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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the benefit of having a chp escort along with the secret service, traffic not really an issue even during the height of the friday commute. mrs. clinton in the gray suv leaving the campaign stop in oakland and heading to a fundraiser in san francisco at the messanic on knob hill. we are joined by jodi hernandez who joins us at a school. she is not mincing words. what does she have to say? >> reporter: she seems to take aim and focus donald trump and much of her speech. 1,000 people came to the school here to watch that 25 minute speech. she touched on things that really seem to resonate with her oakland audience. >> you know, we're going to have a terrific campaign in california. we are working hard. >> reporter: hillary clinton told a fired up crowd there has never been more on the line than
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this presidential election. clinton spelled out her priorities including debt free college tuition, equal pay for women and immigration reform with a path to citizenship and she took aim at donald trump. >> when i think about what is at stake, even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presumptive nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> reporter: 1,000 supporters packed the gym at the school to cheer clinton on. dwight mcqueen got in at 7:00 this morning to make sure she and her 16-year-old daughter got in. shawna mcqueen not only got in, but got to stand on stage with her pick for president. >> we had our first black person and now the first female person in the course of eight years. that is really fast. >> you hope. >> mm-hmm, i hope so. >> reporter: again, clinton is on the move now heading to san
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francisco for a private fundraiser with senators barbara boxer and diane feinstein. the cost of that will -- ranges from $45 to $2,700. so that event is not free. this is clinton's 10th visit to the bay area, we're told, since her campaign began and her spokes people say we can expect to see more of her before june 7th. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. mrs. clinton right now in san francisco at the fundraiser. let's turn our attention to the republican side. donald trump also on the west coast. this is a live look at eugene, oregon where trump is holding a rally tonight. they're getting ready for donald trump to take the stage. outside of the venue is anti-trump activists protesting. president obama broke his silence on the likely republican
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nominee donald trump. >> i just want to emphasize the degree to which we're in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> that reference to mr. trump's reality show, the a presenceance. the white house show is his first public comments since the gop rivals ended their campaign. he called on the public to care faultily examine trump's -- carefully examine trump's policy. what he is asking lawmakers to increase transparency and how to will impact silicon valley. you can see here, taking over san francisco's city hall, dozens of protesters are sitting on the steps chanting and calling for the mayor to fire the police chief. this is all connected to the frisco five, the hunger strikers who are now in the hospital.
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nbc bay area christie smith is at city hall. what is the latest from where you are and at the hospital? >> reporter: raj, right now supporters of the frisco five as they're called are inside city hall in front of mayor ed lee's office. the door is shut. they're talking about the hunger strikers and a familiar message and that is what they've been talking about all along. they want police chief to resign or be fired. they're talking about accountability. there were prayers and serious concern now, they say, for the health of the frisco five as they were taken to the hospital today. deputies blocked any access to the door to the mayor's office. the supporters arrived late this afternoon to city hall with drum sticks and whistles. the five activists called on the mayor to fire the chief following repeated police shootings. the mayor says he would standby the chief and talked about reform. today, one supporter said the mayor really needs to hear them. >> it is upsetting. it is frustrating, and he needs to do something. he needs to do something.
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people are in the hospital. all five are in the hospital. we cannot afford one of them to die. we can't. >> the five activists, the frisco five are in day 16 in front of the police station and their health was being evaluated. it is unclear exactly what the status is right now. due to the deteriorating health, they were taken to the hospital but they plan to continue their hunger strike while they're in the hospital. that is the latest reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. let's take you outside. it was a wet, soggy day. steady rain across the bay area. here is what it looked like in san francisco and san jose earlier this afternoon and let's see what it looks like now. san francisco is on your left, san jose on your right. jeff republican yeara continues -- jeff republican year -- renieri is tracking your storms.
