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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 10, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's tuesday, may 10th. coming up on "early today," at least two people have died as massive tornados ripped through areas of oklahoma, homes destroyed, as funnel clouds decimate everything in their path. what's ahead today. finding troops prefer donald trump over hillary clinton. could the gop be thrown into total disarray if trump asks speaker ryan to leave the republican convention? face lift from a bottle, is the second skin safe? and then, get ready to hurl your body at 760 miles per hour in a hyper loop. north carolina and the justice department, sue one another over the bathroom law. the physics of sports. "early today" starts right now.
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good morning, i'm gigi stonewood. at least two people are dead, following severe storms in the plains. south central oklahoma was especially hard hit. this video captured a massive tornado, tearing through the town of wynnewood in garvin, county, oklahoma. the twister churned up deb brees, power lines knocked over and leveled through electric sparks into the air. national weather described it as large and extremely dangerous. this is all part of a single giant storm system causing havoc since this weekend. massive hail and tornados, from kansas, nebraska, colorado and flood anything texas. now it's heading east. what is the tornado going to do next? >> so we have threat here to the east for today. probably not as widespread or as intense as yesterday, but still,
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the severe weather threat is out there. this morning, thunderstorms moving through central tennessee, through nashville, airport delays here, but not severe. later on today, we'll be tracking an area in ohio valley where there could be severe weather, threat for hail, possible isolated tornados, and some damaging wind gusts, another round of severe weather south of dallas. it will be a busy afternoon coming up here through parts of the country, just not as bad as yesterday, i don't think. >> thank you, steve. we'll be watching. it is tuesday, which means the country is waking up to another presidential contest for the nomination. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are duking it out for west virginia's 37 delegates. donald trump strolling to a guaranteed win in nebraska. then heads to capitol hill to meet on thursday, house leadership, including senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, as ryan
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offers an olive branch to trump, saying he would step down as the convention chair if trump asked him to. ryan also said this about his relationship with trump. >> i want to get to know him and understand him better because i really don't know him. we had one conversation a few months ago. basically the kind of conversation i'm hoping we all can have together, not just the two of us, but all of us, is how we can actually unify our party. >> that, as the new military times survey puts active duty on trump's side, 2-1 margin. 21% said they would rather not vote in november, altogether. hillary clinton remains fixed on the generjen election. >> i'm going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. i'm going to run my campaign, which is about a positive vision for our country.
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>> meanwhile, bernie sanders made sure to tell a packed sacramento crowd the democratic race is anything but over. he drove it home with a sketch with stevphen colbert last nigh. >> it is not a lost cause. >> what are you doing here? >> i do check every vending machine change slot. >> come on. $27. hey, wait, aren't you -- >> tell you about the west virginia primary tomorrow? >> sure. >> well, i think we got a shot to win. >> our latest nbc monkey national tracking poll has sanders trailing clinton by 13 points. our poll has faring better against donald trump against a hypothetical election, 53% sanders, 40% trump. clinton also beats trump, but
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the race is closer. 49% clinton, 44% trump. sanders has a chance to narrow clinton's delegate lead. the west virginia getting underway in just a couple of hours. a blockbuster battle brewing over transgender rights, and north carolina's bathroom law. the state's governor suing the obama administration. shot back with its own lawsuit and strong words from attorney general loretta lynch. nbc justice correspondent, pete williams has details. >> both sides turned up the heat over rights, beginning with governor pat mccrory, permits people to instead of the sex on their birth certificates. >> we believe rather than a federal agency should tell our state, our nation and employers across the country what the law requires. >> the lawsuit says the federal
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government to stop enforcement of the law is a blatant overreach. civil rights law does not outlaw discrimination based on someone's transgender status. the governor said he was act anything part from cutting off $4.3 billion in federal funds for the state's public schools and universities. >> u.s. attorney general fired back, her home state. it wasn't so long ago, she said, that restroom signs in the state kept some people out for no good reason. >> let us write a different story this time. let us not out of fear and misunderstanding, but out of the values of inclusion, diversity and regard for all that make our country great. >> she had this message for transgendered people. >> we see you. we stand with you. we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. >> the state's economy, already paying a price for standing by the law, losing an estimated
