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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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he lit up in overtime in the fourth quarter. steph curry lighting it up on the court in portland. a big win for the warriors last night. "today in the bay" starts right now. hopefully you got to see the ending. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this guy stayed up, but he's chipper this morning. kari is going with the gold. >> beautiful day. we are looking forward to an award-winning forecast the next couple of days. we will be in the 80s, but not so fast today. we are looking at 50 in the north bay. mostly cloudy skies after a cloudy start. sunshine later today and highs in the upper 70s in the inland area. 66. pleasant weather in san francisco. we'll talk about 80s in the forecast coming up in a few
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minutes. how is it looking in the east shore freeway? >> tracking this crash. your speed sensors are looking great. in the berkeley area, getting off the san rafael bridge. it's off the east shore freeway. car drove off the roadway and went into bushes on the side of the road. the top of your screen, you see that curve moving around and bending toward that stream of traffic. no injuries reported. >> thanks, mike. 5:01. san jose police officer fired for posting threatening tweets during black live matters protest is offering an explanation and now public apology. >> it comes on the eve of a city council discussion that could cost that officer his badge again. kris sanchez showing us what the
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officer has to say and why now. good morning. >> well, good morning to you both. certainly people will be asking themselves why now? he said he could not speak publically before because of arbitration issues, but officer phil white is now saying that he is sorry and that he wants to set a precedent for owning up to his mistake. he was back on his job since february but wants to apologize to the community for texts he said war offensive and some say racist. he was fire after tweeting, "threaten me or my family, i will use my god-given and law appointed right and duty to kill you." "by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matters, i will be at the movies offduty carrying my gun." he said those tweets were not aimed at black live matter supporters but specific people who targeted him, threatened him
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and his family. an investigation confirmed those were threats that were legitimate, but officer white still wishes he could take it all back. >> i never wanted to make excuses for my actions. they were inappropriate. no doubt about that. if i could take it back, i would. the only thing i can do is apologize for them. >> again, officer white says he wants his apology to set a precedent that it's okay for people to own up when they make mistakes. we'll find out how this apology is resonating with the community and city official whose will decide today whether to appeal officer white's rehiring. he was fired in october, rehired in february. officer white had more to say. you can see the full interview on san francisco leaders said to consider a plan that would
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clarify the city's infamous sanctuary city law. today's debate coming almost a year after authorities say juan lopez sanchez an undocumented immigrant released from jail for drug charges and shot and killed a person on pier 14. current law gives local officials more leeway. san francisco sheriff has come out against that new proposal. san francisco supervisors expected to give a final approval for the asiana airline. they settled on a $3.4 million settlement. three people died in that crash in 2013. homicide suspect will face judge the first time.
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angelo zamora is in custody at the hospital. he is recovering from injuries he suffered after stabbing his aunt last friday. police say it happened inside her home and it was a gruesome scene. she was a long-time san francisco public defender before going into private practice. san jose's new approval limit on rent hikes could go into effect in weeks. the new maximum limit approved last month caps rent increases 5% per year. it was supposed to take effect in the fall but leaders are worried landlords are trying to raise rent before. will it be saved? future of the tower is up for a crucial vote later today. santa clara board of supervisors is going to did he sight to declare that tower historic. the owners want to tear it down.
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the massive concrete structure known as "the cube" was used by the air force during the cold war. controversy about how beneficial super bowl 50 really was for san francisco. the big event added more than $11 million to the general fund but some say when you duct the extra expenses for police and transportation, city profit is about $2 million. also the mayor's office points out those numbers don't reflect $5.5 million that went to local businesses and $13 million for nonprofits. that's the impact for san francisco. farther down the road, santa clara city council members are going to meet to break down super bowl 50 impact for santa clara. the business journal reports they received $740,000 boost, most of that came from hotel and sales tax revenues. almost all the money santa clara laid out for emergency services has been reimbursed by the super bowl host committee.
