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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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phillip white is back on the job after being fired for a controversial tweet but should he stay on the job? he spoke exclusively with him who joins us live from san jose. it was up to the city council to decide if they can push white out again. >> they seem to trigger a lot of mixed feelings and could be a long flow. >> there is still a legal fight to fire officer white. once we said threaten me and my family and i'll use my duty to kill you. by the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter i'll be at the movies tonight off duty care carrying my gun. white apologized publicly and submit a written apology to city
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hall. >> i don't want people to judge me just on these messages. i want them to judge me on the totality of my career and on my career moving forward. >> he says the apology helps. >> i know personally i'm going to forgive and move on. i'm pretty confident that the committee will do so as well. >> but not everyone agreed. >> behavior like that really relegates someone into a position where they shouldn't bewaring a badge or a gun in our city. >> and san jose criticized the mayor for taking that attitude and he remains on the job but may not resume the community duties he held and some say they keep the pressure on city hall to fire phil white again. nbc bay area news. >> thank you robert. another sheriff's deputy is in legal trouble accused of sexually abusing a young girl. san jose police arrested anthony diaz yesterday.
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investigators say he abused the girl in 2012 when he was living with the fwirl's mother. he has been placed on unpaid leave until the criminal and internal investigation is complete. >> well, just minutes ago the polls close in nebraska where republicans held their primaries today. donald trump the winner in nebraska. west virginia also holding it's primary today. nbc news projecting that bernie sanders will beat hillary clinton. the vermont senator is picking up another 23 delegates. however mrs. clinton holds a commanding lead in the overall delegate tally. now trump easily took west virginia with more than 70% of the vote now keep in mind he has no competitors here because ted cruz and john kasi kr, h have dropped out. while winning west virginia he is spending time on the ground here in the bay area with some very spirited supporters. oakland, san francisco and stockton all the cities feeling the burn as they like to say.
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peggy is in san francisco this evening and peggy senator sanders is making surprise visits as well. what was the reaction? >> that's right. feeling the burn is a good way to put it. especially for bernie sanders supporters. we heard about these primary wins. a bit of a boost here for bernie. not that he needed it here as he went to different cities across the state and that's where a rally took place and even though clinton has the delegate lead don't give up on him yet. >> what is most important is that donald trump is defeated. frankly i think i am a stronger candidate. a crowd of cheering supporters greeted bernie sanders today during a stop in san francisco. around 2:30 this afternoon that's the editorial board at the san francisco chronicle. but first time to greet those that gather to see him.
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>> we're going to win california and he's pretty much been there and he's relatable. that's awesome. >> what's not to love. >> sanders started his day in stockton and made a previously unannounced stock at his oakland headquaters. supporters there turned the visit into a street rally. >> they want real change. they want a government that represents all of us and not just wall street and the 1%. this campaign is not over. >> they seem to realize the challenge their candidate faces with one telling us if not sanders then clinton but never trump. >> i'd be happy to have either of them as president compared to the alternative but a agree with bernie sanders economic policies more. >> now of course here earlier the san francisco chronicle we saw him die vert away from the meeting scheduled to start
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account 2:30. and hanging out having a cup of coffee with the supporters. nbc bay area news. >> police are looking for this person they say used a metal chair to shatter a window during the recent donald trump protest. you remember it was a chaotic scene as people tried to block mr. trump from reaching the state republican convention held at that hotel. trump's motorcade had to pull to the side of 101 as you see here and sneak into a hotel and through a retaining wall. >> sheriff's deputy is repeatedly striking a suspect in the alley. tonight those two deputies are facing felony assault charges. how is that department reacting now? >> well, this afternoon the sheriff described both men as good, hard working deputies. but as you will hear, he also
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said they'll have to account for their actions last november. >> they will find it disturbing. deputies tackled the suspect after a high speed chase and for 40 seconds they hit him with their batons at least 30 times. >> being charged with assault under the authority assault with a deadly weapon. battery with serious bodily injury and we're also waiting for medical records that may lead to additional charges. >> the san francisco d.a. told reporters that the charges were filed after the fbi enhanced the video and new video surfaced for the deputy that turned on his body camera. >> the d.a. under cut the deputies account that they were trying to subdue him. in april his mother told me that the deputies caused her son to
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suffer brain damage and traumatic stress. today she texted that it's a mockery of law and now it's a complete mockery of justice. and the deputies are on paid administrative leave. >> there's a complete investigation in that matter and the two deputies will have to answer for their actions on the day in question. >> now the sheriff says the investigation will get wrapped up in short order and they were waiting for charges to be filed and he says the deputies will remain on paid leave until that internal affairs investigation is completed. there is a third deputy that is also under investigation and that says that the deputy came forward with a gold chain reportedly taken from him and given to the witnesses in an effort to buy their silence. that deputy has not yet been charged an an attorney for the deputy says he is con fireworks
