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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 6, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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is always a bull mar right now on "early today," a potential bombshell, penn state know about jerry sandusky's abuse allegations as early as 1976. a kentucky derby. donald trump says he is not willing to support speaker paul ryan's agenda, as hillary clinton warns that trump is going to create a deportation force to roundup millions of people. then to some real fireworks, as a blast rocks a d.c. metro station, plu explosions and flames into the sky forces hundreds to evacuate. an early morning spacex launch, by a successful landing.
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a booch pooch gets the run around. bombshell revelations that suggest top penn state coaches administrators and officials, including the late joe paterno knew of sexual allegations as early as 1976. that is according to a claim in a philadelphia court made public just yesterday. the claim emerged in a dispute over whether the university or its insurance company should pay penn state share of about $60 million in settlements with 26 men, who say sandusky abused them when they were children. in those newly unsealed court documents wrote that the insurance company claimed that, quote, in 1976, a child reportedly reported to head coach joseph paterno that he was sexually molested by sandusky. the patternno family wrote once
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again, his reputation has been smeared with a 40 year-old allegation. the media hype, the paterno family is demanding a public review of the facts. penn state released this statement. we're aware of the allegations, but the confidentiality agreement preclude us from discussing these matters at all. to honor the privacy concerns of potential victims. sandusky was sentence today 30 to 60 years in prison for abusing ten boys. he filed a petition this week for a new trial. paterno died in january 2012 and was never charged with any crimes. now to some iterfying moments during the kentucky derby parade, gunfire, suspecting running for cover. two 15-year-old boys were taken into custody shortly after the shooting. they're not sure of a motive, but also say no reason to
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believe this was a random act of violence. the shooting insured a 17-year-old boy and 15-year-old girl. those are not life threatening. members of the republican party are waking up to an inter party civil war of the gop butting heads over donald trump's nomination. it was a shocker late yesterday, when hoiuse speaker paul ryan saying flatly he is not ready to endorse trump just yet. since then, illinois governor bruce rauner said he would not support trump's nomination. but casino and presidential candidate rick perry said they're all in on trump. katy tur has more. >> he may be headed to cleveland to accept the nomination, but the leader of the party, paul ryan, says he cannot support or endorse yet. >> i'm not there right now. i hope to, though. i want to. but i think what is required is that we unify this party.
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>> the speaker of the house saying trump needs to live up to the gop legacy. >> we hope the nominee, as far as lincoln and reagan-esqu. >> ryan's former running mate, mitt romney said he would not go to the gop convention, joining both george h.w. bush and george w. bush who said they will not endorse. john mccain said he would support the nominee but privately wondered the fund-raisers in arizona. >> if donald trump is at the top of the ticket, it may be the race of my life. >> thousands waiting in the rain in west virginia, a state filled with white working class voters. to win in november, trump will need to capitalize on that demographic, makes rust belt states obama won in 2012, ohio,
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pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan, turn red again. a republican strong hold in arizona, and home to a large latino population, turned off by his anti-immigration rhetoric. trump tweeting i love hispanic, with a photo of himself eating a taco bowl on cinco de mayo. hillary clinton firing back in english and spanish, targeting trump's deportation plan. in just this last year, so many great endorsement,s, except for paul ryan, we must make america great. he responded to paul ryan with this statement. i am not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future, we can work together and come to an agreement about what is best for the american people. they have been treated so badly for so long, that it's about time for politicians to put them first. hillary clinton fired back against trump's cinco de mayo tweet and immigration last night. speaking at a california event, she focused almost entirely on
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immigration reform. >> now every election is a choice. and just yesterday, donald trump doubled down on his plan to create a deportation force to roundup millions of people that is actually what he said. he has pledged in his first days in office to scrap and to finalize a design for a giant wall on the border. well, the best way to prevent that from happening is to make sure he never gets near the white house. >> and while clinton went on the attack against her likely general election rival, her democratic opponent bernie sanders continued in west virginia. they're allot 37 delegates in the tuesday primary. guam will hold one tomorrow, 12
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delegates there. houston, hazmat teams trying to clean up a mess after a fire at a kplem cal warehouse. explosions and toxic flames, shelter in place. nbc janet shanly has more. >> explosions, amid a massive fire, rocking houston. >> a bomb, it's like a bomb. >> starting in a hope, the blaze quickly engulfed the industrial building. inside, ammunition and drums of chemicals that blew up like fire works. with billowing smoke, filling hazardous material in the air, authorities sent out a shelter in place. urged to close windows and stay inside. more than 600 students evacuated from a nearby elementary school. it was a 4 alarm with 200 firefighters on the frontline.