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last night was quite a night for the warriors and their fan base. also, by the way, for steph curry who not only showed back up after missing several games due to injury, but played like the mvp last year that he was named this year. >> the rest seemed to hechlt he was listed doubtful ahead of last night's game but left no doubt that he is the best player in the nba. sean livingston got elected, the warriors had to lean on curry. curry started out slow, but he certainly ended on a roll in overtime. curry took over, scoring 17 points, a record as the warriors put portland away 132-125. >> curry dropped 40. doves now have momentum as they take a 3-1 lead in that series. portland has to win three games in a row to steal the series. their toughest task is coming back to oracle for game five
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wednesday night. >> sharks coming back home. the stage is set for thursday. doesn't get bigger than this. it is game seven, win or go home. >> sharks came up short last night. unfortunately, this is why we are having a game seven. the predators scoring two minutes to win 4-3 tying that series 3-3 we don't want to revisit history, but just to mention it, this is the shark's first game seven since the team's epic collapse against the l.a. kings two seasons ago when they were up 3-0 and ended up losing that series. bad thoughts just get them out of here. >> everybody does bring out that play all the time. 5:08. we made it through monday. >> we did. the weather is looking warmer. it begins today a warming trend. about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. we did start out with patchy fog
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and low clouds. that gives way to high clouds and sunshine today. lunchtime temperatures in the low 70s in the south bay. up to 66 in san francisco. 78 in the south bay. the tri-valley up to 82. more 80s inç that forecast for the next few days. i'll be talking more about that coming up in less than ten minutes. someone watching laundry in lafayette? >> we'll explain. here is the bay. smooth drive around the bay. little blip ought of the altamont pass. reports of a pile of clothes in the roadway. i'm calling it laundry because they are clothes on the road. looking over to the rest of the bay, crash off the east shore. no lanes blocked. a live look at san jose will show you the south bay has no
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problems, no delays throughout the south bay. more live shots coming up. there is san jose. >> massive tornado caught on camera. >> donald trump gets an unexpected ally in silicon valley. hillary clinton heading back to the bay area. she was here on friday. sanders continues to try and woo voters in northern california.
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hillary clinton is bracing for a
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loss today. and bernie sanders is drawing massive crowds ou 5:12. donald trump planning his commissioning team. hillary clinton bracing for a loss and bernie sanders drawing a crowd in california. >> tracie potts joining us live from washington where clearly the race for president on the democratic side continues. good morning. >> it do good morning. what he said in sacramento to the thousands of people last night echos our nbc news survey monkey pole that he's got donald trump beat by double digits where hillary clinton could only beat him by five points. >> we are going to fight for every vote until june 14th. >> a few hours ago in sacramento, bernie sanders told a late night crowd of 15,000, he expects to win today's primary in west virginia, then california, plus five other states. >> donald trump is not going to
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become president of the united states. >> trump's tapped former rival chris christie to handle his transition team and courting top republicans on thursday. speaker paul ryan says he is willing to step down as convention chair. i'll do whatever he wants, ryan says. trump is looking past the convention. bringing up bill clinton to cnn. >> he was impeached. he was impeached and then he lied about it. >> i have nothing to say about him and how he is running his campaign. >> clinton calls trump ideas reckless and dangerous. she is courting female voters. >> i've been on the equal pay bandwagon for a long time. >> bracing for a loss in west virginia today. but she is ramping up in kentucky with new ads coming out later this week. >> tracie potts live from washington, d.c., thank you very much. hillary clinton will get a chance to see her new campaign office opening yesterday in san
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francisco. clinton has three offices in the golden state. we've confirmed democratic front-runner will be returning to the bay area this month attending a fund-raiser on may 25th. local measures. san francisco leaders could be putting a measure on the november ballot that would lower the voting age. it is a proposed measure that would allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in local elections only. they would not be able to vote in national or state elections. that appears to have enough support from the board of supervisors. donald trump changed his mind about american bonds. >> calling those bonds sacred. >> which is a huge turnaround from last week when mr. trump speculated if he were president, the u.s. might not pay back the full value of its bonds. trump made that suggestion on cnbc. u.s. bonds are treated like currency worldwide. investing in american debt is
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considered to be the safest investment, not just on planet earth but perhaps since the invention of money itself. trump now says he realizes those bonds are sacred. last night mr. trump did suggest the u.s. could buy back bonds if interest rates went up, like paying off a credit card early, but in order to do that, americans would need to borrow the money, presumably at the same interest rates it was going to try to avoid in the first place. silicon valley billionaire is going to support trump as the republican convention. keel made his billions creating paypal. he has not commented. good morning, landon. >> good morning. markets could be trending higher today. stocks ending mixed on monday as a drop in oil prices weighed on