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den that a analysis of the video will show that his client acted with legal force. >> protestors have been demanding the forum for months. this comes in the wake of several high profile cases of deadly force. today major read proposing some solutions. the protestors say recent hunger strikes and marches to city hall. well today city leaders announced they're adopting a package of reform recommended by the u.s. department of justice. >> i reject the idea that you're either on the side of the police or the kmun. one thing i do know from my time as a prosecutor and a police commissioner is the community needs to police and the police needs the community. >> at this round table you saw the police chief and mayor lee in the center. the mayor says $17 million will be set aside over the next two years for training and equipment that's needed to implemented the new plan. >> also today the sheriff of san francisco announced an
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investigation into these recent protests. so reporters covering the protests aparentally were injured. one of the reporters has filed a formal complaint. as a result the sheriff is considering expanding it's media credential bind lines to include online and community journalists. proper identification helps law enforcement identify it. >> last night he dazzled on the court today. he did something no one have ever done. >> it's incredible. we used to be in awe of michael jordan and lebron japs and now it's steph curry. collin, curry continues to be a trend setter. what a special afternoon over there. >> he talked about that today about his effect on the game. there's been nobody like him before. and he's one of a kind. he lead the warriors to an nba record. 73 wins this year. he'll surpass his own record by
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116. the only adjustments would have been had he not won this mvp award you nonmousily. steph becomes the 1th player in nba history to win in back to back seasons. and it's scoring 40 in overtime where he willed the warriors to victory in portland and as usual steph humbled by the honor for the second straight year. >> i looked at the list of everybody that won an mvp before and they're lenlds. guys that their name or household names jump off the page and to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something that i don't know how to put there and i don't really know what to say. it's just a huge honor. something that i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> celebrating the mvp award
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with his teammates that's one thing of course if you asked steph which would you rather celebrate? it will be a second straight nba championship and they're nine games away from doing that. later in sports, steph's improbable rise to dominance according to his head coach. reporting outside of oracle arena. >> it gets better and better him for. >> it's so class sy and sweet and hullable when he does it. >> with his family out there as well. >> our coverage of the announcement and all teamed up with the comcast sportsnet insiders. updates on the team. >> young people are getting their news from facebook and twitter and nontraditional news sources. >> the social media giant responding to accusations that it suppressed conservative posts. >> how a historic tower stand or
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be torn down? what the santa clara county supervisors decided. >> good evening. blue sky across oakland hills and 15 minutes away and we are tracking fog and we'll have the forecast in a few minutes. an eye sore, or treasured piece
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of history? for years -- there's been a battle over a cube shaped radarow
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take a look. an eyesore or pressured piece of local history. for years there's been a battle over this. that tube shaped radar tower. some want it saved and others want it gone. what's the verdict? >> well the decision was unanimous. the supervisors voted to declare the tower historic and that means it's not going anywhere. >> many see this tower as a symbol they're returning home to silicon valley but the 56-year-old radar tower is also a piece of cold war history. >> it was a coastal defense radar that would look out 200 miles for incoming enemy bombers in the day when nuclear weapons were delivered by bombers and not missiles like today. >> today members pled their case to the santa clara county supervisors hoping to convince them to add the tower to the county's historic inventory that
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would make it much microphone dir cut for the district that manages the summit to take it down. it was a decision that didn't sit well with some native americans. >> it ignores the history and over 15,000 year history. >> bob watts worked on the tower when he was 18. least glad to see public pressure won't take it down. >> he'll be able to visit the tower when it opens to the public in october. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> beautiful shots there. thank you marianne. well, the man accused of stabbing and killing a prom nant attorney remains in the hospital
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today. he's at the mental health ward and prosecutors now tell us the arraignment will take place tomorrow from his hospital room. the d.a.s office says the hearing will be closed to the public and the media. police say the 20-year-old killed his aunt at her home last friday. she was a long time san francisco public defender. >> san francisco's mayor is backing the driver caught on video during a racist rant. the woman recalled the driver calling her the n word during a curb side confrontation over a parking space. it has 80,000 views so far. the worker on paid administrative leave while they investigate. issued a statement saying the behavior will never be tolerated. i applaud them for taking swift action after the video came to light and seeking determination for that individual. >> a bomb threat caused a stir in san francisco today.
