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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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investigative unit, give us a call. at 6:00, we see some wild weather coming through the bay area. it's not over yet. the possible impact of your weekend plans and also the affect on your morning drive. >> a meals on wheels truck carjacked and a crash on 580. how you can help them. i'm kris sanchez. "today in the bay" continues right now. friday morning. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. friday night even better. >> you keep telling me, it's not going to rain friday night. >> there's the giants game tonight. hoping the rain comes but stays out of san francisco a few hours. >> that may happen.
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we'll have scattered rain today. it may fall right in san francisco. it may fall right on the other side of the bay in oakland. who knows? it rained at my house yesterday evening and i drove a half mile from my house and it was not raining and hadn't rained. this is what we'll see today. that line of showers continues to move away from the sierra into the valley and eventually approaching the bay area later this morning. i'll be tracking that at a look ahead for that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to mike tracking a new problem in san jose. >> you talk about the microclimates around the bay. we are looking at different patterns for the commute. here is the bay bridge. look at your map. an easy drive all over the bay. we zoom in to san jose. just shy of the 280 interchange wood debris is on the roadway. chp will give us more
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information. there may be a traffic break. a little slowing north of 101. that is a typical pattern on a friday. back to you. 6:02. bay area charity is in need of help this morning after its truck was stolen and wrecked during a high speed chase. >> you see that truck toppled over on its side. kris sanchez live in fremont with the fund-raising effort under way for meals on wheels. this charity serves hundreds of seniors every day. >> hunger doesn't stop because there is no delivery truck. life elder care is charging the battery on their 20-year-old truck, crowd funding to try to make up the money for any repairs or replacement they might incur because of that carjacking. you saw that video. that toppled on its side yesterday. the silver lining is no one was hurt and there was no food
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wasted because the volunteers just unloaded all of the meals off that truck. volunteers were just working around that truck when they saw a man and woman rush up to the truck and try to carjack it. they begged them not to. >> before they left our volunteer said, please, don't take this vehicle. it's for seniors. we serve food. >> that truck costs about $45,000 which we don't have. >> one of the volunteers did set up a fund-raising page to pay for the tens of thousands of dollars in rental fees and repairs they expect to incur as they keep the meals coming. so far they raised about 2% of their $25,000 goal. those two carjacking s suspects were arrested. they face charges of carjacking and resisting arrest. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> let's hope they get to that goal.
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6:03 on your friday. a high risk sex offender rearrested on new accusations is now going to appear in court for a plea hearing. the 23-year-old jonathan assaulted and imprisoned them last week as they visited him at a santa rosa hotel. that's where he had been staying after being released from previous sex crimes including groping women and girls. he's lived at several north bay hotels while on parole. judge. >> a millbrae father is missing for more than a week. the sheriff's department is asking for help to find him. friends and family held a vigil for 27-year-old keith green yesterday. he disappeared without a trace last week. he was last seen heading to a restaurant. he left his wallet and car at home. his cell phone was found a day later in golden gate park. friends and family held a vigil for green. >> a very strong possibility he was wearing a pair of nike type
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shoes, they were so fluorescent, i figured they would glow in the dark. he loved his shoes. >> he has two beautiful daughters and he would never walk away from them. >> investigators are calling green's disappearance suspicious. if you have information, contact the san mateo county sheriff's office. >> san francisco police need your help tracking down this man accused of attacking a woman yesterday morning. you see him in the corner in the brown jacket. police say it happened in the fill more area near webster and buchanan streets. the victims say the man followed her a few blocks before that attack happened. she was able to escape without injuries. the suspect was last seen running on grove street towards city hall. >> the three so-called drifters accused of killing two hikers are in court today. one took a plea deal and agreed to testify against the other two. sean angold is working with prosecutors to help convict the
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other two. all three are charged with murdering a canadian tourist and hiker in fair fact last year. a firefighter is hurt. more than a dozen people are back inside of their homes this morning after a fire in san leandro. part of a window came down on that firefighter while he was trying to put it out a spokesperson said he had a head injury and was taken to the hospital for care about. 15 people in surrounding buildings had to be evacuated. it appears that fire started in a shed next to the house. the official cause of the fire is under investigation. san francisco mayor ed lee says he will not fire police chief greg suhr. the mayor spoke to hunger strikers by phone. their efforts to get the police chief fired is in its 16th day. five people are not eating solid food. they want the mayor to fire the chief over recent police shootings.