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the dow. nasdaq snapping a three-day losing streak. look for earnings from disney. slipping 34 points. nasdaq rising 14 to 4750. >> thank you. a follow-up for you on a sad story. turns out a deadly crash on the streets of san francisco involved a luxe driver. this is peter teal, by the way. the silicon valley billionaire in charge of paypal, not the crash i wished to have talked about. there was a crash in san francisco april 27th which a bmw was making a left and hit by a car. the person inside the bmw was killed. we are learning this morning from that the driver of the other car worked for one of those valet parking services called luxe which is like uber. luxe is talking to the san
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francisco police department. it was one of those silicon valley start-ups involved in the deadly crash. we are tracking that, as well. >> were they on the job at the time? >> yes. that is our understanding. >> very sad. thank you, scott. >> you bet. what's this? >> look at the size of that new video this morning. a massive tornado ripping apart houses outside of oklahoma city yesterday. the towering funnel cloud crosses a busy road causing power lines to spark and crackle as winds were roaring. severe weather is expected to stick around the great plains region today. there have been a couple of deaths in oklahoma because of that. >> very serious. i think there are 24 tornados since last wednesday. that was the count as of yesterday. has that been updated? >> we'll have to see. more severe weather expected in
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that region. >> calm here. >> yes. our temperature is warming up. looking at more sunshine in the forecast. high pressure moving in. that will keep our weather nice and calm. as we take a look from at&t park. we start out with a lot of clouds, some fog and mists and drizzle. there may be low visibility in spots. starting out with temperatures about average. low 50s in san francisco. 53 in livermore. 7:00 now in san jose. lower 50s for the north bay. this is a look at our coverage of fog and low clouds this morning. as we go through the rest of the morning, we will continue to see the clouds clearing out. may not be until 10:00 or 11:00 before we start to see clearing inland. it looks like those clouds hug the coast once again today. that will keep temperatures cooler. we won't see as much of a cloud cover tomorrow morning. we will see it for the inner bay and along the coast. looking at our hour by hour
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forecast. a lot of sunshine today. 8:00, 9:00 we have nothing but sunshine. 67 at 11:00. at lunchtime 70, perfect temperature to take the lunch outside. it does continue to warm up from there during that ride home. we'll be in the upper 70s later on today. up to 77 in gilroy. half moon bay 67. 78 in napa. oakland today up to 70. 08 in brentwood. 81 in dublin. seven-day forecast shows our next couple of days will be very warm as high pressure continues to move in. that will give us widespread 80s for inland temperatures. then this weekend our temperatures start to tumble near the coast line. we start to see that morning fog returning, it starts friday and keeps it nice and comfortable for the weekend. looking at the san francisco five-day temperature trend will be above average. average is 64. we'll be up to 69 on thursday. we'll also be feeling very warm
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temperatures inland. this weekend, it starts to feel closer to average with highs in the lower 60s. our weekend forecast brings up to 75 on saturday. sunday 76. still quite warm. let's head over to mike to get a look at the roadways. >> calm as you would imagine. it is tuesday. watching a bigger volume of traffic. no real surprises around most of the bay. we are going to move over toward the tri-valley and approach out of the altamont pass. i'll show you where the slowdown starts and clears. 84 by milpitas, we've been seeing slowing there. laundry is still there. backup forming with the cash
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lanes. up next, coming to grips with a devastating scene. canadian city coping with the damage for several fires that ripped through its streets. >> celebrations in korea. we'll tell you what this celebration is for. trt: 03
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==laura/contvo== north korean leader kim jong-un joined hundreds of thousands in pyongyang today for a national parade. north korean leader kim jung
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un joined thousands celebrating the working congress. kim calls this the start of a new era. party granted kim the new title of party chairman. officials right now in canada getting their first look at what's left of neighborhoods that have been blackened by a massive wildfire in alberta. >> it has been tough for those folks. this is video from ft. mcmurray where 2,400 homes and buildings are gone. 400,000 acres are burned. to put that into perspective, that's more than triple the size of lake tahoe. the fire is still burning out of control, but cooler weather is allowing crews to gain ground. right now, an investigative unit exclusive ride sharing service made it very difficult for taxi drivers, but they are feeling the pinch in another way that could be costing you the customer. >> senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins us with a look at her undercover report. >> good morning. cabbies turned to us for help
5:26 am
saying they are forced to pay hefty tips to hotel staff. they call it extortion, saying if they don't pay up, they don't get work. we went undercover to see the problem ourselves at hotel after hotel in burlingame, we saw cash payments and exchanges between taxi drivers and hotel staff. a group of cabbies talked to us in disguise worried they would lose business for speaking up. the past few years, hotel workers began demanding half their fares as kickbacks. hotel staff call in outside driver who pay the most. we took our video to the burlingame police department. he will personally meet with hotel management immediately and plans to follow up with compliance checks and plans citations for staffer whose continue to collect cash from cabbies this practice is against their policies and they take these claims seriously. go to click on the investigations tab.
