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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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concrete right now but we have some things planned for the future. >> reporter: mayor lee said he would follow up on recommendations to ask the police commission to consider setting up a serious incidents review board and explore having the state or federal department of justices perform criminal investigations into officer involved shootings. today's protests did shut down the main entrance to city hall. repairs were being made to replace the front door glass that were smashed last friday. inside, a bit a hassle getting inside for their wedding. >> we had to circle around to the back door because the front was barricaded. >> reporter: tonight, the chief says he's working with the police commission on those doj recommendations and he says he respects the protester's commitment to reform. tonight, the blue ribbon panel
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expected to release its report saying the police department lacks discipline and oversight. the police union has responded saying it's a one-sided and biased report. we'll let you know at 6:00 what happens. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews. today's strike is the latest in a three-week saga. started their hunger strike on april 21. last tuesday, they marched to city hall, were joined by a few hundred other protesters. then on friday, they clashed with police inside of city hall. some of those protesters were arrested. the hunger strike ended over the weekend on saturday. but they continued to protest. a murder defendant in tears as she faces the widow of the man she's accused of killing. the widow testified about her last conversation with her husband steve carter before he and the family dog were shot on a hiking trail. nbc bay area's peggy bunker is
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here. the two women seeing each other for the first time face-to-face. >> that's right, steve carter's widow testified about the last time she saw her husband before he left for a hike with their dog. today, she faced two of the three defendants on trial for his murder. a difficult day in maran county superior court today as a preliminary hearing was held for two of the three defendants charged with murdering a popular therapist steve carter on a hiking trail and the 23-year-old canadian tourist in golden gate park. the hearing was short, set up to allow carter's widow to testify early. in addition to losing her husband, carter is also being treated for cancer. today, she told the court about the last time she saw her husband alive. defendant lila oligood cried during the hearing. last week, a 24-year-old defendant agreed to plead guilty to the murders in exchange for a
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reduced sentence. he will testify against 23-year-old morrison lamply and 18-year-old oligood. >> in many cases you'll have one co-defendant who will attempt to rush to the prosecution to get a better deal. and it's not unheard of to have a co-defendant get the better deal. >> reporter: carter's widow looked at the defendants as she testified. as oligood continued to cry. her attorney says the teenager, who's been in jail for seven months now, is now sober and terrified. >> the way the d.a. has postered this, she will die in prison. >> reporter: carter's friend tells us carter himself would have empathy for the defendants. >> we may never know what is inside of these people. but i think they were born pure and innocent like the rest of us. and something happened somewhere. >> reporter: the couple's friends says the dog that was also shot on the trail did
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survive and that dog gives them a lot of strength. the murder trial does begin in december. raj. >> thank you, peggy. we're getting our first look at the teenager accused killing a well-known san francisco attorney. 19-year-old angelo zamora will arraigned tomorrow. sources tell us he is recovering from injuries he suffered after stabbing his aunt marla zamora last friday. they say it happened inside her home. she was a longtime san francisco public defender before going into private practice. on the california water conservation front. california now plans to drop all statewide mandatory conservation targets but as for you, don't stop taking those short showers just yet. the governor today issued an executive order that permanently prohibits certain forms of water waste like overwatering your lawn. the order also requires each water district to give the state monthly reports on water use and it must create a three-year
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water plan to determine conservation targets. >> we're pretty happy the governor has taken these action because what he's really look at is making conservation a way of life in california, taking a long view. we're still in a drought. >> the santa clara water district says the district is still well below its normal level. the board will vote on whether to reduce the current 30% conservation target. okay so where does the drought stand now? chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us. that gentleman just said we're still in a drought. >> we're still going to go into our typical dry period so we'll likely see some gains we made step back a little bit. in order to look at how the drought's doing so far, we want to look at november 1st when the drought was at its peak. portions of the peninsula under extreme drought.