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they say firing the police chief is not an easy change. >> it takes three to six months to get a new chief. all our time is diverted from that to finding a new chief. then you've got to find one on board with changes you want to see happen. >> a doctor advising the hunger strikers says they are entering a new phase. their bodies are starved for protein. it starts breaking down the body's muscles including the heart. 6:07. a technical glitch could have caused serious problems for public safety. fortunately, the communications system is back up and working again. the dispatch system crashed just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon at the same time. oakland's radio system also crashed, forcing city officials to jump on the backup system for about 30 to 40 minutes. back in 2012 oakland had a similar communications breakdown while president obama was in town leaving dozens of officers
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unable to communicate. >> nine lives foundation has lost the lease for its shelters. 140 cats and kittens need to be adopted by the end of the month. that works out to five cats a day. administrators hope to reopen soon at a new address. you don't need to become a cat house. >> take in at least a couple. >> we are a cat-heavy newscast. there was a cat that headed on the ice. >> what happened to the dog days of summer? >> they are not here yet. this is spring. we are seeing spring-like showers moving into the bay area. hopefully we'll be lucky this weekend. we'll have nice weather, too and clouds, scattered showers starting out the day. mostly cloudy. as we go deeper into the morning commute, we'll start to see rain firing up. it continues into early afternoon. hit or miss with temperatures reaching into the mid to upper
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60s and we'll see the same thing again tomorrow. put that in your weekend plan. i'll help you plan the weekend and show you when it will be dry. that's less than ten minutes. how is it going on the roadways >> we have this big news which we've shown the folks on facebook live. that truck on the side of the road cleared. traffic is light. the bottom of the screen is where you see the coliseum sensors. top of your map, westbound highway 4 we have that crash. sounds like lanes are clearing, but there are three vehicles involved. the rest of your bay we zoom out into south bay. no major problems. there is some wood debris shy of 280 northbound. back to you. hockey heartbreak. the final play in triple overtime that sent the sharks back to square one in round two
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of this playoff series. a drone crashes into a seattle home. the damage that happened and the reason authorities now say a warrant is needed to help in their investigation. the latest news about the american economy and the jobs. =i unit promo omni!!=
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soon to be every homeowner's worst nightmare, a drone crashing into your house. seattle police are now looking for the person who flew a drone into this home in the capitol hill area. the homeowner was in the kitchen and heard the sound of shattered glass. she found a drone in the dining room. its blades were spinning and camera still recording. police are working on getting a warrant to extract a chip from that drone. you can hear the buzz. hopefully track down the drone's owner. >> i'll be walking the dog and hear a drone, it sounds frightening. jamba juice is moving from san francisco to frisco, texas. also undergoing a management shuffle.
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jamba juice has deep roots in california. the first shop opened 26 years ago. now it ises a global chain. jamba juice says its emeryville lease was almost up and after reviewing the cost of living here, it decided on frisco, a suburb of dallas. scott mcgrew says jamba juice is notable because it often does not pay workers minimum wage. >> which sounds illegal, but that's definitely not what you are saying. >> no. it is a perfectly law-abiding company. jamba juice often pays for more than minimum wage. it was one of the first companies to recognize the economy in the bay area in particular was strong enough and competition for labor so high it would benefit from paying more than minimum wage. there are two lessons here. one in our strong economy, companies are competing not just for employees, but the best employees in this category. you don't want just anybody but
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you want the best entry level workers. when we talk about raising the minimum wage which is well and good, lots of jobs you think are minimum wage actually aren't. it's jobs friday. the american economy added 160,000 jobs in the month of april. that's a decent number, but not as good as it's been. not the 200,000 plus we've been seeing since the start of 2016. nbc news has shown more clips of the interview with the hacker called guccifer who says he was able to get into the private e-mail server owned by hillary clinton. the fbi says it may question clinton. a federal judge may have to testify. spacex successfully launched a private communications satellite last night. we showed you the launch earlier. here is the landing. listen to the crowd roar. it stuck the landing just fine. turns out to be the most popular
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part of the process. they got the for the second time in a row. the reason they didn't expect this to work it was coming out of a super high orbit. the first stage quit really high. it was coming down like a bat out of hell. so they were able to land it is a huge success. >> is the accuracy rate improving now? for a while they were struggling. >> they always hit the bar. just how fast and how big was the explosion? >> fascinating to watch. >> sticking the landing, always the toughest part. >> exactly. just like the olympics. >> thank you, scott mcgrew. this may take a while for shark fans to get over. a tough loss. they did not stick the landing.