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>> it is moving slowly. counterclockwise spin will continue to push in for saturday. the storm system had a hard time picking up any kind of energy. 700ths of an inch, hayward, two tenths of an inch and pleasanton as well. for the peninsula, it was from 500ths of an inch to a tenth of an inch. wood side, 600ths. for the south bay, close to two tenths of an inch towards san jose. we're tracking another chance of rain coming our way for saturday. it looks like it will begin to arrive, at least the possibility by 6:00 in the morning. i'll have more on the forecast in 15 minutes. >> we'll see you then, thank ju the nbc bay area app is a great way to stay ahead on the weather. click on the weather tab to see our live doppler radar. by the way, the saup free. is it a valid request or just a desperate move? attorneys for dana stubble field
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want to block the district attorney's office from prosecuting his case. he is accused of sexual assault. nbc bay area marianne favro is at the bay office. what is the reasoning here? >> well, his attorneys say they filed a motion in superior court here today because they want to make sure their client gets a fair hearing. police arrested former 49ers dana stubblefield earlier this week accused of raping a develop mentally disabled woman at his home last year. in a press conference, stubblefield himself pro claimed his innocence. now his attorney is asking that the district attorney's office be removed from the case because of comments made in press releases and to the media. >> so we feel that some of the information that really was slanted about the potential witnesses and the victim in the case was really put out to prejudice, not to inform the prubl. >> reporter: stubblefield's
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attorney says he filed a motion in santa clara county superior court to help his client get a fair trial. >> we feel that the case needs to be handled by an impartial body, they're asking for the attorney general's office to remove the prosecutor so he can get a clear hearing. >> reporter: the attorney's office issued a statement saying our response is the evidence we will present in court. we seek justice for the victim and the people. legal analyst steven clark says it is unlikely the attorney general will prosecute the case. >> and certainly just the pretrial publicity, even if it is not liked by the defense, would not be sufficient to generate a recusal of the entire da's office. >> there could be another outcome. >> what you may see is that i judge sits in and issued a gag order. >> reporter: and a gag order could mean that neither side would be able to talk publicly about the case outside of the
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courtroom. stubblefield has posted $250,000 bail and he will be back in court to enter a plea on june 3rd. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. after months of delays, the new bay bridge bike path is expected to open in september. investigative reporter jackson vanderbeck says they have to make sure an observation area is properly supported. >> on monday, they will put in place the observation deck. it is the final hurdle in a project that cyclists say can't be done too soon. >> we have about 4,000 members in the east bay, they ask me all of the time. when will we be able to ride to treasure island. so we've had quite a few delays, we're hoping it happens this summer. >> reporter: getting the path open has not been easy.
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first demolition of the old span needed to make room for the path got held up. that put off construction for more than a year. el nino brought more delays. cal tran had to put up $3 million tomorrow the path safety rail but the biggest challenge was making sure the observation deck which juts out 30 feet will be properly supported. two years ago, bridge officials rejected the angled braces called for in the original design in favor of a sleek, three arm cantilever support system. it was supposed to cost $1.1 million more but this added $2.5 million to the cost when engineers struggled to find the best way to attach the cantilever arms or beams to the concrete pier. >> that has been a bit of a challenge. >> we had to fight the right location where we could drill holes and insert bolts, large bolts into it of which the
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cantilever beams would be connected to. >> cal tran cut away concrete. that allowed for dozens of new bolts to make sure the system held. on monday, those gieant arms wil be hoisted into position. they're optimistic they will make the september opening date. >> we're not expecting objestacs at this point. >> the changes will help finish the bike path and stabilize a hillside nearby. jaxson van derbecken. i'm live in wall neat creek, ahead, why local officials are intently watching that blaze in canada. >> also found guilty. what is next for the man convicted of murdering an 8-year-old during a sleep over.
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>> good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. 63 degrees and in the weather underground sky camera, cloudy skies throughout walnut creek and 61. we're tracking another rain chance tomorrow, i'll have that in a few minutes.
