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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. >> we're in shock. the entire office just can't believe what happened. >> a fun loving person. it's going to be a big loss for the city. >> shock and sadness. a well-known local attorney stabbed to death. good evening. thanks for being with us. >> we begin with a developing story, a brutal and bloody stabbing in san francisco patreo
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hill. tonight friends are mourning the horrific death of marlon sa mora. police have detained somebody. >> our sources tell us that the nephew has been detained and behind me you have notes and flowers in front of the home of za mora where she was pronounced dead this morning. >> sheets were held up as the medical examiner took her away. >> marla had a heart of gold. she exemplified what a public defender should be. >> notes and flowers are placed outside of her home in patrao
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hill. officers were called to the home for a stabbing around 11:00 a.m. when she showed up she found z, mora's body which had been stabbed a number of times. >> she was a fun loving person. >> her neighbor says he was just hanging out with her last night. he's still trying to figure out why someone would kill her. >> it's going to be a big loss for the city. that's all i have to say. >> this is still an ongoing investigation but sspd aren't looking for any suspects at this time. >> we approach midnight and dozens of protesters remain at san francisco's city hall still demanding change and still hungry. this group has been going strong for more than eight hours.
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the frisco five in the hospital tonight continuing their hunger strike. we're at city hall this evening with the newest development. >> this intense standoff is far from over. protesters are on the sidewalk in front of city hall but sheriff's deputies are guarding the front doors. deputies finally cleared the building about 20 minutes ago. it took pushing, shoving, and arrests. they're demanding the firing of police chief and they say they want reform in a racist police department from top to bottom. they took over the city hall at about 7:00 tonight. the group stood their ground in front of the may's office. protesters announced they were leaving but they didn't leave. they rushed the doors and let dozens of protesters in.
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deputies scrambled to surround them. it's happened on the day the frisco five hunger strikers are in the hospital. police cleared their camp today. it was an emotional moment for supporters. >> how much love -- >> the frisco five started a new kind of movement and it's growing. people are coming togethers for what's unjust going on in this city. >> protesters say the scene of the frisco five hunger shot is day one of shutting san francisco down. about 100 to 150 people took over city hall tonight. they moved across slowly but they were not kidding around. members of the press were caught in the struggle. protesters are still out here on the sidewalk outside of city hall. they're showing no signs of
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leaving. they say this is one of many planned interruptions. they tell me while the frisco five is in the hospital, the fight is not over. this is another demand for changes in the san francisco police department. >> thank you. it is dry for now but not for long. this is a live look over san francisco where there's a layer of hanging around and there's more coming. what can we expect tomorrow, jeff? >> tomorrow we're in for possibly another quarter of an inch across the bay area. the same storm system that's been lingering for the past five days near or over california is still in the central california. the motion around the counterclockwise spin will push in more instakt tomorrow. saturday, areas of scattered rain at 8:00 in the morning, possibly heavier pockets. we'll see it continue through about 11: 30 in the morning.
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we're tracking this through your saturday forecast and what it means for the mothers day weekend. >> all you will need is our nbc bay area app. >> the race for the white house goes through the bay area. a busy night for hillary clinton and unlike her many previous visits this one wasn't geared for hollywood stars or multi-millionaires. $45 got you in and she had plenty to stay. sheryl is there. what was her tone? >> her tone was serious. she also wanted to let folks know what her vie is for the presidency. hillary clinton did what a lot of bay area folks did today. she started out in oakland and ended up here in san francisco. they fought bay area traffic but when she got here she was met by protesters.
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>> we are the 99%! >> the protesters outside the masonic hall chanted slogans. >> hillary clinton has never had a war she didn't like. she's here waisting more money and lying to people. >> 2300 people lined up to get inside to see the democratic frontrunner who is battling to secure the party nomination for president. >> we're with her. >> cameras were not allowed inside but this woman shared a few pictures. >> she talked about millenials, the middle class, she talked about fighting for americans. >> senator dianne feinstein introduced the candidate. >> she's an amazing human being and totally qualified and would make a strong and positive president. >> earlier today, the former
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secretary of state shook hands with supporters in oakland. later she told a fired-up crowd at a schooled that there's a lot on the line in the upcoming election. her first order of business, beating donald trump. >> even if i weren't running for president, i would be doing everything i could to make sure that the presume active nominee of the republican party never gets near the white house. >> hillary clinton also called this a make or break election. the california primary is june 7th. >> thank you. on the republican side, donald trump in oregon tonight. that's his first visit to the state as a candidate. more prominent republicans are saying they won't endorse trump or vote for him. that includes former florida governor jeb bush and lindsay
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graham. >> firefighters are bracing for another long night. they fear the massive wildfire in canada could double in size by the end of tomorrow. large scale volcanos are under way in alberta by land and by air. about a quarter million acres have been burned. >> three years after a shocking murder, a man faces life in prison. darnell williams was convicted of killing an eight-year-old and a 22-year-old. the girl was shot to get during a sleep over. williams was trying to get revenge for his friend's death and thought his targets was at that home. weeks later he shot and killed ma deras. >> a suspect is behind bars. adam berglund was arrested this morning in san francisco. this is surveillance video.
