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tv   NBC Bay Area News Special Edition  NBC  May 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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an app that uses gps to track speed. the limit is 15 miles per hour. records show over the past two years park rangers issued 26 bike citations from biking where prohibited to biking after hours but none for speeding. >> there are renegades that cause problems. >> reporter: the state park superintendent oversees the rangers responsible. >> are you under estimating the amount of enforcement needed? >> i think we need more, of course. we don't have those resources at this time. i can see where there are few citations written because of the time of where to get the violation and partly because we do a lot of education. >> it is unlikely you catch a bicyclist in the act. >> reporter: now wants access to a half mile stretch. the group says mountain bikers need a wie to get to the popular theater without having to compete with cars. >> we are not asking for
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grandiose access to trails. we are asking for something to address safety and connectivity. >> reporter: his group petitions for the change of use. >> i think you can provide the connectivity the bicyclists need and safety that hikers enjoy. >> this is not a park set out. >> reporter: a hiking activist on an uphill climb trying to keep mountain bikes off the trail. he led hundreds of hikes and worries about the environmental damage from bikes. >> the trees will have to be cut down and we totally disrupt the water flow. and these are many rare threatened and endangered plants and wild flowers. >> the speed is so dangerous. >> reporter: the biggest concern for linda is safety. she asked us not to use her last name out of concern of a
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hit-and-run. >> a bicyclist came speeding down a hill around a curve and hit me, knocked me down. i got all bruised and scraped all over one side of my body. >> reporter: linda doesn't want bikers saying there is already little accountability for those who break the law. >> we went to the ranger and reported it but there is nothing that can be done. we didn't know who he was. >> reporter: mountain bikers feel they are at risk when riding on the roads. chp data shows officers called out to 20 bicycle accidents on roads surrounding the area from january 2014 to april 2016. >> a lot of people don't realize that some choose mountain biking because they are not comfortable biking on the roads. >> reporter: in a place where hikers and bikers are most comfortable out on the trails the road towards a compromise is still full of bumps.
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the change of use proposal is now in the design and planning phase. the state parks department says it welcomes public comment. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit. let's take you live outside. this is the bay bridge. dark storm clouds lingering overhead. earlier a strong storm brought rain through much of the bay area. meteorologist rob mayeda tracking the process. >> southern california and central california picking up almost an inch or more of rain. bay area not quite a quarter inch of rain. still by may standards that's impressive. san francisco less than 0.1 inch. seeing rain moving from north to south. not much happening on the radar around the south bay or north bay. we are watching the next wave of
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moisture which will drop in from north of sacramento and move through the bay area overnight tonight. this will bring maybe another 0.1 inch of rain for wettest spots. you can see the system moves through. for tomorrow morning and mom's day plans early in the day especially in the north bay a chance we could see a few showers to start the day. the system which has been sticking around for the last two to three days showing signs of moving away. still a chance of thunderstorms for your sunday but behind the area of low pressure a big warmup. we'll show you the impact on your seven day forecast coming up. the rain has proven to be pretty dangerous on the roads. investigators say that the wet conditions did play a role in the deadly crash in san mateo county. chp says a 17-year-old boy died after he lost control of his car and hit a tree. this is on highway 35 just south of alpine road.
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both directions of the highway were closed but they did reopen about three hours ago. you can track the weather and your neighborhood with our app. you click on the weather tab there where you see live doppler radar. san francisco city hall is in need of repairs after a lengthy protest there yesterday. supporters of the so-called frisco five gathered at city hall and stayed until midnight. frisco five have been on a hunger strike demanding police chief be fired for what they say is a violent and racist police force. 33 protesters were arrested. frisco five all taken to the hospital yesterday because they are in deteriorating condition. two remain on hunger strike. outpouring of support continued today outside the home of a well known san francisco attorney. sources tell nbc bay area news
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her nephew has been detained. the public defenders office for three decades and was involved in a case that drew national attention. new details on a fire at an assisted living facility in the south bay where 50 people were forced to evacuate. tonight police say one person was hospitalized. the fire broke out after 6:00 this morning at the facilities on south 9th street. at least ten other units were damaged when the sprinklers went off. no word on the condition of the person that was hospitalized or the cause of the fire. and an office building in berkeley went up in smoke just after 8:00 a neighbor noticed smoke coming out of the second story window about a mile south of uc berkeley. police say the building did get a lot of damage but the fire does not appear to be suspicious. it has been nearly a month since police announced they were searching for a missing toddler after finding the girl's mother
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dead in a park. tonight the girl's relatives say they are holding out hope she will be found alive and well. christie smith live in san francisco with more on that. >> reporter: we spoke with an aunt who says she is doing everything she can to keep this little girl's picture out there trying to remind people that a family here in the bay area is still looking for the 2-year-old girl they describe as friendly, curious and intelligent and fun to be around. this has been an absolutely heartbreaking time for the family. the little girl's mother's body was found last month. san francisco police are getting assistance from the fbi. the family just want the little girl home. they launched a facebook page and are still circulating flyers. this mother was last seen april 1. her sister believes someone may be taking care of the little girl but they want her safe back