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everything is back to normal now after they were put on lock down. you can see the chopper is overhead. officers will called in to investigate a specific device. they grabbed that device but didn't find anything so it was all clear. the hospital was locked down for about an hour. >> the emergency is apparently over and off the drought and it's filled with rain and dropped it's monthly surcharge which added money to household water bills. they were asking for 25% cut backs however administrators say voluntary water rationing is still strongly encouraged. we want everyone to still do their parts. >> grass green and sprinklers. i don't know how long we can keep doing that. >> we're looking at the drought conditions likely getting worse as we head throughout the next
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couple of months with our typical dry summer period coming our way. for now it's all about our cost to the bay area. we had huge contracts setting up. you'll be able to see the blue jays verses the giants this evening. it's the weather the giants love. winds west 10 to 20. first pitch 59. let's take a look at the rest of san francisco. it's cooler of course when you get near the immediate coastline. and then right over there we're also at 66 so it's a different story down throughout the south bay which is shielded from the colder wind at the immediate coastline. we're currently still on our 76th year and notice this, in morgan hill and temperatures beginning to drop into the 60s. a little bit of a cooler wind undercutting from the south and that's why we have the 10 degree difference to morgan hill. eventually tonight we'll get the
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cooler numbers in here. >> also san francisco and through the afternoon tomorrow we still see numbers go up across the interior valleys and 82 in the south bay and a little bit cooler there in the peninsula 76 and san francisco obviously remains cold with the fog in place. how does the trend play on through the next five days? we'll keep the milder sunny weather across the east bay including walnut creek through thursday and we'll see temperatures drop by 10 degrees. san francisco no hope of any 70s at least for friday, saturday and sunday as we'll stay with this cool weather in the forecast. we'll have more details and the next possibility of rainfall. yes, i said rain. that's coming up in about 20 minutes. >> rain. >> thank you. >> is facebook playing favorites? a political party said yes. we'll show you why. began today in a federal
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courtroom. oracle is seeking up to $8.8 billion in damages from inches happening now a copyright battle began in a federal courtroom. oracle is seeking $8.8 billion in damaging from google. the show down is trending on our twitter feed and tesla ceo elon musk is practicing what he preaches. he often sleeps at factory to make sure that production goes unmatched. "friends..."
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but tonight, facebook is accused of playing favorites. raj/2shot pe well it has more than a billion friends so tonight facebook is acued of playing favorites. >> especially when it comes to politics. our business reporter has been tracking this story. scott there's been grumblings about this for a long time but what changes today and this is a case to watch though. facebook is a $345 billion company and it has a huge audience. the current topics include basketball, beer and politics. it is political season and a growing number of people, especially young people get their political news from social networks like facebook. >> it's a good source of news and give the power to the local people. >> i think it's a way to keep in
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touch with other people. >> so many of our young people are getting their news from facebook. from twitter, from nontraditional news sources. >> which is why richard craig called allegations that facebook suppressed conservative news from its trending topic disturbing. the claim comes from a former facebook contractor. facebook issued a statement denying the charges but the u.s. senate commerce committee sent a letter to facebook asking for more information. all pointing to the fact that facebook is like it or not, a place where people get their news. >> the question becomes at what point do people look for facts on their own? do people, you know, do their homework? define the facts. >> not to mention their politics. >> yeah. >> anything on the other side? >> not really.
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>> it will review the trending topic feature. >> interesting. a well-known entrepreneur will be a delegate for donald trump. trump filed his list of delegates yesterday. among them is the co-founder of paypal. it comes as a surprise considering he's a libertarian leaning republican. in the past he will have made political contributions to ron paul, meg whitman and governor schwarzenegger. >> stay or go? a local preschool caught in limbo. ahead the construction project that has dozens of families caught in the middle. >> cash kick back from cabbys. we go undercover to show you how
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they're getting squeezed and why it could be costing you.