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police say he followed a woman yesterday and attacked her. thankfully she got away uninjured. police sent out a crime alert within the department. an officer from the southern police station recognized the suspectaged hemmed k57 chur berglund. >> no train services tomorrow. bart is offering free bus service between the two stations this weekend. expect to add another 30 minutes to even an hour delay to your commute. >> your home health nurse to come out and visit you, they said. i said no, there is no home health care nurse. >> sometimes when kids go home, everything changes. coming up next, the reason parents and local lawmakers say california is breaking a promise to some of the sickest kids in our state. >> also searching for clues after his sudden death.
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the new questions investigators have for a bay area doctor and his son. >> and good evening. we have another round of rain coming your way for saturday. i'll have the forecast and a look ahead at the mothers day forecast. thank you so much.
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some of the sickest kids in california, they need care 24/7. advancements in medicine allows these kids, once confined to nursing facilities, to return home. >> we discovered that critical resources aren't always there for them when they arrive home. liz, what's the issue? >> well, the demand for home care is increasing, but the health care community says the supplies haven't caught up. some people blame low pay. others, a shortage of skilled nurses. either way, many agree getting vital services is harder than it
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should be. as you'll see, that's forcing some parents to take extreme measures to get their kids the help they need. an unclinched hand, a breath without a vent weightor. two tiny victories two and a half-year-old sought to achieve. she weighed less than two pounds when she arrived eight weeks earlier r early. she was in i.c.u. for 18 months. now hugs from mom happen in her own bed. >> we really, really wanted her home. it had been a possibility if you had stayed in the bay area? >> we would not have been able to bring her home in the bay area. >> they knew their daughter needed 24-7 care. a team of specialized nurses -- >> there you go. >> give you life sustaining treatment. but in napa where they live,
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their search for full-time nursing support came up short, so they moved. 500 miles south. >> you had to uproot your family from the bay area, move down to san diego to find nursing services? >> yes. >> should it be that way? >> no. >> the long journey home highlights what many call a lack of vital home care for really sick kids. the investigative unit contacted the children's services departments in all nine bay area counties. six report concerns or problems, like alameda where cliejts are on waiting lists for months or napa where none of the agencies could offer home health for kids. he works for maxim. >> health services. >> he says it's a constant challenge to fill shifts for patients like her. >> other times when your agency
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can't provide services to people in need? >> oh, yeah. every week. >> a 2015 study found access to medical care are on the decline. >> agencies no r not taking the kids like they used to. >> 144's in the bay area accept medical but some report they provide care for children. >> a break of a promise to some of the sickest kids in california. >> recently proposed legislation called for pay raises for nurses who work with medical patience. s. >> has this reached a crisis? >> absolutely. bureaucrats in sacramento are turning their head. but as long as they don't track the numbers, they can plead ignorant. >> i would say that we do not
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have a consistent system of a problem with access to home health care. >> jennifer kent is the director of home health care services, the department responsible for helping low income and disabled californians. she said the state doesn't track when patients are turned down. she says the department hasn't received consistent complaints. >> are you asking for that information to help get a better picture of what's going on? >> if we were worried about it or thought there was a systemic or even a geographical problem, we could do that. >> kent says the state oversees the number of home health care hours authorized but doesn't track the number of hours agencies can't fill. >> wouldn't it be worth looking into that information. >> i'm happy to look into it. >> would you commit? >> yeah, we can do that. >> options aren't available to medical patients. james is covered by commercial
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insurance. after 40 days in the hospital following two throat surgeries, james returned to his santa rosa home. >> it's really scary, the first few days of coming home. >> james eats through a feeding tube. whether blood was found in his stomach flood, she called kaiser. >> they said did the home health nurse come out to see you? and i said no. there is no home health service. >> a nurse finally visited ten days after james came home. kierz told us it can't discuss the case because of privacy laws but said the shortage of home health nurses is a challenge affecting the entire health care community. home health care must be a priority, she says. with did right resources and committed caregivers, they believe kids like their daughter are thrive. she's a success story, you see. they say it's all because of
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tujt. >> and she's getting more and more opportunities every day. >> we're hearing from doctors and icu nurses who say kids have to stay in the hospital months longer than necessary in some cases because they can't find available in will have home nurses. they warn there is an expensive problem for the state. not only is home a better place, but it's usually cheaper, too. >> i can only imagine. all right. thank you so much, liz. if you have a tip for voifr unit or for liz specifically, 888-987-tins. >> it is friday night, let's bring in our chief meteorologist. we have little league games tomorrow. then sunday, we've got to take care of this one. >> all mommies. >> jessica, we're going to dry it out for you on sunday.
