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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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presidential cante starts now. right now at 6:00, presidential candidates taking note of the california primary, bernie sanders making moves into northern california trying to drum up support. good evening, everybody. >> sanders will be in northern california starting tomorrow. he has stops in both sacramento and stockton. >> and a stop in the bay area may not be too far off. marianne favro is here now with a closer look at what we can expect. >> this will be sanders' first campaign trip to northern california. he is going to be speaking in sacramento tomorrow evening at 5:00 and then stockton on tuesday. he plans to talk about a wide range of issues, including
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getting big money out of politics and his plans to make public colleges and universities tuition-free. even though sanders has a very slim chance of winning his party's nomination, california voters are still important to him. >> sanders wants to make sure that his values and the values of his followers are heard all the way up to and through the convention. >> today sanders campaigned at rutgers university in new jersey. he talked about combating climate change and raising the minimum wage. in sacramento today, supporters held a rally to support sanders. you may remember sanders opened a campaign office in oakland last week to try to garner more support in our state and he's planning a visit to the bay area. but so far his campaign managers are not giving us an exact date or location. the california primary is june 7th. marianne favro. >> as for the other candidates vying for the presidency, donald trump says he is not concerned about a growing list of party
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leader hes who are refusing to back his campaign, including house speaker paul ryan also due to serve as chairman of the republican convention in july. today sarah palin vowed to end ryan's career over that snub. meanwhile, hillary clinton increasingly turning her focus from sanders to trump, and she says she's been hearing from republicans interested in supporting her campaign since he became the presumptive nominee. here are some key dates for the upcoming california primary. tart starting tomorrow, absentee ballots out in the mail. early voting also starts. may 23rd another important date, the deadline to register to vote in the primary election. and of course that primary as marianne just mentioned june 7th. new details tonight on the crash that sent a chp officer to the hospital. that officer is in, quote, very serious condition. vincent smith is an 18-year veteran of the force. he's set to undergo surgery for his injuries. the crash happened yesterday
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outside sacramento around 3:00 a.m. police say gregory ramirez hit the officer with a delivery vehicle that he was driving. just a few hours ago, chp officers announced they suspect ramirez was under the influence of drugs. the preliminary hearing for two san jose brothers accused of killing their parents could start as soon as tomorrow. defense attorneys and prosecutors said friday that they are ready for the preliminary hearing to start on monday. hasib golam rabbi and his 17-year-old brother omar kept away from cameras because he's a minor at 17 are accused of killing their parents about two weeks ago. in court on friday, the prosecutor turned in an electronic file full of evidence. legal experts say it will be hard to examine all of that evidence by tomorrow and say the push for the preliminary hearing is pretty unusual this early in a case. >> the fact that this case is still on track for a preliminary hearing in what is a special circumstances murder after only
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ten days is highly unusual. >> if enough evidence of a crime is found in the preliminary hearing, then the case does move to trial. but the attorney for the older brother has indicated he may ask for a delay in the case. a preliminary hearing is also set to begin tomorrow in another high profile case. leila olgoode face murder charges in the killing of a hiker in marin county as well as a canadian tourist in golden gate park. both happened in october. a third defendant on the left has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges and agreed to testify against the other suspects as part of a plea deal. from hunger strike to just a general strike, supporters of the so-called frisco five are calling for a general strike in san francisco tomorrow unless police chief greg suhr is fired. organizers are urging everyone to stay home from work, to boycott all corporate restaurants and businesses, even keep their kids out of school. this comes after the frisco five
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were hospitalized as a result of refusing to eat for weeks. they remain in the hospital tonight. >> they're going to be in the hospital for a few days as they reintroduce food to their system. but they're in good spirits and ready to get healthy and move on to the next steps of this movement, which has grown from frisco five to frisco 500 now. we have more and more people joining us. >> on friday, protesters took over san francisco city hall causing damage to windows and metal detectors in the building. city hall is where demonstrators plan to gather again tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. for a peaceful, silent protest. oh, what a difference a day makes. yesterday we saw a lot of this, rain off and on during the day, but today a different story. we've got sunshine. we've got warmer temperatures. and tonight we're tracking some more changes on the way for the workweek. fantastic weather. meteorologist rob mayeda with the forecast for you. >> a lot of sunshine this afternoon. right now still 68 degrees in
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san jose, 70 south of downtown, almost into morgan hill and towards dublin 68. temperatures around some of our east bay communities, microclimate showing 75 near brentwood, 67 in livermore and upper 60s in oakland and alam a alameda. high pressure is building in, we're going to see warmer days but patchy fog being a bit of an issue as we head tomorrow morning. you can see the low clouds spilling all the way into the delta, tri-valley and south bay tomorrow morning. we may begin the day with a little bit of patchy fog and misty sky. 70s and 80s in your sohn-day forecast. we'll show you when the warmest temperature as rife coming up in just a few minutes. hundreds of kids fighting cancer got a chance to put their battle behind them on this mother's day. the kids and families spent their day at great america as part of the annual courageous kids day. here's nbc bay area's laura malpert with their story.