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that was game four of the stanley cup playoff series against the nashville predators. mike fisher scoring the game winner in the third overtime. that ends one of the longest games in sharks' playoff history. almost five hours of hockey. it ties the series at two games apiece. game five tomorrow night back home in san jose. >> bay area sports fans going through a lot these days.ç jobs are going to fly to portland today. >> steph curry, is he going to play or not play? looks like he will not play tomorrow night. steph has yet to participate in a full practice. he could be ready to go by monday. warriors up 2-0. the team says there is no reason to rush curry back on to the
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court. that's wise. >> this team, truly all the players contribute in a very quantitative way. it's cool. >> this team does, too. >> you guys are okay without me. let's hope my knee holds out. >> if you are trying to figure out where this rain is going to land and when today. >> we see all those clouds hovering over san francisco. also as we take a look outside at sunol we see the clouds overhead. this is what you can expect throughout the next several hours today and tomorrow. looking at 52 now in the north bay. 56 in the east bay. we drop in to get a closer look.
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58 dublin. 55 in alameda. don't forget the umbrella. still tracking this rain moving in from the east. that will continue to spin closer to sacramento. it will be over the bay area. this is a look at the futurecast. it gives us an idea of the timing when we could start to see more rain moving in. it does show rain by 10:00 or 11:00 this morning for most of us. quickly rolling off towards the west and south. then it clears out for later this evening. we'll start it over again tomorrow with not as much widespread rain but hit or miss showers. even late tomorrow night we may see rain moving into parts of the north bay. rainfall totals show anywhere from about 0.1 inch to 0.25 inch where scattered showers move in.
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this area of low pressure starts to move east away from us and allows high pressure to move in. we'll have warming temperatures between sunday and monday. highs reaching mid to upper 60s and chance for storms in the north bay. still rain in the forecast saturday though it will not be a washout. there will be the pop-up shower or two throughout the day. then sunday will dry it out as our temperatures come up a couple of degrees. 75 in the north bay. 65 in the peninsula. i'll continue to watch this over the next couple of days. then nice and dry for sunday. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> you talk about that system coming in. talking about mist on the san mateo bridge. haven't seen windshield wipers
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being used, but we have seen a good volume of traffic westbound. we see a little blip. that is a typical pattern. northbound 87 we had that wood scattered across lanes northbound approaching 280. it cleared. you can't see anything but green in the northbound commute. good stuff here. live look to show you dublin. 580 to the area. this is the tassajara offramp. not a lot of slowing. there is debris causing a bit of slowing. one lane blocked there bay bridge toll plaza, they are filled by all these folks here. we see a shadow of a spdr just right about there.
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that's on the lens. you can't see it on the approach. back to you. >> that would freak out those commuters, i would think. 6:22. no unity in the gop. big-name republicans saying they are not ready to support donald trump.
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decision 2016 and hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area. she will be in oakland later
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today. mrs. clinton is holding a rally at 2:00 this afternoon. it is part of clinton's two-day swing through the golden state. hillary was in los angeles last night meeting with members of the african-american community. right now clinton is hoping to lock down her turnout and performance on california's primary june 7th, where she is ahead in the polls. there are no signs of unity on the other side for republicans. house speaker paul ryan says he is not ready to endorse donald trump the likely republican nominee. >> tracie potts live in washington, d.c. >> what is trump trying to do to bring the party together? >> he says he doesn't need everybody's endorsement but paul ryan in charge of that convention where he will be nominated this summer is a big deal in the party. ryan says he would like to, but right now is not there yet.
