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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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killing their parents could begin as soon as tomorrow. defense attorneys and a prosecutor said friday they are ready for the preliminary hearing to start on monday as steve gulinrabe and his younger brother omar who has been kept away from cameras because the younger brother is a minor. both brothers are accused of killing their parents two weeks ago. in court on friday the prosecutor turned an electric file in full of evidence against the brothers. the legal experts say it will be hard to examine it all by tomorrow and the push for the hearing is unusual in this case. >> the fact that this case is on track for a preliminary hearing in a special circumstances murder after only ten days is highly unusual. >> if enough evidence of a crime is found in that preliminary hearing, then the case moves to trial. however, the attorney for the older brother has indicated that he could ask for a delay in the case. also a preliminary hearing is set to begin tomorrow in
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another high-profile case of lyla algood here in the middle and morris lampley on the right facing charges in the killing of a hiker near fairfax and the killing of a can it that adian . a third defendant shawn angle has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges and agreed to testify against the others as part of a plea deal. from hunger strike to general strike, supporters of the so-called frisco 5 are calling for a general strike in san francisco tomorrow unless the police chief greg sur is fired. organizers are urging everyone to stay home from work and boycott all corporate businesses and keep the kids out of school. this comes after the frisco 5 were hospitalized as a result of refusing to eat for a couple weeks. they remain in the hospital tonight. >> they are going to be in the hospital for a few days as they reintroduce food to their system. but they are in good spirits. and they are ready to get healthy and move on to the next
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steps of this movement, which has grown from frisco 5 to frisco 500 now. we have more and more people joining us. >> well, on friday protesters took over san francisco's city hall causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to windows and metal detectors. the city hall is where demonstrators plan to gather tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning for what they say this time will be a peaceful, silent protest. turning now to the forecast, changes on the way for the workweek. here's a live look outside right now in oakland. whoa! packed to the approach to the bay bridge. a lot of people heading to the city for a mother's day dinner. peggy? >> happy mother's day to all. >> yes, enjoy the nice weather as well. rob mayeda is here with what is going on. the weather is making for a nice evening around the bay. sunny skies from san jose to the bay. low 70s around downtown san jose and still low 70s near santa teresa, 73 degrees. san martin to the south, 71. in dublin, temperatures in the
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upper 60s. the mid-70s near brentwood and 67 degrees right now in livermore. there again is san francisco at 64. clear skies right now. not exactly warm around the peninsula and san francisco. if you're seeing the numbers in the low to mid-60s, the winds are onshore. but watch this, the high pressure is starting to build in, which means our days are going to turn warmer. but there is a bit of a catch to that warm up. and that will be the low clouds and fog which could get pretty thick tonight. notice the timeframe here passing midnight, low clouds starting to fill in through the delta, tri-valley and into the south bay. and it could take some time for the low clouds to clear. so could have an impact on tomorrow morning's commute as we see patchy fog and mist to start. and then as the clouds clear by midmorning, the stage will be set for a warm up that will put some spots in the 80s. this week we'll show you that in the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes from now. >> the 80s, rob, thank you so much. an extra special mother's day for courageous kids and equally courageous moms and dads. today hundreds of kids with
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cancer and their families spent the day at california's great america getting a much-needed break from their battles with cancer. nbc bay area's laura mepford is here with the latest on the families that have had to endure a lot of stress. >> reporter: it is a cool event. if you didn't know what it was about, it was a bunch of kids having fun you would think. but these aren't just any kids. a sea of kids in their yellow hats and their mothers picnicking, playing games and having their faces painted. for christine and her daughter, it's a chance to be a regular mom and a regular kid. >> i think it's wonderful. i think it's great that they can do this for us. >> reporter: for them it's a nice change from their regular routine. doctors diagnose d her as havin kidney cancer last november. today is a chance to try to
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forget about all that. >> it's a good distraction. >> we used to be pretty active people and had to put our lives on hold for the situation we are going through. >> reporter: anna-lee is one of the 600 kids enjoying the annual courageous kids day sponsored by the american cancer society. >> this is a day away from cancer for these families. it's a day they can kind of forget about the hospital and kind of just have fun. >> reporter: along with the games, mothers and their kids had a chance to take pictures with their favorite cartoon characters and retired 49er and super bowl champ ronnie lott. >> you really get to see their heart. you get to see the heart because they care about their kids and they care about how their kids have endured. >> happy mother's day. i love you. >> reporter: this event marks the 27th anniversary of courageous kids day. reporting live from santa clara, laura malpert, nbc bay area
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news. some celebrated mother's day in the hospital because they just gave birth. and hospital workers made sure they had a special treat. you can see the new moms in redwood city were treated to some cupcakes. >> nobody really wants to be in the hospital on mother's day. but if you do, what a great reason to be in the hospital, that you are a mom. so we decided to make sure that they got the special attention that they would have gotten if they were at home. >> very cool. take a look at these twins born earlier today. twins on mother's day. >> oh, my goodness. >> jeremiah jett and jackson lee. >> lookout, world. >> you're looking at little jackson lee with his mom and jeremiah meeting his dad. jeremiah jett. >> that's a cool name and a good-looking set of twins. they are in for a tough year. happy mother's day. very exciting. beautiful babies there. coming up next at 5:00, a controversy at a southern california high school is all over an alleged mistake in the
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yearbook. plus, promising to take action against one of donald trump's critics. the latest remarks by sarah palin causing a stir.
