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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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records that might lead to additional charges. >> reporter: unleased body camera video from one of the deputies disputes the deputy's claim they were afraid for their lives and were breath him in order to subdue him. >> officers don't get to take the law into their own hands. >> reporter: wondered why it took seven months. >> there are many people who are charged within a day or two of assault. >> reporter: in this case, the use of force went beyond the law, said the d.a. the sheriff says the two deputies and a third, 19-year veteran shawn osbourne are on paid administrative leave and the department is reviewing its use of force training. >> any excessive use of force will be handled abruptly by our internal affairs division. >> the third officer, deputy
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shawn osbourne, is seen holding a gold chain that reportedly belonged to stanislav petrov. witnesses say they were given that in an apparent bribery attempt to buy their silence. osbourne has not been charged. an attorney says he is confident an objective analysis will show his client acted in a lawful manner. reporting, mark matthews, nbc bay area. >> the man in the video is now facing federal charges on unrelated weapons case. according to court documents, federal investigators found drugs and guns in a san francisco home linked to t petrov during raids earlier this year. another sheriff's deputy is in legal trouble. he's accused of sexually abusing a young girl. police arrested him for alleged off-duty incidents involving a young girl. saying the abuse occurred in 2012 when deputy diaz lived with
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the mother of that girl. diaz is a seven-year veteran of the force and has been placed on unpaid leave until both a criminal and internal investigation is complete. >> decision 2016 now. another win for bernie sanders. the polls closed in west virginia. nbc news proekt judges sanders will come out on top. . delegates are up for grabs in west virginia. still, she holds a commanding lead in the overall delegate tally. donald trump has taken west virginia. he's already the likely gop nominee since his remaining competitors all dropped out last week. bernie sanders held a rally in oakland during a surprise visit to his campaign office. as you can see, bernie drew a big crowd and then it was off to san francisco where we find nbc bay area's peggy bunker and none of the stops officially
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announced. >> reporter: right, some stops were planned but weren't officially announced. as you mentioned, sanders took west virginia. nice boost but even before he knew that here in california today he was in oakland telling supporters this campaign is not over yet referring to of course that delegate lead by the hillary clinton campaign. supporters here who saw sanders today, they want to see him win. >> a crowd of cheering supporters greeting sanders today during a stop in san francisco. around 2:30 this afternoon, sanders met with the editorial board at the san francisco chronicle but first made time to greet those who gathered to see him. >> if we have a large voter turnout on june 7th, we're going to win california -- >> i like that he's one of the first politicians that's been a record politician that's been there and he's seen everything from the ground up, he's
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relatable, that's awesome. >> reporter: sanders started his day in stockton and made an unannounced stop at his oakland campaign headquarters. turning the visit into an impromptu street rally. >> they want real change. they want a government that represents all of us, not just wall street and the 1%. >> reporter: supporters seem to realize the challenge their candidate faces. with one telling us if not sanders then clinton but never trump. >> would be very happy to have either compared to the alternative. i agree with bernie sanders economic policies more. >> reporter: here at the san francisco chronicle building, his security team was trying to lead him into a side door but he saw supporters standing on the sidewalk. he diverted from the security team. reminding them all to vote in the primary on june 7. in san francisco, i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. sanders also stopped at
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sight glass coachecos coffee. thousands of supporters showed up in stockton this morning to hear the vermont senator speak. also a rally in sacramento last night. the protests continue. today the mayor outlined a new plan to reform his police department. the department has been under fire for several police sheetings. protesters have marched to city hall, demanding change. today, city leaders announce they're announcing a package of reforms recommended by the department of justice. >> i reject the idea you're either on the side of the police or the community. one thing i do know from my time as a prosecutor, the community needs the police and the police need the community. >> you see the mayor part of the roundtable. he says $17 million will be set aside over the next two years for training and equipment
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needed to implement the new plans. the man accused of stabbing and killing killing. prosecutors tell us the arraignment for angelo di mora will take place tomorrow. the hearing willing closed to the public and the media. the charges are he killed his aunt last friday. she was a longtime public defender before going into private practice. have you struggled to find a repair shop you can trust? the state of california created an agency to look into consumer complaints about the shop. but our reporter uncovered much of it. your reporting could change a state law. >> reporter: it could and that change could impact drivers across the state and could help you avoid a problem repair shop that has a record of taking advantage of consumers.
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the state's bureau of automotive repair was created more than 40 years ago to hold the auto industry accountable and investigate complaints. our investigative unit found that for about 97% of auto repair complaints, auto repair shops never face any kind of discipline. that's more than 10,000 cases each year. >> i think your investigative reporting kind of showed us there were some gaps there and the consumer isn't as protected as they should be. >> the bureau says state law prevents the agency from issuing more fines but a lawmaker says that's just not true. coming up tonight at 11:00, we'll tell you how actually the potential law could impact viewers across the state. raj and jess. >> thank you very much. we're learning car loads of investigators have poured into paisley park this evening, prince's home in minneapolis. these pictures just into the nbc
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newsroom. we've learned a warrant has been given for the doctor who treated the legendary singer before his death. the search warrants contend that the doctor had prescribed prince medication but it does not specify at this point what kind. of course, we'll have more coming up at 6:00. last night, he was amazing. today, he's historic. steph curry becomes the first unanimous choice for the nba's most valuable player. michael jordan never did it, even lebron james. it's been a wild 24 hours for curry after sitting out nearly two weeks while recovering from a knee injury. he led the warriors past the trail blazers in that overtime playoff therer. today, a different type of excitement. nbc bay area's colin resch.