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home. >> i keep thinking of things i can do to try to figure out where she is. so many times i feel so helpless because i just can't think of anything else i can do. i have been putting up flyers. i have been asking people to share and repost on facebook her picture. so many people have. >> reporter: the search warrants have been served in oakland, emeryville and daly city all trying to find her. she may have links to other parts of california, as well. contessa hits says she believes investigators here in san francisco are doing all they can to find her. san francisco police say the case is still very active and open. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. coming up next, sniffing out cell phones. we go inside a local prison where a k-9 is fighting crime with his nose. we are seeing cloudy skies
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over san jose. the radar shows more rain on the way in your weekend forecast. how much of an impact on mom's day plans in the bay area when we come right back.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology
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developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. hundreds of bay area kids recognized today for their skill in what can be a very tough subject, math. >> this year 75,000 bay area students took part in a free nine-week math challenge called learn storm. 300 students scored very high not only in academic knowledge but in points awarded for grit. they were treated to a pep rally, a carnival and a special ceremony. one student says being recognized is a big deal and not just for her. >> my family, they are like immigrants. they haven't had a high education before. me being second place give an example for my little siblings
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and cousins skbrmpt the nbc bay area was a partner of the event as well as san francisco 49ers and google. it is run by bay area educational. special ceremony in san francisco today to kick off asian pacific heritage month. growing up asian in america awards ceremony took place. more than 600 elementary through high school students submitted art, essay and video entries. many described journeys to build a better life in america. to learn more visit and search growing up asian. we have seen those incredible resk dogs save lives. in today's bay area proud we are highlighting another type of rescue dog. >> his work is quieter but as powerful. garvin thomas has the story. >> reporter: lost fingers on his
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left hand years ago in an industrial accident. he says that wasn't too much of a burden to overcome. losing eye sight years later, that was. he only overcame it with the help from others both human and animal and wants to now help return. in a world where people talk all the time about counting steps tom still speaks in mind. >> we are averaging about 50 miles a week. >> reporter: he and his guide dog have been up and down the iron horse trail so many times it's an open question as to who is leading whom these days. >> good boy. >> reporter: no question, tom says where he would be without his companion. tom, you should know, has always been the active type, running and golf were given. tom was an expert barefoot water
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skier. in 2007 almost overnight a medical condition took much of his eye sight and almost all of his hope. >> it was a real struggle initially. i had given my wife a date i was going to commit suicide about two months after this happened. >> reporter: with the help of doctors and others tom said he made steps towards an emotional recovery but it wasn't until dine amow showed up that he put real distance between himself and depression. >> there was always something missing. after about a year that something wasn't missing anymore. just a piece of my soul was filled in now. >> reporter: it was guide dogs for the blind who gave him to tom and taught the two how to work together. so grateful is he for what they did, tom now wants to help them.
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tom and dynamo recently completed a half marathon together and used training as a way to raise money for the group. they raised enough to cover three years rent for one of the club's meeting spaces. the pair are also becoming regular speakers at guide dogs for the blind events. tom wants everyone to know just what a guide dog can mean and while the path they now travel every day is well worn it is part of a journey tom thought he would never be on. >> tom and dynamo are not a unique story. they have over 2,000 pairs working together in the united states. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> amazing. if you know someone doing something nice for others gaven would like to hear your story. head to our website and search
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bay area proud. if you are a dog person you know they are amazing. >> someone doing something nice for all of us telling us the forecast, keeping us dry if you want to be dry. >> it's a delicate balance. we want a nice forecast for mom's day but we can use the rain and the radar has plenty of rain on over my shoulder which typically this time of year it is pretty unusual to talk about almost a quarter inch of rain for parts of the bay area in may. let's take a look at rainfall to date numbers and carry it over from a good winter and spring. most of bay area benefitting from rain we just saw 83% to 103% of average. here is the interesting part of the story. we are out of the wettest time of the year from april, may, june and july. you see averages for rainfall for places like san jose begin to drop off. that has not been the case over the last couple of days and the snow pack about 57% of average statewide. last year at this time that is not a typo it was only 1% of
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average. what does that look like for water content? you compare both times from this year to last year. last year the area covered is 4.5%. still 20.5% is the water content. versus just under a half inch. so a huge change up towards high country still seeing a bit of snow shower. close to 8,000 feet. we are seeing rain in central and southern california and later on tonight the next batch of showers north of sacramento we think will rotate around the counter clockwise rotation and area of low pressure which begins to move to the east. notice sierra a chance of seeing thunderstorms. so mom's day plans include high country watch out for volatile weather tomorrow. thunder showers for sunday. clearing skies monday to tuesday. for bay area further west not as much moisture to work with. later on tonight we could see maybe another tenth of an inch
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of rain for a few spots most falling after midnight and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. hour by hour here comes the next batch 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. clearing skies as we move through the afternoon and temperatures should start to warm up. morning temperatures mostly 50s. by lunch time as skies begin to clear starting off in the north bay. south bay you may notice clouds sticking around. temperaturewise not too bad to wrap up the weekend. numbers in the upper 60s maybe close to 70. low 60s closer to san francisco for the north bay we'll see partly cloudy skies by the afternoon. mid to upper 60s around the trivalley. close to 70 in pleasanton. temperatures climb up. the giants game no worries. we think of showers for tomorrow. games on at 1:05. here over the next three days we see temperatures beginning to climb up. average highs should be mid 70s.