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>> reporter: a sea of kids in yellow caps and their families enjoy mother's day at great america, playing games, picnicking and having their faces painted. for monique manning and her son dylan, it's a chance to be just a regular mom and a regular kid ff's a really great opportunity. my kids and i, we get to come here and have a great time. >> reporter: a great time unlike their regular routine. doctors diagnosed dylan as having a brain tumor back in 2007. today is a chance to try to forget about all of that. >> brain tumors don't tend to go away. >> reporter: dylan is one of nearly 600 kids enjoying the annual courageous kids day sponsored by the american cancer society. >> this is a day away from cancer for the families, a day they can forget about the hospital and just have fun. >> reporter: along with the games, mothers and their kids had a chance to take pictures with their favorite cartoon characters and retired 49er and
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four-time super bowl champ ronnie lott. >> you get to really see their heart. you get to see the heart because they care about their kids and they care about how their kids have endured. >> happy mother's day. i love you. >> reporter: this event marks the 27th anniversary of courageous kids day. reporting from santa clara, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. tens of thousands now evacuated coming up a look at how massive that canadian wildfire has become and the progress firefighters are now making. and also, a california school in hot water over a name typed under a student's picture. we'll show you what the name said. but first -- >> this is one of the treasures of san francisco, and it's still here. >> he's the keeper of some of san francisco's most iconic clocks. we're going to introduce you to the man who keeps them on time. >>
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. massive wildfire burning in hundreds of square miles and still burning. take a look at images of this massive wildfire burning in canada, already thousands of homes are gone. tonight thens of thousands of people are in evacuation shelters instead of in their homes. the fire is burni ing in the western province of alberta. 1600 buildings have been burned to the ground, but progress is being made. >> all of yesterday, where there's 34 fires still burning
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in the province, i can happily report that 31 of these fires are now either being held or brought under control. >> now, despite the progress there is a fear that the fire to keep the neighboring province of saskatchew saskatchewan. it's the most expensive natural disaster in canadian history with insurance costs reaching into the billions. here's another look at how big the fire is. nasa released these images showing the wildfire from space, almost looks like a weather pattern. you can see the huge amount of smoke from the satellite photos, the first photo three days after the flames broke out and two others this past friday. you can see the progression there. >> absolutely. these days when someone wants to know the time, they're likely to check their smartphone. but some still prefer an old-fashioned clock. joe rosato jr. shows us a san francisco repairman who fixes some of the smallest and biggest clocks in the bay area.
