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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," a bizarre night in west virginia, as donald trump supporters give bernie sanders a big boost on primary night. main goes on a stabbing rampage as a shopping mall. multiple deaths and injuries reported. a son for prince? plus new developments into his final days and a doctor who may have treated prince just hours before his death. plus tornadoes continue to reek havoc. "early today" starts now. i'm francis rivera. authorities in massachusetts are trying to figure out what caused a man to go on a violent stabbing rampage. it started at home and ended in
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a shopping mall. the suspect killed two people and wounded two others before being shot and killed by an off duty deputy sheriff. nbc's dan schulman has detailed. >> reporter: it was about 7:00 local time, when he crashed his vehicle in tauton, massachusetts, 40 miles south of boston. >> after the crash, the individual, who has been identified as arthur derosa, 28, of tauton, exited his vehicle, and gained access to a home at 270 merrick street. once inside, he stabbed two women. >> reporter: one of the victims, age 80, died. a short time later, the suspect crashed a car into a store at a nearby shopping mall. >> we dove right in and after that, that's when my mom was like hurry up and we dodged the other way. it happened the fastest thing. so i'm like pop out and go. >> reporter: once inside the mall, he assaulted several
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people, one died. i was shopping. i didn't know what was going on, so everybody started running, including the macy's employee. so we started running. >> reporter: an off duty deputy sheriff shot the assailant, who was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead. >> it appears but for the actions of the deputy sheriff that may have well have been other victims. >> reporter: police don't believe terrorism was the motive. the actual motive is under investigation. to the president's race, bernie sanders captured the west virginia primary, taking 16 delegates to hillary clinton's 11. sanders win forces clinton to continue a costly and long battle. the vermont senator remains a second in the delegate count, he told the crowd he is in the fight until the end. >> last week we won a really great victory in indiana.
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and tonight, it appears that we won a big, big victory in west virginia. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination! >> sanders victory comes after the vice-president said this to gma. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and i feel confident she'll be the next president. >> despite biden's unofficial endorsement, clinton continues to forge on. she is unleashing a brarj of new ads ahead of the may 17th primary. after not airing any ads in west virginia. donald trump won west virginia and nebraska primaries as the only republican left standing. news of a delegate out of california made headlines, that's after the california secretary of state released the list of formerly assigned delegates, and included on
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trump's list was william johnson, prominent white nationalist. the white nationalist inclusion was due to a, quote, database error, despite the campaign formerly choosing its delegates. johnson said he would withdraw. however, a spokesperson for the california secretary of state says johnson will remain on the trump campaign certified list, heading to cleveland. trump made news regarding a possible supreme court pick that is is. >> we will appoint, i will appoint judges that will be pro-life, yes. >> planned parenthood quickly released a statement that read, quote, women can't trust donald trump. he goes on a sexist rant that demeans and disrespecting women and backs up with a policy that is dangerous that women face in the country. trump discussed his meeting
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thursday with house speaker paul ryan, and said this about the possibility of picking chris christie as his running mate. >> well, i like chris a lot. i'm not going to say ruling in or out. i have in mind five different people. i think they're excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> i have a lot of respect for paul. i think we're going do are a good meeting. he is a good man. he wants what is good for the party. we'll have positive results. i would love for him to stay and be chairman. >> paul ryan spoke of the challenges facing his party. >> basically we need to start talking about how do we unify the republican party. the point i've been making is we shouldn't just pretend that our party is unified when we know it is not. it has been one week since the primary ended. it was a bitter divisive primary. it will take more than a week to repair and unify this party. >> trump will have a full plate of meetings with congressional
