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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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:05 i have no where to look, i have nowhere to search, i'm just confused runs=05 =jess/vo continues= right now at 11: i have nowhere to look. i have nowhere to search. i'm just confused. >> right now at 11:00, where is he? the search. agony continues after a father of two vanishes without a trace. >> his family is desperate for answers. the sheriffs department is asking for help. any clues to find 27-year-old
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keith green seen here. dozens of family and friends have been at a park in millbrae. any signs of foul play? >> reporter: they don't think so. he was last seen leaving his apartment and heading to this restaurant. they have no idea where he is. they just want to find him. >> they lit candles at this park in hopes of getting information out about keith green who hasn't been seen in a week. >> i'm as confused as everyone else. >> green was last seen at his home last thursday. he walked across the street to the restaurant and left behind all of his personal belongings including his wallet and car. this case is suspicious. >> the way his cell phone was found. >> it was discovered by a hiker
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in golden gate park. investigators are getting tips. >> they have spoken to a lot of people and they don't have information or any signs or information that leads to him. >> there is a strong possibility he was wearing a pair of nike-shoes. they were so floresent, i figured they would glow in the dark. >> his mother said he loves his classes and new job and two children. >> he has two beautiful daughters and would never walk away from them. >> there is a go fund me page in his name with $10,000 in it and growing if you have information, contact the san mateo county sheriffs office. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we also have new video that san
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francisco police department wants you to see. a man is accused of attacking a woman around 10:00 this morning at webster and buchanan. this is in the fillmore neighborhood. there is the suspect. the victim said that man followed her for a few blocks before the attack. she did escape without injuries. the suspect was last seen running on grove street fors city hall. >> heavy rain, hail, lightning and we are not done yet. the weird weather that hit northern california today is now taking aim at the morning commute. jeff ranieri is watching the radar and what can we expect? right now the doppler satellite have a few spotty showers across morgan hill and gilroy. they move across tomorrow. you can see the wet weather.
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right through the weekend forecast. i will have more in about 15 minutes. >> next with the app as well, you need to click on the weather tab for the live radar. >> a broken gas main causing problems in portola valley. a stretch of road will be closed until about noon tomorrow. both lanes between whiskey hill and portola are closed at this hour. pg&e said it will take time to fix the gas main that broke about 11 feet underground. they add there is no danger to the community and service is not being disrupted. a technical glitch in oakland will cause serious problems. the communications system is working again. the dispatch system cratshed an the officials jumped on the back up system for 30 to 40 minutes. you might recall in 2012, oakland had a communications
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melt down while president obama was in town. police radio went out because an antenna was not working. >> both sides are not giving in. doctors are telling hunger strikers they could face health risk fist they continue. it doesn't appear that the demand for a new police chief will be met any time soon. live in san francisco to tell us about both is thes. >> reporter: jessica, concern is growing about how this will end. protesters have no plans to leave or eat solid food until the police chief is gone. members of the police commission point out a new chief would delay reforms. >> the frisco five said they are feeling weak, but don't plan to go home until the police chief is fired or steps down. >> the mayor spoke to them by
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phone, a conversation that ended when he told them he will not fire the chief. >> we are going take a recess and we want to do the work. >> they delivered the same message last night. delaying discussion on use of force reforms for three hours. marshall said removing the chief would derail months of work. >> it takes three to six months to get a new chief. all the time is diverted from that to finding a new chief. then you have to find on board with the changes you want to see happen. >> they don't see reform as victory. >> we are not worried about the reforms. we are not worried about that right now. >> as doctors advise them there health risks to living on coconut water, chicken and
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vitamins for more than two weeks. we know a lot of what's going on is violating city laws. the tents and block the sidewalk and the signs posted on polls are all violations of code. so far it's hands off for the police department. live in san francisco, jean elle. >> city attorney dennis herrera is expected to announce a lawsuit. it is likely to be of general interest. that begins at 10:30. also attorneys for former 49ers star are expected to share more evidence which they say proves his innocence. she accused of assaulting a developmentally disabled woman last year. >> paul ryan said he is not ready to endorse donald trump. in response, he said he is not
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ready to support the spokers's agenda. he believes both sides will work out the differences. front-runner hillary clinton will be back in the bay area for two fund-raisers in san francisco at the law firm of morgan and lewis. in the financial district from 5:30 to 7:00. she is campaigning in los angeles tonight. the great quake of 1906 and 1989 both along the san andreas fault. now it is primed for another major earthquake in southern california. it is ringing the bell here for a system. pete, this has a lot to do with taxpayer money and how we want to spend it. >> it does. jerry hill said it's a matter of time before that big one hits. he wants folks to be as prepared
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as possible. >> we heard today that the san andreas fault is 100 years overdue for a big earthquake. >> he proposed a bill to use $23 million from the state's general fund to pay for a statewide earthquake. early warning system. >> in the ground they will detect any shaking that begins and transmit that through california and give a person who has a smart phone or siren on tv a warning. >> they receive alerts from the system, but not the general public. they are from the napa earthquake in 2014. if the bill passes, the money will be used to add more sensors around the state to track the earthquakes. a seismologist with usgs the moment an earthquake hits, they would send out alerts fast.