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now, as we see it, up into the current, you can see the largest improvements up into maran, napa, going from severe to abnormally dry, also down to abnormally dry in the peninsula. so certainly some marked changes back here into contra costa county. as we mentioned, drought impacts will return june, july and also august. next year, la nina may develop. this could bring us more average rain. some serious accusations against an east bay police department. a former police lieutenant claims the pittsburg pd has been falsifying numbers for years. jody hernandez is there. what's the motivation? >> reporter: the attorney for the so-called whistleblower says the pittsburg police department has been misreporting crime stats to make itself look good
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but the department says that's not the case. >> it is a cover-up when you take real crimes and deliberately call them something else. >> reporter: that's what a former high-ranking police officer is accusing of pittsburg police department of doing. in a wrongful termination claim, the former lieutenant claims the department instructs its officers to underreport crime. and has been doing so for years. >> don't right it up as a crime, write it up as a suspicious circumstance because that does not get reported as a crime. >> reporter: statistics gathered show that pittsburgh reported an average of 245 incidents each year. between 2000 and 2014. a higher percentage than other nearby cities. in fact, the richmond police department doesn't use the category at all. >> people are being swindled by these statistics. >> reporter: pittsburg's former
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mayor believes the waterfront city is safer than it was a decade ago. but says the police department needs to be up front about the real crime numbers. >> i think the department needs to get up front explaining that to the community, how did they put the reports together and why they used the categories they used. >> the pittsburgh police department issued a statement saying we are aware of the allegations and dispute them in their entirety. these are allegations of an employee that has retired and is suing our city for $100 million. our chief has asked the district attorney to independently review reports in an effort to show transparency. now, we reached out to the d.a. who declined to comment but we understand a review is under way. reporting live in pittsburg, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. decision 2016 now connecting to california voters. the doors just opened to a rally
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for bernie sanders. in sacramento. the free event for the vermont senator is happening at bonniefield. sanders is expected to touch on a range of issues including climate change and college tuition. he'll meet with supporters in stockton. sanders is also expected to make stops in the bay area before the primary on june 7th. hillary clinton also expected to return in hopes securing more votes in california. in about 20 minutes, her campaign office will open. clinton visited the city for friday's rally in oakland. she now has 92% of the delegates needed to win her party's nomination. well, check your mailbox, your ballot might have arrived. officially under way, beginning today. you can cast your ballots and drop off mail-in ballots. you have two weeks to register before the june 7 primary. we've posted everything you
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need, just go to our web side cabbies say they're being taken for a ride. they say it's tough enough getting squeezed by ride sharing services but now it's a pain in the pocketbook that could be costing you. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen went undercover. >> a group of taxi drivers called us for help. they say they're getting fleegsed by hotel staff. the drivers say they used to give $5 or $10 tips. now it's $30 for long rides. the cabbies say if they don't pay up, they don't get work. >> you have to give up half of your salary to the hotels? >> that's normally we're doing right now. >> what can you say to reassure the drivers their concerns aren't going to fall into a black hole? >> i think call me. the chief of police in buri
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burlingame and tell him directly. >> tonight, what our undercover cameras caught. plus, we'll have the promise from the police chief who says he is taking swift action. guys. could this be the year they finally go to the stanley cup finals? the sharks look good. if they win tonight, they would advance to round three. the sharks in nashville arriving for duty in their business suits. tonight's game starts in about 45 minutes. if the sharks don't win and don't clinch tonight, that would force a game seven which would be thursday night in san jose. the warriors also have a big game tonight in portland against the blazers. within the hour, we should find out if steph curry will return to the lineup. remember, he's nursing that knee injury. also today, no big surprise here, multiple nba sources are confirming to us curry will be
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named the most valuable player for the second straight season. the official announcement is expected later this week. up next, fighting over a fence. the change the san jose owners are being told to make. and the countdown to rio begins. just about four months to go. ahead, a local coach and former two-time olympian is heading to brazil. how she hopes to change the sport of soccer for girls there. some amazing video of two whales. where they were spotted also is catching some attention. and good afternoon. a mix sun and also fog today. we're tracking a warmer forecast. a showdown in the south bay
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bewtween homeowners and the valley water district. ==jess/2shot== the district is telling the so whose land is it? a showdown between the water district and homeowners. >> along the river with the closer look at this battle. >> reporter: there are five homeowners here along the guadalupe who are impacted by the water district's ruling and the agency has given the homeowners few options. jerry's home sits along the banks of the river.
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he has a great view of nature in the heart of silicon valley. but there's a problem. it appears part of his property is not really his. it's basically pretty much here. through that window on that shed. >> reporter: decades ago, one of the previous homeowners moved the fence line out. the water district now plans to take back the property. >> really, just sell it to me. >> reporter: but the water district says it's not that easy. >> there's no question that this is a very difficult situation. >> reporter: the water district says with climate change and hydrology, it might need the land decades down the road to improve flood protection. the agency says it can't arbitrarily sell a piece of public land. what if another homeowner makes the request down the road? >> we want to remain a good neighbor with them and we will do all we can to reach a process
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and time frame for them to help us to help maintain the public land. >> reporter: the valley water board voted to take the land back, if not now, over the next few years. gary says he'll see them in court. >> i can see their point, they take their charter seriously, they should, but i was nine years old when this fence got moved out. they were the neighbor at the time. they allowed this to happen. >> reporter: in san jose, nbc bay area news. the super bowl is over but the debate continues. how beneficial was it? the city controllers office did the math and the mayor says the record released today shows the big game was an unqualified success adding more than $11 million to san francisco's general fund. but some members of the board of supervisors say when you deduct the extra expenses for police and transportation, san francisco's profit is less than $800,000. the report doesn't address the negative impact shutting down
