaited federal rules. they ban the sale of e-cigarettes, cigars to anyone under the age of 18. they stopped short of banning the flavored e-cigarettes like cotton candy and bubble gum meant to target kids. >> the most important omission is the failure to address the marketing of e-cigarettes that caused so many young people to start using them. >> the ban on sales to minors takes effect in 90 days. e-cigarettes and cigars will also carry a nicotine warning label. students at saint mary's colleg walked out of class today demanding better resources for the ethic studies department. better sensitivity training and more financial aid. many cited recent incidents on campus in which someone wrote trump on the sidewalk with hot
6:37 pm
sauce and threw eggs at the intercultural center. >> this is stemming from a lot of the vandalism and the hate crimes that have been happening on our campus. we've had trump being sprayed and of course, he stands for a lot of the opposite of what we believe in and who we are. i want more. i think that we can do better. >> reporter: administrators say this is the first time they've heard of their demands from the students but they will sit down with the students to see what changes are possible. the numbers do not look good. california ranked fifth in the bottom in a review from test scores in fourth through eighth grade. the reading and math landed at number 45. new mexico ranked last. of the states that did the best, new hampshire in second place and the state with the highest score was massachusetts. a cattle battle along our beautiful coast. the reason environmental groups are suing the national park
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service. also, a chase ends near an iconic part of san francisco. the mistake that led police to an easy capture. a wrong turn during a c-h-p
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chase landed the driver of this infiniti in some big trouble. he crashed into some poles at a wrong turn during a chp case landed the driver of this infinity into trouble. he crashed into poles. four people were arrested. one managed to get away. it started after police tried to pull over the car in union square earlier. a woman suspected of trying to set an rv on fire is in police custody tonight. officers in palo alto arrested this woman, ursula davala
6:41 pm
yesterday afternoon. a witness saw her light a piece of paper and place it in the wheel well of a motor home. the witness put out the fire and immediately called 911. they're investigating if she lit a car on fire earlier the same day. tesla is setting a new production goal. 500,000 cars a year by 2018. tesla ceo elon musk says there is a strong demand. they're confident that he could reach his production goals. tesla is hosting a large job fair this saturday in fremont expecting to hire 300 new employees. a cinco de mayo celebration blending the past and the present. hundreds of school kids were at saint mary's cathedral. the mexican army's victory over the french took place 154 years ago and the reason cinco de mayo
6:42 pm
is celebrated. it was followed by a big fiesta. >> happy cinco de mayo to everyone. let's bring our chief meteorologist. we had fireworks across the sky. >> it has been a mixed bag. sunshine in the outer sunset. but check out the scanning doppler radar, there are storms headed towards morgan hill. we're tracking this and changes this weekend in a few minutes. when they're attacking rainies, they're ail -- ranches, they're alienating. >> the reason they're suing the national park service.
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. financial guidance while you're mastering life. another bitter legal battle. two years ago it was an oyste the point reyes national seashore at the center of another legal battle. two years ago it was an oyster
6:45 pm
farm. now it is cattle and the cattle ranches family that call point reyes home. phil neimon might be the most famous rancher in the area. it was founded on land that is now part of the point reyes national seashore. >> we're actually, if you could fly, we're eight miles from san francisco. >> many ranching families go back generations. they're at the center of the heated dispute with environmentalists speaking out. >> no impacts of ranching have been conducted in the national seashore. three environmental groups are suing the national park service. they want a full accounting of the impact of cattle ranching and they say a management plan is long overdue to guide the preservation of the park. >> when you haven't come to understand the impacts at all, if those haven't been assessed it is very difficult to try to
6:46 pm
create a positive dialogue outside of a courtroom when you can't get that information. >> reporter: they're concerned about the health of elks. the park service reintroduced the native species and they graze along side cattle despite calls for elk fences. >> it is a difficult problem. >> reporter: a u.s. district court in san francisco will likely take into consideration the location of point reyes, which is unusual among the national parks. >> it is really close to a major urban center and so the visitation patterns are probably very different than they would be for yosemite or the grand canyon. >> reporter: also is the seashore's unique history. >> did you see any cool animals? >> the people on the ranches are very passion yate about the environment.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: her wife is a former environmental attorney and a vegetarian and also a defender of beef. >> they're alienating an ally is there there is no doubt there is strong feelings about the local and national treasure. >> now, we did reach out to the national park service but told, we were told it does not comment on pending litigation. 210,000 acres and growing. a raging wildfire in the canadian providence of alberta is forcing thousands of people to evacuate. more than 1,100 firefighters and a squadron of helicopters and air tankers are fighting the flames near the city of fot. mcmurray. city is about the size of redwood city. the entire city has been evacuated. a few neighborhoods already in ruins and worsening fire conditions pushed walls of flames towards thousands of more homes. a state of emergency remains in effect. crazy to see those images there. >> the pictures are hard to see
6:48 pm
and hear the horrible stories. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. will we continue to see the same weather pattern. >> we'll see the chance for thunderstorms. any lightning strikes could bring us possibility an isolated wildfire. it is getting very dry out there even despite the rain fall we've had so far this season. as we look at the doppler radar and satellite combined, you can see the rain fall we've been tracking over the past hour and a half is making it into morgan hill. likely areas of rain fall towards gilroy for the next 45 minutes. as this continues to move in tonight, we may have another hour of rain fall for you. if you hear the thunder or you see the lightning, head inside. as we look across the north bay, we also have spotty showers across petaluma and santa rosa and fair field. that is the nature of what we'll continue to see throughout friday's forecast. you can see on the sky camera network.