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>> we could send you a warning. that is how fast radio waves and broadcast travels. >> nbc bay area news. >> the speed is what is so dangerous. >> hikers versus bikers. who should have access to a trail on a popular bay area mountain. we look at what happens when there is bad behavior. they don't feel safe. >> i hear this loud crash. so loud. it threw me. i went flying off the trailer. >> for rocked their world. a surprise jolt that sounded alarms in a nearby school. >> good evening. we are tracking another chance of rain tomorrow. we will have the hour by hour forecast. which day of the weekend will be the best. that's in a few minutes. is known for beautiful views.
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but it's also home to an ugly battle between hikers and mountain bikers.
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=raj/2-shot= the bikers want more access to the trails, but hikers say that would endanger their safety. senior inv reporter vicki ngyuen iw/ >> the bikers want more access to the trails, but the hikers say that would endanger their safety. the senior investigative reporter said two passionate groups, who gets the right of way? >> the trails can get crowded. bikers say they are looking for a place they can avoid cars and hikers want a place to enjoy nature without worrying about bikes. when there is bad behavior, neither side can expect much enforcement. >> woodpeckers find refuge. they welcome an estimated 800,000 visitors a year. a growing number comes for that. on a recent sunday, we found mountain bikers sharing the
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trail with joggers. on some, mountain bikers report they are going as fast as 21 miles an hour using strava to track speed. it was 15 miles an hour. records show over two years, park rangers issued 26 bike citations. none for speeding. >> there the renegades that you cause problems. >> they oversee them and they enforce laws and citations. . >> we need more, but we don't have the resources at this time. i can see where there are where that violation is and partly because we do a lot of education too. >> they want access to the half
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mile stretch. >> we are just asking for safety and connectivity. >> his group petitioned the state parks for the use. >> this is not a park. >> jordan herman is a hiking activist on an uphill climb trying to keep mountain bikes off the trail. he led hundreds of group hikes and worries about the damage from bikes. >> when you cut down the trees, the mountain bike trail can totally disrupt the water flow. these are many threatened endangered plants and wild flowers. >> the speed is so dangerous.
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>> linda asked us not to use her last name, but a mountain biker ran her down on the fire road and took off. >> a bicyclist came speeding down a hill around a curve and hit me and knocked me down. i got all bruised and scraped all over one side of my body. >> she doesn't want bikers on the grade saying there is little accountability for those breaking the law. >> we went to the ranger and reported it. nothing can be done. we didn't know who he was. >> mountain bikers feel they are at risk. chp shows officers were called out on roads surrounding the area from january 2014 to april of 2016. >> >> a lot of people don't choose mountain biking because they are
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not comfortable on the road. >> with hikers and bikers most comfortable out on the trails, the road to compromise is still full of bumps. the change of use proposal is in the design and planning phase. the state parks department welcomes public comment. back to you. >> if you have a tip in the unit, give us a call. you can send us directly to the unit. >> a crime of opportunity shows a man and woman getting into unlocked cars and police say in total three unlocked cars were targeted. they got away from money and paperwork from two of the cars and they have not been caught. >> we had wild weather in case you didn't notice causing a jolt in the east bay. a family believes lightning traveled through their flag and hit their front door. she said the force knocked
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pictures off the wall and caused a ceiling fan to come crashing down. you see him there in the living room when the lightning struck. >> i got on the ground and tucked in. >> realizing how serious this really was and could have been worse. >> it's scary. up the a living room system, students and staff were told to take cover. . >> we will not see much in terms of severe weather possibilities for friday's forecast and can't rule out a lightning strike. we also had that rainfall coming on back. let's get a look at the forecast and you can see the doppler radar. it shows a little bit of a break right now. the upper level system that we are tracking is losing and you
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can see scattered showers across morgan hill and gilroy. for tomorrow morning, here is the possibility of rainfall in the forecast. 50 in the north bay. san francisco 54 and peninsula 53 and south bay at 55. as we have been mentioning, this storm system is so resilient. it has been sitting and spring out here offshore. tomorrow some of the energy associated with this will get going and help to move off towards the east and will fire off another round of potentially wet weather. 8:00 in the morning, it is mainly here through napa and walnut creek. through the late morning hours about 3:00 p.m., more wet weather through santa rosa down across the peninsula from san francisco to half moon bay and a few pockets of moderate to heavy