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>> he thanked friends, thanked family. former teammates, of course his brother in the house as well. the front office, everybody, kind of similar to what he did last year. you mentioned what a 24 hours it's been. timing is everything, right? yesterday, he was 50/50. then he delivered one of the greatest postseason performances of all time and now this. the mvp. he's voted mvp unanimously. all 131 first place votes cast were for steph. he said the key was finding motivation to get even better. >> that's kind of the message, not be complacent. i tried to push myself and tried to achieve what could not be achieved and that's something i'm very, very proud of. thank you very much for this
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award. thank you for supporting us, every single day. let's win a championship. >> coming up, much more from the acceptant speech. and his rise to superstardom as told by his head coach steve kerr. i'm robert handa live in san jose where it was the moment of truth for a san jose police officer accused of making threatening tweets. officer phil white apologized for those inflammatory tweets. and looking for a protester. what he allegedly did the day donald trump visited the bay area that has police looking for him. >> giving kids s is in juvenil detention a chance to say i love you on mother's day. what one woman and volunteers have been doing for the past 20 years. good afternoon, i'm
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meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warm 81 degrees right now but much colder temperatures in san francisco. check this out, 55 across twin peaks. your full breakdown. "if i coul
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if i could take it back, i would. >> last night, our exclusive interview. san jose police officer phil white apologizing for sending
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inflammatory tweets last october. those tweets ultimately got him fired but after an appeal, he's officially back on the job. nbc bay area's robert handa. city leaders decided not to fight the reinstatement. >> reporter: it generated some mixed emotions. there was some community pressure on the city council to fight the reinstatement of the officer. as you said, the council decided not to. after a close session, he announced there would be no legal fight to fire the officer. the 19-year veteran was initially fired. one tweet said threaten me or my family and i will use my god given and law appointed right and duty to kill you.
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white apologized publicly in our exclusive interview and submitted a written apology to city hall. >> i don't want people to judge me just on these messages. i want them to judge me on the totality of my career. >> reporter: this councilman said the apology helped. >> i know personally i'm willing to forgive and move on and i'm pretty confident that the community will do so as well. >> reporter: not everyone agreed. >> behavior like that really relegates someone to a position where they shouldn't be wearing a badge in our city. >> reporter: in fact, the announcement set off a new war of words in the community. coming up, more reaction and what might happen next. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. well, how did you celebrate mother's day over the weekend? maybe take mom to a restaurant? >> some young people couldn't do either of those things because they're incarcerated.
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that doesn't mean they couldn't do something nice. >> megan williams is the woman who helped them do that. she came to the united states in 1979, a jeffrey from the vietnam war. she's grateful for all the opportunities this country has given her. her reasons for giving back on mother's day has much more personal roots. of all the places a mom wants to spend time with her kids on mother's day, juvenile hall cannot be anywhere near the top of that list. >> it's not the end of your life. >> reporter: though thanks to one mom, megan williams, that dim scenario has turned out a bit brighter for thousands of other moms. you see on the saturday before mother's day, for the past 20 years, megan has been coming here, bringing with her a handful of volunteers she's corralled and hundreds of flowers she's paid for herself.
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>> so you have this and cut them yourself. >> reporter: they spent the next few hours helping the inmates, both boys and girls, create flower arrangements so even though they live behind bars they have at least a little something to give their moms on mother's day. >> i want to give other kids the opportunity to say mom, i love you. >> reporter: it's something megan says she's never done. one of 15 children growing up in war-torn vietnam, megan says she never had a close relationship with her mother. >> i never, ever gave my mom a hug. even though i wanted so much. >> reporter: it's what motivated her, she says, to do what she can so these kids don't find themselves saying the same thing later in their lives. >> i wish every day someone can do that for me to bring me closer to my mom. >> reporter: just like the bouquets she helps them create, megan's approach is a mixed arrangement. >> you're not alone. >> reporter: in her case, of compassion. >> you are a tough girl, huh?
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>> oh, yeah. what you mean oh yeah? >> reporter: for all the time and effort meg be spends, she's not really concerned with what the arrangements look like when they're done. the flowers she knows won't last. she just hopes the bonds they strengthen will. >> so touching. >> mother's day isn't the only day. she goes on thanksgiving and brings an entire thanksgiving meal for the kids there and paid for it out of her own pocket. >> she's very sweet, great personality. >> real connection with the young people there. >> so important for the kids to have that connection with their own mother too. that's wonderful. the cube on top of the mountain stays. the board voted to save the concrete structure on mt. umunhum. the historic site added to the heritage resource inventory.