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>> thank you very much. the latest on a deadly stabbing at a german train station. >> san jose police officer apologizing for offensive tweets he made months ago. >> good morning. i'm bob redell. a homeowner fights back against three home invaders and wins. for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. good tuesday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to that morning commute in a bit. >> you are wearing a yellow dress. you're putting your dress where your forecast is. >> looking at some sunshine today in that forecast. warmer temperatures, although it will be cloudy to start this morning. let's get a look at what we are expecting. patchy fog as you head out the door and high clouds later on today with sunshine. our weather definitely improving. up to 68 at lunchtime in the peninsula. 72 in the tri-valley. 82 for the high there. and san francisco reaching 66 degrees. into the next couple of days, we will be well above average as our temperatures continue to warm. i'll detail that in a few minutes. now you have a multicar crash in
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fremont? >> this just popped up. most of the bay is what would you expect. green sensors over the bay. southbound 880 approaching thornton. past there is a crash. three vehicles reportedly involved. no word on injuries. chp arriving just south of the dunbarton bridge. bay bridge we should see that stacking up. metering lights scheduled to be on any second now. home invasion thwarted after the property owner fights back. >> today in the bay bob redell is live in the south bay to tell us how one man scared off three burglars. >> good morning. this happened on the 2400 block of olympic drive in south san francisco one of the houses behind me. around 10:20 last night. three masked man, one armed with a gun, another with a crowbar tried to kick their way into another man's home.
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the homeowner, according to police, fought to keep the door closed. succeeding and then scared these men off. what he said or did to get them to leave officers won't say. the homeowner says the three suspected were young, 18 to 25 years of age. white or hispanic wearing dark hoodies, clark clothes. as they took off in a white sedan. back out here live we did a little digging. there was a burglary a couple of weeks ago a couple of blocks away from this home. it's not clear whether this was related to what happened here last night. bob redell, today in the bay. a san jose police officer that made national headlines with tweets many found to be offensive is speaking out for the first time. he talked about it only on nbc bay area. >> phil white generated controversy last year when he responded to supporters of the black lives matter movement on twitter. in october, the department fired him. then an independent arbitrator
5:33 am
ordered that white be reinstated. today city council members are meeting to decide whether or not to appeal that decision. yesterday officer white spoke exclusively to our robert honda. >> i want to set a precedent today. i want people to know it's okay to own up for what you do, own up for a mistake. >> one of his tweets said, by the way, if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, i'll be at the movies tonight off duty, carrying my gun. he says his outburst followed threats made against him following comments about anti-police protests. he says he has not spoken out before due to confidentiality in the arbitration process and his family's safety. german leaders say there are no indications a deadly stabbing in a train outside munich had any connection to terrorism. a 56-year-old man was stabbed on a commuter train and later died. the 27-year-old attacker is now
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in custody. according to "the washington post," the suspect had psychological and drug issues. there are no signs this was linked to muslim extremists. a racist rant by muni driver going viral on facebook. muni is taking action. a woman posted a recording of the womaner after he called her the "n" word and accused her of taking his parking space. muni officials said we looked into the disturbing incident and identified the operator. while we continue to investigate, we are taking immediate and corrective action. accusations of race issues has the san francisco police department under microscope right now. lawyers tell the blue ribbon panel they don't like what they see. the district attorney called the panel after text messages revealed more than a dozen police officers were exchanging racist and homophobic messages.