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a small step towards closure for an east bay family who's 8-year-old daughter was killed in a sleep over three years ago. the man accused of shooting the
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child was found guilty in an oakland county courtroom hours ago. darnell williams could face the death penalty for the killing and another murder as well. victim's family spoke with nbc bay area's michelle roberts outside the courthouse after the verdict was read. >> it has been a long time coming for the victim's family. they've been waiting for a verdict since 2013. today they tell me they're relieved but won't say much more until the sentencing is complete. >> reporter: the family of 8-year-old aliciacarr. a jury found darnell williams guilty of killing 8-year-old alacia and anthony maderias in 2013. she was shot and killed after answering the front door at her friend's house. she was there for a sleep over. two other children and their grandmother were also injured by
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the barrage of gunfire. according to the da's office. williams was out to get revenge for his friend's death and believed his target was in the home. a few weeks later, williams shot and killed maderias during an unrelated fight. her aunt told us she has been waiting for this day. >> we got closure. we appreciate the closure we got. >> williams is facing the death penalty or life in prison. his sentencing hearing is scheduled for later this month. reporting in oakland, i'm michelle roberts nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. ending a high flying program. drones got in the way of a fire flight when flames jumped i-15 in southern california and destroyed cars. a bill that would allow first responders to take down drones is a step closer to becoming law. it passed out of the senate and is headed to the assembly. the measure would prevent lawsuits against emergency crews that damage a private drone. devastating news in canada, the wildfires could double in size over the weekend. the largest fires are burning in
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the ft. mcmurray area. this is north of edmonton. you can see it here on the map. the latest update now, close to 250,000 acres have burned. to put that into perspective, this green shaded area shows how much the area would cover if it was burning here in the bay area. almost half of the region here. this is prompting bay area fire officials to take action. elise kirchner is live. what is the latest response so far. >> reporter: don't be fooled by the wet weather we've been experiencing. they've battled more than 700 wildfires across the state already this year. that fire in canada is all too familiar to fires we've experienced here in california. the wind driven flames are raging in all directions prompting an evacuation of more than 80,000 people. >> they evacuated the whole city. >> reporter: nearly 2,000 miles away, bill stewart watches the
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wildfire in ft. mcmurray canada intently from his office at uc berkeley. >> scary beyond belief. >> reporter: the co-director for fire research and out reach says the fire there is similar to ones that have ignited here. >> this is an example of the fire in middleton, in lake county. >> reporter: he also points to the paradise fire which raged near chino in 2009. they all happened in growing communities and showed the importance of quick evacuation. >> we have that issue where people are living essentially living in a fire prone surrounded by fuel and that is what fot. mcmurray is. >> it is a good reminder for all of us in california how strong the fires can be. >> reporter: spokesperson david berlance says the fire in canada could have been fueled by a series of drier than average
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years. >> drought increases the fire risk. >> and cal fire says with the recent drought, 29 million trees have died across the state of california which will make for an even tougher fire season when it hits in the coming months. reporting live from walnut creek, i'm elyce kirchner. >> we have a lot of green vegetation now. let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri to talk about what 2 is happening here. >> that could be a problem. things are beginning to dry up outside, even with rain fall that we've had this morning, still another chance of rain as we head throughout this up coming weekend. let's go ahead and get a live look at the doppler radar and sat liechlt one area i'm concerned about is out here across the east bay. that is where we're seen the lone area of heavy rain fall develop. we'll track this closely over the next 30 to 45 minutes. we'll bring you updates if this will hold up towards fremont and
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san jose. you can see this massive circulation right now in the upper level area of low pressure sitting across california. that counterclockwise flow, again, will push in a few more showers as we head into saturday. so here is how it looks. 4:30 in the morning, rain fall beginning to return a across the north bay, maybe here across contra costa county and it is at 8:00 in the morning with heavier pockets rain on saturday through about 11:00. 8 to 11:00 in the morning, best chance of rain fall as we head throughout saturday. after, that we will gradually see drying conditions by saturday evening. i want to focus in on the entire weekend forecast and what is going to be happening with the temperatures. tomorrow will be similar to today. we'll be cool. 66 in the south bay. by sunday, we warm up to 72 in the south bay, we get some sun breaks moving in but some of the clouds will linlinger. if you're looking for something to do on mother's day. this is for you but dads this is also for you. if you haven't thought of
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anything to do with mom and the kids on mother's day. you have to head out, nbc bay area is sponsoring this. it is the filoli mother's day flower show. if you happen to go on mother's day. partly sunny skies. check it out. raj and jess, we'll have more on the forecast in 25 minutes. >> it is good for the dads. we need to plan for the moms. >> thank you, jess. are technology companiesing an unfair -- companies getting an unfair advantage when if comes to money? the president says yes and has a plan to fix it.