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meaning that radar tower cannot be torn down. for years a battle brewing over whether to take down the cube. it was used to detect bombers during the world war. since then, it's turned into a symbol of sorts of the silicon valley. the midpeninsula regional open space district which owns the land wanted to take down the cube to restore the area to its natural state for the public to enjoy. certainly a mixed day today. cloudy and sunny. >> microclimates in full effect. we had 50s right across the immediate coastline. then throughout the intervallies, some 80s. we've got it here for you. you can see the range, we started off this morning with not too much of a range, 56 in san francisco and sa jose at 55. once we hit 11:00, that's when we started to see the differences. we had 71 in san jose and 63 in
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san francisco. by this afternoon as the fog lingered at the coastline, we were able to get hotter temperatures inland as the fog was not strong enough to push throughout the intervallies. 78 in san jose at 3:00 and 59 in san francisco. a fairly typical contrast. you can see across san francisco, 59. east bay at 79. south bay at 77. as we head through tomorrow morning, we'll continue to see clouds come back. best chance of fog will be in san francisco, also the peninsula. we have high pressure just off shore right now. that's going to continue to control the weather for the most part here as we head through tomorrow's forecast. but there is still going to be the contrast setting up at the immediate coastline. this area of high pressure has a lot of hot air associated with it. it's not strong enough to battle the cooler wind at the immediate coastline. so without staying in place, we're in for another day tomorrow. with these microclimate extremes. let's take you into that
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microclimate forecast and you'll see across san francisco, 65 in the marina and also some clouds hanging around. we also have cool weather in pacifica. then back towards palo alto, the coastal mountains will shield you from getting that cool coastal breeze. you got sunny skies by the afternoon and 78 degrees. for the south bay, 83 in cupertino. for the east bay, trivalley, another day where you start off around 50 degrees. by this afternoon, puts us in napa at 80 degrees. the trivalley some of the warmest weather here. pleasanton also at 83. warmer weather through thursday. then once we hit friday and saturday, numbers cool. that will drop our temperatures here in the trivalley to 76 on friday. by saturday, down to 72. on sunday, it still remains dry. but i know, i just know, you're not ready for the rainfall to
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stop and it still looks pretty decent now. to possibly get some rainfall may 18th through the 21st. we'll continue to watch it as we get closer. just because of the nature of the forecast models. >> keep it coming, jeff, keep it coming, all right, thank you. up next, a driver caught on camera during a racist rant. the mayor of san francisco is taking action. also, venus is starting to take shape. what's happening today with san francisco's newest and tallest art installation. trending on our website.
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practicing what he preaches. tesla ceo elon musk says he often sleeps at the fremont telsa factory to make se happening now and trending on our website, practicing what he peareaches.
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the tesla ceo says he often sleeps at the factory to make sure production is met. plus, stef curry's mansion is up for sale. you can see the photos we posted it on our twitter page.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) donald trump's stop at the g-o-p co looking for a trump protester. donald trump's stop in the bay area last month turned out
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chaotic. now police are looking for this person who they say used a metal chair to shatter a window. happened right outside the hyatt regen regency. trump's motorcade eventual pulled off the side of 101 and snuck into the hotel through a back door. police made five arrests during that demonstration. the mayor san francisco is backing a plan to fire a muni driver caught on video making a racist rant. the woman recorded the driver calling her the n-word yesterday during a curbside confrontation over a parking space. the video went viral with more than 80,000 views already. the worker is on paid leave while they investigate. the mayor issued a statement saying this ugly behavior will not be tolerated. i applaud them for taking swift action and seeking termination for this individual. think of it as legos, really tall legos. a giant crane lifting some of the final pieces atop that
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silver sculpture of venus. gigantic oval pieces of stainless steel were carefully hoisted into place on the 90-foot piece of art. it's covered in scaffolding so it's hard to see what it will look like but it will be unveiled this summer at a luxury high-rise apartment complex. the completed statue will resemble an abstract whirl of silver which is roughly the size of the statue of liberty. >> oh, boy. okay, long lines forming just to taste some dim sum. the new restaurant is getting a lot of buzz. the opening of a world famous
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dim sum restaurant in the south bay is causing a frenzy. ===vo=== the opening of a world-famous dim sum restaurant in the south bay is causing a frenzy. it officially officialed today at the mall that santa clara. the lines are just out the door, in fact, out the mall. the restaurant is known for dumplings and soup. it does not take reservations so you have to stand in the line to get a table. >> can we just check twitter right now, there are lines still out the door. probably for months at this place.
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decision 2016, here is lester holt. >> good evening, tornadoes forming in the heartland. and new twisters norming now. how one boy survived as the world crumbled around. >> and trump, who will be his vice president? and the current vp raising eyebrows about hillary clinton. the bombshell allegation that has a powerful u.s. senator demanding answers. prince's doctor identified and police get a search warrant. new details about the day he died. and firing the tsa, nightmare lines and passengers lo


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