6:26 am
there are other top republicans who are are not coming to that convention. mitt romney, former presidents george bush, '41 and '43 say they are staying away from the convention. he's got fence mending to do. donald trump is hoping to focus forward on issues. it's some of those issues like immigration and trade and whether or not to ban muslims from this country, his positions alienated people within his own party. including supporters of ted cruz. we are waiting to see if he will be able to pull it all together. >> pretty inflammatory remarks. >> next on "today in the bay," we've seen rain, hail and lightning. we are not in the clear yet. kari hall is tracking more wet
6:27 am
weather. san francisco is set to sue the academy of art university accusing them of taking away affordable housing in the city. details of the lawsuit that could lead to tens of millions of dollars in penalties. break out those fancy hats and mint juleps. the fastest two minutes in sports is tomorrow. we are already talking about the 142nd kentucky derby. ey cup playoffs. =open omni!!=
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>>. >> right now, it's 6:30. another day of rain falling across the bay area today. could stick around long enough to impact your weekend plans. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. mike will give you an update on your commute. there are clouds everywhere. >> this will bring in more scattered showers today but not yet. it's holding off for the time being, but we are watching that rain farther to the east of us actually moving westward. this is what we'll see by about 11:00 or 12:00 today. scattered rain moving in from the east that will continue to affect our weekend plans, as well. i'll detail and what to expect tomorrow as we still have rain in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. mike's been tracking the dry morning commute. that doesn't mean it's all
6:31 am
clear. >> i have a distraction here. this crane putting something here on top of that building just on the side of 880. that may be a distraction for folks on the road. there is the bay bridge. not a problem here. just the metering lights. we see a smooth flow of traffic around the bay. no real slowdown except or south 880. that is the standard pattern where the light flow is like we see on a friday most normal weeks. >> thank you so much. all new this morning, san francisco taking aim at the academy of art university. the city attorney is reportedly set to announce that he is filing a lawsuit against the popular art school. >> stephanie chuang live in san francisco. what is the reason behind all of this? >> reporter: good morning. the academy of art university is the largest for-profit art school in the country. you can see it reflected in the number of buildings the school owns in the city, 40 of them.
6:32 am
according to "the chronicle" san francisco is expected to file a lawsuit today accusing the school of illegally converting 22 of those buildings from former apartment and hotel properties into mostly student housing without getting the required zoning authorization. it describes a decades-long battle fining the academy of arts hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines still unpaid for alleged planning violation. they want the academy of art to pay potentially tens of millions of dollars in penalties. what remains to be seen is how much of this property we are talking about. city attorney dennis herera says the converted student housing is exacerbating the scarce supply of affordable housing and it may have been way of dealing with an enrollment boom from 5,000 in 1992 to an explosion of 18,000
6:33 am
at one point. the university spent $8 million during nine years to put together an environmental impact report that had to be completed before the properties could be legalized. the attorney says that report should be done by july 1st. and is surprised at what the city is doing now filing this lawsuit. we are expecting to learn more at a press conference at city hall held by the city attorney. 6:33. attorneys for former 49er star dana stubblefield are expected to reveal more evidence they say proves his innocence. they say he sexually assaulted a developmentally disabled woman last year after she interviewed for a job. a historic but unsettling find at a construction site in west berkeley. a second set of partial human remains were found there at a site currently under
6:34 am
development. they are believed to be those from an indian that was the predominant native american tribe in the bay area. another set of remains was found last week. those have been removed under the supervision of a tribal leader for burial elsewhere. the murder case against one of the san jose brothers accused of killing their parents might get fastracked. both brothers were in court yesterday. the 22-year-old and his 17-year-old brother were kept away from cameras. their lawyers say they are ready to move forward and be back in court monday. legal experts say that's rare. >> the fact this case is still on track for a preliminary hearing in what is a special circumstances murder is highly unusual. >> as for the older brother, his legal team is asking for more time. a 74-year-old woman is badly burned and two other people also injured following a fire in
6:35 am
bethlehem towers in santa rosa. that broke out on the sixth floor of the highrise apartment building and broke out about 4:00 yesterday. thankfully, firefighters were apartment but had to evacuate other floors. they found the 74-year-old woman in the stairwell. she suffered severe burns over 35% of her body. right now the cause of that fire remains under investigation. >> 6:35. a south bay family is suing the gilroy unified school district claiming it failed to report alleged abuse by a teacher. this woman says her daughter received sexually harassing text messages from the high school chemistry teacher. the family says it happened two years ago but officials did nothing. >> whether or not his behavior rises to the level of criminal behavior is not our issue. our issue is they needed to comply with all laws of the state regarding what a school district's legal duty is to the children.