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tough for taxi drivers. but those taxi drivers are also getting squeezed ride sharing services like uber and lift made it tough for taxi drivers but they're also getting squeezed somewhere else and it could be costing you. >> return to nbc bay area for help. investigative reporter went undercover to see what they say is extortion. >> really eye opening. >> they want 40 or even 50% of
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their cab fair as a pay off. if they don't pay us they don't get worst. >> what might look like a quick handshake is an exchange of cash. >> yeah. >> got the money. >> we took our cameras under cover after these cabbies ask for help. he was a big problem for all of you. it has to be disguised worried they'll lose business for speaking up. and the he hotel doorman and bellman and valet started demanding more cash in exchange for service calls. >> who do we talk to? >> they say instead of $5 or $10 a ride, hotel staff now wants a much bigger piece of the pie. >> if we get $100 we have to leave the hotel $50. >> you have to give us half of
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your salary to the hotels. >> that's normal, normally we are doing right now. >> these drivers say unlike in san francisco where cab lines are more established and respected hotel staff here have more control over who to call and when. they asked us to go undercover to document their routine. >> one by one at the end of the sweep drivers make cash payments to hotel workers. one employee appeared to receive three payments within ten minutes and when we went out on other days we observed him placing cash under the counter. when our producer approached for the money shot the valet put the cash in his pocket. another giving cash to a worker at the hilton. >> we work seven days a week and we can't support our families. >> and the drivers say sometimes customers end up paying the price. >> some drivers they overcharge the people because it's the only
6:32 pm
way they can get money. >> our camera also caught this. cabs cutting the taxi line. the drivers sometimes wait hours in line only to have the hotel staff call other drivers to offer bigger kick backs. >> they are very greed si. they don't pay taxes on that. i do. it's under the table. >> the only people who can fix this problem is the hotels and the police. >> and that's also a taxi driver. >> we took our video to the police chief that said they have an ordinance banning hotels from soliciting any fees or compensation for preference or priority to any taxi. >> what do you say to reassure the taxi driver that their concerns aren't going to fall into a black hole. >> i think i'm very very anxious to take action on it and meet
6:33 pm
with the hotel managers and understand that i plan on enforcing it. >> it's a misdemeanor citation for anyone caught accepting kick backs in exchange for taxi rides and if the hotels don't enforce the rules. >> i can go on record saying i will pretty much guarentee checks in the future. >> we reached out to all the hotels where we saw the cash exchanges. the hilton that owns the embassy suites and double tree has a policy from soliciting gratuities and complies with local laws and it is now investigating this matter. >> the marriott told us the hotel had strict guidelines and adheres to local stads. the marriott takes these accusations seriously and will take the appropriate measure to address the situation. >> i want to make it right for the taxi drivers and i want to change the behavior and if we can accomplish that then it's a real win for all of us.
6:34 pm
>> now the chief said he is handing out a new document at the next round of taxi inspections to outline the law and to tell cabbies how to report the problem. we can see a taxi line and go straight to the cab line if we need a cab. it really helps them offer you a discount too. >> it's such a contentious debate. >> we're glad they confined in us and they're taking it seri s seriously. >> if you have a tip for anyone on the investigative unit give us a call. you can go ahead and just e-mail them directly to the unit at nbc bay >> fighting back south san francisco police say a heowner stopped three masked men that tried to kick in his door and it happened late last night on olympic drive and one of the suspects was armed with a firearm and another closed that homeowner and scared off the would be thieves. the thieves got away before
6:35 pm
officers arrived. >> debate underway right now under city law comes a year after they arrested sanchez in the shooting death of kate stanley on pier 14. they're now considering whether to require law enforcement to notify ice if a undocumented suspect is charged or has been convicted of a violent crime. current law allows for more leeway. >> dozens of parents are scrambling after their kids preschool is closing after 30 years and to find a new location is now responding. what is the update. >> this is really confusing for local families and all began in january when they emerged with this church here behind me. the preschool is located right over here and they have been leasing from the old church for
6:36 pm
decades and cornerstone told them they have to leave by the end of the month. the church says they never said that. >> that's not true and we never said that. >> he said his church never told the preschool in walnut creek it had to close. >> where is the documentation that says that we have forced them? because we haven't done that. >> the executive pastor says the cornerstone fellowship merged in january. >> the response was here's what we're paying for. >> he says he put it on notice. it may not renew it's lease when it came up at the end of may. even helped to find a new location for the preschool and will work with the school. >> we can come to an agreement on a short-term lease where they can have more time in the facility. >> but as of april 12th that was not the information that was shared with me. >> karen o'leary says she didn't have enough time to find a new
6:37 pm
location and points to this april 12th e-mail from cornerstone that she claims rejected her proposal to extend her lease for another year. >> the blueberries and the nectarines. >> it was clear you need to tell the parents they needed to find another preschool. >> and the seeds cannot grow. >> if i don't have a lease, i don't have a legal right to be here and i can't enroll children in a school that doesn't have a lease. that's a licensing requirement as well. tonight there still is no clear answer. >> do they have to find a new preschool for their children? >> i don't know. i don't know if they do or not. >> that's the big question tonight. cornerstone says they will extend the lead over the summer but that doesn't help the preschool. they close for most of the summer months and really need help and now they're planning to pack up their bags and close on may 21st.