5:35 am
lawyers from several firms spent months looking into hiring practices, use of force and internal affairs. lawyers say the police department is not transparent and does lack accountability because it's not independently audited. former judge and panel member says this must be addressed. >> no transparency, no data. if data is kept, nobody knows about it. the public can't know. na has to be addressed. members of the public say the department needs to do a better job collecting information about how it treats minorities in the community. that information needs to be reviewed by an independent group. the panel's final report is expected in 90 days. on the hunt for a groper in palo alto. someone grabbed a 15-year-old girl. it happened in the homer avenue tunnel behind the palo alto medical foundation. the teenager screamed and the man ran away. this is the fourth groping incident in palo alto in the last two years.
5:36 am
look at the damage fremont police say a stolen van rammed into an officer's suv. police tried to stop a white van for a traffic violation. the suspects tried to run off but officers tracked them down. the long effort by neighbors to save a tree in san francisco should finely bear fruit today. that pine tree is located in laurel heights. the property owner wanted to cut it down. neighbors launched a drive to block the tree from the chopping block arguing it's an important part of the neighborhood landscape. they argued it should receive landmark status. last week supervisors agreed unanimously. today they are going to hold a second reading. lots of media reports are saying that steph curry is going to win his second straight mvp award. if that is true, he proved the case last night in an epic game four of the conference semifinals. >> good to see him back in the game.
5:37 am
curry was listed as doubtful last night. he ended up leaving no doubt the best player in the nba. warriors had to lean on curry. curry started out slow but really turning into a commanding performance. he scored 40 points and took over in overtime, scoring the first 12 points in 17 overall, the most ever in one overtime period all time. >> i'm pleased i had enough in the tank to finish the game and it finally clicked when it mattered most. definitely proud of how we played as a team. >> the team did it. warriors won the game 132-125. live look at oregon thl morning. portland has to opinion three in a row starting with game five back here on wednesday night. >> no miracles at the shark tank. we hope for one when game seven goes down thursday.
5:38 am
it does not get any bigger than this. game seven win or go home after the sharks came up short last night in overtime against nashville. predators scored two minutes in overtime to win 4-3 and tie the series at three games apiece. this will be the shark's first game seven since their epic collapse against the l.a. kings two seasons ago. they ended up losing. >> maybe they just want to come home and do it. >> they just want the energy. >> the crowd. exactly. we want them to come home and do it. >> we are looking at great weather the next couple of days but warmer temperatures. we have a nice cool start this morning. clouds are still hovering all across the bay area 7:00 in the south bay. 50 in the north bay. expect a high of 79.
5:39 am
75 in the peninsula. over the next few days, temperatures will be nice and warm but cooling down in time for the weekend. all of that coming up in less than ten minutes. >> the approach moving well through the maze. south 880 at thornton, that crash reported. south of the dunbarton bridge. we'll track that from chp reports and give you a live look at san jose and northbound 101. traffic we typically see about now. there is a fire just off the roadway. we'll talk about where that is. it's a car fire. back to you. coming up next what's next for california when it comes to
5:40 am
conserving water. >> accusations facebook is quashing some of its news stories. we'll take a look in business and tech. >> a popular park and tourist destination said to be closed for a month starting today. what you need to know. this morning its workers quash
5:41 am
5:42 am
some stories in its "trending facebook this morning is denying reports that workers, its own workers were quashing stories in its trending story
5:43 am
section to favor democrats. >> scott mcgrew, the revelations angered conservatives. >> it has. facebook workers often promote news stories that are favorable to liberals in the company's trending section. it's that little section on the upper right hand side of your page. usually nonsense stories. the top story involved justin bieber's tattoo. facebook says the story choices are automated. that is book contractors hired to handle the trending stories say there is a human touch checking for instance that the story is true anded news site dependable. they say they've been promoting certain stories. the company says there are safeguards in place to keep those stories neutral. keep in mind, facebook companywide has often come down on the side of liberal issues. >> shares in lending club fell 25% monday. we alerted this to you before it happened, before the opening
5:44 am