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$200 million in income from canceled events, and some small businesses, like this ralegh, they're not coming to north carolina. >> nbc pete williams reporting. for now the law remains in effect. now to two heroic rescues. you can see on the left screen, the officers make a human chain as they pass two boys, ages one and two down below. other people have to climb or jump down from the second and third story apartments. fortunately, everyone made it out safely. a florida man liucky to be alive, after being pulled from a burning car. the man was airlifted to an orlando burn center, where he is being treated. turning back to that tornado
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outbreak in oklahoma, this one touched down near the small town of katie, interstate 35 was closed down in both directions. there were reports of multiple homes destroyed. and check out the damage from a strong multi tornado. oklahoma buildings destroyed and debris scattered, blowing through the small town's main strip. that, as the weather continued to pummel that area. let's head back over to steve sosna. steve, what are you seeing? >> there were multiple, strong tornados on the ground at the same time during rush hour. a lot of people computing home. a dangerous scenario. it looks like this afternoon, another round of severe weather, but in a different location here. we're talking about the ohio valley, and also from dallas, south and west towards san ange angelo. i don't think the risk is as high today, but there will be a few out there. otherwise, cross the country this morning, temperatures cool and refreshing in the northeast, temperatures in the 60s there.
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west coast is awfully nice. that's a look at the weather. here is northwest. highs in the 60s and 70s. the west is best. really beautiful weather there, keeping a close on the ohio valley this afternoon. breaking news ahead, a knife attack aboard a commuter train. facelift in a bottle, courtesy of m.i.t. you're watching "early today." you don't want to miss it. why is it all (mimics a stomach grumble) no more questions for you! ooph, that milk in your cereal was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah, happens to more people than you think...
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three others injured. local media report witnesses describing the suspect, shouting in arabic. political motivation for the attack. one week since a massive wildfire tore through fort mcmurray. canadian officials got their first look at what was left of their hometown. a city left in ashes, with 2,400 structures lost. the ongoing fire is still a threat, but officials say residents will likely be able to return home in weeks. notorious el chapo guzman, judge approved his extradition to the united states. it goes to the foreign minister to pass a verdict. days after he was moved to a high security prison on the u.s. border. forget going under the knife. researches at m.i.t., promising new material that acts like a
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second skin, virtually invisible with the ability to smooth out wrinkles and baggy eyes. they hope to develop other uses, like long lasting sunscreen. hyper loop transportation, super fast transport system, now has the magnetic technology to shuttle humans in a vacuum system, as speeds up to 760 miles per hour. the hyper loop technology would cut down the six-hour drive from los angeles to san francisco to just 30 minutes, if you can survive that trip. let's get down to business with landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi, gigi. it will cost a bit more to sail the high seas. carnival cruise lines by nearly 8%. that is $12.95 per person per
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cabin and $13 staying in suites. a family of four will pay $360 a day for a seven day cruise. garlic fries a hit. mcdonald's telling it is a hit in the vsan francisco area. it sold out already. it could extend them to 250 more restaurants. older americans aren't buying small cars, so younger consumers, chevy small, millennia millennials, such as the sonic and spark, 70% of chevy's sales. just ahead, what nba legend calling the best game of the playoffs this year, and check this guy out. sports is next. sports is next. see me. sports is next. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have.
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this morning on "today," matt and al are live in new mexico, a breathe taking tour, the white sand national monument. in sports, charles barkley calling the best game of this season's playoffs, steph curry making his much awaited return, but coming off the bench for the first time in 359 games. portland in control early, but
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back-up point guard shaun livingston gets thrown out. that forced curry into more minutes. three to send the game to overtime. and the extra period could be renamed steph cur show. he scored an nba record, 17 points in the overtime, finishing with an amazing 40 points in his return. golden states take a commanding 3-1 series lead. trying to even with toronto, miami trailing, dwayne wade, sending the game to overtime. and in the extra with miami up, even the ball needed a rest. >> 89-85, heat. dwayne wade! >> luckily for the heat, most of their shots managed to go through the basket and they take it 94-87.