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>> that thing flew over and we just felt the heat. >> the smoldering aftermath looking like a battle zone. a miracle no one was hurt. officials are trying to determine what chemical exploded, meanwhile, residents told to avoid runoff from the fire. well, spacex successfully launched a rocket overnight from cape canaveral, florida. japanese communications satellite into orbit. the rocket also successfully landed in the atlantic ocean on board a uniquely named ship, of course i still love you. landing the rocket was a major priority. it was the second successful landing for spacex. they were optimistic about the touchdown, due to the higher rate of speed that the rocket would be traveling, but that's pretty cool. it made it. arsenio hall has filed a
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$5 million libel lawsuit against sinead o'connor, after the eye singer accused him of supplying drugs to prince. it was a long time hard drug user who got his drugs over the decades from hall. according to the associated press, hall calls it fabricated lies and o'connor barely knew the superstar. cover version of nothing compares to you which was written and composed by prince. poor puppy. animal control services and a vet had to be called to a scene stuck in a bathtub drain. apparently the dog named mr. ruffles, after getting a shampoo. they had to unscrew the drain and free him. hist his toes were swollen, but otherwise doing okay. a proud mr. ruffles with his rescuers. let's look at the weekend
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weather and see if that's good. mr. bill carins. >> best story of the year so far. mr. ruffles, the spinning of the tub. original. i love it. this morning, one hand, i can count how many times i've mentioned heavy rain in san diego at this time in the morning. that's what we have now. upper level low, even know up into higher elevations. southbou san diego, steadier rains, flood watches in the mountains. if we get any thunderstorms, rain quickly, too much rain in the hills. overall, that will last throughout the morning commute. in los angeles, still a chance for showers. no the completely miss out. salt lake city, chance of storms. the weather approves, seattle up to 76 start of the changing weather pattern, as the ridge of high pressure begins to change. showers, as the storm system moves through the rockies, chance around tahoe and reno.
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west coast clears out and we're looking great. also on nbc, don't forget the kentucky derby, saturday afternoon, 4:00, the coverage is around 6:00.hwest, 100 degrees n phoenix, windy and cooler today at 78. do you have your horse yet? >> yeah, i figured it out and i'm going with trojan nation, 50-1. >> i got gun runner. >> all right, well, good to know. we'll talk about that one. a place where everyone gets a $2,600 check every month. latest on the massive wildfire north of the border. when robbery victims fight back, you're watching "early today." look at that. strength is somed
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over 1,000 firefighters still battling one monster wildfire in alberta canada, an area larger than new york. three more communities were forced to evacuate yesterday, adding to the 88,000 who had to abandon their home. no reports of casualties, but officials remain on guard. canada has matched all doe facts to the red cross. meanwhile in d.c., second busiest subway system, surveillance video caught this first fire after a departing train, and that closed two metro stations and three service lines. this comes just six weeks after they had an unprecedented one day shut down for emergency safety inspections. police in ohio are asking for help identifying the man in the gray sweatshirt, right there, who jumped over a gas station counter, assaulted a clerk, tried to steal some cash.