bell here on nbc bay area. the founder and ceo had stepped down lending club matches people with money with the people that need the money. the problems at lending club left wall street nervous about loans in general. loans are often sold as a package of securities to outside investors. this happens with loans from square and lending club, even solar city. you pay them back month to month. those companies turn around and sell your debt. it's how finance works. things get dicey if there is nobody who wants to buy the debt. it's something to watch. stocks ended mixed monday. dow down slightly 34 points. nasdaq not moving very much either. futures calling for a better opening this morning. disney reports today. that's always a big one. then the state assembly voted to
5:45 am
bannon essential government travel. you often here about city's banning government travel to alabama or north carolina, but the bans areç done on a case b case basis. this bill last night would make it more automatic. >> is it more symbolic or do california law makers make trips out to states like north carolina? >> somebody should reality check that. >> i'll look for the guy and let you know when i find him. >> he sits right next to me. all right. lots of people heading to the san francisco area to see alamo park. here is a heads-up for tourists and locals who stop by that park. starting today, the popular alamo park will be closed. >> stephanie chuang is there live this morning enjoying it before it closes. the closure is going to last for
5:46 am
months, but they want to upgrade it. >> that's right. it will look nicer eventually, but starting today, this is all offlimits. the popular park with the views of the painted ladies on the other side and of san francisco. this is because starting today city crews are set to begin putting up fencing ahead of the overall 4.3 million renovation here to build a wheelchair accessible rest room and add landscaping with 40 new trees and lawn and dog play area and will upgrade the irrigation system which the city is hoping will save 37% of water used or 3.3 million gallons each year. the planning process began three years ago. starting today, count on about
5:47 am
seven months of no access into the park because of the fencing. we are talking maybe around december. this is following other park improvement projects all across san francisco including mission park. that did stay a little longer than scheduled. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. it's 5:47. moving on to investigative unit exclusive, there are more than 36,000 auto repair shops across california. finding one you can trust isn't always easy. a state agency says it works to protect units looking at complaints against repair shops. much of what they find is secret. it was created more than 40 years ago to hold the automotive industry accountable. our unit found out for about 97% of auto repair complaints, repair shops never face discipline. that's more than 10,000 cases
5:48 am
every year. >> i think your investigative reporting showed us there were some gaps here and that the consumer isn't as protected as they could be or should be. >> the bureau says state law actually prevents the agency from issuing more fines to repair shops. a law maker says that isn't true. tonight at 11:00, we are going to tell you how that potential new law could change the way you and other drivers throughout the state shop around for auto repairs. if you have a tip, give us a call. or send an e-mail to the unit. you can thank el nino. california's mandatory water ban could be lifted after that recent study, right? >> we owe all the question to el nino. water leaders decide next wednesday if the conservation target should be lifted for cities that prove they have enough water to get by should the drought persist for another three years. the drought is easing up but almost 90% of california remains
5:49 am
in some kind of stage of drought. >> i still think if we have our conservative habits, it's always a good thing. >> some of these practices, let's keep them in place anyway. el nino is kind of hit or miss in terms of how much water we see. >> and whe we consider we had an average amount of rain and may be heading into la nina in the fall which could have the opposite effect with the lack of rain. they should keep conserving. >> good game plan. we are not going to have rain in this forecast. temperatures are going to be warming up over the next few days. looking at highs in the 80s inland. as we start out this morning looking live at oracle arena, we will have clouds overhead starting out the day. we will see clouds widespread across the bay area. temperatures that are about average. 53 in the east bay and san francisco. peninsula is at 7:00. as we drop in on the south bay,
5:50 am
7:00 in almondton. santa clara 7:00. let's break it down for berkeley. more sunshine. temperatures start out in the upper 50s, rising up to 66 at noon. we don't stop there. we'll be in upper 70s. redwood city 73. seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. we'll have inland 80 temperatures. hayward 75. 83 in fairfield. 80s for the tri-valley. high pressure remains in control, it keeps us from getting any wet weather or cooler temperatures. we'll have more of an offshore flow giving us widespread 80s. by the weekend we'll have a change as temperatures tumble. we'll see fog returning starting
5:51 am