6:49 pm
granted, 90% of us are seeing the cloud cover and sun breaks. it is not wet across the entireby. san francisco, 61, east bay, 63, and the south bay at 64. tomorrow morning's forecast does offer the chance for spotty showers to stay with us and temperatures starting off in the low to mid-50s. here is the deal, we had this area of low pressure, not one, not two, not three. four days in a row sitting off shore. it is starting to get motion in it pushing it off towards the east so we're seeing the instability moving across the bay area. for tomorrow's forecast, we think it still will have enough up lift to bring us the chance here of scattered showers. let's look at the futurecast. this is not widespread coverage. at 8:00 we'll get activity up to the north bay including nappa. santa rosea. point reyes. on towards the peninsula and scattered activity for the bay as well. by the afternoon hours it is hit and miss and once we hit saturday's forecast. a spotty shower for the early morning but then by 9:00 in the
6:50 pm
morning, we will start to see things clear out. let's take you to the forecast as we head throughout your friday and you can see it is a mix of showers, sun, and clouds. temperatures won't vary a lot across the microclimates. it puts san jose at 68 degrees. cooler at cupertino at 66. we had slightly colder air with it and it is leveling out our conditions. palo ao 68, san mateo, 64, 61 in the marino. north bay, east bay and the trivalley 65 in napa back to santa rosa at 67. the east bay from 67 as well in fremont to 66 in oakland at the trivalley comes in with mid to upper 60s. for the weekend forecast we hold onto the chance of scattered rain for saturday morning and under go changes by sunday. an area of high pressure builds
6:51 pm
in. it will bring the sunshine back. that brings us to 75 in the south bay. 71 in the peninsula. san francisco a cool 65 and 73 in the trivalley. as you've probably seen on the scrolling 7 day forecast, we have 80s coming our way next week. we'll worry about that when we get to it. right now, raj, and jes, the umbrella for one more day. >> keeping us on our toes. >> will he or won't he? how close is steph curry to returning to action for game three against portland? that is next. sharks playoffs tonight...
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this is the scene in nashville... they're smashing a sharks themed car oh, my, sharks playoff tonight. this is a scene in nashville.
6:54 pm
they're smashing a sharks themed car. that is not very nice. >> it doesn't seem very nice. >> these are the predators fans before the game. >> that is a predator fan. you pay a fee to smash the car with the shark's logo on it. i think that was my car in college. as for the game inside the arena. a lot less violent, that is brent burns for the sharks with the night's goal but right now, nashville leads this game 2-1 heading into the second period. if nashville wins the game, the series would be tied 2-2. game five would be saturday night in san jose. >> we will not be smashing any cars, by the way. as for the warriors championship run. we have a decision regarding steph curry. >> this saturday will be two weeks since he injured his knee. curry wants to play but his coach and doctors, that is another story. here is colin resch. >> after a rough day on wednesday, the warriors went long in practice today. when we entered pratt facility, this was t sight.
6:55 pm
steph curry geared up but did he participate? >> he did not practice with the team. he wrapping up things in the weight room and he did get on the floor, on the side, while we were practicing so he was on one court going through some movement and stuff, but still hasn't practiced with the team yet. >> reporter: and that is the key to a curry return to action, practice time. preferably two days in a row with five on five mixed in. kerr, when asked if he would play saturday. >> what day is this? thursday? yeah, probably not. >> at the same time -- >> i don't want him to rush back, last thing you want is make the situation worse. i would rather him be 100 %.
6:56 pm
[ inaudible ] take his time. >> fortunately for the warriors, they're in a good spot, up two games to none, there is no need to rush curry back. that said, because the rehab is on track, coach kerr keeping the door open for game four. >> if that progress concerns it is conceivable he will practice with us on sunday and get some timing and rhythm and see how he responds. >> in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> he has to rest. he just can't get into the game like that. >> they're leaving portland torso he will bring his business suit and jersey in case he plays game four. >> he is looking like coach with his suit on. >> any more rain coming tonight? >> we're tracking this area of scattered showers, an isolated thunderstorm or two. we'll track it at and on my twitter page. >> thanks for joining us at
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james corden's car pool karaoke with gwen, george, and julia. now on "extra" from new york city. rocking and rolling with gwen. picking up a few celebrity surprises. james corden's new triple a-list car pool karaoke. >> it's been an incredible year. >> could letterman's old job be in the cards for corden? breaking news on a late night shake up behind the scenes. on the new talking trump. >> the


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