6:36 am
>> the individual who admittedly engaged in gross sexual misconduct and because they failed to take meaningful action, many more children were harmed. >> last week police arrested him on campus on accusations of catfishing. officers say he posed online as a female and formed relationships with young men. detectives say he convinced hundreds of minors to send him lewd pictures. his catfishing did not happen at school. as for the complaints by the bend family, officials say there was no criminal activity that required him to be dismissed. he resigned friday. a crime of opportunity in the south bay. it's a reminder to lock your doors. new surveillance video showing a man and woman getting into unlocked cars in campbell. in total, the three unlocked cars were targeted and the couple got off with cash, iphone and paperwork from two of those
6:37 am
cars. that couple has not been caught. a broken gas main causing problems. both lanes between whiskey hill are closed down as pg&e tries to fix the problem. they say it's going to take time because it broke 11 feet underground. they say there is no danger to the community and service is not disrupted. 6:37 on your friday morning. there is an effort under way to try to get an earthquake warning system in place here in california as soon as possible. this comes following a gathering of seismologists we told you about yesterday in which one of them made an ominous prediction. the san andreas faultline in southern california is locked and loaded for a big quake according to one scientists. there is every indication the bay area is in line for a major earthquake any time soon. jerry hill from san mateo is pushing for an early warning
6:38 am
system. he's written legislation that would set aside $23 million in state funding to do that. >> they will detect any shaking that begins and transmit that to california and give a person who has a smart phone or siren or on tv a warning. >> the big question is if the system will be reliable. pg&e and b.a.r.t. are plugged into the sensors. a really good system detecting earthquakes could be years away. family at oakley believes lightning traveled through their flagpole yesterday morning and hit their front door. the force knocked pictures off the wall and caused a ceiling fan to come crashing down. her 10-year-old grandson was in the living room when the lightning struck. >> i immediately got on the ground and tucked in. >> realizing how serious this really was and could have been worse. it could have blown my whole
6:39 am
house up and my family was it in. >> the lightning triggered a middle school alarm. they did the right thing. >> scary. at least they knew the protocol. >> they knew it was coming because of kari's warning. >> you can still track the rain at any point by using the nbc bay area app. you can get a live view of the radar and zoom in to where you live. you may need to do that with these scattered showers. as we look at mostly cloudy skies, we start out with no rain but definitely a possibility as we go later into the morning and early afternoon with scattered rain and thunderstorms. i'll detail in a few minutes. let's head over to mike now. >> we have slowing there.
6:40 am
it's unusual. start with this live look at palo alto. no problem as far as wet roadways yet. we don't have slowing either. i want to zoom in toward those two crossings westbound for 92 to san mateo and dunbar. you had slowing eastbound. that is a nice drive right now. over toward tri-valley, no real problems there. >> thank you very much. this is good stuff. >> say hey. willy mays turns 85 today. to honor the "say hey" kid, san francisco will dedicate its cable car number 24 to mays.
6:41 am
mays is the only giant to wear that uniform number 24. bay area sports fans, he played 21 seasons with the giants. as part of today's dedication, a plaque will be unveiled and mounted on to that cable car. i imagine he can ride whenever he wants. >> free admission for life. coming up next, a real-life version of grand theft auto playing out on the freeways of southern california. a man leads police on a wild chase ramming into several other cars along the way. how this all ends next. a lawsuit against facebook over your face. we'll look at that. plus a live look at the dow industrials down 22 points reacting to today's jobs numbers. >> i'm chuck coppola where they are bracing for an onslaught of lottery ticket buyers at this chevron station. why here? the lucky story next.