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he is able to make his escape, but not after a major beating from the store's manager. fbi officials interviewed hillary clinton's top aide as part of a probe into private e-mail server. officials say no indication of wrongdoing has been found so far. they're expected to interview clinton in the coming weeks. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi, good morning. wall street big economic news of the day, the april jobs report, out before the opening bell. it is expected to show another solid month of hiring, with more than 200,000 jobs. for unemployment, thoeld -- to hold 5%. voters in switzerland next month whether the illegal residents,
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this sunday, the republican party's presumptive nominee for president, donald trump, will be chuck todd's exclusive guest on "meet the press". under 20 seconds to go, kyle lowry hits the jumper to go up there, and then on the miami possession -- >> johnson, leading in, open, hits the three. ties the game at 86. >> what a play! >> that sent it to a second straight overtime, unlike the first game, toronto on top, evening the series at 1. on the diamond, chris bryant, now you see it, now you so don't.
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that's right. the ball got stuck in the ivy covered wall. it is a ruled a double. greatest two minutes in sports. tomorrow's 142 running of the kentucky derby. don't miss any of the action starting at 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on nbc. just ahead, the latest david letm let letter letter man citing. we've got more for you next. we'. but when joint pain and stiffness we'. from psoriatic arthritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult. so i talked to my rheumatologist... and he prescribed enbrel... to help relieve joint pain and help stop further joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis... lymphoma, other cancers,
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in entertainment news, no doubt which had will dominate the box office, marvel's captain america civil war, chris evans against robert downey, jr., iron man, the biggest blockbuster with an estimated $206 million opening weekend. dolly par tton coming up on the 50th wedding anniversary. th they tell "people magazine" that they're going to sell a-- keeping up the kardashians. bidens were at the 75th
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anniversary u.s. so, special guests, including a late show host. >> i had a funny thing happen to me, a fellow came up to me before the show, and he said we love what you do. we love your writing. we love what you mean to the country. we love your poetry. and i said who do you think i am. and he said walt witman. >> i think -- it is funny. but earnest hemming way maybe. i'm alex witt, this is "early today." that's funny. strength is something earned not given. dedication means pursuing your passion.
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leading the news on nbc maybe it's not okay to be overweight, huge studies suggest, people in the normal weight, live longer than people who are a little over-waweight. it contradicts two cdc studies with alternate study. >> did we have to call it huge study? >>. north carolina officials say they'll defy the federal bathroom law. they will not meet a monday deadline to suspend or appeal the bathroom law, which bans transgender people from accessing restrooms from the gender they identify with most. the fda is cracking down on the leading cause of preventible death and disease.
4:27 am
a new federal rule gives them the authority to regulate all tobacco cigarettes, under 18 will go into effect in august. more than 900% in recent years. two baby boxes have been installed at select fire stations in indiana. people can anonymously surrender their newborns. >> such a weird concept. i understand it. >> very weird, but right. all u.s. states have passed safe haven laws, the boxes are a first for the u.s., so they do exist in other countries. a man in southwest china surprised his doc wg was a bear cub. he thought it was a homeless puppy and calling it his wolf dog. as it grew bigger, he called the forest tree department, i need some help here, identifying as a black beer. it was sent to a while life shelter until it can be released
4:28 am
into the wild. >> like a bad disney script that wasn't like allowed. >> yeah, i mean, you dream about having an animal like that, a cub or a little -- >> i dream all humans are intelligent. >> okay, let's move on, shall we? a look ahead to mother's day, fast approaching. we can'ted to share with you some images of people who put the show together everyday, along with some very special women. >> good-looking staff, don't we? >> we really do. look at them. they clean up nicely. the overnight team works tire he is -- we wanted to take a moment to recognize all the great and amazing moms and women who have helped us along the path of life and to take a moment to simply say thank you. >> you have good mother's day yourself. >> i can't wait. i have my two precious kids. let's keep it here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early today." happy moms day to all of you celebrating. we'll see you next week.
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taking aim at the 'academy of art university'. the lawsuit set to be filed after years of wra >>. >> the city of san francisco taking aim at the academy of art university. the lawsuit set to be fired after years of wrangling, accusing the for-profit university of taking advantage of students. the bay area community wants to know what happened to a missing 27-year-old father. the vigil and cry for help later today. >> five hours of hockey, three overtimes and one very disappointed fan base. sharks lose. "today in the bay" starts right now. you made it to friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. fiveou


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