on friday into the weekend. we'll see a cooler trend moving in but still once again no rain in the forecast. in dublin, take a look at this five-day trend. highs in the low 80s. when the average temperature is 74, we will be there in time for the weekend. 74 on saturday afternoon. looking ahead to the weekend forecast, it looks nice and warm. highs in the mid 70s. mostly sunny skies. san francisco will be in the mid 60s. in the east bay also in the upper 60s. once again, more average temperatures heading into the weekend and the start of next week. mike do you have more details on that car fire? >> it's good news. no major issue as far as structural fires. we'll give you a look. a relatively predictable pattern as far as the slowing for this tuesday. down to the south bay. this is what we are talking about. this is not affecting the freeway. this is over on tenant and
5:52 am
basking ridge. tenant is closer to the freeway, silicon valley boulevard. a lot of proximity to the edge of the residential area and there is an open field. that's where a car went off the roadway into a chain link fence. folks on the roadway not concerned. we'll track that in case it becomes a bigger issue. crews are addressing that. 101 and 87. typical northbound build. tuesday we'll see more traffic. southbound 808 sees that slowing from hayward and toward fremont another crash around dakota. the on ramp from eastbound dakota and westbound reopened. there is a lot of activity there. the bay bridge no problem on the maze approaching. we'll give you a live look at
5:53 am
the congestion. there is west 580. over in berkeley, east shore freeway saw a couple of crashes. latest one off the roadway cleared. no problems to the race track and down to the bay bridge. >> thanks. >> we try to talk about that congestion, why it's happening. too many people in the bay area going nowhere fast because of carpool violations. >> you might have seen people driving illegally in that hov lane. anywhere from 19% to 32% of drivers use the carpool lane illegally. that's slowing down the lanes. traffic should be moving 45 miles per hour for 10% of the time, but it's not. officials propose fixing the problem this fall. it might include increasing the number of people in each car. >> or increasing an enforcement, right? it's too easy to cheat the system. >> there you go. driving while high. the problem aaa has with tests
5:54 am
that determine if a driver is high on marijuana while behind the wheel. first happening now, we are staying on top of news out of germany where there's been a deadly attack on a train platform. >> one of the best universities also in our area has the highest crime rate among california's largest schools. the story now on
5:55 am
5:56 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
5:57 am
in the idea pot smokers can realistically be tested for driving under the influence. 5:56. pot smokers can realistically be tested driving under the influence. there is no real way to quantify one test threshold for thc, the chemical compound in pot. it depends on the individual. some drivers are probably being wrongly convicted. aaa adds that states that test for pot should scrap their laws and rely on the judgment of police officers. studies have shown pot doubles the risk of crashes while calling on the hands-free device quadruples the risk. drunk drivers are 15 times at risk. now to an investigative unit exclusive. ride sharing services made it tough for taxi drivers. they are feeling the pinch in
5:58 am
another way. it could be costing you the customer. >> for details, senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen joining us with more information about what she found in her undercover report. cabbies turn to us for help saying they are being forced to pay hefty tips to hotel staff calling it extortion. if they don't pay up, they don't get work. we went undercover to see the problem ourself. in hotel after hotel we saw cash payments and exchanges between taxi drivers and hotel staff. a group of cabbies talked to us worried they would lose business for peeking up saying the past few years, hotel workers have begun demanding half their fares as kickbacks. hotel stuff ignore taxi lines and call in outside drivers who pay the most. we took our video to the burlingame police department and he said he will personally meet with hotel management immediately. he promised citations for any hotel staffers who continue to collect cash from cabbies.
5:59 am
this practice is against their policies and they take these climbs seriously. go to and click on the investigations tab. >> thank you. if you have a tip give us a call. >> they are so common. now a kids pair of light-up shoes might be to blame for catching an suv on fire. >> 2-year-old roren holding what's left of his sneakers. it's a pair of jake and the neverland pirate light-up shoes. he left them in the suv friday night. the family woke up to see smoke coming from it. firefighters have not determined the official cause. the family believes the lithium battery in the shoe is to blachlt. >> you think about it, right? blinky shoe, it's cool. you don't think about the risks. >> if that happened while my son
6:00 am
was wearing them or in the house, who knows? >> the family bought the shoes at a payless shoe store. a spokesperson with the company will work with the family and authorities during the investigation. 6:00 on the dot. right now the search is on for a hit-and-run driver. the chain of events that caused this dramatic scene in san francisco. if i could take it back, i would. >> only on nbc bay area, a public apology and a public explanation from the san jose police officer fired then rehired after tweeting threats during black live matter protests. >> fires up the three. does it again! >> it was nice. did you see it? an overtime thriller in portland as steph curry returns to carry his team to victory.


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