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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking news overnight--- a blast from baghdad. a car bomb is detonated in a crowded market, killing dozens of people. breaking news overnight, a blast from baghdad, where a car bomb is detonated in the middle of a crowded market killing dozens of people and the group responsible is a familiar force, isis. also, a sewer line breaks down opening up a sinkhole in one of the busiest parts of san francisco. we will still feel the fallout. we will have more in minutes. curry the ball handling. fires up a 3! does it again. >> and some homecome cookings on tap one of the greatest overtimes in team history at the oracle. what does chef curry have in
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store "today in the bay" starting this morning. >> look who is cooking up this morning. >> getting my saute up this morning. >> good morning, i'm sam brock. cooking does seem like an appropriate theme. the temperatures will be cooking up later today. >> it will start heating up, getting ready for '80s for most of our inland areas today. even though we start out with mild temperatures. /tra et== i'll talk about this warm-up and what to expect as we head into the weekend a. nice little cool down. you have a crash reported? >> yeah, an early morning crash reported. i will show you the overall view. of course, there will be a follow-up to my traffic report, local to san francisco. we are talking about that sinkhole. the freeway traffic flows very
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well. this issue affecting the san mateo bridge, eastbound 92, reported around the high rise. we don't see any lanes blocked by this crash. we take a live look at our city camera. we will show you the traffic flows smoothly. it turns out it's closer to the flat section, chp will bring you more updates. i will bring that to you. we do begin with breaking news this morning, a car bombing in baghdad carried out by isis has killed dozens. it happened in sadr city, part of the capital. isis is made up of largely sunni fighters. the terror group claimed responsibility for this morning's attack in a web posting. the explosion rocked a market filled with people shopping and going about their business. the latest figures show at least 45 dead and many more wounded. back at home now and developing news. a sinkhole is going to snarl the morning commute for some drivers in san francisco.
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>> that sinkhole opened near new montgomery last night in soma. that's a block away from the palace hotel for a reference. this happened right in the middle of the evening commute. take a look at this sinkhole. that's actually an uber car that got caught up in it a. sinkhole that is 12 by five feet deep -- nine feet to doechl a ride sharing driver was taking a client to the airport. crews say a broken sewer line caused the sinkhole. >> it dates back to 1875. usually with sewers that old, age is the likely cause of the break. >> so the puc says it's working right now to replace that aging infrastructure in san francisco. in the meantime, crews will be out on mission this morning repairing the sink ohio muny lines will be affected. a car crashed into the wall.
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the driver appeared to be unconscious. they expect word from police later on, on exactly what may have happened. paramedics could be seen tending to the driver on the front of the grass of the building. no immediate word on his or her condition. laura, we are one step closer for the legal age of voting in san francisco local elections dropping to 16. the san francisco board of supervisors approved the proposal for november's ballot. so anyone 16 or older could vote on measures on the city's municipal ballot as well as any city wide office, but they would not be able vote in state or national elections. that vote was 9-2. supervisors eric mahr says his 16-year-old daughter ready to vote. he says the measure is about expanding democracy so more people can have a say in government. more people at the oracle, taking on the game five playoff
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series. if the doves win tonight, they advance to the conference finals. today, bob redell is at oracle. he will join us with a live report starting in our next hour. >> that game headlined by steph curry and another accomplishment for the star. something never been done before. yesterday, he won the nba's most valuable player award for the second season. he won unanimously. that means all 131 voters selected him first, not even michael jordan accomplished that feat in the 61-year history of this award. >> whatever drives you inside, wherever you find that will to keep going. it's about not being complacent and always trying to get better no matter how hard that mission might be. >> looks good in a suit, too, steph played the least of any 30-point scorer in nba history, which means his efficiency is incredible. he is the first guard to
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winback-to-back awards since steve nash did it for phoenix 12 years ago. >> he's already like a living legend. >> many say he is the greatest heater is in the history of the nba. he's not even 30-years-old. >> we have our uniforms. our stars and stripes if you will, kari. good morning. >> we will have a lot of sunshine. we do begin with some clouds, low clouds to get you out the door. as you see, all the grey covering most of the bay area. that's where we have those clouds. it will start to clear out as we go into the lunchtime hour with the exception of parts of san francisco right along the coast and ten for tonight, we'll see the clouds moving right back in, temperatures today heading into the '80s and some 70s right along the coast, i'll detail that coming up in just a few minutes. let's head over to mike now,
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giving us a view of the bay bridge toll plaza. >> i do want to point out, first of all, the great flow of traffic around the bay. also that sink hole that sam and laura were telling you about seconds ago. this is in san francisco. you see the freeways not a problem. it is off the freeways, south of market area, the mission, a major street south of there. it's close to the center for the arts. >> that will impact the area as folks will have to reroute the area, around new montgomery is where that sinkhole is blocking a portion of mission street, we look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light. a couple seconds to wait. back to you. >> tanks, mike. up next, san francisco's mayor at this time i still sitting in the hot seat the mayor is grilled about police refor. will he be taking action in the mayor's remarks next.