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happening now, a case perplexing doctors, health leaders are calling two children in pakistan solar kids. once the sun goes down, they both lapse into a vegetated state not able to move or talk. need tips for mother's day activities, viewers are posting on our facebook page. more news after the break.
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it was the talk of the business world and the campaign trail. the latest job's report which showed a slow down in our country's economy. >> president obama taking aim in an attack at silicon valley companies which are costing the country billions of dollars. big story kleins, scott. >> the job numbers that came out leave something to be desired for the obama administration which admits the economy is
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growing more slowly than they would like. the latest jobs reports showing 160 jobs reported in april. economists predicted 200,000 jobs. one reason, perhaps, the president tried to turn the focus to big companies, paying their taxes over seas instead of here in america. tech companies are among america's biggest profit generators, but some have used financial loopholes to pay some of the taxes over seas at lower rates than what they would pay here. president obama addressed those loopholes directly. >> in america, no matter how wealthy or powerful, you should play by the same set of rules as everyone else. >> one law professor say companies using tax loopholes deprive america as much as $150 billion in revenue each decade. apple alone is said by some to have saved close to $30 billion
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by paying a chunk of the taxes in ireland rather than in the u.s. the president says lawmakers should act. >> which would not only give people greater confidence in the system but would be good for our economy. it would make sure that families and small businesses who don't have fancy lawyers and fancy accountants are being treated the same as big corporations who do. >> reporter: a white house request to bring more of the money back home. >> for a little perspective on this, the top tax rate corporations in the u.s. is 35%. in ireland it is 12 and a half %. apple, by the way, said it paid $13 billion in income tax last year. raj? >> that is a lot of money. flights in san francisco is in indianapolis. sales force is expanding to the midwest and renaming the tallest building in downtown indy. ceo marco benny re -- announced
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it would be called sales force tower. they plan to hire 800 work dwery 2021. the company was outspoken in proposing an indiana state law last year which was considered to be anti-gay. that law was later reversed. the speed is what is so dangerous. >> hikers versus bikers. who should have access to the trails on a popular bay area mountain? i'm vicki nguyen, we look at what happens when there is bath behavior on the trails and why bikers and hikers say they don't feel safe. anger and frustration inside a san jose courtroom. the exclusive look at the two-year-old murder. that is coming up next.
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we all know that the mountain is known for beautiful views but it is also home to an ugly battle between hikers and mountain bikers. >> bikers want more access to the trails but it would endanger hikers safety. passionate groups here. who gets the right of way? >> the trails can get crowded. bikers say they're looking for a place to avoid cars. hikers say they want a place to avoid nature without worrying about bikes. new data shows when there is bad behavior on the mountain, neither side can expect much enforcement. from breathtaking views where land meets ocean to thick forest where woodpeckers finds refuge.
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there are 800,000 visitors a year including a growing amount that come for this. mountain biking took root here in the 70s. on a repeated sunday we found mountain bikers sharing the trail with hikers and joggers. on some mount tam trails they report they're going as fast as 21 miles an hour using strava, an app that tracks speed. the speed limit is 15 miles an hour. over the past two years, park rangers issued 26 bike site yag yags. there are republican debates that cause -- renegades that cause problems there are rangers that oversee them. >> are you underestimating the amount of enforcement needed. >> we don't have the resources at this time. i can see why there are very few citations written partly because of the time to get wherever
6:32 pm
that -- where that violation is and partly because we do a lot of education, too. >> it is unlikely you'll catch a bicyclist in the act. >> correct. >> the bike coalition wants access to a half mile stretch on the easy grade trail. the group says mountain bikers need a way to get to the popular mountain theater without having to compete with cars on narrow, windy roads. >> we're not asking, you know, for some grandiose access. we just want something to address safety and connectivity. his group petitioned the state parks for the use. >> i can you can provide the connectivity that bicyclists need and the safety that hikers enjoy. >> this is not a park that was set out to have anything like mountain biking. >> jordan is a hiking activist on an up hill climb to keep mountain bikers off of the trail. he worries about the environmental damage from bikes. >> when we cut down the tree that's have to be cut down for
6:33 pm
the mountain bike trail and we totally disrupt the water flow and these are many rare threatened and endangered wildfires. >> the speed is what is so dangerous. >> the biggest concern for linda is safety. she asked us not to use her last name out of concern for her safety. >> i bicyclist came speeding down a hill, around the curve, and hit me, knocked me down. i got all bruised and scraped all over one side of the body. >> linda doesn't want bikers on easy grade saying there is little accountability for those who break the law. >> we went to the range, reported it, but there is nothing that can be done. we didn't know who he was. >> but mountain bikers also feel they're at risk when riding on the roads. chp data shows officers were called out to 20 bike accidents on roads surrounding mount tam
6:34 pm
from january 2014 to april of 2016. >> a lot of people don't realize that some choose mountain biking because they're not comfortable biking out on the roads. in a place where both hikers and bikers are most comfortable out on the trails, the road toward a compromise is still full of bumps. >> the change of use proposal is in the design and planning phase. the state park's department says it welcomes public comment. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for vicky or anyone in the investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. one week from today the man accused of killing sierra lamar returns to court. it has been more than four years since lamar disappeared on her way to high school in morgan hill. dozens volunteers are angry and frustrated at the on going legal delays. the family is also frustrated.