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>> thank you. >> for all the mothers out there, saturday will be a different stoerp for the little league games in the morning. hopefully it won't be a rainout for you. we'll tell you what we have. a live look another the doppler radar and satellite show the clouds moving in. we have a break right now in the system but tomorrow morning we have the rainfall coming back. 54 in the south bay. east bay at 52. san francisco 54 tanned north bay in the low 50s. let's get you to the futurecast. 8:00 in the morning, rain moving back in, scattered in nature. then possibly some widespread rainfall here at 11: 30 in the morning with moderate possibility of rain. now, really again, 8:00 to about 11 kwlun 30 is when the moltds are showing the potential for rainfall moving in. that's what you want to be concerned about in the morning. by the afternoon, we keep the cloud cover with us but we start to dry out. let's take you into the forecast.
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saturday, you can see across san francisco it stays cool. marina, 60 degrees. financial district, 63. palo alto, midding 60s. back to the coastline, 61. if you have any desire to head there. watch for rough waves at the coast line. san jose 66. north bay, east bay and trivalley, told -- cold, cloudy. east bay, warmest temp, 67. trivalley pleasanton comes in at 64. as we round out the weekend forecast, sunday we'll begin to see sun breaks here. temperatures warm up three to about six degrees. that puts the south bay at 72. the peninsula is where you want to take mom this weekend, there's a flower slow. if you're headed there on sunday, 70 degrees. dasds, if you're hearing about there and you want to look it up, check it out. i'm still working on tickets but you're a vip there.
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>> yeah. so open the gates for me. thank you very much. up next, powerful mother's day message. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. jane fonlda is here. do not change the channel! >> happening now on our website, owners of a vegan restaurant chain, cafe gratitude say they're getting death threats. the restaurant has a location in santa cruise. what's your name? the most popular baby names book is out. in 2015, emma was number one for girls, noah for boys. back in two minutes mplgts
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. looking for answers in the death of legendary singer prince. as the investigation moves forward, a doctor's interview is being asked for. they're not accused of any wrongdoing. investigators want to know more about the relationship with prince. the doctors with addiction specialists it is. a mechanic of the musician's staff reached out for help. prince died at his minnesota home at 57 years of age. the exact cause of doet hasn't been announced but there may be a link to prescription drug overdose. >> about a year ago sheryl sandberg's husband died while vacationing in mexico. today she reflected on what it's like being a single mother. she noted that too many single moms are living in poverty,
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struggling to put food on the stable. she says as we rightly celebrate mother hood and let's vow to do more to support them every day. >> can bowling save your marriage? some special visitors at the giants game as well. that's coming up next v 4. it's the disneyland resort diamond celebration.
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ok. this is no ordinary beer drinking bowling league. 80 of the best women bowlers in the world are in town. >> it is the sonoma county open. here's the story. >> until 12 months ago, the nationwide professional women's bowling association didn't even exist, at least not since 2003. now look. the best of the best are gathered here and they're vying for a top prize of $10,000. fremont native emily fagan grew up wanting to play professionally and the tour went on a hiatus. she's thrill to get a second chance. >> it's a thrill. a lot of these women have been looking forward to this for so
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long. so i. >> fagan is similar to many players. aside from her new bowling career she has a full-time job. same goes for this couple. they both play professionally when they can. as you can see, they've chosen to make it a family affair. >> bowling's our life. it's my drug of choice. this is our first born and so we work all day and then we bowl all night. >> the tournament runs through saturday night. colin rash, nbc bay area. >> up next, the legendary band rocks the house at tonight's giants game. >> they also sing happy birthday to a special someone.
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♪ yeah. metallica game tonight at the giants game. the lead singer sang happy birthday to willie mays.
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the baseball legend turned 85 today. to top it off, the giants beat the rockies 6-4. >> little basketball for you. the warriors are in portland tonight. it's official. no steph curry but he did some light drills today. he's still nursing that knee injury. he could potentially return for game four on monday but it depends on the knee and those nifty sox we wears. >> big sports weekend. >> go 7 news, run, run, run. >> have a good weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jane fonda, anrew rannells, musical guest, keith urban.


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