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>> reporter: in the bustle of busy daily life, we come to think of time as an exact measure. in his clock repair shop in san francisco's noe valley, claire isn't as much you a keeper of time as a keeper of time keepers. >> i've been repairing clocks 62 years now. >> reporter: claire doesn't fix all clocks. >> nothing much else but old clocks. >> reporter: the older the better. >> oh, that's a tower clock from somewhere around 1750. >> reporter: clock collecting is a disease, but it's a socially accepted disease. i could be an ax murderer. >> reporter: like clocks that speak with their hands and often get wound up, clare is a rarity these days though he's surrounded by clocks, he and
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time are really only casual friends. >> well, i'm accustomed to not being exactly on time. >> reporter: amid this warrant of old clocks -- >> there's more downstairs. >> reporter: -- the newest thing in his shop is his 20-year-old assistant max. >> i wind all of the clocks that were running in the shop. >> max i think is the only other person i know that's under 60 that's interested in this. everybody runs these things until they die. >> reporter: in clare's world, few repairs are too small and none too big. >> this is 1898, this building opd. >> reporter: for nearly 20 years, clare has cared for the original 1898 clock still ticking away inside san francisco's ferry building tower. >> used to put this big crank and wind it up every saturday morning. >> reporter: these days, clare powers the clock with a small
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electric motor. the graffiti is vintage, broken windows from the 1906 earthquake. yet the clock still keeps time. >> this is one of the treasures of san francisco, and it's still here. >> reporter: in an age of technology -- >> today we all have a cell phone that's right within a third of a second. >> reporter: -- time is more precious than ever, but maybe not. >> i'd give it hundreds of more years rnchtsz in a time of dorian clare. >> i know exactly what it is. but does that make life better? maybe but not for me. >> helps me get to work on time. >> that's true. that is pretty cool. obviously such a love for what he's doing. pretty amazing to see some of those views. we didn't have that earlier on today. foggy and overcast. we had a transition midday as the skies have really cleared around the bay area. over my shoulder some hd city cameras showing you the sunshine we're seeing now. of course, it did not start that way as we had low clouds,
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drizzle and mist in sa follunsu. between 9:00 and noon, you had the low clouds, now breaking out into sunshine. we're going to get a lot more sunshine in the forecast as we go through the next couple of days of high pressure building in. 68 degrees right now in dublin, oakland 65 degrees, still a west wind. across the bay that's bringing in cooler air. right now 63 in san francisco with the sunshine and ocean beach the low clouds starting to gather. they're going to spill inland as we head through tonight. and thatful lead to a foggy start to the morning. hour by hour from 8:00 to midnight, pushing in through the carquinez strait over the dublin grate into the tri-valley and santa clara valley tomorrow morning. you have low clouds to contend with and slight chance of hill top showers tomorrow. we're seeing clouds over the higher hills but the north bay tomorrow stay tuned for areas north i think up toward sonoma county. you could see a few stray showers during the day. you can see it toward lake county. meept, our temperatures starting
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off in the 50s, by lunchtime into the 60s and daytime highs 60s and 70s. very similar to what we had today, lots of low clouds to start, partly cloudy, hazy clouds to finish, 70s around san jose, north bay temperatures in the 70s and mid-70s around the tri-valley tomorrow. seven-day forecast shows the effects of this ridge of high pressure, warmest days of the week coming up for wednesday and thursday. so there you go, san jose seeing temperatures climb close to 80 degrees on wednesday, thursday still pretty warm, but notice the temperatures dropping off as we head towards friday. san francisco, same trend. not quite as warm as the 80s, you need a stronger offshore wind pattern to do that. doesn't look like we'll quite get there. upper 60s, near 70 around san francisco, cooler for the second half of the week, dublin, tri-valley upper 70s to low 80s for the middle part of the week. then things gain gwynn to change come friday. the ridge will start to weaken just enough but hold its ground to take the next storm system
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and direct the energy to the north. it should crank a stronger sea breeze throw clouds our way and for areas north of sonoma county, could be showers toward the end the week. a nice midweek warm-up in testimonies. next weekend, partly cloudy skies, very similar to what we see right now. if you le today's weather, next weekend looks like a repeat performance with more 60s to mid-70s. >> it thanks very much. up next, controversy at a southern california high school. why a name in a yearbook has some people outraged. also, a multimillion-dollar powerball ticket sold in new jersey. but one worth a million bucks sold here in the south bay, we'll reveal that lucky location. one person is in the hospital