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republicans tomorrow. meanwhile, nancy pelosi and democratic leaders will hold a press conference today to discuss the gop agenda ahead of trump's meeting. now to the latest in the investigation into the death of prince, authorities returned to his paisley park estate yesterday evening to search the complex. one of his doctors who wrote him prescriptions has been identified and police have gotten a search warrant. we're also learning new details about what happened the morning he was found dead. nbc stephanie gosk brings us more. >> reporter: among many of the unanswered questions, did a local doctor in minnesota treat him in his final days. a search warrant says dr. michael todd schulenberg, seen for a local university, examined prince twice, once on april 7th, before his plane made an emergency land anything moline, illinois. then again on april 20th, the day before prince died. the warrant, which was issued to obtain prince's health records, says dr. schulenberg was
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dropping off test results at paisley park, when he appeared at the d death scene. during questioning by police, dr. schulenberg said he prescribed medications for prince and the unspecified prescriptions were filled at a walgreen's. dr. shile len berg is a family physician. knows longer an employee there we reached out to him at his private office, but he has not respond. this comes after an attorney for dr. howard kornfeld, an addictions specialist, says a representative of prince called his client the night before the pop star died. for what he described as a lifesaving mission. stephanie gosk news, new york. meanwhile, a man serving time in prison in colorado has come forward saying he is the biological son and legal heir of the pop star. this marks the first paternity claim. a judge cleared a way for dna
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testing to be done, a sample of his blood. one company says it has received more than 700 i inquiries who believe they may be related to the artist. at least 10 people were injured after a large tornado ripped through western kentucky. a car dealership, look at the twister here, sending debris, flying through the air. t and touched down again. >> there it goes. oh, look at that, look at that! holy ma holy mackerel. it has killed two people since the weekend. two other tornados were elsewhere in kentucky. president obama will make history as the first sitting american president to visit
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hiroshima, japan. that's the place where the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb. it is to advance the president's goal of a nuclear-free world. deputy security advisor wrote on, he will not re-visit the decision he will forward looking vision in our shared future. the may 27th visit will come at the end of the g7 summit being hosted by japan. a tough day for a lot of people, over 22 million people who are at risk of severe weather. bill karins is with us to show us and track what everybody can expect. >> monday, a big outbreak, yesterday, a minutei outbreak. already this morning, golf-ball size hail in the omaha area, wind gusts up to 50 miles per
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hour. this is kind of the appetizer to the bigger event later on today. so the storm we're watching is the one that's actually spinning up here in areas of montana. this is a storm that has plagued us and caused the severe weather, and the front ahead of that will give us some issues. this will cause snow in montana. that's a big change for you. as this cold front sweeps to the south, thunderstorms ahead of it, strong storms impacted today, all the way from st. louis, south of chicago, iowa, wichita falls, near the dallas area, south of oklahoma city. that's where we could see baseball sized hail. seattle, you look great today, one of the best forecasts in the ding today.
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89 for sacramento. often the case when the west is dry, it's stormy elsewhere. >> bill, thank you for the update. a scare in new york city involving police, and taylor swift. plus a pizza place may have saved a loyal customer's life. we'll bring you those details, next. gs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. quilted northern works their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing.