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separately -- in the shooting deaths of their parents. zblmpblgsz. a judge may decide as soon as today whether to allow two brothers to be tried separately in the shooting deaths of their parents. the attorney seen here in court on monday made that request. now, his 17-year-old brother omar has not been shown on camera. police say those brothers shot and killed their parents inside of their evergreen home in san jose, leaving disturbing messages behind and then going on to a convention in oakland last month. both have pleaded not guilty. at 4:40, critics used a forum to
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grill the mayor. several members of the board of supervisors joined activists in speaking out. they want to know what the mayor is going to do about a rift that's developed between the administration and a very vocal group of protesters. activists are asking mayor lee to fire police chief greg sur. he shot back outlining a series of a review of force policy, improved training for police officers and new ways to improve the dialogue with the public t. reforms will cost about $17 million a year. it's 4:41, a year long nbc bay area investigation has uncovered california's inhome support services system often fales the very people it is supposed to help. the state's own data shows hundreds of thousands of mistakes in the ihss time sheet system, which as of delays in pay for tens of thousands of workers. some of those workers didn't get
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paid at all. our investigative systems found paper time sheets and frustrated participants left in limbo, often with no money and often no recourse. for example, one woman told nbc bay area she had to supervisors and sign official time sheets for her care givers, even though she was heavily medicated and barely conscious at times. >> in other words, i'm supposed to take care of the hours and make sure the hours are okay on the time sheets and sign the time sheets for the people that i have working for me. i don't think i was capable of doing that job under the circumstances. >> the state's own data shows nearly a half a million mistakes with ihss heim stooets sheets that requires human action actually to process if just one year. coming up tonight, senior investigative report talks with people on the front lines and the ones affected most.
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that's tonight at 11:00. give us a call 888-996-items, or send us an e-mail to bernie sanders beat hillary clinton last night in west virginia. it was a good night for donald trump. the latest from the campaign trail coming up. trt: 03
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==laura//contvo== where's the beef? that's what police in stephenville, texas had to be asking .. during an ual
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poc one adam 12. where's the beef? that's what police in stephenville, kentucky, had to be asking, animal at large. we do mean at large with an hornry young cow that simply could not be choraled. finally about 30 minutes later after nearly two miles, police managed to corner the cow, moving it safely back to its owner. i didn't know they could run that fast, it was like sprinting down the street. running of the cows, it will be a whole new thing. >> running with the bulls. >> let's beef. >> it's too early for this. >> it really is. >> we're beefg up our forecast here. we have warmer temperatures. >> you can probably cook some hamburgers on the sidewalk today. let's take a look outside from emeryville looking at the bay
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bridge. you see the low clouds and the low visibility to start the day. >> that will not last long as we see all of the clouds clearing out quickly. it's 54 in the east by a, 55 degrees in the south bay, 50 degrees north bay. as we drop in to get a closer look from all our weather underground sites. it's 50 in nasa. we also have 47 now in nevada and as we take it hour by hour if livermore today, into the mid-50s for most of the morning and then it rises up to 70 degrees. our temperatures will be jumping up quickly and we'll go from the 50s in the morning into the low '80s by afternoon. so make sure that air conditioner is working. we will have some more '80s in the forecast for the south bay. some 70s for the peninsula. redwood city 73 degrees. san francisco will be topping out at 68 degrees today. 87 in fairfield. so some spots really starting to heat up today. today and tomorrow the warmest days of the week, can you see
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that in the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen swrechlt an early game at at&t park when the giants take on the bluejays. first pitch, 66 degrees, up to skating degrees. it doesn't sound that warm, but when you are sitting in at&t park with that sun beating down on you, it is going to feel very warm out there and high pressure is in control. it fights back our on shore floechl we'll have widespread '80s inland for the next couple of days. friday the fog moves in and helps cool down our temperatures. over the next five days in walnut creek, we'll be up to 84 degrees tomorrow. it drops down on friday, once again as that on shore flow returns. we will be actually below average this weekend. looking at highs topping out in the 60s for san francisco, mostly 70s in inland areas like the tri-valley. to 74 degrees on sunday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. mike, you have a detour for tri-valley drivers? >> sure.