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the race for the white house, the candidates are focusing on the west virginia primary. it's tuesday. hillary clinton seems to be focusing her attacks on donald trump.
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and he's planning to meet with party leaders in washington this week. many of whom are not backing his bid for the presidency. nbc's jennifer johnson reports from washington. >> reporter: donald trump says he has millions of republican voters who support him, though he's not all that concerned about a growing list of party leaders, including house speaker paul ryan not backing his campaign. from mitt romney who trump called ungrateful to former rival jeb bush. >> he pledged that he would support the nominee. and so did this lightweight lindsey graham. >> reporter: but other party leaders think the gop better get on board. >> you have to listen to people that have chosen the nominee of our republican party. i don't -- i think it would be foolish to ignore them. >> reporter: strategists say this isn't a good sign for the gop. >> it's emblemattic of where the republican party is right now, divided. >> reporter: and a divided republican party is giving ammunition to the democratic front-runner hillary clinton. who understands the gop's
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reluctance towards trump. >> i don't think it's personnel, it's deep concern about what kind of leader he would be. >> reporter: while bernie sanders is still on the campaign trail, clinton is looking ahead to her expected battle against trump. knowing he has to do something to unify his party, house speaker ryan and other gop congressional leaders are meeting with trump this thursday and talking strategy. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. well, one of donald trump's supporters is promising to take action against one of his critics, sarah palin told cnn today that house speaker paul ryan's career was, quote, toast. last week ryan failed to endorse the presumptive gop nominee. palin threw her support behind donald trump back in january. now she's vowing to help paul nolin take paul ryan's seat. ryan is due to serve as chairman of the republican convention in july. >> interesting stuff.
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controversy at a southern california high school. coming up, why one name in the yearbook has some people outraged. plus, threatening to double in size. an update on the progress to battle a massive wildfire in canada. ♪ ♪
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. that's the question at a high school on the central honest mistake or racist act? that's the question at a high school in the central coast after a student was tagged with the wrong name in the yearbook.
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nbc's jane yamamoto explains the controversy. >>reporter: a muslim student wearing a hijab in the yearbook, but this 17-year-old high school senior says that's not her name and she's extremely sad, disgusting and embarrassed. >> no student should have to be falsely associated with a reprehensible terrorist organization. >> reporter: the council on american islamic relations or k.a.r.e. received a call from the teen's family concerned for their safety. >> they are in the election season right now and unfortunately there's been a lot of homophobic rhetoric. and we want to make sure this incident is not a reflection of that. >> reporter: the school yearbook tweeted we are extremely sorry for what occur in the yearbook. it is our duty to represent the students of los osos high and by mis-tagging and giving the incorrect name we failed to do so. >> there are many things we could do. the whole yearbook could be reprinted. >> reporter: a student named isis phillips reportedly
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transferred to a different school and the principal apologized saying the mistake is under investigation. the joint union school district is also investing to figure out how this happened. >> it could have been an oversight or it could have been a biased motivated deliberate act. >> reporter: not releasing the teen's real name but on her facebook page she wrote, apparently i am isis in the yearbook. the school reached out to me and had the audacity to say that this was a typo. i beg to differ. let's be real. >> the teen and her family plan to meet with school leaders tomorrow. the massive wildfire now seen from space. nasa releasing these pictures here of the fire burning out of control in canada. take a look at the photos here. look how massive it is. this was shot on may 4th three days after the flames broke out. the other two photos taken on friday. the fire is spreading. this was taken on may 6th. it could be months before the fire is under control.