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reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> up next refusing to back donald trump, trump now says his republican colleagues are denying a party pledge. we put that to a reality check. >> lines out the door. the new addition has people being turned away tonight. dim sum delight.
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dumpling devotees waited for up to five hours to get tables at a new dim sum restaurant with a worldwide cult following. the restaurant thw they waited for up to five hours to get tables at a new restaurant with a worldwide cult following. the restaurants opened in santa clara this morning. there isn't a new iphone or tesla being released. long lines are made up of
6:41 pm
anxious eaters. >> i just love it. they're delicious. >> a team of chefs handmade every one. >> pretty heck tech. >> his grandfather started the restaurant chain in taiwan. >> four tables and it just grew from there. now the original one is five stories. >> now there are more than 120 of the restaurants in asia, california, and washington state and they always draw a crowd. it's hong kong location even both boast a mitchilien star. >> he waited for three hours because his friend told him he had to go. >> i was like okay. ll come. >> julia took the day off to drive from san francisco. >> after you eat it you feel euphoric. the food is so clean and wonderful tasting. like nowhere else. >> she also drove from the city
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but arrived too late. >> they won't give me the opportunity and they're absolutely not taking any more people. >> and they're going to come again next week and have to get back to work. >> breaking news now in san francisco. a sinkhole at mission and new montgomery. this is south of market. you see that car right there almost fell completely inside of that sinkhole and came right up to the edge. that sinkhole is about 11 feet by 5 feet. we have crews arriving on the location again. this is mission and new montgomery not far from the palace hotel. expect even more traffic in this area. we'll stay on the story on our website and twitter feed. >> what can we expect. >> that to remain at the media coastline. that's what it was all about today when it came to our forecast. we have an incredible shot to show you right now from our
6:43 pm
skycam rangers network looking back toward san francisco as the city is shrouded in fog. that fog forecast plus the possibility of rainfall in a few minutes. >> also key republican leaders are now backing off an endorsement of donald trump. so are they violating the party pledge? our reality check is next. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at ♪ ♪
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. donald trump is the projected winner of nebraska's republican primary. it's an overwhelming victory. after all, his rivals suspended their campaigns last week. >> donald trump is the projected winner of nebraska's primary. it's not much of sy surprise. trump also easily clenched the win in west virginia with more than 70% of the vote. as for the democrats nbc news projects sanders will take west virginia from hillary clinton. >> who is endorsing dond trump? speaker of the house paul ryan is still deciding some of trump's former opponents refused to back his campaign. >> trurp trump says they're violating a party pledge.
6:46 pm
so is that true? tonight's reality check. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight? >> august 2015, the first gop debate and refusing to pledge his support to the even actual party nominees. now the tables are turned and it's trump looking for his former foes to keep their word. on nbc's meet the press trump went on the attack. jeb bush signed a finding pledge. >> has the rest of the presidential pool back pedal. reporting to politico is the rnc coordinated all the parties candidates, 17 at the time to sign a loyalty pledge and if i do not win the 2016 republican
6:47 pm
nomination for president of the united states i will endorse the 2016 republican presidential nominee regardless of who it is. jeb bush, lindsey graham and donald trump all sign it. so it's true. but trump's trustworthiness on this topic and cnn town hall in march floating with the same pledge. >> you don't. >> all of this just proof that there are multiple guilty parties for reality check. >> thank you, sam. >> we'll turn things over to jack that has a mixed bag of weather and a little bit of clouds and sunshine depending on where you were. 15 miles separated the drastic changes. it's unbelievable even though we're used to it here with temperatures in the 80s and then you had them as low as 50. we want to show you something really cool here and this is a
6:48 pm
look at how the temperatures spread out today. 51 degrees, 53 both areas had low clouds and then one hit the late morning and early afternoon hours we're starting to see the differences move in. sunnier skies and 71 degrees. ocean beach still foggy and 61 and with the fog at the immediate coastline it helps to suppress temperatures all week long and once we hit 4:00 in the afternoon there was nearly a 20 degrees difference here. we'll see more of that coming our way as we go throughout the forecast. you'll see here across the bay area we have 63 degrees for the average in san francisco but still a mild 75 in the south bay but the colder westerly winds here at 66 and southbound at 75. the best chance here for fog and typical spots for san francisco and also throughout the peninsula. we have high pressure just