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potency and side effects. he has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, claiming the candy caused his psychotic behavior. one man's loyalty to domino's pizza, after they saved his life. employees at an oregon shop, several days passed since his last order, so they were concerned and sent a driver to his home and called 911. police heard a cry for help and found him on the floor of his home. that man is now recovering at a hospital. now, scientists on tuesday say they have confirmed over 1,200 new planets outside of the solar system, more than doubling the xo planets known to man. it further raises hope that another earth like planet is out there. scientists believe nine of the xo planets are potentially habitable. down to get down to business, good morning landon. >> will wall street make it to the gains today. the markets rallying with a dow
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more than 200 points, that is thanks in part to rebound in oil prices. the dow and s&p 500, best gain from two months, the likes of caterpillar, goldman sachs and ge. look for earnings from macy's this morning. you want to watch shares of disney, they sank on late tuesday, after reporting its first earnings miss in five years. "star wars" powered revenue, it was yoffset by espn. video service to youtube, it let's users upload licensed clips, then designate whether it's free for everyone, able to rent or own, subscription channel or $99 a year. back to you. >> thank you. just ahead, we have highlights from the in victvict
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games for wounded war i don't say. is this the best throw in history. we'll bring it to you, sports next. next. [music]
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this morning on "today," nbc's jeff rosssen, and i want to know if they really work. time for sports now. steph curry won his second straight mvp award and first nba player to be unanimously
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selected. he received all 131 first place votes. that's the only player to win back-to-back mvp awards. in san antonio, back and forth all night, but the thunder prevailed. 95-91. oklahoma has won in san antonio, after the spurs only lost one game at home all year. the loss sends the spurs to the brink of elimination. penguins looking to knock off pittsburgh. another overtime. >> around the cross, he scores! >> the penguins face tampa bay lightni lightning. prince harry was in attendance at the invictus games, while accepting the gold medal for the 1,500 meter race,
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to second gold of the day. and american runner, stumbles, oh, no, she falls during the stretch, but gets up. takes a silver medal. also won gold in the 100-meter. 15 million high school football said yum. friday night lights is race. the fastest growing in texas. it has three high schools, all of which play at the new stadium. they'll play there. check out one of the most accurate throws in history. did you see that? okay, this is amazing. university of california pitcher ryan mason. throwing a baseball into that falling cardboard tube. it is not much larger than the ball. you could see, he hits it dead center and even more amazing, the tube doesn't rattle at all. just ahead, feeling guilty about binge watching tv. why netflix might just be a time
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commercial saving every year versus cable tv, according to cord the streaming data site didn't skip other features, such as dvrs. andy samberg appeared in character from pop star, giving adam levine's team advice. >> ♪ the thing about me ♪ i'm so impressed >> okay, he is mocking him, but i actually like it. >> fine line, right. you weren't supposed to like it, but wasn't quite good seeking, or supposed to be humor. >> dance parties with the kids. i'm francis rivera, this is "early today." i'm going 100 miles per hour. a branch catches me here. you think that stopped me? i was about to be the first 3rd grader
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leading the news in usa today, florida man shoots himself and doesn't know it until days later. he was cleaning his pistol when a previous back injury flared up and shot himself in the arm. he didn't feel the pain because of the numbing effect of his pain medication. he changed his shirt days later, and saw the blood. all right, in cbc news, a big left behind during the fort mcmurray evacuation. they were forced to leave him behind, facebook and twitter users were on the lookout they notified the family when they had a constable feeding a pig. sure enough, it was marshall,
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safe and sound. happy ever after. on to more serious news, afghan had a successful rescue of a prime minister. he was kidnapped by al qaeda, pakistan and afghanistan, gallonny's father prime minister in 2008 through 2012. french hospitals, incentive not to smoke during their pregnancy. women who commit giving up tobacco will be paid 300 euros. the study is to test the viability of financial incentives. google proposing 13 year em. the women are more likely to use emojis than men are unrepresented. they hope it will empower young
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women. new york firefighters took test.e most funky test. nominated, the department answered the call to action with their own rendition. >> let's see. >> here is the video. they posted to join the facebook. it shows firefighters and paramedics. can you recognize the song? 1995, live boo in there. more power. fdny. colorado judge expected to rule on the mental competency of robert dear. he is accused of killing three people and injuring nine in november. he suffers from a delusional disorder and incompetent to stand trial. if the judge agrees, his case will be put on hold while he receives psychiatric treatment. happy birthday to quarterback cam newton. 27 years old. the original mtv djs, 57.
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i'm francis breaking news overnight--- a
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blast from baghdad. a car bomb is detonated in a crowded market, killing dozens of people. breaking news overnight, a blast from baghdad, where a car bomb is detonated in the middle of a crowded market killing dozens of people and the group responsible is a familiar force, isis. also, a sewer line breaks down opening up a sinkhole in one of the busiest parts of san francisco. we will still feel the fallout. we will have more in minutes. curry the ball handling. fires up a 3! does it again. >> and some homecome cookings on tap one of the greatest overtimes in team history at the oracle. what does chef curry have


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