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because of this -- a small plane that landed on the roof a one person is in the
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hospital because of this situation. this small plane here landing on the roof of a building in the city of pa known ma. two people were on board at the time. only one passenger went to the hospital, that passenger is expected to be okay. honest mistake or racist act? that's the question at a high school in southern california after a student was tagged with the wrong name in the yearbook. a muslim student wearing a hijab was identified as isis philips. the high school senior says it's not her name and she's extremely sad, disgusted and embarrassed. happened at rancho cuke manga high school. the council on american islamic relations received a call from the teen's family concerned for their safety. >> we're in election season right now and unfortunately there has been a lot of islamophobic rhetoric. we want to make sure this incident is not a reflection of that. >> the school apologized in a tweet saying it's looking into the mistake. the teen and her family plan to
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meet with school leaders tomorrow. well, it was not the big jackpot but someone in the bay area is $1 million richer after last night's monster powerball drawing. cask & flask sold the ticket that is worth over $1 million that matched five of the six winning numbers. so far the lucky winner has not come forward but someone got six of the seven -- all six numbers at a 7-eleven store in trenton, new jersey. the jackpot there, the main one, $430 million. over 200 million after you pay taxes. this is the seventh largest prize in powerball history. cask & flask, that's the place around here. >> you know who didn't win? >> fallon. >> because fallon smith. if she had won, she'd be buying a sports team somewhere. that's not true. i'd be be here. i love my job. >> further evidence she didn't win. >> we have a couple of mother's day matinees on the baseball
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diamond. highlights straight ahead. plus, the info everybody wants to know. will steph curry be back for game four? we have the latest on his status next in sports. the warriors have lost two games
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this postseason ... both without steph curry. so it's no sre the warriors have lost two games this postseason, both without steph curry. so it's no secret the dubs desperately miss him and want
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him back asap. right now curry is listed as doubtful for tomorrow's game four. the mvp was forced to miss saturday's game against the blazers due to his sprained right knee. now, curry was originally scheduled to miss at least two weeks and be reevaluated on may 9th, which is tomorrow. he was hoping to get back sooner than that, but it hasn't happened. the good news, curry is making progress. for more, here's steve kerr. >> he went through practice, played 3 on 3 at the end of practice, and looked pretty good. looked about like he did yesterday in terms of the movement. conditioning is going to be an issue, but we'll -- hopefully he can get more and more work. we'll see how he comes up tomorrow in terms of after a night of sleep coming off the workout. i would just say he's doubtful for tomorrow, but he's slowly but surely making progress. to baseball, giants hosting
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the rockies, a final game of the four-game set. the cutest giants fan there. top three, colorado up 1-0. two on two outs for parra. he bloops an rbi single, giving the rockies a 2-0 lead. bottom nine, same score. runner on or brandon crawford, grounds into the game-ending double play. the giants get shut out 2-0. a's/orioles on mother's day. both teams wearing pink. bottom eight, 0s up seven-3. bases loaded for manny machado. adi adios! it's the sixth homer of the day for baltimore. not good for the a's. later in the inning, josh begly takes the mound, tenth position player in a's history to pitch. he strikes out adam jones. bullpen loves it. but the a's lose 11-3. pga tour action now, final round of the wells fargo
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championship. james hawn had himself a day, the cal graduate had a one-stroke lead on 18. hahn putting for par here, misses it. he was bogey the hole and drop to a playoff with roberto castro. castro would run into some trouble after a tee slot landed in the water. his third shot on the playoff hole goes into the gallery. it ends up in a spectator's shoe. you can't make this stuff up. yes, in a spectator's shoe. now, castro bogeyed, hahn pults for par and the wish. hahn finishes 9 under for the tournament, gets his second career pga tour win. son gr so congratulations to him. last but not least, i have to wish a happy mother's day to my beautiful mom pamela and my grandmother alisa. they both live in san jose. they're my biggest supporters. i know they're watching. i love you guys. that's it for sports. more news after the break. when consultant josh atkins books at
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>> add one wouldn't do it. had to have twins. born earlier today, jeremiah jett and jackson lee. great names. there with mom and dad, see you at 11:00. doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell, and we've got
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