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the flames now cover close to 500,000 square miles burning in the western province of alberta. the fire did major damage to the city of fort mcmurray. amateur video here shows the flames and how quickly they were spreading. in fact, they ended up engulfing the city there. more than 88,000 people have been evacuated. more than 1600 homes and buildings have been burned. >> as of yesterday, we had 34 fires still burning in the province. but i can happily report as well that 31 of the fires are either being held or brought under control. >> despite progress there's fear that the fire could double in size and reach the neighboring province of saskatchewan. now this match shows here how much of the area the fire would cover should that happen. the fire is expected to be the most expensive natural disaster in canadian history. the insurance costs are already running in the billions of dollars. right now officials say the power grid is damaged and water is undrinkable in the area. so far no deaths or injuries have been reported. peggy, thank you.
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let's check with meteorologist rob mayeda right now as we look at a picture of sunol. it is a big difference from yesterday. yesterday the overcast and even this morning we had some drizzle and rain in spots. but things are getting better down here. >> the weather around here has been relatively cool. 69 degrees in san jose. very interesting on the fire threat at fort mcmurray there in canada, the temperatures in alberta have been even warmer than the bay area. we had numbers in the 80s over the last couple of days. good news along the firelines at fort mcmurray, temperatures are cooling off. as we switch to the satellite and radar view, you can see the upper level system moving through. not dropping really anything in the way of rain, though, but you can see how the hotter temperatures now have moved off to the east out towards portions of saskatchewan. so things are starting to cool along the firelines but it may take weeks if not months for the rainy season to kick up towards september and october before they see relief in canada. closer to home, we have had showers the last couple of days. we have had drizzle around with
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low clouds. now the skies are looking hazy in dublin at 71 degrees. around the tri-valley, over to oakland, 65 degrees. the wind still coming in off the west so staying relatively mild. 64 with a lot of sunshine. and slow-motion traffic there. sunshine is across the golden gate bridge. more sunshine for you down to santa cruz, 64 degrees right now. patchy low clouds, mist and drizzle this morning. as terry pointed out, look at sunol here. the time lapse, light rain and drizzle for the morning and eventually partly cloudy skies. and still some clouds over the hilltops. we still have instability out there with relatively cooler air aloft. the heating of the day, the clouds build up on the hilltops. showers and thundershowers finally starting to wind down for the sierra as the upper level system slowly moves out of the four corners region and is setting off severe weather into texas and oklahoma. that will continue into tomorrow. but we'll start to see more of high pressure's influence on the weather. for one thing, at least for the morning hours, we'll be stuck with patchy, thick fog at times
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through 10:00. check out how san jose and the santa clara see low clouds through midmorning. then during the afternoon like today, the sunshine wins out. one exception to the dry rule around the bay area tomorrow or up to the north bay could be lake county. could see stray showers popping up here with the heating of the day for areas north of sonoma county. morning temperatures in the low to mid-50s with a lot of employee clouds. don't be surprised if you find patchy fog and mist for the morning commute. then lunch time, numbers in the mid-60s for the bay area and 60s and 70s for high temperatures tomorrow. mid-70s closer to los gatos, 73 in san jose. still 60s for san francisco. but we'll take another day for things warm up near san francisco. to the north bay, highs in the mid-70s and low to mid-70s near the tri-valley. as high pressure starts to build in, the warmest days of the week. you can see the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. this should be wednesday and thursday. temperatures on the rise, downtown san jose, near 80 degrees.
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places south of san jose could be in the low to mid-80s for wednesday into thursday. look at san francisco, starting to climb on up, close to 70 degrees. and then for the tri-valley in dublin, three days of the upper 70s. maybe close to 80 on wednesday. then everyone begins to cool down as you approach friday. we're going to see temperatures cooling off, sierra temperatures, too, we'll check that out. the three-day outlook there shows you almost 70 around lake tahoe. gorgeous conditions everywhere around. but here's the change we'll see later on this week, the area of low pressure approaches the coast. that will bring our temperatures down. no rain for us, but a cooler trend as we get into the beginning of next weekend. back to you. wow, put the sweaters away. still ahead, counting down to rio. >> there are many other clubs in america. >> the community center has been an international pad for olympic tennis players. >> and the new movie that had
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one of the biggest debuts ever.