6:35 pm
the murder trial was supposed to start last month but was postponed yet again. he is due in court next friday for another hearing. the actual trial is scheduled for may 23rd. a san jose family will have to wait longer for any sense of comfort. they were expecting the man convicted of murdering their mother to be sentenced today but it was delayed by the judge. in a story you'll see only on nbc, david trujillo joins us where the family is not only emotionaly crushed. >> the victim's own cousin is the defendant. there was a delay in the sentencing and it honorth victim's husband. >> on a dark and gloomy morning, he walks out with bad news. he has to tell his three little girls the man who pled guilty to killing their mother still hasn't been sentenced.
6:36 pm
>> >> translator: angry and frustrat frustrated, he says that his family still can't reach the end of the nightmare. theresa was killed in may of 2014 at the family home in san jose. the alleged killer is thisman, her own cousin, gabriel. he was scheduled to be sentenced but it was delayed for unspecified reasons. >> he says for months he decided not to tell his three daughters that their mother was murdered, only that she died of natural causes to spare them the anguish. he finally told them a few days ago. >> the family is really in crisis right now. >> he is a retired san jose police officer. his shop with the cop foundation has been helping the family financially because he is struggling to raise his three
6:37 pm
girls on a gardener's income. >> the children are involved with this horrific incident. cortez says for cops, the responsibility for victims goes deeper than closing a case and that some cases you just don't forget. he relied on miracles to get through the last two years, two years of trying to explain what happened to a wife and mother. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. meals on wheels needs some dough. volunteers are launching a fund raising effort to cover the cost of repairing a meals on wheels truck that was stolen and damaged. the suspects are accused of carjacking the truck from a meals on wheels distribution center yesterday in fremont. this turned into a 15 mile police chase and ended with that right there on 580 with the truck on its side. truck is now out of commission. tonight volunteers are borrowing and renting other vehicles to deliver 400 meals to seniors in
6:38 pm
need. they're also accepting donations. walking away from a southern california plane crash. hard to believe when you see the video. they reported engine failure. the plane didn't make it to the run way. they made it to a grassy field' voiding homes and flipping the plane. still, the two people on board managed to walk away. minor injuries, you can see it there in the middle of the field. the plane is registered to a flying museum out of dallas. coming up, sniffing out cell phones. we go inside of a local prison where a k9 is fighting crime with his nose. >> the zika virus may not be impacting the olympics yet but major league baseball is making a move because of the infectious virus.