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rainfall. certainly tomorrow more chances of scattered rainfall in the forecast. for saturday, we will see the chance of wet weather early on in the morning and once we hit the afternoon on saturday, we will begin to see the rainfall dry out. we will hang on to the cloud cover for saturday. the way it looks at this point. to take you through the forecast, it's a mix of sun, clouds, a possibility of rain in san jose and 68 degrees. all temperatures and very similar. you have the typical contrast of setting up and 68. the nice cool day that is too hot and the jacket going on. for the north bay and the trivalley, no huge differences if you are heading from napa down to oakland. very similar temperatures. trivalley and pleasanton. in terms of the weekend forecast, spotty showers through about friday morning. sun comes out and the best day
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of the weekend comes on sunday. sun returns and we go from 68 in the south bay to 75 on sunday. >> thank you, jeff. >> a package thief caught on camera. the extra steps she took to cover her tracks. >> robert downey jr. is my guest and puppies predict the kentucky derby. >> happening now on our home page, thousands more canadians are evacuating the areas evacuated. thousands more will be moved out tomorrow. and check your fridge for trader joe's salad that could be contaminated with listeria. they are recalling broccoli slaw and kale salad. you can return it for a full refund. the two san jose brothers --
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accused of killing their parents -- were back in court today. their murder case -- might be getting fast tracked. this is hasib golamrabbi. his 17-year-old younger >> two brothers accused of killing their parents were back in court. this is a 17-year-old and his younger brother was in court and kept away from cameras. he will be tried as an adult. the hearing is scheduled for next monday. motive will be key in this case. >> it wasn't just any truck they stole. they stole a meals on wheels truck that delivers to senior citizens. the truck ended up flipped up on its side in fremont. our chopper was overhead. a man and a woman showed up at the distribution center this morning demanding the truck. the pair got inside and took
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off. after a 15-mile chase with police, the suspects crashed that truck and were promptly arrested. >> do you recognize this woman we are about to show you? if so, police would like to hear from you. she was stealing a package on richmond street. she left a decoy box in its place. he was driving a gmc pickup truck. >> one man is to blame for shutting down light rail for 12 hours. kyle lewis was on san jose's north first street and refused to come down. he said he wanted to ruin everyone's morning. he did. the deputy was able to talk him down. >> up next, the triple overtime thriller. we will show you the dramatic ending. it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
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watch. one of the longest games in sharks history. triple overtime. almost 5 hours of hockey. =vo= and it statrted w/ a sledge hammer. this was exhausting to watch. one of the longest games in sharks history. triple overtime. we watched almost five hours of hockey. it all started with the sledge hammer. this is how they roll in
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nashville. fans paying money to get a chance to smash a car with a sharks logo on it. get out your aggressions. here's the finish in triple ot. the predators in the yellow sweaters. mike fisher gets the rebound for nashville and puts in the goal. mike fisher is married to carrie underwood. a lot of happy and tired people in nashville watching this game. 4-3 is the final. here's the bottom line. the best of seven series is now tied at two games apiece. game is back in san jose saturday night. >> you have to hand it to them. they battled it out. >> it was tough. they leave for portland tomorrow. seth curry is going. >> probably not going to play on saturday. here's warriors headquarters. >> after a rest day on wednesday, the warriors went long in practice today when we
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entered the practice facility. this was the sight. seth curry geared up, but did he participate? >> he is ramping up in the weight room and did get on the floor on the side while we were practicing. he was on one court going through movements. he still hasn't practiced with the team yet. >> that's the key to a return to action. practice time two days in a row with on five mixed in. when asked if he will play saturday -- >> what day is it, thursday? probably not. >> curry is looking good, but at the same time -- >> i don't want to rush back. i plan on playing for a while. >> the warriors are in a good spot and no need to rush curry back. because the rehab is on track,
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keeping the door open for a possible return on monday for game four. >> if progress continues, he could get timing and rhythm and see how he responds. >> in oakland, nbc bay area. >> bottom line he needs to be healthy.
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible. not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california.
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>> we are celebrating early because it's friday morning. >> tomorrow's friday. >> i will take the rain on a friday. >> tomorrow morning scattered rain across the east bay and then through 3:00. the possibility of rain for the afternoon. in terms of the weekend forecast, the best day is sunday. we get sunshine and warmer temperatures. >> sunday. mother's day. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- robert downey jr. amy sedaris.


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