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-- runs through milpitas. one of the biggest training the road to olympic glory in rio runs through milpitas of all places. >> that's right. >> one of the biggest training centers in the nation, our own backyard. >> in tihe indian community center, not ping-pong. here's joe risotto jr. >> balance, balance your body. >> reporter: you may have grown up playing a backyard game called ping-pong. >> move your legs. >> reporter: this is not that game. >> play to win the point. >> reporter: inside this normal looking milpitas strip mall is
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one of the powerhouses of the u.s. sport of table tennis. here in the india community table tennis center, this game is taken seriously. >> we have 250 kids training here. >> reporter: the mechanical engineer from india opened the center ten years ago. >> we started in an indian community center in the lobby area with two or three tables. >> reporter: these days there are over 30 tables filled with players of all sizes. >> if they want to be serious, they want to take it professional, this is the place where they end up coming. >> reporter: among the hundreds of players who train here, there is one montra you will hear often. >> maybe get to the olympics. >> i think i want to make it to the 2020 olympics. >> reporter: and for good reason, the center has trained six olympians, two bound for the 2016 games in rio including 2012 olympian lily zang.
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>> it's definitely one of the best clubs in america. >> good. good. it's a role model for many other clubs in america. we are jumping, no monkey style. a lot of players are coming all the way from other states and from other countries. >> there's a lot of coach that is are really good, high level. >> i think the hard work pays off because i think after you work hard you get good opportunity. >> reporter: though the center ranks among the top in the u.s., there's still one thing missing from its trophy shelf. >> our next goal is to win m medals. >> reporter: if a medal doesn't come home, it's mom frfrom the lack of effort. >> pretty amazing. >> look at the backhand. >> lookout, i could use that place. we are 89 degrees from rio. we are sending jessica o'geary to cover the summer games. the opening ceremony takes place on august 5th.
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well, a giant debut at the box office this weekend. the details straight ahead. also, rob is back with one final look at the forecast. a warm up is on the way. it's a good one. we'll be back. some breaking news out of
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southern california. you can see a small plane landed on the roof of a some breaking news out of southern california right now. take a look at this small plane, it landed on the roof of a building here. this is in the city of pomona in southern california, it's about 30 mile east of los angeles. no word yet on the extent of the injuries. but we are following this story right now and will bring you the latest information when we get it. once again, this is in southern california where this plane landed on the top of the building. captain america civil war soared to the top of the box office this week. the movie actually had the fifth highest domestic opening ever. it grossed $181 million this
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weekend. now in the action flick, "captain america" clashes with ironman in the super showdown. so many superheroes are clashing. the version of "the jungle book" came in second. opening third over the hollywood weekend, "mother's day" brought in $9 million. >> that sounds like a good one. also, just kind of a bit foggy out this morning and chilly, too. >> we had light rain in the morning and then like clockwork, by noon we had the skies clear. a gorgeous evening hanging on to the low 70s near the tri-valley. tomorrow morning a repeat of today. a lot of low clouds, misty skies and patchy fog. it may slow the commute. but moving into the afternoon just like today, 60s and low 70s. the warmest days coming up tuesday, wednesday and thursday where the valleys could reach the upper 70s and low 80s. so spring weather coming on back to the bay. >> how about that? >> "nbc nightly news" is next. more local news at 6:00. >> have a great night. see you back here in a half hour.
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on this sunday night, dangerous storms. severe weather tearing through part of the country on this mother's day weekend, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, and it's not over yet. out of control. that wild fire in canada is still growing, dangerously shifting in different directions, well over 1,000 homes destroyed, more threatened. on the attack. exactly six months from election day, donald trump now attacking hillary clinton, as never before. hackerville. inside the town in transylvania that is not only ground zero for cyber crime, but also for fighting it. and the golden years. checking in with recent retiree american pharoah, living the good life and still earning millions, a year after winning the triple crown. "nightly news" begins now.


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