6:49 pm
offshore and that's creating the warm air to move in throughout the interior valley. and it's still conditions in the atmosphere. when you have that happening it enables the fog at the lower area to be able to take hold. even though we have high pressure here with warm air we're still tracking cooler weather at the immediate coastline for tomorrow and that's going to set up the differences. let's take you into that microclimate forecast as we head throughout wednesday and at san francisco we're going to have them here in the marina up to 68. for the peninsula, sunny skies and a little bit cooler with that ocean breeze and 73 and sunny skies and 81. let's take you to the north bay and east bay and tri valley after temperatures starting off near 50 degrees for the morning. we'll see it jump in the afternoon to 80 degrees in napa. off to a beautiful day and 76 degrees. for the east bay huge differences here. you're in oakland and you head out the other side and you'll
6:50 pm
see about a 10 degree difference here. oakland 75 for your high. walnut creek 83. some of the warmest weather tomorrow are sunny skies and 84 degrees. we'll see this warmer weather right through thursday's forecast and then by friday and saturday will drop from 3 to 70 degrees. it will be noticeable and by saturday, 72 and how about the possibility of rainfall. woke up this morning and check the forecast model. and maybe some showers. may 18th through the 21st. and it's not a whole lot. we look like we're good for maybe a quarter inch. possibly near a half inch in santa rosa. >> tonight the next few days and hopefully good news for you next week. we'll be tracking it all on nbc bay >> we'll expect that rain
6:51 pm
hopefully. >> thank you. >> hey guys, steph curry now a two time mvp. his coach was a doubter about a decade ago. yeah. interesting stuff. we'll talk about it next. the votes. but now, steph curry
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
has made history. the warriors star was voted unanimously as the n-b-a's most valuable player. raj/boxes >> now steph curry made history. is it warriors star was voted unanimously as the nba's most valuable player. >> this is a big deal. >> he joins us from the oracle and collin you know this firsthand. no entourage, to tmz, just down
6:54 pm
to earth curry rewriting history here. >> yeah, the most humble super star maybe we have ever seen, right? the second installment rarely as good as the first and this regular season far exceeded his campaign of a year ago. his scoring average increase from 23.8 to 30.1. played the fewest minutes just over the game of my 30 point scorer in nba history. the first guard to win awards since steve nash did it for phoenix in 2004 and 2005. he becomes the 39th player in the history of all four major professional sports to grab mvp honors in back to back seasons. >> nobody saw this coming. not he nor steph's mom. >> do you think steph can make it in the nba? i'll never forget that because
6:55 pm
nine years later he's the unanimous mvp of the league which has never been done before. how did that happen in nine years. your mom didn't know you'd make it in the league? and now you have a banner behind us and two of these trophies. this is incredibly improbable. >> it was one of those things where no matter how great people tell you you are or lucky or critics say you are, whatever drives you inside, where ever you find that will to keep going is about not being come place set and always trying to get better no matter how hard that might be. >> remember that late three in overtime last night guys and he screamed i'm back, i'm back? same goes for the mvp award. back in his hand.
6:56 pm
it's 4 games to 1 if they get a victory. >> reporting live, nbc bay area. >> we still need to hear from reilly. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, maybe politics and love do mix. a lot of people joked about moving to canada if donald trump is elected president. now there's a dating website that has your next move figured out for you. that's coming up at 11:00. >> the bay area's newest piece of art is coming together. a giant crane was hard at work today in san francisco lifting the final piece atop the giant silver scultpure of venus. it's now covered but soon it will be unveiled. the completed statue will resemble an abstract world of silver which is roughly the size of the statue of liberty. >> very nice. >> it looks niek. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening.
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>> see you at 11:00.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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(inhales cigarette) sharon osbourne's powerful first words about catching ozzy cheating. >> you kicked ozzy out. is that made up? >> no, it's true. >> now, on "extra." the audience of "the talk" on its feet to comfort a shattered sharon osbourne. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> breaking her silence with amazing grace about ozzy's affair. has she shut the door on a reconciliation? new video, sofia vergara assaulted in a bar brawl? what triggered the scary nightclub melee and where was joe? blake and


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