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i will add a few minutes on to their drive t. freeways are slowing a nice smooth flow of traffic. we have the road work. as we zoom over the tri-valley that tiny build on schedule for westbound 580. as you get closer to that dublin interchange, you transition and from south 1680 to west 580. those two are closed overnight for road work. they loop back. you take the next exit. loop back and take that to south 680 or west 580. whichever your transition. it should be clearing soon, though, folks. we will give a live look off 580. you see the light volume of traffic t. impact, they closed the lanes overnight. it's minor over there. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. an impact on the history books right now. at least another primary in the books. donald trump easily winning contests in nebraska and west virginia. you see bernie sanders raising his arms. he also won in west virginia
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last night and sanders beat the democratic front runner hillary clinton with a wide margin. the question, though, is it going to make a difference neighborhood, today edward lawrence breaks down what's ahead from both winners. >> reporter: waking up from a fresh set of victories in west virginia and nebraska, donald trump now works to unify a very divided republican party. he will start during a meeting on thursday with house speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders. >> we can't fake it. we can't pretend. we have to actually unify and do it. >> reporter: this as senator ted cruz dropped out last week hinted there may be a return as a candidate. >> i suspended the campaign. ki see no viable path to victory. of course with that change, we would reconsider things. >> reporter: as the presumptive nominee, trump is moving on to search for a vp. he says there are five candidates. he will announce his final choice at the convention. >> i am if i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee, i am looking forward to debating trump come
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the fall. >> reporter: both trump and senator bernie sanders are now after the same target. >> let me be as clear as i can be, we are in there campaign to win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: sanders won the west virginia primary yesterday. is still behind in the delegate count. hillary clinton is in a tough spot. she can't ignore the number of votes bernie sanders is getting. yet, she wants to be done with the primary and focus on the republicans. nbc news, washington. >> bernie sanders was in the bay area yesterday drumming up support ahead of california's june 7th primary. he stopped by oakland and san francisco, vowing to continue his fight for the white house. meantime at 4:51, in business news, disney looking to turn things around. its shares took a hit yesterday. >> that story and a popular messaging app is coming to your pc, changing things up. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to
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landon dowdy, who is live at world cnbc headquarters. good morning, landon. >> reporter: good morning to you both. wall street may get back some of tuesday's gains. the markets rallying yesterday, thanks in part to a rebound if oil prices, the dow and s&p 500 posting their best percentage gains in two months, cater pill ler, goldman sachs and ge. the earnings from macy's, the dow rising 222 points to 17928 t. nasdaq up. also, watch shares of disney today. they sank in late trading tuesday after the media giant reported its first earnings miss in five years. you topia and "star wars" powered the revenue. that was offset by continued declines in ad revenue and subscribers at espn. and what's up? the popular messaging app owned by facebook is coming to your pc. it's launched a desktop version for mac computers and windows
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based pcs. the experience is the same as on your smartphone, you can send photos, text, audio to your family. people may want to download the app for their computer. it includes live notification. back over to you. >> pulling it altogether. thank you very much. coming up, a story sure to get your wednesday started on a happy note. we'll talk about putting people together. yeah, this dog missing for three years finally home. why did it take so long in we'll tell you, coming up. also happening right now, crews are working as we speak in snaens e sfra ens to repair a sinkhole that may we'll be right back havoc during morning commute. it is in the heart of one of the busiest parts of the city. we will have a live report coming up on the way. in the meantime, can you find updates in our twitter feed. as laura mentioned, bernie sanders scoring a big win last night in west virginia. but is it too little too late? we're going to break down yesterday's primaries further in
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return a piece of history to its rightful home - will embark today on the last leg of the journey. ==laura/vo== workers have been restoring a crews on a three-year effort to return history to its home are on the final leg of the journey. >> workers have been restoring a motor boat once averageerred in marin. it sev pre dates the u.s. coast guard itself starting if 1954. the park service ended up with it. then stopped using it in the '90s. today it will travel back to its point home where it will be used in a working museum at chimney rock. a few years indeed is a long time, when it's been that long since you lost your beloved dog. >> you never forget about that
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love. all right. so one pet owner and his faithful labrador, those empty years were washed away in one happy reunion. look at that, last friday near san diego. that's where ricardo domingez, he drove through the night to get his dog back. still a mystery. >> that is a wagging tail right there. still a mystery how brownie ended up so far away from home. >> you wish they could talk. >> maybe he can make it all the way back. coming up next the sinkhole sure to create a mess. we will have the latest on when the repair work will start coming up in a live report. plus. oracle, the warriors looking to put it away tonight. game five is coming up. and -- >> looking at warmer temperatures today. all across the bay area. highs in the '80s.
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i'll let you know when it cools down coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> we're looking around the bay for your morning commute. still an early start. no major problems on the freeways. i will talk about a bridge. we will update the crash there as you cross the water.
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>> breaking news overnight a. blast from baghdad. a car bomb is detonated in the middle of a crowded market killing dozens of people. and the group responsible is the familiar force, isis.
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>> reporter: and i'm in san francisco where this stretch of road in the south market neighborhood is still closed after a sinkhole opened last fight. how this will impact the morning commute coming up. >> curry, ball handling. fires up a 3! does it again. >> reporter: does it again, home cooking on tap at oracle, after one with of the greatest overtime games in history. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have two big games actually tonight. the sharks are playing. >> the sharks are tomorrow. warriors are tonight. >> we're excited. >> i got on some blue. >> okay. >> a little blending going on. >> yeah. we


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