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lots of excitement. video from the space x of the first stage of the rocket landing safely on an unmanned barge in the ocean took place last night. it is the second time space x has stuck the landing. meanwhile, the other part of the rocket successfully delivered a japanese communication satellite into orbit. puerto rico is off. that is the word for major league baseball after players raised concerns about the zika virus. the marlins and pirates were supposed to play a two game set in san juan at the end of the month. they will be played in miami instead. the league and the players association says several players expressed concern about contracting the virus and transmitting the virus to the partners. a giant honor for a baseball
6:42 pm
legend. willie mays turns 85 today. happy birthday. to honor the kid, san francisco dedicated the cable car number 24 to mays who is ringing a bell there. shaet ever giant to wear number -- he is the only giant to ever wear number 24. he is considered by many as the greatest baseball player of all time. this is a big weekend especially if you love horses. this morning the kentucky derby horses, getting last minute training in before tomorrow's race. this year's favorites niquist and exaggerator. you can see the kentucky derby right here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. we told you about the favorite. our favorite name was suddenbreakingnews. >> oh, yes, suddenbreakingnews. >> that is great. >> suddenbreakingnews makes a sudden breakaway. >> we are rooting for suddenbreakingnews. >> i wonder if that was a former
6:43 pm
producer. >> it will be rainy, get inside, going, go! suddenbreakingnews. >> we have to put money on that. >> a little bit. >> that is where our money is. the money is on more rain fall as we head throughout this weekend forecast. in fact, right now on the doppler radar, we're tracking areas of rain fall that could be headed towards milpedas by 7:43. we'll have more on that and the mother's day weekend in just a few minutes. >> marijuana, methamphetamine, tobacco and cell phone. >> a dog sniffing out illegal activity and products in our prisons. we'll show you how the newest weapons, the dog and fighting against gang violation. -- gang violence. when consultant josh atkins books at
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he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and think big. and when josh thinks big you know what he gives? i'll give you everything i've got and then some... he gives a hundred and ten percent! i'm confident this 10% can boost your market share. look at that pie chart! boom! you've never seen a number like that! you feel me lois? i'm feeling you. yeah you do! let's do this! watch out he just had a whole thimble full of coffee... woot! woot! the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah!
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it is no secret and no surprise, criminals are tech saby using -- savvy using new tactics like smart phones and social media to commit crimes and pass messages in and out of prisons. now the state is sniffing out
6:46 pm
action. >> he may be man's best friend but for the inmates at the california medical facility, he is their worst enemy. for six hours a day, draco slips, slides and sniffs under cell doors. >> drako is used to find marijuana, methamphetamine heroin, cocaine, tobacco and cell phones. >> he was the first to train dogs to sniff for cell phones. we trained him in about 15 minutes. he finds about 100 cell phones each year. >> he finds the odor and says where it is my toy? >> he probably disrupted the plans dozens of gangs who use the cell phones to commit crimes from behind bars. >> with cell phones, they can communicate between each other, the gangs are still alive and thriving, you know, the contraband, how it is trafficked in is alive and thriving because
6:47 pm
of the cell phones. >> a report from the california department of corrections says inmates are increasingly smuggling cell phones inside to coordinate criminal acts outside. in 2010, investigators linked 200 crimes to calls made from inmate cell phones. leaders are working with phone companies to jam centrals in the prisons -- signals in the prisons. >> good boy. >> until then, drako is the state's best defense. it takes about an hour or two for prison scratchers to search a cell properly. it takes drako just seconds. are you feeling lucky? tomorrow's powerball jackpot is among the largest in history, staggering 415 million. it surged high after 18 consecutive drawings with no jackpot winner. customers in milpitas are hoping lightning strikes twice. the gas station sold a winning
6:48 pm
$425 million powerball ticket in 2014. >> i don't really buy lottery tickets. this is my first one. the guy was at the register telling me it was big so i was like, yeah, i'll get one. >> when it gets up here, i might as well throw my money away. it is worth a gamble, if you don't play, you can't win. >> the chance of winning is extremely slim. one in more than 292 million but it never hurts to try. the drawing is just before 8:00 tomorrow night. okay, i think i've been asleep. i didn't hear about this. we have to get on the ball here. >> chevron. -- >> the fear of missing out. they call it fomo. >> i have fear of missing out on 415 million. that's for sure. >> we have to get our tickets. we have to bet on the horses, too. remember that? >> a lot of waging going on. it is getting dangerous. we had rain fall we're tracking as we head throughout the weekend forecast. still a few spotty showers on the doppler radar and satellite right now. the one i've been tracking most
6:49 pm
recently is starting to fall apart across the higher elevations as expected but it still may bring spotty showers to milpitas by 7:23. otherwise a live look at the scanning radar. we're seeing for the most part a break in the widespread rain fall. as we get a look outside the sky camera network, we have clouds still across the south bay, a cool 59 so you'll need a jacket. i don't think you'll need the umbrella at least for san jose. for the peninsula, 61, san francisco, 58. if you're headed on the north bay, 59 degrees and watch for slick roadways. through tomorrow morning's forecast. everyone, again, has the chance for rain returning back. it goes again for the north bay, for the east bay, to the south bay. the storm system we've been following is now with us for four, going to five days now. it has just moved a few miles each and every day and today it is now pushing into southern california but it won't move too much into tomorrow's forecast.