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washington nationals reportedly agreed to a $175 million, seven year contract. the deal is the largest ever for a player returning from surgery. how is this for a real hit in the head. indians jose ramirez, his helmet flies off and nearly winds up on his head. put me in coach. this possum was ready to play. they were able to corral him and released him back into the wild. let him play. just ahead, rihanna rewarding those who hit the book. plus, blake shelton and glewen steph tony. wen steph tony. eople. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good
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sometimes, i will turn your night into day... and for sure, i will mark you forever. but i promise mom, it will be the greatest journey of your life. now for entertainment news, epic music festival, overwhelming demand, rock session, rolling stones, paul mccartney, neil young, the who, and pink floyd's roger waters. rihanna rewarding students through hear foundation. the scholarship available in cuba or haiti who have been admitted to a four year college. they range from $5,000 to
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$50,000. james taylor pitching in to help victims of the wildfire. two alberta concerts will be benefits, and proceeds from the show will be donated to the canadian red cross. he hopes to encourage others to volunteer. blake shelton, gwen stefani performed a duet on "the voice". ♪ why don't you go ahead and bring me my ♪ >> go ahead and break my heart appears on shelton's new album, his most personal ever. there is anligling to be the ne sonny and cher. jennifer lawrence and james mcvoy, the third film in the first class tril gee opens
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worldwide, may 18. presumptive nominee can suck the energy out of things. that's the late show stephen colbert pointed out. >> now that he is the presufficiepr presufficiepr presufficient presumptive nominee, it does not stop him to hold a rally, to remind everyone of their important role in the democratic process. >> you don't have to vote any more. save your vote for the general election. forget this one. the primary is gone. >> yes. it is an inspiring message. reminds of patrick henry, give me liberty, or don't, forget this one. i don't give a crap. this is "early today." sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh!
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leading the news on nbc, arkansas judge resigns after thousands of photos of nude male defendants on his computer. judge joseph beckman swapping sex for reduced sentences. he denied the allegations, saying the photographs were used to corroborate participation in community service. also, on nbc, robert stackowitz, a connecticut address where he was living. serving a 17 your sentence for robbery when he escaped a work camp in 1968. turning a corner after civil
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unrest, ferguson has a new police chief. he is the first city's permanent black police chief. after working for the miami police department for 32 years, moss said he wants to turn around the ferguson pd, scrutiny after the shooting of michael brown in 2014. wildlife officers made a shocking discovery during a routine stop. alligator parts scattered around a truck cab. that looks something out of a horror movie, including a foot in the dashboard. how is that possible? officers say the driver confessed to the killing of the gator a few days ago. the man was cited for the violation. okay. >> a little strange. >> can you find a better hiding place. out for a special race to comet rate queen elizabeth's 90th birthday, involving shetland ponies, named after one of the queen's successful racehorses.
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she has been an avid racing fan her entire life. men and women from all over the world rode into battle, nearly 700 soldiers enlisted in a 7th annual mid evil nations in prauge, blunt represent cass of mid evil weapons, weighing more than 40 pounds. this year, russia was victorious. don't look into it. now, a look ahead, president obama welcoming this year's ncaa women's basketball champions, uconn huskies, after defeating circ sir syracuse. the president joked the huskies were certified to provide white house tours because of their frequent visits. happy birthday to keenan happy birthday to keenan thompson, linda
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him suspended--- then re- instated-- to the san jose police force. a police officer punished for his words about the 'black lives >>. >> the explaining the tweets that got him suspended and reinstated from the police force. he says understanding the context is critical. pondering a push to send new red high caps right now. city council members are trying to protect residents from a fight. the ball handling -- fires up a three and does it again. >> back with a banner performance. actually a legendary performance. what steph curry accomplished that no other play has evere


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