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=laura/on cam= a power outage in san jose. =map= the area impacted is here on this map. just in to our newsroom, a power outage in san jose. the area impacted is on this map where a car slammed into a power pole. it is the neighborhood bordering highway 87. pg&e reports 250 customers are without power. crews are on the scene and working to get power back up. it was a wild and dangerous car chase in southern california. you see that suspect there swerving in and out of traffic, hitting cars in the process. this spanned at least two counties on the freeways.
6:45 am
the man was wanted for attempted murder. he was able to hold officers at bay causing them to shut down the freeway. you can't believe how long that backup is. this brought last night's commute to a standstill. officers with a special response team finally got that man into custody. new details on a story we first broke to you on "today in the bay" yesterday morning. we know the identity of the man refusing to come down from the top of the vta train that caused a commute nightmare here. >> 23-year-old kyle lewis came down about 1:00 yesterday afternoon after nearly 12 hours on top of that vta train. lewis says he wanted touin everyone's morning. deputies say he is on probation for a nonviolent offense. he is facing a misdemeanor charge, disrupting of vta lines and could face up to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. >> facebook facing a lawsuit over faces. >> does the social network's ability to recognize you violate
6:46 am
your rights? scott mcgrew, you are saying all kinds of legal questions are at play here. >> what laws should facebook follow? illinois has very strong laws about biometric, the data associated with your body. some facebook users in illinois are claiming that feature in facebook where it suggests tags for people by automatically recognizing their faces violates illinois's biometric law. facebook argues its user agreement abides by california law. a federal judge in san francisco said the suit can go forward based on illinois law. this has interesting ramifications for all kinds of bay area companies who serve people nationwide. video from spacex at the first stage of its falcon rocket landing safely at an unmanned barge in the ocean.
6:47 am
second time they stuck the landing. the other part of the rocket successfully delivered a japanese communications satellite into orbit. >> donald trump said if he becomes president he will dismiss janet yellen as head of the fed when her term expires in 2018. he likes the former berkeley professor just fine and likes her economic policies, but would want a republican at the helm of the central bank. >> wall street taking a look at the latest jobs numbers. 160,000 jobs added in april. unemployment rate 5%. this is thursday's closing bell. this is the management team at corona. >> who are they owned by now? >> consteltion brand.
6:48 am
>> powerball fever spreading. jackpot $450 million. it's expected to grow even more before tomorrow night's drawing. >> the pot gets bigger, so do the stakes. chuck coppola joining us live from one of the luckiest stores in milpitas. were you finally able to buy that ticket? >> yes, i can. i checked out just a few minutes ago. they ensure us this is the calm before the storm. they say between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. the night crew and early morning crew here at the dixon landing chevron are expecting a nonstop procession of powerball players putting down hard-earned cash for a chance at the $450 million jackpot. >> i don't buy every week. >> i was driving by. sometimes i get one, i want to play. >> it's up to $415 million.
6:49 am
is that enough to get you to buy a ticket? >> of course. yeah. absolutely. >> are you a regular lotto player? >> no, not really. >> the jackpot is amuck the tenth highest in u.s. history. the highest was $1.6 billion. that was in january. this particular station in milpitas sold a ticket worth over $400 million a mere two years ago. it could happen again. >> i wonder if it's because of the quantity of so many people going there increases the -- >> the what? >> the chances of people. everybody is going to that one. >> they think they are going to get that lucky bounce. how about $1.6 billion earlier in the year? by comparison $415 million doesn't seem like that much money. >> i would be so disappointed if
6:50 am
i win that. >> wait for the numbers to go up and up as the temperatures. they are not going down. >> we have more rain in the forecast today. we are looking at more clouds as we get a view from emeryville toward the bay bridge and these low clouds will stick with us throughout the day. a view of mt. tam where we see breaks in the clouds. expect a little bit of sunshine in some spots. a look at the microclimates now. temperatures are in the mid 50s. looking at heavier rain later on this morning and early afternoon. 53 in napa. petaluma 54. looking at the radar with some rain just to the east of us, that will be rolling in our direction as we continue to go through this morning. that is what we were seeing on the futurecast. it shows the rain that will be moving through scattered showers
6:51 am
looking at mainly moderate and heavy rain indicated by this yellow and orange there. into the afternoon, still showers moving through. scattered rain will be hard to get a timing or placement with this widespread system that is slowly moving all across the region. the rainfall potential between today as well as tomorrow. there is still rain in the forecast. we may have up to 1/4 inch of rain. san jose may get about 0.25 inch there maybe more in the north bay. looking at this area of low pressure that continues to keep our weather unsettled, we'll still have a chance of scattered showers tomorrow. then by sunday, this moves far enough east to allow high pressure to move in. that will help dry us out and get rid of all these low clouds and this rain in the forecast. a look at the microclimates today. san jose up to 68.