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so by tuesday now you are beginning to see temperatures warming slightly above average out towards san jose and trivalley. the pattern shift low moves out. high pressure builds in. not a strong ridge of high pressure. most inland spots probably looking at mid to upper 70s. some warmest areas could make a run close to 80 degrees. i think that will be wednesday and thursday warmest days of the week. long range outlook looks fairly dry. san jose a little bit of cooling with partly cloudy skies and san francisco warmest days of the week wednesday and thursday and closer to the coast we see numbers closing in on 70 degrees by wednesday and thursday of next week. back to you. >> thanks a lot. we'll be right back with an update to the crash that injured a chp officer after the break.
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we are following news where a local fed ex driver is under
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arrest afterol allegedly crashi into a chp officer. the officer was trying to clear a car crash in the road. 41-year-old gregory ramirez charged with driving under the influence. this is the third time in two months that a highway patrol office hit while investigating a crash. no secret and no surprise that criminals are tech savvy. many using tactics to commit crimes and pass messages. now the state is taking action against that. here is raj mathai. >> reporter: he may be man's best friend but for the inmates at the california medical facility he is their worst enemy. for six hours a day he slips,
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slides and sniffs. >> used to find marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine. >> reporter: the first handler in the state to train dogs to sniff for cell phones. >> we trained him to find a cell phone in 15 minutes. >> reporter: the dog finds about 100 cell phones each year. >> he finds the owner. >> reporter: he probably disrupted the plans of dozens of gangs who use cell phones to commit crimes from behind bars. >> they can communicate between each other. the gangs are alive and thriving. >> reporter: a report from the california department of corrections says inmates are increasingly smuggling cell phones inside to coordinate criminal acts outside. in 2010 investigators linked 200 crimes to calls made from inmates' cell phones. leaders are working with phone
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companies to jam signals in the prison. until then drakeo is the state's best defense. >> that was raj mathai reporting. it takes about an hour for two prison staffers to search a cell whereas it takes drakeo seconds. we'll be right back with one last check of the forecast. a lot of clouds. anymore rain? rob is on the way.
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the odds were heavily in his favor and nyquist did not disappoint in today's kentucky derby. >> nyquist has won the kentucky derby! >> he wins it again. >> still unbeaten. dazzling candy took the early lead. nyquist took control and managed to win. >> exaggerator made it close but close doesn't count.
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finished second followed by gun runner in third. last year's was won by american pharaoh who went on to win the first triple crown in 30 years. now eyes on nyquist to see if he can make a run at the triple crown. >> i also had a hat on today not because of the kentucky derby. >> mint juleps, too? >> a lot of rain out there. >> folks probably trying to shelter rain drops earlier. one more batch of showers coming in. don't see it right now with the regional satellite radar. notice it is moving north to south. that is the line to come through just after midnight tonight maybe good enough for one more tenth of an inch of rain. after that we call for a few showers north of san francisco at 7:00 a.m. by the afternoon temperatures starting to climb to mid to upper 60s with clearing for areas north of golden gate.
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i will show you as the low moves out early next week we have high pressure building in that will lead to temperatures climbing up a lot more by monday and tuesday. close to 80 degrees by tuesday. the head lines for tomorrow morning early showers and partly cloudy skies and warmer for mom's day sunday. happy early mom's day to you. >> and all other moms out there. >> thanks for joining us special edition of nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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beyonce in scene tight latex. a battle of the baby moms. gaga copping a feel of kate. >> inside new york's oscars of fashion this weekend on "extra." ♪ >> kim and kanye the king and queen of the ball. taylor swift going heavy metal. >> you got the glow. >> i know the glow. >> a.j.'s breaking news at the start packed gala. >> can you kill all the rumors now? >> who is replacing strahan. madonna on her rift with rocco. >> what are you working on now? >> motherhood. >> then hot couples news. katie in orlando, bradley and arena.


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