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parts of the city's core for 13 days. the supervisor's estimate the nfl made $620 million off the game. the board is now writing proposed laws to ensure in the future big corporations pay their fair share for special events. the countdown to rio is moving forward. the olympics now just 88 days away. more than 10,000 athletes will gather and for one of the former two-time olympians, a chance to show how far she's come. >> you know, watching this woman coach youth soccer, you'd never know you're watching a two-time olympian and soccer legend. >> play, play, play. at 48 years old, she is still a competitor. she now coaches youth soccer in
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walnut creek and at a community college. >> i can still do my job well. >> but don't let her unassuming way fool you. she's a two-time olympic athlete. she went pro at 14 years old at a time when girls didn't play. in fact, back home in brazil, she learned bike kicking around her doll's heads. she's going to rio both as a representative of her country. >> i know that athletes right now cannot wait to start, you know, to compete. >> reporter: and heading to the olympics as an ambassador of the governing body soccer. >> it's like a dream come true. >> reporter: she says girls here are growing up in the u.s. have many more opportunities. they can play professionally and make money doing it. she notes they still don't make as much as men do. she also says having the olympics back home in brazil is a huge opportunity to highlight
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the sport there. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, nbc bay area news. okay, thank you. as we mentioned, the start of the olympics is 88 days away and we invite you to stay with us. we'll have complete coverage. i am going to be heading to rio and i'll bring you live reports. i'll be dancing in the streets of rio. actually, i'll be working. maybe a little of both. >> we'd love to see some dancing. jeff is with us now. happy monday. >> looking forward to those reports. right back here across the bay area, it was a wide mix of weather. we had the fog in the immediate coastline, some drizzle and did get some sunshine. as you can see in our sky camera network, there's the fog pushing right over and a cool 68 degrees. away from the coast, we still managed that sunshine and beautiful afternoon. you can see here in the south bay, currently an average of 72
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degrees and unlimited visibility right now. for tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll see the fog return and it's going to be widespread here in terms of that cloud cover. we'll begin with 48 in the north bay, san francisco, 52, possibly some more drizzle. areas of clouds for the peninsula and also for the south bay. here's what's happening. area of high pressure building off shore the next three days. you'll see in the seven-day forecast, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, the possibility of some isolated 80s. it's going to warm us up. with the high pressure staying off shore, it's going to keep us from getting too hot this week. it will mean the fog pattern will stay consistent. you'll be able to see in the future cast as you begin tomorrow morn, the clouds most numerous at the coastline. you can see green computer pick possibility of drizzle. by the afternoon, we get the sunshine for the interior
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valleys. beaches, the fog's going to stay put as you can see right here at the immediate coastline. let's take you to that microclimate forecast. it will be be a mix of some clouds in the morning, sunshine by the afternoon. for the peninsula, a stark contrast once again. palo alto 76. san mateo, 68. of course even cold at the immediate coast with a strong westerly wind and 2 degr62 degr. looks like the mildest spot will be the financial district at 65 degrees. a major rebound by the afternoon after clouds and possibly a little drizzle start in napa for the morning, up to 78 for the afternoon. for the trivalley, a beautiful day. our warmest forecasted temperature at 82. some warmer weather for the intervallies through thursday's forecast. by friday, cool down, also into the upcoming weekend.
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it looks fantastic. now there is a chance of rainfall as we look way, way out, maybe may 17th through the 21st, we could get another quart inch rain throughout the bay area. >> it keeps coming, thank you, jeff. coming up, two years behind schedule. the important work though being done today to finally get that bay bridge bike path open. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at person public restrooms" to be a new bill requires single person public restrooms to be gender neutral. it would apply to all businesses and government buildings. we have the details on twitter for you. and the airport making it easier to visit the north. air canada inaugural nonstop flights to vancouver. new video tonight of a whale duo
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taking a swim in the bay. our nbc bay area chopper spotted these new video tonight of a whale duo taking a swim in the bay. our chopper spotted these two earlier off the coast near chrissy field in san francisco not far from the bridge. it is unusual to see whales like this in the bay but there they are. having a good old time. one more thing to blame on el nino. i want to show you a live look. east bay cyclists had been promised a path along the span but rainy weather is one of the
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reasons for the project's delay. today marks an important milestone as three giant white beams were installed to support the bike path's observation deck. the project is two years behind schedule but now cal trans predicts it will open in september. mercury passes right in front of the sun. the black dot, well, it was there, it's mercury. it happened earlier this morning. here it is. we can take a look again. this time lapse video from nasa happened earlier this morning. it's a rare event. it started overnight. it is possible to see it with a pair of binoculars, only in parts of the area because it was overcast. we're back in a moment.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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==anim== ==take vo= rev louisizing drone delivery. a start-up and our cameras are there as they show us how it's going to work. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. a lot of sunshine outside today, jeff. >> 95% of the bay area did have those sunny skies.
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it was the small fraction near the coastline that had the fog. and tomorrow morning that will mean the fog comes back for that forecast, upper 40s and low 50s. breaking news tonight. massive, potentially catastrophic tornadoes exploding on the ground right now. a major new outbreak caught on camera with millions on high alert again. the feds go to war on a blockbuster battle over north carolina's controversial bathroom law. a governor refusing to back down. the u.s. attorney general invoking jim crow in a passionate response. getting personal. donald trump takes aim at hillary clinton over her husband's past. and he'd be better for women. and trump caught in a web over shifting positions on taxes. and hospital shock. you think you're covered by insurance and then the bill comes, and you're on the hook for thousands. avoid surprises. the questions and answers every patient should be asking. "nightly news" begins right now.


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