6:52 am
68 in palo alto. marina district 60. 67 in santa rosa. oakland up to 66. san ramon also 66. this weekend, saturday will be the day to watch. it won't be raining all day. on sunday, all clear. temperatures coming up a couple of degrees. still feeling comfortable with a high of 70 in the north bay and the south bay 75. i'll have another look at the forecast in a few minutes. let's head over to mike for a quick look at the roads. >> you're talking about potential for that rain in many of the areas. camera tremors a bit, maybe a little breeze. no big surprises. you have this pattern which shows slowing through san jose. let's move toward the east bay and tri-valley. there is 880.
6:53 am
it is light for friday. typical pattern for the week days. dublin interchange looking great. bay bridge we see slowing down. look at the top of your screen. westbound thereç was an earlie crash. now that crash has cleared. you see slowing in through concord out of the pittsburgh and bay point. that's the worst of the commute. northbound 101, a live look at san jose. we see this starting that late build for the morning commute. later and lighter flow of traffic. back to you. local meals on wheels truck carjacked and crashed in castro valley. what the charity is doing to make sure hundreds of people don't go hungry. how you can help. >> our newsroom keeping in close touch with police agencies after a millbrae father went missing
6:54 am
under suspicious circumstances. go to to see if you can help bring him home. how a man transformed his life after losing all his eyesight as well as most but not all his hope. of the break.
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6:56. welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> in fremont a fund-raising effort is on the way after a meals on wheels truck was stolen and wrecked. >> volunteers begged those carjackers not to take that meals on wheels truck telling them exactly what the truck was used for. this is how the truck ended up. on its side in hayward. the silver lining is no one was hurt and there was no food wasted. volunteers unloaded all of it. now the truck won't be drivable for a while. they set up a fund-raising page to help pay for the tens of thousands of dollars in rental fees and repairs they expect to incur because of this carjacking. so far they raised about 3% of
6:58 am
that $25,000 goal. it would cost $45,000 in all to replace it outright. while the charity tries to get back to normal and make sure no senior misses a meal, those two carjacking suspects a man and woman should be due in court soon. they are facing charges of carjacking and evading arrest. >> thank you very much. 6:58. a major lawsuit set to be filed this morning by the city of san francisco. if the reports are accurate, the for-profit academy of art college is about to land in the city's cross hairs. the city attorney scheduled a news conference for 10:30. "the chronicle" reports he is about to target the academy of art's expensive real estate holdings saying the college has been unlawfully chipping away at san francisco's affordable housing with violations at 22 buildings. >> with hand in hand with the
6:59 am
commute goes -- >> it looks good at the start. no rain. it's still well off to the east of us but moving in our direction. be sure the kids have an umbrella. mostly cloudy and breezy conditions now. highs reaching into low 60s in san francisco and upper 60s for inland areas. >> concord we have a second crash of the morning. a light commute overall. i want to show you the slowing coming back to pittsburgh over toward willow patch road. there is a second crash in that area. there is the rest of the bay. easy drive right now. we are just starting to see the slowing through silicon valley. typical pattern, 101, 85. it's friday. take it easy. watch that rain. >> happy mother's day to all the moms and the wanna-be moms. >> get those cards made.
7:00 am
>> call your mother. good morning. house divided. house speaker paul ryan shocks the political world by withholding his endorsement of donald trump. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> this as prominent republicans, including the last two republican former presidents and presidential nominees, refuse to attend this summer's convention. how is trump reacting? breaking overnight. explosive allegations. new claims that former penn state football coach joe paterno was first told about the child sex abuse allegations against jerry sandusky in 1976. the paterno family responding overnight. wild chase. southern california highway shut down for hours. >> boy, this is a desperate driver h


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