6:50 pm
that is why the counter cloz wise flow will spiral into tomorrow. let me show you the timeline so you can point out the first part of the weekend. let's get to that and you'll be able to see for saturday morning, 6:00 a.m., the chance for scattered rain fall returning, then once we hit 10:00, we likely could see this staying in place. if you have any activity saturday morning, you'll want to watch out for that rain fall that will be coming back. by the afternoon hours, we'll see things starting to dry out, maybe an isolated spotty shower here to santa rosea. napa, middle town and calistopa. we'll get sun breaks in here. cloud cover lingering but it should be a dry forecast as we see it right now. let's get into the microclimate forecast right now. this puts san jose at 66 degrees. for the peninsula, 61 in pacifica. san mateo 64, las altos, mid-60s tomorrow. san francisco, cool, 62 into
6:51 pm
mission and 64 the marinea. north bay, east bay and trivalley, best chance of any rain fall would be napa and santa rosa with temperatures in the low to mid-60s. oakland expecting 66. fremont, 65 and for the trivalley we'll come in with 65 degrees through pleasanton. for the weekend forecast, we have the chance of lingering scattered rain on saturday. then by sunday, we clear out and temperatures warm up a few degrees. now, look, if you're not sure what to do on mother's day. you have to head out here across the peninsula to the nbc bay area sponsored event. it is the filoli mother's day flower show. we have 79 on sunday. >> do we take any of the flowers? >> you can't take the flowers. >> we don't take, raj, but thank you for the thought. thanks, jeff. they're the best women bowlers in the world and they're here in roner park. why for over a decade didn't we
6:52 pm
see snem their stothem? their story, next.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
you know who that is. >> dremon. >> they took off from their charter plane headed to portland. it is official, no steph curry. he will be on the bench. here is the good news. he practiced with light drills before they left for portland. curry could return for game four on monday. >> okay, from baseball to bowling. 80 of the best female bowlers are in roaner park right now. >> it is the sonoma opener.
6:55 pm
>> here is colin resch. >> the nationwide professional women's bowling association didn't even exist. at least not since 2003 and now look, the best of the best are gathered here at rohnert park double decker lane and they're vying for the top prize. >> we have 13 events, four majors, this is fantastic for the womens to bring it to rohnert park where there is history, they've conducted events. >> fremont native and current berkeley resident emily fagen grew up wanting to play professionally and the tour went a year hiatus. she is thrilled to get a second chance at it. >> it is kind of surreal. it is my first event actually. a lot of women have done it before. i've been looking forward to it since the junior year of high school. i'm really excited.
6:56 pm
>> she is similar to many of the players, aside from the bowling career, she has a regular full time job. same goes for tim and jacquelyn fairis. he is a contractor, she is a district manager. they both play professionally when they can and have chosen to make it a family affair. >> bowling is our life. that is my drug of choice. that is what kept us together and made it 13 years. this is our first born and so we work all day and then we bowl all night. >> and the farris' wouldn't have it any other way. >> a bowling family is a happy family. >> the tournament runs through saturday night. in rohnert park. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> the family that bowls together, stays together. cute baby! >> it is the secret of marriage, bowling. every couple has gone bowling this weekend. >> we have to get bowling shoes. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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trump, kelly, the rematch. the first look at their highly anticipated new face-off. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra the interview america has been waiting for. >> let's talk about us. >> megyn kelly and donald trump finally sitting down to bury the hatchet. >> are you bias against donald trump? >> what donald confides in megyn about their famous feud as he comes under fire today for taco-gate. >> next week he'll be eating a falafels and claiming he loves muslims. >> look closely for the funny clue in the photo. ben and jen putting the divorce on ice?


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